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  1. [FE13] Awankening Strikes Back!

    Chapter 14: 2/78 Took an extra turn to get the Short Axe and some more exp, since the enemies here aren't very threatening. Draftee rallied everyone and then Lucina + Morgan and Nowi + Gaius choked the bridge to the boss' boat, while Chrom + Sumia went right to bait the Short Axe Great Knight and Anna + Fred went down to kill some thwomps. Henry + Olivia killed a thwomp on the bridge with Ruin and then tanked some Pegasus Knights to build support. Sumia learned Rally Move here. Chapter 15: 3/81 Took an extra turn to visit the villages since I want the cash and the Arms Scroll. Draftee rallied everyone again, then got danced and paired up with Sumia. Sumia + Draftee took care of the beach area, Sumia's magic boost letting Draftee ORKO the unpromoted enemies without dual strikes. Nowi + Gaius were near the wall, killing a cav so Olivia wouldn't die. Fred + Chrom killed the other one, making a wall to keep the mage from killing Olivia. Henry + Anna killed the General near the start for one last unpromoted level on Henry so he'll have 20 magic as a Dark Knight for that extra point of magic on pair up. Morgan went to the middle of the map and killed most of the enemies on Turn 1. Turns 2 and 3 were just spent clearing out the few remaining stragglers. Got the Arms Scroll, Physic Staff, and Large Bullion. Didn't recruit Say'ri since Chrom couldn't visit the bullion village and talk to her in the same turn. Morgan easily killed the boss. EDIT: Apparently if she survives the chapter she joins even if Chrom doesn't talk to her. Free Concoction hype? Chapter 16: 3/84 Probably could have done this in two turns, but given the stat inflation coming up I think the extra exp is worth it. Morgan + Lucina walked to the boss, getting danced by Olivia on Turn 1 after killing a Hero. Anna Rescued her out of danger while everyone else murdered stuff for exp. Henry actually stayed unpromoted here since he was 2 exp short of another level, and he somehow got two levels this chapter. I finally promoted him (and Chrom) after the chapter was done.
  2. [FE13] Awankening Strikes Back!

    Paralogue 12: Free/76 Passed down Veteran and Deliverer. Ugh, this was a pain. Got bum rushed by a ton of reinforcements, so Morgan and Draftee kind of choked the point to kill them off while Nowi and Sumia helped a little bit. Nowi could actually ORKO the wyverns after getting rallied which was nice since she could counter the Tomahawk ones on enemy phase. Morgan got super stuffed, getting to level 20, promoting, then getting like 5 more levels on top of that. He also got to D Axes for hand axes. Discipline too good. Gave Morgan the Naga Tear after the map for future-proofing since I want him to cap speed so he can double fast units like Swordmasters and Assassins (and bosses of course) later on. Nowi and Gaius reached S support so I'll probably do that map next so that Nah can get kills in Chapters while there are still unpromoted enemies. Stats: Chrom Lv. 11.91 Lord 29HP/14Str/2Mgc/15Skl/13Spd/12Lck/13Def/2Res B Swords Draftee Lv. 16/16.12 Grandmaster 46HP/25Str/20Mgc/29Skl/31Spd/20Lck/22Def/15Res E Swords A Tomes Fred Lv. --/13/5.29 Griffon Rider 40HP/22Str/3Mgc/23Skl/24Spd/14Lck/20Def/11Res A Axes (A Swords A Lances) Sumia Lv. 13/4.40 Dark Flier 35HP/16Str/12Mgc/24Skl/26Spd/17Lck/7Def/13Res B Lances D Tomes Gaius Lv. 11/1.00 Assassin 31HP/16Str/1Mgc/24Skl/23Spd/10Lck/11Def/3Res C Swords E Bows Nowi Lv. 20.06 Manakete 44HP/27Str/12Mgc/12Skl/15Spd/17Lck/26Def/20Res Anna Lv. --/7.17 Trickster 42HP/16Str/19Mgc/25Skl/24Spd/30Lck/11Def/14Res C Swords C Staves Olivia Lv. 6.90 Dancer 23HP/6Str/3Mgc/12Skl/12Spd/8Lck/4Def/5Res D Swords Henry Lv. 15.02 Dank Mage 34HP/8Str/17Mgc/17Skl/13Spd/11Lck/14Def/6Res C Tomes Lucina Lv. 14/1.76 Great Lord 36HP/17Str/4Mgc/23Skl/22Spd/21Lck/15Def/7Res B Swords E Lances Morgan Lv. 20/6.78 Great Knight 63HP/36Str/17Mgc/32Skl/30Spd/24Lck/34Def/16Res C Swords C Lances D Axes
  3. [FE13] Awankening Strikes Back!

