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  1. Physical or Digital

    Just got the Fortissimo edition today. I'm really glad I did, the artbook is actually a lot better than I expected. I was dissapointed by the Xenoblade Chronicles X artbook, but this one has a lot of pages to it, and contains actual developer commentary as well as just art. It's a lot like the Persona 3 artbook I have: for every character it goes over the designers' thoughts and how they came up with the final design. (e.g. apparently Navarre was going to have swords for legs and arms, but they thought that was going a bit too far and made him look too mechanical), and ends with some interviews. So I was actually pretty surprised by that. I'd say that was worth it for that alone.
  2. Physical or Digital

    Thanks everyone. From what it sounds like, the load times aren't an issue on the disc, so I'll probably be getting physical. I wasn' aware the Wii U's memory was so small, and I already have Wind Waker HD, MK8 and Smash DLC on it.
  3. Physical or Digital

    Sorry to make a topic over something so minor, but I intend to get this game but am not sure which version to get. I heard that the digital version might have faster load times? Can anyone confirm this? Because if so I'd probably get that version. If not, I could go for either. (The good news is the Fortissimo Edition is highly unlikely to sell out in Australia given how niche gaming is over here, especially for a game like this. The bad news is it, like all special editions, are stupidly overpriced in Australia, it alone is about as much as all 3 routes of Fates.)
  4. The Unofficial Fates Pairing Popularity Polls

