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  1. Of course, if they do decide to allow for summoner+hero marriages, there would be some parameters: - Some characters cannot be married to the summoner at all due to story reasons (ie. Marth, Caeda, etc.) - Of the remaining characters, the player would not be limited to characters of the opposite gender as the player's gender is left ambiguous (to appeal to the LGBT crowd).
  2. Or, in a similar manner to Kantai Collection, the summoner can marry a hero(ine) for the ultimate in self-insert pandering.
  3. Jeez, the new maps REALLY love their defensive tiles!
  4. Moved onto tier 17. (2500 + 900 + 1700) feathers + 3 Orbs
  5. My main long-term projects if anything are getting skills for Lyn (if I get the right skill fodder units for that and Lyn's sitting with over 4K SP and not even at 2K HM yet) and hopefully getting a 4* Klein, 4* Cain, and either a 3* Selena or an extra Barst to give DB3, WM3, and Reposition for Reinhardt.
  6. Why is this mkv thing still a thing?! And I still haven't spent any money! 401 currently. I only pulled on the banner in hopes of getting Azura (considered to be the best refresh unit available in the game) or 5* Cecilia (Cecilia was part of my original team).
  7. Spent about 20 Orbs on the Weapon Triangle banner in hopes of pulling Azura or a 5* Cecilia. Unfortunately, all I got are an Est (feather fodder) and a bunch of Freds.
  8. It's always worth paying attention to in-game notifications, especially when a new map, banner, or quest set shows up.
  9. There's enough of them for a Focus banner so I don't see why not. Lance flier (Emma), lance cavalier (Lando), sword infantry (Yuzu), not sure what color mage infantry Shade would be.
  10. Got a second defense win for a score of 556, this time against a player who owns a +Spd/-HP Takumi with Poison Strike and Reposition.
  11. Armored Blow works fine on Xander for me - it allows him to be more efficient at murdering Hector as he'll take little to no damage from him during player phase in most situations.
  12. Still at my score of 4764 on tier 16; will be able to move into tier 17. I second this. What is IS waiting for?
  13. Is it this one? Source
  14. It's proven possible to clear the Lunatic map using 4* starter units (Virion, Sharena, Anna, Raigh). The only real caveat is that the player must have the Spd +1 seal from the previous set of Sacred Seal quests.
  15. When it comes to Boons and Banes for 5-star units (I have 11) for me...: -Most common Boon: HP (Lyn, Ryoma, Hinoka) -Most common Bane: Spd (Lyn, Reinhardt, Hector, Hinoka, Ninian)