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  1. Video game music

  2. Soul Calibur VI!

    Here's another opportunity to play the demo if anyone's close by or already attending this event.
  3. Looking forward to this one. Definitely going to download the demo and give it a shot.
  4. Soul Calibur VI!

    Hope this one works.
  5. Soul Calibur VI!

    Here's the English trailer. Typically we get these on Thursdays, but after the leak, I suppose it couldn't wait.
  6. Soul Calibur VI!

    So.. it sounds like there might be some sort of news on the 19th..
  7. Soul Calibur VI!

    New character reveal!
  8. Soul Calibur VI!

    This is probably just a mistake/placeholder, but I wouldn't mind getting to play it in a few months.. It does seem quite early, though. I was expecting more like late summer (Perhaps August or September).
  9. Here's the Prologue and Chapter 1 from the Hebrew Nationals!
  10. Video game music

  11. Video game music

    Tellius music is fantastic. They have some of the best FE OSTs overall.
  12. Soul Calibur VI!

    White Wolf. I cannot believe they put Lloyd from FE7 into this game.
  13. Soul Calibur VI!

    http://epicstream.com/news/The-Witcher-To-Reveal-Something-Big-Tomorrow I'm hoping there's some reveals tomorrow.
  14. I can't wait for people to say it's still not Melee.