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  1. Barring 2, which I genuinely did not like nearly as much and find quite disappointing, I loved the Lords of Shadow games. The greater emphasis of story made it a lot easier to follow than the original series, and the world was very beautiful and enjoyable, with somepretty decent gameplay.
  2. For Dinraal's Scale, go to the stable by the Great Tabantha Bridge, and sit by a campfire until morning. Go midway across the bridge, and Dinraal will be flying by from the north. As for Kakariko, the orb is in Impa's home. You need to complete all the quests in Kakariko, first. The one you're most likely to miss is the girl outside Kakariko's clothing shop. Follow her to her home at night and talk to her, and she should give it to you. There's a journal in Impa's house by the front door that has more details.
  3. If it's the Thunder Dragon, it's Farosh. The scales have names in the inventories.
  4. There's a shrine hidden inside a building shaped like a serpent with its mouth open. From Faron Tower, look North-West towards Dracozu Lake. That's where it is. Bring Farosh's Scale.
  5. The floating platforms offer rare and powerful weapons, as far as I've found. Majora's Mask breaks them, though.
  6. I've scoured the Great plateau over. Unless it replaced the white Lynel, there isn't another in that area.
  7. White Lynel on the Great Plateau. That is all.
  8. I just hope there's going to be more Alolan Forms and Megas.
  9. Regarding Mareep, it was the other way around. Whoops
  10. Looks like Necrozma serves as a reverse Kyurem, enhancing Solgaelo/Lunala rather than the other way around. Biiig problem with releasing just Gold and Silver on eShop, though. Mareep wasn't available until Crystal. I hope they rectify that.
  11. I have no idea where to find Duma Moss. I haven't come across any. Where can I find some?
  12. I'm having trouble finding the way to earn Seals-are they gone forever now? If so, that sucks. I was only able to get one.
  13. Well, the DS did have a lifespan of at least eight years, right? I don't see why the 3DS can't as well.
  14. I enjoyed it, but man, is it hard. I feel bad for Specter, too. Poor guy. Gotta wonder how King's Knight campaign will go...