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  1. What fire type should I use in Ultra Sun?

    I'd say Alolan-Marowak, particularly if you can get that electric immunity.
  2. You know, honestly, as much as I want to see Athena come into her own more, I do want to see Trucy and Apollo have the truth of their shared heritage revealed to them.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    I just used my Bowser Smash Amiibo to find the ones that I couldn't find. Some of them are a bit ridiculous. I beat every single challenge in the game. Some of them are a little insane. Edit: And now I've 100%ed the game.
  4. First video game crush

    Oddly enough, back in Pokemon Blue.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    So, I do not like the section in the where you have to do a long, running stretch without cappy. I've gone to ONE coin from hundreds thanks to this damn thing.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    I would make a case that that wouldn't quite work for Metroid as well.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    Yeah, I gotta say...the
  8. Breath of the Wild-Master Mode

    Right, so...the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 free DLC is out, but that's not what I'm posting about. I've noticed something...unusual with the game. It might just be master mode, but it feels like Link's been getting hit more often. Like...either the enemies are more aggressive, or simply touching them instigates a damaging hitbox, even if they aren't attacking, which I don't recall. I went from full to defeat in seconds, which usually never happens. Anyone else noticing something unusual? Edit: Even freakier was walking into my house and having the weapons I'd hung up on the walls take several seconds to load into view.
  9. Consider the Switch's portability. It would make a lot more sense to have the digital copies when you go out and about if you play undocked more often, as you are able to carry less cartridges.
  10. That first one, the one...that thing just screams “Digimon”.
  11. I couldn't think of anything, but Odyssey did bring to mind a major issue I have with Breath of the Wild. Now, I love this game to pieces, but I really could do without a lot of stuff locked behind Amiibo. Odyssey allows you to get the Amiibo stuff in-game, it's just a bit more difficult to do so. If you want all of the Amiibo stuff in Breath of the Wild, you need to spend a LOT of money. More than the base game AND the DLC combined with retail prices, and even more so due to scalpers jacking up the prices in such ridiculous fashion. And the stuff you get is...really not all that worth it, aside from the Fierce Deity outfit as a way to get the ultimate attack boost really early. It makes the desire to buy some sort of amiibo editing peripheral or some NFC tags all the more desirable due to how ridiculous it is, though.
  12. Unless they hide it as a surprise, and Nintendo doesn't always do what's expected.
  13. Does anyone think that there will be new Mega Evolutions in this game? Given that all the evil team leaders have Mega Evolution-ready Pokemon barring Ghetsis, which would be weird if they all used it and he didn't, and I could swear there was a screenshot with Ghetsis having Mega Energy...and I could swear I saw someone translating something that mentioned Ghetsis' staff reacting to a mega stone...it may be unlikely, but what if?
  14. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    The Jump Rope minigame is the worse thing ever. I refuse to believe that someone *actually* got to 55,555.
  15. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    Bowser and his wedding firm kidnap her so that he can force her to marry him. ...To be frank, why do you care? You've shown your distaste for both Mario and Princess Peach before, I don't really see why you'd be interested now.