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  1. hermm.... what would be a good team to run around a 4 star +1 female robin for arena?
  2. I cant recall if it was Lyn, takumi, or Fae. but I do love them oh so much. still used on my regular team.
  3. if you plan to go that route, mabey try the way FE7 did it, since doing something like awakening and fates may be to much programing to work with. but with em there can be some small ex positional dump for characters you get newly introduced to. But if you do go awakening or fates style, try to share information on a character not said in other support conversations when supporting with the my unit. (ether from your own perspective, or something not told in the game itself.)
  4. fe8

    boy this game was fun to play. i do hope a patch comes out of nowhere on here so we know you arnt dead XD
  5. I forgot chain challenges was a thing.
  6. so if nephee is here. then black knight is the temple tempist reward?
  7. does anyone remember the best way to get sherena to defeat a level 35 female robin?
  8. Wrys... the one that uses an Axe from some trading card game. :P
  9. while thats true, Tingle was in the base game of legends. and that version of the game wasnt even hated.
  10. isnt there still a 3 day event where they will give nothing but warriors information? Its possible to learn the final roster of characters during that time mabey... Regardless im not sure how to feel about people hating an entirety of a game on one character introduction... (tingle didnt manage to ruin hyrule warriors so i was hoping Lyn wasnt going to do that ether)
  11. perhaps this is their "out there" character in the same way agitha was out there for hyrule warriors.
  12. at first i was like the unluckiest person to get the game from the beginning of having alot of 5 stars, but over time i started getting way to many blue lance units at 5 stars. at least now i have enough to cover 1 scrolls worth of 5 stars.
  13. Im having some slight trouble winning the level 40 lunatic levels. the 4 bonus units i use in the begining dont get far enough, and my main team isnt good for the final map when we get there... Can i have some team suggestions to use for each slot? just general team suggestions would be helpful.
  14. your interests read like kill bill vol. 1


    1. Thany


      A bit unintentional but it would be very cool if it does sound close to that without me knowing. XD

    2. buttmuncher.ops


      hmm..had a feeling you hadn't watched it :x

      well, if your interest taste in movies is anything like your writing / roleplay, you might enjoy it