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  1. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Chapter 21: 4/135 Darros murdered everything and Midia got the stat boosters. Chapter 22: 10/145 Yeah this took a while with having to take a detour for Starlight and not having Boots on Marth. Gave Darros 1 Speedwing to cap speed as a Hero and 3 Goddess Icons, Merric 3 Spirit Dusts and 3 Skill Books, and Astram 2 Speedwings to double all the enemies in this chapter. Pretty similar to last chapter pretty much with Darros killing most of the map and everyone else clearing out stragglers. Got Darros to C Swords so I guess I'll give the last Arms Scroll in the Chapter 24 Secret Shop to Lorenz for Parthia or something, I don't know. Chapter 23: 8?/153 I actually forgot how many turns I took lol. Merric killed Gharnef and Darros killed the stuff in Marth's way. Chapter 24: 6/159 Man it takes forever for Marth to get over the mountain without the boots. Anyway gave Astram two Energy Drops and Marth the last one to deal more damage to the Manaketes. Marth got like 2 kills this chapter and got an entire level from both of them. Even fed Jeigan a Manakete for the hell of it. The End: 4/163 Merric top tier baby. Gave Darros all the stat boosters from last chapter. Sold off everything I owned to forge the absolutely absurd +10 might, +50 hit, +30 crit Hand Axe called the "Hellswag". So Hero Darros can exactly get 2 spaces away from Medeus on Turn 4, but even with the absurd 18 might Hand Axe and capped strength, he can't OHKO Medeus with a crit. Thankfully, Gotoh brings a Swarm tome, which Merric can then use to finish off Medeus from across the map. Final Turncount: 163 STATS: Marth Lv. 17.10 Lord 45HP/19Str/0Mgc/12Skl/19Spd/22Lck/12Def/0Res B Swords (2 Angelic Robes, 1 Energy Drop) Jeigan Lv. --/9.39 Sniper 27HP/11Str/1Mgc/16Skl/13Spd/2Lck/10Def/3Res C Bows Darros Lv. 15/20.00 Hero 60HP/25Str/1Mgc/24Skl/26Spd/23Lck/24Def/9Res A Swords A Axes (1 Angelic Robe, 4 Speedwings, 4 Goddess Icons, 3 Dracoshields, 3 Talismans, 2 Arms Scrolls) Merric Lv. 14/14.35 Sage 50HP/3Str/23Mgc/24Skl/23Spd/14Lck/7Def/14Res A Tomes C Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 4 Spirit Dusts, 3 Skill Books) Astram Lv. --/14.24 Hero 44HP/25Str/1Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/12Lck/12Def/3Res B Swords A Axes (1 Angelic Robe, 3 Energy Drops, 2 Speedwings, 1 Dracoshield, 1 Arms Scroll) Lorenz Lv. --/7.13 General 35HP/12Str/1Mgc/5Skl/6Spd/3Lck/18Def/3Res A Lances A Bows (1 Arms Scroll) Gotoh Lv. --/19.00 Sage 37HP/3Str/11Mgc/20Skl/20Spd/17Lck/13Def/12Res A Tomes A Staves
  2. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Chapter 19: 6/124 Gave Darros the second Speedwing to double the Heroes. Marth went up and killed Tiki since using his full move put him right in front of her on Turn 5. Darros killed the Heroes in the way while Astram killed the Starsphere and Lightsphere thieves, killing the Lightsphere one after he stole the Speedwing so I could get that as well. Merric got the XL Bullion and Jeigan got the Geosphere and Angelic Robe. Chapter 20: 7/131 Reclassed Darros to Berserker and Merric to Swordmaster. Gave Darros the third Speedwing to double the Paladins for better consistency in case he misses. Gave Astram the Angelic Robe so he wouldn't die to Ballistae. Forged a +3 might, +20 hit Poleaxe named "Ouch!" so Darros and Astram could OHKO the Paladins. Everyone went over the river so I wouldn't have to deal with the Paladins down south until later. Astram and Darros killed most of the enemies while Merric killed a Ballista and some of the southern Paladins once they came over the mountain. Jeigan tanked Ballista so other dudes wouldn't die. Darros killed Camus with a Hand Axe + unforged Poleaxe on the next player phase. Recruited Lorenz because he was the unit I assumed I'd be stuck with when it got around to my turn again due to lack of better options, so I'm just doing the rest of the chapters assuming I drafted Lorenz.
