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  1. Interviews

    That's why I asked! Thinking about that kind of stuff is important, you know. Though you don't have to share it with random Great Kings of Hatti on the internet, heheh. Hoverflies are the second-biggest pollinator in the world, and they are completely harmless; I like hoverflies. Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. YES BECAUSE THE SONG OF DURIN IS AMAZING AND CLAMAVI DE PROFUNDIS' EXECUTION OF IT IS AMAZING Well, he did breed Orcs and Men to create "better" breeds. But I guess... HAHA YES Men have always been slightly taller than Elves. Cool! 303. What do you think of Big People? 304. Are they noisy or what???? 305. So what do you usually eat for second breakfast? 306. What do you usually eat for elevenses? 307. What do you usually eat at afternoon tea? 308. What do you usually eat for supper? Well, I asked because there's people all around the internet going "I want to live in Middle-earth ;_;" on LotR-related things and such and I'm like YOU LIVE IN MIDDLE-EARTH or TAKE A PLANE TO EUROPE AND YOU'RE THERE 309. What's wrong with Arwen? It's tiny pieces of chocolate! You put it on your bread or on your dessert. Uhhhh, you, DodgeDusk and whatever people I met when I was cycling along Hadrian's Wall. ME Are you sure? :^) You know what this means, right? : ))))))) 310. Do you think Titus Tatius should be counted as a Roman King? 311. Do you think Servius Tullius could legally be considered a Roman King? 312. Opinions on Lucius Tarquinius Superbus? 313. Do you think it was right of Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus to step down? 314. What do you think of the Conflict of the Orders? 315. Would you have sided with the patricians or with the plebeians? 316. Titus Manlius or Marcus Furius Camillus? 317. Sulla or Marius? 318. Caesar or Pompey? 319. Opinions on Augustus transforming the Republic into an Empire? 320. Opinions on the Lex Regia? 321. To which Emperor would you attribute the Lex Regia? 322. Do you think the Emperor's supreme power derived solely from the Lex Regia or do you believe it was a combination of the Lex Regia, mos and iuris prudentia? 323. Lucius Verus, Marcus Aurelius or Commodus? 324. What do you think about Diocletian's reforms? 325. Who did a better job at reforming the Empire: Diocletian or Constantine I? 326. What do you think about the Catholic Church making up stories about Emperor Julian the Apostate persecuting Christians? 327. Do you think Romulus Augustulus should be counted among the Roman Emperors? 328. What do you think of Emperor Zeno honoring Odoacer's request to raise him to patrician status and let him govern Italy? 329. What do you think of Emperor Justinian I's military campaigns to restore the Empire to its former glory? 330. What do you think of Emperor Justinian I's legal reforms? 331. Do you think Irene can be considered a Roman Empress? 332. What do you think of the Pope crowning Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor? 333. Do you think the Byzantine Empire was still the Roman Empire? 334. If not, when did the Roman Empire fall, in your opinion? 335. Thoughts on the legal reforms of Emperor Leo the Wise? 336. Leges Duodecim Tabularum, Corpus Iuris Civilis or Τὰ Βασιλικὰ? I was ready when Labarna passed the sceptre on to me and the storm god Teshub took me under his protection. Let us go then. *readies war chariot*
  2. Interviews

    301. ... Wait, did I just ask one hundred questions in one post? 302. Do you know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands?
  3. Dear Sully, You are the person that was missing in my life. Yeah, Ar-Pharazôn doesn't get much screentime, but he's so very interesting. He obviously considered himself very good - and for a while, he was a mixture of good (opposing Sauron, fighting obvious evil) and evil (rebellious thoughts against the Valar and Eldar); but later, he became totally evil. How did that happen? How did he view that? How did the people view that? How did he view his people? How did Sauron persuade them? A very intriguing man Ar-Pharazôn was.
  4. hhh

    Cool, Rex / Ar-Glacies it is. I'm on vacation again! I'll change when I'm back. So Sunday or Monday or something. But the vote is so indecisive that I'll probably do Claudius I, Marcus Aurelius, Septimius Severus, Julius Nepos (he has bias bonus), Justinian I (bias bonus), Basil II and Constantine XI (bias bonus) in succession.
  5. Interviews

