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  1. that moment when a switch game gets cheaper then a 3ds game. sure wish I got the game during this time just to have a few extra left over XD
  2. Besides, Cordelia couldnt even use that Gradivus even if she wanted to..... because FREDRICK himself uses it in his awakening attack. along with the sword Mercurius. so camus was rip the moment fredrick got in XD
  3. that is correct, also including whatever weapons Tharja and Olivia will get as weapons.
  4. I couldnt find it in me to try and get everything from the fates maps. but since I really like shadow dragon, im gonna try my very best to do more in this dlc pack then the last one.
  5. well theres still the intro and outro cutscene for the characters. so she will still look pretty in them when you watch them.
  6. I dont think so, this is a costume over her normal model, I dont think her character ever rode side saddle, so ether the dress actually has collision with the horse and it looks a tad uncomfortable to sit in, or the dress clips the poor horses back XP
  7. The horse is just secretly Cadeas dress being rode on. best horse dlc costume ever.
  8. What I worry more is if the poor horses skin is gonna get clipped in just because her dress is so big, and I dont think she sits with both legs on 1 side. XD
  9. these probably wouldnt get so out of hand if little was said on disliking them, just a simple "I like the other costumes over Cades wedding dress, so im looking forward to them" or" I think I will prefer Cadeas normal costume over the bride one" without having to go on a tangent of how that costume should be different cause its always the same would probably have prevent that all togeather.
  10. I dont see a bridal veil on Lucina like I do on Cadea, and I see for sure Cadea doesnt have that giant wing thing like Lucina does. plus silver slippers compared to gold slippers. @Anacybele I know your a female and like males, but its kinda unfair to skip over all those other details the bride dresses have when you compare other simple desigsn like the males swimshorts from Fredrick to Gaius.
  11. lets not forget this is the wedding dress she wore when being wed to Marth, and lets also consider that shadow dragon and awakening take part in the exact same universe. so its not that weird for Cadea to have a dress that seems a bit familier but isnt exacly the same as awakenings wedding dress. of course if you wanna check yourself, you can compare Lucinas dress right next to Cadeas to see how exact it looks
  12. has there really been no info on the next dlc coming? this is quite a while of not getting info for the upcoming dlc. I really want to know what we will get.
  13. that sounds to me like the x slash move that opens up enemy stun gauge
  14. when you run out of units, but you conviently have a tie breaker to break just before sacred stones makes a big comeback XP
  15. not the kind of clothes I expected to see, But Tikis outfit is pretty cute.