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  1. Mini Portrait of Generic units

    as in graphically? You would have to rip the image file from the game(GBAGE can do this pretty easily), do your editing, then insert the image again via the image editor. IIRC those portraits are not stored as regular portraits.
  2. Modifying Weapon Triangle?

    It's not really it's just bows have wta at 2 ranger and wtd at 1; unless you also are talking about wta/wtd having more impact with +3 instead of +1 that being said, I can't help you actually implement this, I just popped in as a dev to clear that up
  3. Riddles and Logic Games

    I have the first answer but I don't understand what the second question is asking; can you elaborate?
  4. FE8 - Rewrite (Prologue-Route Split)

    what where is dozla x garcia
  5. FE Map Creator (also generates random maps)

    hopefully this works fe1-5 tilesets
  6. What's your favorite Pokemon?

  7. Best/Worst support conversations

    trec x gonzales is the best natasha and franz is just stupid (oh no my hair is... tangled)
  8. what's cuter

    bunny and kitty are my top 2 with bunny taking the gold
  9. I'm Bored.... Beast Unit Ideas!

    shouldn't it be effective vs horses since that's what she has in fe13
  10. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    yeah my b; should have clarified in the initial post
  11. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    yeah watch the video before coming to that conclusion; if sigurd's weapon did not have an absurd 30 might, prayer skill, and +10 spd/skl(which are ignored in the video), there's no way that he beats alm, horse or not
  12. Alm vs. Sigurd (War of Lords)

    but this is a dumb comparison fe4 legendary weapons are entirely too powerful to compare to literally any other game; using their raw stats and skills pretty much will always have them win
  13. who would win an eating contest effie or ilyana?

    ilyana would eat effie
  14. We should vote for a rare/limited character

    yeah not everyone is a whale So I voted for Ike