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  1. Spring has come, and so have bunnies. Seems that "Two OCs and two random characters" is the trend for Spring banners Veronica is drawn by Umiu Geso Bruno is drawn by PenekoR Marisa is drawn by a new artist: Tsukito. I couldn't find anything about them, though. Palla is drawn by Mayo. While this is not confirmed yet, it is believed that Loki is drawn by Kusakihara.
  2. Now we have our promised Binding Blade banner with some unexpected choices Lugh is drawn by Himukai Yuji, just like his brother Sue is drawn by mayo Idunn is drawn by Yamada Kotaro Thea is drawn by Tobi who also drew her liege and crush, Klein Will update the OP with Rutger's artist once we know who it is. EDIT: Itagaki Hako. Yet again not the artist I was expecting.
  3. Reliable and affordable digital art program?

    I personally use Medibang, which is free. It works well for me though I don't know how it compares to stuff like Photoshop and SAI.
  4. Now we get more furries, this time from Fates. Keaton is drawn by Okuma Yugo, being their first Hero since Male Grima Velouria is drawn by Kawasumi, who has also drawn Male Kana and New Years Laevatein among others. Kaden is drawn by Kusugi Toko who hasn't drawn a hero since Sothe and Selkie is drawn by Enkyo Yuuichiro who also drew Soleil, Halloween Nowi, and others. Will add Panne when her artist is revealed. EDIT: Confirmed Panne is drawn by Chiko. Not who I was expecting
  5. This year's Valentine's banner gives us more Tellius alts. Greil joins the "alt first" gang drawn by Izuka Daisuke Soren, Mist, and Ike all retain their previous artists (Miyajima Haru, Miwabe Sakura, and Kita Senri respectively) I'll add Titania once we know who her artist is.
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yeah I don't really get the advice to not summon the story gacha, especially since there are several Servants that can only come from the story gacha. Unless you want the rate-up Servants on the other banners, rolling the story gacha banner is fine.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    Artoria isn't bad, she's just in a niche with a lot of people in it (Buster AOE Saber) and doesn't really have anything special about her. After her skill upgrade for Instinct she gets a self NP battery that makes her good for farming, but for now she's just meh.
  8. And our seasonal banner for January is... hot springs? Was expecting Lunar New Years myself but this is fine. Elise is drawn by Mikuro who also drew her Summer variant Sakura is drawn by Amagaitaro, and looks pretty good though I am still sad that Fuzichoco didn't return to draw her again. Ryoma is drawn by PenekoR, who seems to have gotten a lot of work recently. And Hinoka is drawn by a newcomer to FEH: Foo Midori, who seems to mostly do work for various gacha games. Will update the OP again once we find out who drew Camilla the Sixth.
  9. The furries are here. Tibarn is drawn by Suekane Kumiko Nailah is drawn by penekoR, being the second female character drawn by them Reyson and Leanne are drawn by Yura, who hasn't drawn a Hero since the Performing Arts banner.
  10. Guess I should've waited before updating the thread because we just got a bunch of new characters. Not officially out yet, just a datamine but I'll put it here in a spoiler tab then add them to the main post once they're officially released.
  11. Added Legendary Azura. Once again drawn by kaya8
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    I done it. No need to spend anything. I now have all the meta Casters until Skadi comes out. Also Merlin is trending on Twitter.
  13. I knew I was forgetting someone who came out recently, thanks. We also got our new Winter alts, representing FE6 and FE8 Ephraim and Eirika are both once again drawn by Asatani Tomoyo. Fae is once again drawn by Himukai Yuji And adding a reminder to myself to add Cecilia when we see her art. EDIT: Looks like Senri Kita once again drew Cecilia
  14. Updated OP with all of the Book 3 OCs added so far, all of whom are drawn by Kozaki. I know Tibarn and Nailah were shown but I'm gonna wait for their official release to add them.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    I got Consort Yu off the free quartz we got today. She's cute, so feeling pretty good.