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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    It ends on the 17th! It's date/month/year format. Anyways, as for questions... 1. What makes Radiant Dawn your favorite FE game? 2. Do you speak any languages other than English? 3. Favorite dragon in FE?
  2. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    i've been away for a few days and this thread is still on the same page what's happened to you hhh
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this right, but you know the interview lasts until Sunday, right?
  4. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    SF Interview #155: DragoncatInterview ends on 17/12/2017. @Dragoncat Nominations: 7: Dragoncat 3: Carter 2: XRay 2: SoulWeaver 2: DisobeyedCargo 1: Polydeuces 1: Sigismund of Luxemburg 1: Michelaar 1: Mewyeon
  5. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    Nominations:6: Dragoncat3: Carter2: XRay2: SoulWeaver 2: DisobeyedCargo1: Polydeuces1: Sigismund of Luxemburg1: Michelaar
  6. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    Nominations: 5: Dragoncat 3: Carter 2: XRay 2: SoulWeaver 1: Polydeuces 1: Sigismund of Luxemburg 1: Michelaar 1: DisobeyedCargo
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Dragoncat

    Nominations for #155 are open.Nomination ends next Tuesday.
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Still should form that metal band with Sully and call it Helcaraxë.
  9. Count to 802,701!

  10. First word comes to mind

  11. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    おめでとう、友達 you should buy seventeen seventeen albums heh cut them off
  12. I hate you and I will put poison in your mutton. I'm not Mack, but I have a magony dining table and I can make a paddle with your posts taped to it. You up for it? 358.
  13. I always feel really bad when I miss people's birthdays and I try my hardest to remember. But it's just so easy to miss sometimes, when it's a busy day. 301.