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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Got a pretty good AA run - it felt like I actually have the units needed for fairly easy matches! (score: 5062) Moments included: Sheena tanking and defeating The Reinhardt and flying Nino Vector taking down +10 The Reinhardt and then Vantage+Glimmer'd a Nino down Unironically deploying Merric and Canas into a match to take down a Catria and a Nino respectively Taking down a heavily-merged flier team with Bridelia, VLilina (only there for Atk Tactic), PA Olivia, and Arvis Saias taking down a very bulky Selena (she has 40+/32 listed Def/Res and has Brazen Def/Res 3) Seeing stuff like Camilla without an A-slot and an OG Ephraim with Sapphire Lance.
  2. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Reached 50K but still got plenty of HM to grind on Summer Linde and Tana (and should also consider HM grinding Summer Tiki if time is available). Masked Marth's HM got recapped (was over 4K at the start of the event).
  3. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Somehow got this team to work: +Spd/-Atk NY Azura (+Spd Hagoita, Moonbow, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Flier Formation 3) +3 masked Marth (Reciprocal Aid, Noontime, Fury 3, Renewal 3, Breath of Life 3, HP +3) +Def/-Spd Summer Linde (Draw Back, Glimmer, G Tomebreaker 3, Hone Atk 2 since Hone Cavalry is useless) +Def/-Spd Summer Tana (Draw Back, Glimmer) One would think that TT buffs could only carry the team so far yet they've managed to get A/A runs on Lunatic 7.
  4. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    I can imagine she'd possibly do more damage with it though she may shift from Def Ploy/Odd Atk Wave to Spd Ploy/Even Spd Wave if she has create the Spd difference herself (as in not having teammates carrying Chill Spd or Spd Tactic or even more basic stuff like Hone Spd or Drive Spd). And, if possible, she may go +Spd/-HP instead of +Atk/-HP for IVs. Iceberg is another special that she can use with Flashing Blade for consistent damage provided that she's not -Res.
  5. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Very easy TT so far while using my Fliers team (which uses Blarblade+ Summer Corrin, who can ORKO the boss Summer A!Tiki with just a Hone Fliers buff). Loving the choice of BGM on the boss map.
  6. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    The FEH community after discovery of the SP glitch:
  7. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    As for the unit that shall receive the Flashing Blade seal, it’s most likely OG Lyn for me. She’s fast, especially under Brazen Atk/Spd 3 threshold, meaning she could upgrade her damage by using Luna or Iceberg over Moonbow. So eff. refined Sol Katti + Brazen Atk/Spd 3 + Wrath 3 + Luna/Iceberg + Flashing Blade 3...
  8. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    Flashing Blade was released long after Heavy Blade did; Heavy Blade was first released in Spring of 2017, Flashing Blade was released in Fall of 2017. Heavy Blade didn’t have any class limitations besides the standard not being a staff user. Some players found it a little too good at the time as it led into some crazy 1-turn clear setups, especially on fliers and cavalry. Flashing Blade addressed this by being only usable by infantry and armored units (and Caeda and Clair). Generally speaking, Moonbow is more generalist though it’s more useful if the unit has low to mediocre Atk and is facing off against units with decent to high Def/Res. Glimmer is more useful on units that can score high damage numbers (Blade tomes, effective weapon users), especially against opponents with high HP.
  9. You don't even HAVE to summon anybody to beat Infernal GHBs when you can simply use Fjorm, Legend Ike, Olivia, and Wrys/Lissa most, if not all, of the time.
  10. Cleared all 5 quests in one run on the Lunatic map. Units used: 5* Alfonse: Brave Sword+, Reposition, Bonfire, Drag Back Fjorm: Reposition 5*+1 +Spd/-HP Olivia: Ruby Sword+, Hone Spd 1 seal +HP/-Spd Genny: Atk +3
  11. July-August Event Schedule

