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  1. Spending an orb just to use in place of a Light's Blessing isn't exactly worth it when a stamina potion (which has the same value as an orb in-game since an orb can be used to restore 99 stamina if the player has no stamina potions) provides the player with several more attempts that can lead into a clear and is generally much easier to get than orbs or Light's Blessings - I have over 140 stamina potions currently. It wouldn't but a stamina potion can provide you with more attempts for a clear and is cheaper than a Light's Blessing due to how easy it is to get one stamina potion, if not more.
  2. Just so that you don't do this again, consider the following: You know what else is worth 1 orb? A stamina potion. 1 stamina potion gives 99 stamina. How many experience points can you get off of 99 stamina since you can shuffle Training Tower enemy compositions? Map 4's Hard quest only rewards 1500 crystals. My, my...~
  3. Hmm... how should I distribute Armor Emblem buffs? Team in consideration: Hector, Amelia, Effie, Zephiel Available fodder: Hone Armor (more than enough), Fortify Armor (only 1 available) Hector (+Atk/-Def): Goad Armor Amelia (+Atk/-HP): Armor March Effie (+Atk/-Spd): none currently Zephiel: none currently. Also, Flier Emblem: Available fodder: Goad Fliers (only 1 available to spare), Hone Fliers (1 available if my only Hinoka were to be sacrificed) Units in consideration: Cordelia: none currently Summer Corrin: Fortify Fliers Hinoka (+HP/-Spd): Hone Fliers Cherche (+Atk/-Spd): none currently Subaki (+Atk/-Spd or neutral): none currently I also have a +Atk/-HP Palla though she's only 3* ATM.
  4. Reddit post title says it all:
  5. Datamine info in spoilers:
  6. Finished all of the turn limit map quests. Map 4 on Hard gave me the most trouble as it is the only one I couldn't clear on the first try. Units used for maps 1-2 and 5: Xander, Camus, Olivia, Reinhardt For map 3: Xander, Camus, Cecilia, Olivia For map 4: Xander, Bride Cordelia, Camus, Cecilia
  7. Cleared out the Normal difficulty maps easily. Don't have the stamina for the Hard maps right now.
  8. Breaking news!
  9. Lunatic free clear is already out: 4* Xander, Clarisse, Olivia, 3* Donnel
  10. Made it into tier 20! 17 Sacred Coins + 4 orbs + 8500 feathers get.
  11. Cleared Valter's Infernal map on 2nd try. Units used: 5* Olivia: Ruby Sword+, Dance, Aether, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 3, Fortify Res 1 5* +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, Spur Atk 3, Quickened Pulse 5*+2 Bride Cordelia: Brave Bow+, Rally Atk/Spd, Luna, Atk +3, Escape Route 3, Breath of Life 3, Atk +1 3* Olivia: (vanilla) Bride Cordelia gets Danced and wipes out the axe flier on the first turn, putting her in position for the archer to attack her. The archer couldn't KO her and puts her into the HP threshold to use Escape Route. Then it's just Reinhardt wiping out mostly anything that doesn't fly (the only flier Reinhardt wipes out is Valter), Bride Cordelia wiping out the generic fliers and the Olivias getting into position and Dancing for them. Not all reinforcements appeared during my clear (map cleared by turn 4). Only Bride Cordelia took any damage.
  12. Cleared Hard and Lunatic on first tries. Units used: Hard: 5* Olivia, Reinhardt, Xander, Cecilia Lunatic: 5* Olivia, Reinhardt, Bride Cordelia, 3* Olivia Have yet to attempt Infernal map.
  13. Actually, the Lilina + Cecilia BHB started the trend. The Legion GHB rerun and Valter's GHB followed it.
  14. Alice and Valjean are 2 new Cipher OCs that have been recently revealed. Their debut starting cards are colorless, meaning that they most likely originate from the World of Zenith (Alfonse's and Sharena's home world). Valjean is Alice's retainer and is basically a butler knight (one of his cards has him serving tea... while in full armor).
  15. So... what are the odds that Alice and Valjean would be added to Fire Emblem Heroes - especially as permanent free units in a similar vein to Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna?