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  1. How good are the tellius games?

    Both PoR and RD are my least replayed FE games. Part of it are the characters; I like 3 or 4 and I really dislike Ike. And the plot really suffers if you don't care about the protagonist. World building-wise it's good. The plot has as many bullshit moments as any other FE game. The gameplay/maps is boring or so-so for me. RD especially is both rushed and dragged out (Part 1 and 2 the former, part 3 and 4 the latter). Personally, I wouldn't put too much effort into finding these games, but they are worth playing at least once.
  2. Latest Etrian Odyssey To Be Announced 4/10: Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) Revealed!

    Nice! Such a simple way to make characters a bit more individual.
  3. Latest Etrian Odyssey To Be Announced 4/10: Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) Revealed!

    I would do that if it wouldn't make crazy to see my characters have different amounts of exp or, god forbid, different levels. I mellowed out a bit, but in the beginning I would reset when one character died in battle and didn't get exp. (Games where characters always get exp even if they're defeated or in the back row are easier on my poor heart)
  4. Latest Etrian Odyssey To Be Announced 4/10: Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) Revealed!

    So many of my favourite classes, how am I supposed to choose just five of them?!!?!??!?!?! I wonder if they keep the hair and eye colour mixing from EO5. I like modelling them after favourite characters from other games.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    My first pull was a 5* Hector and my last summon a 4* Lilina. Lol, she wanted to follow her dad, I guess.
  6. I bought Blazing Sword back when it first came out in Germany. I read an article in a videogame magazine and because it sounded interesting, I bought it. I didn't like it at first and didn't finish it back then. When Sacred Stones came out, I bought it (even though I didn't like the predecessor, what the hell, self) and loved it. So I kinda consider Sacred Stones my first FE, even though it was the second game I bought.
  7. Small Things That Have Gotten on Your Nerves

    People who yawn loudly. People who ask me inane question every time even though they asked me just a few days ago. Wtf is wrong with your memory?! (And no, not something like "How are you?" but "How do you like your school/ subjects/ etc.?" I already told you six times at least!!) The sound of kissing. The smacking sound that happens when someone picks their teeth with their finger. (Mom, I'm looking at you.)
  8. Yes, exactly. I thought about Smaug, but didn't want to use him as an example, because we don't see any other dragons in the series. Plus, I don't remember much of the Tolkien dragon lore. I wasn't sure if he was a typical dragon. It's that aspect that makes the difference between human and dragon that FE is missing.
  9. I like dragons, but I don't like Fire Emblem dragons. Manaketes and Laguz are far too human-like to be interesting. You could turn them into humans and I would barely notice the difference. I prefer dragons like the dragons in Skyrim. They're smart (Paarthurnax is more or less a dragon philosopher), they actually have their own language (but can learn the human tongue if they care to) and "culture", but they're also still animal-like in other things (dominance, hunting for food (and that includes humans)). And they're pretty fucking cool and strong. And no human form, thank god. I hate that trope. (The only time I like that trope is in LiEat, but that game actually does new, interesting things with dragons so it's okay)
  10. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    I don't play any online games, so I have no stories as well. But I remember there was a pretty well-known tumblr where a female gamer (I think she was also a game developer?) posted some of the messages she got. Pretty horrible stuff.
  11. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    I don't know anything about rates, but I do know that you can't blindly believe statements on a player's sex. I know a handful of women who claim to be male to avoid being harassed. Some games have a really toxic male fanbase.
  12. What is your favorite class in Fire Emblem of all time?

    I have a soft spot for archers and snipers. Not because I like any archer characters, but because I just like bows and using bows. They're just fun to use. (I don't like gun-users, though. Guns are uncool)
  13. FEMALE INPUT NEEDED: Is Johnny Depp attractive?

    Once upon a time, he was a reasonably handsome Pretty Boy. Nowadays he looks like a bloated druggie with no sense for handling money and a tendency to hit his girlfriend. So, a big fat no from me.
  14. Any heavy metal listeners on this site

    Yas, metal is the best. My all-time favourite is Blind Guardian. I don't know much about labels, but personally I'd call them symphonic metal. They incorporate many classical instruments. Then of course Medieval Metal like In Extremo, Subway to Sally and I love me some Pirate and Viking Metal, like Alestorm and Turisas. Btw, the new Alestorm CD is out and it's AWESOME. I can't stop listening to it. <3
  15. Tips for the final map?

    I'm quite surprised that Jedah attacked you. He never attacked me, even when he had no monster spawns. I could park my units in his range and he just ignored them. On all of my three tries. I was on Normal/Classic. Since he wasn't bothering me, I also didn't kill him. I'm kinda wondering what he was doing then, after Duma was defeated.