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  1. It's moments like this that at least we only have to worry about roster picks, imagine if we had to ask for Fox or Sony for Ike's rights... That being said even with Ike's potential inclusion. the roster is very VERY poor. The fact that Lissa is legit the only Axe infantry almost makes me vomit. I like Lissa, but this was legit Arthur's ONLY chance considering that VAIKE is basically forgotten in the void that was Chrom's shepherds, and Arthur has strong connections with one of the retainers. The roster is, half the main characters of the marketed franchises. and... odd ducks like Lyn and Celica. So they didn't even commit to their own goal and just gave us bits and pieces of what might've been with all the main characters. Imagine... Ike makes it in, and possibly Roy. whos out? Sigurd, Seliph, Leif, Eliwood and Eirika are swords, yet you have Julia, Hector, Ephraim, Micaiah and even Sothe to even it out. I swear, the developers forget that half the point of the franchise is using the OTHER characters besides the Lords. The lack of retainers and shepherds on what was supposed to be awakening and fates focused makes it very lifeless. Because of these decisions, old fans don't get Hector. and Newer fans get their broken promises of other normal characters from fates and awakening. Like Tharja and Gaius, Lonqu, Niles whatever... At this point the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster doesn't look as miserable as Fire Emblem Warriors. Yes, even with the lack of X-men.
  2. People keep bringing up that Koei tends to favor women in some of their Ips. But... I can't help but belive that people forget this is a NINTENDO game. Nintendo and intelligent systems have both put their input that influenced the final outcome of the roster to Koei. And even if Koei is pro waifu culture, there have been plenty of opportunities for Nintendo to pander to the waifu crowd ONLY. But they haven't. Ever since awakening, the polls have been separate for both men and women, even if there were more votes on women, the male characters were never snuffed in the grand scheme of things. Happened again in fates. Both genders, same attention. But the BIGGEST factor that Nintendo has been very careful with even representation was the CYL event. Tharja herself had more votes than Roy. By numbers only, Tharja was the 4th highest rated character, behind Ike's PoR version. Where's tharja's super sexy deluxe swimsuit waifu edition for CYL? Who knows, but Roy took priority cause he was the second most popular MALE from the franchise. So Roy gets a new costume, badass unit representation, and a commercial to boot! aaaand Tharja stays as rule34 fodder. The box leak for warriors is worrysome, but Navarre's appearance confirms more shadyness on the roster that at this point. I just can't doubt Nintendo at the end on this though. Think about it this way... giving the fans Lyn, is like giving Marvel vs Capcom fans Psylocke... but NOT Wolverine. Guys, Ike is Fire Emblem's Wolverine. If he isn't in, Nintendo really REALLY screwed the pooch. With all this tempest attention... as I said, stay hopeful but nothing set in stone. Just something to look forward to until TGS happens.
  3. The 3 boys making it in i is a must but the devs ditching Alm for Celica is one thing i defintieily see happening. Look what happened to Chrom a few years ago on his ''smash'' debut, clearly being a main character does not guarantee you any appearances anywhere. Just ask Megaman X. What makes it extremely depressive is the fact that BOTH Alm and Celica amiibos were released. If by the time Echoes was being developed, the Koei got the news from Nintendo... its extremely jarring to have them say ''hey just celica, who cares about alm''. I still hold up some faith on Ike AND the Burger King himself. Those commercials were PRETTY overdone for just a phone game. The trailer was very Ike centered and there's posters of the CYL characters all over japan. Ike's absense on this game at this point is like skipping captain falcon on smash brothers. Something has to happen on TGS... How are you REALLY gonna top Lyn's confirmation on the direct? just look at the comment sections everywhere. ''Where's Ike? Where's Roy?'' yeah.
  4. My guess, CYL simply affected the last stages of development of the game. Which might Explain why Navarre is possibly playable and they were talking about ''sword cancer'' for quite a while once the popular characters were probably enforced by Nintendo. Including Lucina. Path of Radiance's current month focus AFTER Blazing' blades little announcement is a little bit to calculated that it's impossible not to see Ike at TGS in some way or another. My guess is he's the first character revealed, then Marth's friends when Hikaru is on the stage, and my guess is Azura or Anna when Xander and Lianna's seiyus are the focus of the day. Celica is advertisement for Echoes for Sure. Alm's missing on the cover on the leak is depressing considering he's the ONLY Falchion user left out. Don't have much hope for him to be honest. Feel's he's gonna get ''Chromed'' due to the oversaturation of swordies.
