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  1. Favorite OST from the series?

    Radiant Dawn's is my favourite.
  2. Btw, how u color your signature?

  3. Who needs HP transfer more? Ike or Haar?

    Neither will Haar if he caps it immediately.
  4. Read it as "Pee oh em" hub.
  5. Count to 802,701!

    Twenty-nine thousand, seven hundred.
  6. Google image war

  7. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    Which is funny since nothing has been said about it since it was announced that it was going to be pushed back until 2019, not even at Nintendo's E3 this year. Thing is, everyone I've watched has said that it resembles the first game more. If you're going to pour scorn over the Direct, you could at least get your facts right.
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Does "Double post fact time" on occasion.
  9. Except I wasn't talking about what Vergeben did or didn't mention, rather that Isabelle being playable was a pretty easy guess to make (as was K.Rool after the Ridley reveal). So it's clear that you don't know what you're talking about either.
  10. Yeah, with a load of easy-to-guess characters that anyone with two brain cells could have predicted. Even I guessed that K.Rool would be playable after Ridley got revealed.
  11. What features in Awakening did you like best?

    Avatar, Pair Up, reclassing, Galeforce and children.
  12. Part 4 Army Splits

    Silver Army: Tanith, Sigrun, Dawn Brigade units and Haar Greil Army: Greil Mercenaries and Volug Hawk army: Everyone else Endgame - The mandatory 6 (Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, Ena), Heron (Leanne), Titania, Shinon, Gatrie, Volke, Elincia, Pelleas, Nephenee, Soren, Mia and Vika.
  13. Post a fact about the person above!

    Spaces his words out weirdly.
  14. Everyone a person knows is technically an acquaintance. A friend is just a subset of that.
  15. Class names that don't make sense?

    That still doesn't make it not make sense. Learning to launch fireballs at moving targets is the next step in the learning process after you've mastered stationary targets after all...