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  1. Trailer Song Lyrics

    I heard what you heard, to be honest. And this does kind of bring flashbacks to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn haha.
  2. About the world map...(I might be crazy, but...)(FE 9/10)

    Interesting, buuuuut, isn't Nestra the country bordering Nohr?
  3. Click to look at Fódlan! Ok, so, here's the map of Fódlan(?), right. So, this continent goes on right? Click to look at the surroundings of Fódlan! And to the east there's a continent named Palmica. I might be crazy, but doesn't Palmica look strangely like... Click here to look at FE 10 Tellius Map! But reversed, I guess. What is "Palmica" Could easily be Begnion and Daein, with the southern Islands being those islands that we see below Palmica(don't judge my spelling okay, reading what the map says is difficult). Leicester in the east of Fódlan is slightly brighter than the rest of the map suggesting a desert, and then in the Tellius Saga they clearly state that there is a desert to the east. I mean it's kind of a long shot, and there would have to be a reason for Tellius to be flipped on Fódlan's map(it could be as easy as it's simply just perspective). Or, I might just be crazy. But, I've been thinking about this like all day. (All of the links except the surrounding Fódlan one should just be Serenes Forest links so they should really not be harmful)
  4. Jokes and Memes about Fates

    I took a bath in the hotsprings with Flora. I could make a horrible joke about how she is too hot,but I won't.
  5. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Is the entirety of part 1 being released tomorrow or just the demo? Also,this all sounds amazeballs, and I'm super excited(As FE:Radiant Dawn is my favorite game in the series so far. It might be overtaken by IF but I don't know yet x-x)
  6. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Oh my god. Yes,just...Yes. Especially to the conversation thing! Will there be more paired endings? I.e more romantic ones? *cough cough*Soren and Ike should be married right about now*cough cough*. Though I totally understand if you don't want to do that haha~
  7. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Haha okay then I'll wait 'till the next patch! But it looks rather cool. Especially Micaiah with Dark Magic. Also can you start NG+ with this patch(I've completed the game once more and basically just need to finish the game for a cleared file,I'm on the last few maps? Sorry for all the questions btw xD
  8. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    Oh,okay,great! Thanks for the help x3 Then I'll try to get to playing this ASAP! :)
  9. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

    This looks amazing, however, is it safe to play on my actual Wii even if it's not finished or is it better to wait until the hack is done(I own a Wii, and the game, so do not fret about that!),before jumping in to things? And if I did play it on my Wii, could I update it without wrecking my Wii?
  10. FE7-Adventure of the Magus Three

    This hack seems like a lot of fun,though,will the conversations stay the same even though you swapped certain characters around?
  11. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun ~ v.1.6 OUT. Not working on v.2.0

    Alfred, just chill,okie? I really enjoy this hack, and I would raver have it finished sometime rather than never. If you work yourself to overexertion then you could never finish it. So it's better if you think "How many hours can I set aside without harming my health?" And then go from there instead of overexerting yourself. Your health is a LOT more important than this hack. So just take one step at a time. Sorry if this sounded a bit weird...
  12. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away

    I...don't know what to say,but Rest In Piece,Iwata...<3
  13. What are your Planned S-Support pairings?

    Might as well. [spoiler=Hoshido]F!Kamui X Takumi Azura X Ryoma Subaki X Sakura Kaze X Hinoka Silas X Mozume Jacob X Felicia Saizou X Rinkah Hana X Asama Hinata X Setsuna Tsukoyomi X Kagerou Nishiki X Oboro Whoever's left gets eachother. Unsre for children. [spoiler=Nohr]M!Kamui X Zero Luna X Odin Lazward X Elise Xander X Charlotte Effie X Silas Kaze X Azura Camilla X Jacob I don't know what else I want xD For the third path I want the royals to marry eachother and my M!Kamui will marry Azura :)
  14. Are children worth it?

