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  1. Funny costume DLC yay or nay

    As the song goes, "It's hip to be square".
  2. Reality Is Often Disappointing

    Took you long enough to realise that.
  3. Funny costume DLC yay or nay

    It isn't the most amazing thing that's come out of tumblr. Anyway, no, no and no to "goofy" DLC costumes.
  4. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    Not as good as the person who did Radiant Dawn's art. Hell, even the person who did Awakening's art was better.
  5. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    I was expecting a "Luigi survives by doing nothing" joke...
  6. By comparison, I'm preferring the pseudo-incest in Fates, to be honest, as at least Camilla and Charlotte were attractive.
  7. FE11 H5 PMU

    No healers until either Linde or Merric promotes... this should be fun.
  8. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    Even with new things being shown off, I'm still massively underwhelmed by this game, especially by how bland and generic it looks. Furthermore, the whole "three paths" spiel sounds suspiciously like the one for Fates several years ago, and I wasn't happy how that turned out. As it stands, I may skip this like I did Fates and Echoes, and even if I don't, it certainly won't be a day one purchase.
  9. After the travesty that was Dynasty Warriors 9, I'm not sure this is necessarily a good thing...
  10. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Gareth. Good HP and Strength mean nothing when faced by a horde of magic users who can double him to death.
  11. Guess something about the poster above!

    Would get the Let's Go Eevee version if he had a Switch.
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Doesn't like Apple products.
  13. Trophy Discussion

    Most of the characters you mention are trophies in Smash 4.
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Changed her member title.