    ......As someone who paired Male Corrin with Scarlet in my first Birthright playthough and actually found the support very nice, I'm a bit upset by her poll on the "others" section... Reactions to both polls: (Not mentioning shared characters, because all results there were EXACTLY as I suspected. However, I am quite surprised Kaze was 2nd most popular for Azura, as I did that in my playthrough and thought I'd be one of the only ones to) I'm actually really surprised Rinkah/Ryoma is so popular. I did that in my first blind run, not expecting it to be popular at all. It's a decent support chain, my only complaint is Rinkah being a bit out of character in her mother-son supports with Shiro. Takumi: Not surprised. (Though Takumi/Oboro is one of my favorurite romantic supports in the entire series) Saizo: Also not surprised, a pairing I did as well. The localization seems to have altered this one a bit, maybe? Because I heard people say they broke up due to ninja commitments making a relationship too compromizing/dangerous, while the localization implies they broken up because of their personalities, which makes it a little harder to believe them getting back together. Azama: Looking forward to doing that pairing on Rev, then. Though I'm a little surprised he and Setsuna is so low. Hinata: Well, my favourite for him is 2nd, I can live with that. Subaki: Really surprised Hana is only 3rd. Hayato: See Hinata, only replace 2nd with 3rd. Kaden: This one is really interesting. It's much more even than all others, impying people either don't care that much about his pairings or that he's a guy people are fine with shipping with anyone. I prefer the second interpretation. Nohr - Xander: Not surprised. (I prefer Benny with Charlotte though) Leo: I did Leo/Beruka on my first playthrough and I regreted it. I Felicia would've not only probably been a better support, but would've helped him out more in combat which he desparately needed on my run due to being very RNG screwed. Laslow: Not surprised, and unsurprisingly I did Peri. I'd probably hate her if it weren't for her support with him. Odin: Also not surprised, but I had Odin marry Female Kamui so I don't have any experience with "normal" Odin pairings, so I can't really say much here. (There's someone else I prefer Elise with) Niles: Not surprised, and I did this one too. (It helped more than I though, Nina turned out amazing, allowing her to replace her utterly RNG-ANNIHILATED father. Seriously, I have never had someone more RNG screwed than Niles on my first Conquest run.) Arthur: Probably the only character I prefer an "unpopular" pairing for. Arthur/Elise ended up being my favourite pairing in all of Nohr, major character development for her, Arthur is treated much less comidically in the S Support than he usually is, incredibly heartwarming, Percy doesn't look massively older than her..... sadly Percy really sucked in this pairing. Odin is pretty much the only vialbe Elise pairing from a gameplay standpoint. Benny: Not surprised, though is Charlotte the only route-specific female who's #1 for two different males? (Not counting people who have Rev-only pairings as #1 like Effie) I really like this one, and it's the main reason I refuse to pair her with Xander, gameplay benefits be damned. Keaton: Eh, Selena got 3rd, I can live with that. That's another of my favourite Conquest pairings, both hilarious AND heartwarming.
  5. It's clearly the real deal, Being Inc has a legitimate claim to the song if the credits are to be believed. I guess I'll just have to reupload the video, but with the credits portion muted, and do post-commentary over it.
  6. Well the credits say Being Inc is responsible for the song, so it IS a legitimate claim. I seem to the the first Let's Player who's had this problem though, which is.... very weird.
  7. It's the Englsih version. And that's why this is so weird. Anyone hear of any other cases of the ENGLISH version getting claimed by those who own the Japanese rights? The part Youtube points to has Rena Strober's voice, clearly. So it seems like they're hammering down on ALL versions of the song, not just the Japanese version. Note: no cutscenes where she sings, nor End of All, ever triggered copyright for me. ONLY the credits version.
  8. I'm posting here because I want to know if anyone can clarify something for me. I've had a video series on Fire Emblem fates going for a while now on Youtube. Between Birthright and Conquest, I've uploaded over 100 videos, none of which ever had any copyright problems. Today, I uploaded the final video of Birthright, which contained the ending and credits. And it immidiately got hit by a copyright claim bot. One that MUTED THE ENTIRE VIDEO, a severity I've never had before. I had a feeling the end credits version of "Lost In Thoughts All Alone" might cause issues, but there are a few things here that make me suspicious. -The point in the audio that's claimed is not the part where the song starts. I've had false copyright claims before and they all seemed to follow the same pattern: claiming arbitrary points of music. -Several prominant Youtubers, like AbdallahSmash, have uploaded the credits with no issues. -The claim was not by Nintendo, it was by "Being Inc". According to Wikipedia: "Being Incorporated (株式会社ビーイング Kabushiki Gaisha Beingu?), d.b.a. Being Giza Group, is a Japanese private entertainment conglomerate based in Tokyo's Roppongi district, founded on November 1, 1978 by musician Daiko Nagato.[1] Being Inc. and its subsidiaries are the main supplier of theme music for the anime series Detective Conan As of May 2011, 77 theme tunes have been supplied to the anime by Being Inc." Unless Being Inc owns Lost in Thoughts All Alone, I highly dispute this. I don't want to try and appeal the clain until somoene confirms for me they don't, though. I know the Smash Bros version of the song got muted, so I would't be surprised if this did... though that doesn't explain why the big Youtubers get a free pass. If anyone can help with this, let me know. I was just trying to give my final thoughts on the game, and I was talking through pretty much the entire song. And I should also point out: my videos are not monitized.
  9. Localization Comparison Thread

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I haven't played Summer Scramble so I wasn't aware of that. Sorry.
  10. Localization Comparison Thread

    I can see why this happened: Cordelia's "A Cup Angst" and references to Tharja "having the nicest body in the army" were mostly written-out of Awakening's localization so the references would be lost anyway. But especially the A support. That definately sounds like something that should be changed. An hex that causes someone to take their clothes off, and Rhajat doing it repeatedly to Caeldori without consent while she yells at her to stop... that has very disturbing implications. I'm surprised it didn't cause controversy like the Male Avatar/Soleil supports did.
  11. Rena Strober appreciation thread