    Now that the salt of getting crit by the boss of the prologue a year ago has finally worn off, time to finally start this thi-- IT HAPPENED AGAIN! *Flips Table* Yes, Fred proceeded to get crit by literally every brigand and mage in the prologue during my two hours of attempts to beat, but despite seething with rage once more, I went on and managed to get myself through early-game hell, missing literally all the 80s along the way, because True Hit is total bullshit. Avatar is +Speed/-Luck, named Draftee cause I couldn't be bothered to think of something creative for a name. Premonition: 2/2 It only goes downhill from here. Prologue: 6/8 Gamble can burn in the lowest circle of hell. Chapter 1: 4/12 Fred missed an 86 against the first fighter every attempt for the first 6 attempts. Fuck me. Chapter 2: 7/19 Free Units: Vaike and Lissa Used Vaike so Fred could OHKO Mercs. Lissa healed Draftee once and then got sacked. Somehow took the least amount of tries of all the chapters so far. Chapter 3: 5/24 Free Units: Kellam and Miriel It's Gradivus' strat except I took an extra turn to feed kills to Sumia. P1: Free/24 Fed Sumia two thieves and an archer. Fred killed nearly the entire map cause all of the enemies had single digit crit on Draftee and my awful experience in the Prologue made me super paranoid. She killed the boss though. Donnel died cause there was nowhere safe for him to stand. Chapter 4: 4/28 Fred + Chrom went up and killed stuff, Draftee + Sumia baited some fighters. 2 Javelins from Fred on Turn 3 player and enemy phase left Lucina low enough for Sumia to finish off, followed by a partner swap to give Fred to Sumia to let her tank a Short Axe Fighter and kill it in retaliation. Chapter 5: 9/37 Fred + Sumia murdered most of the things. Draftee stood on terrain tiles and prayed that Chrom would actually dual strike so she could ORKO things. Rickan and Maribelle died. Units so far: Fred is god, Draftee can doubled but gets 2HKOed and can't ORKO back without a dual strike, Sumia and Chrom deal little damage to anything. Chapter 6: 7/44 Everyone left, cause I only have 4 units lol. Fred + Draftee handled the middle and right side enemies before doubling back to kill Validar who came up the left side. Sumia + Chrom slowly killed things. Gaius killed a Thief Lucina chipped. Chapter 7: 4/48 I don't remember if this was three of four turns. I'll say four until I finish and can check to make sure. Fred + Draftee murderes most of the map while Sumia gets support points with Chrom, who exactly 2HKOs wyverns with the Falchion :kreygasm:. Gaius killed A BRIGAND and lived with like 1 HP. Fred is so ridiculous he could ORKO the boss without crits with the Killing Edge. Chapter 8: 7/55 I kept having to redo this chapter because I'd keep forgetting to get one of the villages. Sumia takes Fred down to murder everything and save Nowi, who herself got fed a dank mage and a myrm to get a level. Draftee, Chrom, and Gaius clear out the enemies near the start, all of them getting a level out of it. Gaius then gets the Rescue Staff while Sumia kills the boss. Sumia then gives Fred to Gregor, who gives him to Nowi, who gives him to Draftee, who then finally reaches the Master seal villages which Fred collects so he can kill the last two enemies near there. Sumia got the Second Seal, which Fred should be using right away to learn Deliverer ASAP. Chapter 9: 5/60 Promoted Draftee and reclassed Fred to Griffon Knight. They killed most of the map while Sumia + Chrom and Nowi + Gaius poorly dealt with the rest of the enemies. Libra refused to crit ever which probably cost a turn, but the levels people got were decent so I just went with it. Anna's Paralogue: Bullshit/60 The first two turns are cancer, but if I manage to get to Turn 3 then it's fine after that. Anna need to dodge all but one attack on enemy phase so that she kills an enemy instead of healing so that Fred can carry Chrom over to recruit her. Fred then needs to dodge a bunch of stuff while murdering all the enemies that rushed over to kill Anna. After that hell, the map is pretty easy. Spent the rest of the time feeding kills to Sumia and Nowi (Chrom got a kill too). Anna healed and Draftee killed the boss. Got all the treasure except the Arms Scroll. Chapter 10: 3/63 Gave Sumia the Chapter 8 energy drop to ORKO thieves with a javelin. This chapter is short, so I did some unreliable strats involving Nowi dodging 50ish displayed hit attacks to get her some much needed exp. Anna Rescued Fred + Draftee ahead and they made their way to the boss. Sumia with Gaius pair-up went over and killed the Master Seal thief. Nowi killed the Wyrmslayer Thief with a dual strike from Chrom. Nowi ended up getting two levels here which was great. Gaius killed a half-dead Brigand to reach C Swords. Chrom reached level 10 by killing a wyvern on the last turn to finally learn Charm. Chapter 11: 4/67 Promoted Sumia and gave her the Angelic Robe so she wouldn't get OHKOed by wyverns. Fred carried Draftee down, got danced by Olivia, then went onto the middle fort and switched to Draftee. Sumia + Chrom and Nowi + Gaius killed some mages over on the right side. Draftee needs to dodge a bunch of stuff, but every enemy besides the Hero and Gangrel have less than 50 hit so it wasn't too bad. Draftee decided to go super tryhard and OHKOed Gangrel with an Ignis crit at 67 hit and 5 crit. Uh, we take those. After Gangrel and the Hero were dead, Anna got transfered to Sumia so she could be carried to the Large Bullion Chest. Sumia and Chrom got married after the map and Draftee + Fred got to S support as well. Stats: Chrom Lv. 10.27 Lord 28HP/14Str/2Mgc/14Skl/13Spd/11Lck/12Def/2Res B Swords Draftee Lv. 16/9.96 Grandmaster 40HP/21Str/17Mgc/24Skl/27Spd/17Lck/17Def/13Res E Swords A Tomes Fred Lv. --/13/3.62 Griffon Rider 38HP/21Str/3Mgc/22Skl/24Spd/13Lck/19Def/11Res A Axes (A Swords A Lances) Sumia Lv. 13/1.40 Dark Flier 32HP/15Str/10Mgc/21Skl/23Spd/14Lck/7Def/12Res B Lances E Tomes Gaius Lv. 8.08 Thief 24HP/8Str/0Mgc/15Skl/16Spd/8Lck/6Def/2Res C Swords Nowi Lv. 10.71 Manakete 27HP/19Str/8Mgc/10Skl/10Spd/13Lck/18Def/15Res Anna Lv. --/3.66 Trickster 39HP/14Str/18Mgc/23Skl/22Spd/28Lck/10Def/12Res C Swords D Staves Olivia Lv. 1.68 Dancer Base Chapter 12: 7/74 Gave Draftee the Dracoshield. Uh, Draftee killed most of the map cause she and Fred are the only people with bulk. Nowi got 3 levels from killing thwomps though, that was cool. Sumia got two levels here. Chapter 13: 2/76 Took an extra turn so Henry and Olivia would reach C support. They have a fast support for some reason so I'll try to grind their supports out in the paralouges so I can unlock Inigo's map for some extra exp/extra pair-up bot. Draftee learned Rally Spectrum. Paralogue 2: Free/76 Fed Lucina and Nowi a bit. Got Gaius to level 10 so he can promote and pass down Move +1 to Nah. Paralogue 3: Free/76 Same as the last map really. Now I'm busy getting fucked by asshole ambush reinforcements with no warning whatsoever in Morgan's map, so this will take a while. WHY...
  4. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Seeing Jeigan kill Michalis caused me to ascend to a higher plane of existence.
  5. Is Mage!Kliff really that bad?

    The speed boosts let her double brigands and archers in the next few chapters after her recruitment, making it easier for he to get exp and reach Warp sooner.
