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  1. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Chapter 9: 6/64 Promoted Elice and Astram. Gave Elrean the Arms Scroll to use Excalibur. Chapter 10: 3/67 Use such amazing units like SNIPER ELICE and PIRATE ELREAN in this Chapter. No Feena means no 2 turn RIP. Swordmaster Elice can only move one tile over the River instead of two like Sniper can if you were wondering. Doesn't effect the turncount, but it lets Elice chip a Bishop on Turn 1 so Elrean can kill it even if it rounds up on defense and HP (which it did). More detailed descriptions later when I'm feeling less lazy. Chapter 10x: 2/69 Yeah. Fed kills to Elrean and Malice mostly. Had Astram chip the boss with a Steel Bow so Malice could kill him for that sweet exp. Chapter 11: 6/75 The 5 turn didn't work out cause Elice gets 2HKOed by Wyverns RIP. This let me get all of the treasure at least. Fed a bunch of wyverns to Malice and Elrean. They ended the map just shy of Level 17 so I used the drill grounds on them after the chapter and then promoted them. Got Caesar and used him to buy the dragon-slaying weapons from the secret shop. Stats: Elice Lv. 16/3.63 Swordmaster 36HP/5Str/14Mgc/24Skl/26Spd/17Lck/12Def/6Res C Swords (1 Boots) Primrose Lv. 14/10.64 Dracoknight 44HP/26Str/4Mgc/23Skl/23Spd/20Lck/25Def/3Res B Lances D Axes (1 Goddess Icon) Midia Lv. --/9.51 Paladin 32HP/14Str/1Mgc/17Skl/18Spd/8Lck/15Def/7Res C Swords A Lances Samson Lv. 16/7.34 Dracoknight 44HP/23Str/1Mgc/19Skl/22Spd/22Lck/23Def/3Res D Lances A Axes (1 Speedwing) Astram Lv. 16/3.42 Horseman 35HP/19Str/1Mgc/19Skl/23Spd/12Lck/17Def/3Res B Swords D Bows (2 Secret Books) Malice Lv. 17/1.00 Falcon Knight 40HP/18Str/4Mgc/16Skl/21Spd/12Lck/14Def/10Res C Swords D Lances (1 Angelic Robe) Elrean Lv. 17/1.00 Swordmaster 38HP/7Str/13Mgc/19Skl/26Spd/3Lck/14Def/5Res C Swords (1 Spirit Dust) Maria Lv. 20/1.65 Sage 34HP/3Str/14Mgc/17Skl/9Spd/20Lck/4Def/16Res D Tomes A Staves Feena Lv. 12.84 Dancer Base
  2. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Chapter 8: 3/58 Sent Malice to the drill grounds to gain speed so she could double the Generals with Scorpio as a cavalier. Forged a +3 Might, +5 hit Armorslayer named "Tobin Baby!" so she could ORKO the Generals. Reclassed Midia to Sage to Rescue Elice. Samson and Primrose blocked the bridge on Turn 1 to protect my squishy units from the Paladins. Elrean got fed the thief at the start with chip from Astram. Xane copied Samson so he could go down and kill the Leo thief next turn. Nagi bought a Hammer. Turn 2, Elice recruited Excalibur, I mean Merric. Elrean stood in range of the Sniper and Malice in range of the closest General. Xane got Leo. Turn 3, Elrean finished off the Sniper, Malice killed the Arms Scroll General, and then Astram took the Armorslayer and killed another General for exp. Primrose killed the generic Sniper boss, then Samson moved one tile down and one tile left of Elrean so that Midia would Rescue Elice close enough to seize.
  3. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Malicia I guess?
  4. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Chapter 7: 1 Tile Short/55 Myrm Elice is 1 tile short of reaching the gate on Turn 6 RIP.
  5. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Ryan. @Sturm EDIT: Here have some progress. Prologue: It Happened Fed most of it to MU, who is a cav named Primrose. She almost reached C Swords cause with no Luke an Iron Lance doesn't show up until Prologue 7, whoops. Elrean and Astram got a few levels. Got Nagi one level so she would gain HP and/or defense to not get 2HKOed by brigands in Chapter 1. Maria got C Staves. Chapter 1: 6/6 Made Elice a mage so she could actually get kills. Nagi fed Elice a brigand on turn 1 and Maria and Primrose killed the rest of the ones near the start. Nagi killed the thief after Peg Lena got the bullion while Primrose murdered stuff with an Iron Lance to build lance rank. On Turn 5, I chipped Lorenz with Silver Lance!Midia and two Steel Sword hits from Primrose so that Elice could exactly finish him off with Fire. Maria spammed staves a bit. Chapter 2: 7/13 Reclassed Midia to Dracoknight. Needed the leftmost Soldier to round down on speed so Midia could ORKO him. Midia went left to head off the Thief. Everyone else killed stuff near the start. After getting the Lady Sword, Primrose grabbed it out of the convoy and killed one Dracoknight on enemy phase, while Midia chipped the boss with the Silver Lance. Primrose couldn't double the boss, which ended up costing a turn since he was in Elice's way to the gate so Elice finished him off and reached the gate 2 turns later. Nagi and Midia teamed up to kill the left Dracoknight. Gave that kill to Midia since she actually has potential long term use while Nagi is mostly just filler for the first few maps before hitting the bench. Stats: Elice Lv. 10.64 Mage 23HP/0Str/9Mgc/10Skl/10Spd/11Lck/5Def/5Res E Tomes Primrose Lv. 12.13 Cavalier 31HP/16Str/2Mgc/13Skl/16Spd/12Lck/14Def/0Res C Swords D Lances Midia Lv. --/4.55 Dracoknight 25HP/13Str/1Mgc/14Skl/14Spd/7Lck/14Def/2Res B Lances E Axes Nagi Lv. 6.84 Manakete 