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  1. After completing Ascantha, I spent some time once I got to Pickham playing Bingo, of which I got...quite lucky a few times. Thanks to that, I've got myself set up with some surprisingly good gear, namely a pair of white shields for Angelo and Jessica, Yangus got himself set up with a silver Cuirass after some experimentation with the upgraded alchemy pot, Jessica has a staff of antimagic, the hero has a mercury bandana, which I hear is really good and can last nearly the whole game, and Yangus has a Hermes' Hat, which now invalidates the 99 chimaera wings I bought a while back. I've also completed up to seven of Cameron's Codex cards. I must admit, it is kind of a nice distraction. I also met Morrie, and I can't wait to try out the pit once I've finished the first memo, which is the slime. Unfortunately, I dunno how long it will be until I can get to Trodain to do so.
  2. Ah. It's been a while since I saw the game.
  3. Wasn't the jetpack given in-game? As for the rest, that's still odd, but yeah. Another explanation is they didn't like Dixie or something, or felt two games in a row with her was enough.
  4. She is playable in two of three of the old DKC games too, as many as Diddy and more than DK (and why was Tiny invented instead of Dixie being in 64?). Probably something along the lines of not wanting to risk people getting upset at Dixie having the ability to shrink when she didn't before.
  5. I love the taunt where Chrom rests his sword on his palm. It looks as if he’s about to use Pointy Demon-Spanker for its Naga-intended purpose.
  6. You know, I love how you can now make Snake refight Rathalos, because apparently, Rathalos was already in the Metal Gear series this past decade. I thought the massive Monster Hunter crossover stuff was more recent, but I was wrong. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  7. Ah, well, that makes sense. I still wanna count it.
  8. Metal Gear was initially on NES, if memory serves. Wasn't Snake in that?
  9. Sounds like Peach would be better entirely. XD
  10. These are the differences between Pit and Dark Pit as of three years ago. It’s likely that Richter and Daisy will follow a similar path.
  11. I don't recall a pirate ship in the Paper Mario stage? Then again, maybe I just never played it that long.
  12. So, recall how weirdly early the direct was at 7 A.M. P.T.? Well, given the beginning trailer... "The morning sun has vanquished this horrible night." Honestly, I just find that hilarious.
  13. Isn’t Richter at least somewhat faster?
  14. He is admittedly an insufferable ass, I’ll give you that. I felt Dracula was fine, though. Vengeful against humans, and rightfully angry.