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  1. The changes to a particular boss fight I REALLY like. It's so much cooler, now...although, I do feel like its animations are a little janky.
  2. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Outrealm 750-Alfonse. What in the hell happened? Suddenly only three areas left? Jesus.
  3. Heroes Crackships Thread

    Lucina x Fae: Because Fae tanks every blue that threatens Lucina. Especially blue mages. Reinhardt x New Years Azura: Double turn for Reinhardt. She also helps with her Guidance to get the rest of my team going. Summer Corrin and twin New Year Corrins: They bolster her blade tome. Eirika and Ephraim. Double statboosters galore.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    About nineteen orbs. Neutral Leif, +HP -Def Meisterhardt. I'm pretty happy, especially since I got horribly ruined the past few banners.
  5. Anyone else having trouble getting orb purchases to load? I wanted to buy some orbs to spend, but it never loaded beyond clicking the button to buy more. Lost out on a gray orb (that I’ve no doubt was the Grima I’ve been seeking).
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Blugh. Trying to pull for Grima, and I get Halloween Sakura (don't...really care?) Brave Lyn (Got several times over. Sacrificed her to Lyon for Atk Smoke 3), Brave Lucina (Already had a good one. Sacrificed to give Aether and Drive Spd 2 to Masked Marth), and Fjorm (Naturally, already have, and the stats are terrible. Dunno who to offer what to on this one). Spent SEVERAL dozen orbs, to no avail. Really sour.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I got Sharena. I think she's -Speed...but eh, whatever. I'm just glad I got her. Especially since I can NEVER pull Bunny Lucina when she's available.
  8. Games you are waiting for.

    Aside from the obvious ones, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II on Switch. Did that get cancelled or something?
  9. lucina

    Hell, do the same for Dr. Mario and Dark Pit (the latter, since he already was an alternate palette to begin with)
  10. What stages do you want in Smash Switch?

    I don't know, Nintendo's been doing a pretty good job of late with keeping releases rather close-knit worldwide. Odyssey came out the same year it was introduced. Breath of the Wild came out worldwide on the same day (roughly).
  11. What stages do you want in Smash Switch?

    The game is coming out this year. I don't see a reason why we can't speculate or even enjoy a bit of wishful thinking. It's fun to imagine what could be, even if it doesn't ultimately turn out to happen. It's a bonus if it somehow does.
  12. What stages do you want in Smash Switch?

    For a new Hyrule stage, why not have it tour Breath of the Wild's Hyrule through the Divine Beasts?
  13. So long as they do not restrict themselves to a two minute time limit.
  14. I felt like Brawl was pretty decent with its unlocking. XD It's a shame there won't be a story mode. Hell, I'd settle for a sort of arcade-style story.