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  1. Soul Calibur VI!

    Here's an interview with the producer. i want his hat
  2. Video game music

  3. What upcoming games are on your radar?

    Out of ones releasing this year, in release order: Mega Man X Collection Super Mario Party Soul Calibur VI Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  4. Video game music

  5. These are the 4 I'm looking forward to most:
  6. I was worried about this one, but after seeing it in action, I think I'm sold.
  7. Soul Calibur VI!

    A collector's edition. Of my favorite fighting game series. With a figure of my favorite character. ........ This is too much. I'm going to explode.
  8. Soul Calibur VI!

    That is a Siegfried-only mechanic called Dark Legacy, IIRC. It activates when he's low on health, no idea what it does though.
  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    More gameplay with a new build and updated ui was shown today. Can't wait.
  10. Played 50 matches so far. 36/14 W/L ratio. I gotta say, after unlocking Chain Chomp, I've been doing a lot better in my matches.
  11. E3 2018 Schedule/Discussion/Hype Thread

    I'm looking forward to any and all Soul Calibur 6 news. Hopefully they'll finally announce a release date.
  12. I've played about 20 games, won 14, lost 6 (muscle memory from past games is killing me, then I found out I could do drop shots and lobs the old way) But the game is lot of fun! Definitely going to pick this one up. Just unlocked Rosalina, she might be my main over Peach this time around.
  13. Video game music

  14. Soul Calibur VI!

    Rounding out the trio, here's the nunchuck man himself:
  15. Video game music