  6. Since the last FE12 SOYO went over so well, why not do another one? Also I'm on spring break and need something to do. Drafting:1. This draft is for 4 players. You will pick a unit and that unit's class for the person after you in the drafting order2. Marth, MyUnit, Feena, and Arran are free for all. Arran is not allowed to reclass. MyUnit is given a gender, past/present/future, and class at the same time as the 1st pick for each drafter.3. The game will be played on Hard 1.4. Units who cannot reclass are banned. An exception is Julian and Rickard who are free if you're willing to completely gimp your turncount. 5. There are 63 draftable units. The 3 leftover units will remain undrafted and are not to be used by anyone. 6. There is a limit of two units per class per draftee. For example, Gradivus can only be given up to two mages, if he is given two mages no more of his drafted units may have mage as their reclass. This includes the class that is given to MyUnit. Rules:1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, visit houses, trade, pick up hidden items, shop and use map saves.2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, opening chests/doors and activating supports.3. All characters are free for Prologue chapters. Prologue chapters do not count towards your total turncount.4. You are free to reclass undrafted units to whatever you want.5. All sidequest chapters must be visited and count towards your total turncount.6. The game must be played out to the True Ending.Other:1. Growth Drop, Bond Drop, Lunatic Statboosters, and Rainbow Potion are banned. Forging is allowed.2. Male Class Set Combination is allowed.3. Use of the Drill Grounds is allowed.4. How's Everyone is banned. 5. Hammerne and Warp are banned. I doubt that anyone will give people Malicia away in a class that can use staves, but just to make sure Hammerne is banned so that said theoretical person doesn't auto-win due to having more Rescue/Again uses than everyone else. Speaking of which, Rescue and Again may be used without restriction.Penalties:1. Undrafted units have a 10 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. 2. Reclassing a drafted unit to a class besides the class that they have been given results in a 99 turn penalty, Basically, don't do this please.Exceptions:1. Yubello, Yumina, Ogma and Sirius are free for Chapter 4.2. Navarre is free for Chapter 7.3. Merric is free for Chapter 10.4. Midia is free to get attacked in Chapter 20.5. Nyna, Maria, Lena and Elice are free for Endgame. 6. Palla is free for Chapter 3. 7. If you are unable to reclass a drafted unit to their drafted class because of class limits, you may keep them in their original class until you have enough reclass slots available to reclass them. Unclaimed Scrubs: Teams: Horace: Archer MU + Wyvern Lord!Katarina, Sage!Midia, General!Sheema, Cleric!Est, Sorcerer!Beck, Archer!Athena, Warrior!Etzel, Myrmidon!Leiden, Swordmaster!Minerva, Pirate!Dice, Thwomp!Caesar, Hunter!Cord, Curate!DOGA, Mage!Norne, Sorcerer!Sirius Carmine Sword: Archer MU + Berserker!Frost, Warrior!Roshea, Hero!Vyland, Hero!Tomas, Swordmaster!Macellan, Pirate!Elrean, Thwomp!Merric, Sage!Darros, Myrmidon!Malicia, Dank Mage!Matthis, General!POPE, Mage!Warren, Archer!Caeda, Dank Mage!Barst, Curate!Ryan Ciarre: Thwomp MU + Horseman!Michalis, Paladin!Sedger, General!Samson, Sage!Robert, Swordmaster!Dolph, Myrmidon!Yumina, Mercenary!Yubello, Pirate!WRYS, Archer!Linde, Archer!Samto, Fighter!Castor, Mage!Maris, Fighter!Ogma, Dank Mage!Frey, Curate!Rody Terrador: Thwomp MU + Wyvern Lord!Wolf, Bishop!Ymir, Archer!Bord, Sorcerer!Astram, Warrior!Abel, Horseman!Horace, Fighter!Belf, Horseman!Jake, Berserker!Jeorge, Myrmidon!Roger, Mercenary!Radd, Curate!Navarre, Archer!Cain, Myrmidon!Gordin, Thwomp!Luke
  7. [FE11] H4: Live Free or Draft Hard

    Finally done with 60 displayed hit on the boss hell. EDIT: Putting this in a spoiler cause this shit is long.
  8. [FE11] H4: Live Free or Draft Hard

    Oh boy I love masochism! Sign me up!
