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  1. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Best skill in the game if it were to be a thing: Olwen also disapproves of IS's practice: The color triangle from Brawl in the Family, Heroes edition: Reinhardt approves of Ayra's inclusion:
  2. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Patchy, the president of the Sponge Emblem fanclub, reacts to Ayra's inclusion in Heroes:
  3. My teams used for the Lunatic Developers' Challenges: Miracle Pulse++ and Static is Scary: Indoor Tactician (easiest map by far to me; cleared it without taking any damage): Manakete Squad (defense tiles really made the map difficult; ie. Memebow +Atk +1 Reinhardt w/ DB3 cannot ORKO buffed young Tiki on defense tile and gets ORKO'd on the counterattack) Strike from Afar (probably the most cancerous map):
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Reinhardt starting to become more welcomed.
  5. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I have to wonder if the decision of making Ayra a desirable gacha unit a nod to how she was the coveted secret rare figure in the set of FE4 blindbox trading figures released in 2006. It’s no less scummy though.
  6. Should there be a mini-TT every month?

    In terms of rewards, it would be welcome. However, 3 total weeks of Tempest Trials in a month can be a drag.
  7. What are you doing with your feathers?

    Welp. Since Ayra isn’t a GHB unit, I dropped 20K feathers onto another Cecilia so she can give her tome to Boey. Boey is usable as a dual counter but he’d be better once he’s 5*’d.
  8. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I got Ike’d before getting +Res/-HP Ayra. No Eldigans. HM grinding is going to be fun with all of the new dancers in the game. I think I’ll use Reinhardt, Sigurd, Lachesis, and PA Inigo as my first team before changing if somebody caps HM.
  9. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Wow, IS. This is BS. I had over 20K feathers saved for her. It's one thing to put Ayra into a new heroes banner with another red focus (like Sigurd). But it's damn another thing to put a new hero like Ayra into a banner that has old focus units, one of which is the same color (like Eldigan, who has been in the game for a VERY long while now). Anyways, +HP/-Spd Ike ruined my pity rate. And I already have an Ike with the same IVs. That said, IS has just set a precedent (IMO, a very unwelcome one) that it is willing to introduce new characters on a banner that also features old focus units. Got +Res/-HP Ayra. Pretty meh though the -4 HP kind of hurts (though at least she can use 1 Ardent sacrifice to put herself into Desperation threshold).
  10. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Arvis making himself some BBQ'd wings and Sigurd was not invited:
  11. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    As a F2P red mage, Arvis is good since the only other F2P red mages are Raigh, Sophia, and Henry, who all require some potentially heavy investment to be decent. As a unit in general, Arvis is more of a utility unit with good Atk and Res since he can debuff 3 stats at once using his base kit and can act as a pseudo-healer if he were to inherit Ardent Sacrifice or Reciprocal Aid because of his unique Recovery Ring passive. His good Res allows Iceberg and Glacies to be good specials for him if Growing Flame is not preferred. His main flaws are that his stats are pretty standard for many mages (good Atk and Res, mediocre Spd (31 Spd at 5*), low HP and Def) though. As a fodder unit, he’s currently the only non-seasonal and F2P source of Def Ploy 3 since he gets it at 4*. tldr; Arvis is no Tharja/Celica/Katarina but he makes a great support unit.
  12. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Cleared Infernal first try; did not expect the massive number of reinforcements given the number that showed up on Hard and Lunatic. Used: +2 Brave Lyn (Reposition, Hone Cavalry, Atk +1) 5* +1 +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt (standard Lancebreaker Memebow set with Hone Cavalry) 5* Olivia (Ruby Sword+, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Fortify Def 1) +Atk/-Def PA Azura (Wings of Mercy 3) Basically, it comes down to prioritizing on taking down nearby cavalry/mage units safely; kite around the armored units.
  13. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    I’ve gotten all seals and upgraded Distant Defense to the 3rd tier. May plan on upgrading Atk +1 (Brave Lyn), Atk Ploy 1 (Sword Lyn), or Phantom Speed seal (Ayra) next.
  14. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    According to the dataminers, there will be reinforcements on the map.