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  1. It's been confirmed apparently to be the last in the Child Timeline, though I'd need to recall where that source was.
  2. Don't really have Revali's Gale yet, unfortunately. XD New file and all that.
  3. I'm glad this game allows multiple methods to solving puzzles. To wit: I loathe the quest involving Magda at the Floret Sandbar. It's not overly difficult, but it is annoying and a pain in the ass. So, rather than navigate that stupid maze, I simply cleared a patch of grass behind the shrine, dropped about four piles of wood and some red chu jelly, and rode the updraft following the creation of my bonfire.
  4. On a separate tangent, if you haven't found that goddess statue that was mentioned previously, it's a horned one. A boy in glasses at the entrance to the village will lead you to it.
  5. Either get all of Link's memories, or don't. And I think the only alteration is that the ending is extended.
  6. I did the white horse quest myself. Named it Gullfaxi, and redid its hair. Looks mighty fantastic.
  7. Might also have been due to the fact that each of the Champions were warriors. Even Mipha was said to be peerless when she carried her spear/trident. The Kokiri don't quite strike me as Warriors.
  8. I will concede that, at the very least, the Sheikah could have had a Divine Beast. I think part of the reason for them not having one however is due to their prior exile. The Kokiri, I'm not so sure, seeing as, one, they ARE permanently children.
  9. I kind of feel like having more beasts would kind of just make the game seem to...drag on a bit. Given that there's a beast for each of the major humanoid races...unless they added like, the Zuna from Four Swords or something, I don't think there's much they could do. You could also consider each shrine as a room in a major dungeon, and if each dungeon on average had thirteen rooms, that's almost fourteen dungeons there. XD
  10. I don't mind the lack of traditional dungeons. As it is, I feel the divine beasts serve a perfect purpose for the story. As for the overworld, one of the original designs for Zelda was also that, Miyamoto liked to explore as a child. I feel this game embodies that sentiment rather well, and it's rewarding exploring this world.
  11. Beat the game. Now for the Completionist Run
  12. I think the idea is that the Divine Beasts are hard to control, so teaching a new generation to pilot them would kind of be counter-intuitive to defeating Calamity Ganon at that point in time.
  13. I'd heard the Vah Medoh arc was surprisingly short. It was...actually kind of pleasant, really. I blazed right through that dungeon, compared to Vah Naboris.
  14. There's a pair up on Dueling Peaks if you haven't gotten those, yet.
  15. There's 120 shrines total. I've found over sixty myself, and I don't have the whole map filled in. More than enough to get it.