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  1. Kingdom Hearts III-LEAKED

    I love that DLC is being used to counteract leakers, that’s amazing.
  2. I’d be happy for it too, but I’d be wary given the treatment of Cloud, and due to the Dragon Quest composer. No idea who the hell they’d pick, though, unless they decided to go the Bowser Jr route.
  3. Kingdom Hearts III-LEAKED

    No doubt, but even so, I'd still advise caution.
  4. So, apparently, someone stole a few dozen copies of Kingdom Hearts III for like the xBox One, and sold some of them online on Amazon or the FaceBook marketplace. So, much like Smash Bros., there are wild leaks just about everywhere, or, if they haven't fully hit the mainstream, they're going to. So, if you are interested in the game and want to avoid being spoiled, be vigilant, and be careful what you look at and where you go.
  5. Yeah, it’s far too early when the meta hasn’t really developed.
  6. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Pretty sure it’s just an easter egg aside kf his spirit.
  7. Any recommendations for a Lan adaptor that woukd work well for this game? I had no lagging on Splatoon 2, but it did occur here.
  8. Man, screw Roy coming in with a fire bar. Ken only had three dudes left for the Century Smash Special Moves Only challenge.
  9. Not sure if it was noted in this sub-forum anywhere, but according to TVTropes (and somewhat confirmed on her twitter), but Dayci Brookshire took over as Viridi for Hynden Walch, dubbing the new guidances and redubbing the old ones. Explains why there’s such a difference now.
  10. Not my first, but one of the ones that I wanted the most. "Hello, it's your dad."
  11. If there's one good thing about spirits, it makes things look all the more horrifying when you've never seen the official artwork of the character before. That face is just wrong. In other news, I have my first Legend spirit. Zygarde: Complete, which I obtained from enhancing 50% Zygarde. I like that healing, I really do.
  12. Anyway, anyone else kinda bothered by the dark filter on the borders of Dracula's Castle? They don't show up in the Battlefield and Omega forms and for that reason, i prefer to play Dracula's Castle on those forms instead of it's regular form. I was thinking another issue was that the skill levels are still too early to properly level out. So, until more time passes, the exceedingly skilled may still be matched with those of lesser skill.
  13. I don't think I like the idea of having to sacrifice specific spirits for specific cores to summon specific spirits. Like...you could waste so much time raising and leveling a really good spirit, but it may be needed for an even better one?
  14. I love how I can just keep jump-kicking off of Dracula's head with Simon/Richter.