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  1. Huge spam in the General thread

    Probably nothing of interest. It's a spam bot, it's going to say something like "click this link and buy this product/service" I don't know and I don't CARE. I just want it to stop.
  2. Hilarious Fire Emblem Incidents?

    Why is this what I got when I googled it?
  3. Hilarious Fire Emblem Incidents?

    Lol go for it! Species swaps are the best thing ever. Glitches then? Those can be amusing.
  4. Huge spam in the General thread

    These things are so annoying.
  5. Together We Ride For Jazz

    It certainly sounds like Jazz! Nice work.
  6. Hilarious Fire Emblem Incidents?

    Both of those require an explanation please? My friend used to be a bit of a Soren fangirl and her brother would tell her "get in here so Soren will do a critical" and like 9 times out of 10 he would. And then one time I yelled "good boy!" at Ike when he killed an armor knight and immediately went wtf at myself.
  7. Dcat saves the world: feedback and lore

    You now have at least 4 more days before this starts...because the controllet didn't work with my phone so I had to order one that would. Heads up. Link to the LP art/banner gallery added to the main topic OP. Be aware that it may contain spoilers. You can comment on the images here if you like.
  8. Yeah, this. I guess an example would be...not feeding the chipmunks in a state park. I got on my brother once for doing that and he pretty much said no big deal, but if everybody did it, the chipmunks would forget how to feed themselves. They would either starve, get hit by cars trying to be fed, bite people...etc.
  9. Dcat saves the world: feedback and lore

    Okay, the controller is coming today! Main topic updated. Vote in the poll!
  10. This will start VERY soon! Vote in the poll please!
  11. Can somebody please tell me where the sacred forge is? I can't find it and I feel like an idiot. My phone says I have the most recent upgrade, but it's not in advanced growth or anywhere I looked for it.
  12. Grape-Kun has Passed Away

    At first I didn't know who you were talking about, but now I totally remember. The lovers are reunited in the afterlife! ...He did have a mate before the cardboard anime girl, right? Because all I remember is that he attached to the cutout, I think this the first time I heard about him ever having another love. Godspeed, little fella... :(
  13. Separate Pokemon anime for older fans?

    @Nym I can see their reasoning there I guess. Kids wouldn't like seeing a good guy turn bad. @Interdimensional Observer Ah, fangames! If I could program I'd have a bunch of them. That's a neat concept too, although Wes/Rui and Michael don't have their adventures close enough to the same time. Michael isn't even born yet in Colosseum I don't think. I'm quite fond of my Wes = fusty old grandpa, stubborn as a mudbray idea myself...but where is Rui during all this? Remember, she was captured because she could see the shadow auras. It's why she met up with Wes in the first place and the only reason he was able to do all the snagging and purifying. He could snag before, but yeah. Without her, he most likely would never have a change of heart. It'd be...pretty much what you said, I'd assume. Also I know his Japanese name is Leo. I poked around Bulbapedia and when I saw that the Colosseum manga starred a "Leo" I initially thought it had a different protagonist. Caught me completely off guard...too many Leos! At least two in FE alone, one is my OC made before Fates but that's beside the point. He's Wes to me and always will be. That way Rui can affectionately refer to him as "Wesley" and he probably hates it xD As far as Wes' design goes...wtf is up with that white face line? It can't be a tattoo, can it? ...can it? And that visor...kinda meh. Michael has a design that looks more...idk, functional? I mean not even the Team Snagem people look anywhere near like that, or maybe I just don't remember...yeah, undercover blah blah blah, but still. Hmmm. Is there a Michael in FE yet? Kinda surprising there's not afaik. For a common name though, it works. I'll put this out there right now: I don't mind derailing my own thread with fanfic plans...it is related enough, but also discuss the possibility of a T rated anime installment.
  14. Separate Pokemon anime for older fans?

    @Nym How is that too dark? I mean...yeah, it's possibly sad and depressing, but not "too dark". It will be awhile if I ever do. I've got a few other projects. And I'll have to make the necessary OCs. Other ideas though: Michael and Jovi are actually half siblings, because neither look anything like their mom or each other, so the laws of genetics would say they have different fathers. Also, Rui still doesn't have any battling pokemon, but owns a chatot...and this chatot likes to imitate, very loudly, Wes' potty mouthed rants in the middle of the night or at the butt crack of dawn. Lol. I also think Prof. Krane might've been interested in Lily (Michael and Jovi's mom) at one point, but they don't look anything like him either, so obviously he never scored with her. And anyway, if he was the father of one of them, the game would've said it. I might have to make a topic when I get closer to writing it to help catch some of these plot bunnies.