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  1. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    C4 5/27 turns Sold 43 Firestone (+2140) Forged +13 hit Hand Axe, named mini Pugi (-1566) Cash remaining: 1974G. Preparations end at 1:25. Sacrificed Dolph. Get rekt. (The Pirates would've caught up to him anyway on turn 4) 1 Rescue. Est carried this chapter pretty hard. Aside from her, the great Sage!Midia and Xavier, everyone farmed exp near the start. Got the Shaver too since conveniently it doesn't cost a turn to rescue Elice on turn 3 and not earlier.
  2. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    C3x 5/22 turns Promoted Elice. Cash remaining: 1390G. Preparations end at 1:22. 8 mov lord ftw. The promotion allows Elice to walk to the gate faster than Marth in many chapters, which gave me this 5-turn. Overall it's a pretty easy map. Giving the promotion to Elice and not Xavier or Samson might look risky, but the faster movement opens up some room for turn shaves in C4 and 5, so I'd have to lose 2-3 turns in those chapters for the decision to backfire, which is pretty unlikely. Ymir got his first chapter of bow training. His bow rank needs a lot of help, but 16 Str makes up for it for now. His Spd isn't great either since he's at level 13 and already got a Speedwing, but it should be fixable since he has a 65% growth in it. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Elice Myrmidon 12/1.32 29 5 7 20 20 13 9 5 C Swd - Xavier Cavalier 17.08 40 13 0 14 17 13 16 0 E Swd B Lnc - Midia Dracoknight xx/5.46 27 15 1 16 17 7 15 3 B Lnc E Axe 1 Drop, 1 Wing Samson Pirate 11.85 31 17 0 8 16 13 12 0 B Axe - Ymir Hunter 13.54 35 16 0 11 13 5 7 0 E Bow 1 Wing Lena Cleric 9.90 21 0 3 4 12 8 4 14 C Stf - Roshea Hunter 2.50 27 10 0 11 12 7 6 0 E Bow -
  3. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    C3 6/17 turns Forged +2 mt Iron Axe, named Thorhammer (-640G) Cash remaining: 1390G. Preparations end at 1:24. Got Samson here, he's amazing. Basically Xavier, except with good Str and being allowed to get boosters from the prep shop. His Spd growth is iffy though, much like Palla's. I needed a few dodges on this map, but it's not too unreliable of a strategy. Xavier had to dodge one out of four hits on turn 4 and Samson had to double one of the Dracoknights due to stat rolls or dodge 2 out of 6 hits between turns 2 and 4. The rest is pretty reliable since I didn't have to use any low-hit weapons, so the overall chance is around 40%. At the end I was like, why not kill the Master Seal!Draco before using the map save (Ymir should've gotten the kill), but Roshea crit and got a great level. Good job I guess.
  4. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    C2 6/11 turns Bought 2 Speedwings and 1 Energy Drop (-7500) Sold Bullion (+5000) Cash remaining: 2030G. Preparations end at 1:35. 6-turned it without using a bow, heh. The boss area bait was pretty iffy because if Xavier doesn't dodge any of the Silver Lances he faces (75 hit), the Dracoknight to the right of Rumel moves down and not towards Midia, which overwhelms my team. Xavier also had a chance of death if all soldiers and the remaining Hunter roll up in Str and he doesn't proc Def, in which case he gets 4HKOed. Went town on statboosters because Ymir is my designated Horseman, so I gave him the Speedwing immediately to feed him kills here and make the strategy more reliable. Midia needed the Energy Drop to OHKO the Thief and ORKO a Lance!Draco, which allows her to be one tile closer to the boss on turn 4, making the bait a lot safer. I think both boosters on Midia are pretty good investments since they allow her to stay viable later on and gain more exp in the earlygame. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Elice Myrmidon 12.14 23 3 6 18 18 13 7 2 E Swd - Xavier Pirate 15.36 38 14 0 12 17 11 13 0 E Axe - Midia Dracoknight xx/4.35 26 14 1 15 16 7 15 3 B Lnc E Axe 1 Drop, 1 Wing Ymir Mercenary 12.43 34 13 0 14 15 5 9 0 E Swd 1 Wing Lena Cleric 8.26 21 0 3 4 11 8 4 13 C Stf - Roshea Cavalier 2.50 25 7 0 8 10 5 8 0 E Swd D Lnc -
