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  1. Roy as a Manakete.

    I started reading this as a result of that point brought up. Apparently Elibe dragons are never called manaketes(although the same applies to fates), but instead store their abilities in stones as a result of Ending Winter. The only true dragon in elibe with a dragonstone is Fae; Ninian's transformation has nothing to do with a stone. I don't consider Idoun and the war dragons in the same category due to being created artificially and or tainted(in the case of Idoun). So I have no idea if Roy would be able to inherit any draconic abilities. Eliwood technically has no canon wife(Ninian is assumed), and Elibe dragon abilities seem inconsistent with other dragons.
  2. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    give them to me jeez they're just going to waste at this point :(
  3. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    It's also good on units that utilize movement B skills, like drag back and hit and run. Drag back gives a weaker unit the chance to use their mobility to move the foe in an unfavorable spot, while hit and run is good for a free hit and get out of the spot you attacked from. Lunge and knockback imo are not very good so not really a need to mention them.
  4. Anybody need a new person on their development team?

    What exactly would you say are your strong points/What have you done so far? (it seems like you're basically applying for a job, so listing your skills would make the most sense, like a resume)
  5. Thank you for the help!

  6. FE Gaiden Release Date: 1991?

    idk maybe the translation patch messed up and no one noticed
  7. Question Regarding retaining character levels.

    or repeat the exact same line the only thing the game checks for when loading existing pc units is their loading location
  8. Splice Competition 152 Voting

    I started this but I remembered I don't sprite pretty early on next time I guess
  9. Research me

    Well, I was planning on presenting these topics to the public here, which is why I wanted topics that were interesting to the public IE suggestions.
  10. Research me

    No, pretty much everything is open outside; as long as it fits in the forum guidelines. I know relatively nothing about this, so good first suggestion I say
  11. Gaiden chapters for FE8?

    There are a lot of "chapters" you could overwrite to create your own gaiden chapter, or you could expand the chapter table to have more slots and do the same thing. But yeah, very possible.
  12. Research me

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm looking for general(or specific) topics to research & present to the people. Not any particular reason other than I'm bored and want to learn new stuff that I would never think of looking up. In a perfect world I'd present one of these a week (in this topic I guess), and the topic would just be a suggestion in the topic that piques my interested. Okay that's it, thanks
  13. maps

    no not fe5 and it's a non-issue due to not actually being part of the playable map
  14. maps

    maps dunno where my last topic is
  15. FEditor Animations for Fan Projects

    oh rey what took you so long to notice that ;D I'll get around to it if I remember to, you're welcome to do the fix though