  3. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Chapter 16: 8/108 Had Merric go Bishop so he could Physic people after hitting C Staves. Jeigan is still a Sniper. Darros went down and baited the horsemen on Turn 1, ORKOing two of them because they both rolled down on speed. Merric killed two Dracoknights and Astram tanked the third one. After that Merric crit the Heroes with Excalibur so Darros and Marth could get through. Had to kill Xane because he was blocking the way. Darros and Marth eventually got around and Darros killed the boss to let Marth seize. The boss even crit Darros but he has so much HP he doesn't care lol. Chapter 17: 3/111 Gave Astram the Dracoshield so he wouldn't die on Turn 1, and forged a +4 might Wyrmslayer because I totally miscalculated how much might I needed to kill this boss. Darros kills the VIP card guy, Jeigan opens the door, Astram goes in and uses a Pure Water. Turn 2 people clear out enemies, and Astam kills the boss on Turn 3 and Midia buys some Poleaxes and a Longbow. Chapter 18: 7/118 The Heroes go down and clear out most of the enemies. Jeigan actually helps out here by distracting a Horseman on Turn 4 so it doesn't attack Marth, which keeps Marth from dying. Jeigan also killed Est for Mercurius which I'll probably need for killing Medeus due to the lack of a Parthia user. STATS: Marth Lv. 14.09 Lord 29HP/16Str/0Mgc/10Skl/16Spd/19Lck/12Def/0Res B Swords Jeigan Lv. --/7.29 Sniper 26HP/10Str/1Mgc/15Skl/12Spd/2Lck/9Def/3Res C Bows Darros Lv. 15/11.88 Hero 47HP/25Str/1Mgc/19Skl/19Spd/12Lck/16Def/3Res D Swords A Axes (1 Speedwing, 1 Goddess Icon) Merric Lv. 14/6.49 Bishop 44HP/1Str/15Mgc/14Skl/16Spd/10Lck/6Def/14Res B Tomes C Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Spirit Dust) Astram Lv. --/8.32 Hero 32HP/16Str/1Mgc/17Skl/16Spd/8Lck/11Def/3Res B Swords B Axes (1 Energy Drop, 1 Dracoshield, 1 Arms Scroll)
  4. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Chapter 14: 7/93 Gave Astram the Energy Drop so he could ORKO cavs with the Band Hax. Reclassed Jeigan to Sniper. Had Jeigan lower the bridge, then Merric killed the Ballista, and Darros + Astram killed the thwomps. Marth chipped a thwomp from across the river on enemy phase with the Levin Sword. After that Astram and Merric went right to go to the treasure room, and every one else went left. Darros killed the boss and Merric killed the Sniper after Astram chipped him. Astram got the Silver Card on the last turn. Merric reached D Staves as a Sage and needs 7 more staff uses to use Physic as a Bishop. Astram has C Axes as a Warrior/Berserker now. Chapter 15: 7/100 Gave Astram the Arms Scroll as a Berserker so he could use the Hammer as a Hero because I couldn't find any better use for it. Marth slowly slogs through the desert while Merric murders all the Dracoknights. Merric only needs to use staves 2 more times to reach Physic.
