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  1. When CYL3 comes around, who will you guys vote for?

    Klein, all 7 votes. I don't care if no one else likes him like i do, but i seriously want him to win CYL3 and that way we can get a Pent inspired Klein
  2. Sprite Thread Revival

    I dunno if my other requests are going to get done, but i got a simple one. Can i get a Klein holding a bow that looks like the one in his art? Also, for his pose, i'd just want him holding it like this.
  3. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    >says Helbindi and laegjarn isn't in the game Um, sorry, what?
  4. Sprite Thread Revival

    So i've come up with something besides my soldier Aran in a normal idle pose like nephenee. a CYL version of klein, where he's dressed up as Pent and is holding a Fimbulvetr. Nothing too fancy with the poses, just a normal holding tome idle like katarina here
  5. Soleil, all 7 times, mainly for the fact that i want her to get her hero alt using axes
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    except mine isn't hayato, mine was soldier, halberdier, sentinel aran and my summoner OC
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yo peev, are you going to do the barrier blade like that too? also.... totally not feeling ignored because my past requests have been overlooked
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    Actually, since you're doing oc's... I kinda have a request as well. Can i get a Summoner that has black robes with dark green trim, short brown hair, green eyes and holding amiti?
  9. Dolphin and VBA-M help

    Alright, so im not sure where to put this, but i just thought since it's general gaming it'd be fine here. Can someone try to help me out with getting Dolphin to actually correctly connect and transfer chao from tiny chao garden to SA2B? I've spent the past 2 days trying to do every little thing i've search to get the connection to stabilize and allow me to transfer eggs over. Heck, even someone linking me to a memory card with a SA2B chao save with 3 topaz, 3 silver, 3 sapphire, 3 emerald, 1 oynx, 2 aquamarine, 3 amethyst, 3 Garnet, 1 Shiny Jewel Purple and 2 shiny jewel white would be much appreciated.
  10. Sprite Thread Revival

    Besides my Original request, can i get a Normal infantry lance pose Soldier, Halberdier, and Sentinal Aran? One of my favorite units from Radiant dawn, and he's sadly still not in the game yet.
  11. Sprite Thread Revival

    It's Beautiful, Vax. Thanks a lot!
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    Sweet, thanks in advance
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    Hmm, i have a small request. Can i get a Fallen Klein? Normal Idle stance like in the home screen, but red eyes, the fell flames and holding skadi would be all i would need. Would be amazing if someone could do it.
  14. Bond Units Questions

    Alright, so first off, i've always wondered about the mechanics of bond units. I know you and the person you're creating them with have to have swapped cards and given each other at least one accessory before you can start making them, but i still have several questions 1) Does anyone know specifically how many times one has to give the other an accessory in order to make the bond unit? 2) How are the bond unit's looks generated? I know the gender is predetermined by the personal skill, but when it comes to looks, i feel like it's up in the air. For example, if i have the default corrin hair, and the other person has the short corrin hair, is it 50/50 between both hairs? or just completely random? 3) Do other bond units made by someone else, when you recruit them, act like normal einharjar cards when their special goes off and are silent? or are like normal and actually say something? Also, does the voice for bond units also default to the default option, or can it be random?
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Honestly. There is a bit of a list when it comes to units i want, but mainly it's awakening/fates/tellius Tellius: Heather (Favorite unit hands down), Edward, Aran, Fiona, Tormod, Ilyana, and Greil Awakening: Aversa, Priam, Sword Anna alt, and Gregor Fates: Flora, Bow Anna alt, Ophelia, Silas, Sophie, Midori and Nyx