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  1. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    Marth was the one after Lucina, then Tiki, then Erika and Eir was before Azura. The rest of your list is right. I think they did those 4 that way so Hrid would be the legendary hero when they did the OC banners. I still would say a female legendary is likely, but like I said I am only guessing.
  2. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I have the feeling this legendary is going to be female since 2 female then 2 male legendary/mythic has been the pattern. Since it will be colorless this time I will guess Micaiah, but this only a guess and I am fine with being wrong.
  3. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    I am at the point that I have capped all my favs and I am just going down my list of my units who need to cap HM. If I need to use someone who has capped their HM to clear something I do, but otherwise I focus on clearing my list.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Congarts, I hope your luck will rub off on me so I can get Lukas too:) Lukas has a vest on under his armor in his regular version art, so this version looks to me like he just took off his armor an is kicking back.
  5. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    Well so far I only have Faye as a bonus unit and I maxed her HM a long time ago. Looks like I will just use Leo unless Lukas comes home before then. Leo's team will be: Leo, Seth, Ethlyn and Quan since I use TT for HM grinding and those three cavs are the closest to capping.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Well I try to pull Lukas with my 30 orbs, but I get pity broken by the best pity breaker Nailah! The game must not have known how much I wanted Nailah since I missed her on her banner. Now if I can snag Lukas with some of the TT orbs this will be a great banner for me:)
  7. Because IS heard I like Lukas:P Kidding aside yeah this bugs me because unless he is a favorite not that many people will pull for him with that skill set up. If I do manage to pull him I am going to have to use a lot of SI to get him what I want him to have.
  8. There are 3 rounds that last 2 days each just like Voting Gauntlet. You can battle whenever you have lances, but it is best to save some for the end of the round to help your team more.
  9. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    Preforming Arts and Halloween are the two that I have really liked and are the two I voted for. I did like the Vday banners, but I don't like the holiday so I didn't vote for it. Picnic may grow on me since the art is nice. As for the rest they have been mixed for me.
  10. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    I want to see who is on the TT banner before I decide my team, since I don't know if I can snag Lucas before TT. Anyway TT is always fun and I am happy about Leo and I hope the SSs are good.
  11. Explain your avatar

    Well since I found this Sanzo image I won't change it. Anyway, Sanzo is from the anima/manga series Saiyuki He is my favorite fictional character, he is a Buddhist high priest but not your zen type he is rather annoying when he has to do his duties and may or may not actually believe in a god, but to me he is what a priest should be like. I went through some really bad things several years ago that made me hate the world and anyone that claimed to work for their faith. I found the Saiyuki anime awhile after that and Sanzo's character really hit me hard and it helped me deal with my dislike of people who claimed to be "faithful" to their beliefs but are actually two faced liars.
  12. Dang it they had to put Lukas on this (cries tears over not being able to save orbs). Was that Leo at the end there? If Leo is the TT reward I will be very happy.
  13. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    If this does involve cooking Peri should be on this. I agree about the left being Genny but the right is harder, my secret dread/hope is Elphin but I am going to guess Sonya. I am just hoping there are no blue flying dragon on this banner, since that is the unit type I want the most and I am low on orbs.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull on the NP banner was some 4* I don't remember who since it wasn't merge or SI fodder. I finally pulled Caineghis with some of the GC orbs he is -hp,+res so I can use him with no problems:) I am really hoping that Friday's banner is something I can skip since I really should start saving orbs, I will find out tonight.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If it is Nils I will cry because I probably won't have enough orbs to get him, but on the other hand it would mean he would be in the game.