  5. Yeah sorry... but not as salty as Lyn using Durandal. Rip Eliwood fans.
  6. Isn't having Ike's voice actor there absolutely ruin the purpose of a surprise reveal?
  7. Marth's seiyuu has been hanging more with Ike's seiyuu due to smash brothers. it could be caeda and tiki on the 23rd. Ike could be revealed on the day Xander and Lianna's voice actress. Just saying the timing is pretty right for Ike.
  8. Ike vs Black knight commercial gives me the reason to believe even the BLACK KNIGHT himself might actually be considered. The Boss focus on the blazing sword tempest was Hector. So Heroes focused to give Hector a bit of the limelight since there's a chance that only LYN was gonna be picked. PoR tempest on the other hand. Final boss. Most likely the Black Knight himself. Ike vs Black Knight also fits extremely well for fanservice in history mode. Aaaaand don't forget the Black Knight got a MII COSTUME on Smash bros. Wii U. it almost feels like they're not gonna pass this up. It's too perfect. With these 2 events focusing on Ike and Lyn, Lucina in the vanilla game. It really leds me to believe that Roy is most likely DLC. Alm is up in the air though, he easily has the worse chances at this point.
  9. Right now on Fire Emblem Heroes we just had a mini tempest focused on Blazing Sword. Lyn was the bonus unit alongside her bros and ninian. Who were also available for the banner. Voting Gauntlet had Lyn as one of the participants. And finally she had her alt CYL costume alongside Ike, Roy and Lucina. Weather you like heroes or not, most of the casual audience is playing the game and Lyn getting this ridiculous amount of attention recently really helped her. Come that second to last day of the mini tempest... Lyn gets confirmed on warriors. If you're playing fire emblem heroes you might know that on the 23rd we start the BIG Tempest of Path of Radiance, with more characters from tellius and Ike taking the spotlight once more. On the 23rd... theres a Character reveal on TGS. With Marth's seiyuu himself present. Add the- live action commercial of Ike vs the Black Knight. And its a recipe for massive Ike hype. IF it really is build up for him. It has come to my understanding that after the Lyn situation, Heroes is really marketing Fire Emblem pretty well for the mainstream audience. Thoughts?
  10. ranked 3rd from shadow dragon's perspective, it was the poll for overall series. this one I believe.
  11. This is surprising. Didn't they use the Nintendo Dream for the popularity choices? Ogma was the 3rd ranked character from Shadow Dragon, and Navarre was no where near the top. Navarre was seen ranking higher on the CYL Heroes thing though but that was too recent... did that affect his chances so close to release? Is that even possible? Or was it the Mirage Sessions bump? I mean I believed Ogma offered more than Navarre on the field due to the possiblity of axes but... doesn't matter much at this point.
  12. I didn't say make him an axe by default, he can start with his sword but then later have axes upon promotion. Wasn't that a thing? unless im wrong. I thought Chrom could use Lances later and so fort. Playable wrys with an axe would be hype. no joke.
  13. Lissa is in her default outfit using an axe...
  14. Didn't Nintendo said to use popularity polls as an incentive for some of the roster selection? The rosters that were used was the Nintendo Dream one were Ike Ranked NUMBER 1. As well as the fates and awakening ones. CYL from Heroes was not used for the selection of characters, this game was in development long before that. Why would Koei or even Nintendo push for Lyn and NOT Ike? Need I mention the highest ranking character from Shadow Dragon on the Nintendo Dream aside from Marth and Tiki was.... Ogma. Gaius and Tharja missing from the awakening roster is strange nonetheless. But at least Ogma has the decency to have important moments in the story, especially in Book 2. He is a perfect rep for Shadow Dragon as a sword AND AXE infantry since he can go Hero. Chrom can use lances and Lucina bows? what stops Ogma from using Axe?. I refuse to believe the ratio is this ridiculously disproportionate on the male/women ratio when the series has actually been doing a pretty good job at catering both genders. Lyn with would be cool but no Ike really seals it. This HAS to be fake.
  15. Let's just get some shadow dragon reps. As much as I want Ogma, the whole ''sword cancer'' is really out of hand at this point. That being said Ill laugh at him getting over laslow and selena. I mean they cucked Gregor after awakening due to popularity polls, so. why not. Shadow Dragon is a mixed bag. we got legendary weapon users Astram, Jeorge, and Camus. Wielding Mercurius, Parthia and Gradivus... then you have Marth's Knights and Ogma's Band. I really dunno who even has priority at this point. do Cain, Draug and Navarre get a bump due to mirage sessions? or did the game actually hurt their chances. We'll know soon enough.