    Rena, let me honestly say how glad I am for your amazing performance in this game. Something not a lot of people realise is that dubbing songs is HARD. Really, really hard. Writing lyrics that both fit the original tune and convey the same meaning as the original language is one thing, but actually singing to the tune of a song in the language it wasn't written for... I can't even begin to imagine how much work that is. And you pulled it off. Not only pulled it off, you managed to make one of my favorite vocal songs of all time, and not just in gaming either. I've heard a lot of awkward-sounding dubbed songs over the years, so I was honestly worried about how Azura's singing would be handled in this one. The first English trailer sounded good, but brief. I wasn't sure I'd get another chance to hear the song before the game... and then a certain Smash Bros announcement happened. When I downloaded the DLC pack, I wasn't just excited for Corrin, but for the two music tracks coming with him. So I listened to the vocal version of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone"... and it completely floored me. The song was sung so well I immediately listened to the full thing again after it ended. And again. And again. It's now one of my favorite tracks in Smash Bros, if not my absolute favorite. I even showed it to my mum and she thought it was amazing! It led me to look up what else you'd done, and noticed you'd done Broadway productions like Les Miserables. My reaction was "that makes perfect sense". English-speaking fans of this game are very, very lucky we have a voice actress who is also a singer to voice Azura. Not even the Japanese version did both, it had to have separate singing and non-singing voices. The fact that Nintendo America thought to hire someone as talented as you shows they clearly understood how important Azura and her singing was to this game. They deserve praise for that, not the scorn some members of the fanbase are giving them. Your role in this game is amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And thank you so much for being with us on these forums. And thank you so much everyone who posted here and made this thread: you've convinced me there is still good in this fandom.
  12. I'm sure I've been beaten to this by tons of other people, but I was just going over some old analysis I did to get hyped for the release day, and I remembered a few things that might help when it comes to doing the Calculations page for this game. Note: all the info I gathered here was calculated from pre-release screenshots (due to my avoidance of spoilers), so I'm not sure if any of it changed in the final game. Going by the Hit, Avoid and Crit shown in the very first screenshots of the game (generic enemy Outlaw and Nohr Route Corrin) Crit formula has definately changed since Awakening: there it was Weapon’s Critical + (Skill / 2). [Rounding down] It now appears to be Weapon Critical + (Skill / 3) [Rounding down], unless the Yato lowers crit rate or something. Hit and Avoid seem to run off the same formulas as in Awakening (Weapon’s Hit rate + [(Skill x 3 + Luck) / 2] and (Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 respectively. Other than that, I'm not sure what's changed. But it's interesting to know crit rate has been nerfed since the previous game, hopefully that means less fluke 1% crits from the enemy but... maybe not.
  13. Azura's Singing and Let's Play Videos

    Thanks for the info everyone. I do get the feeling the credits will play the full version of the song, but I'd probably be talking over them anyway.
  14. (Heads-up, my Youtube video series for this game is planned to be a blind run, so please don't post spoilers) It's probably a little too early for anyone to answer this, but I had a concern involving posting Youtube videos of this game. Many videos of the lyrical version of Lost In Thoughts All Along, the Smash Bros version, get their audio muted on Youtube unless they do something like play it at half speed. This leads me to worry about the cutscenes containing Azura singing might result in audio being silenced too. I'm not sure though, but I don't want to take any risks. I hear that sometimes the policy with lyrical songs in game footage is that they're okay as long as there's constant commentary over it... though I really don't want to ruin the Azura singing cutscenes by talking over them. (The other issue is that, besides Chapter 5, I don't know which chapters Azura even does sing in, and I don't want to know) I know GameXplain has footage of Chapter 5. I'm avoiding spoilers so I haven't watched it, but I have heard Azura sings during that chapter. Yet I presume that video was fine, even with no commentary. So MAYBE these cutscenes are okay? And it's just the Smash song that has issues? I think some Youtubers have started video series on this game early, from what I've seen, so how did it work for them?
  15. From what was told to me in the "I Just Want To Know One Thing" thread, the only real reason to start over (besides changing the difficulty) is if you're picking a different gender. Corrin and everyone else's Exp carries over from your most recent Ch 6 file, but Flora/Jakob (whichever you didn't get) will start at Lv 1 if you make a different gender Corrin. Depends on if you want to use them or not.