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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    FE1/3: Phina, Samson, Astram (mainly because Mercurius), Phina, Lena and Julian FE2: Kliff I guess FE4: Lex, Azelle, Tine, Ced, Quan, Ethlyn, Altena and Larcei FE5: Othin, Sara, Linoan, Mareeta and Asbel FE6: Perceval FE7: uhm Rath I guess FE8: Gerik FE9/10: Jill, Ilyana and Marcia FE13: Sumia Also multi post before finished. WELP
  2. Most Powerful Set Of Fictional Items?

    Gorshalach from Warcraft is probably up there with other swords as well. Sargeras cleaved a planet in half with it
  3. Your rarest character(s)?

    I have two Lindes and a Luke. Those are probably my rarest. Also I guess Y!Tiki and 3 normal Azuras but I think Linde and Luke are more rare.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    My third Elincia I am very happy.
  5. Video game music

  6. Official Pull Topic

    It's okay I'm more than happy with getting Ishtar so I'm okay with getting a bad IV Olwen. Though I will hold off with leveling her for now, if I need a blue mage cav I still have her dumb +atk brother or just my L'Arachel if I'm not in the mood for Reinhardt.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I was actually going for any of the three at first too but then Ishtar had priority. Though I'm definitely not complaining that I got Ares as well. Now I'm just hoping that Lene gets demoted and I can get her fairly quickly. Would have been nice if she at least made sure she didn't come with an attack bane. Ah well I still needed her for the catalogue.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    I caved and got some Orbs for Ishtar. Very much worth it because I got -Olwen -Ares -a 5* Camilla because I accidentally summoned on the wrong banner -Sigurd and finally Ishtar herself
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Trying for Ishtar and this beauty shows herself I love Linde but I already have one and I really want Ishtar sigh
  10. Aaaaand I regret pulling for L!Lyn. Dang I really want them all. I'm super stoked about Ishtar even if I think her face looks a bit strange in her neutral art. I also didn't expect Lene but I am not complaining since I really do like Lene quite a bit.
  11. Disappointing Legendary Hero but S!Tiki is here so will summon.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    So I go for the one colourless Orb because I could use a Klein and I get this
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I can finally save up for the Thracia Banner. Sadly -HP +def but the important thing is I have her
  14. Video game music

  15. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    RIP Laslow. Killed for Axebreaker 1.... This was fun though. I really am coming around to Katarina after this and her being a monster during the newest CC. Hopefully I get some Glimmer fodder for her soon otherwise I might sacrifice her friend to her. The armour quest was also pretty fun. I used LA!Hector, LA!Lyn, WE!Tharja and BK.