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  1. I'd harken Fairune more towards the original Hydlide, but personally for me, with a bit more charm. Also, Plague Knight I can see people not being much too keen on getting, but why not the OG Shovel Knight game?
  2. I kind of doubt it. People have a nasty habit of raising their expectations quite high with any Smash game.
  3. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Hold up, you can't have every blade at once after you collect them?
  4. The video I linked earlier was where I first heard it. Can't say where else it might have come from.
  5. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Adam Smith at its finest, I assume? Personally, the game is really good. Aside of random drops, the combat and music are stellar, and in spite of its linearity compared to other Igavania titles, it's still a good trip through.
  6. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Hard to say. Given that it simply gives a star-rating on that enemy's webpage, the closest I have to tell is from the wiki which claims, for example, that merman meat is 1%. So, I can only judge that it's no guarantee.
  7. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Unfortunately, can't confirm, seeing as the wiki doesn't have it. Three mandragora in, and I got the root.
  8. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Yeah, looking at the star-rating for the damn Merman Meat on that one fish-lady. Speaking of... Mermen don't drop Merman Meat!? WHY?
  9. That'd be kind of a really dirty trick to pull. Consider how Sakurai teases his fans. It's fun, and doesn't come across as malicious. Take for example, when talking about Samus Aran upon splitting them in Smash 4. He spent only a few seconds making it seem like Zero Suit was not returning, but confirmed her return instantly after that bit of fun. Compare here, making it seem as if, say, Waluigi is an Assist, and then, for weeks, if not months, not revealing he's an actual playable character and then finally saying, "Hey, here he is!" Plus, this coming hot off the heels of people spending months arguing about whether or not this was a port? Edit: To add on to that, it'd be even more egregious given the popularity of a character.
  10. No one's mentioned Shovel Knight? If you haven't already gotten it, I'd recommend it. I'd also recommend Fairune. Keep note, they are simple and short games. But, seeing as you're getting two games, plus a third one (that's incredibly short and is more of a prequel bonus?) and a bonus game mode, it's pretty good at only eight dollars. I'd also recommend the Megaman Legacy Collection games.
  11. So, I'm playing Order of Ecclesia. Fantastic game, sure, it's got problems, but it's still pretty solid. I'm currently doing a quest that requires me to hunt killer fish for their meat. Sounds easy enough. So...why the hell is it a five-star (MAXIMUM RARITY) drop? Compare the Rock Knight, which has mid-rarity for copper ore. If anything, I'd expect it to be the other way around (rather, I'd expect the killer fish to ALWAYS drop its meat), seeing as I shouldn't expect every single rock a rock knight carries to be chock-full of ore. But the fish meat? This just reminds me that random drops REALLY don't make any sense. If I've hunted five-hundred fish, I should damn near have that many filets available to cook. If I crack open a hundred boulders, I can reasonably not expect to find GOLD in every one. Anyone else have random drops in games they find non-sensible? Edit: And wouldn't you know it, after hours of grinding for half a day, it drops the moment I post this. Figures.
  12. I feel like a lot of the community would be REALLY pissed off if Nintendo pulled a trick where a character is shown to be an assist trophy is actually a playable character. I mean...why even bother going through with that programming, first off?
  13. Sounds like this would be right up your alley. =P Warning, this video contains OPINIONS and THEORIES.
  14. In terms of moveset potential, fun potential, uniqueness, and-in regards to third party-being within a budget, I would assume, since they'd need to pay licensing fees for the third-party character.
  15. Seeing as Smash is 2-D, that'd basically be Zelda II if we incorporated the latter, which would be kind of funny.