  5. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    In for the... pain? gain? win
  6. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    C1 5/5 turns
  7. [FE11] H4: Live Free or Draft Hard

    C6 8/37 turns Reclassed Wendell to Draco, Jagen to Pally, Wolf to General and Matthis to Curate. Forged a +2 Steel Lance named Bope Lance. Turn 1, everyone moved forward, with Shiida being within the Knight's range to ORKO him on EP. Navarre used the map save at the end of turn 1 because I don't have time to use it later anyway and my strat is pretty unreliable. Turn 2, Wolf choked the point, Matthis healed Shiida and Shiida, Jagen and Wendell ORKOed the Knight, Mage and Archer at the end of the hallway, Bope Lance exactly allowing Wendell to ORKO the level 1 Archers. Turn 3, Navarre and Wendell weakened the Thieves going for the Physic and Armorslayer. Navarre was within range of the right Pillar!Archer and Wendell was blocking the Seraph Robe!Thief's way up so he has to take a detour. Turn 4, Navarre killed the Armorslayer!Thief and Jagen and Hand Axe!Barst killed the Archer Navarre baited. Shiida OHKOed the Knight in the two-archer group and Wendell ORKOed the remaining Archer, only having 67 hit due to the pillar. Marth went within range of the first Knight in the boss area. Turn 5, Jagen and Wendell chipped Marth's Knight so Marth can finish off. Jagen placed himself within range of the boss area Knight + Archer duo at the same time, having enough HP to tank them because Matthis healed him on turn 3. Barst OHKOed the Seraph Robe!Thief with Devil Axe and Navarre killed the Physic!Thief. Turn 6, everyone down there finished off the Archer + Knight duo from the boss area. Barst went within range of the Silver Lance!Cav (fortunately the chokepoint is shaped such that the Silver Lance!Cav is forced to wait one tile above the Iron Lance one, which enables this strategy). EP, Barst counterattacked him with the Silver Axe?. Turn 7, Wendell killed the boss area Mage and Shiida and Marth killed the Archer. Jagen went next to the other map save and Navarre went to the right, preparing to get the Bullion (S). Barst finished off his Cav. Turn 8, Barst gave the Master Key to Jagen and used the map save. Shiida 5_0'd the boss and Jagen gave the Master Key to Navarre so he can get the Bullion. C6x 7/44 turns Yeah. Improvised my way through it. Wendell Excalibur crit the boss, Navarre and Barst maximized their exp as much as possible. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Marth Lord 3.27 19 5 0 4 8 9 7 0 D Swd Shiida Peg Knight 8.96 21 9 1 12 19 14 8 6 C Lnc Jagen Dracoknight xx/3.42 21 8 1 11 8 1 11 3 A Lnc E Axe Barst Fighter 9.18 30 10 0 10 11 7 8 0 C Axe Navarre Cavalier 7.66 25 10 0 5 7 10 9 0 C Swd E Lnc Matthis Curate 5.81 21 1 1 1 4 1 3 6 E Stf Wolf Hero xx/3.95 24 6 1 10 12 5 7 1 D Swd E Axe Wendell Sage xx/2.56 22 3 5 2 12 1 5 6 B Mgc D Stf
  8. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    We're full. Two people joined on Discord and we'll draft there.
