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  1. the year I turned 18 I ended up going through living hell in every way and I found out how evil adults can be to decent people. After that I have never felt like a kid again and sadly I still carry this pain with me and it makes me wary of trusting anyone ever again. There is this saying that "childhood is the kingdom where nothing dies" I think that if you go through something that makes a part of you die you can't go back to being a kid.
  2. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I have been playing since day one. My first pulled 5* was Roy who I still have and use sometimes, the first unit I 5*ed was Cherche. I am mostly F2P and will stay F2P since buying orbs is to pricey for me right now.
  3. Does anyone still use Hones/Fortifies?

    Yes I use them on most of my infantry units, especially hone atk and spd most of my dancers and dagger users have some type of hone skill on them. Edit: I have no Idea why I all of a sudden have a big white space after my post if the mods can fix be my guest because I really don't know what happened.
  4. Favourite Heroes OC

    Hrid hands down for me. As someone in their mid-20s I like it when there are characters that are closer to my age and I have a soft spot for the big sibling arch type. Plus, I love his artwork.
  5. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    Now that I have the glasses I wish Karel would show up when I pull red so I could have someone that looks like Tenpou from Saiyuki Gaiden. This FB is my least favorite honestly because I really hate the way Nina acts. Pretending "real" people are gay is pretty bad, you should never try make someone's sexual orientation be what you want and seeing Nina's supports are really annoying to me. Everyone else's supports are decent and I like Silas and Flora's a lot.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I agree the level 40 convos are getting pretty bad on a lot of the new units.
  7. I'm Ready For Winter

    Me too, it is already mid September and where I live we are breaking heat records. I would rather be cold because I can just put on my hoodie and be comfy. My dad and I are both saying we want it to be fall so we won't be so uncomfortable.
  8. I find it really funny that all three are already listed in the herodex since the banner is the end of next week. If they make Bruno the legendary I will cry because I will not have orbs for him. Hrid being October's legendary makes sense, since he is a sword unit and the season will be water which suits him element wise.
  9. Question about the Serenes

    They are herons so that is why they have bird wings anything else is a spoiler so I won't say. Just keep playing and you will find out what you want to know:)
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Man that is sad. I hope you are able to get good money for your accounts since you are selling them to help someone else.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I LOVE Addam so much! I was expecting him to be a really reserved person, but he is a bit like Zeke who is my favorite character in the main game. This also explains why Niall kept saying Morag should have been the ruler and not him, since she was the one who was a good fighter. And of course, even with all those crystals I am sill missing 2 of the "Torna" Blades in my main game, I guess I will have to grind cores again. Anyway this is going to be fun.
  12. Ideas For Book 3

    Well I know Loki is going to cause more problems and we are probably going to fight Bruno and Veronica at least once more before they convert. As to what I would like in book 3: Beast units added since they are the last unit type that is missing an increase of the 3 and 4* pools with units who aren't super popular but still have a decent amount of fans like they did with Kaze so that it makes getting a non 5* interesting again dropping some of the units from book 1 to 3 and 4*s, such as Eldigan, saber, regular Olwen and Minerva More ways to get merges for GHB and TT units with combat manuals they should put quests in to get combat manuals of limited characters infernal story chapter modes since most things in game have infernal it seem silly that these don't These are just the things I want that have a small chance of happening.
  13. This is what I am expecting as well. IS likes doing FE directs in January and I am hoping that Three Houses is coming in the spring, so January sounds like the earliest to hope. I don't think we will get any info until Smash and the Pokemon games are out, since those are the games Nintendo is focusing on promoting right now.
  14. New Heroes Appear: Nohrian Dusk (September 14th ~)

    This banner is annoying I pulled a 5* Ares as my free pull so I kept going and now have a pity rate. Sigh, I will try to break it since I do like flora but I am mad at myself for wasting orbs.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    My BK took care of Surtr for me I love smashing enemies to pieces with my favorite villain. My armor team smashes everything to pieces. Of course this was lunatic Eldigan had the honor on normal and hard but I needed armor to have all 4 units survive on lunatic since I was being lazy.