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  1. Any heavy metal listeners on this site

    Yas, metal is the best. My all-time favourite is Blind Guardian. I don't know much about labels, but personally I'd call them symphonic metal. They incorporate many classical instruments. Then of course Medieval Metal like In Extremo, Subway to Sally and I love me some Pirate and Viking Metal, like Alestorm and Turisas. Btw, the new Alestorm CD is out and it's AWESOME. I can't stop listening to it. <3
  2. Tips for the final map?

    I'm quite surprised that Jedah attacked you. He never attacked me, even when he had no monster spawns. I could park my units in his range and he just ignored them. On all of my three tries. I was on Normal/Classic. Since he wasn't bothering me, I also didn't kill him. I'm kinda wondering what he was doing then, after Duma was defeated.
  3. Let's Play Tactics Ogre: the Knights of Lodis

    I never trust clerics/church people in games, especially ones who conquer shit to spread their religion around. Nothing good comes from them.
  4. Nah, not particularly. His retaliation hatred is too much. Besides, like someone else said, we don't know the other side. If Fernand can be such an asshole, who knows what his family might have done. I do dig his design tho. Too bad I can't recruit him.
  5. Rare Weapons and Stat Boosters- Use or Hoard?

    I spent statboosters almost immediately if I haven't planned to keep them for someone beforehand. I only use divine weapons in the last chapters. Mostly because before that, they're kinda overkill. If I managed to easily get through the chapters with just normal weapons, it's not worth to waste the divines. Regarding the non-divine, special weapons like hammer and stuff; I use them so rarely, that most of the time, I just sell them to buy more steel weapons.
  6. Haha, Hashmal doesn't get to show all of his ugly mug on the sheet. He doesn't deserve it anyway. God, what kind of bullshit ending. I know I would've been disappointed if I had bought that game, struggled through it and then got that "ending". Great LP, though. I'm already looking forward to Knights of Lodis. I've tried to play it once or twice, but for some reason it just never managed to make me play it for more than an hour.
  7. Damn, now I really like Zalbaag. Finally a bit of decent writing. That and his design reminds me a bit of post-game Basch in FFXII. Hmm, Basch~ I also definitely prefer Screenshots.
  8. I don't know why but I find that one knight sitting on the title of the enemy sheet so amusing. Idk why. It makes me smile every time I see it. You go, little knight.
  9. Lord's Love Interests

    Lol, what? When did you join FE fandom? Back around 2008 when I joined there definitely were people who shipped Eliwood and Hector. Their fics are probably bumped to the last sides or deleted already. I don't give a fuck about Awakening shipping, but I've seen some MRobin and Chrom fics.
  10. Beoulve looks a bit like French to me so I didn't pronounce it like more English-looking Beowulf. But since I have no idea of French pronunciation, I just say Be-ulf.
  11. Huh, weren't there more musings about nobility during fights? Or did that whining asshole from the first chapter not count (whatever his name was. Something with an A.)?
  12. "So, tell me: are you a boy, or a girl?"

    In a game without genetics and pairing, I choose female. Mostly because I'm tired of male protagonists. Female main protagonists are still far too rare. In the case of Fates, I wanted to bang Gunter first because yay, older men so I had to choose female Corrin anyway. After that, I chose according to the supports I was curious about.
  13. Let's Play Crusader Kings II - "Reconquista"

    Wait, there is a kid named Tfit?! Sounds like someone let their cat walk over the keyboard. It's alright to post as much or as little as you can. Unfortunately, real life exists. Even though I would of course love it there were more. <3 It's fun to read this LP; especially these little family events add some cute moments.
  14. Is Birthright really worth the money?

    I definitely regretted buying it. I found it completely boring; the maps, the story and especially the characters. I couldn't finish it more than once and that was already a struggle. So a 'no, don't buy it' from me. Maybe watch a Let's Play if you still want to know what's going on.
  15. Pegasi or Wyverns

    Dragons > Flying horses. Always.