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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    where the fuck is the fe6 banner skip
  2. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    put on your glasses; I didn't start this debate last fucking time i post outside of rom hacking jesus christ
  3. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    where was part 3 in the sentence i grabbed
  4. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Except this isn't a debate, it's literally a question of opinion. you could replace lyre with fiona in that sentence it would read exactly the same, if not better
  5. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    you can disagree with me lol, but you're not going to sway me in a direction; I've played this game enough times to have cemented my decision. lyre needs 13 levels to get rend, fiona needs 31 to get sol (unless you waste master seals promoting a level 10 fiona, which is just an awful decision for a lackluster skill). fiona has awful base stats for her level and can't be used for the majority of chapters where she would get a chance to grow. therefor in my opinion (which you seem to forget is my opinion), fiona is the worst character in this game.
  6. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    5x base strength is not something to ignore (if she gained 0 strength by level 30, you still have an 80 base power attack which is stupid), which more than what I can say for 3x calculated damage fiona gets (she still gets the raw end of the deal). Lyre also can actually get around in the maps she's allowed in. Doing damage, well that's a problem both of them share. By not putting lyre as the worst I never said she was good. I'm saying fiona is worse. I could even go into the lore about Fiona being the child of a four rider and still being hot garbage, but that's not relevant.
  7. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    I went with fiona and meg, probably should have thrown in lyre, but rend is so stupidly powerful that it doesn't feel right. Meg's issue is she moves slow and has bad defense and strength, making her hard to use. Fiona by far is worse due to having similar problems as meg, except she starts a whopping 6 levels higher and has a similar baseline. She has 4 more hp, 2 less strength, 1 more skill, 2 more speed, 2 less defense, and 1 more res (I'm not considering magic notable because it isn't). On top of that, the chapters where you have the best chance of actually getting her good levels she either can't be deployed or can't even traverse the map properly. 1-6? She's stuck as an NPC. 1-7? Reduced movement. Ch1-8? Unavailable. Ch1-F? Reduced movement. 3-6? Literally can't move beyond the starting section, and this is the easiest chapter to level up dawn brigade members. 3-12? Hey I think she can move around on this one if there weren't so many other units on the map. 3-13? Back to reduced movement. It's almost like the developers made the whole game, decided to add a unit to michiah's chapters, then never actually ensured she could ever be used properly. ... There were a lot of questionable decisions in this game actually.
  8. Bael Map Sprites?

    There ya go
  9. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Yeah I'm aware of that error, it's being worked on. I'll mess around with ch8 hard mode; see what I can do.
  10. Arena Assault Teams

    You don't really need to make arena assault teams; you just adjust the units on each team to the threats that you're presented with on the later rounds
  11. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    You can get to catty in 2-3 turns with 2-3 people taking the side entrance, regardless of difficulty; bringing Clara that way speeds it up even more. You can also optionally not bother and she joins at the end of ch6 part 1. Part 2 you don't need to have Robina open all of the chests. The thieves will drop whatever they steal from a chest, allowing you to just kill the thief as they run to try and get one of the upper chests. I will add a key somewhere though, that's a bit of an extremely specific strategy.
  12. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Feedback #2 is up. Every response helps! Thanks!
  13. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    XNA does have one, just the spacebar. Skipping battles can be done with just the enter key. ...This isn't the first XNA project either; go play fe7x people
  14. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    It's here, check out the first post for the updated project link.
  15. Should Pokemon be visible when exploring?

    yeah but repel exists I'd like it if it was purely ascetic, anything else and I'm going to bother chasing after or running around pokemon in the grass, which sounds tedious