  5. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Chapter 1: 7/7 Chapter 2: 6/13 Chapter 3 8/21 Yeah, Jeigan + Darros is not a great combo for clearing out enemies fast. Jeigan needs help to kill all of these bosses and Darros starts really far away in both Chapter 2 and 3, which costs turns. Had Marth get the gold village in Chapter 1 because I'll probably need the forge money to make up for my lack of units. Marth also needed to help kill the Chapter 3 boss so that also cost a turn. Chapter 4: 8/29 Lost a turn because Merric didn't crit the boss with Excalibur, and there is no one around to use a save point so I can't even rig one that way. Damn it. Chapter 5: 4/33 Merric killed the boss and Marth choked the bridge and murdered the cavaliers coming from the right near Wendell. Darros killed a thief. Chapter 6: 10/43 This sucked. I ran out of vulneraries part way through the map, which meant I needed to use the save point to rig a dodge for Merric instead of letting him crit the boss, which meant Darros had to kill him instead after Merric chipped him. Darros would be promoting before Merric anyway so maybe this isn't the worst thing though. Chapter 7: 6/49 Gave Merric the Angelic Robe. Merric had to dodge a bunch of cavs on a forest tile and it sucked. Chapter 8: 5/54 In contrast, this was very simple. Recruited Roger for his lance to sell. Chapter 9: 5/59 Forged a + 4 Might, +15 hit Hand Axe named the "Band Hax" mostly just for the better hit rates against pirates on water tiles. Forged some might on it so that Darros can ORKO Snipers or something when he promotes if that's ever relevant. Chapter 10: 8/67 That Angelic Robe came in handy here as it let Merric tank both Dracoknights and OHKO them back, greatly simplifying the map. Jeigan and Darros killed the Hero for the Master Seal. Chapter 11: 9/76 Promoted Darros and gave him the Speedwing. Reclassed Jeigan to Sniper and Merric to Curate. Darros is OP as fuck now and just ORKOs everything. He and Marth went to the throne while Jeigan killed the Pegasus Knights and then tanked Ballistae the rest of the map so Merric could heal him for staff wexp. I'd like Merric to reach C Staves as a Bishop at some point for Physic. Chapter 12: 6/82 Jeigan back to Swordmaster and Merric to Mage. Just went through the treasure room like normal. Merric killed the Sniper after Darros chipped it for his last level before promotion. Darros killed the boss and the Paladin with the Master Seal. Got the Master Seal, Money, and Arms Scroll chests. Thwomp bros died, if I end up getting one of them I have a save for this chapter left just in case. Chapter 13: 4/86 Promoted Merric. Just went forward pretty much. Recruited Astram for some much needed extra combat. He smacked the Thieves with the Devil Axe for some axe wexp while Merric healed people. Merric needs 12 more staff uses to reach Physic as a Bishop. STATS: Marth Lv. 11.13 Lord 27HP/13Str/0Mgc/8Skl/14Spd/16Lck/12Def/0Res C Swords Jeigan Lv. --/5.61 Swordmaster 24HP/7Str/1Mgc/17Skl/15Spd/2Lck/8Def/3Res B Swords Darros Lv 15/4.93 Hero 40HP/20Str/1Mgc/15Skl/17Spd/7Lck/11Def/3Res D Swords B Axes (1 Speedwing) Merric Lv. 14/1.24 Sage 43HP/3Str/12Mgc/10Skl/15Spd/9Lck/6Def/9Res B Tomes E Staves (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Spirit Dust) Astram Lv. --/1.60 Hero Base
  6. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Gradvius and Final Insanity DOUBLE SNIPED me, I'm salty as fuck. Uh... ASTRAM. He honestly won't even be that much worse than Caesar would have been. He can like ORKO mages with a Hand Axe for a few chapters even on H4 and 14 speed doubles most things in mid-game on H2. @coonrat1
  7. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    NO CURSE YOU GRADIVUS. Ok, time to scrape the bottom of the barrel and take the incredible DARROS. @coonrat1
  8. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    After much deliberation, I choose Merric. @umerol
  9. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    I enjoy tormenting myself so SURE.
