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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

    Besides my Original request, can i get a Normal infantry lance pose Soldier, Halberdier, and Sentinal Aran? One of my favorite units from Radiant dawn, and he's sadly still not in the game yet.
  2. Sprite Thread Revival

    It's Beautiful, Vax. Thanks a lot!
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    Sweet, thanks in advance
  4. Sprite Thread Revival

    Hmm, i have a small request. Can i get a Fallen Klein? Normal Idle stance like in the home screen, but red eyes, the fell flames and holding skadi would be all i would need. Would be amazing if someone could do it.
  5. Bond Units Questions

    Alright, so first off, i've always wondered about the mechanics of bond units. I know you and the person you're creating them with have to have swapped cards and given each other at least one accessory before you can start making them, but i still have several questions 1) Does anyone know specifically how many times one has to give the other an accessory in order to make the bond unit? 2) How are the bond unit's looks generated? I know the gender is predetermined by the personal skill, but when it comes to looks, i feel like it's up in the air. For example, if i have the default corrin hair, and the other person has the short corrin hair, is it 50/50 between both hairs? or just completely random? 3) Do other bond units made by someone else, when you recruit them, act like normal einharjar cards when their special goes off and are silent? or are like normal and actually say something? Also, does the voice for bond units also default to the default option, or can it be random?
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Honestly. There is a bit of a list when it comes to units i want, but mainly it's awakening/fates/tellius Tellius: Heather (Favorite unit hands down), Edward, Aran, Fiona, Tormod, Ilyana, and Greil Awakening: Aversa, Priam, Sword Anna alt, and Gregor Fates: Flora, Bow Anna alt, Ophelia, Silas, Sophie, Midori and Nyx
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    Alright, i've been thinking about this for a while. Could we get a Fates and an Awakening Anna? Fates Anna wielding her Anna's Bow and Awakening Anna as her trickster class wielding a Leif's sword (aka a light brand) both in a normal Bow and Sword idle?
  8. Make your own Death Quote

    "Guess my lucks.... run out. Shame it.... ends so... soon. I'm... sorry... everyone..." Whole idea around my character is he's lucky whenever he's close to death, so when he finally does get killed, his luck fails him.
  9. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    All i needed was a dancer and my +7 soleil with DC. Soleil is a GOD
  10. Awakening Dlc?

    If it makes you feel any better, we'll have it sometime this month, as the date for release in the E-shop is 3/31/18. But that's just a placeholder date, so it could be at anytime this month
  11. All these Spam bots

    I've noticed, around the same time everyday, a good 2-4 spam bots just come in and start posting spam topics and I'm wondering..... Would there be anyway to stop these spam bots from posting? If not, i will diligently report each post to help out the mods.
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    Cool, thanks bud!
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    All right, i got another easy and hard request. First, the easy request is Soleil, holding Audhulma like this. Second request is slight harder. Can i get a short haired, dark brown hair colored Corrin with green eyes, on a black horse, with Camus's armor and horse armor, but the cloth is black with dark green trim, holding Audhulma. If any questions on it, feel free to dm me about it.
  14. So, what's going to be Brave Celica?

    Well, if you think about it... Faye uses bows in Heroes, and IS didn't care if she used them or not, and gave her bows anyways. So she could literally have anything at this point
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yes i wanted to sprites, the only issue i have is kinda with Greil, although that might be on my end for not being clear enough. I was think like how the normal idle pose for the black knight looks for his weapon, only slightly titled more downward. I couldn't get a side image of greil in battle, as that would require me to hack him into PoR and take a picture that way.