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  1. Training Tower now useless?

    I suppose Training Tower still has its appeal for badges and, I forgot those, quests. Still I find it really tedious to go through every stratum multiple times to complete them and not that effective leveling-wise when your units reach a certain level unless there is a 2x Exp/SP event.
  2. Training Tower now useless?

    Now that we've got permanent Special Training Maps, do you still have that incentive to play Training Tower maps? Gaining badges is nice and all but it doesn't provide EXP and SP as much as those special maps--which I think is kind of a letdown for something that's called "Training Tower"
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes 1 Year Anniversary Team Showcase Thread

    My main team as of now:
  4. Official Pull Topic

    My luckiest pull in a loooong time. 5 orbs in and.... She's +def -spd yaaay
  5. Orbs Giveaway Lottery - Legendary Edition [Android only]

    Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled from the Performing Arts Banner. Got a 3* Serra, 4* Merric, 5* Shigure (+def -atk), 5* Inigo (+HP -atk) and 5* Jeorge (neutral). Really great pulls but not so great IVs :(
  7. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    So Lloyd just looks like Gordon Ramsay? Good job.
  8. Having played Gaiden, that last minute surprised me. On a side note, I have to say that the music in this entry really gives me a glorious vibe.
  9. Okay it was an issue on my end. As you may know, I'm in the process of making a french version of this awesome translation and I guess my edits did this. It works fine in the 1.0 localization patch though. I still don't know why it looks like this since I haven't edited that tiny bit of text yet. Sorry for bothering you, whoops :P
  10. Gringe, just letting you know that there's a bug in the status screen. The objective text overflow the other. Don't know if this has been fixed yet :P
  11. Gaiden Official names

    Yeah, many thanks!
  12. Gaiden Official names

    Is there a list where I can find official names for this game? I can't find it anywhere and some names differs on different sites. At least, where can I find official names from Awakening?
  13. Elibean Nights

    Guess I broke the chapter haha, she just won't say die and I'm on turn 40 Well, this chapter was crazy fun to play. Just a report though - The villager says he will give you a sword but he gives 7500 gold instead and the village doesn't close after visiting it - The bottom house which I managed to reach gives Ninian's scene where Eliwood learns her wife is pregnant but with Eliwood and Lyn married instead. Edit: The house above the village gives the talk between Nathalie and Lyn (replacing Ninian) where she says she feels exhausted and Nathalie wants to examine her. Edit2: Also the armory doesn't work, we just can't enter but maybe you would think nobody could make it there :-P
  14. Elibean Nights

    I must say I really enjoy this hack, it's great! Also I ran into a few issues Thanks for the amazing work Arch! Also Edit : Also In Lyn's Tale, Lyn has a B rank support with Rath but Rath only has a C rank with her. Edit2: And I stepped on the exit tile with all the characters in Pent's tale and it did nothing
  15. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun ~ v.1.6 OUT. Not working on v.2.0

    Thanks. Yeah, it was really enjoyable. It's one of the best hack I've seen so far! Also that's why Shiori's path will be the best