  10. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    Fear Shrine: Looped Kliff to Bow Knight. Got Delthea to promotion. Gave Lukas the speed wells to double Bow Knights with the Ridersbane. Camus: 1/157 Kliff murdered literally everyone. Waterfall: 3/160 Kliff, Delthea, and Silque up top, everyone else on the bottom. Gave Silque the Soma to give her enough warp range to let Kliff get attacked by the boss on Turn 1. Maxed out the Rapier forge so Alm could ORKO the Gold Knights. Kliff got warped over Turn 1 and murdered most of the enemies up top. Delthea got warped next turn to help finish off the thwomps. Alm and Lukas killed the guys coming from the area on top of the stairs, and Python killled everything on the bottom. Secret Shrine: Gave all the defense wells and the ambrosia from last map to Python so he could fight all the Bow Knights next map without dying. Delthea learned Shove. Bow Knight Fort: 4/164 Kliff went up the middle, Python took the right, Delthea killed stuff on the left. Alm and Lukas got warped up to help clear out the Barons. Rudolph: 1/165 Yeet. STATS: Alm Lv. 12/9.39 Hero 41HP/21Str/18Skl/18Spd/14Lck/15Def/4Res Lukas Lv. 7/10/4.65 Bigger Thwomp 42HP/22Str/11Skl/12Spd/5Lck/19Def/2Res Kliff Lv. 3/7/10/10/3/7/10/9.73 Bow Knight 50HP/30Str/37Skl/41Spd/21Lck/26Def/10Res Silque Lv. 12/9.14 Saint 32HP/23Mgc/11Skl/10Spd/19Lck/8Def/12Res Python Lv. 7/10/10.58 Bow Knight 44HP/22Str/15Skl/18Spd/11Lck/19Def/4Res Delthea Lv. 14/4.48 Priestess 32HP/21Mgc/14Skl/21Spd/22Lck/6Def/15Res Duma Temple: Got Mycen to learn Shove and Silque to proc 1 more point of magic for the last map. Gave the exp wells to Kliff since he's like one of three people whose stats actually matter at this point. Duma: 2/167 Everyone who knew Shove on the left, everyone else on the right. Shoved Alm 5 spaces ahead, and he had the Speed Ring equipped for an extra tile of move. Warped Kliff up to kill one of the witches and bait Duma. Turn 2 Genny healed Kliff so he could attack Duma again without dying, then Conrad and Mycen shoved Alm into Silque's range and she warped him up to finish off Duma. Alm learned Scendscale on the hit that killed Duma lol. Final Turncount: 167 STATS: Alm Lv. 12/14.91 Hero 45HP/24Str/21Skl/20Spd/14Lck/16Def/4Res Celica Lv. 15/8.99 Princess 34HP/21Mgc/19Skl/21Spd/17Lck/14Def/8Res Lukas Lv. 7/10/6.31 Bigger Thwomp 44HP/23Str/12Skl/12Spd/5Lck/20Def/2Res Kliff Lv. 3/7/10/10/3/7/10/13.26 Bow Knight 52HP/32Str/39Skl/41Spd/21Lck/27Def/10Res Silque Lv. 12/10.97 Saint 32HP/24Mgc/11Skl/10Spd/19Lck/8Def/12Res Python Lv. 7/10/11.22 Bow Knight 45HP/22Str/15Skl/19Spd/11Lck/19Def/4Res Delthea Lv. 14/7.25 Priestess 33HP/23Mgc/15Skl/22Spd/22Lck/7Def/15Res Mycen Lv. 8.05 Gold Knight 45HP/22Str/14Skl/11Spd/3Lck/19Def/8Res Genny Lv. 12/8.13 Saint 31HP/17Mgc/12Skl/13Spd/16Lck/5Def/15Res Saber Lv. 7/10/12.72 Dread Fighter 42HP/21Str/20Skl/23Spd/15Lck/16Def/6Res VALBAR Lv. 10/2.93 Bigger Thwomp 41HP/23Str/11Skl/9Spd/5Lck/20Def/0Res Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/10.25 Bow Knight 45HP/26Str/17Skl/14Spd/13Lck/15Def/6Res Est Lv. 12/9.41 Falcon Knight 40HP/22Str/18Skl/21Spd/19Lck/21Def/14Res Conrad Lv. 10/4.83 Gold Knight 42HP/20Str/22Skl/18Spd/12Lck/14Def/12Res
