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  1. The thing to keep in mind about the tier list (the reddit one is what you are referring to right?) is that it operates under the assumption that we actually fight the enemies in the dungeons instead of skipping them all. In Clive's case this means that he would already be promoted by 1-7 (possibly Python as well), and the extra exp lets everyone reach benchmarks more easily. I think the lack of dungeon exp and the pace of the run won't make it possible for Clive to surpass Mathilda in this context. Although on the topic of dungeon exp, in drafts of Echoes we were allowed to fight each dungeon encounter once each, and perhaps the most notable aspect of this was that it gave whichever male villager you got to loop from Dread Fighter to Bow Knight in Fear Shrine to basically handle the rest of the act by themselves due to their massive stats. I'm interested to see just how much the lack of this will impact your turncount. Even without the massive stats of a looped Bow Knight, having multiple Bow Knights is definitely necessary for low turning the later maps in Act 4, so Archer!Kliff will be worth investing into for that.
  2. I did manage to get Sage!Artur to A Staves in time on Ephraim Route in a draft once, although I promoted him in Chapter 8 to start spamming staves earlier, and even then it required doing dumb shit like rigging Joshua to get hit by an axe at 26 displayed hit so that Artur would be able to use a staff on Turn 1. You need to ask yourself if the one turn Sage in Chapter 20 over Bishop is worth it at that point.
  3. Chapter 19: 6/102 Sent Sirius to the Drill Grounds once to reach C Axes as a Dracoknight. Forged a +3 Ridersbane so that Sirius could OHKO Paladins. Marth walked all the way around while Sirius and Caeda cleared out enemies for him. Luke killed a few things too I guess. Sirius doubled back to kill Vyland's squad and then got danced to be in position to kill the boss next turn. Darros acted as ballista bait so that Merric and Katarina could heal him to boost their staff rank. Merric is 1 staff use away from C Staves as a Bishop. Stats: Marth Lv. 25.42 Lord 48HP/25Str/0Mgc/24Skl/25Spd/25Lck/21Def/3Res B Swords Mathilda Lv. 14/18.00 Paladin 54HP/25Str/5Mgc/28Skl/25Spd/25Lck/22Def/8Res C Swords A Lances Luke Lv. 15/15.78 Horseman 49HP/24Str/0Mgc/26Skl/29Spd/16Lck/20Def/3Res B Swords B Bows Sirius Lv. --/18.98 Dracoknight 48HP/26Str/1Mgc/24Skl/23Spd/14Lck/20Def/4Res A Lances C Axes Caeda Lv. 18/14.04 Falcon Knight 48HP/24Str/3Mgc/26Skl/26Spd/28Lck/18Def/12Res E Swords A Lances Cain Lv. 15/9.20 Sniper 44HP/20Str/1Mgc/25Skl/26Spd/12Lck/17Def/3Res C Bows WRYS Lv. 20/4.65 Sage 32HP/3Str/10Mgc/15Skl/14Spd/15Lck/3Def/19Res D Tomes B Staves Merric Lv. 16/8.72 Bishop 37HP/1Str/17Mgc/18Skl/22Spd/12Lck/13Def/14Res C Tomes D Staves Katarina Lv. --/8.68 Sage 34HP/3Str/13Mgc/16Skl/16Spd/7Lck/9Def/7Res B Tomes C Staves
