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  1. Soul Calibur VI!

    My favorite fighting game series is getting another installment. No release date yet, but should be next year. Anyone excited for this one? Any Soul Calibur fans here? Also first thread hype No, i was not waiting for this announcement to make my first thread
  2. Video game music

  3. Video game music

  4. Video game music

  5. Video game music

  6. Video game music

  7. Official Pull Topic

    Today's summoning session gave me both Charlotte (+res, -atk) and Bride! Lyn (+atk, -HP), the two units I wanted most from this focus.
  8. Video game music

  9. Video game music

  10. Which breaker skill would you recommend?
  11. I had TA3 there at first, but I like the extra speed and power, so I'm having trouble decidong what to go with.
  12. Video game music

  13. Nice. I just promoted my neutral one a few days ago. She's been with me since the beginning and has helped out so much, I feel like she deserves it. *Shown with horse buffs because wynaut.
  14. Video game music

  15. Sonic General - Much ado about design

    That Secret Rings soundtrack tho. Not sure how to feel about this addition, it's... odd.