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  1. Jedi tried Smash Ultimate

    Man I really want to see Pichu playable in a demo somewhere so I can hear how great she is. I need to get ready as a Pichu main after all XD
  2. its been a while since I last saw this. im interested to see what combination of units you use this time around for voting.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles! Is this a good picture to post?
  4. Im starting to feel like the only one that isnt bothered by noires pose, is one pose really enough to hate on a characters looks in its entirety?
  5. Im defedently going to main Pichu again after all these years. and use her alongside villager and a few others. I cant wait to get my hands on this.
  6. Most Welcome Pitybreakers

    the last time I was happy for a pitybreaker.... I guess lovers hector counts since I wanted lovers lilina instead. hec he pity broke me twice. and ended up as good fodder for Zephiel.
  7. Its nice to see some of these ideas, most of these ideas sound like the fit better in story mode rather then history mode tho. but still its pretty nice to read.
  8. You're adorable.

    1. Thany


      aww, how nice of you to say. Thank you. I hope you are looking great as well.

  9. its interesting reading these reactions, I feel like the bosses could be much better if it was done in a less tedious way, but I understand the many No I see.
  10. I feel if the bossess work like velezark and less like hyrule warriors bosses, it could work as long as they have a little something to them to be better, like a weakspot to hit to deal more damage, since its pointless if the giant bossess arnt a bit different from each other.
  11. I was talking about this with a group of people and it seems like something to wonder about, could a sequel work with having big bosses then just velezark ? like if FE8, FE6, and FE10 were focuses, could we get big bosses like the demon king, Idoun, and Dheginsea? it would certainly be nice to have instead of Velezark only for big bossess.
  12. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    Im pretty sure she will be the one ordering you around in that case XD
  13. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    But Oliver would only accept a person of absolute beauty, Sanaki is to cute to be Olivers bride XD
  14. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I think shes marrying her dress with how much she loves to talk about it XP
  15. If a mario moshu game was to be made, Id think the core element of the game would be power-ups found around the map, what better way to incorperate mario stuff then to have things like mushrooms on the ground be considered health up, or finding a double cherry to make a clone of yourself to help in battle. mabey beating a fort and getting a bell power up will let you access an area that you need the cat suit to climb up to get. or even a star power-up on the field to go ham on everything, but its pretty rare. mabey even have things like fire and ice flowers add elemental attacks to your current player. there SO much you can do when they incorperate powerups into the game here.