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  1. I'm a mage.
  2. Voted for ORAS and BW2. Sun/Moon has great character and battle themes, but the route themes are meh. Sinnoh has some great tracks too. But I forgot to vote for it :(
  3. They are handsome boys! There was a stray tom around here that I called Sunspot because of his white fur with orange spots. Real sweetheart. Pretty much did his own thing but he knew if he let people pet him, he'd get fed. I think he might've gotten a home by now. I hope so, there was a rumor floating around that stray cats were being killed.
  4. I wouldn't mind either way. But I do like the villagers.
  5. I see! Interesting.
  6. Yep, quite common lol.
  7. Look who I caught in the sink again.
  8. To always use the 5 finger discount. The proper way to deal with telemarketers is...
  9. Play it on your phone and sing along to it, acrapella. The proper way to eat pizza is...
  10. I think they've covered pretty much every medieval weapon already?
  11. Is it possible to stay connected to the discord so I don't have to push the button and go offsite? If that makes sense...
  12. Why on earth would people do that? That's kinda mean. Aww. My dad's allergic to cats too. Not severe, but enough that he sneezes and stuff around them.
  13. @Anacybele Yeah, female cats are queens. The Warriors books only use that term for pregnant or nursing mother cats, females without kittens are called she cats. Males are still called toms no matter what. Part of the reason I just made this for cats: what am I going to do with the gender terms for dogs? There's no special term for male dogs and females are bitches and that's also a rude thing to call somebody lol.
  14. Thanks! He's pretty awesome.
  15. I just think it's hilarious that they used tiki torches. TIKI TORCHES. Apparently they don't know those were invented by the very people they're claiming to be superior over. Polynesians aren't considered "white", right? White supremacists are the stupidest embarrassments to humanity ever.