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  1. Favorite Roy Design?

    Prior to Smash 4, I'd have went with FE13 Einherjar Roy, but then I saw his Smash 4 render, and loved it immediately (and I finally got his amiibo recently). His Ultimate render is nice and all, but why of him doing a side tilt? His render on the Everyone is Here! panorama is cooler imo. Back to his actual Smash render: I echo Etrurian Emperor's statement; it's endgame Roy, promoted and standing proud in the wake of Zephiel and Idunn's defeat. Btw I always found it interesting how he keeps his scabbard on the same hip as his dominant hand, rather uncommon for swordsmen. Though his GBA animation w/ the Binding Blade could suggest he is actually ambidextrous or close to it. Not bad for a 15-year-old boy.
  2. Nintendo Direct tomorrow with Three Houses info!

    Well well...the one time I want a rumor to be true, and it is! After 5 months, we were a bit overdue for a new regular Direct. To my knowledge, this is the first time a Fire Emblem game has been the main focus of a regular Direct. Aside from other potential FE announcements, the only other info I really want from this Direct is a release date for Daemon X Machina.
  3. Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

    I actually got all 7 votes in this time. Bit annoying to do though, since the touch screen function on my laptop only works about half of the time.
  4. How did Marth get to Talys?

    The OVA took a different turn by having Elice hand down her tiara to Marth, and then use her Warp staff to whisk him along with Jagen and Ogma away to Talys. Props for showing us how Marth got his tiara, but in this day and age we'd probably expect more creative explanations for how he escaped than just being Warped to safety. "ELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!"
  5. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I came up with The Shining Blade because I wanted a light-based epithet like that of a legendary weapon in the FE GBA era. "Baron" came from my love of armored units in FE; though Barons aren't my favorite of the bunch, I wanted to have a shorthand that didn't sound tacky. Still, I'm considering to drop the Baron part as now I simply stick with "ShiningBlade" which has grown on me. Since it doesn't fit on my Switch profile, there it is shortened to "ShinBlade". I like this since in Japanese "Shin" can translate to "true", so my name could also be translated as "TrueBlade", which works wonderfully as I love the Myrmidon line of classes just as much as armors. So if I get to doing the above adjustment and you want to use a shorthand for me, then I'd prefer Shin. But I mean, you can still call me Baron if you want.
  6. What would you want out of a FE6 Echoes?

    As one who really wants an FE6 Echoes to happen next, the main things I'd want to see fixed is: Assuming GBA stats are used again, bring all of the weapon stats up to FE7/8 standard. Those low base hit rates were not a pleasant sight, especially those poor axes. We've long beaten a dead Cavalier at this point, but it bears repeating one last time: buff Roy's stats. The memetic notion that "Roy sucks in his own game" needs to end. After all that Smash has done for our boy, this here's a debt long overdue. I would like to see that actually. Yes, make Lilina our first anima Mage Lord. I know this means we'd yet again have a case of male swordsman + female mage like with Alm and Celica (who uses swords in addition to magic, but still), and for two Echoes games in a row, no less. But she's Hector's child for goodness sake; no reason Eliwood's child can't share some of his spotlight. And after clearing Lilina mode, you unlock (or can buy DLC for) a set of bonus prologues where you play as Al, Gant, and Tiena from the manga who then join Roy's party at the start of the campaign proper, and you can choose whether to play or skip these prologues whenever you start a new game. I can already imagine the debut trailer (or potentially the game's intro cutscene) showing old Eliwood and Hector introducing Roy and Lilina to each other, they go play; then the former ponder about Athos' prediction, the sudden assassination of King Desmond in Bern, and Zephiel inheriting the throne. Basically FE7's epilogue and continuing straight from that point. And then the usual intro about the Scouring. A very SoV-like intro, sure, but you know what, that's fine with me. Show me just this as a teaser trailer, and I would be even more pumped than I am for Smash Ultimate right now. Seriously, I would. And I FINALLY got a Roy amiibo recently, so...give me more reason to use it X) Here's a question to chew on: Would you expect this remake to be on 3DS or Switch (regardless of carrying the Echoes moniker)? If on the Switch, do you think it would use SoV's engine or Three Houses' engine?
  7. Noble Lady of Caelin Escape Pincer help

