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  1. An interesting thing to add would be an additional "no-casualties" score multiplier, based on how in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, there is the Fire Emblem award for clearing the main story on Hard Classic with 0 casualties and based on in older Fire Emblem titles that use the ranking system to rate a player's performance in which to achieve the highest rank for survival, the player has to finish the game without losing a single recruited unit. This can reward players more for keeping the entire first team alive and make it a competing interest against speed. The multiplier can be something like 1.2x or 1.3x so that it can be a sufficient incentive. This multiplier is automatically lost (reduced to 1.0x aka "-" or "N/A") if the player loses a single unit or surrenders, which can reduce the number of players using the tactic of fielding a single bonus unit only to surrender on the first map and then switch to their main teams but it wouldn't punish them to the point that they'd be getting a lower score than what they'd earn in the previous Tempest Trial event. Assuming everything else is the same... Original max score for 7-Lunatic trial: Base score: 40 points Maps: 7x Speed: 1.5x Survival: 1.2x Bonus Ally: 1.4x Total: 705 points New max score if "no-casualties" bonus is in play (for the purposes of demonstration, the 1.3x multipler value will be used): Base score: 40 points Maps: 7x Speed: 1.5x Survival: 1.2x Bonus Ally: 1.4x No Casualties: 1.3x Total: 917 points
  2. I've sent friend requests. Robert with the Lyn (has Reciprocal Aid, Drag Back, and Spd +1 seal) lead. Feel free to ask me for a different lead:
  3. Based on the amount of support Elise is getting, Sakura is likely going to lose. Just deleted some inactive players (those who last played 4 weeks ago or longer) to free up some space in my friends list.
  4. Using a Stahl to give Reinhardt Swap. Swap later got phased out for Draw Back from a Sully.
  5. ... Unless people are busy and haven't seen my posts, it looks like I'm alone in Team Sakura.
  6. Heroes Friend IDs? I'm joining Sakura here! In case any of you who choose to add me wish to request for a specific unit of mine for team leader.
  7. Searching for Team Sakura players. FEH friend ID is in my signature. I am open to requests for team leaders - right now, I have my +HP/-Spd Lyn with Drag Back, Reciprocal Aid, and Spd +1 seal set as my leader. Other options available:
  8. Pretty much me these days as somebody who lives on the American East Coast with Daylight Savings Time: Source
  9. If there's any Team Sakura peeps on here, please let me know.~
  10. Hmm... I think I'll support Team Sakura for round 1, knowing that she'd likely be at a disadvantage. Also, I do have quite a plethora of strong units I can set as my leader in case any of my buddies need a strong unit. And damn, they nerfed the 10B goal reward. No longer 20 Orbs + 5K crystals + 5 of each Great Badge. It's now 10 Orbs + 10K crystals.
  11. Let's see... I have Lissa, Maria, Sakura, Priscilla, and Clarine... Not sure who to go with.
  12. + Quotes are there. - Footage seems to be lagging or is otherwise choppy. - There is buzzing sound usually heard from old TV sets. It seems like the video was not recorded using a capture card or similar and was recorded using an actual video camera.
  13. For GHB maps, you want to be overleveled or otherwise level capped before you attempt any of them. You should also see the star on the map name, which should tell you the overall star rating of the enemy team. For example, the Hard Michalis GHB map is silver-star lv. 30. That tells you that all of the enemies are at 4-star rarity and at lv. 30. That 2-star Anna is not going be that helpful unless she's lv. 40 and got some useful inherited skills or you're trying to replicate Mkv's 3-star Lunatic Camus clear that used a lv. 40 2-star no-skills-equipped female Robin as a bait unit. Training Tower is the best way to grind for levels. The reason that Tharja doesn't get a lot of experience is that she's at 5-star rarity. Units at 5-star rarity get the standard exp. gain while units at 4-star rarity or lower get increased exp. gain for defeating weaker opponents (likely to compensate for their lower stat caps when compared to 5-star units). IIRC, 5-star units get like 1 exp. if the target unit is 6 levels lower than the 5-star unit. And as MaskedAmpharos mentioned, it's best to train 1 unit at a time; a training team usually consists of the trainee unit, a healer (ie. Lissa or Wrys), and either 2 dancers (ie. 2 Olivias) or 1 dancer and a buff unit (ie. Olivia and Sharena).
  14. Xander, Tharja, and Anna stand out to be my best investments of feathers. Xander works well in murdering Hectors and the random archer (ie. Takumi) in Arena, especially with Quick Riposte equipped. Anna is basically a utility unit with Reciprocal Aid (with 46 HP with HP +5 equipped) and runs Spur Res 3 in case somebody (usually Xander) has to eat a magic attack. She also easily murders Azura, Ninian, and Nowi, who are commonplace in Arena. Tharja is +Spd/-HP which allows her to more easily double some enemies and has been a great help in Tempest Trials, especially in killing green units like Veronica. My +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt has been a great investment in terms of skill inheritance (he was pulled at 5* so no feathers were directly dumped into building him up). Moonbow and Lancebreaker made him even better for Tempest Trials since he can score more quick kills easily.
  15. Hope I can stay in the top 1K! EDIT: Rank 701! 10K feathers get! Score: 135K+