    I want to bury [the memory of this scene]. BUBBLEGUM PLEASE THESE ARE MY FAVORITE QUESTIONS IN EVERY INTERVIEW brb committing sudoku again Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. It's a simple "Natalia", haha. 201. "Bubblegum" still sounds pretty long and formal. Can I call you Bubbles? NOOOOOO IT WILL ALL BE CLEAR ONCE YOU'VE READ THE NÚMENOR ESSAY 182. I can tell you don't really know me, heheh. 183. Write about your mentally unstable cat! Or something else! Be creative! 202. Do you feel like your other cat is being overshadowed by this one because it's mentally unstable? 203. Would you get a mentally unstable cat again? I'll be you just to spite you. 204. Opinions on Zephiel? 205. For the sake of best enjoying the story, do you think someone should play Binding Blade first or Blazing Blade first? 206. Do you aspire to be a mage girl? 207. Black magic (tomes) or white magic (staves)? 208. Anima, light or dark magic? 209. Do you like being outside in the darkness? 210. What is your biggest fear? 211. Is there anything that would instantly brighten your day? 212. Is there anything that would instantly ruin your day? 213. Are you happy? 214. Did you know anything about the Hittites before? 215. Do you rather take the role of a leader or the role of a follower? 216. What do you think about bees? 217. What do you think about wasps? 218. Which are cuter: hoverflies, bees or bumblebees? 219. What do you think about spiders? 220. Favorite kind(s) of bird? 221. Isn't the Holy Spirit the cutest holy birb? 222. So which Clamavi de Profundis song(s) did you listen to? 223. What did you think of it/them? 224. Do you remember the Song of Durin from The Fellowhsip of the Ring book? 225. Isn't it amazing? 226. Beorn or Treebeard? 227. Treebeard or Quickbeam? 228. Théoden or Éomer? 229. Can you say something nice about Sauron? 230. Can you say something bad about Sam? 231. Did you know that Tolkien originally envisioned Fatty to be captured by Ringwraiths? 232. Isn't that super crazy?????? 233. Isn't @Astolfo! a stupid bum? 234. Isn't @Hattusili I a stupid nerd? 235. Why are we doing this again? 236. What are we doing it for? 237. Favorite childhood shows? 238. There's two kinds of kids in the world: kids who like Animaniacs and kids who don't like Animaniacs. You're either with us or you're against us. So which are you? 239. Who do you think are taller (on average): Elves or Men? 240. Opinion on Hobbits? 241. Were you aware that you live in Middle-earth? 242. Do you think there's still Elves in Middle-earth? 243. What do you think of the casting in the LotR movies, overall? 244. Best casting choices in the LotR movies, in your opinion? 245. Worst casting choices in the LotR movies, in your opinion? 246. Did you know that Thorin Oakenshield was nearly 200 at the time of The Hobbit? 247. How do you feel about Thorin Oakenshield looking not nearly 200 at all in the movies? 248. Can you say something nice about The Hobbit movies? 249. Opinions on Lotho Sackville-Baggins? 250. Opinions on Saruman? 251. You have my sword, my axe and my bow. What do you do? 252. Favorite sweets? 253. Do you like baking cookies? 254. Favorite kinds of cookies? 255. Have you ever eaten hagelslag? 256. Have you ever eaten stroopwafels? 257. Have you ever eaten panna cotta? 258. What are British pancakes like? 259. What do you usually eat for breakfast? 260. What do you usually eat for lunch? 261. What do you usually eat for dinner? 262. Least favorite foods? 263. Isn't the metric system way better than the retard system, uhhh, I mean, imperial system? 264. Isn't it super weird to drive on the left? 265. Come to think of it, why are you guys so weird? 266. I mean, I knew Napoleon was kind of a dick, but really? 267. How much do you know about the French Revolution, by the way? 268. French Revolution or Russian Revolution? 269. Opinions on Éowyn? 270. Éowyn or Éomer? 271. Opinions on Gríma Wormtongue? 272. Opinions on Gondor? 273. Opinions on Rohan? 274. Gondor or Rohan? 275. Do you know anything about Arnor at all? 276. Did you know that Cirith Ungol was originally a Gondorian watchtower? 277. Favorite letter in the alphabet? 278. Have you ever seen the Greek alphabet? 279. Have you ever had εκμέκ καταΐφι? 280. Would you like to visit Greece? 281. Have you ever heard of Mycenae? 282. Are you familiar with the story of the Trojan War? 283. Have you ever read The Iliad? 284. Did you know that Priam is called Paris in the Japanese version of Awakening? 285. Do you prefer referring to FE games by name or by number? 286. How good is your Japanese? 287. Have you ever played FE in Japanese? 288. What's your policy on letting characters die in FE? 289. Have you ever done an ironman run of an FE game (i.e. never resetting)? 290. The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? 291. Do you intend to read The Silmarillion at some point? 292. What about The Adventures of Tom Bombadil? 293. What about Unfinished Tales? 294. What about The History of Middle-earth? 295. What about The Children of Húrin? 296. What about Beren and Lúthien? 297. Do you find it easy to ask for help when you need it? 298. Do you find it easy to admit mistakes? 299. Do you find it easy to be criticized? 300. Least favorite subject(s) in school? It's because the storm god Teshub protects me, who am My Sun, by the grace of Teshub, in his great benevolence ruling the land of Hatti and all the lands around and beyond, the mightiest Great King, outmatching His Brothers, who rule in Assyria and Ahhiyawa and in Egypt, surpassing all the common folk etc. etc. etc.
  6. Interviews

