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  1. Which of these would you rather do?

    All three have terrible storms I think, but I'll go Philippines. WYR be able to shapeshift into an eagle or a wolf?
  2. Dragon queen in Radiant Dawn?

    I think that's more likely to happen with the first kid though. The first pregnancy and birth is always the hardest, afterward the woman's body is more used to it. I mean it's not impossible but...unlikely. Maybe. I mean if my grandma is any indicator. She had 4 kids and she said my youngest aunt pretty much just walked out. I'd also like to see Skrimir's parents, Caineghis' brother or sister and their spouse. I guess IS left these things vague so fans could come up with it themselves.
  3. Press Ctrl+V

  4. Problem solving

    Run to the nearest shop that sells weapons and bunker in there shooting the zombies. You're in a public bathroom and you noticed there's no toilet paper too late...
  5. First word comes to mind

  6. Introducing Myself

    PoR and RD are amazing. Welcome!
  7. First word comes to mind

  8. Which of these would you rather do?

    Animals! I could sing and make woodland creatures clean my house! Be a Disney princess! WYR have Spongebob's house or Squidward's house?
  9. Which of these would you rather do?

    Mike's Hard Lemonades. I'd probably like the taste better. WYR have cockroaches in your bathroom or mice in your kitchen?
  10. Which of these would you rather do?

    Blandest white people food. I dun like spicy stuff. WYR have a neighbor with obnoxious kids or a neighbor who plays music past midnight loud enough that you can clearly hear it?
  11. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because you wanted to and asked and I said go for it. You're driving a bus. At the first stop four people get on. At the second stop two people get off and two people get on. At the third stop two people get off. At the fourth stop five people get on. What color are the bus driver's eyes?
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No I didn't, when? Why isn't eleven "onety one"?
  13. Which of these would you rather do?

    Trump? I mean I'm broke and he's a millionaire...I might be able to use some advice on getting rich. It would be bad advice but... WYR have perfect night vision or be able to breathe underwater?
  14. Fear of Stairs

    Stairs are fine. Escalators scare me because I'm afraid I'm going to trip and fall and be mangled.
  15. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    8/10 That old rooster is a troll. A guy goes to a restaurant in a town known for its bullfights and orders rocky mountain oysters. They are so good he decides to go back a second time. But the second time there's not enough there, the rocky mountain oysters are too small. He confronts the waiter about it and the waiter says "Sir you've got to understand that the bull does not always lose!"