    In case it doesn't give you a "someone quoted you" notification, I edited my previous post with recommended skills and attributes.
  8. Noble Lady of Caelin Escape Pincer help

    I'm about to have dinner, so I'll edit this with my skill/attribute suggestions when I come back. Ahh, that was delicious. Now back to business. I would replace the two flat stat-boosting skills. Aside from Luck+20, these flat boosts are very minuscule and barely make a difference. So I would instead get Luck+20 (from Celica) and Trample (from Camilla; you do 10% extra damage against anyone on foot, including unmounted heroes). If you use pair up often, I also recommend Solidarity on the units you use as support, as this boosts the vanguard's (the one in front) overall damage by 25%. Once you get the DLC I recommend Lethality (from Niles; your crits have a {Luck/2}% chance to deal 400% damage, complete with a quick red flash effect), Galeforce, and Iote's Shield (from Minerva; not on Lucina, but it's great for all your mounted units especially fliers plus Tiki and Corrin, as this negates their effective weaknesses. All of them, not just bows against fliers). For attributes (in general, not just for Parallel Falchion) I recommend as before a -slayer (two -slayers if it doesn't have one already. Don't worry, the might penalty doesn't worsen), a Strong # skill or two for the ones you use most often, Critical Focus (one of two 4000 KO-sealed attributes; you do twice the damage to an enemy's stun gauge, making it much easier to get crits in one reveal of the stun gauge) and Armor Strike which will make those crits cut your enemy's def/res in half (careful not to get hit by strong attacks or your armor will break and incur the same penalty). Once you get the DLC I highly recommend getting Amped which boosts all stats except Mov by a respectful 20%. Percentage-based boosts like this are much more significant than the flat stat boosts. The season pass is the best value, yes. Plus you get Lucina's bride outfit. ;)
  9. Why Does Serenes Forrest Keep Randomly Logging Me Out?

    A Private/Incognito window doesn't use any saved cookies when they are first opened nor save any new ones when you close it, thus auto sign-in's will not work in these windows. So try not using it on Serenes for a bit and see if that is indeed the problem. I too use Private windows (I use Firefox) for the same reason. But I don't use it on Serenes unless I want to view a topic while signed out, so as not to update my "currently" status. It's dumb, but what the heck, I like the privacy.
  10. Noble Lady of Caelin Escape Pincer help

    Actually, I think it's easier on the Switch since it can render more mooks on screen at one time. But I have the Switch version and only a standard 3DS, so I can't vouch for New 3DS users. Yeah, Shadow Elimination is tough starting out. -slayer weapon attributes make most of them much easier, well worth the small might penalty. I highly recommend putting -slayer attributes on everyone's personal weapons, especially the ones you're good at using. Rowan, Ryoma, and Marth (because of Paragon and easy-to-acquire weapon scroll) carried me through most of the base game's History Mode maps. Yes, I like the abundance of sword users. If you still have trouble, try to go for as many personal weapon scrolls and opuses (the latter are DLC) as you can. These will maximize their respective weapon's might (tripling their original strength or more) as well as remove the might penalty from -slayer attributes; this makes everything that much easier to fight. Let me tell you, being a completionist I acquired and activated every single weapon scroll and opus, and by that point there was nothing I couldn't tear through (the lvl 130 Anna battle only took me two tries to S-rank). Meanwhile, you should also get tons of A supports with Chrom (and maybe Olivia, if you have her) so you can give the Luna skill (and Galeforce) to as many units as possible, especially those with high luck. Luna reduces enemy def and res based on your luck stat, while Galeforce fills a portion of your Warrior and Awakening gauges with every major kill (that is, any enemy with a health bar). Definitely give the latter to Tiki so she can stay in dragon form longer. If you aren't sure what skills/attributes to use or how you should farm certain materials, I recommend checking out this guide (Google Docs spreadsheet).
  11. Rest In Peace Stan Lee