21HP/2Str/0Mgc/1Skl/4Spd/1Lck/3Def/9Res Maria Lv. 7.37 Cleric 20HP/0Str/6Mgc/8Skl/6Spd/12Lck/2Def/12Res C Staves Chapter 3: 7/20 Everyone is the same class as last chapter. Primrose kills three Dracoknights near the start while everyone else moves ahead. Elice eventually reaches the village While Midia gets the Master Seal and SAMSON tanks a bunch of Dracoknights on a fort. Eventually Elice catches up after getting the bridge key to get fed the boss for the third map in a row. Midia also chipped the stationary Dracoknight on the mountain so it would suicide on Elice on enemy phase. Overall, Primrose got 4 Dracoknight kills, Samson 5, Midia and Elice 1. Promoted Primrose after the map. Chapter 3x: 7/27 Promoted Primrose. Fed a bunch of thwomps to Elice, who got a perfect level and reached D Tomes. Samson still refuses to get speed even as a Pirate. Chapter 4: 7/34 Made Elice a Myrmidon this chapter since it was really easy to feed her kills due to Midia leaving brigands at 3 HP after attacking them with an Iron Sword. Didn't even need the Lady Sword to finish them off with Elice. Macellan recruited Est Turn 1 so she could kill the pirates and then promptly died. Abel and Dolph killed the thief and then hid in a corner the rest of the map. Elice, Midia, and Primrose went over to the boss area while Nagi got the Armorslayer and Astram/Samson killed stuff coming from the forts for exp. Had Astram intentionally not ORKO the pirates by using an Iron Sword to grind out a little bit more wexp, which worked cause he reached B Swords. Primrose also reached C Lances by killing the boss. Chapter 5: 6/40 Elice went back to Mage cause Astram needed to go Myrmidon to double the Snipers and ORKO them with the Devil Sword. Reclassed Midia to Sniper to kill Minerva to get Hautclare. Sent Midia to the Drill Grounds for a level. Forged a +4 Might, +5 hit Steel Bow called "Yeet!" to OHKO Minerva. Had Samson and Elice go towards the boss area right away while everyone else cleared out stuff near the start. Primrose got the Master Seal, then killed the Dracoknights before baiting the Sniper and cavs near the boss to move up so that Elice wouldn't be in range of them when she and Samson entered the boss area. Midia killed Minerva, while Astram killed one Sniper and Nagi + Astram!Xane killed another one, leaving one alive for Nagi to tank on enemy phase. Astram then killed that one next turn while Midia got the Physic Staff. Samson killed the boss for his final level before promotion to let Elice seize turn 6. Chapter 6: 6/46 Reclassed Astram to Hunter and had him use the Drill Grounds to gain speed to double the Bishops. Promoted Samson. Reclassed Midia to Sage to use Rescue. Elice with a Barrier boost took care of the mages in the treasure room while Astram got the Secret Book. Everyone else went left. Had Xane copy Paladin!Primrose so he could talk to Robert after opening the door, which uh, apparently he can do in this newest patch. Samson baited the thwomps in the throne room to move and then he killed the Bishops while Xane,Primrose and Midia finished off the half-dead thwomps. Primrose ORKOed Lang with the Armorslayer on the last turn and then Elice got Rescued by Midia to seize. Chapter 6x: 2/48 Midia and Primrose went General. Astram went back to Merc to ORKO Fighters. Sent Elice to the Drill Grounds to get a speed proc to ORKO archers. Pretty simple. Samson went up and hand axe'd stuff, including the boss, Primrose thwomped dudes on the left, Astram and Nagi blocked a bridge on the right so Elice wouldn't die. Maria healed. Samson and Primrose got amazing levels. Stats: Elice Lv. 15.35 Mage 27HP/0Str/13Mgc/13Skl/14Spd/14Lck/7Def/6Res D Tomes Primrose Lv. 14/5.29 General 47HP/22Str/4Mgc/19Skl/19Spd/16Lck/26Def/3Res C Lances E Bows Midia Lv. --/7.79 General 36HP/14Str/1Mgc/14Skl/14Spd/7Lck/22Def/2Res B Lances E Bows Nagi Lv. 8.59 Manakete 23HP/4Str/1Mgc/1Skl/6Spd/2Lck/4Def/9Res Maria Lv. 14.71 Cleric 25HP/9Str/8Mgc/14Skl/7Spd/19Lck/2Def/15Res B Staves Samson Lv. 16/3.07 Hero 44HP/20Str/1Mgc/23Skl/23Spd/18Lck/19Def/3Res D Swords A Axes Astram Lv. 13.95 Mercenary 30HP/14Str/0Mgc/16Skl/19Spd/10Lck/14Def/0Res B Swords
  6. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

  7. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Dice? @Sturm
  8. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Gordin. @Finalinsanity
  9. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Uh, Bord? Maybe he can Parthia some fools and put poor Jeorge out of a job lol. @Sturm
  10. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    The shitlord himself Matthis shall join my team. Totally sacking him to make the Chapter 23 dragons move. @Finalinsanity
  11. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Physic bot, er I mean Linde. @Sturm
  12. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Jeorge. @Finalinsanity
  13. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Uh, Nagi to help out in the early chapters I guess. @Sturm
  14. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    The amazing Radd. @Finalinsanity
  15. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    Elrean. TEAM THICC IS BACK BABY @Sturm