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  1. I changed the title. Sorry about putting it in the wrong subforum, I need to remember to wear my glasses more.
  2. Reaper scythe axe sounds great I would pull for that unit even if they aren't my favorite just for that weapon. I would kind of like a "spirit" weapon that causes poison or some other type of curse.
  3. I just want to know the full roster because as of right now I am not all that happy with it. I will try to avoid story spoilers and things like that, but who I get to play as is a must know for me.
  4. Well I reached my goal of 6000 points for today, I get burnt out on TT if I try to go for more and since I am babysitting tonight I am calling it a day. I have three bonus units Nephenee, Titania and Elincia my 4th unit is one I want to train and I trade out once that is done so I use my stamina effectively.
  5. I am going to have to go with Ashnard so that I can have a complete dracoknight flier emblem team.
  6. Finally some good news in my life, I really love the mainline SMT games and will be looking forward to news about this one.
  7. I was going to preorder the SE, but once all this PR mess happened I decided I would just get the regular game with the coupon I will have at that time. After no Minerva and now no Azura I am really not happy about the game like I was this summer. I hope players in Japan leak the full roaster next week so that I know for sure who is in.
  8. I would say 100% chance of that happening, KT loves DLC.
  9. Well at least Tiki will be fun, I really love her move set.
  10. Happy Birthday, I hope you can find something fun to do today anyway. Birthdays tend to be boring once you become an adult, at least that's how mine worked.
  11. this is how I feel I like Lyn (same name as my big sis), but the PR is horrid. I had resigned myself to the fact that most of my favorites would not be in the game after them stating that only three games would be used, then out of left field comes Lyn and Celica. The only character I was holding out hope for was Minerva but I don't have much hope left. I am still going to buy and play the game, but the PR has made me go from planing to buy the LE to just buying the regular edition with a coupon.
  12. So I ordered a anime figure in June from Amazon an was told it would ship at the end of July but I had to contact them to find out it was delayed. I keep contacting them every couple of weeks to find out what is going on and first they tell that I am at the top of the list for when they get it in, then they tell me that they had a restock but they ran out before they could ship mine. And last week they tell me it will "ship shortly" and finally charge me for it, but they have yet to ship my figure and are now back to saying they have no idea when they will be able to ship it. I ordered direct from Amazon not a third party. I can't find this figure anywhere now so I am stuck trying to get my order filled from Amazon. Has anyone here had this type of problem and if so how did you get Amazon to fix it?
  13. I always use her because she ends up RNG blessed every time for me, plus infantry lance user and I like her because she is a down to earth character.
  14. This would be what I would want. OPs ideas are a little bit too game breaking for me to support, but being able to use SCs for upgrading regular weapons and skills without having to promote units for SI would be great.
  15. My free pull was 4* F! Corrin the game gave me the wrong dragon, but at least I can use her for fodder.