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  1. Link. He’s always been my go-to.
  2. “A ninja-like fighter that battles with moves like the Water Shuriken. Greninja can use a log for clever counterattacks, and this Pokémon can even stick to walls. During its Final Smash, it turns into Ash-Greninja...!?” I’m not surprised, but I wonder if they’re really going to change how his initial final Smash functioned at all.
  3. He cast Kafrizzle in his boss battle. It was definitely in his repertoire alongside the likes of Disruptive Wave, Heavenly Portal, Wind Sickles, and Thwack.
  4. Well, I've beaten the game. It still holds up really well, but I must admit, I'm rather disappointed that the 3DS version is...kinda wack. Particularly the localized version. The game-crashing Monster team move with the Jewelbag and Goldman, the weird naming issues amongst Charmles, Marcello, and Mazin, the lack of the orchestrated soundtrack, and the butchered DLC...plus, the weaker power of the handheld really did do injustice to the environments. It isstill very good, but I do hope they make a port in the future to the switch ttthat makes it the best of both versions, a-la Hyrule Warriors. That'd be really good. Right now, I don't really plan to do the postgame, but I may at least bounce back after a bit of time with my PS4, since I did just get it.
  5. I think all current models come with one terabyte, save for the 500 million, which is sold out: it had two. Hobestly, one is probably all you need.
  6. Well, as a wrap-up to this, I finally got my PS4 Pro. After some trouble ordering it online where the order would continue to cancel, I finally went into GameStop and ordered it in-store for a home delivery once they had a pre-order going on for a restock. At least now, a month after I got the gift, I can finally enjoy it. XD Looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III, now.
  7. Death the Reaphog, our newest and edgiest OC. Do not steal™ I also just realized that Castlevania has an item, but not Final Fantasy.
  8. Castlevania Requiem

    Seems a neat little collection, but it is a shame that it's PS4-exclusive. At least it'll be pretty nifty to have. Hopefully there's more additions than just the base-game. I think the PSP Symphony had like additional modes and whatnot?
  9. Is Yangus' Nose for Treasure bugged? I've literally followed a guide to pick up all items through Argonia, and it still claims I'm missing two items. The bug would have to be that it's registering the barrel that comes in once the bazaar moves indoors, but I have no idea about the other one, or if that's the case.
  10. New Gen 8 Pokemon officially revealed! Meltan!

    It's still just odd in that, like...it's a nut stuck in a pile of goop with a cable poking out. Maybe not the strangest thing, but it just...doesn't mesh as well to me.
  11. New Gen 8 Pokemon officially revealed! Meltan!

    In all likelihood, it's considered 'ugly cute'. A lot of things that shouldn't be considered cute are. Kingdom Heart's shadows, Teeny Sanguini's from Dragon Quest, the eponymous Metroid species...I can see why people think it's cute. I'm just more amazed that it's actually a legendary.
  12. I know it's only been like a week, but things have been looking...rather grim. Thus far, the moment I set out to buy it, it all vanished, with two particular stand-out examples. First, I bought it from Best Buy. It was available, but I bought it on their online store. They wanted me to verify my credit card via a pin that they were going to text me. The number they said they were going to text to did not match the number I gave them, in spite of receiving a text from them confirming my purchase. I never received the pin, and since I didn't verify it, they cancelled my order. And yesterday, I saw a GameStop store close by had one in stock...so I went there right after work and waited an hour to buy it. They told me they didn't actually have it. Which...both were pretty heartbreaking. Edit: To add insult to injury, the GameStop store updated not too long ago to add the Spiderman and Jet Black Pro's available for order, so I wound up going to the bank to drop money in to order, only to find out that it's a sham, yet again.

    Yanno, if there’s one thing that I kinda hope they do in KH III, it’s a cutscene for the battle between the 7 lights and 13 darknessrs before you take control and conclude it, and make it something along the lines of this: Like, I’d love to see the heroes kind of tag-team against the villains and just show off how far everything’s come, and just see something just truly epic before the actual fight is turned over to the player.

    Well, the recent trailer seems to indicate his return. At the end of it, I recall seeing Oblivion in one hand, as a figure with Roxas' hair removes his hood. Granted, it's from behind, but...it's Oblivion.