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  1. FEMALE INPUT NEEDED: Is Johnny Depp attractive?

    Girls have personal taste just like guys. I can't speak for all girls just for myself and I don't like him at all, I tend to like guys who have some muscle tone ( of course I want a guy who can lift more then I can which is hard to find since I can carry 75 lbs easy). There are girls that believe that their taste is the best and that everyone else likes what they like , but it is not true for every girl.
  2. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Well training ground TT as I like to think of map 5 hard is in full effect for me, B!Ike is on the team for the points and everyone else is grinding exp. I am sitting at 9,500 points right now and I think I will call it a day. I am really looking forward to the 5* Joshua since I don't have the feathers for his 4 star version right now. I need to promote the Askr trio to 5* before I promote anyone else.
  3. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Well I finally am going to reach tier 18 this week. I did it with my armor team, but sadly I have no defense wins. I am rather proud of getting to 18 since I am 100% F2P.
  4. Create a Voting Gauntlet

    Female cavaliers vs. Male cavaliers Titania, Sully, Cecilia, B!Lyn, Priscilla, Peri. Elise and Mathilda/Olwen vs. Cain, Able, Roderick, Luke, Jagan, Sigurd, Reinhardt, B!Roy, Eliwood, Seth, Frederick, Stahl and Gunter/Leo. Pick 4 from each side and boom there you go, I probably should not have put the healers in but I wanted to put every cavaliers in the list of options just to prove that it could be done.
  5. Weapon Refinery and it's Beneficiaries

    My Seliph is waiting for his weapon to be upgraded and he is first on the list, but I have other legendary weapon wielders who are also waiting Navarre is one of the top units waiting to have an upgrade as well, as well as all the units that I have that have killer weapons I want to upgrade them to slaying weapons. I just want this update to hurry up and come because I have several units who will become good again once I upgrade them:)
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Well I only did the free pull today and I managed to get my first Eliwood! I was hoping for his son, but I am happy to have him at 4* with an atk boon res bane bug eyes and all. I am saving all my orbs until next weekend then I will see how many I can spare to try again for H!Jakob, since I want to do several pulls from the supper banner on the 27th.
  7. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Good thing I managed to pull B!Ike when he first came out, now I can have one 40% unit and use the rest of my team slots for units who need leveling. As long as I have a good bonus unit I spam TT as a training ground.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    On the subject of a Christmas banner, I am sure there will be one and it not being on the calendar does not seem strange to me since they like to keep mum about banners like that until the last minute. Of course I am looking at it as more orbs, since I really don't care about Christmas banners but I know there are people who want it. Late December is a safe bet and I can live with it releasing close to the holiday. @Anacybele just save your orbs for the Christmas banner, I am sure it will happen even if it is like the Halloween banner the likely hood of IS missing a chance to make money on this game is very low. I like the fact that IS does not release the holiday banners far in advance, I get mad when I have Christmas stuff shoved in my face in October, and it happening Christmas week makes a whole lot of sense.
  9. I saw too many wedding dresses the first time I watched the trailer, but brave Lyn is fine with me, merges are always nice.
  10. I thought Bride Lyn was the Lyn on the banner, but it is Brave Lyn? Anyway I will be pulling all colors with the highest priority to green, the only unit I have on the banner is brave Lyn and I want most of these units. This will be the first time I will be doing full pulls on a banner since the SS one.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So second gen from Fates comes before Kaze!? I am so mad right now, I am praying they don't make Kaze part of the Christmas banner because I don't want one of my favorite units in a costume that makes me sad because of the pain I feel every time I have to deal with Christmas stuff. On the other hand at least I can use orbs on the big banner and then save orbs for someone I want next year. Maybe the New Year's banner will be good.
  12. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    I feel like limited banners as I call them should only be once every two or three months. I like some of them but there are others I don't like, but that is a personal matter I am always sad at the holidays so the Christmas banner is a no go for me, and I feel they should stay away from any banners related to religious holidays, while I do consider my self Christian I don't like Easter and Christmas banners. I feel it is wrong to put banners in the game that are related to religious events in the real world unless all major religious events have banners. I had no problem with brides banner, summer banners, dancer banner and the Halloween banner (I know Halloween was a religious event once but it is not now), but I feel like the Easter banner and Christmas banner are too much.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Well my free pull was 4*Rodrick at least he is good fodder. I beat all the BHB maps which I did not know were coming today and tried again for H!Jakob but no luck, I pulled 3*Saizo, 4*Gaius and 4*Setsuna. Merge fodder and bowbreaker fodder. I am getting so sad with no H!Jakob this is the highest pity rate I have had and I just keep 3 and 4* units I already have. Back to saving orbs to try again this weekend:(
  14. Bound Hero Battle: You of the Light (Takumi and Hinoka)

    I was lazy and went on Youtube and did infernal and lunatic with 5*BK, 4*Donnel, 4*Olivia and 4*Arthur. Everyone had their base kit I just had to put the Def seal on BK who then took out the blue mage and Takumi, Donnel healed BK and took out the reds, Arthur took out Hinoka and Olivia gave her health to Donnel and danced. I used the orbs to try again for H!Jakob but no luck:(
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Well I only did the free pull on the new banner, 4* Sheena at least I can use her as fodder for my armor team. I also did 3 pulls in the hopes of getting H!Jakob but no luck 4* regular Jakob, 3*Felicia and 4* regular Sakura. I am now at 4.50% pity rate on the Halloween banner and climbing I will try again for H!Jakob on Friday. I was hoping I could pull H!Jakob already so I could try for Lute later but alas I am having bad luck, I just hope I pull him before TT so I can save those orbs.