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  1. hhh

    Keep the troll meme where it belongs
  2. hhh

    I never knew I missed Chinese mokou so much :^)
  3. hhh

    FE irl You and my me both man.. Billy Gunn?
  4. Game genres you're fond of? In my opinion, yeah but on real basic self taught levels
  5. hhh

    Probably a bot
  6. Do you prefer bright cloudless days or more cloudy and more mellow days? Cant have that nice length without a good thicc to go with it
  7. Posted this a lot longer than I've been awake
  8. hhh

    Butt Thx fam u2
  9. hhh

  10. hhh

    apparently crazy dad pranks here is something like leave a dead rat hanging from a bag to spook people oh dad :< ? sounds like my dreams most of the time weeb tomato shut up dam you
  11. hhh

  12. hhh

    get that good music goondight
  13. hhh

    the wonderful world of emulations