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  1. The furries are here. Tibarn is drawn by Suekane Kumiko Nailah is drawn by penekoR, being the second female character drawn by them Reyson and Leanne are drawn by Yura, who hasn't drawn a Hero since the Performing Arts banner.
  2. Guess I should've waited before updating the thread because we just got a bunch of new characters. Not officially out yet, just a datamine but I'll put it here in a spoiler tab then add them to the main post once they're officially released.
  3. Added Legendary Azura. Once again drawn by kaya8
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    I done it. No need to spend anything. I now have all the meta Casters until Skadi comes out. Also Merlin is trending on Twitter.
  5. I knew I was forgetting someone who came out recently, thanks. We also got our new Winter alts, representing FE6 and FE8 Ephraim and Eirika are both once again drawn by Asatani Tomoyo. Fae is once again drawn by Himukai Yuji And adding a reminder to myself to add Cecilia when we see her art. EDIT: Looks like Senri Kita once again drew Cecilia
  6. Updated OP with all of the Book 3 OCs added so far, all of whom are drawn by Kozaki. I know Tibarn and Nailah were shown but I'm gonna wait for their official release to add them.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    I got Consort Yu off the free quartz we got today. She's cute, so feeling pretty good.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Cries in Black Liver Bean
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    From what I've heard from various friends playing the game the Patroka and Mikhail fight at the end of Chapter 4 is either super easy or super hard and none of us can really figure out why it turns out to be one or the other.
  10. Fire Emblem Expo So apparently there's going to be an event devoted entirely to Fire Emblem in May of next year. I'm not able to read Japanese so I can't tell if the site gives any details about what this event may entail but this seems pretty big.
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    Part 2 gacha is especially interesting to consider since we also have the Christmas and New Years gachas coming up as well. I could see some of the SSRs getting pushed onto those banners since there are a LOT of SSRs coming. In NA news I got Ishtar \0/
  12. California mass Shooting

    I'm very curious as to what would constitute a "5" on that scale, considering that countries with active wars still going on (Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) are only in the mid 3's.
  13. General US Politics

    I think the big factor determining who would win in 2020 is, as others have stated, whether the Democrats can win back the areas that Clinton famously assumed would be hers. If they choose to campaign based on issues like they did this year in the midterm elections, I'm willing to bet they stand a chance. Another factor that will be interesting to see how it affects future elections is the passing of the law in Florida that gave voting rights back to felons who served their term. A full 10% of the state's voting population can now exercise their right to vote when they couldn't before. Will this result in Florida going from a swing state to decidedly being for one side or the other, or will it continue to be a swing state?
  14. General US Politics

    So... who wants to tell him that northern California (which is where the most devastating fires have occurred) is largely Republican?
  15. General US Politics

    Oregon's votes came out as expected too. Knute Buehler's attempt to sell himself as a Democrat-lite didn't work and Kate Brown kept her governor's seat. The measure to publicly fund affordable housing won, while the measures to ban taxes on "groceries" (actually e-cigarettes and soda), increase the number of votes needed to raise taxes (but not to lower them), end Oregon's sanctuary state status, and end public funding of abortion all failed.