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  1. Rezzy and Shob look especially great.
  2. Create a Remix

    Somebody with musical talent please make this.
  3. Press Ctrl+V

  4. Google image war

  5. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because beep boop ooh ah ah bing bang walla walla Washington. Why is it called an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere and a hemorrhoid when it's in your ass?
  6. Google image war

  7. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Title: Biological Rhythm Fandom: Xenoblade 1 (AU) Words: 3301 Thoughts and notes
  8. The "Proper" Way To Do What the Above Poster Says

    Pick the answers you think your pet would pick. The proper way to draw is...
  9. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No because the Sega CD is too old for anything to be ported to. Was the currency in India named after the one in Hyrule or vice versa? (Rupees)
  10. Bad ads?

    I have Sophos Mobile Security and it's been great, but idk how well it would work if you already have malware. My suggestion is factory reset your tablet and then get Sophos right away afterward.
  11. Favorite Video Game One-Liner?

    "Shut up Reyn!" - Shulk(Xenoblade 1) #ShutUpReyn is the new #ShutUpTobin.
  12. Favorite Video Game One-Liner?

    No, not offensive, hilarious.
  13. Favorite Video Game One-Liner?

    "How about 22475? That's my birthday..." - Hunter(Spyro: Ripto's Rage) Please tell me what game this is.
  14. Google image war

  15. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    It sounds like robots farting. What would even cause a robot to fart?