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  1. I am going to have to say Atlus as well,they are the only company I can name where every single game they have released that I have played I think has been from good to great.
  2. Nothing like 90s anime to make me feel good 10/10.
  3. I use Chrome most of the time, but I do a few searches on Edge everyday (I don't click any links though) for the rewards points but that is it.
  4. I have a Wii U copy as well as the DLC and I have never had any problems with the game it runs perfectly with no lag. I recommend it if you want to play it but can't get your hands on a Switch. I see the 2 versions as TP all over again except this time both versions are really good.
  5. Sorry I mixed up the castle and the barracks. Now that I know I can expand it more I will be keeping my units again.
  6. I already expanded my barracks to maximum and I am running low on space, plus I keep getting the same units over and over when I pull so I have started to just keep and use who I like.
  7. Seth, Cormag and Gerik are the three I can think of off hand, but there are several more from SS that I want in both.
  8. I am only keeping units I like/use even if I think they might be bonus units later on. I ended up with a great 5* Mae during the last tempest trial so sometimes I luck out. I am just going to keep decent units from each world and hope that they are tempest bonus units, because my barracks are getting full and there are only so many units that I want to train. If I don't have any bonus units I will do a pull for them, but I bet I will have at lest one since I have units from every world in game and they seem to be going with units most people have at least one of.
  9. This is my list as well, though Bayonetta 1 and 2 as well as Wonderful 101 are getting Switch ports so I don't know if you would rather just get those. As to TMS I didn't think I would like nearly as much as I do the game play is great and I ended up loving the music, so I highly recommend it.
  10. I think I will just get male Corrin for now because I have had horrid luck getting Amiibo on release day from Amazon. I wish everyone trying to get her luck and hopefully I will be able to snag her when I feel like buying her.
  11. Oh man this is so sad, my best friend is a huge Linkin Park fan and I really like them too. The last time I saw my friend we ended up listening to them and having a long discussion about all their music and how the band has grown. I will really miss his music and I hope his family and friends are able to get the support they need.
  12. I have been rather lazy in terms of promoting so I am sitting on almost 80k in feathers right now, but part of that is me making sure I have everyone I could possibly want to promote at level 40 4*. I do have a list of priority though, Camus and Xander are at the top along with Navarre and Klein.
  13. People getting as close to me as possible when I am in line I don't like it when people are literally breathing down my neck have some respect people. People bumping in to me and not saying sorry for it, I wear an insulin pump and when people bump me I have to go through a check to make sure that my pump didn't come out or off and it makes me mad when normal people have no respect for what I have to go through to live a normal life. When old people cut in front of me in line without asking, if they ask I might let them in but if they do it with out asking I will get out of line muttering about them and never go back to that store again. People making diabetic jokes when they know nothing about either type of diabetes and thinking that they are so funny when I am wishing they had to go through what I have to for a day and then say that joke again. My immune system attacked my pancreas when I was 3 for no reason and that is what caused my type 1 diabetes, not my parents giving me candy. Type 2 diabetes is not just caused by too much sugar or being over weight either, but I won't get in to that argument here.
  14. I only do 3 battles a day normally so I am at 12 right now but I have gone up at least one level sometimes 2 each round so I am sure I will be at 13 or higher soon.
  15. doing 20 orb pulls just to see who I get, which sadly other then Lukas is normally units I don't really want or need or they are duplicates. At least with the duplicates I am having fun with SI. Of course being a F2P means I wait a bit to do a full pull, but normally I find something worthwhile.