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  1. Fire Emblem Original Arrange Album!

    We forget that this here Forest has a music section? In any case, it's surprising what you can find when you look in the right places. I like a few of the tracks in this album: Fire Emblem Theme, Declaration of War (such a beautiful piano piece, actually made me tear up a little), Counterattack (very interesting take using that funky synthesizer), and Prayers of the People (has one of my favorite renditions of the FE theme, made better by being an ending theme). FUN FACT: Chosen People was one of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's "Lost Tracks". I actually know of another obscure FE album called "Toy Music 2: Fire Emblem" done by Akihabara Electric Circus (which I know is not on SF's Music page). I only remember one of the tracks being some, I dunno, beach/carribean-esque(?) version of the FE theme. Well...before the Summer Scramble version came along, anyway.
  2. Which old school console/PC do you prefer?

    Well in all fairness, Xbox came out over a decade and a half ago, and 90's systems were considered retro or "old-fashioned" even a decade thence, in the 2000's. This coming from a 90's kid whose first Nintendo console was a Wii. ':) Let me tell you; Game Boy, MS-DOS, and Windows 3.1/95/98 were my childhood. Ohhhh so much. I still have a cooler chock full of Game Boy games (no idea if they still work though...). Meanwhile, DOS and early Windows are what defined PC gaming for me for a very long time. Wolfenstein 3D (yes, I played an M-rated game as a little kid...), 7UP Spot, Lemmings, and more on the DOS side; Microsoft Arcade Pack, ports of classic Sonic games, and a bunch of surprisingly fun edutainment titles (Jumpstart, Super Solvers, etc.) on the early Windows side. It was glorious. GLORIOUS, I tell you! Sound Blaster 16 is music to my ears. ^_^ What's more, in recent years, despite not previously being interested in emulators, I found myself using DOSBox to relive those glory days of DOS and Windows 3.1, whilst also successfully finding disc images of Windows 95 games from my youth (such as the Sonic ports, though not without some help. And I know, legal grey area and all that) and actually getting them to run natively on this modern Windows 10 system. It's pretty awesome. I'm always happy to go into detail or ask questions about using DOSBox for those who are curious or in need of help (not that I know how every single feature works, mind you).
  3. I can finally say I've played Fates. My thoughts on Conquest

