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  1. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    Thanks for the insight guys @Johann Nice, just 3 more till +10.
  2. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    @Kaden I think discussing about her nature will have merit, thanks for bringing the topic up. If Flora ever comes out I'm ready to spend lots of orbs for her lol. @Usana @Johann(don't know any other Felicia users here) what are your thoughts on this topic? Asking our local expert @Ice Dragon as well, if you don't mind lending us some insight on magic threats that you face in your arena tier. I think DEF bane is the best since her DEF is already low, and the HP is needed as a padding for when you fight some strong blade mages (Olwen, Spring Camilla, and Cecilia from my experience) who can reach high ATK numbers. Messing around with the Kagerochart Calculator, a +10 Spring Camilla with +ATK, all flyer buffs, DB3, and ATK 3 seal one rounds a +10 Neutral Felicia with Warding Stance/Distant Defense, Hone RES buff, and a DD seal by 1 damage. (Felicia has 38 HP) +RES will allow her to survive, but the result is the same if she has a HP bane. The other threat Olwen (same setup as Camilla but with LND instead for A) one rounds Felicia since she doubles her (49 vs 41) but a Hone SPD buff prevents that. Lastly Cecilia just barley kills Felicia and leaves her with 2 HP left.Since you want a mage tank I'd go for +RES, though +SPD is great if you plan on using the sweeps (her neutral SPD is good enough to sweep most targets with SPD buff) the targets that Felicia will need buffs to sweep are Arya and Mia (both have 44 spd neutral at +10), SPD nature is also helpful for doubling targets to charge her skill, or for a desperation build with things like poison/kitty or mochi + iceberg and an infantry pulse user. As for your build you could probably try something like: +RES/-DEF Rogue+(RES) Flexible for assist Iceberg DD 3 or RES 3 if budget Guard to prevent enemies from charging their skill when you try to debuff them. (Doesn't work on Steady Breath users) Windsweep if you need protection from DC users. Or Cancel Affinity to protect you from Raven Mages ATK Ploy/Smoke to hamper the enemies' ATK stat further (your choice) DD for seal This should give you enough to make her into a mage tank while buffing your teammates with her dagger.
  3. Voice actors [Book 2 complete]

    Looks like it's Tomokazu Sugita (kinda unexpected but hilarious) Shadowofchaos will like this
  4. Bound Hero Battle: The Restoration Twins

    Thanks, yep had a lot of orbs when NY banner started and got lucky. Nice! Kagerou is so good, yeah had the same thought as well I think Felicia had like 55 RES when that blade mage attacked
  5. Bound Hero Battle: The Restoration Twins

    @SatsumaFSoysoy Here's my attempt
  6. : ( That sucks, hope you get better/recover.
  7. Favorite Preparation theme?

    I like 11's one the most, though Mystery, RD, POR, and Thracia are great as well.
  8. Matthew: Faithful Spy

    Built up a budget Matthew (neutral IV) been having a lot fun using him. Though I might change his A to Fortress DEF 2 (no 3 fodder) just to have a consistent DEF boost and maybe switch bonfire to ignis to make up for the -3 ATK.
  9. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    @Zeo Nice, glad it's working out for you, I'd probably give Ingo Raven+ since you already have TA on him and helps against B.Lyn (though not so good if she has cancel affinity) . I like Genny/gravity users, kite people for days.
  10. FE4 THREAD

    That's a long wait, it's something at least. Ah, I'd be surprised it if it doesn't get localized. Sounds P2W already Also, guess who?
  11. FE4 THREAD

    Ah, f2p is suffering indeed hope your luck turns around. I see
  12. FE4 THREAD

    Hey TE, how are you? is that a gacha game? : ( You already seen this before? Yep
  13. FE4 THREAD

    d(・∀・○) For Christmas I just went to a schezuan restaurant with the family, place was so busy that we had to wait 30 minutes before our food came since they were prioritizing take outs. (Food was good at least)