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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'm gonna see how well my NP4 Murder Daughter does against Ibaraki. If only we had Skadi...
  2. Brides are here again with some unexpected additions. Newcomer Tanith is drawn by newcomer artist mattsun! who has done work on FE Cipher and various gacha games. Newcomer Sigrun is drawn by pikomaro, making her the second character who premiered as a bride that they have drawn. Newcomer Pent is drawn by Sachiko Wada. The only alt in the banner: Fjorm is drawn by her usual artist Maeshima Shigeki. I'll add Louise later but she appears to have been drawn by Sachiko Wada just like her husband.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Are you not leveling any of your Servants' skills? Or do you not have any high rarity Servants? That's the main reason people run out of QP.
  4. This time we get... Fallen Heroes 2 basically. Berkut and F!Corrin retain their previous artists (Asatani Tomoyo and Sencha respectively) Newcomer Mareeta joins the alt-first club with a new artist whom I could find nothing about Tiki is now drawn by Iack, who has experience with dragon babs thanks to Nowi. Will add Delthea when the event goes live.
  5. An unexpected alt banner signals the return of Valentian units! Flora and Felicia are both still drawn by HAKO Lukas is still drawn by cuboon And Genny is still drawn by Amagaitaro Also Haar is drawn by Shimomura Watari, who I couldn't find anything about.
  6. Man, the land of the dead sure does have a lot of furries in it. Ranulf is drawn by Meka, who also drew PoR!Ike Lethe is drawn by kaya8, finally returning to draw someone who isn't Azura Mordecai is drawn by Homazo, who also drew Oliver Kita Senri decided to keep Caineghis for herself Will update with Haar's artist once that is confirmed.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    Just got Kama on JP. Her later ascensions are... something else. Sasuga ReDrop.
  8. Oh yeah I forgot. Since I group alts of characters together if they're drawn by the same artist the last thing I had on the list for her was F!Kana.
  9. Radiant Dawn spoiler train doesn't stop. Yune is drawn by Miwabe Sakura who hasn't drawn a Hero in awhile.
  10. Spring has come, and so have bunnies. Seems that "Two OCs and two random characters" is the trend for Spring banners Veronica is drawn by Umiu Geso Bruno is drawn by PenekoR Marisa is drawn by a new artist: Tsukito. I couldn't find anything about them, though. Palla is drawn by Mayo. While this is not confirmed yet, it is believed that Loki is drawn by Kusakihara.
  11. Now we have our promised Binding Blade banner with some unexpected choices Lugh is drawn by Himukai Yuji, just like his brother Sue is drawn by mayo Idunn is drawn by Yamada Kotaro Thea is drawn by Tobi who also drew her liege and crush, Klein Will update the OP with Rutger's artist once we know who it is. EDIT: Itagaki Hako. Yet again not the artist I was expecting.
  12. Reliable and affordable digital art program?

    I personally use Medibang, which is free. It works well for me though I don't know how it compares to stuff like Photoshop and SAI.
  13. Now we get more furries, this time from Fates. Keaton is drawn by Okuma Yugo, being their first Hero since Male Grima Velouria is drawn by Kawasumi, who has also drawn Male Kana and New Years Laevatein among others. Kaden is drawn by Kusugi Toko who hasn't drawn a hero since Sothe and Selkie is drawn by Enkyo Yuuichiro who also drew Soleil, Halloween Nowi, and others. Will add Panne when her artist is revealed. EDIT: Confirmed Panne is drawn by Chiko. Not who I was expecting
  14. This year's Valentine's banner gives us more Tellius alts. Greil joins the "alt first" gang drawn by Izuka Daisuke Soren, Mist, and Ike all retain their previous artists (Miyajima Haru, Miwabe Sakura, and Kita Senri respectively) I'll add Titania once we know who her artist is.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yeah I don't really get the advice to not summon the story gacha, especially since there are several Servants that can only come from the story gacha. Unless you want the rate-up Servants on the other banners, rolling the story gacha banner is fine.