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  1. What are you doing with your feathers?

    Was hoarding like 52000 feathers for a while, then yesterday I spent most of them to promote +Attack Reinhardt and some skill fodder for him and Masked Marth.
  2. [FE11] Where Killing Off Units Isn't Bad

    In the European version of Shadow Dragon, there is a glitch in Chapter 19 where the throne doesn't cost any movement to move onto, so if you full move Marth every turn he'll exactly reach the throne on Turn 4. The rule was added to prevent owners of the inferior American version from being at a disadvantage.
  3. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    I want a Saber and Nephenee to sack to my project Lon'qu. A Delthea that isn't -Speed would be nice too.
  4. [FE12] H2: Marth and Co. Vs. The World

    Oh hey, this is a thing. For some reason I thought I had finished this even though I totally didn't. Chapter 20: 5/107 Drill grounded Luke so he could cap speed and double Hardin. Dudes went forward and killed things. Trade-chained the master key and got all of the treasure in the main room. Xane turned into Caeda and killed the Fortify Staff dude.
  5. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    Chapter 2: 26/51 I was super salty at this chapter because the first time through Sigurd procced too much defense and wouldn't get attacked by Beowulf's Squad, making it so Ethlyn couldn't get the Paragon Ring and Sigurd wouldn't have a crit Steel Sword for the boss, so I had to reset. It fucking sucked. Ethlyn put in a tom of work this chapter between pot-shotting with the Light Brand and Returning everyone. She got the Paragon Ring from the dude and them did the arena and spammed Return to reach promotion after which Deirdre Warped her to Mackily to help clear the way for Sigurd. Recruited Lachesis for the Knight Ring/Thief Sword/Miracle Sword/Earth Sword. Free shit is cool! After Chapter 3 Arena (Fury will go to the arena after Levin kills the cross knights and sells the Paragon Ring and Arden will probably finish the arena for the first time ever with the power of Ayra's Brave Sword.) EDIT: These will all probably be wrong now because I forgot to move Lachesis to talk to Eldigan so I have to reset. Chapter 3: 15/66 To Merc Dude: 4 Turns Sigurd and co went up while Levin and Lachesis went left to deal with Eldigan and his cross knights. Sigurd has to crit the boss with the Steel Sword because he couldn't double and 3HKO the boss with the Brave Lance. Ethlyn returned Sigurd and herself after he seized. Fury got the +3 strength village To Lord Douchebag: 5 Turns Levin murdered all of the cross knights to reach promotion level, then Ethlyn returned him so he could promote and use Warp. Arden took the Paragon Ring from Levin and cleared out the rest of the arena before selling it so Fury could take it and clear the arena too. Sigurd ORKOed Chagall with the Brave Lance. Harold poofed out of existence because I seized so soon lol. YO HO HO: 6 Turns Returned Sigurd, then Warped him with Levin. Fury killed half of the huge wave of pirates but the hand axe guys wouldn't attack her because she had too much avoid so Levin warped Ethlyn and ARDEN to help clear them out. Fury got the Leg Ring unfortunately, but Sigurd has a ton of excess cash from Deirdre so it's not that big a deal. Briggid killed a bunch of stuff and then Fury bailed her out so that Briggid could talk to Aideen to get the Yewfell. Midir got his conversation with Briggid so hopefully they'll fall in love without wasting too many turns? Sigurd needed to crit the boss again but the Steel Sword has 70 kills so it wasn't too bad. Dew and Holyn just went around potshotting Brigands for money and getting villages. Also RIP Deirdre and Ethlyn, your services were much appreciated. Ethlyn's Inventory for Leif (And Deirdre's stats too I guess): Chapter 4: Too Many Turns/96 Tired, more details in the morning maybe. Midir ate all of the villagers to reach level 20. He and Midir stood next to each other the whole chapter. Levin got Forseti and he and Fury got married. Sigurd capped his level and got a bunch of kills on the Brave Sword and a few on the Light Brand. Units after Chapter 5 Arena (Except Dew because his stats don't matter): Chapter 5: 18/114 Sigurd rushed ahead and murdered everything while Fury killed the dracoknights and chipped Reptor since Sigurd didn't have enough HP to tank a Mjolnir when he got there. Briggid and Midir got married finally and Briggid distracted some of Reptor's dudes from across the wall I guess. Levin healed and Warped dudes. Everyone else did pretty much nothing. Stats later because I'm tired. Fury passed down a bunch of swords that Sigurd didn't need and Sigurd passed down all the rings and the Brave Sword/Light Brand. Brave Sword is at like 61 kills iirc. Light Sword is only at 27 or so. EDIT: Chapter 6 is impossible. Radney and Seliph get hit by 30 hit axes and die and there is no way to burn RNs. Both Hard Reseting and loading the chapter save after Seliph dies do nothing. I literally cannot get past turn 3. EDIT 2: Chapter 6: 20/134 Due to the lack of arena to burn RNs, I had to waste several turns moving Seliph to not optimal spaces so that he wouldn't die due to being hit by multiple 30s in a row. Radney got like no exp either since the RNG string would just get her killed by multiple 30s hitting in a row. I even had to sack Julia so that Seliph would survive Johan's squad. Fee got the Skill Ring and killed Johalva. I actually could have seized Turn 19, but the RNG string would have caused Seliph to get hit by a 28 hit attack from Dannan and die so I had to wait a turn for Fee to get in range of Johalva's squad and attack them to burn RNs. At least Seliph promoted? He's speed screwed though. Chapter 7: 19/153 Seliph promoted and is pretty ridiculous. He basically soloed most of the chapter since no one else could keep up. Shanan killed the guys near Yied while Patty chipped some dudes to get some money. Leif