    I'm only more curious now. :^) Yes. 141. WHAT ARE BAD MEMES????? Thanks. The other ones are (mostly) serious questions, but this one is the most hilarious part of that whole abomination. 142. HOW COULD YOU FORGET???? Looks like I have a lot of work to do once this interview is over. 143. How would you define justice? If you can't give a definition, some general principles will do. 144. The biggest problem with legal naturalism is that justice is subjective. You'll have people (and courts) disobeying the law left and right according to their own subjective interpretation of justice because they believe the law is unjust - the result is a lack of legal certainty, legal equality and, in the worst case, chaos. How would you try to remedy this? 145. Opinions on the Ralph Bakshi The Lord of the Rings? 146. Would you rather spend a day out and about or inside, in the comfort of your own home? 147. Did you listen to anything from Clamavi de Profundis yet? 148. Have you ever tried playing FE music on one (or more) of the billion instruments you play? 149. Have you ever tried playing non-FE video game music? 150. What are your favorite game series besides FE anyway? 151. Is FE your favorite game series? 152. Can you say something inspirational? 153. What do you enjoy more: thinking about the past or thinking about the future? 154. Do you have any favorite names (for people)? 155. Do you have any favorite names (for towns)? 156. Do you have any favorite names (for countries)? 157. Did you know that "The Netherlands" and "Iraq" mean the same thing? 158. Isn't that crazy? 159. Does this make me Iraqi? 160. If you could teach the world one thing, what would it be? 161. Gold or porcelain? 162. Would you say you're a materialistic person? 163. Retribution or forgiveness? 164. Do you have any favorite quotes? 165. What sounds more awesome: Ar-Pharazôn or Tal-Calion? 166. Why is your nickname Bubblegum? 167. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? WAIT IT WAS BABY SARDINES RIGHT 168. Would you eat it again? 169. Overall, do you prefer reading books or watching movies? 170. Do you read any magazines? 171. Do you read any newspapers? 172. Woods or sea? 173. Do you know what an Atlantis complex is? 174. Are you afraid of floods? 175. Are you afraid of drowning? 176. Do you like swimming? 177. Physical weapons or magic? 178. Do you think birthdays are something to celebrate? 179. Do you prefer buying people gifts or making them personalized gifts? 180. Do you have a preferred day in the week? 181. Is there any day in the week that seems to be (almost) always bad for you? 182. How long do you think it will take me to write all those essays? 183. Will you write me any essays back? 184. Were you any good at writing essays in school? 185. Have you ever/often bullshitted your way through an essay? 186. If I asked you to write an essay right now, on a topic of your choice, what would you write about? 187. Have you ever been to Rome? 188. What do you think of Rome? 189. Do you prefer to travel by bicycle or by car? 190. Do you prefer to travel by car or by public transport? 191. Can you drive a car? 192. If so, do you prefer driving yourself or letting others drive? 193. Bus or train? 194. Have you ever been on a tram? 195. Have you ever been in a coach? 196. Have you ever ridden a horse? 197. Horses, pegasi or wyverns? 198. Is there one thing you'd recommend anyone to try? 199. Is there one thing you'd recommend anyone not to try? 200. Do you have any favorite countries?
  7. hhh

    Hi Rex Glacies, I'm hereby dubbing you Ar-Glacies. ... I'd translate "Glacies" into Adûnaic, but I really don't know anything about Adûnaic besides the names of some Kings of Númenor. What should I call you, by the way? "Rex Glacies" sounds so long and formal.
  8. Dear Sully, I want to nerd out about Ar-Pharazôn, but no one I know knows who Ar-Pharazôn is. What should I do?
  9. hhh

    His name isn't "King - The Golden" for no reason.
  10. hhh

    I wish there were more good Ar-Pharazôn art. It's not that there's no good art of him, but I want BETTER ART with MORE GOLD
  11. So what's the whole deal with your complex personality type? I don't really hate any Fire Emblem character, but I'm not very fond of Tharja. She often annoys me. He doesn't really appear in any other books and when he does, it doesn't really add much information. Bombadil is the biggest enigma in the whole legendarium. He seems to be related to the Ents, but he also seems to be related to Ilúvatar (God). Indeed, there's a somewhat popular fan theory that he is Ilúvatar (which I find unlikely). He definitely has a place in the legendarium (otherwise Tolkien would have mercilessly removed him from it), but he's a great enigma. And that's exactly what makes him interesting!
  12. The Micaiah and Oboro look amazing! You're definitely improving. Are you comfortable drawing men yet? If so, I'd like to request a Pelleas. If not, I'd like to request a Rebecca.
  13. Interviews

