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  1. DLC characters announced

    I legit shouted out of joy when I saw Linde. I'm so happy. Also Olivia is a pleasant surprise even if she is another sword user. She should play very differently I think
  2. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Yeah I'm not too happy with Ayra being on a banner. If they'd put her on the Sigurd banner it wouldn't be so bad I think but deliberately holding her back for the next banner and coupling her with old characters just seems a bit scummy to me. Anyway thankfully I pulled Sigurd so I have a 40% Bonus Character. He'll probably just replace Elincia in my main team for this TT.
  3. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    Got Tiki and Kagero. Deirdre and Tailtiu now take their place though
  4. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I think this the first time I beat everything on the first try. So yeah it wasn't really hard. My Team consisted of Elincia, Linde, Bridelia and PA!Azura.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    What are the odds for that? Would be even weirder if my Tiki had the same IVs but mine is +spd -res. Happy about the speed but as far as I know Tiki loses 4 res with a res bane so I don't know how to feel about that.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Yesterday I spent all my orbs trying to get someone from the 3 focus FE4 characters and got my first Y!Tiki. Today I scrapped 20 Orbs together and got this daddy here -spd +res but eh the important thing is I got him.
  7. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    Saying Sophia is good has already been said
  8. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Oh man I wanted to save my Orbs before the rumored FE4 banner not lose them all
  9. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    Y!Tiki Lukas (for Greg Chun Emblem) Gray Mathilda Lyn/B!lyn Hector Innes Amelia (for Sheena) Sanaki Lucina and finally a Kagero Edit: I also wouldn't say no to a not -atk Delthea but I'm happy with Linde so it's ok. Still a better Bridelia and Minerva would also be nice
  10. FE Warriors DLC

    Well at least Azura seems to make it in after all. Although I think the way they handled it was pretty bad. Also I have new hope for Linde even if it's just a bit.
  11. Azura deconfirmed

    I feel like this was a lose lose situation for the devs anyway. Include her and people would be disappointed because even more Fates. Don't include her and people are disappointed because she held so much potential.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I'm so happy right now. Also got a Ryoma and a Athena while going for her.
  13. Focus: Dauntless Crimeans

    Same. I've seen much negativity surrounding this artwork but I think it looks good.
  14. Lyn Confirmed

    I'm gonna be honest I wasn't really excited when Lyn was revealed. I wanted some SD ok But after sleeping over it I'm fine with it. The only thing I wonder is how they will differentiate her, Ryoma and Narbal. Also this opens the chance for the boxart leak to be real...I don't know how to feel about Celica and no Alm
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    What the fandom did today was a new low I feel. I don't even want to imagine what sort of meltdown will happen if Ike loses. Let's just hope this round goes smoother and people will accept the outcome. Anyway I'll just repeat what I said the round before, if anyone on Team Ike or Camilla if you want idc wants to fill their FL a bit feel free to add. I have currently have my Linde up