    Damn... and Ghost Rider happened to be on TV yesterday. With great power comes great responsibility. And with great writing comes great comic adventures and thrills. No one understood it better. Rest in peace, big guy.
  12. Noble Lady of Caelin Escape Pincer help

    I should ask, are you playing the New 3DS version? I know that one has a lowered kill quota, but the Switch version requires 2000 kills to S-rank. Mow down large groups of mooks when you see them. If they continue to spawn, just keep mowing them down. You may wish to keep some enemy captains and commanders alive while you do so, since killing them usually makes their group of mooks vanish. Rinse and repeat till you're at or close to 2000, then finish the map. Even with a 15-minute time limit, so long as you're not underleveled and lacking in effective skills; enemy captains, commanders, and even heroes will go down with relative ease. Besides, most maps require that you clear them in under 15 minutes to S-rank in that category, so having a 15-minute time limit ensures you will always do so. Once you've got the hang of reaching the 2000 kill quota, even maps with the Test of Skill restriction become a non-issue. I usually end up with 3k to even 4k kills without even realizing. Also don't forget, don't gauge your total kills by just the kill count in the lower-right corner. That only shows your kills and not ally kills. It can be less than 2000 kills and still be S-rank so long as your total kills are at least 2000. You can view your total kills and the amount needed for S-rank on the pause/map screen.
  13. Recently started this game and it's fun but I have some questions

    Well, it isn't Marth because spoilers, which I'm not going to get into. I think this is somewhat remedied by the fact that Itsuki's Carnage Form bears a striking resemblance to Marth (even Marth's bridegroom outfit in FEW reminded me of it). In fact, when I first saw it in the debut trailer (of actual TMS, not the "SMT X FE" teaser) I thought it actually was Marth.
  14. Soundtrack leitmotif in Fire Emblem games

    Leitmotifs are a great part of music in various media, especially in video games and movies. Fire Emblem's got an abundance of them, particularly with a character/faction's theme and their battle themes, most of them from Tellius. I liked Radiant Dawn's soundtrack a lot because of this frequent use of leitmotifs. Land of Dragons → Battle for Whose Sake (an exception, as Battle for Whose Sake doesn't seem to draw from Zephiel's Theme as far as I can tell) Dark Priestess - Idoun's Theme → Shaman in the Dark Black Fang → Softly with Grace Black Knight/The Black Knight Lives → Against the Black Knight/Unstoppable Destiny His Father's Son → Moving Up {The repeating part after the class change} Ike's Resolution/Like Father, Like Son [FE9] → Champion [FE13] Brave General, Brave King → King of the Sky Lion King Caineghis → March of the Lion King Zelgius the Brave → The Strong Tranquility of Goldoa → Wisdom of Ages {This was plenty obvious, are you kidding?} Sephiran's Sorrow → Origin's End Id (Serenity)/Id (Sorrow) → Id (Purpose) Prelude → "Don't speak her name!"/Old Battlefield {and I think a few other tracks. It's basically the Shepherd's leitmotif, or at least Chrom and family} Echoes → Twilight of the Gods And more I probably overlooked. Here's to more FE leitmotifs in the future. ♪♫
  15. Which hero has the best voice acting?

    How can we forget the two popular Falchion boys: Yuri Lowenthal (Marth, Eliwood) - He nails their gentle, humble personalities. And who'd have thought he'd make such a good Spider-Man/Peter Parker? Matthew Mercer (Chrom, Ryoma) - We all love this guy. Serious one moment, using specials with Exalt Chrom the next. "I'M BEING HELPFUL!". XD I'd need to listen to all the voices some more before I could really pick favorites. But I'll echo all the previous posts. Heroes has done a damn good job with voice acting for the most part. An impressive feat for a mobile game.