  9. [FE12 RR] Loonatic Revörs

    H2 was pretty easy in the last RR draft. Let's try H4. Feel free to propose changes to the rules. Drafting:1. This draft is for 4 players.2. Elice, Avatar, Midia, Xane and Feena are free for all.3. The game will be played on Hard 4 / Lunatic Reverse. 4. Each player has 5 silver tickets, which allow them to use one undrafted unit for one chapter each. 5. The Reverse Recruitment patches (with a translation of your choice) can be found here: 6. Here's a spreadsheet with all the unit information: Rules:1. Undrafted units may reclass, use map saves, collect treasure, recruit characters and trade.2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to shopping, opening chests/doors and activating supports.3. All characters are free for Prologue chapters. Prologue chapters don't count towards your total turncount.4. All Gaiden chapters must be visited and count towards the turncount.5. The game must be played out to the True Ending. Other:1. Rainbow Potion, Clock Bonus and Wi-fi features are strictly prohibited.2. Male Class Set Combination is allowed. 3. Lunatic statboosters are allowed, but Avatar may not use them.4. Hammerne may be used freely. 5. Elice may not reclass to Pegasus Knight/Dracoknight/Falcoknight or Cavalier/Paladin.6. Use of the Drill Grounds is allowed. Penalties:1. Undrafted units have a 4-turn penalty, per unit per chapter. Exceptions:1. Samson is free for Chapter 3.2. Dolph, Abel, Macellan, and Est are free for Chapter 4.3. Malice and Dice are free for Chapter 7.4. Bantu is free for Chapter 10.5. Cecil, Rody, Luke, and Marth are free for Final. 6. Undrafted Lena and Malicia may use Hammerne. Teams: Gradivus.: Samson, Ymir, Roshea, Lena, Roger, Radd, Elrean, Frey, Yumina, Draug, Palla, Linde, Horace, Ogma, Shiida, Dolph Rute: Michalis, Sedgar, Tomas, Beck, Etzel, Belf, Norne, Malice, Dice, Arran, Leiden, Jeorge, Tiki, Malicia, Ryan, Catria Nintales: Wolf, Est, Sheema, Nagi, Abel, Jake, Darros, Frost, Katarina, Minerva, Cain, Sirius, Cord, Wrys, Castor, Astram Topazd: Nyna, Vyland, Maria, Athena, Macellan, Robert, Merric, Barst, Wendell, Samto, Caesar, Yubello, Matthis, Gordin, Bantu, Bord Undrafted units:
  10. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    C21 3/93 turns 1 again. Forged a +2 mt, +13 crit Brave Sword named EliceSolo. Turn 1, Elice was danced really far ahead and killed the Swordmaster with EliceSolo. Roger flew right and everyone else made a wall to protect Feena. EP, Draug, Darros and Barst (the latter two as Swordmasters) each tanked a Wyvern. Elice counterkilled two Wyverns and the Hammer!Berserker. Turn 2, Sedgar killed the Meteor!Sorc and Elice almost fullmoved, using a Pure Water within range of 2 Berserkers, a Swordmaster and a Meteor!Sorc. Est got danced towards the secret shop, with Feena being where the Hammer!Berserker's range was before he got killed. This allows her to dance Thwomp! to the cave on turn 3 to get the Talisman. Thwomp! first used the map save. EP, Elice got 3HKOed by any combination of the enemies, but Killer and Devil Axe only had a ~47% chance to connect while Meteor and Devil Sword each had a ~62% chance, so her chance to survive was 65%. Turn 3, Roger killer crit the boss and Thwomp! got danced to the cave. Est bought the Energy Drops, Spirit Dusts, Speedwings, Goddess Icons, Dracoshields and Talismans empty and bought some Secret Books and Seraph Robes and an Arms Scroll aswell. With the bosskill, the CoS after the map save was 13.5%. C22 3/96 turns Elice ate most of the statboosters, including the Arms Scroll to use Aura as a Sage. Forged a +2 mt, +7 hit Wyrmslayer, named Dragoon. Used a Seraph Robe on Feena to survive a Swarm. 