    Well yeah, of course. I know how business works. Bear in mind Conquest was given to me as a gift, so it's not like I spent money on it myself. If I were to get Birthright as a gift, I would still play it, but I don't care enough to spend money on it (or Revelation) myself. Besides, Three Houses is around the corner, and it looks promising. History repeats itself. ;) Also, addendum: I wanted to mention Kaze as another of my top units. He had a rough start, but after promoting to a master ninja he really got going, ending up as a fantastic debuffing res tank. Proc'd Lethality a few times too, plus that one Miraculous Save. He also made the perfect pair-up partner for Ike, each boosting the stats they lacked.
  4. Took me long enough, huh? I initially skipped out on Fates after all the flak it got plus Shadows of Valentia was around the corner and looked much more promising. But I recently got Conquest as a Christmas gift from my sister, and I'd never turn down a new Fire Emblem game regardless of how bad it may be. I finally got around to playing it the last few weeks. The result...? I enjoyed it. The gameplay of Conquest is as good as I'd heard. Very engaging, well-balanced, and fairly difficult enemies and enemy placement. I'm pretty good at keeping my units alive, but this game really kept me on my toes, even on Normal Classic. I had to restart a couple of chapters, though it was mainly towards the beginning or middle of the battle (but Kaze did proc Miraculous Save for my Mozu once). I made good use of the rebalanced Pair-up mechanic once I understood the changes. I found Dual Guarding and stat boosts much more useful than Dual Strikes. Overall, this was a nice change of pace compared to what I'm used to. I also really enjoyed the My Castle feature. I honestly wish it had been in Awakening first. I know Fates' story is considered utter garbage, and though I can't vouch for the other two paths, Conquest's story did keep me engaged throughout. I did like the concept of undermining the true villain from the inside. Between this and Warriors, I got a pretty good impression of Xander. Or maybe I was just lucky... SPOILERS FOR ALL PATHS (I THINK), IF ANYBODY CARES As for what units I used, besides Corrin. It was an...uncertain start, but in the long run I used Felicia, Silas, Kaze, Selena, Elise, Mozu, Kana, Xander, Sophie, Camilla, Azura, and Shura (Izana was briefly used for Rally Luck and extra healing). I also used Ike, a near-maxed guest Dread Fighter Avatar named Claire, and an einherjar of Anna (only for the final two maps though). I'm not at all ashamed for using these guest units or fighting other My Castle teams to get guest units and skills, because to be honest it's practically warranted for Conquest. Even with Claire, I still had to play carefully and strategically. And I still almost lost her a few times. But she still came in handy, no doubt (especially with a Pebble, believe it or not). Quick thoughts on Conquest Corrin: I found him nowhere as jarring as other people do. As for how my unit turned out -- I picked +Str -Res, and I became quite the juggernaut. With an Inspiring Song buff and Swordfaire, I even one-rounded the final boss. 30x2, no joke. I surprised even myself. My top five non-guest, non-Avatar units are: Kana -- No surprise there, and you know how much I liked the child mechanic in Awakening. Inherited Swordfaire and Aptitude as well as a +3 forged Iron Sword did wonders for her. It is also so endearing how she calls you Papa. I still like Morgan a little more, but Kana is up there, higher than I honestly expected her to be. (On the topic of child units, I will agree that the Deeprealm was simply a throwaway to justify recycling Awakening's child mechanic, but I honestly didn't mind it too much). Mozu -- My spouse for this playthrough (It was between her and Felicia. Also, I very much prefer this "watered down" version of the Private Quarters; I don't like any of the characters enough to want to stroke their faces with my stylus or my finger). I didn't expect Merchant to be so good for her, but she really got going when I taught her Certain Blow and Quick Draw. Selena and Silas -- I know I'm cheating with this one. Either Selena has a good speed growth or mine was just speed-blessed. And as a Hero, no less. I paired her with Silas (currently the only other pairing I've done) and he made a pretty decent Great Knight. While paired with his spouse he had enough defense and speed to easily deal with the endgame Faceless. and Xander -- Again, no shame. His strength, defense, and 1-2 ranged Siegfried w/o drawbacks was incredibly helpful. He really helped carry the team. The soundtrack was good, though I'd still say Echoes has my favorite soundtrack. I must say, Lost in Thoughts All Alone might just be my favorite song in the series, if not all of gaming. Wonderful leitmotif too within tracks like End of All and Return to Elegance. Overall, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest was a fun experience. Of the two, it was the path I wanted to try because 1) It mainly has the traditional classes and weapons, and 2) The idea of treading a dark path and rooting out the evil from the inside sounding much more interesting than just retreading a straightforward Awakening-style plot. And so...I can finally say I've played Fates. Even if it was only one path of the story. Probably won't bother with the others. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Here's my My Castle address (should I put it in my sig? Let me know): 16593-06984-78981-52169
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie Trailer

    Any other day I'd have thought this was an elaborate, if belated, April Fools' joke. But this is actually real. Oh gods... Well...I suppose this could be my birthday movie this year, if only because I like the Sonic franchise enough to give things like this a chance. It'll be an interesting ride, at least.
  6. Did Feh drop a date at the end of the 4/4 Feh Channel?

    The more I thought about it, the more I started to think she simply said Aether something. *shrug* Oh well. Pay it no mind.
  7. I commented on this in the main 4/4 Feh Channel thread, but it's already getting buried in all the buzz about the summoning change and will probably go unnoticed. At the end when Feh drifts off to sleep as per usual, she utters what sounds to me like "May 13th." It may have just been nothing but sleepy gibberish, but if she did in fact utter this date of May 13th, I have to wonder what this could mean. Could some FE-related event be occurring on that date? It's not the FE Expo, that's this month, right?
  8. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    Let's take a break from this summoning change quarrel for a moment. ...Now is it just me, or did it sound like Feh said "May 13th..." when she drifted off to sleep at the end? If that is what she said, what FE-ralated thing could be happening on that date?
  9. The Meaning of Id in the OST

    Themes used in this clever fashion are known as Leitmotifs. When used correctly, like you showed with Robin's theme "Id", they can greatly enhance the experience of the game (or movie; leitmotifs are prevalent in any media that involves music). Fire Emblem is known for it's use of leitmotifs, mainly starting with a simple theme and then having a battle theme being a faster, more intense version of that theme (variations like the Ablazed tracks in Awakening don't count. Those are an example of variable mix). "Id" makes enough sense. The Japanese version is simply "I".
  10. Favorite Roy Design?

