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  1. FE7 EHM: Pick My Unit

    Lowen will thwomp his way right into your heart.
  2. [FE12] H2: Marth and Co. Vs. The World

    Chapter 20x: 4/111 I did the thing guys. Chapter 21: 5/116 Forged a +2 Brave Sword so that Marth could ORKO everything on his way to the village. Formed a wall with my dudes to protect Feena on Turn 1, and then everyone just kind of killed off stragglers. Used 3 Again and 1 Warp, not sure if this is optimal staff usage but oh well. Katarina reached B Staves on Turn 1 so she could use Again on Marth, although Wrys could have done it instead and she could have been the Warp user. Also RIP Midia who got all of the stat boosters and then died to a wyvern so that Marth would live. Chapter 22: 4/120 Chapter 23: 3/123 Endgame: 2/125 Final Turncount: 125 Turns
  3. Mah boy Castor demands a place in your army.
  4. Ok, after getting 120 orbs from doing all of the Chain Challenges I hadn't done yet, managed to get Deirdre, Spring Camilla, Ike, and Brave Lyn. And a bunch of healers because my pulls were like 60% colorless orbs.
  5. For 102 orbs I got two Hinatas and 3000 feathers worth of garbage. I think I'll be able to get between 60-80 orbs from finishing all of the Lunatic Chain challenges I haven't done before the banner ends so hopefully I'll actually get a 5*. If the only 5* I get is Spring Xander though I'm quitting the game.
  6. What's your feather roadmap look like?

    I have a few things I want to do, and the order I want to do them in changes like every week lol. Promote Barst to give Fred Brave Axe+ and Reposition Promote Effie to give Fred Death Blow 3 Promote Ursula Promote Odin to give Ursula Blarblade Promote Sophia Promote Michalis Promote Nino Promote Raven Recently promoted Benchlord to 5* to have an arena bonus unit. Kind of busy getting HM for dudes in TT so I don't know when I'll actually get started with any of these projects. Fred will probably be the first one done though since I already promoted him to 5*.
  7. I'm back, this time with working images!
  8. I didn't see this topic until today, so I missed the Fire Emblem 3x3, but hopefully Jedi won't mind if I post one anyway haha.
  9. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Chapter 14: 9/113 Natasha charged ahead and killed everything while Ross carried Eirika around and killed the boss with the Swordreaver. Had L'arachel recruit Rennac. Got the Spear and the Hammerne Staff. Natasha is already at A Light lol. Chapter 15: 6/119 This was actually way easier than I was expecting. Ross went down and murdered everything down there. Eirika went left and killed Callech and his goons, and Natasha kill the Pegasus Knight reinforcements coming from the right. She also picked up the Metis' Tome which I wasn't expecting to get, so I had her use that so she'll proc magic more easily. Eirika also got the Warp Staff by herself, so Colm got the Body Ring instead. Rennac got the Boots and a Wyrmslayer. Chapter 16: 2/121 Boots to Ross, Body Ring to Natasha. Eirika moves up and uses a pure water, then is rescued by Ross. Ross then gets danced and then Natasha warps him over the wall. Ross then moves up and drops Eirika. Ross kills Orson next turn and then Eirika seizes. Stats: Eirika Lv. 20/1.00 Great Lord 34HP/19Str/21Skl/21Spd/18Lck/15Def/12Res S Swords (1 Goddess Icon) Ross Lv. 10/16/13.85 Berserker 49HP/28Str/24Skl/22Spd/30Lck/16Def/9Res S Axes (2 Secret Books, 1 Boots) Natasha Lv. 10/8.12 Bishop 28HP/21Mgc/9Skl/21Spd/19Lck/9Def/21Res A Light A Staves (1 Energy Ring, 1 Speedwing, 1 Body