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  1. Best feature updates

    yeah def this
  2. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Hah tomorrow Anyway, first post is updated with the new download.
  3. Fractured Realms: The Reboot

    Quick hotfix update will probably be up tomorrow, it addresses the balance/random errors that were reported.
  4. this is inaccurate; fe13 has durability and fe15 is a remake of fe2, which didn't have durability to begin with. Fe14 is the only one that really decided to drop it on it's own (and it was certainly not done well, much like almost everything in fe14).
  5. Who will return?

    how about none that seems like enough to me
  6. February Legendary Hero Leaked?

    pretty much this now i have another roy to try and merge to +10 oh joy i'm doing so well so far
  7. Book 3 Chapter 4 and its ending (Spoilers!)

    she's also 100% not relevant anymore, further supporting that it's not her
  8. Book 3 Chapter 4 and its ending (Spoilers!)

    jesus calm down ana yes 2 bodies, no that is 100% not fjorm (she isn't relevant at all anymore, there is 0 reason it would be her) blue hair on farther person seems to support gustav, blond hair on closer person without the little hair pin seems to support the mother
  9. My OC, J.G.

    The only reason for this is you have duplicates of the skin tones (I had to check because this claim confused me when looking at it at first glance). Alignment is the only issue, which is a pretty simple fix as well.
  10. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    you're not the problem, it's the other guy
  11. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    Stop, just stop clearly there's progress because two projects that aren't fe7x exist on fexna i'm sorry yeti doesn't update this thread, but honestly I have no idea what he'd really post
  12. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    where the fuck is the fe6 banner skip
  13. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    put on your glasses; I didn't start this debate last fucking time i post outside of rom hacking jesus christ
  14. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    where was part 3 in the sentence i grabbed
  15. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Except this isn't a debate, it's literally a question of opinion. you could replace lyre with fiona in that sentence it would read exactly the same, if not better