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  1. I've found out a secret forest that has 2 treasures and Golden Lion Statue..... anyone find it?
  2. Fire emblem heroes release time

    I've just played through chapter 1 for 2 hours ago..but now can't get into the game..So pain...
  3. Fire emblem heroes release time

    The server is down now.... You need to download 80MB and then more 300MB to get the game start...but A communication error always appear this time... So just wait for them to fix it
  4. Fire emblem heroes release time

    You can download apk and install it... Let play through...^^
  5. Fire emblem heroes release time

    US has done.... the change nickname in game doesn't work for now...hope they fix it soon.
  6. Fire emblem heroes release time always say: "Communications error"
  7. FE 8: The Alternate Stones

    it levels down unit....