  4. Chapter 11: 6/62 Promoted Cain. Mathilda went up to kill the boss with Sirius following behind to get some treasure and ARRAN to Rescue Marth. Luke went left, and everyone else went up to get exp. Sirius got to D Axes. Chapter 12: 7/69 Had to slow down a turn or else Marth would die to the reinforcements coming from the top forts. Promoted Caeda to Falconknight and gave her a robe. Gave Sirius a robe, Speedwing, and Goddess Icon. Gave Marth a Dracoshield. Cain and Merric stayed behind to kill reinforcements from the bottom. Chapter 13: 4/73 Marth, Berserker!Sirius, and Caeda went to the boss while everyone else self-improved. Mathilda got 2 physics from the secret shop. Chapter 13x: 2/75 Gave Marth the other speedwing to double the Myrmidons. Caeda, Mathilda, and Sirius went up while Luke took care of Klarise and the bottom enemies. WRYS reached level 20, so WRYS promotion hype. Chapter 14: 5/80 Took an extra turn to feed dragons to people. Cain got Warp. Luke got to B Swords and Arran got to C Staves as a Bishop. Chapter 15: 6/86 Forged a huge +6 Javelin so that Mathilda could ORKO Warriors in Chapter 17 from range, and it was also used here to clear out the huge squad of dudes near the start of the map. Turn 1 was super annoying because Berserker!Leiden needed to use the Devil Axe to ORKO a Ballista, and because he had the lowest defense, the General near the boss would attack him on enemy phase and 90% of the time would either kill Leiden with a crit or Leiden would kill himself with recoil, which was infuriating. Thankfully I managed to get through. The rest of the map was spent killing random dudes for their stuff and sending dudes to the Arena to get money since that Javelin forge was really expensive. Had Feena dance Merric most of the map so he could build staff rank since getting him to Physic would be really nice because he actually has a magic stat unlike Arran or WRYS. Oh, and Marth got to B Swords I guess. Chapter 16: 2/88 Yep. Chapter 16x: 2/90 Exhilarating gameplay! Chapter 17: 4/94 Gave Caeda an Energy Drop to ORKO Warriors with the Lady Sword. Mathilda, Luke, and Merric went ahead while Berserker!Sirius and Xane killed the Dracos coming from the top left. Caeda and Cain helped I guess. Merric reached D Staves as a Sage. Chapter 18: 2/96 Hero!Luke and Swordmaster!Mathilda took care of the thwomps while Marth and Sirius took care of the Paladins near the village. Caeda and Cain thwomped the Wolfguard. Xane got the Arms Scroll. Darros contributed and tanked a ballista!
  5. Chapter 8: 3/47 Yep. Horseman!Luke went up and killed the Snipers and Jeorge, while Cain got fed a thief and a thwomp for a level. Marth also got a Paladin kill set up by Sirius. Mathilda killed most of the thwomps by herself though. Arran got the Leo shard and reached A Lances. Stats: Marth Lv. 12.53 Lord 33HP/14Str/0Mgc/15Skl/15Spd/14Lck/11Def/0Res C Swords Mathilda Lv. 14/7.99 Dracoknight 40HP/26Str/3Mgc/24Skl/23Spd/17Lck/19Def/4Res B Lances E Axes Arran Lv. --/6.43 Dracoknight 27HP/11Str/1Mgc/14Skl/11Spd/4Lck/13Def/3Res A Lances E Axes Luke Lv. 15/3.87 Horseman 37HP/22Str/1Mgc/19Skl/23Spd/12Lck/14Def/3Res C Swords D Bows WRYS Lv. 10.81 Curate 20HP/0Str/5Mgc/8Skl/10Spd/7Lck/3Def/10Res C Staves Sirius Lv. --/5.77 Dracoknight 30HP/16Str/1Mgc/17Skl/17Spd/5Lck/15Def/3Res A Lances E Axes Caeda Lv. 13.82 Pegasus Knight 25HP/12Str/2Mgc/15Skl/20Spd/20Lck/11Def/6Res C Lances Cain Lv. 11.20 Cavalier 28HP/12Str/0Mgc/11Skl/12Spd/5Lck/13Def/0Res C Swords D Lances Feena Lv. 2.36 Dancer Don't Care Chapter 9: 5/52 WRYS Thief Staffed the treasure and Marth walked to the village while every one else cleaned out enemies. Fed Cain two wyverns and a mage. Gave the boss kill to Caeda. Chapter 10: 2/54 Yep. Got the gold with WRYS. Chapter 10x: 2/56 Took an extra turn to feed kills to my unpromoted dudes.
