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  1. how do you pronounce geoffrey

    Like the name Jeffrey, Geoffrey is just an alternate spelling for that name, it's not a different name or anything. I know a Geoffrey so it makes me angry hearing so many say it otherwise. I think Geo- is the more common spelling over here anyway. The RD Narrator was told to say it like the Japanese, or so I'd heard, even if that meant it wasn't right. I dunno if I've ever heard of an English speaking person whose name was Geoffrey having it said any other way (apparently in other languages it can be Joffrey with that spelling).
  2. Censorship Sucks

    First of all, WHY are you expecting a Japanese game to have English subtitles? How illogical. The game was out in Japan about 6 months before the West. Also Japanese Cero B is a LOWER rating than Cero C. Cero B is often a T rating in the US whereas a Cero C is an M rating in the US (but not always), Fates had black 3DS boxes because a Cero C rating requires it in order to show it's a higher age rated title. So, again showing you have no idea what you're talking about.
  3. How far are you guys?

    Hey guys thanks for all the advice and the reassuring words. I really appreciate that you guys were all so happy to help someone else out, thank you~ I'm now on Chapter 6, and boy is the story getting interesting. Although I had to look up how to solve part of the dungeon because I got lost, and I was so close to figuring it out too >.<
  4. How far are you guys?

    Oh hey I learnt how to spoiler tag now, yay!
  5. How far are you guys?

    I feel absolutely pathetic at this game, no matter what I do I struggle on each boss over and over yet others do so really easily even not resorting to buffs/debuffs. I love this game but it makes me feel terrible at the same time. I have no idea how to spoiler tag so I'll just say I'm now stuck on chapter 5's (presumably) main boss. I can't help but feel I'm getting somewhat screwed over though, turn after turn, at least a dozen long session attacks and no ad libs or duo arts. I'd love to finish this thing and play more, but when I get stuck so badly on each boss..
  6. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Oh wow, just downloaded it, and you have versions for both headered and unheadered roms, that's brilliant! I remember first trying to play FE4 and the rom I had didn't line up with the patch so it was a pain to have to go find the right rom, so it's great having both here as options. Can't wait to play :D
  7. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    What the heck, why are you being so rude to me when all I said was that you DON'T need the DLC in order to know Kamui's ancestry. Whether it's relevant or not isn't the point, I was just correcting that it is in fact said in the main game and thus is actually known. Therefore it's something to take into consideration because it still exists within Conquest, I wasn't even arguing one direction or the other.
  8. Localisation observations

    Maybe I'm interpretting her character incorrectly but Tsubasa to me seems like quite the sweet, fun and innocent type. It actually seems far more in character for her to not be strutting around in bikinis/bras. Her "Feel" outfit change is great, in my opinion, since just wearing a bra with some pink stuff is frigging weird.
  9. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    Well the hidden texts or whatever that are in the records hall building state it, and that's available base game (at least it is on Conquest). So whilst it's not said in story, you find out about it in the base game, so I'd say it still counts since you don't need another route or DLC to find out.
  10. Your most beloved/unexpected card(s)

    Basically all my SRs. I've only had a booster from series 3, because Tellius. My SRs are: Soren (one of my favourite SR cards, Soren is an awesome character and Senri Kita is a great artist), M!Kamui (not a massive fan of the artstyle but the card looks great quality), F!Kamui (this as well, they fit together! What were the odds that I got two SR cards that fit together?!), Kaze (originally was meh about this and was willing to trade him away, played Conquest though and he's one of my favourite Fates characters, so now I'm really glad I got his SR card, haha). Then my R+ Naesala, who is one of my favourite characters in all of FE, and I think he's one of the best written of the lot. I also got his normal R card, but I was sooo happy about getting the R+ too, because I really wanted my + to be a character I liked. I also got every PoR R card except for Nephenee, whose R card was my least favourite of the PoR ones, so that was great! Also was really happy at pulling a Silas R, the Tibarn R, matching Reyson and Leanne, Marcia and Ranulf. I went and bought a R Mitama (and R Cain) because I liked their cards that much. There are also a bunch of Normal cards I like, most of whom are because I really like the character on them. My favourite card in the cipher set is Cain's unpremoted one though, despite him not being my favourite character in the sets.
  11. Europeans/Australians Unite Part 2

    I admittedly don't know the price of normal LE games as I've not purchased one for the 3DS before, but retail 3DS games are £35-£40 usually, meaning that by the NA SE's pricing standard for the Fates SE that puts it to £70-£80 (as NA SE was the retail game + half price for the other two routes which led to $80) I hope you're right though, I'd be pleased if the UK SE is only £70 as I initially expected £80 and still kind of do. But we definitely won't get something as low as near $80 unfortunately :( I know you were just generalising though, and I guess for the rest of Europe €80=$90 doesn't make it too far off, but €80 is the minimum I've seen it go for and even then that's higher than the NA one. Sorry if I sound fussy or anything, I don't mean to! >.<
  12. Europeans/Australians Unite Part 2

    That's not really accurate a lot of the time, to be honest. 80 USD is £56 and I'd be very surprised if our SE is that cheap, since Awakening on its own was £40 retail, Fates' individual games seem to be selling for £35 though at the moment. Our SE will likely be £70-80, which is $100-115
  13. Nintendo Direct Information

    Toma's name has been localised as Touma, I noticed. But Aaaaaaaaa I am so hyped! 24th June and a worldwide release! I was expecting to get this game for Christmas, but instead it comes out right near my birthday, that's just absolutely amazing. Really didn't expect such a soon release date! TMS#FE will take a while to get used to as a title, but it's creative with the SMT part being backwards. I'm happy that it's subbed, if the other option was only a dub, because really the songs have to be done right and it's EXTREMELY difficult to localise songs. And unlike just backing songs or something the music in TMS#FE is a big part of it. Thje localisers wanted to have the same people do voices as the songs (as said at E3), but that's at least 8 people and would take far too much work. Like, there'd be a big difference if you had subbed music and dubbed voices, which wouldn't work in a game like this which is so carefully made professional music and choreography a part of it.
  14. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 Omegaweapon
  15. Man, now I really want to get to those scenes dammit. Please Nintendo/Atlus get this game over here soon pls Is the Masqerader song on the CD not a full length song of his? Hm it seemed like it was based on what was written (and it sounded like his voice) but I obviously could be wrong xD.