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  1. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Wonder why it hasn't evolved into a more useful Pokémon.
  2. Google image war

  3. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Thankfully, yes.
  4. Men of Serenes Forest!

    That's why I prefer physical chemistry.
  5. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I know, right?
  6. If you are going to respond to me, do you think you could reply with something relevant to what I said. The fact that I'm not a moderator has nothing at all to do with this thread being consigned to FftF.
  7. Yet ideas that other people have are allowed to be left in the General FE forum.
  8. I'm sorry I don't speak picture language.
  9. So you're admitting that you're a creepy paedophile? Okay then....
  10. Says the guy who is enamoured with Sanaki Also, this thread:
  11. Weapon Weirdness

    They give an extra burst of confidence to the user, and that makes them hit twice instead of just the one time.
  12. None, keep that mobile crap out of my console games.
  13. This isn't anything new.
  14. An idea for a FE character

    You do realise that Casual Mode is a thing in the series now, right? Which means that every character can "come back from the dead", therefore making your idea obsolete.
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Hello Despair, my familiar friend, how are you today? …… …… Oh, well, we might not get a shot at the big prize, but at least we get a chance for revenge!