3 rescue, 1 again. Elice was used as a Sage, who would've expected that? Turn 1, Longbow!Draug and Elice ganged up on the nearby Sorc. Sedgar Parthia'd the Berserker and Paladin!Roger blocked the SM from him and tradeswapped him to Dragoon. Elice got danced and rescued Thwomp! ahead, who then ORKOed the first Glower!Sorc with EliceSolo. EP, the Meteor and Killer Axe!Berserker attacked Thwomp!, the Fire Dragon Elice, the Swarm Dracoknight!Barst, the Swordmaster left of the start Roger and the Mage Dragon suicided on Sedgar. Elice or Thwomp! has to crit their enemy. If the former happens, it's all fine, in the latter case I need Roger to Killer crit the Fire Dragon on turn 2 aswell. Turn 2, Thwomp ORKOed the Meteor!Sorc and Elice rescued Feena up to dance Thwomp! so she can kill the Glower!Sorc aswell. Thwomp!!Xane, Pure Water!Barst (who was Physic'd and Fortify'd to survive) and Est blocked the Levin!SM, Draug and Sedgar killed the SM from turn 1. EP, Elice tanked the Berserker (if alive) and the Thoron!Sorc from the left hallway. Draug got attacked by the Swarm and Barst by the Levin!SM. Turn 3, Elice opened the door, Thwomp! ORKOed the Mage Dragon with Wyrmslayer, Elice got danced, rescued Sedgar up so he can Dragoon the boss and seized. C23 3/99 turns Used 5 Bishops, 3 of which were my regular bishop squad and 2 were Est and Draug acting as Barrierbots. 1 again. Turn 1, Est Barrier'd Elice, who chipped the right Fire Dragon nearly to death with 2x Levin Sword. SM!Barst finished off. Roger and Thwomp! ganged up on the left Fire Dragon. Elice was danced and killed the second Mage Dragon on the staircase. Wendell Again'd her and took the Barrier staff. Elice then killed the left Glower!Sorcerer with EliceSolo. Paladin!Darros then moved ahead and Draug took his spot to take the Barrier and use it on Sedgar, who then killed the Mage Dragon above the start. Frost used Fortify and Yumina physic'd Sedgar. EP, Elice faced 1 Meteor, 2 Swarms, 2 Fire Dragons, 1 Mage Dragon and 1 Glower!Sorc. With her ridiculous stats, she had a 32% chance to survive. The dragons were all counterkilled. Turn 2, Sedgar killed the Sorc that attacked Elice. My setup involved Thwomp! using the lower map save and Darros the upper one, but it turned out only one was needed because Sedgar doesn't need a crit to kill the Sorc in the way (I had prepared for the case that a Fire Dragon blocks the way instead, which is impossible). Barst and Roger moved out of the Meteor range to tank a Dragon each while Thwomp! uses the lower map save, so she's only exposed to two Dragons. Elice killed a Sorcerer next to Gharnef. Frost got danced to use Fortify twice and Yumina and Wendell Physic'd Elice. Darros used the upper map save. EP, Darros dies to two Swarms and Sedgar tanks the two remaining dragons. Elice faces Gharnef, 2 Meteors and 1 Glower, with a 56% chance to survive. Turn 3, Elice seized because Gharnef moved to the side to attack her, afraid of the 0*4 damage she does with Brave Sword. Endgame 2/101 turns It's so easy to wall off Dragons on H2. Sedgar, Thwomp!, Elice (Sage), Roger and Barst built a wall from the left to the right. There only has to be a free path above Thwomp! and Elice, so I only have to kill 2 Dragons, which Sedgar and SM!Draug did on turn 2. Turn 2, Est recruited Luke and killed Cecille, Thwomp! attacked Marth and Luke killed him. Roger killed Rody at 2-range, which is pure peanuts. I should've given the Gradivus to Thwomp! to kill Marth with her + EliceSolo!Luke, in this attempt I had the Gradivus on Roger (a regular Javelin would've done) and needed a Master Sword crit or Devil Sword backfire to bring Marth down. Barst used the map save and Elice and Xane each got an Aura crit against Medeus. Final Turncount: 101 turns Unit Stuff:
