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  1. In An Alternate Universe...

    They were all like BotW. Elder Scrolls never existed, nor did The Witcher, because Zelda was the only open world adventure game franchise this universe needed. It also became M rated eventually and a scene where Link has sex with Zelda on the back of Epona was in one of the most recent installments. In an alternate universe, the most popular American sitcom in the year 1999 was...
  2. The "Proper" Way To Do What the Above Poster Says

    Ride it to the land of Oz and end up having to kill the evil witch who's been wreaking havoc... The proper way to take out the garbage is...
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    2 because I don't even know who this Yondu character is or what he's from. Include both the video and the joke underneath it when rating. Video is not mine, joke is. Giratina wants more pet humans, but I'd recommend against telling it that "boop" means "I'm in heat and I think you're cute" if you want to live. Lying to the lord of the Distortion World, especially about something it has so much interest in, is suicide. It gets lonely, do you blame it for wanting more pets? Totally wasn't my intention to do two pokemon jokes in a row
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    7.5. Bye Felicia *shot* How about a Pokemon joke? There was a nidoking and a nidoqueen. The nidoqueen says "honey I'm going the store, watch the kids for me please." She comes back and he's sitting on a pile of eggs. "I think they're hatching!" he says. She looks at the eggs and goes "honey that's not the kids, that's an exeggcute." Disregard the fact that nidoqueens can't actually breed ingame
  5. Ultra Sun for me! Got it!
  6. I went after Rinea first with Alm, he tends to end up with good avoidance and decent resistance. If you can't do enough damage with Alm's regular attack, use the double lion art. And then for Berkut, I softened him up with Mathilda with a ridersbane, then had Alm use scendscale on him to finish him off. You could use scendscale on Rinea, but double lion works just as well and doesn't cost as much HP. Make sure there are no mogalls left first though, I failed the first attempt because Berkut cut off a big chunk of Alm's HP after Rinea warped him and then he got ganged up on by the mogalls. He killed a bunch, but he had like 6 HP left after Berkut attacked him so yeah, it didn't take much since the mogalls have pretty good accuracy. Kill the mogalls ASAP before they can multiply too much. Get rid of the witches with dread fighters and bow knights and perhaps a falcoknight, make sure you're healing them often. Ideally you should have mostly everything else killed before going after Rinea and Berkut, it makes it a lot easier. Keep everyone out of Rinea's entrap range until you can safely attack her. Luckily for you I just did this for the first time very recently :)
  7. I thought Link's name was Zelda and he was an elf. *shot a million times* And this is actually anime, but I thought Naruto was about perverts for some mysterious reason.
  8. Spriting advice needed: left hand vs right hand

    Wow, I didn't think anybody would see this topic now. I think they're fine facing the way they are.
  9. Misheard lyrics in game music with vocals

    This made me laugh so hard omg. Will never hear that song without cracking up again.
  10. Misheard lyrics in game music with vocals

    Well I'm glad I decided to make one now then lol.
  11. First one I made, second I didn't. Discuss and post more.
  12. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    I think it has a lot to do with Mark not actually being playable? As far as Roy not needing a tactician, that's just because the devs didn't come up with the idea when FE6 was made, they came up with it for FE7.
  13. Luthier might? Seems like he'd have some artistic talent. With a few personality tweaks Luthier could be a skater dude too, he's already got that "I don't give a fuck" face there, and maybe if he still had his magic, he'd make the skateboard a hoverboard with Excalibur. Zeke though, idk, his personality so far is just his loyalty to Tatiana and eventually Alm. Maybe throw Tatiana in as the hot girl all the skater guys have crushes on, but only has eyes for Zeke, who tries to keep the other guys away from HIS girl? I remember two episodes of Zeke and Luther and that's it. One was about making a skate video, and the other had Luther hypnotized and ending up causing trouble with the local motorcycle gang. Luthier is too smart to let himself get hypnotized, so that one's out.
  14. Somebody needs to make an AU where those two are skater dudes lol. And they're both on Alm's team...doubt it was intentional because the original Gaiden came out before the show and weren't all the names direct translations or close? Maybe the show is a reference and somebody working at Disney is a retro FE fan?
  15. Okay so it's Luthier with an I, but close enough. Wasn't sure if this belonged in FFtF or not, but mods, feel free to move if necessary.