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  1. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Eh not that much honestly. Julie Ann Taylor is still nice to listen too. It's better this way than Minerva sounding too much like Hinoka. Thankfully she doesn't.
  2. I have her at 40. I used her during the TT as a bonus unit. I know she's pretty good but I just don't like Tharja so I'm biased against using her.
  3. WoM sounds like a good idea I do have enough Cains lying around. But it's just that the whole point in getting Tharja was inheriting Vengeful Fighter for me. Her Valor Skill is nice but I've lived without just as fine so it's not a huge factor for me.
  4. Would LA!Hector make good use of Vengeful Fighter? I just have ine Tharja and I don't want to waste the skill.
  5. Canonical Character Ages?

    Ike is 17 in PoR and 20 in RD. Leif is also 15 iirc.
  6. Ideas for costumes

    I thought about an Adult Tiki costume but then I thought how unfitting it would be for the moveset so maybe not.
  7. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Exactly. Hopefully Minerva also gets a support with Hinoka for another VA talking to themself..
  8. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    I hope Linde has a support with Cordelia so Julie Ann Taylor can talk to herself.
  9. Video game music

  10. Weapon Refinery Update for February 7th

    I corrected your correction.
  11. Weapon Refinery Update for February 7th

    With Raven getting Basilikos I kinda want Rebecca and Florina get Rienfleche and Rex Hasta
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I had to grind some Chain Challenges but I got 1 of the 2 I want Now I have the TT Orbs for Myrrh though. And maybe Tiki if she is in the legendary banner
  13. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I like Eirika but her inclusion leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Like on one hand this opens the door for more alternative versions but on the other there are still characters from FE8 that should have gotten in before a second Eirika and her weilding a legendary dark tome also bugs me. Also imo Marth should have been the first to get this special treatment considereing how they treated him so far in Heroes. Ah well at least Eirika's art is really beautiful. This just makes me want a game with Asatani Tomoyo as the artist even more. Myrrh and L'Arachel I'm very happy with though. My Orbs are not ready but I hope I can at least pull one. Not sure whether to focus L'Arachel or Myrrh though.
  14. I went with Elincia today but then I thought maybe I should go with characters not yet in the game so they could get the Farfetched Heroes treatment. So next is Jill for sure.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    I got a -atk +res pity breaker Seth but still got Micaiah immediately after that so I guess it's not so bad. Micky is +spd -res. neutral. (Must have looked wrong)