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  1. Anna is likely too cheap to get herself a new costume. It's not exactly a secret that Fjorm likes her summoner... perhaps as more than just her friend and comrade. Or are just accompanying Sanaki while she goes out in costume.
  2. And there goes Mangs's grail stash... if he has one to begin with. So, Swift Sparrow 2 seasonal weapons. Not too impressive but not the worst effect. Tanith and Sigrun are likely only brought in because Sanaki got her bride variant last year, making Sanaki's outing in a wedding dress much less weird for certain players. Pent and Louise are a fan favorite couple. Fjorm... we all know that she has the hots for her summoner. Tanith: Not impressed with her at all aside from design. Easily the troll unit for those going after Pent. Sigrun: Yeah, the only thing that's good is her artwork. Her kit isn't necessarily worth pulling for. Pent: The most worthwhile unit to pull for in terms of fodder - likely great for trolling IP teams in AR, especially if the user gets the jump on them during player phase. Fjorm: That Prf staff is nasty and her kit's great too! Restore+ means that she can cause issues even if you haven't provoked combat with any of her teammates in AR or potentially make dancer spam less viable. Her being a flier only makes her a greater threat. Louise: Easily the most unique of the units as she's basically the only accessible colorless bow cavalier if the player hasn't picked Brave Lyn or otherwise pulled her.
  3. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Currently at 296/376 according to the Catalog. The units at 0 HM are those whom I used to own but have foddered off before I actively farmed HM. Have yet to pull Thea and Mordecai.
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    A new take on an old meme:
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm seeing a case of role compression and Azura does have OK offenses and nice Res, presumably for taking on stuff like Veronica (and, for this battle, my 2 red mages). Too bad they didn't exactly count on Summer Cordelia successfully proccing Galeforce.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    This is from last week. Even I couldn't believe that my team could take out such a heavily invested team when my team is quite frankly not the best AR defense team out there.
  7. I don't see Witchy Wand being used at all on offense (based on my replays and replays I've seen from others) so I have absolutely no idea on how to use a staff unit on AR offense aside from Wrathful Pain+ with CC, Vantage, and Savage Blow 6 and typical healer duty. Using a staff user offensively such as to shut down IP teams is out of my depth right now. I do have Witch Mia but she doesn't often see usage and I'm not that willing to fodder her off right now. In regards to bonus units, I generally ignore them unless it's a unit I actually have and could slot into my teams (Eir being the easiest fit). More likely going to use a bonus unit during Astral seasons than during Light seasons. I may need a second opinion. I would like to use Eirika because of favoritism and that she can be good though I've also heard good things about Fir, who can spam damage-boosted Noontime procs and has similar stats as Eirika. However, my Fir already has DC so I'm reluctant on foddering Nailah to her and I currently don't have a +Atk copy anyways (she's +Spd). Heard good things about Donnel but I don't have a +Res copy and he has his own issues (poor Spd compared to other options, could have issues with survival even with proper support).
  8. I've been contemplating building OG Eirika as a Null tank for Light season for a while and I do have a +Atk Eirika. Need a bit of help with the possible team comp and maybe skillset. The hypothetical Eirika (with +6/6/6/6 to all stats and with 2 Eirs during Light season; no fort advantage): I am willing to take suggestions on her build, like weapon (generally stuck on Armorsmasher, Sieglinde, and Barrier Blade). Team comp is where it gets tricky. I do have 2 Eirs and only 2 remaining open spots. Thinking about Seth with Silverbrand, Def Tactic seal, Atk/Res Link, and Smite, PA Azura (+3/3/3/3 instead of +6/6/6/6), and/or, of course, my 5+10 68 HP (during Light season) Aversa.
  9. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    It's not worth getting salty over IS adding another Camilla alt when you can just simply not spend orbs on her or just see her as a combat unit (unlikely as most of the time, some 3-4* unit can do the same job, if not better!) or as a fodder unit. May/June is going to be the month for me as I'm gonna shoot for Bride Lyn merges. Also been HM farming a lot so I, at the time of writing this, have over 700K feathers piled up. Gonna figure out what to do with them once I complete the final two Blessed Grounds runs.
