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  1. Throw a Random Object at the Next Poster

    Gives it to my cat. Throws a snowball.
  2. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    He can start wherever actually, and I guess the spirits can be wherever as well. I might move a certain wild boi (aka Reyn) myself.
  3. Throw a Random Object at the Next Poster

    Sells it on Etsy. Throws a banana at the next person.
  4. Nebraska flooding

    I can see your point now. I wasn't aiming to whine or throw a temper tantrum. I edited the OP and title.
  5. Nebraska flooding

    That works I guess. Sorry about that.
  6. Nebraska flooding

    As a Wyoming resident, I've seen this all over the local media and on facebook because Nebraska is my neighbor to the east. A hurricane force blizzard/winter storm hit a couple weeks ago, the many rivers flooded. I'll let the images in the spoiler tags speak for themselves. I am not a rancher myself but I know a lot about the industry, and I know those ranchers were the hardest hit. The storm came in the middle of calving season. Imagine giving birth, or being born in, this, with no protection from the raging winds and rain and flooding. Imagine being a rancher out in that trying desperately to save as many of those animals as you can. Yes these animals are raised for beef, yes there are more cows than people in Nebraska, but that doesn't mean this shouldn't be told in the news. Hurricane Katrina was nationwide news. Nebraska is a "fly over" state and not "trendy" enough for mainstream media to report on. Okay, then don't be surprised when beef prices go up, or produce prices. Nebraska is a huge agriculture state, it exports all over the US. If you feel inclined to do so, pray for Nebraska. I felt inclined to share this here given that many of you probably didn't even know about it. EDIT - Maybe that came across as a bit too whiny, I do know that Good Morning America covered it, I just feel that it should be covered more, I guess.
  7. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Reyn is near there too actually. Fiora is near Link, and Dunban is in the dark realm, so he'll be way later. YAY DUNDUN HYPE. Stiff one armed swordsman swagger. His right arm is pretty much dead, not amputated, but mostly useless and he still kicks ass and takes names. Oh and in case it needs mentioning, he's also Rickson and Violet's uncle. Fiora's big bro. I just have to put up my spirit profiles, and then you're welcome to make Soren.
  8. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Well, it can be optional to follow the format 100%. Remember we also have spirits to deal with. My spirits are Reyn and Fiora and may pick up Dunban later. For what it's worth, have a little thing I'd written ahead of time but didn't get to the point. Dawww family moment. I do plan a lot of Shulk and spirit Fiora cuteness and shenanigans xD Yeah, feel free to say stuff on this, even if it's just "that's adorable". If anybody can pick up Soren, I do think his interactions with Reyn were gold in the old one and will still be gold in this one.
  9. Which of these would you rather do?

    The time and date, that way I can try to do everything I want to do with my life before then. WYR have a huge painful pimple on your forehead or your butt?
  10. Google image war

  11. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Cheese and Plum work! Another set of twins! And yeah Azure that format works.
  12. Google image war

  13. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    The bear heart thing is gross. Mia's an option too, but I'm not thinking this guy will work to begin with honestly. Maybe try to make a Roy kid? Or Toon Link? Regular Link doesn't have any rugrats yet, let's just say Shulk's kids were kind of like birth control lol. @ElectiveToast Are you still in this with Marth's daughter?
  14. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Ehhhh. I'm reluctant to accept this tbh...I'd rather keep the pairs ones that had interactions in canon, or canon x OC if the OC makes sense.
  15. Help Me Name My Chicks!

    Well there's another way to sex them, but it's gross and traumatizing for the poor things...I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.