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  1. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    so um where that new patch? Hitman class looks interesting.
  2. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Sorry, I just been kinda of busy that I forgot to give a review. I don't remember a lot of characters names but as far as gameplay goes, Its pretty solid. Not too difficult to clear any chapter with what you give us to work with. No one is OP tier or really useless tier. The young mage needs a bit of babying but once you get him promoted he carries his weight. The main Lord is something else personality wise and I like it. A very honest and abrasive Lord who just wants to enjoy himself instead of be responsible. and while some the other chars try to get the main Lord to improve his attitude it nice to see most of them are not an ass about it. You have polished your skills to a point from your early days to that this hack is a really enjoyable hack and I look forward to you actually completing it compared to your previous abandon hacks.
  3. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    I hope julia promotions is in with that. just got her to level 20 and i cant promote her with the master seal.
  4. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    pretty sure chest keys are not designed to open doors
  5. where are all the god dam restore staffs. I don't think i came across a single one this entire hack.
  6. the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action. also good to know those 3 will get fixed.
  7. This game is what most people will call punishing. Every new unit you get struggles to survive just to do things. You need to baby them hard just to allow them to survive. Even on the chapter solve the case with the arena, that doesnt help those units do well as 2 of them have the worse HP and skill growths I seen on any unit(Percival and Horrus). Mari herself cant do much either, she does a terrible job at healing. The only 3 units who can do anything is Camus, Michalis and Zepheil(and you need to level Zepheil like crazy when you get him) that can do ok but none of them regularly 2hko anything due the way you designed the enemy mobs in the chapters after that. Story is decent enough, Ost is good, the concept of this hack is good but the execution is terrible.
  8. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    oh wow, A new update and i miss seeing it for a good month. Well then lets try lunatic mode then.
  9. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    Completed both routes. The story and OST used from start to chapter 14 is amazing. I like how you gave a lot of the cast a decent amount of Plot time and talk convos to add on to the story instead of them just being there to be used a unit. I found it interesting to see triple promotions. Granted some of the newer promotions don't feel amazing but it is an interesting change to the gameplay. I also like how you fixed the lack or resources and fixed a lot of the early game problems that was there in 1.0 version of this hack. The amount of items and gold you give the player is enough to keep the player with enough supplies to keep going but to not have a crazy amount of surplus in supplies to keep the player in managing the resources for the chapters. Having Oona as a prepomote without crazy tier stats really makes Belle's route a bit more enjoyable. The only complaint I have in belle's is chapter 1-9 Mages placement, Those mages are way to close imo. It feels like the 1st 2 turns are too high risk due to their placement after that the chapter stays challenging but is not difficult to handle. Owen Route felt a bit too easy. I feel there should be more reinforcements on his route on the 1st and 3rd chapter. I didn't feel challenged at all with the spawn placement of the enemy. Sawyer route however feels a bit too challenging. It not the amount of reinforcements that makes it feels hard. it was due to most of them are promoted units with elfire and silver/slayer weapons. the 2nd Chapter of Sawyer route I feel the pirate at the bottom should be further away from the houses. You need perfect rng and you need to rush to save that bottom most house or he will get it before you can stop him. I spent at least 10+ retries on getting every attack to connect so i can safely rush my fliers to stop him. After saving the houses tho the rest of the chapter was pretty easy as there was no reinforcements and most of the enemy did not rush you unless you moved into their range. Pretty much make the pirates a bit further away from the house then the original starting point and add reinforcements in the later turns. Chapter 3 of sawyer route was just crazy. keeping those children alive was nuts even with having 5+ promoted units was super difficult. The problem was keeping the units far away from the children then actually keeping your own units alive. Most of the units were strong enough to stay alive. Chapter 4 of Sawyer was the turning point of when it started to feel balanced in terms of hard difficulty. I see nothing to change there. I noticed only the archer/snipers could use the longbows. every other bow class could not use the longbow. There was also monster palettes on the promotion screen for some of the units as well. They went back to normal palettes for that class after promotion. Overall I give the progress so far on this hack an 8 out of 10. I look forward to you finishing this hack.
  10. I have the current patch from 2 weeks ago and got to chapter 11 and huh where is cortez?
  11. I agree it needs to be toned down a little bit. I would suggest the 1st 2 bosses be a bit further apart from each other. That is the biggest problem to tackle in that chapter. Both are too close to each other that you can wind up fighting both of them at once and its a chore to fight 1 at a time as is. Getting to the house was easy for me Since i had a promoted Keena and I had Jenessa and take care of the house for me.The extra boss and mages wasn't really a problem for me. Keena is a dodge tank that dodges very well.
  12. Here my save state on that chapter. I did smite the 1st villager i came across at the beginning to save on turns. Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones1.sgm
  13. You have a tile that is bugged in chapter 7. anyone who steps on it makes the game freeze. where i have the cursor at is the bugged tile. Fortunely for me the only ones who stepped on it was the Villagers who ai is random so resetting and resuming makes the chapter doable. I also stepped on it once.
  14. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. but ya around the middle of the map it felt it changed.