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  1. I've examined your ROM. If using the patch causing glitches, do not use the patch. Instead, try implementing #8, since no modification has been made in 0x58AD2.
  2. Can you post the version before you used my patch?
  3. I'm assuming that you have free space in B80000 Copy this to 0x58AD2 03 49 40 18 00 78 03 21 08 40 02 BC 08 47 00 00 B8 08 Open New FE8 W Animation Table.nmm, then change 0xB2E900 into 0xB80000. To reset the table, set B80000 - B800FF in the ROM into 00
  4. [SOLVED][FE7] Expanding Entries in Nightmare problem

    Possibly this is the main problem. If you're using the original Nightmare, remember that it does not expand the ROM.Try expanding the ROM first (in your case, until 0x10AC500 + 0x1C20).
  5. FE7/FE8 range patch fix

    By default, only 9 kinds of weapon range is recognized(1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 3-10, 3-15, MP/2). While it's possible to use the other range, the range name and tiles won't show properly. This patch will fix them. I don't know why the developer team is using longer, yet less effective code. This patch was created using Lunar ips. Using this patch together with another range modifying patch (i.e. Blazer's 2-3 range sniper patch) is not recommended. For FE7, you can download the patch here. For FE8, you can download the patch here
  6. FE7/FE8 range patch fix

    Updated. I'm adding version 2 of FE8 range fix. Note. While Latona needs its range to be updated, I'm not including the change into the patch due to flexibility.
  7. Where can i find NightMare modules Program?

    That's the link of Hextator's Nightmare 2.0, which is a Java app. You can find it in FEShrine.
  8. Custom Magic Swords

    IMO, a text editor and a hex editor is enough (along with gbatek documentation). If you only want to do a simple modification such as STR/2 and 0 crt, it shouldn't be difficult.
  9. Custom Magic Swords

    Unfortunately, he never did research on what actually gives these items their Anima/Dark magic triangle effects and where it might be coded. Yet he wrote it. It's on 080288E6 (for FE7. For FE8, it's 0802A870). In the routine, both Light Brand and Wind Sword have their magic weapon bit cleared (Weapon ability 1, 0x40) for meele attack, or their weapon type changed for ranged attack. Runesword always has its weapon type changed. Since this routine is called after determining whether the weapon is magical, the weapon will always hit RES, since their magic weapon bit was set initially. The routine for modifying the STR/2 and 0 CRT is actually on 0802A4B8 (display only), and 0802ADCC (preview and battle). Edit: fixed typo. Thanks Blademaster!
  10. Custom Magic Swords

    Since what you want is only altering the weapon type, IMO this patch is enough. This patch will allow you to edit weapon type at range or meele (or both). This patch also allow you to set some weapons to use their ranged animation on meele attack. Weapon EXP is set for original weapon (Lightbrand will not get light wexp on range). Note that this patch does NOT modify battle formula such as STR/2, 0 crt, etc.
  11. Rom with hector hard mode?

    I'm assuming that you want to play it from your iPhone. 1. Do you have the ROM? 2. Do you have a suitable emulator? (e.g. GBA4iOS if you want to play from your iPhone) If you have them in your iPhone, then use the save file to play the game. If you have them in your dropbox then download them to your iPhone. If you don't have either of them, then ask Google.
  12. Windhex > Ctrl + N Free space is usually filled with 00 or FF.
  13. Fire Emblem Eventing/Chapter Unit Editor help

    Easy way: Create a new class for the custom brigand with a different base stat or growth (It's recommended to move the class table). This will allow you to make limited custom extra characters. Hard way: Debug it when the enemy stats are calculated. This will allow you to customize every enemy's stats.
  14. Palettles For The Three Class

  15. FE7/FE8 range patch fix

    Sorry for my break. Actually there are some annoying differences between FE7 and FE8. Fortunately, most part of the code is compatible. I wish this patch doesn't cause any unwanted bug (at least not in chapter 2). Feel free to report any bug/glitch.
  16. Check your nightmare module. Change weapon type into 1 byte entry Example:
  17. Getting additional animations to work in FE7

    It's not about the number. It's the line. Just write something after the hex value. (e.g. 0xCF write something here)
  18. Getting additional animations to work in FE7

    Have you change the first line of the file? It's the number of entries shown. Change it into the number of lines - 1, and you're done
  19. Edit Effectiveness for a class

    Use a Hex Editor for this. 1. Find an unused space (e.g. D99900) 2. Type the class the weapon is effective against and end it with 00 (e.g. against lord, type "01 02 03 00") 3. Use the offset as effectiveness pointer in the Item Editor. (In this case, use 08D99900) To edit the existing effectiveness pointer, just edit the value of the offset or create a new effectiveness pointer (I prefer the second.)
  20. Fire Emblem: Exalted Legacy

    The penalty method is actually weapon specific, which works only if the set range is less than the distance of the battle. (Set the range greater than 15 to ignore this features). The penalty affects damage, accuracy, and critical rate.
  21. FE7 new promotion table

    New promotion table of FE7. This patch will allow the module to be promotion table editor. Using this patch, each promotion can have its own requirement level. Still, incomplete battle animation of a class will cause a glitch(for example, promoting Druid into Paladin). This patch uses 0xD90000. This module doesn't make an item into a promotion item but change the result of the promotion. Download here
  22. FE7 new promotion table

    Update the patch (because of silly bugs when someone interrupt the promotion). Current patch is v3
  23. Help with some things (FE7)

    2. Since Brigand and F Thief are not intended to be promoted, they aren't listed in promotion item effect. The location of the promotion item can be found at 2742C table (disassembler). Or use this package to repoint all of your promotion.