returned home and bought the Paragon Ring, and then finished the arena and killed most of the dudes at Darna except for the promoted guy who Shanan killed instead. Fee went down and killed a bunch of stuff down there and got of the villages and stole a bunch of money with the Thief Sword so she can re-but the Paragon Ring for the Chapter 8 arena. Radney got hit by dank mages over and over so Julia could get heals in. Chapter 8: 15/168 Just a Seliph bum-rush mostly. Recruited Faval and Ced and they did the arena mid-chapter I guess. Julia managed to beat the first 6 arena matches. Seliph got an absurd 45 kills on the Light Brand this chapter. He also capped level. Leif killed some thwomps near the start and promoted. Fee reached level 20 so she'll promote next chapter. Chapter 9: 14/182 Seliph and Leif rushed ahead and left everyone else behind to seize the second castle to recruit Sharlow. Radney baited Hannibal closer to Sharlow so that he could recruit him before Seliph and Leif got to the 3rd castle. Julia took the Paragon Ring and spammed Warp until she had good enough stats to clear the arena, then finished that and promoted. She warped Shanan and Ced over to the 2nd castle so they could go up and collect the villages. Had to rig Arion to not proc Continue because he 2HKOs Seliph and Leif even with their maxed out defense stats (and Shield Ring in Seliph's case). Could have killed him if I had moved Leif a bit further on one of the turns, but I don't really care about the Miracle Ring and Leif has the Bargain Ring anyway so money isn't really a problem for him. Oh, and Faval killed Altena. Not sorry. Chapter 10: 16/198 To Chronos: 3 Turns Rescue!Leif kreygasm. He rescued Seliph on Turn 2 so he could seize on Turn 3. Everyone else cleared out enemies. Hannibal could double and ORKO dank mages after I gave him THE POWER OF PURSUIT. To Rados: 4 Turns I didn't have anyone to kill the dank mage blocking the way in front of the castle so Seliph had to do it himself which cost a turn. To Miletos: 4 Turns Rescued Seliph back with Leif and he ran up to the castle. Ced Restored him along the way and Fee killed Ishtar so that Seliph could reach the castle and kill the boss to seize. To Grillmaster: 5 Turns Could have seized on Turn 15 if Seliph had the magical ability to ORKO Arvis by himself, but uh, he can't, so had to wait a turn for Leif to Rescue Shanan far enough ahead to ORKO Arvis. At least this let me get Fee's +5 strength conversation? Shota Sigurd spammed Return and Physic all chapter and ate most of the children except for two that Radney and Patty got instead. Oh yeah, Radney reached level 20 so she promoted after Shota Sigurd Returned her home. I think she's horribly HP screwed. The End: 18/216 To Edda: 3 Turns Seliph rushed while Leif, Fee and Ced followed behind. Leif Rescued Fee ahead on Turns 2 and 3 to get in range to kill an enemy blocking Seliph's path to the throne. To Dozel: 3 Turns Leif Warped Seliph back to Chalphy and then Returned himself with the Return Ring. Shanan killed a few axe dudes and chipped some other ones. He, Radney, Patty, and Faval helped Seliph clear out the remaining axe dudes/healbots next turn and Seliph reached the castle the following turn. To Freege: 5 Turns I feel like 4 turns could be possible if you had someone to kill a Baron blocking Seliph's path to the throne, but nobody can keep up with him so he has to kill it himself. Leif just rescued Seliph or Ced ahead every turn (need Ced to Restore Seliph/Leif when they get put to sleep.). Book of Naga Is Only A Suggestion: 7 Turns Faval killed the pegasus sisters and half of the deadlords from across the wall while Seliph killed the rest of them. Leif Rescued Faval over the wall and he murdered Julius with the power of memes over 2 turns. He could have theoretically killed Julius in one turn if he proced Charge 4 times, hit every time and dodged Loptyr 3 out of 4 times. I just took the extra turn for my sanity. Final Turncount: 216
  6. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    PROGRESS Prologue: 12/12 To Jungby: 5/5 Uh, Sigurd went ahead and killed stuff. Ethlyn and Arden killed a Brigand, whoop. To The Other Castle: 7/12 Had to slow down a bit to heal dudes at the church and un-clog the mess of dudes on the bridge. Got the Silver Sword at least. Arden slowly killed the guy attacking the speed ring village and got it on the last turn. Chapter 1: 23/35 Castle I: 5/17 Sigurd took the Speed Ring to ORKO stuff with a Javelin. He just went down and killed most of the enemies while Ethlyn and Midir cleaned up for exp. Arden stayed home to burn RNs and stuff. He got through like half of the arena though! Dew tanked Ayra and stole her cash. Castle II: 7?/24 Recruited Ayra for the Brave Sword later. Got the Return and Warp Staves. Sigurd got way ahead of everyone else again and killed most of the enemies. Dew gave Sigurd his cash so Sigurd could repair the Steel Sword. Castle III: The Rest Of The Turns/35 Eh, forest made Ethlyn lag behind Sigurd so he had to not move one turn so she could catch up and heal him since Jamka almost killed Sigurd the fucker. Deirdre really wanted to not be useless and got like 5 levels somehow. Had to use the Iron Lance to kill the boss since the Steel Sword didn't have enough might and doesn't have crit yet. It's really close though! Units after Chapter 3 Arena:
  7. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    Radney and Holyn.
  8. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    Midir and Dew.
  9. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    Having trouble pasting the image with the order, but it's Me, Terrador, Shin, Horace. It's on Discord if you think I'm a FILTHY LIAR. Give me staff horse and her staff horse son. @Terrador
  10. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    What. Sure we can ban that. Now Briggid will be a top pick so that FAVAL can save all the turns against Julius.
  11. [FE4] Draft: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

