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  1. OP asked for a method to clear 9-5 in general, not specifically for the Lunatic quest.
  2. Lunatic 9-5 can be cleared using only free units (Raigh, Felicia, Hana, Subaki). I cleared Lunatic 9-5 using 5* Lyn, 4* Ursula, 4* Olivia, and 4* Lissa with Lyn and Olivia as the only survivors.
  3. Ah yeah, Kagero can really hurt Takumi as long as she gets the first attack on him first.
  4. I pretty much kill Takumi using Sharena since Sharena can 2HKO him, especially with Olivia support. I don't own a male Robin and Cecilia is simply too slow and fragile to kill Takumi (she can't OHKO him even with WTA and Takumi usually deals severe damage to her if not ORKO her).
  5. Info on FE Warriors at the very least. I may not get the game but I would like to see more of it! I wonder what other 3DS games are coming up; haven't been playing on my 3DS much at all recently after being done with FE Fates. Would like to see Smash Switch and release dates on the remaining Smash amiibo. FE Switch title if possible but rather unlikely. Possibly upcoming info on FE Heroes like development details on the Choose Your Legends heroes.
  6. Versions of a character thus far: Complete with more second generation Awakening characters, Grima!Robin, and Sacred Stones characters. Sitting on 430 Orbs right now. Contemplating on trying to pull for Spring Exalt Lucina and Spring Princess Camilla but I'm mistrustful of the RNG.
  7. Arvis's Summertime BBQ and the (Re-)Return of Mr. Fuga's Wild Ride.
  8. Alright, finally broke the 4001 Offense score for this week. Not perfect and I somehow got 4078 again (same best score as last week).
  9. Only characters that share the same name, artwork, and epithet can merge together. Therefore, Future Witness Lucina cannot merge with Spring Exalt Lucina. It is for the same reason that Naga's Voice Tiki cannot merge with Dragon Scion Tiki. Source: Summon > Details > Standard for Determining the Same Hero
  10. The Last Feast (for Dorcas)
  11. The part that's making me iffy is the whole "These Special Heroes may or may not appear again in a summoning event held in the future" line.
  12. Here you go.
  13. Edited the post.
  14. Chrom: axe infantry unit (How well will he stack up against other axe users like Anna and Hector?) Lucina: blue tome infantry unit (How well will she stack up against Linde?) Xander: lance cavalier unit (Can he compare against Sharena, Effie, Abel, etc.?) Camilla: green tome flier unit (She currently has the niche of being the only magic flier unit though can she compare with Nino and Julia?)
  15. In other news: Spring Princess Camilla is the very first magic flier unit to be released in FE Heroes (and by extension, first green magic tome flier unit to be released in Heroes).