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  1. I used Dolphin's AR built in function. It took a few tries, but i did get it to work
  2. So i used that code that you did, and i did get it to work. Here's the problem, i tried doing it again, but it doesn't work. I think i figured out why, because the site says Bear in mind that the debug menu does not play all that nicely with the regular Z Button map menu: if you open the map menu at any point in a chapter before opening the debug menu, the debug menu will not open, and vice versa. So I think you'd how to figure out how to change the button activators in order for you to actually use it.
  3. Fave Paired Accesories?

    One of my favorite pair up accessories. Laevatein, but she was in some sort of accident and her eye doesn't work so now she has a eyepatch. Plus that one really fits well with her color scheme
  4. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    Alrighty, here are a few things i would change in the Remake 1) Start all NON-ROYAL laguz at level 1. Honestly, by the time you get all the laguz, they're WAY too overleveled for their part and thus only get 1-2 exp per kill, making them extremely hard to level up in hard mode. 2) Buff the laguz gauges. Cats by far have the worst transformation gauge in RD. Something like 3 gauge lost every combat so that they can stay transformed longer. Also, bring back the demi band, even if you have to have it like .75% of the normal stat double, being able to permanently stay transformed is a huge boon. Either that, or give the player 1 or 2 formshift scrolls that can only be used on non laguz royals. 3) Buff some of the Dawn Brigade units. Fiona is one of them that should get a HUGE buff. Give most of the RD +1 to a few of their base stats, maybe +2, but give buffs to characters that need it. For example, Fiona's normal bases Hp/str/mag/skill/spd/luck/def/res 25/8/6/8/10/7/8/6 For a level 9 lance cav, that's kinda lackluster by RD standards. So here'd be her new bases Hp/str/mag/skill/spd/luck/def/res 28/10/6/10/11/7/9/7 With his, she still slightly gets slowed down by steel lances, but she has enough of a workable gap to be good. Also, increase her growths by like 5% in all stats which would put her growths at 50% 45% 20% 45% 65% 60% 60% 55% This not only applies to Fiona, but to a few others, like Laura and Meg, who could desperately need the extra stat boost and growth increase 4) Fix the friggen availability of some of the units in particular. MY WORD, units like Vika, Tormod, Maurim, and all the other units with like, 4-5 chapter availability really need to have some way for them to join up and be able to be grinded. For example, Tormod's group could be encountered somewhere in begnion, and join up with the Greil Mercs. 5) Supports, for the love of NAGA, do the RD exclusive characters need supports to actually flush them out
  5. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks! Edit: Small nitpick, but a strand of julius' normal red hair is still there, is there a way to remove it?
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    YES, it's perfect peev, thanks again! Edit: Seriously, i need to stop, but hopefully this should be my final request a bit. Can i get the previous julius sprite in a normal mage idle like this, both with and without loptous
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    Real sorry to throw another request at you, but can i get that same julius sprite, but both hands are raised and has a giant cymboline fire ball above them that's recolored purple?
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks Peev, looks amazing
  9. Sprite Thread Revival

    Would it be possible to make a Julius Sprite, but instead of the julius head, it's short brown hair + no mark, holding loptous like this and having the fell flames/aura around him?
  10. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Issues

    I Had this same problem too, what i did was plug the usb part of it into my phone charger, and all of a sudden it started charging again. After that, putting the charge cord in the switch allowed it to charge normally
  11. Sprite Thread Revival

    I had the weirdest idea. Because i've given soleil every sword i can atm, this brought something up. Soleil in Gilgamesh's armor with her arms crossed, and has a few portals open behind her with like wo dao, slaying edge, zanbato, armorslayer, silver sword, ruby sword etc. Idk how hard this would be to do, but i remember someone doing a gilgamesh sprite before
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks, looks perfect
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yo, sorry to bug you again peev, but do you think you could have the Fallen Legendary lucina you did be posed like this?
  14. Here's mine 1) Laevatein: In and +2 (i count her because even tho she's an OC of heroes, she's like, my favorite female in fire emblem) 2) Soleil: In and +10'd 3) Ayra: In and +10'd 4) Catria: In since launch and +7 5) Est: In since launch and +10'd 6) Heather: Not in ( and is my most wanted hero to be added atm) 7) Tormod: Not in 7) Greil: Not in (Tormod and Greil are tied for my favorite males in Fire emblem) 8) Vika: Not in, but with her being in top 5 for RD, i say she's got a good chance at being added next RD banner if they do more laguz 9) Lyre: not in 10) Klein: In and +10'd 11) Larcei: Not in 12) Edward: Not in 13) Marisa: In and +7 14) Ophelia: In and +1 15) Linus: In and +1 (sadly, will have to wait for +10 as im focusing on marisa atm)
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    I mean, i guess you're right, i did never specify which one. My bad, but still, Thanks man!