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  1. Thanks to this, I cannot stop imagining Ephraim as a Barber, with sissors as weapons, and his crit quote would be "Your hair is DISGUSTING!" I desperately want this to be a thing.
  2. WONDERFUL! Ephraims lines just sound fun to hear regardless. (I have half a mind to desperately wish he said disgusting after the meme it became)
  3. Chapter 13 made me so nervous, 3 killing machines that chase you a majority of the map doing huge damage is terrifying. and very scary when they just chase you. im lucky to have not lost a unit
  4. That was a nice touch

    well lets hope this ends with a happy ending, regardless, I find it interesting just how much unique diolauge Rowan and Lianna have for a majority of the characters in the game. in both dual attacks and just battles.
  5. That was a nice touch

    I'd probably agree, if they didnt constantly refer to each other as scum during the battle field when fighting. (even ryoma still calls em scum) I'm just saying they are more like frienemies as teamates if anything, I dout they will be respectful to each other until the support stuff.
  6. That was a nice touch

    I dont see why the siblings should instantly start to like each other when they just recently joined forces, This is still a game where your battleing togeather one map, but then killing each other on the next, Id think it would be strange for takumi not to throw insults to leo and vice versa. even if on the same team.
  7. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Man these things really do slow down at the end of chapters huh?
  8. Its so odd people not wanting bunny xander when having a badge skill for easy grinding would be handy as back up....
  9. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Man.... what a misleading Tempest. Guess we should of figured since Joshua technically counts as a brave hero.
  10. Free Update / Nov 16

    well regardless, Im just looking forward to what other units undergarmets look like, What does oboro wear under her usual wear? I'm so curious what they are gonna do.
  11. Free Update / Nov 16

    Kinda like how in this game, The armor will only come off with a weapon skill and only if that person is using it, Its optional like fates but its pretty useful in this game.
  12. Free Update / Nov 16

    Everyone has default undergarments, so if you give them a bath towel or not clothes breaking still reveals the same undergarmets depending on side. Im mostly just saying these look more like casual wear then undergarmets. (but I dont dout some of the characters might, I dont see what else camila would wear)
  13. Free Update / Nov 16

    I always did find that funny, but its nice to know it was fixed.
  14. Free Update / Nov 16

    well theres also the fact its not just underwear like Fates was, so it looks more varied then just black undergarmets. (looked nice but was just vary bland between all characters)
  15. Noble Lady of Caelin

    beating the map is a good way to get Lyn, just gotta finish the mission that makes it say map clear.