  11. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    I like how Deen is just better than Kamui. Act I... again: 32/32 Got the same turncount on every map except Zofia Castle, where I saved 2 TURNS due to Kliff being super thicc this time, letting him kill nearly dead cavs to prevent them from running away instead of Kliff having to spend turns healing himself like last time. Also got Silque promoted before Zofia Castle this time with gratuitous heal spam and feeding her most of the Deliverance Hideout. Python still reached promotion but just barely this time due to prioritizing Silque instead. Level ups on every were generally better than before, mostly concerning Kliff's now existent defense stat. STATS: Alm Lv. 8.89 Fighter 32HP/14Str.13Skl/12Spd/9Lck/9Def/4Res Lukas Lv. 7/6.11 Thwomp 36HP/18Str/9Skl/6Spd/3Lck/14Def/2Res Kliff Lv. 3/7/5.94 Myrmidon 30HP/12Str/13Skl/17Spd/13Lck/12Def/8Res Silque Lv. 12/1.12 Saint 30HP/18Mgc/7Skl/9Spd/11Lck/5Def/12Res Python Lv. 7/2.45 Sniper 30HP/13Str/7Skl/7Spd/5Lck/7Def/4Res Also @General Horace the zombie fight outside Atlas' village only counts once, so you can take 2 turns off your total turncount. Also your turncount is off by 1 because in Act 1 you counted map 4 as 2 turns instead of 3. Novis Graveyard: 5/37 Boat I: 4/41 Boat II: 6/47 YO HO HO: 5/52 Cantor: 5/57 Dragons: 3/60 Boat III: 3/63 Celica could double and ORKO the mercs this time which saved a turn. Tried to feed the boss to Valbar but he was 2 HP short of killing him due to lances not existing on Celica route. Boat IV: 4/67 Valbar didn't get the bosskill this time sadly, but he did get 3 generic Arcanist kills so he actually ended up with more exp than before. Conrad: 3/70 :pepohype: STATS: Celica Lv. 10.38 Priestess 23HP/16Mgc/13Skl/16Spd/13Lck/7Def/8Res Genny Lv. 7.33 Cleric 21HP/12Mgc/7Skl/6Spd/10Lck/3Def/14Res Saber Lv. 7/4.22 Myrmidon 32HP/12Str/15Skl/16Spd/10Lck/9Def/6Res VALBAR Lv. 3.60 Thwomp 31HP/16Str/6Skl/2Spd/2Lck/13Def/0Res Palla & Catria: 4/74 Zombones: 3/77 Cancer Archer Fort: 7/84 Sonya: 4/88 Fear the amazing ARCHER ATLAS. Grieth: 8/97 Valbar killed the Myrm at the bottom of the map and got SPEED, Celica went left, everyone else went right. Atlas murdered almost everything by himself with the Killer Bow. After the map, gave Atlas the 2nd Pegasus Cheese, promoted him, and also got Deen to Dread Fighter to kill skirmishes for me. Got the amazing Est :weary:. Polnareff: 3/100 Dragon Shrine: Got Est to level 10, Valbar to level 9, and got Genny and Saber promoted. Went back to the Sea Shrine and gave the exp wells to Est to promote her, then gave Valbar the Golden Apple to promote him. Mila's Temple: 5/105 I could have done it in 4 turns if Atlas dodged more Arcanists, but I didn't feel like wasting too much time trying to get that to happen. STATS: Celica Lv. 15/1.00 Princess 32HP/17Mgc/17Skl/20Spd/14Lck/10Def/8Res Genny Lv. 12/2.08 Saint 30HP/16Mgc/10Skl/9Spd/14Lck/5Def/15Res Saber Lv. 7/10/3.18 Dread Fighter 37HP/17Str/18Skl/18Spd/13Lck/13Def/6Res VALBAR Lv. 10/1.02 Bigger Thwomp 40HP/22Str/10Skl/8Spd/5Lck/19Def/0Res Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/4.81 Bow Knight 41Hp/23Str/14Skl/13Spd/10Lck/14Def/6Res Est Lv. 12/1.22 Falcon Knight 36HP/13Str/12Skl/15Spd/10Lck/10Def/13Res Fernand: 4/109 Arcanist Hell: 5/114 Berkut: 1/115 Desaix: 4/119 Sylvan Shrine: Gave Python 3 exp wells. Promoted everyone. Lukas learned shove. Cav Spam: 2/121 Bow Spam: 2/123 PYTHON TIME Delthea: 3/126 2 turn is theoretically possible but fuck having Python dodge all those Deaths to make that happen. This way there's no chance of death for anyone, Python just needs to crit with Hunter's Volley at like 50 crit so it's not too bad. STATS: Alm Lv. 12.51 Fighter 34HP/15Str/14Skl/12Spd/10Lck/12Def/4Res Lukas Lv. 7/10/1.44 Bigger Thwomp 40HP/22Str/10Skl/6Spd/5Lck/18Def/2Res Kliff Lv. 3/7/10/3.89 Dread Fighter 37HP/17Str/18Skl/24Spd/14Lck/15Def/10Res Silque Lv. 12/5.08 Saint 31HP/19Mgc/9Skl/10Spd/15Lck/6Def/12Res Python Lv. 7/10/4.92 Bow Knight 41HP/18Str/12Skl/14Spd/7Lck/12Def/4Res