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  1. Oh, I figured that. It's more the fact that I want it to be able to retain shininess whilst Complete.
  2. I wonder if that Zygarde will be able to become Complete Zygarde or not.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I got New Year Azura, Micaiah, and Zelgius-all of them on the first orb for each time I went to their banners. I also seem to have a surplus of Fae, now...at this rate, she'll be at least +4.
  4. Fighting the prequel's protagonist

    Does Demifiend in Digital Devil Saga count?
  5. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    Hyrule Warriors? Again? I'm...mixed on that. Kinda...upset, but at the same time, not exactly surprised. DK Tropical Freeze sounds good. Particulary with GAME BREAKER KONG. TWEWY remake is ALL OF MY YES. Or port. Whichever, I don't care. Everything else is fine.
  6. I got a Totem Kommo-o. And it has a 0 Attack IV, plus, she is female. That's pretty awesome.
  7. I beat Breath of the Wild!

    .08% Isn't exactly a lot. You'll need to complete about 14 things to get 1%, judging by the calculator, if each is only .08%
  8. I beat Breath of the Wild!

    Mighty Bananas aren't the best powerup item as far as I recall. I tend to use Mighty Porgy, mixed with a dragon horn. Thirty minutes of +3 attack. As for the DLC, go ahead. It's a decent addition to the game, and it does offer you some cool stuff.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull. Merged with my existing one.
  10. From Serebii: With the Cosmog you befriended in the game having evolved into the Solgaleo & Lunala, you can get another Cosmog. This Legendary Pokémon, while technically an Ultra Beast, is a rather complex one to get. After you have defeated the Elite Four, when it turns to Night in Sun or Day in Moon, you can return to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone with Solgaleo/Lunala in your team respectively and you'll be able to go to the Reverse World, where it is back to Day/Night depending on your game. Then, go to the Lake of the Sunne or Lake of the Moone from Ula'ula Meadow and reach the altar, with Solgaleo/Lunala still in your party. Cosmog will then appear. You don't need to battle it, it will join you automatically.
  11. https://projectpokemon.org/research/usum/trainers.txt I think that’s it?
  12. It certainly ain't scarfed, nor does it have any choice item, since it could swap between Stone Edge and Storm Throw. It's still kind of stupid. I did it, anyway. Now I just need to do the Poni Island surfing spot...which looks to be absolutely stupid, given all of the freaking hazards.
  13. Why is Guzma's Pinsir so stupidly fast? I don't understand. It outspeeds LYCANROC. That makes no sense to me.
  14. Pokemon Crystal-Finally!

    I'm sure a lot of folks won't quite care too much, but Pokemon Crystal is going to be on virtual console in late January. You'll apparently be able to get Celebi, too. I plan on picking it up, though I'll need to redo Pokemon Yellow so I can get all of the Pokemon.