  9. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    El Fin: 2/142 It's then same exact strat as the last SOYO but with Warren instead of Robert. Everyone moves up, tanks dragons. Arran kills Lena, Marth crits Medeus, Medeus eats Clerics, SAGE WARREN crits him with Starlight for game. Relevant Endgame Units: Final Turncount: 142 Turns
  10. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 20x: 4/127 Had Warren go to the drill grounds to get speed to double Berserkers. Had Marth go up followed by Jamke and Malicia. Malicia revealed the boss so Jamke could kill her to let Marth seize. Got the Longbow and Warren reached D Staves for those dank Mend Staff heals. Chapter 21: 6/133 Holy shit, Frost and Macellen did something. They both have exactly enough speed to not get doubled by the wyverns near the start, so they helped form a wall to keep Feena from getting ganked. Marth rushed to the village while Warren and Feena went to the boss. Malicia killed the thieves by the secret shop to let Minerva buy the stat boosters. Used two Rescue uses here, one on Fenna to dance Warren closer to the boss, and another on Marth after he got Starlight. Used all of the stat boosters to enact Operation: Big Brain Strats. Chapter 22: 4/137 Gave all of the secret shop stat boosters to Arran and sent him to the Drill Grounds for like 6 levels on top of that. Arran OHKOs the Berserker with a Wo Dao crit on Turn 1, then Marth moves, up gets danced, moves up again and kills a Sorc, gets Agained, then kills another Sorc. Arran catches up over the next two turns. On Turn 4 Marth kills a Sorc to let Arran reach the boss and kill it with a Gradivus crit, then Ryan uses Again a second time to let Marth seize. Stats: Marth Lv. 30.00 Lord 56HP/25Str/0Mgc/25Skl/25Spd/30Lck/23Def/0Res A Swords (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Goddess Icon, 1Dracoshield) Jamke Lv. 15/18.50 Sniper 57HP/23Str/1Mgc/27Skl/29Spd/27Lck/18Def/5Res A Bows Arran Lv. --/18.62 Paladin 53HP/22Str/1Mgc/24Skl/20Spd/11Lck/22Def/13Res B Swords A Lances (3 Angelic Robes, 3 Energy Drops, 3 Skill Books, 3 Speedwings, 3 Goddess Icons, 3 Dracoshields, 3 Talismans, 2 Arms Scrolls) Ryan Lv. 20/11.00 Bishop 42HP/13Str/12Mgc/25Skl/17Spd/18Lck/6Def/16Res E Tomes A Staves Malicia Lv. 13/17.19 Swordmaster 54HP/11Str/12Mgc/21Skl/30Spd/26Lck/14Def/1Res A Swords (1 Angelic Robe) Warren Lv. 15/19.91 Sage 45HP/12Str/29Mgc/28Skl/25Spd/15Lck/9Def/13Res A Tomes D Staves (6 Spirit Dusts, 2 Secret Books, 2 Speedwings, 1 Goddess Icon, 1 Arms Scroll) Caeda Lv. 14/14.35 Sniper 41HP/21Str/1Mgc/27Skl/29Spd/29Lck/18Def/3Res A Bows (1 Energy Drop) Chapter 23: 3/140 Warren had to bait stuff to move down and he needed to dodge shit and it sucked. Anyway, he didn't even need to crit Gharnef since he just doubled and ORKOed instead. Cool.
  11. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 20: 6/123 Jamke doesn't have enough move to reach Hardin by Turn 5, RIP 5 turn. Got all the treasure in the main room.
  12. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 19: Cucked by Reinforcement Sage/117 Yeah, fuck that Sage. Marth ends up one tile short of reaching the boss on Turn 6 because that Sage never moves to any other tile, there's literally nothing I can do about it. Also the reinforcements near the boss just seems to spawn on Turn 5 enemy phase regardless of where I place Marth. According to the map on WoD he's outside of the reinforcement trigger area, but they all spawn anyway. I even tested this by not moving Marth on Turn 5 at all just to see what happened and they still spawned. I have no idea why this is, but it successfully managed to screw me out of a 6-turn clear by a single tile. Utter bullshit. Stats: Marth Lv. 30.00 Lord 56HP/25Str/0Mgc/25Skl/25Spd/30Lck/23Def/0Res A Swords (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Goddess Icon, 1 Dracoshield) Jamke Lv. 15/13.49 Sniper 52HP/21Str/1Mgc/23Skl/27Spd/22Lck/16Def/5Res A Bows Arran Lv. --/10.29 Paladin 29HP/12Str/1Mgc/14Skl/12Spd/4Lck/14Def/6Res D Swords A Lances Ryan Lv. 20/6.48 Bishop 39HP/13Str/11Mgc/22Skl/17Spd/17Lck/5Def/15Res E Tomes A Staves Malicia Lv. 13/14.49 Swordmaster 52HP/10Str/12Mgc/19Skl/30Spd/25Lck/14Def/1Res A Swords (1 Angelic Robe) Warren Lv. 15/15.00 Sage 43HP/12Str/20Mgc/26Skl/22Spd/11Lck/9Def/12 Res A Tomes E Staves (3 Spirit Dusts, 2 Skill Books, 2 Speedwings, 1 Arms Scroll) Caeda Lv. 14/12.15 Sniper 40HP/19Str/1Mgc/26Skl/29Spd/27Lck/18Def/3Res B Bows (1 Energy Drop)