Delthea Lv. 3.00 Mage Base Swampy Swamps of Swampiness: 4/130 Dragon Graveyard: 1/131 Purple Dragon Mountain: 5/136 Gave the exp wells in Mila's Temple to Conrad. Lost Woods: Got Conrad to promotion since it lets him ORKO Witches in the next map with a javelin. Fed the rest of the map to Saber so he could learn ROUNDHOUSE. Duma's Gate: 5/141 Conrad, Celica, and VALBAR killed Witches outside, Saber, Est, and Atlas dealt with stuff inside. Genny healed Atlas a bunch. ROUNDHOUSE: 2/143 Featuring my biggest brain strat yet: Letting Conrad fucking die. Yes, this has to happen because Genny can't heal him on Turn 2 since she needs to kill a demon thwomp using the Mage Ring. So Conrad and Atlas attack Jedah on Turn 1, Genny and Est each kill a thwomp (Genny got shoved by Valbar into range), Celica moved up. Turn 2, Atlas has to kill an eyeball in front of Jedah so Saber can reach him, so Conrad has to get sacked to get the third hit in on Jedah. Saber ROUNDHOUSES Jedah in the face, and then Celica and Genny finish off the last two demon thwomps. Don't worry though, I went back to the Dragon Shrine and revived Conrad for the tower. Legion of Duma: Sent Alm the Killer Bow, Mage Ring, and Dracoshield. Got Conrad and Celica to learn Shove. STATS: Celica Lv. 15/8.75 Priestess 34HP/21Mgc/19Skl/21Spd/17Lck/14Def/8Res Genny Lv. 12/8.05 Saint 30HP/17Mgc/12Skl/13Spd/16Lck/5Def/15Res Saber Lv. 7/10/12.62 Dread Fighter 42HP/21Str/20Skl/23Spd/15Lck/16Def/6Res VALBAR Lv. 10/2.91 Bigger Thwomp 41HP/23Str/11Skl/9Spd/5Lck/20Def/0Res Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/10.18 Bow Knight 45HP/26Str/17Skl/14Spd/13Lck/15Def/6Res Est Lv. 12/9.31 Falcon Knight 40HP/22Str/18Skl/21Spd/19Lck/21Def/14Res Conrad Lv. 10/4.81 Gold Knight 42HP/20Str/22Skl/18Spd/12Lck/14Def/12Res Berkut Again: 4/147 Promoted Alm. Warped Python up to kill Berkut since Kliff gets too held up by all the javelin guys getting in his way. Warped Alm over to the left turn 2 to help Lukas and Delthea kill the thwomps. Kliff killed the right thwomps and Silque killed the Arcanists. Saizo: 3/150 Had to max out a Brave Sword so Kliff could kill the Dread Fighters sort of reliably. Wasn't too hard besides that. Mountain of Thwomps: 3/153 Uh, yeah, Python OP. Python murdered everything on the right while Kliff and Alm got warped up to kill those guys. Nuibaba: 3/156 Featuring AI shenanigans.exe. Warped Python in range of the Bow Knight turn one to get him out of the way, then warped Kliff up Turn 2 to kill the Arcanist above Nuibaba. Since Kliff is the only unit in her range, she attacks him at 1 range and get's blown up by a Brave Sword crit. All the Dread Fighters get blown up by Brave Sword crits too. Silqu then warps Python up and he crits the Cantor. Kliff kills an Arcanist, and the other two Arcanists suicide on Python on enemy phase, him needing to dodge one.
  12. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    Palla & Catria: 4/80 VALBAR actually did stuff here, 2HKOing the brigands with the Steel Lance. Genny's invoked soldiers killed a bunch of hald-dead brigands that were trying to run away. Genny fought the guy coming from the bottom right corner. She had to deliberately miss Nosferatu once against him so he wouldn't run away so the invoked soldiers could finish him off. EDIT: Hey you know that part where I let Leon died and I thought I could get away with it because I didn't draft him? Well he has the only bow on Celica's side until after beating the Cancer Archer Fort, and I kind of need a Bow to beat that map without losing a million turns, so I have to restart the entire run now. GG.
