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  1. Heroic Feats

    We should be more than fine - ever since TT started, we got no less than 9M progress per day in the last 2 days. Now we're at double points, with about 7M progress left to go.
  2. Heroic Feats

    We were at ~4.9M/30M progress an hour before TT began.
  3. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Using a team of OG Mia, Halloween Mia, flier Olivia, and OG Dorcas. This team does OK but they can sometimes get screwed over on the final map depending on which enemies spawn. Also hate how there are 2 maps in which the enemy units act very passively, which can waste turns.
  4. Pretty much just used my merged DC armors to muscle through the quests.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes now and in the future

    My main issue if anything is that the game is just a huge grindfest nowadays - a lot of major events generally involve a significant amount of grinding. It's gotten pretty monotonous, especially since many players are just waiting on the next free pull or the next banner to actually spend their orbs on. I also take some issue with the amount of different time-gated resources present in the game (orbs, feathers, sacred coins, refining stones, and divine dew). Like I took a look at the current event calendar and just saw that it's going to be pretty easy to save my orbs this month after spending some for a Halloween Mia on the Halloween banner. Arena Offense simply isn't fun due to the whole bonus unit kills mechanic, which just reinforces the fact that Arena is a game far removed from the ideas around Fire Emblem Heroes. Older units not being up to par down the line? For many of them, they have availability on their side (ie. Bartre, a 3-4* available launch-day unit, can easily break the 180 BST titan that is Legend Tiki). Refinery also helps solve some of the issue (though it did contribute to the issue of units generally being bulkier than before, making player phase units generally less viable as a result). And people are still going to use Draug, Effie, Sheena, Gwendolyn, adult Tiki, Nowi, and Fae (who are all launch-day units!) simply because of their availability in addition to their effectiveness in combat. Book 2 was honestly a letdown. It felt like it was heavily padded, especially with the whole "chase Laegjarn" filler arc and the long update time between book 2 chapters did not help matters. It was boring and the ending chapter felt like it was trying to replicate how FE Fates had to have a bodycount regardless of story route.
  6. New Calendar!

    Tempest Trials: OG Mia, OG Myrrh, OG Dorcas New Power: Lon'qu, Tana, Innes Ephraim + Myrrh BHB banner: OG Ephraim, OG Myrrh, and 3rd unit (can be Eirika, Tana, or Brave Ephraim) Smoke Skills: (3 or all of the following) Kaze, Brave Lyn, Sigurd, flier Nino Drive Atk banner: (3 or all of the following) Micaiah, Leif, Delthea, Quan
  7. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I got my desired unit though her IVs are somewhat lousy (+Res/-Spd Mia) and it took a little too many orbs for my liking (137 orbs). Back to saving up.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    137 orbs on Halloween banner and only 1 Halloween Mia to show for it, who's +Res/-Spd. Ah well. Got the month to save up at least.
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    Another fairly easy Abyssal map for my fliers team. Used the exact same team I used for Abyssal Narcian.
  10. Cordelia, Eirika, Caeda, Elincia, and Micaiah because waifu. Cordelia and Eirika each get an extra vote from me.
  11. Squad Assault 15: Map 1: Lyon, Azura, Mist, Clarisse (filler) Map 2: Gray, Summer adult Tiki, Sharena, Micaiah Map 3: Draug, Effie, Sheena, Gwendolyn Map 4: Lilina, Dorcas, Flier Olivia, Bride Ninian Map 5: Xander, Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, PA Azura
  12. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Datamine info: Dorcas info: Seals:
  13. Beaten Abyssal Narcian on first try. Golden "Marth" mask is now mine. +1 Summer Corrin (Blarblade+, Reposition, Glimmer, Darting Blow 3, Desperation 3, Iote's Shield, S-rank ally support with New Years Azura) +Spd/-Atk New Years Azura (+Spd Hagoita+, Moonbow, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Flier Formation 3 seal, S-rank ally support with Summer Corrin) +Def/-Spd Elincia (Reposition, Moonbow, Hit and Run, Goad Fliers) +Atk/-Spd Cherche (eff. Cherche's Axe, Reposition, Bonfire, Death Blow 3, Hit and Run, Fortify Fliers)
  14. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Something worth noting if it hasn't been mentioned before: Mia is the first ever staff unit released after CYL1/Ayragate that isn't a cavalry unit. This could mean that she'd have the highest BST among all staff users in the game once the banner drops, with Mia having a BST of 149-151.