  6. Just decided to start now since none of the remaining units matter. Prologue: Free Did a cavalier Kris named Mathilda with +2 speed/skill, +1 strength/magic, and +30% HP growth for that dank 100% HP growth as a cav. Fed every kill to a drafted unit. Athena got no kills though haha. Got Mathilda to D Lances and about 3/4ths of the way to C Swords, Luke to C Swords, Wrys to D Staves, and got Cain to use a lance 8 times so that he'll have C Lances after promoting. Chapter 1: 4/4 Had to rig the Hunter in the group near Lorenz to have 8 speed so Marth could ORKO it. Had to keep Luke as a cav instead of a Merc for the move. Made Arran a THWOMP so he could tank a bunch of brigands and leave them at low enough HP for Luke to kill without taking a counter. Mathilda fullmoved to Lorenz every turn, needing to dodge 1 axe at any point during the chapter to live. In retrospect I should have forged crit on the Steel Lance to save me a headache on Lorenz but oh well, it's done now. Chapter 2: 6/10 Made Luke a Hunter and Arran a Dracoknight. Forged a +3 Iron Bow so that Luke could finish off the boss after Marth chips him. Was pretty easy since Mathilda and Luke could ORKO everything except the boss, although Mathilda needed Arran to give her the Lady Sword he obtained for her to ORKO a generic Draco. A strength proc mid chapter should let her ORKO Dracos next chapter with a Steel Lance iirc. Chapter 3: 7/17 Had to take an extra turn because Mathilda is the only one who can reach the boss on Turn 6 and she doesn't ORKO. Couldn't forge crit either because I forged a +3 Iron Axe instead so that Pirate!Luke could ORKO Dracos. Mathilda Lady Sword'd the Dracos near the start and Arran thwomped the mountain ones and then the far right ones and then they suicided on Luke. Gave the bosskill to Luke since Mathilda wouldn't have gotten a level from killing him and she's promoting next chapter anyways. Chapter 3x: 6/23 Fed thwomps to Marth. Luke got so much strength last chapter that he ORKOs these thwomps with the Iron Bow forge and Taurus as a Hunter. Made Arran a Sage to heal dudes. Dracoknight!Mathilda flew ahead and saved WRYS. Chapter 4: 3/26 Rescued General!Mathilda over to kill the Pirates and then Rescued Marth next turn. Chipped the boss with an Iron Bow and fed it to Sirius. Luke went cav and tanked pirates so Wrys could heal him. Chapter 5: 5/31 Couldn't get any Sniper kills since pretty much everyone was needed to get thwomps out of Marth's way so he could seize in time. Luke stayed behind to get the Physic Staff. Chapter 6: 6/37 Took the left side this time. Sirius went Sniper and killed the Bishops on the right. Luke killed the mages in the treasure room and Arran went Bishop to Rescue Marth on the last turn. Mathilda killed the boss with the Armorslayer. Chapter 6x: 2/39 Yep. Promoted Luke. Chapter 7: 5/44 Sent Hero!Luke and WRYS left to get the Physic Staff while the flier squad killed everything else. Tradechained Scorpio to Mathilda so that she could double and ORKO most of Astram's Hero squad. I wanted to feed the boss to Caeda, but Sirius got a jank single digit crit with the Silver Lance, so I fed Astram to Caeda instead.
  7. Abel and Midia. @Finalinsanity
  8. Time to meme harder than ever before. Dolph and Macellan.
  9. Jake and Athena.
  10. Katarina and Darros. Also Final Insanity picked ROGER so @Gradivus. your up.
  11. I hate you all. Merric and Leiden.
  13. Not Yumina! Well, this means I know what I must do. Memes shall become dreams. Cain and WRYS. @Finalinsanity
  14. Ok, finally back from work and dinner. Will probably get rid of RP since I agree with Gradivus' statement after thinking about it more. Also Final Insanity doesn't have access to RP either so yeah. Terrador's picks are already amazing and getting him to join was totally worth it. I'll take that guy who totally isn't Camus and Marth's waifu. It's nice to play a game where Camus is worth drafting for once. @Finalinsanity
  15. Terrador has graciously offered to be the 4th person, so we can finally start drafting. Luke for me then. @Finalinsanity