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  1. Video game music

  2. Soul Calibur VI!

  3. I'm conflicted. I planned to go all in on Sigrun votes, but Loki may actually have a chance...
  4. Soul Calibur VI!

    Here's the English trailer.
  5. Soul Calibur VI!

    New character reveal!
  6. Yuji Naka joins Square-Enix

    Sonic for Dissidia NT confirmed?
  7. Soul Calibur VI!

    Got a recap of everything's that been revealed so far: Note: Large images inside.
  8. Video game music

  9. Soul Calibur VI!

    That was Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.
  10. Soul Calibur VI!

    Bumping because we now have a look at the main menu.
  11. Soul Calibur VI!

    This is pretty interesting! We may get news even sooner than Evo Japan.
  12. Soul Calibur VI!

    Looks like SCVI will be playable at Evo Japan (which is at the end of the month, I think). We should have some more news then.
  13. Soul Calibur VI!

    https://twitter.com/Flying_Wonkey/status/942675031234035712 Looks like we now have a picture of the character select screen. 20 slots seems a bit low, but DLC is a thing.