    Wait, Berserk!Hel actually works?
  12. Just finished FE4 for the first time the other day and had a great time. Felt like doing a draft for it to see how little I've improved since last time. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Sigurd, Deirdre, Seliph, Ardan, Hannibal and Julia are free for all to use. 3. When any mothers are drafted, their children come with them. Example: Drafting Ayra gives you Ayra, Larcei and Ulster. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may only: Recruit characters, participate in Talk conversations and special events that do not require the participants to be lovers. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, giving Charisma bonuses, using the Give command, or participating in Lover/Sibling criticals. 3. Other and Neutral units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Arena use is allowed and encouraged. 5. Berserking the Hel dude to kill Julius for you is BANNED you cheeky sods. Penalties: 1. Non-holy weapon users (Noish, Ayra etc.) have a 3 turn penalty per unit per castle. 2. Holy weapon users (Levin, Shanan etc.) and Dancers have a 7 turn penalty per unit per castle. Example: Using Noish (if undrafted) en route to Jungby results in a 3 turn penalty. Once Sigurd seizes Jungby, you take another 3 turn penalty if you use Noish while en route to Evans. 3. Using the Give command is a special 12 turn penalty. Exceptions: 1. Generation 1 units may lose a bout in the Arena and then die to an enemy while unequipped to prevent them getting married. The enemy must have no other friendly units in his attack range and must finish the character in a single round. 2. Midir is free to be attacked in the prologue, but must head back towards the home castle. 3. Briggid, Claude and Tiltyu are free to use in Chapter 3. 4. Dew may lower the bridge in Chapter 4 if undrafted. He may not perform any other disallowed actions without penalty. 5. Leif, Fin and Janne are free to use in Chapter 7. 6. Shanan is free to use in Chapter 7 until Yied is seized. Units: Teams: Carmine: (Ethlin, Leif, Altenna), (Fury, Fee, Ced), Levin, Midir, Dew, (Briggid, Faval, Patty), Shanan, Radney, Holyn, SharlowTerrador: (Sylvia, Leen, Corple), Lex, Claude, Oifaye, Noish, Janne, (Ayra, Larcei, Ulster), Dimna, Hawk, JohalvaShin: (Aideen, Lester, Lana), Fin, Femina, Alec, (Tiltyu, Arthur, Tinny), Tristan, Beowulf, Johan, Roddlebad, AsaelloHorace: Laylea, Quan, (Lachesis, Delmud, Nanna), Ares, Azel, Mana, Linda, Daisy, Amid, Jamka
  13. FE15 Echoes LTC

    The thing to keep in mind about the tier list (the reddit one is what you are referring to right?) is that it operates under the assumption that we actually fight the enemies in the dungeons instead of skipping them all. In Clive's case this means that he would already be promoted by 1-7 (possibly Python as well), and the extra exp lets everyone reach benchmarks more easily. I think the lack of dungeon exp and the pace of the run won't make it possible for Clive to surpass Mathilda in this context. Although on the topic of dungeon exp, in drafts of Echoes we were allowed to fight each dungeon encounter once each, and perhaps the most notable aspect of this was that it gave whichever male villager you got to loop from Dread Fighter to Bow Knight in Fear Shrine to basically handle the rest of the act by themselves due to their massive stats. I'm interested to see just how much the lack of this will impact your turncount. Even without the massive stats of a looped Bow Knight, having multiple Bow Knights is definitely necessary for low turning the later maps in Act 4, so Archer!Kliff will be worth investing into for that.
  14. [FE8] A Typical FE8 Draft

    I did manage to get Sage!Artur to A Staves in time on Ephraim Route in a draft once, although I promoted him in Chapter 8 to start spamming staves earlier, and even then it required doing dumb shit like rigging Joshua to get hit by an axe at 26 displayed hit so that Artur would be able to use a staff on Turn 1. You need to ask yourself if the one turn Sage in Chapter 20 over Bishop is worth it at that point.