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  1. its interesting reading these reactions, I feel like the bosses could be much better if it was done in a less tedious way, but I understand the many No I see.
  2. I feel if the bossess work like velezark and less like hyrule warriors bosses, it could work as long as they have a little something to them to be better, like a weakspot to hit to deal more damage, since its pointless if the giant bossess arnt a bit different from each other.
  3. I was talking about this with a group of people and it seems like something to wonder about, could a sequel work with having big bosses then just velezark ? like if FE8, FE6, and FE10 were focuses, could we get big bosses like the demon king, Idoun, and Dheginsea? it would certainly be nice to have instead of Velezark only for big bossess.
  4. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    Im pretty sure she will be the one ordering you around in that case XD
  5. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    But Oliver would only accept a person of absolute beauty, Sanaki is to cute to be Olivers bride XD
  6. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I think shes marrying her dress with how much she loves to talk about it XP
  7. If a mario moshu game was to be made, Id think the core element of the game would be power-ups found around the map, what better way to incorperate mario stuff then to have things like mushrooms on the ground be considered health up, or finding a double cherry to make a clone of yourself to help in battle. mabey beating a fort and getting a bell power up will let you access an area that you need the cat suit to climb up to get. or even a star power-up on the field to go ham on everything, but its pretty rare. mabey even have things like fire and ice flowers add elemental attacks to your current player. there SO much you can do when they incorperate powerups into the game here.
  8. Im reminded the people that made this game also made pokemon conquest... so now im wondering how likely it is for Koei to try their own attempt at a fire emblem like game using samurai/dynasty warrior characters. or If we will get pokemon warriors.
  9. its kinda like how when someone wears covering clothing for a long time, they feel uncormfortable with revealing outfits. so it makes sense it would be vice versa for nowi if she was with them for so long. (it might even explain her halloween costume from heroes if that was the case.) Tho I question why they would give relatively nice looking clothes if they mostly just had her transform into a dragon for their amusement.
  10. If (when) fire emblem warriors gets a sequel. do you think the story should focus on the two characters as king and queen ruling over their nation? or have 2 different characters take the role in the story mode and leave those other two as unlockable characters in story or history mode?
  11. Personally im still upset we didnt get silly out there characters like Hero Wrys from the cipher art. theres so much fun to be had with adding characters but shadow dragon just got way to little and that upsets me. hopefully the sequel decides to have much more fun with out there characters and weapons, id love to kill people with a log.
  12. for more quality of life reasons, being able to just press a button to instantly see what skill you weapon has without going out of your way to see it would be swell. I always forget what a skill does when I look at it, and taking a look without just going all the way to camp would help remove the tedium. in history mode only, it would be nice if there was a mini number next to the ko count/timer/hp that listed the rankings of a stage,like it would be nice to have /1500 B, To tell us how much total KOes are needed without needing to pause the game and try to find an open spot to take a quick look at the count. especially since allies koes count now. lastly, if dimensional rifts appear again, I would like it that if after you get an S rank on it and you open up the conversation menu, it tells you what game that specific conversation is from, incase there are those who dont know whats being referenced.
  13. FEW2 - Regarding Stages

    A big forested area would make great use of dynasty warriors fire hallways they like to do sometimes, setting fire to something where you slowly take damage in it untill you ether put it out or take out the mage.and boat maps would just makes sense. even if its history only, I do hope the newer stages have newer maps in them based on the actual games, it would be nice to have memorable locations instead of only origonal.
  14. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because he chewed on it to hard. Where can I find a Fire emblem forum to post in?
  15. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    I hope the next legendary hero for April is Marth, fire emblems anniversary is coming up soon, and it would be nice to celebrate it with the legendary king marth. have him be fire elemental to stick with the name fire emblem XP