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  1. :^)
  2. Nah, the mods nuked it.
  3. Is transforming into a carrot and/or Futaba.
  4. Wait, is this still from the- I KNEW IT Wait, what, how? They got me blocked, but we're on the same list. : ( Man, this couple of posts has taken me on a nostalgia trip. The whole ordeal is quite funny in retrospect. I guess the thing I learned from it the most is just how toxic internet discussion can be. There were some nice people though. Now I wonder how icze4r is doing...
  5. hhh

    You're such a pretty carrot. Wait, is this the beginning of Futaba cosplay? i'm going to tell Mara
  6. That's an interesting interpretation. I never saw it that way. I always thought Ramon named Renning his heir voluntarily because he thought he couldn't have children of his own. Though that begs the question why he'd officially name Renning his heir. Renning was his only living relative, so he'd succeed him anyway after his death. So why was the affirmation needed? It didn't have any benefits; it ended up only complicating the situation when Ramon ended up getting a child after all. Maybe it was just something Ramon didn't think through very well. But there could be a different explanation. I'm supposing that Crimean succession law was a matter of law of custom. Now as Crimea was still a young nation at this time, there could be discussion as to what the law of custom actually was. Of course King Ramon would say that the law of custom was that the King must be succeeded by his closest living relative; only if the King has no living relatives does the Council of Nobles elect a new King. But I could imagine people on the Council of Nobles claiming that the law of custom holds that the King must be succeeded by his eldest child; if the King has no children, the Council of Nobles elects a new King. The affirmation of Renning as his heir may have been a move by King Ramon to settle this (potential) dispute.
  7. General Kenobi. Hello, and welcome to the forums! I hope you'll enjoy it around here.
  8. hhh

    My nose is so stuffed, I think I'm not even going to try to sleep anymore.
  9. hhh

    I love making obscure references. Mara is nice, but... my heart belongs to Eiki.
  10. I cannot believe you actually made this thread, haha. I love you. Now if only you'd let the Roman Empire into your heart. On the topic of Elincia. The Kingdom of Crimea at the time of King Ramon was still quite a young nation, and did not possess sovereignty (being a tributary state to the Empire of Begnion). It is not uncommon for young kingdoms to have less strict laws of genetical succession than established kingdoms (for example, the kingship in the Roman Kingdom was purely elective, and the system employed in the Kingdom of England prior to William the Conqueror was a mix of genetics, appointment and election). In Radiant Dawn, we see that there is a Council of Nobles in Crimea. I think its function is comparable to the Witenagemot in the early Kingdom of England: its primary function is to act as an advisory body to the king, but it is also charged with taking over the king's duties in case of an interregnum. During such an interregnum, the Witenagemot even had the power to elect a new king. I think Crimea had a preference for an established royal line with genetic succession, but there was no duty on the King or his heirs to have children, as the Council of Nobles could always elect a new King if the kingship became vacant with no heirs. As to why Elincia's existence was kept a secret... It was to prevent turmoil in the nation. King Ramon had already named Renning his heir. If Elincia's existence were made public and she were named Ramon's heir instead of Renning, surely there'd be outcry among Renning's supporters. Unrest, in the worst case civil war, would likely follow. If Elincia's existence were made public but Renning retained as Ramon's heir, there'd be a good chance Renning's opponents would seize the opportunity to attack Renning and demand Elincia be named Ramon's successor. Unrest, in the worst case civil war, would likely follow. If Elincia's existence were kept secret until Renning was King and it was apparent that he'd have no heirs, and her existence were made public then and she'd be named his heir then, surely the Council of Nobles would protest. They were looking forward to electing a new King themselves, only to have some secret kid snatch that away from them. We already saw a lot of opposition from the Council of Nobles to Elincia's succession in Radiant Dawn - this was when Elincia had liberated Crimea. Imagine the opposition from the Council if Elincia were not the liberator of Crimea, but just some secret kid that Renning "uses to rob the Council of its power," as Elincia's opponents would surely call it. This would be the worst scenario. So if the Council of Nobles really does function like the Witenagemot, keeping Elincia's existence a secret forever was likely the safest option. Elincia was not supposed to become Queen of Crimea under any circumstances. She only became Queen because a "return of the king" scenario happened. The Kingdom falls, with the entire royal family dead and the people oppressed by the occupant's regime. Then suddenly a miracle occurs: an unkown heir to the dead King pops up and saves the country and its people in their hour of need. It's similar to Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings or, to use a real-world example, the folk tales surrounding Emperor Constantine XI in Turkish-ruled Greece. Of course the people would welcome this savior as their King (or in this case Queen), leaving the Council of Nobles with no real choice.
  11. hhh

    Yes. Is he an artist? A performance artist?
  12. Truly a modern Rousseau you are. Wait, was it an Eiki or was it a Konngara? I actually think it was a Konngara.
  13. hhh

    True gluttony is personified in suku. But what if that is actually Mara's DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY?
  14. Hold up, you played TPDP? ... Wait, I REMEMBER You caught an Eiki and named it "Dan's Waifu."
  15. I wasn't talking about France, I was talking about the Kingdom of France! Now go out there and write about how the laws of custom of the provinces are an idiotic system (even though they're perfectly normal in a federation like France) and how the king is a tyrant (even though he's only fighting the same cause as you are)!