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  1. My problem with most legendary weapons

    ever heard of the ending winter
  2. Rank the Rally Skills from Worst to Best

    rally luck probably is the worst actually no; rally skill
  3. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    But when is he going to be able to receive a chance to promote; that was the question Skirmishes might be weird, but workable; idk I personally don't have an opinion on utilizing valni and lagdou, since none of my versions ever used fe8 as a base (one was fe7, the other fexna)
  4. How does Vortex work?

    I'm almost certain it's based off of his magic because I always bait him with my sorens, and he does 0-5 damage depending on how res-blessed mine happens to be. If it was based of strength, that damage would have to be much higher
  5. Help make my completed romhack pretty!

    I'm available for maps just send what you have I guess to my PMs I've charged in the past, but I'm not currently btw
  6. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    I got nothing other than gl with fe6 remake #92 are you changing roy's promotion time, and are you going to utilize fe8's world map and dual promotions
  7. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom [v1.1 released!]

    wait but where are the screenshots D:
  8. FE6xna

    nnnnnnnnnnnope because the project is dead in the water move me back to conceptsssssssssssssssssssss
  9. Million dollar idea (warning: language)

    i mean it beats the original lyrics
  10. Fire emblem and "modern" anime trends

    chill with the pointless fanservice
  11. Why is Saleh a part of Gerik's Mercenaries

    probably that image at the end of fe8 but yeah saleh is ewan's teacher, ewan is tethys' brother, tethys is part of gerik's mercs and saleh and gerik go way back
  12. Why does anyone like Joshua?

    he's just cool idk why do you need a reason to like someone; you certainly don't need one to dislike
  13. Emperor Rudolf---the Camus?

    pretty sure camus is the camus not a joke
  14. Ike Vs The Black Knight GBA Edition

    he's promoted at that point so he's using his lord mug