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  1. A new Smash is also something a lot of people want. I've seen a lot of hate over the years for Dr. Mario, Dark Pit and Lucina, saying that they should be alternate costumes instead of characters in their own right (which I fully agree with), so if they were cut from Smash 5, I'm sure that not too many people would complain or be outraged.
  2. I'm pretty sure that no one would be stupid enough to get the Switch port of Smash 4 if they knew that a Smash 5 was coming.
  3. Zelda =/= Smash. Smash has always been one game per console, Zelda hasn't.
  4. None. I'd rather have new titles/sequels made than for the Switch to have a software line-up consisting of nothing but ports of older titles. In fact, literally the only port I'd ever consider buying would be Super Mario Maker (although I'd rather have a sequel). You'd rather have a Smash 4 port than a brand new Smash game? Why? Oh, and they aren't going to port Splatoon over, given that it's sequel is already out on Switch.
  5. Why not give Knights two weapons?

    Which are uncommon enough, that you wouldn't need to worry all that much about. So why are Pegasus Knights always considered so highly then? Sure they have fantastic mobility, but most of them have poor strength, which leaves them with the offensive capability of a blunt pencil.
  6. Why not give Knights two weapons?

    So the Mercenaries/Myrmidons will be doing 1x2 damage, instead of 0x2 damage. Big deal!
  7. There was this forum that you could set an image of any dimensions as your avatar (as long as the image size was 300 Kb or less) and it would resize it to fit the 150 by 150 avatar size limit. Then the forums were "upgraded", and instead of doing what I just outlined, you now have to pick the part of an image you want to use as your avatar (which is really dumb, in my opinion). Oh, and they put this really ugly Discord box on the front page for some reason.
  8. What do you get from Supports?

    You get Dual System and Pair Up bonuses.
  9. Controllers!

    1. Favourite: N64/GC/Wii U Gamepad. 2. I don't have any preference. 3. No. I can use the analogue stick fine when playing Soul Calibur 2, so I don't see the problem.