  13. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 14: 4/94 Sent Arran to the Drill Grounds to get Speed so that he wouldn't get doubled by Ice Dragons, letting him chip them with the Dragon Pike to feed kills to Caeda. First two turns were pretty tight with all of the enemies coming at you. Caeda and Jamke killed the dank mages from across the wall and Marth went up and killed some dragons and thieves on Turn 1. Turn two was pretty hectic since there were still quite a few enemies left to deal with, and Marth couldn't help clear them out since he needed to talk to Gotoh. Needed SAGE DARROS to chip in a kill a half-dead thief. It was pretty simple after that. Warren kept getting danced ahead by Feena to kill Dragons and Rescue Marth on the final turn. Got the Again Staff too. Wendell uh... used the save point. That's technically helping! Stats: Marth Lv. 28.55 Lord 54HP/25Str/0Mgc/25Skl/25Spd/26Lck/21Def/0Res B Swords (1 Angelic Robe, 1 Dracoshield) Jamke Lv. 15/11.30 Sniper 50HP/21Str/1Mgc/21Skl/25Spd/22Lck/16Def/5Res A Bows Arran Lv. --/9.38 Paladin 29HP/11Str/1Mgc/13Skl/12Spd/4Lck/14Def/6Res D Swords A Lances Ryan Lv. 20/2.15 Bishop 35HP/12Str/10Mgc/19Skl/14Spd/14Lck/5Def/14Res E Tomes B Staves Malicia Lv. 13/8.62 Swordmaster 40HP/10Str/9Mgc/16Skl/28Spd/22Lck/11Def/0Res A Swords Warren Lv. 15/10.99 Sage 39HP/11Str/18Mgc/22Skl/19Spd/9Lck/8Def/10Res A Tomes E Staves (2 Spirit Dusts, 2 Skill Books, 1 Speedwing, 1 Arms Scroll) Caeda Lv. 14/7.88 Sniper 36HP/18Str/1Mgc/22Skl/29Spd/24Lck/17Def/3Res B Bows (1 Energy Drop) Chapter 15: 6/100 This went way better than I expected it to given I have no one to kill the ballistae. First two turns were the most involved. Starsphere!Malicia goes down and kills a Paladin with the crit Levin Sword from earlier, then Marth gets danced down to kill another Paladin. Everyone else moves ahead. Two Horseman suicide on Malicia on enemy phase since she has less defense than Marth, and Arran baits away one Paladin and chips it with the Ridersbane. Marth kills a bunch of stuff. Turn two the rest of my units clear out the remaining enemies, and Warren gets danced to get in range to kill the mage and Sniper on the island. The rest of the map just has Marth moving ahead followed by Malicia and the Snipers, who clear out a few reinforcements in Marth's way. Ryan tanks the Ballista every turn to let Darros get a heal in each turn to build staff rank. Marth kills the boss on the last turn with the Armorslayer, then Ryan uses Again on him so he can seize. Ryan also reached A Staves, so Fortify hype. Chapter 16: 2/102 Marth opened the door, got danced, then moved two tiles ahead after Malicia killed the soldier behind the door. Warren, Caeda, and Jamke lined up against the wall to bait the mages and Sniper. Macellen and Feena each tanked a Swarm while everything else died on enemy phase. Malicia then killed the boss with the Lady Sword, Caeda got danced to kill the Fortify Bishop, Ryan got the Rescue Staff, and Arran crit the Geosphere thief. Didn't have anyone to spare to get Mercurius but oh well. Chapter 16x: 1/103 Had Malicia and Warren go to the Drill Grounds for HP and Speed respectively. Then gave Warren the 2nd Speedwing to double a Berserker and Malicia an Angelic Robe to tank everything she needs to on enemy phase without dying. Malicia goes ahead and kills the first Swordmaster, gets danced, then kills the second one. Marth, Jamke, Caeda, and Warren each kill a Berserker, and then Malicia kills Katarina and the Snipers with the Levin Sword on enemy phase. Chapter 17: 5/108 I could have 4 turned this with either 2 Again uses or an Again and a Rescue use, but I'd rather save them for the late game chapters instead. Dudes went down. Caeda and Warren stayed back to kill the Dracoknights. Darros reached D Staves. Used Again on Marth so he could kill Sheema and seize on the same turn. Chapter 18: 2/110 Forged a +3 might, +10 hit Armorslayer so Malicia could ORKO the Generals. Marth went left, got danced, and got the Lifesphere turn 1. Caeda killed the top Paladin near the village so it wouldn't kill Fenna. Macellen got the Arms Scroll. Malicia killed a General, then got healed by Ryan. Enemy phase kind of sucks with Warren needing to dodge one of the two Generals that attacks him (he's on a forest tile for extra avoid) and Malicia needing to dodge any one attack from the Generals that attack her. Ryan and BERSERKER FROST bait the ballistae away from Warren and Malicia with their shitty defense. Warren kills a Bishop on the next turn to let Malicia reach the boss and kill it. Ryan then Rescues Marth in range to seize, after Jamke kills a Ballista for a level up.