Ring, 1 Metis' Tome) Tethys Lv. 5.28 Dancer 22HP/1Str/2Skl/15Spd/14Lck/8Def/7Res Chapter 17: 1/122 Warp Ross ahead 6 tiles, dance Natasha, have her Warp Ross again, and then he chips Lyon and Lyon dies on enemy phase. Chapter 18: 10/132 Natasha warped Eirika up to start killing eggs, Natasha Hammerned Warp and then took care of the enemies down in the bottom right corner, and Ross took care of everything else with Tethys' help. Chapter 19: 1/133 Ross moves ahead and uses a torch. Tethys danced him and then Natasha warps him over the wall, and then Ross walks over to Riev and kills him on enemy phase. Stats: Eirika Lv. 20/5.65 Great Lord 37HP/20Str/24Skl/24Spd/20Lck/18Def/14Res S Swords (1 Goddess Icon) Ross Lv. 10/16/20.00 Berserker 55HP/30Str/27Skl/23Spd/30Lck/18Def/10Res S Axes (2 Secret Books, 1 Boots) Natasha Lv. 10/12.88 Bishop 32HP/24Mgc/10Skl/23Spd/23Lck/9Def/24Res A Light S Staves (1 Energy Ring, 1 Speedwing, 1 Body Ring, 1 Metis' Tome) Tethys Lv. 6.28 Dancer 23HP/1Str/2Skl/15Spd/15Lck/8Def/8Res Chapter 20: 2/135 Eirika rescued Ross and then got danced by Tethys to run ahead and put Ross and herself in positions where they would be close enough for Natasha to Warp them next turn. On Turn 2, Natasha Warps Ross, gets danced, and then Warps Eirika. Ross kills Morva and then Eirika seizes. Final Part I: 1/136 Took slightly more effort than normal due to Natasha's magic cap, but it worked out. Natasha Rescued Ross ahead, then got danced by Tethys and then Warped Ross up to Lyon. Ross either needs to crit Lyon at about 12 crit or dodge once at around 62 displayed hit. He dodged, so Eirika got to kill a few mooks on enemy phase for another level that didn't matter at all. Final, Part II: 1/137 Ross walks up and smacks the boss, then Natasha Warps Tethys up to dance him, breaking the Warp Staff RIP, and then Ross attacks again for great justice. Final Turncount: 137 Final Stats: Eirika Lv. 20/6.75 Great Lord 38HP/21Str/24Skl/25Spd/20Lck/18Def/15Res S Swords (1 Goddess Icon) Ross Lv. 10/16/20.00 Berserker 55HP/30Str/27Skl/23Spd/30Lck/18Def/10Res S Axes (2 Secret Books, 1 Boots) Natasha Lv. 10/14.76 Bishop 34HP/25Mgc/11Skl/24Spd/25Lck/9Def/26Res A Light S Staves (1 Energy Ring, 1 Speedwing, 1 Body Ring, 1 Metis' Tome) Tethys Lv. 6.68 Dancer 23HP/1Str/2Skl/15Spd/15Lck/8Def/8Res Units Evaluations: Eirika: Uh, she's pretty good early on. Lack of 1-2 range really starts being a problem around Chapter 9 with all of the rout maps coming up. Still, she was decent enough. OK/10. Ross: He's worse than Garcia for like 2 or 3 chapters and then becomes a slightly better Garcia who can walk on water, which helps so much in Chapter 9 (and 7 if I didn't waste 3 turns giving Natasha exp.). Juggernauts into becoming absolutely absurd. High strength and 1-2 range make him a great pick in a format like this. He is are probably tied for 1st pick material along with his dad and Artur. Swole/10. Natasha: Getting her exp was a massive pain, evidenced by my having to willing waste 3 turns in Chapter 7 that I could have saved to give her exp so that she could just barely reach promotion in time. However, Warp is Warp, and even if she is the worst choice for a Warper in this format, Warp definitely saves more than the 3 turns she cost in Chapter 7, and thus, Natasha is redeemed. Warp/10. Tethys: She saves turns in every single map she exists for and was the only reason Natasha promoted at all. Literally the best. Dancer/10.
  10. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    I'm glad making Myrrh draftable was such a useful addition to the ruleset.
