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  1. I've known that for quite a while now, it's just that you're so nondescript that I can't say much about you. Is from Ohio.
  2. Surely the probability that all of his eight siblings are male is (0.875)^8 = 0.343 = 34.3%? Is Canadian, eh?
  3. I have no idea what you're on about.
  4. I remember when having some kind of minority in a game was labelled as "tokenism". Do the same thing nowadays, and you're seen as being "progressive". How times have changed...
  5. Doesn't find Sanaki attractive.
  6. The Rabbids are characters from the Rayman IP, though.
  7. No, because I'd give Chen a rating of Garbage Tier/10.
  8. Possesses some art skills. Second half of a double post, but it still applies.
  9. You clearly misunderstood me. Ugh...
  10. Is apparently easy and cheap.
  11. Getting Vika 10 levels and an SS strike by boss abusing in 1-7. It takes 40 minutes, and I finish on turn 100, but I don't care about that.