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  1. 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart

    Elaborate please via our PM? Unless it's a spoiler, then elaborate when I get there. 63: Go in naked and sit on a display chair or whatever type of furniture they have, making sure your legs are spread in an "airing out" pose.
  2. Which character would you...

    Tharja and then RIP Gaius. WCWY expect to be one of those weird hipster parents who give their kids stupid names like Facebook and Runescape?
  3. In An Alternate Universe...

    Water doesn't come out of them, instead liquid methane does. Liquid methane is the "water" in this universe and is what all life requires to survive. In an alternate universe where hurricanes are named after video game characters...
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    8/10. For those of you who've played Zelda Skyward Sword, add the following to the joke: Black shirt = Groose Red shirt = Link White shirt = Pipit Navy blue American Eagle shirt = Cawlin Otherwise just include the video in the joke.
  5. How important is abstinence?

    Case by case basis, is what I think. One couple can believe that marriage should be a required thing, another can believe that it's an unnecessary tradition like Ronnie. As long as somebody's not whoring around with everything that moves and using the resulting kids as bargaining tools or being a bad parent to them in general though, I really believe that kids can have happy lives without married parents. I think if I was truly in love with someone I wouldn't mind sex before marriage, BUT I'd use birth control until I was ready for a kid, and likely I'd be married before I decide, okay, let's start a family.
  6. Yeah I wondered about the recovery items lol! Python LOVES raw meat, I know that for a fact, I fed it to him and he thought it was delicious. That'd make a funny scenario too. Possibly even funnier than the flour joke. Poor Luthier! He has kitty friends though xD He says he had "a most splendid relationship with one of the cats" in a base conversation.
  7. Probably did! But she wouldn't have to take his pants and underwear off I don't think...it's not "naked" unless it's well, NAKED. But she could still observe that he had a sexy six pack or looked good or something. Was he worried that she saw the sword he uses to fight enemies or the "sword" he'd use for romantic romps? Lol I see. Are you talking about the face in his status screen/crit cut ins? Oh yeah, that face is kinda bad. His nose looks weird.
  8. 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart

    49: Run around in a Batman outfit asking people if they've seen Robin, and suddenly yell "Gotham needs me!" and steal a handicapped person scooter, call it the Batmobile, and try to ride it out into the parking lot and away from the store. 50: Take some orange juice and make a trail of it leading to the bathrooms.
  9. Finding an attractive member of the opposite sex naked on the beach, passed out, no memory, and getting to nurse that hottie back to health? Sounds fun to me lol.
  10. 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart

    I know what I'm doing for my next birthday! LOL 30: Make up a fake product and ask employees if they sell it. "Do you have snurples?" 31: Take a bra from the women's clothing section, put it on over your shirt, and walk around the store casually.
  11. 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart

    11: Have sex with your lover behind the dumpsters (Somebody actually did that I heard) 12: Set up a battlefield between Barbies and GI Joes and take bets on the results. Red lipstick might make an interesting effect...
  12. 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart

    5: Go into the fitting rooms, wait a few minutes, and yell really loudly "There's no toilet paper in here!" 6: Run around doing cartwheels yelling "I'm pregnant!" Bonus points if you're male.
  13. Now this one is hilarious xD Don't worry, the "radish" thing works. Maybe if Zeke was naked Tatiana would have fallen for him right away/much earlier And the previous ones that I neglected to comment on yesterday: Omg Faye. Lay off Celica's man. I always felt bad for her, but yet she persists...
  14. Post obnoxious things to do in Walmart that could get you kicked out until we have 1000! You may post up to two at a time. 1: Bring a friend and have races in the scooters for handicapped people. 2: Put boxes of condoms in people's carts while they're not looking. Bonus points if they have multiple small children.
  15. In An Alternate Universe...

    The cat gods and the dog gods. This universe has cats and dogs as the two dominant races and in ancient times gods such as Pardo, the panther god of ice, were worshipped. In an alternate universe, The Lion King...