    Prior to Smash 4, I'd have went with FE13 Einherjar Roy, but then I saw his Smash 4 render, and loved it immediately (and I finally got his amiibo recently). His Ultimate render is nice and all, but why of him doing a side tilt? His render on the Everyone is Here! panorama is cooler imo. Back to his actual Smash render: I echo Etrurian Emperor's statement; it's endgame Roy, promoted and standing proud in the wake of Zephiel and Idunn's defeat. Btw I always found it interesting how he keeps his scabbard on the same hip as his dominant hand, rather uncommon for swordsmen. Though his GBA animation w/ the Binding Blade could suggest he is actually ambidextrous or close to it. Not bad for a 15-year-old boy.
  11. Nintendo Direct tomorrow with Three Houses info!

    Well well...the one time I want a rumor to be true, and it is! After 5 months, we were a bit overdue for a new regular Direct. To my knowledge, this is the first time a Fire Emblem game has been the main focus of a regular Direct. Aside from other potential FE announcements, the only other info I really want from this Direct is a release date for Daemon X Machina.
  12. Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

    I actually got all 7 votes in this time. Bit annoying to do though, since the touch screen function on my laptop only works about half of the time.
  13. How did Marth get to Talys?

    The OVA took a different turn by having Elice hand down her tiara to Marth, and then use her Warp staff to whisk him along with Jagen and Ogma away to Talys. Props for showing us how Marth got his tiara, but in this day and age we'd probably expect more creative explanations for how he escaped than just being Warped to safety. "ELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!"
  14. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I came up with The Shining Blade because I wanted a light-based epithet like that of a legendary weapon in the FE GBA era. "Baron" came from my love of armored units in FE; though Barons aren't my favorite of the bunch, I wanted to have a shorthand that didn't sound tacky. Still, I'm considering to drop the Baron part as now I simply stick with "ShiningBlade" which has grown on me. Since it doesn't fit on my Switch profile, there it is shortened to "ShinBlade". I like this since in Japanese "Shin" can translate to "true", so my name could also be translated as "TrueBlade", which works wonderfully as I love the Myrmidon line of classes just as much as armors. So if I get to doing the above adjustment and you want to use a shorthand for me, then I'd prefer Shin. But I mean, you can still call me Baron if you want.
  15. What would you want out of a FE6 Echoes?

    As one who really wants an FE6 Echoes to happen next, the main things I'd want to see fixed is: Assuming GBA stats are used again, bring all of the weapon stats up to FE7/8 standard. Those low base hit rates were not a pleasant sight, especially those poor axes. We've long beaten a dead Cavalier at this point, but it bears repeating one last time: buff Roy's stats. The memetic notion that "Roy sucks in his own game" needs to end. After all that Smash has done for our boy, this here's a debt long overdue. I would like to see that actually. Yes, make Lilina our first anima Mage Lord. I know this means we'd yet again have a case of male swordsman + female mage like with Alm and Celica (who uses swords in addition to magic, but still), and for two Echoes games in a row, no less. But she's Hector's child for goodness sake; no reason Eliwood's child can't share some of his spotlight. And after clearing Lilina mode, you unlock (or can buy DLC for) a set of bonus prologues where you play as Al, Gant, and Tiena from the manga who then join Roy's party at the start of the campaign proper, and you can choose whether to play or skip these prologues whenever you start a new game. I can already imagine the debut trailer (or potentially the game's intro cutscene) showing old Eliwood and Hector introducing Roy and Lilina to each other, they go play; then the former ponder about Athos' prediction, the sudden assassination of King Desmond in Bern, and Zephiel inheriting the throne. Basically FE7's epilogue and continuing straight from that point. And then the usual intro about the Scouring. A very SoV-like intro, sure, but you know what, that's fine with me. Show me just this as a teaser trailer, and I would be even more pumped than I am for Smash Ultimate right now. Seriously, I would. And I FINALLY got a Roy amiibo recently, so...give me more reason to use it X) Here's a question to chew on: Would you expect this remake to be on 3DS or Switch (regardless of carrying the Echoes moniker)? If on the Switch, do you think it would use SoV's engine or Three Houses' engine?