  14. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 12: 8/83 Sent Marth to the drill grounds for a level with HP and defense, then gave him an Angelic Robe and a Dracoshield. This let him be 4HKOed by Fire Dragons, greatly simplifying the chapter. Forged a +10 crit Levin Sword for Malicia for the boss kill. Uh yeah, went up. Blocked forts. Marth killed tons of dragons. Warren killed tons of wyverns. Jamke got Pieces and Malicia crit the boss. Darros did not kill himself, and in fact actually helped out by blocking reinforcements from attacking Ryan or Fenna. Shame he loses all that nice bulk after this chapter. Chapter 13: 5/88 Marth went up. Got the treasure from the thieves. Used the Thief Staff to get the Spirit Dust. Learned that Beck will in fact move to OHKO your undrafted fliers that are visiting the secret shop. Got Ryan to level 20. Chapter 13x: 2/90 Yep. Didn't get the Iote's Shield cause Marth needed to clear the fog so Jamke could kill the last Ballista, but I have no fliers so it's fine. Bishop Ryan hype.
  15. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    LET'S GO BOIS Prologue: Free It happened. Fed every kill to a drafted unit. Chapter 1: 7/7 Got Malicia even though she'll probably be useless. Maybe with the Ladysword she can feed kills to Warren, I don't know. Standard clear, Except I took an extra turn with Lorenz so that I could feed the bosskill to MU (named Jamke) instead of Arran. Stats: Marth Lv. 9.14 Lord 29HP/10Str/0Mgc/13Skl/12Spd/12Lck/9Def/0Res D Sword Jamke Lv. 10.86 Archer 27HP/11Str/0Mgc/12Skl/12Spd/10Lck/10Def/2Res C Bows Arran Lv. --/3.66 Paladin Base Ryan Lv. 4.78 Curate 20HP/5Str/1Mgc/5Skl/6Spd/5Lck/4Def/6Res E Staves Malicia Lv. 1.51 Myrmidon 16HP/3Str/1Mgc/9Skl/12Spd/12Lck/4Def/0Res E Swords Chapter 2: 6/13 Arran goes left to get the Lady Sword while everyone else goes up. Warren actually helped out with clearing the soldiers out of the way and Malicia hilariously 2RKOs them with an Iron Sword. Fed the boss to Jamke while Warren and Malicia each got a Dracoknight fed to them. Chapter 3: 7/20 Forged a huge +8 might, +10 hit Thunder tome for Warren so he could 2HKO Dracoknights. RIP money. Anyway, Warren and Malicia killed the Dracoknights near the start, Malicia 4HKOing with the Lady Sword and a heal between every round from Ryan. Warren got 4 Dracoknights, Malicia got 2, and Arran got 1. Jamke and Arran followed Marth to the boss, where he was taken down over two turns with 2 Steel Bow hits from Jamke, 2 Silver Lance hits from Arran on enemy phase, and then finished off by Jamke with the Steel Bow. Palla got the Master Seal. Matthis died. Chapter 3x: 6/26 Lol. Ryan reached D Staves. Chapter 4: 4/30 Took the extra turn to feed the boss to Marth instead of Sirius. Warren reached D Tomes. Chapter 5: 6/36 Took an extra turn to get Door Keys and the Physic Staff. This also let me feed the boss to Marth instead of Arran and let me feed a Sniper to Warren. Chapter 6: 8/44 Sent Malicia to the Drill Grounds for a level and so she'd reach D Swords to help chip the boss with the Devil Sword. Marth got the Libra shard, then got rescued by Ryan to help clear out the boss room. Warren could ORKO the thwomps with his forged Thunder tome which helped out a lot. Had to take 8 turns instead of 7 because of Samto. Chapter 6x: 2/46 Promoted Jamke. He killed Legion and everyone else got some exp. Stats: Marth Lv. 13.88 Lord 32HP/12Str/0Mgc/17Skl/16Spd/15Lck/11Def/0Res C Swords Jamke Lv. 15/1.64 Sniper 40HP/15Str/1Mgc/18Skl/21Spd/15Lck/13Def/5Res A Bows Arran Lv. --/6.75 Paladin 27HP/10Str/1Mgc/13Skl/11Spd/4Lck/12Def/6Res D Swords B Lances Ryan Lv. 9.94 Curate 23HP/6Str/3Mgc/10Skl/10Spd/8Lck/4Def/7Res D Staves Malicia Lv. 9.23 Myrmidon 24HP/6Str/3Mgc/10Skl/17Spd/18Lck/7Def/0Res D Swords Warren Lv. 10.82 Mage 26HP/6Str/6Mgc/7Skl/11Spd/3Lck/5Def/3Res D