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  1. Mortal Kombat 11

    It's out, now. Anyone else playing it? I've come to learn that I am pretty bad at traditional fighting games.
  2. It also kind of works as a name itself, given the protagonists of I and II described as being descended from Erdrick.
  3. It hasn’t even been a full night and stage builder is littered with racism, genitalia/fornication, and just plain trash. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before it gets discontinued or otherwise completely cut off from online, like Miiverse and SwapNote.
  4. It must be in the phase where the servers are being overloaded and I lucked out by being so early?
  5. I went ahead and made sure my whole system was up-to-date at 8.0 beforehand.
  6. Downloading the update now. It's a big boy.
  7. How does the EU E-Shop look? 'Cuz I'll admit...I do agree, the NA shop is pretty rough.
  8. It doesn't seem to be like that here in the states, at least for me. Unless they suddenly changed the time on the eShop update or something? I saw Sega Ages Sonic at a discount.
  9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, I would have to say. Lords of Shadow 1 was, in my opinion, set up a solid timeline on its own, and had a decent story and a fantastic, if level-based world. Mirror of Fate was a step up in the story department for me, with its protagonists having unique special abilities that made playing each fun and interesting. Lords of Shadow 2, on the other hand...well...it was a mess. The whole gimmick of swapping between the city and the castle wasn't explained very well, and the worst offense is...you're playing as Dracul(a). Why is it that you're made to feel just as feeble in the end of the game as you are when Gabriel wakes up? I get that he doesn't want to draw too much attention, but when you are still sneaking around and can't handle certain enemies because they remain TOO powerful, and INVINCIBLE, it just comes off as not fun.
  10. I recall this actually being a factory issue, and not Nintendo themselves. To wit: launch joycons, still fantastic.
  11. I know it's been a while, but apparently, the leak was fake. A shame, 'cuz it was really damn good.
  12. So, apparently, after Joker’s possible Smash render leaked on Best Buy’s website, they seem to have possibly leaked three games for the Nintendo switch through their online system. Persona 5 and Metroid Prime Trilogy make sense, due to rumors for both, and the latter would be a smart move to tide over fans after the delay of Metroid Prime 4, as well as catching fans up to speed. A Link to the Past is the odd one out. It could be a tie-in to promote A Link’s Awakening, simply due to both games supposedly featuring the same Link. However, I doubt they’d remake it from the ground up, and it seems unlikely to be for the online membership. It could be an enhanced port? Hopefully with the GBA-exclusive content. Of course, all of this could prove to be a hoax, but what do y’all think? Edit: Saw someone call the leaks this, hence the title. I thought it was funny. Second Edit: What in the hell was with all the mistakes? Never make a topic on your phone, folks.
  13. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    I'm still pretty a way aways from the end of the game. The only Disney world left is San Fransokyo, but I've been doing other stuff. Like beating Schwarzgeist! I like that fight. I was actually pretty taken aback when I saw it had a second form after how rough I had it with the first, but thankfully, the second fight is a total cakewalk.