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  1. Huh, weren't there more musings about nobility during fights? Or did that whining asshole from the first chapter not count (whatever his name was. Something with an A.)?
  2. In a game without genetics and pairing, I choose female. Mostly because I'm tired of male protagonists. Female main protagonists are still far too rare. In the case of Fates, I wanted to bang Gunter first because yay, older men so I had to choose female Corrin anyway. After that, I chose according to the supports I was curious about.
  3. screenshot

    Wait, there is a kid named Tfit?! Sounds like someone let their cat walk over the keyboard. It's alright to post as much or as little as you can. Unfortunately, real life exists. Even though I would of course love it there were more. <3 It's fun to read this LP; especially these little family events add some cute moments.
  4. I definitely regretted buying it. I found it completely boring; the maps, the story and especially the characters. I couldn't finish it more than once and that was already a struggle. So a 'no, don't buy it' from me. Maybe watch a Let's Play if you still want to know what's going on.
  5. Dragons > Flying horses. Always.
  6. Since a few days I can't see polls after I voted. Older polls are still visible.
  7. It's kinda cute that the charm attack is called Steal Heart. Sounds like they're serenading their victims while everybody around them are fighting and dying.
  8. Fucking agreed. I need at least one old dude/dudette in the sea of barely-adults. Besides, Marcus has that typical grumpy-strict-but-actually-really-caring-for-his-charges personality going on that's just my weakness. Gunter also has that, but Marcus has two games and more supports.
  9. Yeah, I thought so. That's what I get for always falling in love with really minor (and old) characters. Still, thanks for looking.
  10. Say, Geek, have you ever found some Gunter art? Poor old Jeigans always get so little art.
  11. The better question is; why have the dragons of type A pointed ears? I'm pretty sure they don't have pointed ears in their dragon form so where do they come from? Maybe because this type of ears is a lazy shorthand for a non-human race? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. So, definitely type B for me, if only for the fact that their designs show far more creativity than the others. That and Panne looks awesome. Love her.
  12. Battle animations are one of the first things that I switch off (ain't got time for that) so I don't really care.
  13. For me between mid-30 till mid-40. More than 50 is definitely too many for me. And if we consider supports and the general writing as well, less is better as well.
  14. So you didn't actually want to know everyone's opinion. You just want to be praised for your great idea. Yeah, it doesn't work that way. And why would they be interesting or fun? From all those examples you brought up, they're on level with Old Bubba or whatever his name was. (Though he had far more presence than he deserved, imo.) And he was pretty stupid. That said, surprise, surprise, there is not one way to have fun and if you don't want to hear from people who have a different sense of fun, write that in the OP.
  15. I'm Dark. I voted no, though I don't have any strong feelings about this. It's extremely superfluous; I never noticed it was gone. I'm also in the camp that thinks horoscopes are stupid and they're inaccurate 99% of the time. So while I wouldn't be happy if they integrate some sort of horoscope lore in the next game, I wouldn't mind if it was just a small matter.