    102. Oh my, is this a story that warrants telling? I love references (especially to Tolkien stuff), but they're best when they're references to something really obscure. So I gotta give you a 9/10 for this one. EY NICE Though I haven't actually played badminton in 2 years, oops. Sheesh, what kind of Elf are you? 80 is barely a teenager to Elves. Your soul may be immortal, but your body, although it cannot die of old age and is resistant to illness, may be slain by force. If that happens, your body will still get buried and you'll still get a gravestone, thus I can still execute my plan, heheheheheh... Their bodies don't, but their souls do. Have fun living in the Halls of Mandos without a body until the Battle of Battles and the End of Days. Okay, I'm gonna add the Númenor essay to the list of essays I gotta write for you. And let's add the Realms in Exile essay to the list too, just for that pun. Plus, it connects nicely to the Númenor essay. 103. Can I add the Ælfwine essay too while we're at it? It connects nicely to the Númenor essay and it's one of my favorite stories in the whole legendarium. EY ME TOO Though I have to tell you, avoiding Fates and Echoes spoilers is really hard when you're on these forums. It was Wikipedia for me, so that's fine. NOW WE'RE TALKING 104. Are you content in life at the moment? 105. Do you have any idea what it will take for you to be and stay content in life? 106. Are you familiar with stoicism (the school of philosophy)? This just goes to prove how terrible you are NEVER MY SUN BY THE GRACE OF THE STORM GOD TESHUB etc. etc. I think everyone knows the drill by now. As much as I love the Old Forest story... 107. How could you choose the Old Forest over the scouring of the Shire? 108. Have you ever watched the Ralph Bakshi The Lord of the Rings movie? 109. What makes your favorite book your favorite book? 110. Bad memes, eh? So... "Damn, Daniel", Wendy's...? I can't think of anymore bad memes. 111. Opinions on Latin? 112. Can I call you by a latinized version of Natalie? 113. Would you prefer having a small group of close friends or a large group of less close friends? 114. What constitutes a friend to you? Like, where do you draw the line between an acquaintance and a friend? 115. How would you define love (not necessarily romantic love)? 116. Can you dance? 117. Do you have any favorite word(s) (can be any language)? 118. Do you feel more comfortable in one-on-one conversation or in groups? 119. Why does it hurt so much? 120. Do you have any specific artistic goals and/or dreams? 121. If you could live in any fictional world/country/city/place, where would you live? 122. If you could live in any real place, where would you live? 123. If you were a ruler, would you be an active ruler (pursuing your own policies first) or a passive ruler (responding to developments first)? 124. Legal positivism (law before justice) or legal naturalism (justice before law)? 125. First and current impressions of me? 126. What achievement are you most proud of (you don't have to share if it's private)? 127. Tradition or modernization? 128. How likely are you to give up on something? 129. How likely are you to give up on someone? 130. What is the perfect weather for you? 131. Can you explain the difference between cake and pie to me? I never really understood where the line is between the two. 132. Real talk though, do you actually feel stupid / inferior to me? 133. The sun or the moon? 134. What are usually the first things you see/notice when you go outside? 135. What are usually the first things you see/notice when you enter a building/room? 136. Biggest pet peeve? 137. Is there any question you would like to be asked but haven't been asked yet? If so, what is it and what is the answer to it? 138. What do you think is more important when supporting someone in need: listening to them and showing understanding or giving them helpful advice? 139. Do you prefer cooking for yourself or cooking for other people? 140. Kings or Emperors?
  14. Interviews

    I'll make sure your gravestone says "Knows 'everything' about the year 1066" 8) Nah, it's fine. I was just curious. Actually, they live forever. Literally. 92. Still sure you wanna be an Elf? Okay, remind me to write you a Pelleas essay when I've got more time on my hands. Same for 56, except make it a Donation of Constantine essay. 93. Wow, are you actually the heir of Elendil, rightful Queen of Arnor and Gondor? 94. Do you still miss Atalantë? 95. Oh, so you don't really know anything about the FE games you haven't played? 96. Are you actively avoiding spoilers on FE games you haven't played? 97. Do you intend on playing the older FE games sometime? 98. Do you intend on playing the oldest FE games sometime? NOOOOOOOOOOOO THE SHAME 99. Do I have to commit sudoku now? 100. Do you know the difference between seppuku and harakiri? 101. Wow, are you some sort of goddess? A genderbent Apollo, maybe? I have to go now, but THIS ISN'T OVER @Astolfo!