  13. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    Hey y'all it's time for some PROGRESS. Village Brigands: 2/2 Kliff got A KILL. Forest Brigands: 4/6 Kliff needed to proc speed here to double the brigands to kill everything on time but it wasn't that bad. Thief Shrine: Fed most of the Brigand boss fight to Lukas so he could reach level 7 and promote to THWOMP. Kliff promoted to Merc. Fed the dungeon fights to Silque who also got 2 Speed wells. Alm chipped his way to a level. Merc on a Mountain: 5/11 Knight!Lukas is amazing here because he ORKOs most of the Brigands, and thanks to a speed proc he can double the boss and bring him down into range for Kliff to easilly finish him off. Silque needs to hit the evil Merc man like every time at 59 hit which was awful, good thing we have DA TURNWHEEL. In a Fort: 7/18 Yeah this takes forever if you don't have two ranged units. Silque got fed almost the entire map. She's 1 exp away from warp lol. Lightning Sword I: 3/21 Yep. Lightning Sword II: Electric Boogaloo: 5/26 Warped Kliff up then warped Lukas later. Gave the bosskill to Alm cause Kliff hit level 7 mid chapter. Deliverance Hideout: Promoted Kliff. Got Python to level 7 and promote him too. Fed the rest of the fights to Silque for more warp range. Gave Silque all of the attack wells. Lukas learned Swap. Doombot Desaix: 8/34 Probably could have done it a turn faster but fuck these hitrates man. Kliff got 2 strength too so screw redoing this lol. Warped up Kliff and then Alm. Lukas and Python made their way up by foot. STATS: Alm Lv. 8.53 Fighter 34HP/14Str/12Skl/10Spd/10Lck/8Def/4Res Lukas Lv. 7/6.27 Thwomp 39HP/17Str/8Skl/6Spd/3Lck/16Def/3Res Kliff Lv. 3/7/5.44 Myrmidon 32HP/13Str/14Skl/17Spd/12Lck/7Def/8Res Silque Lv. 10.74 Cleric 21HP/18Mgc/8Skl/8Spd/9Lck/2Def/11Res Python Lv. 7/2.33 Sniper 30HP/12Str/6Skl/8Spd/4Lck/6Def/4Res Novis Graveyard: 5/39 Gave Celica 2 strength wells and 1 speed well. Genny uh, killed two guys! I'm on a Boat I: 4/43 Pretty good.wav. I'm on a Boat II: 6/49 Not having Mae really sucked here. YO HO HO: 6/55 Celica didn't know Thunder yet so it took forever to reach the boss. Genny got Invoke. Fuck This Boss: 5/60 Somehow didn't actually take forever to do. Saber and Celica managed to kill him. Valbar fed mooks to Genny. DRAGURNS: 4/64 Celica has proced like no speed so she couldn't double the dragons and I was to lazy too rig a crit on the second one to save a turn. Sea Shrine: Skipped all the enemies since I need to feed them to Atlas. Just promoted Saber and got the Blessed Sword. I'm on a Boat III: 4/68 Celica could ORKO the brigands with a Steel Sword and Saber could double the mercs so this wasn't too bad. VALBAR killed an archer since he could actually double it lol. I'm on a Boat IV: 5/73 Valbar killed the boss with a jank crit, which I decided to keep because it's Valbar and it's hilarious. He got like an entire level out of it too. Conrad: 3/76 We did it guys. STATS: Celica Lv. 10.20 Priestess 21HP/15Mgc/13Skl/11Spd/14Lck/7Def/7Res Genny Lv. 7.98 Cleric 19HP/11Mgc/5Skl/9Spd/9Lck/1Def/14Res Saber Lv. 7/3.74 Myrmidon 31HP/13Str/12Skl/15Spd/6Lck/9Def/6Res VALBAR Lv. 3.17 Thwomp 32HP/16Str/6Skl/2Spd/2Lck/13Def/0Res
  14. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    Delthea and VALBAR. :balance: @Thokk Patrol