  11. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Chapter 13: 2/104 Natasha used Barrier on Ross to reach level 10, got danced, then went on top of the fort and promoted. She killed a bunch of stuff on enemy phase, reaching C Light already. Ross then chipped the boss, and Natasha finished him off for another level up. Stats: Eirika Lv. 20.00 Lord 30HP/17Str/19Skl/20Spd/18Lck/12Def/7Res A Swords (1 Goddess Icon) Ross Lv. 10/16/9.81 Berserker 47HP/26Str/22Skl/20Spd/26Lck/16Def/8Res S Axes (2 Secret Books) Natasha Lv. 10/3.73 Bishop 26HP/16Mgc/8Skl/18Spd/15Lck/7Def/18Res C Light A Staves (1 Energy Ring, 1 Speedwing) Tethys Lv. 3.66 Dancer 20HP/1Str/2Skl/14Spd/12Lck/6Def/6Res
  12. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    Chapter 10: 7/78 Uh, Ross and Eirika walked to the throne. Natasha healed for like 2 turns, but then had to stand on a forest tile and chug vulneraries the rest of the map because she kept getting harassed by enemies. Chapter 11: 10/88 Eirika went down, Ross went right, Natasha spammed Torch with Tethys' help. NPC!Dozla pogchamp for killing the last enemy left on the last turn. Stats: Eirika Lv. 20.00 Lord 30HP/17Str/19Skl/20Spd/18Lck/12Def/7Res A Swords (1 Goddess Icon) Ross Lv. 10/16/6.85 Berserker 45HP/24Str/20Skl/19Spd/25Lck/14Def/8Res S Axes (2 Secret Books) Natasha Lv. 7.71 Cleric 21HP/8Mgc/5Skl/12Spd/11Lck/3Def/12Res A Staves Tethys Lv. 2.01 Dancer 19HP/1Str/2Skl/13Spd/11Lck/6Def/5Res Chapter 12: 14/102 This sucked. Eirika slowly took care of stuff at the bottom of the map with Tethys help while Ross went up and got the Barrier Staff, then went back to deal with the other enemies up top. Natasha was 1 staff use away from reaching level 10 at the end of the chapter, RIP.
  13. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    NO I GOT SNIPED HARD I HATE YOU TERRADOR. Uh, Natasha I guess. GOT TO GO FULL MASOCHIST. @Gradivus. Pick your chump. EDIT: Progress! Prologue: 2/2 Eirika did it guys. Chapter 1: 5/7 Eirika did it guys. Chapter 2: 6/13 Ross got 3 levels! Chapter 3: 8/21 Ross didn't reach level 10, sadface. Chapter 4: 7/28 He did here though. Chapter 5: 6/34 Natasha got 53 exp! Also recruited Killing Edge and got the Secret Book. Chapter 5x: 7/41 Ephraim did it guys. Chapter 6: 4/45 Ross ran over the mountain and killed everything. Chapter 7: 7/52 Had Eirika go over the river by herself instead of having Ross go along because otherwise Natasha would get literally 0 exp and that would suck since it's so hard for her to get exp in the first place. On the other hand, Ross is OP as fuck now, so worth it? Chapter 8: 8/60 Uh, dudes walked to the throne. Natasha healed dudes and got harassed by an archer the entire map. Ross is ridiculous. He and Eirika have both capped their weapon ranks already. I suppose this is a good time for a stat dump. Stats: Eirika Lv. 17.57 Lord 27HP/15Str/17Skl/20Spd/13Lck/11Def/6Res A Swords Ross Lv. 10/15 Pirate 35HP/20Str/14Skl/14Spd/20Lck/11Def/2Res A Axes (1 Secret Book) Natasha Lv. 3.61 Cleric 18HP/4Mgc/4Skl/9Spd/8Lck/3Def/8Res C Staves Chapter 9: 11/71 Could have done this in 10 turns if the stupid pirates attacking the villages would suicide on your units instead of attacking the villages like they do in FE6. I got the speedwing though so yay? Ross went down, got the Ocean Seal, promoted, and then murdered everything. Eirika slowly killed everything up top while Natasha healed her.
  14. [FE8] Sadist Draft: A Chance for Chumps to Shine

    @Terrador Your turn.