  10. My immediate response is this due to the fact that there are stereotypical squeakers playing M-rated shooters, both paid (ie. Call of Duty) and F2P (ie. TF2): It'd likely affect TF2 crates, yes, as the rarity of the items can potentially manipulate children into paying to open them up, even if the items are overall cosmetic or are just literal reskins of weapons that could already be obtained via random drops. Heck, the Tour of Duty tickets could also be seen as lootboxes in the sense that in most cases, you'd likely be paying to get one to have a chance of rolling a Botkiller/Australium quality weapon. They'd also possibly have to rework the Jungle Inferno contract system as it's locked behind a paywall and its rewards include crates... which are locked behind yet another paywall. @NegativeExponents- The bill appears to be targeting lootcrates and P2W business strategies, so gacha games and lootcrates that require real money that isn't used for purchasing the game itself.
  11. Grand Hero Battle of Deliverance: Sluice Gate

    Cleared Infernal map first on first try without knowing that the enemy units have aggressive AI beforehand. Ended up killing Delthea and the Firesweep bow flier first due to Guidance shenanigans. Units used: +1 +Spd Bow Hinoka: Warrior Princess, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Goad Fliers, Brash Assault 3 +Spd/-Atk New Years Azura: +Spd Hagoita, Sing, Moonbow, Iote's Shield, Flier Formation 3, Hone Fliers, Drive Atk 2 5* +Atk/-Spd Cherche: eff. Cherche's Axe, Reposition, Bonfire, Death Blow 3, Hit and Run, Fortify Fliers, HP +3 +HP/-Atk Flier Olivia: Skuld, Dance, Wings of Mercy 3
  12. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    Freebies: 5/12: Delthea GHB 5/14: New Power (Sully, Stahl, Lukas, Faye) 5/21: 2019 Bride banner 5/22: 2018 Bride rerun (Tharja, Ninian, Sanaki) 5/24: 2017 Bride rerun (Caeda, Charlotte, Cordelia, Lyn) 5/26: Dragon Fang banner (candidates: MCorrin, Fallen Corrin, Adrift MCorrin, Julia, MMorgan, Sophia, Siegbert) 5/27: BHB banner (Leif, Nanna, possibly blue Olwen?) 5/30: Mythic banner (Eirika, Hrid, Tiki, Lyn, Duma, ???) 5/31: VG banner 6/5: Gharnef GHB rerun 6/6: Flier Formation banner (Elincia, Hinoka, Leanne) 6/11: New Heroes New Power's a skip - probably free summon red or colorless. Likely wouldn't be spending many orbs on the 2019 Bride banner. For the 2018 rerun, may free summon green to pull Sanaki if the mood to create a utility Odin ever strikes me. 2017 Bride banner is where my orbs are going to go! Dragon Fang's a skip - none of the units are particularly interesting to me. BHB banner is a skip as I'm not too interested in any of the units; I'm guessing blue Olwen is going to be the 3rd Focus unit as she's a book 1 unit (she cannot be pulled on new unit banners, making her more difficult to pull than green Olwen). Hate to say it since it has Legends Eirika and Lyn, but I don't really have plans to put many orbs into the Mythic banner. VG banner's likely a skip. Flier Formation... I'd probably free summon red.
  13. Wasted little time unlocking the 7th Hero slot at the Resort. The Resort residents now: Bride Lyn Bride Cordelia Winter Eirika Bride Caeda Yukata Elincia Yukata Micaiah Summer ATiki Got the wyvern plushie for the inn. Would like to do more but I rather want to save up to unlock more building slots as well as get the Accessory Shop before putting in more plushies for the inn.
  14. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    There may be a recurring theme of character seeing the summoner as the ultimate hope for bringing their loved ones to Askr only to shot down by Anna telling them that the summoner has no control over whom they summon and even if said unit is summoned, there's no guarantee that that unit is the same one the character knew. First Sue and now Berkut.