    The Performing Arts banner is tied to the different Japanese festivals that involve traditional dances of some kind during autumn. It's not something most Western players would be familiar with.
  12. July-August Event Schedule

    Summer's Arrival banner has been unkind to me so I'm more or less trying to save orbs (poor blue spawn rate, lost pity rates to +Atk/-Res OG Tana, +Def/-Spd Azura, and +Def/-Spd Summer Tana in attempting to get Summer Cordelia; no Summer Cordelia to show for my efforts). New Power banner: probably gonna pull blue on first session and hope for Nephenee. In the event I do pull her, if she has good IVs (ie. +Spd/-Res), I'll keep her. If she has bad IVs, my +Atk/-HP Valentines Hector is going to get Wrath 3. New Heroes: I'd probably pull only Focus colors in first session and then bail. Depending on who's on the banner. Leo+Elise BHB: It's very likely that Camilla is the third Focus unit for the banner. This one's a skip for me - I'm not particularly interested in Leo and Camilla is not a unit I'm prioritizing to build. I'd probably pull colorless for the free summon in hopes of Nanna or an Elise with better IVs. Distant Def: Just gonna pull blue in first session and hope for a Micaiah with better IVs (ie. +Atk/-Def) to replace my +HP/-Atk one. LH banner: this is the banner I'm currently saving orbs for - green is looking to be the best color to snipe on once again as Legend Lyn has been confirmed and Winter Lissa is all but confirmed to appear; Winter Lissa is the only Winter 2017 seasonal unit who has yet to appear on a LH banner. Fighter skills: If all goes well on the LH banner, I wouldn't have to pull blue and get trolled by errant Effies. Special Heroes: I might have to skip this one and just pull Focus colors in first session.
  13. Who has the "best art"?

    My favorite artists in FEH easily boil down to Yamada Kotaro, Wada Sachiko, Amagaitaro, cuboon, HACCAN, Asatani Tomoyo, HAKO, and Yoshiku.
  14. For the case of 5*-locked units, some of them may have little SI-value (ie. Ryoma, Ephraim, Lyn, Azura, YTiki, Eldigan, etc.) and/or are simply so good that they just get only better with merges (ie. Zelgius, Hardin, Grima). Many people do it out of favoritism (like I would merge all my copies of Brave Lyn as she hasn't reached +10 yet rather than fodder any of copy of her for Swift Sparrow 2 and I have seen stuff like 5*+10 Odin and OG Henry). And of course, the feeling of having a super powerful unit (ie. having a 5*+10 Reinhardt or Nino). There's also Arena scoring (especially for Arena Assault as that's the true endgame mode and provides more rewards aside from extra feathers) - this is especially common for players using easily mergeable dragons (ATiki, FCorrin, Fae, Nowi) or armors (Sheena, Gwendolyn, Draug, Effie). And of course, achieving the possible full potential of a unit - this is especially true for units of questionable combat worth (ie. Odin) or units that make use out of most, if not all, stats (ie. Sheena, Ayra, Felicia, etc.)
  15. I'm honestly laughing at the amount of salt Titania's new prf weapon and its eff. refinery generated - just proves that so many people are just so used to using Titania as a generalist magekiller and think that the support role sucks. It's not unlike how many people basically LOVE to put dancers and healers into combat roles and think that a support role (even part time), is garbage for the unit. Nephenee's prf and its effect refine is nice as it allows Nephenee to differentiate herself from Lukas - a more easily obtainable and extremely minmaxed unit - as she actually has the Atk and Spd to more efficiently take down Draug, BK, and Zelgius. Similarly, Katarina's prf and its effect refine at least attempts to set Katarina apart from Tharja and male Morgan, who are both clearly superior choices for Bladetome mage due to availability (and having slightly better offenses for the case of male Morgan). From what I can tell, Katarina wants to enter combat with a huge stats difference in her favor against an opponent by stacking the Owl boosts, allies' Spurs/Drives, Ally Support (if applicable), and debuffs on the target from her Ploys.