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  1. I'm Bored.... Beast Unit Ideas!

    shouldn't it be effective vs horses since that's what she has in fe13
  2. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    yeah my b; should have clarified in the initial post
  3. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    yeah watch the video before coming to that conclusion; if sigurd's weapon did not have an absurd 30 might, prayer skill, and +10 spd/skl(which are ignored in the video), there's no way that he beats alm, horse or not
  4. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    but this is a dumb comparison fe4 legendary weapons are entirely too powerful to compare to literally any other game; using their raw stats and skills pretty much will always have them win
  5. who would win an eating contest effie or ilyana?

    ilyana would eat effie
  6. We should vote for a rare/limited character

    yeah not everyone is a whale So I voted for Ike
  7. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Prologue -> Ch12 (Part 1 and Part 2) 3 Gaidens ~17 Total
  8. Feh battery drainage

    Might just be you guys, I've never had any phone issue; nor do I know anyone who has complained of one
  9. Roy as a Manakete.

    I started reading this as a result of that point brought up. Apparently Elibe dragons are never called manaketes(although the same applies to fates), but instead store their abilities in stones as a result of Ending Winter. The only true dragon in elibe with a dragonstone is Fae; Ninian's transformation has nothing to do with a stone. I don't consider Idoun and the war dragons in the same category due to being created artificially and or tainted(in the case of Idoun). So I have no idea if Roy would be able to inherit any draconic abilities. Eliwood technically has no canon wife(Ninian is assumed), and Elibe dragon abilities seem inconsistent with other dragons.
  10. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    give them to me jeez they're just going to waste at this point :(
  11. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    It's also good on units that utilize movement B skills, like drag back and hit and run. Drag back gives a weaker unit the chance to use their mobility to move the foe in an unfavorable spot, while hit and run is good for a free hit and get out of the spot you attacked from. Lunge and knockback imo are not very good so not really a need to mention them.
  12. Anybody need a new person on their development team?

    What exactly would you say are your strong points/What have you done so far? (it seems like you're basically applying for a job, so listing your skills would make the most sense, like a resume)
  13. FE Gaiden Release Date: 1991?

    idk maybe the translation patch messed up and no one noticed