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  1. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Thanks for your thoughts! Sugari is somewhat of an experiment in trying out less common/less desirable traits in a main character (it's funny that you have Rance as your avatar, since Sugari is commonly compared to him). In other news, next full update should be coming in around 2 weeks, before the new year. It will include all of Sugari's part 1 chapters(pro-ch8 with balance edited) and hard mode for the first half of it(pro-ch3x) as well. Barnaldo's chapters will be re-balanced and will also have hard mode. Xenologue 2 will be included.
  2. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Hi! I noticed that I have over 800 views... But 4 replies. So, I decided maybe an anonymous google survey could entice people to leave their feedback? Give it a shot if you've played through the entire demo please!
  3. FE8 HP 60 Limit and surpassing. (SOLVED)

    You're fine, I just was confused lol
  4. FE8 HP 60 Limit and surpassing. (SOLVED)

    You have permission to use that Ashe mug?
  5. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    First post has been updated with the hotfix, as well as logs that are updated in real time
  6. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    It's come to my attention there's a problem with ch7, so I'll be posting a hotfix either tomorrow or wednesday, depending on if any other serious bugs come to light.
  7. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Oh, I thought I posted this; no is not. Will update the first post to show this.
  8. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    I tried looking for the old topic, it's like on page 12 or something with nearly everything outdated So, I decided to just make a different topic. Can't promise I'll monitor it as much as the FEU topic, but I will do my best. This is not a ROM hack, it is instead a FEXNA project. No patching to be done. Current Progress: First half of Part 1 (7 chapters) Discord link - Newest Release: Version 1.01 - 21/11/2018 Version 1.0 - 18/11/2018 Logs: If you have never played FE7x, here are some Additional Downloads Media Content: Screenshots: Enjoy!
  9. When CYL3 comes around, who will you guys vote for?

    All hugh all the time (eph already made it, no need to throw one his way)
  10. 30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

    Archetype: Lord, Day 1 Name: Talo Age: 16 Class: Ward Essentially a male troubadour. Staff wielding cavalry unit with light protection. Not much thought put into a promotion. Weapon: Staff Normal healing staves, as well as his special staff Zephyr, which grants whoever he heals a temporary speed bonus. Appearance: Short orange hair, no facial hair, well dressed, a bit small and frail for his age. Was born with sigil birthmarks on both of his hands, which lead many to believe he was the Messiah Horus. Connections: Ymir - Father Marjorie - Bodyguard Sai - Knight Description: The soft-spoken son of Cardinal Ymir. Believed to be reincarnation of the Messiah. Stats: Lv : 1 HP : 19 (65%) Mag: 6 (40%) Skl: 5 (30%) Spd: 7 (40%) Lck: 10 (60%) Def: 4 (20%) Res: 11 (55%) Con: 7 Tot: 59.5 (310%) Bio: From the day he was born, Talo had been thrust in the limelight. His father, Cardinal Ymir, as well as many others believed that he was the reincarnation of the Messiah Horus who had saved their people from darkness centuries ago. Due to this, most if not all instantly drop to their knees and bow at the sight of him, something Talo is very uncomfortable with. With his father running the church and his mother removed entirely from his life, he found himself often alone with the tomes of his forefathers. He desires to be seen as a simple healer and to help others without feeling that he is worshiped. He also doesn't believe he really is the reincarnation of Horus, mostly because he has never felt any direct connection to his god, nor has his god ever spoken to him, which is something the ancient texts speak of when talking about Horus. However, he goes through the motions to keep his father and the kingdom pleased, and follows the rituals to keep peace and order.
  11. 30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

    Stercus I'm going to totally steal 80% of your formatting if that's okay
  12. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Because it gives false expectations The colors are enough
  13. FFCC remake coming in 2019!

    idk maybe litly? I honestly have played every race and enjoy them all
  14. FFCC remake coming in 2019!

    WAIT REALLY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ahem Ah, what good news, I am quite happy you shared this.
  15. Recreating Fire Emblem into Unity

    I mean you can ask for help, yeah We can't guarantee anyone will actually be able to help you. My own personal experience with unity would be almost useless when it comes to anything Fire Emblem related though.