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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rKmWrdJ3Cvk Nevermind, I was wrong. How unfortunate.
  2. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Less that it’s well-liked, and more that, for a game like this, the composer essentially forced the game to have a rather low-quality MIDI to push cd sale sof the orchestral rensitions.
  3. I swear, it feels like everything's a little bit more floaty to me. I'm being thrown off after this update.
  4. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    I am saddened that Twilight Town's theme isn't...quite the same as it was before. =< I think I can hear some similar notes, but otherwise...
  5. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Hahaha. Oh man, I misread this earlier. I was about to put in a spoiler tag exactly what I think he's talking about. It's a pretty hype moment, to be certain. Particularly since it's probably one of the last things you'd ever expect.
  6. Aw, nutbunnies. I think they fixed Olimar in Spirit Board/World of Light. Either that, or they've nerfed spirits in general. I'm not one-shotting anything with him anymore.
  7. I think my favorite thing is that they added the LTO spirits to the shops. So you won't ever completely miss them.
  8. I think it was more that Palutena didn't want Viridi to come in?
  9. Looks like they're not making the same mistake with DLC that they did the previous game in regards to Guidances.
  10. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    The damn social media loading screens are killing me. XD Seeing Sora talk about how badass Zeus' thunderbolts are compared to his own thunder magic. Which is funny...I DON'T HAVE THAT, YET. Edit: Oooooh...cooking is...not automatic. I...was afraid of that.