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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Decided to use my freebies on colorless since Velouria is easily going to be the best beast unit to pull. ... And lucked out - +Atk/-HP Velouria from one of the free pulls!
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Banner's a skip; unfavorable odds and Valentines' Lyn banner is of higher priority. Probably going to use my free summons on blue or red.
  3. A good portion of the casual player base either... A. Didn't care. B. Didn't know that they could scroll the map using the touchscreen. C. Was lazy. D. Any combination of the above.
  4. This... actually explains a lot about the results such as... Legend Lyn winning green category. Legend Ike getting 7th place. 3-4* available Chrom and Robin getting into top 30.
  5. 4 gold orbs (one for each of the winners) will show up and you pick only 1 and hope that it's a unit you'd want. That pull will serve as the free pull for that banner (which will have Myrrh, Lyn, Azura, and Duma as the Focus units).
  6. A lot of players were likely voting for favorites rather than just fodder or OP units. I mean, Reddit and SF are only but a small part of the whole FEH playerbase. Bloody OG Chrom and OG male Robin got 21st and 30th place overall respectively if Legend Ike being in 7th place (when we already get a free, guaranteed copy of him from a story map) isn't enough proof. Chrom and Robin are both 3-4* available units and were even given away at one point!
  7. Welp, this summer is looking to be extra salty - F2Pers are likely going to have to choose between pulling for swimsuit waifus/husbandos or pulling for Three Houses characters.
  8. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Easy BHB overall with my fliers team. Used New Year's Azura, Bow Hinoka, Summer Corrin, and Cherche.
  9. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Hmm... got OG Ike, Oscar, Soren, and later, Titania to HM cap. Also got Reyson, too, to use.
  10. Got a neutral Lute and a +Spd/-Res Valentines Soren in the first session. Not bad! With Lute, I've summoned all 4 Farfetched Heroes. For the case of Soren, I have a TT bonus unit, another source of 5K HM feathers and 40 cavalry flowers. And I think MCorrin wouldn't mind getting Rally Atk/Spd+.
  11. Simply put, Greil went berserk and accidentally killed his wife when he made the mistake of touching Lehran's medallion (the Fire Emblem of Tellius).
  12. Mist is so adorable in this banner! Sadly, my orbs are reserved for Valentines' Lyn's return. Black Knight is now officially woke thanks to Greil's inclusion. Fury 4... really now? It does suit Greil though. Titania can be a decent grails target if only because she's the only non-5* exclusive red mage cavalier in the game (Leo and Eirika are the only other mage cavaliers in the game and they're both 5* exclusive). And another TT so soon. Burn out is getting real. I think IS is throwing events out left and right to keep player numbers strong in the face of declining sales.
  13. Overall, yes. It just comes down to if you had any interest of merging specific GHB/TT units in the first place. For me, I'm working on getting Aversa to 5*+8 as that's when she'll get the last possible HP via merges. Then, I plan on switching gears to Winter Cecilia. However, grails are still a time-gated premium resource so you'd have to plan your usage wisely - otherwise, getting a grails unit to +10 will take even longer (and who knows if the game would even be alive by that point).
  14. I saw that part but it hardly even matters when the polling process is nothing more than a mere illusion of choice.