    Yeah,they are,just make sure everyone who can get galeforce gets it, also, Mamu,Gaius and Donnel pass down Pegasus knight to daugter, so pair them with Nowi,Sully or Tharja.
  15. Child Character Creation Challenge

    Aurora - Daughter of Virion Starting Class - Cavalier,her main strength is her speed in conjunction with her skill, making her a good user for Luna,Astra or Sol. Her reclassing options are very unique, even though she is the daughter of Virion,she can't reclass to any of his classes, she reclasses to a mercenary,or a myrmidon. This is due to her believeing she is destined to save the word,she isn't as delusional as Cynthia, but nor does she have the same hubris of Virion, the reason for her reclassing choices are due to her chivalry,and wanting to save the world. Her class descriptions are unique and are: Paladin - Knight in Shining Armour, Great Knight - Protector of the Realm, Assassin - Killing Evil from the Shadows which they lurk, Swordsmaster - Bringing down the Darkness with unstoppable speed, Hero - A fabled Hero of legends and finally Bow Knight - Striking down the Evil both from afar and near, all the shadows of Grima will disappear. Physical Appearance- She has snow-white hair in a long braided ponytail,with highlights of her father's blue grey hair and her mother's (insert mother's hair colour here) she has highlights of as well. The streaks are specifically on one side of her braid(her mother's on the left and father's on the right,only the braid ponytail is coloured other than white). This is due to style choice, when she came back from the future, before her hair was all ___(mother's hair colour). She isn't really scrawny,but she looks kind of delicate and innocent,like Elise, but at the same time she dresses in a battle skirt which is primarily black,with tints of red and blue,the frills being red,and the upper part fading grey-blue. She also keeps this outfit for all of her classes except Hero and Assassin(and her mother's classes),where she uses the standard clothing. Her eye colour is the same as Virion's, and her face is quite serious and pretty, as well as kind,but not as delicate as her body posture. When she fights,she moves like as if it was all a beautiful dance, she flows through the battlefield,striking down her enemies,whether it be from horseback or the ground. Backstory- Aurora was born in Roseanne, not long after the war with Grima had begun, she's around Inigo's age(she's actually his twin if they are siblings,it's briefly mentioned in their sibling-support), but never really talked to a lot of people, so she was very lonely growing up, her mother had stayed home with her for a while after she was born, but eventually her mother left too. She and her sister/brother only had eachother,yet they distanced themselves,because they were so radically different as children, when she meets her sibling in the past, Aurora tries to make up for lost time. Aurora is one of the "oldest" children(she's 20-ish), as she was thrown back in time even before Lucina, though, because the war hadn't even started or her parents hadn't even married yet, so she hid and trained, she joined the Valmese army(Roseanne's army to be precise)after Viron was banished as a cavalier,because she knew her father was exiled at the time, and could definitely not recognize her either way. She became really good,but was almost killed by Walhart for treachery,as she escaped during the Valmese struggles. Her recruitment chapter is in the Castle of Roseanne, which was attacked by Risen, though she had kept a low profile, she couldn't allow her home to be ruined,and defends it. She also has Virion's war-diary from the future, detailing events, and she's been waiting to find the opportunity to talk to her parents. She is also from the same future as Morgan. Personality - Aurora is very talkative,but doesn't quite know how to socialize,due to her lonely upbringing,though she is almost never sad,even though her parents died in the future. When she went back, and found them, she was so happy,but knew she couldn't interfere,so she'd been waiting for the right moment to talk to them. She has inherited her father's boasting skills a bit, but she doesn't exaggerate, even though she believes herself to be a legend, at least she is a humble one. She is also dead set on killing Grima,and anyone in her way will die by her blade(/lance/axe/bow). Miscellaneous - Her paralogue is locked until you defeat Walhart, like some of the other children's paralogue's are locked until you reach a certain point or place in the game. Her Paralogue is "Paralogue 26 - The Tale of A Legend". Her birthday is 7th of August(the same as Inigo's). [spoiler=Sister Support with Cynthia B-Rank]C: Aurora! What are you doing at this time of night,out here,all alone? Don't be so selfish! What would happen if I'd find you dead! I just got you back... A: Just got me back? Cynthia,what are you talking about? I am a legend,Scion of Naga. I won't die. C: You died. In the future. A: Impossible,how else would I be here? C: ... ...Aurora. A:Yes? C: Did dad die? A: Yeah. C: No,he didn't. Not in the future everyone came from. He tried to save you,but was too late. A: No,he... He saved me and died! C: We're not...from the same future,are we? A: Probably not... Now,let's go,we can't sit sobbing over a cliff when there are enemies to strike down... I'll do quotes later,XD