Tomes Caeda Lv. 11.60 Archer 23HP/10Str/0Mgc/11Skl/19Spd/19Lck/11Def/0Res E Bows Wendell Lv. --/7.00 General Base Chapter 7: 5/51 Jamke, Malicia, and Marth went through the forest, Arran went up to head off the Angelic Robe thief, and everyone else traded around Gemini to kill the Fire Dragon. Got all the treasure thanks to FREE NAVARRE. Chapter 8: 3/54 Had Arran OHKO the Leo thief and send it to the convoy, then Marth got danced in range of the Paladins and took Leo and a Wo Dao to kill two of them (the Rapier broke earlier). Jamke tanked the third one. Roger attacked Malicia who killed the Firestone thief with some chip from Warren, preventing the Paladin from reaching her. Thanks dude. Turn 2 Jamke killed the Sniper that attacked Marth, Marth healed and moved ahead, Caeda killed the Paladin that Jamke tanked last turn with chip from Arran, and Malicia moved in range of the Generals to bait them into moving. Rigged a crit to kill the Arms Scroll General with Jamke, and then Ryan healed Arran to exactly reach C Staves before Gordin got danced in range to talk to Jeorge to let Marth seize. Chapter 9: 8/62 Arran killed the Thief Staff thief and then Ryan took it from the convoy to give Marth the boots, then he and Feena went to get Capricorn and Minerva. Took a while to clear out the mages cause they hit really hard and I don't really have a 1-2 range juggernaut to kill them all at once thanks a lot Horace. Chapter 10: 3/65 Yep. Killed Elrean, but it's ok because nothing of value was lost. Chapter 10x: 2/67 Gave Warren the Speedwing and Arms Scroll so he could ORKO the Legions with Excalibur since his Thunder forge broke. Anyway, fed a bunch of Legions to Warren, Malicia got 2 iirc. Marth killed the real Legion and a generic. Chapter 11: 8/75 Promoted Warren and Malicia after they each went to the drill grounds for one last level. Warren walked over to the throne and murdered everything with Excalibur while everyone else self-improved, mostly Marth. Couldn't reach Jake with Caeda cause of desert move so I killed him instead. Got every item in the desert except the Energy Drop and the Elysian Whip. Stats: Marth Lv. 18.59 Lord 37HP/16Str/0Mgc/21Skl/18Spd/18Lck/14Def/0Res B Swords Jamke Lv. 15/5.86 Sniper 44HP/17Str/1Mgc/19Skl/23Spd/18Lck/14Def/5Res A Bows Arran Lv. --/8.44 Paladin 28HP/11Str/1Mgc/13Skl/11Spd/4Lck/14Def/6Res D Swords A Lances Ryan Lv. 16.74 Curate 26HP/10Str/6Mgc/16Skl/11Spd/12Lck/4Def/9Res C Staves Malicia Lv. 13/2.92 Swordmaster 34HP/10Str/6Mgc/14Skl/22Spd/20Lck/10Def/0Res B Swords Warren Lv. 15/4.60 Sage 34HP/10Str/9Mgc/13Skl/17Spd/6Lck/7Def/8Res B Tomes E Staves Caeda Lv. 14/2.62 Sniper 32HP/14Str/1Mgc/17Skl/26Spd/21Lck/14Def/3Res C Bows
  16. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

  17. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

  18. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Ciarre gets the amazing PIRATE WRYS, whose newfound water-walking powers make him feel a little bit closer to Jesus. EDIT: Ciarre picks Horaceman!Jake.
  19. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    My entire team is totally useless. Ciarre gets Mercernary!Yubello to fight along side his sister. EDIT: Ciarre picks Warrior!Belf.
  20. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Ciarre gets the amazing Myrmidon!Yumina. EDIT: Ciarre picks Horceman!Horace.
  21. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Ciarre picks Warrior!Abel for Terrador.
  22. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Well the thwomp bros gotta stick together in their job pursuits, so take Swordmaster!Dolph!
  23. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    I bequeath unto you the man, the myth, the legend himself, the incredulous SAGE ROBERT. Use him well.
  24. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Ciarre gets General!Samson.