  11. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    C19 2/84 turns 2 warp, 2 again. Warped Swordmaster!Thwomp! to the opposite corner of the map on turn 1 to tank the Paladins and Horsemen and make them move out of the way. The tile she was on prevented the only Swordslayer!Horseman from attacking her at 1-range. Everyone else prepared to charge the boss area and Elice got danced ahead. Turn 2, Roger ORKOed the Generic General with a Killer Lance crit and Hammer!Darros, Jav!Roger!Xane and Hammer!Barst killed Nerring, trading the Lightsphere around. Est killed Malicia for the Dracoshield. Sedgar OHKOed Catria with Silver Bow. Elice ORKOed the Thief with Levin and Frost gave the Warp to Wendell and Again'd Elice. She was then escorted to the gate by an Again from Yumina and a Feena warp from Wendell. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Elice Swordmaster 10/11.51 51 10 11 27 28 15 17 5 C Swd Thwomp! Paladin 20/16.17 58 20 5 27 24 22 24 8 A Swd A Lnc Roger Dracoknight xx/18.27 42 26 1 17 23 17 24 4 A Lnc E Axe Est Falcoknight xx/13.16 34 20 3 22 26 20 14 11 D Swd A Lnc Sedgar Horseman 16/12.73 46 20 1 23 25 10 20 4 C Swd A Bow Barst Dracoknight 14/5.05 35 20 0 19 18 15 19 3 D Lnc B Axe Darros Dracoknight xx/14.56 45 21 1 16 17 14 19 3 D Lnc B Axe Midia Paladin xx/10.47 32 12 1 19 18 7 12 6 C Swd B Lnc Yumina Bishop xx/1.49 28 1 8 8 16 16 7 12 D Mgc B Stf Wendell Bishop xx/6.19 26 1 7 7 13 5 5 10 C Mgc C Stf Frost Curate 18.93 27 2 5 10 14 6 8 11 B Stf Feena Dancer 15.89 24 12 0 13 25 19 8 1 D Swd Navarre Myrmidon 10.00 DIED IN C14 Caesar Hero xx/1.00 38 14 1 16 17 8 12 3 B Swd C Axe Abel Cavalier 6.37 26 9 0 8 13 6 12 1 D Swd C Lnc Xane Chameleon 11.13 24 doesnt matter C20 3/87 turns 2 warp. Drilled Sedgar 7 times and Elice and Barst twice each. Sedgar needed to hit 30 spd as a Horseman to double Hardin with Starsphere, Barst needed an HP/Def level to survive Paladins and Elice's drill was simply to improve her since she's crucial in all the upcoming chapters. Sedgar only managed to reach 29 spd with all the drilling, but it was already comprised of a 3-streak and a 4-streak, so I chose to rely on a 70% spd proc during the chapter to double Hardin. Promoted Frost to use Fortify. Sedgar also got a Dracoshield. Elice attacked the Thief. Xane converted to Paladin!Thwomp! and Sedgar was warped into the treasure room, killing the Glower!Sorc. Frost used Fortify and Yumina Physic to heal Sedgar and recover some of Elice's HP at the same time. Thwomp! was danced as far ahead as possible, waiting 2L of the lower Hero with Master Sword equipped. Hero!Barst moved on the tree left of the start, distracting the Swarm from Sedgar, and Roger, Est and Darros, each in a 10-mov class, followed Elice. EP, Sedgar survived the Sage and 2 Snipers reliably thanks to the Dracoshield and got a level, having to proc Spd for Hardin. Thwomp! had to Master Sword crit two Heroes at 47%. Turn 2, Darros killed the Thief with Devil Axe. The third Hero attacked Elice and stayed at low HP if the Thief wasn't crit on turn 1 because there's only one Bishop that can actually use his Fortify staff because the other one doesn't have A staves. That Bishop fortifies at the start of the EP in that case, so after the Hero attacks Elice, there's nobody to heal him. Yumina can simply finish him off then (if Elice did crit the Thief on PP1, she can still crit the Hero, which is a 50-50 chance). Roger and Elice ganged up on the Sniper and Thwomp! and Elice, who got danced, on the Warrior. Sedgar just opened the door. Frost used Fortify and Wendell Physic if needed. EP, two Swarm!Bishops attacked Darros, who isn't within range of the Swordslayer!Hero. This makes sure Elice is safe, despite taking over 40 damage, and the Hero is of course no threat to Thwomp!, Roger and Est since they don't get doubled. Turn 3, Darros opened the other door and Thwomp! used the map save. Sedgar double crit Hardin with Parthia and Est crit the General in front of the door. Elice then got the Brave Sword and Wendell Thief'd the Again while giving Warp to Frost. Frost then warped Feena to Elice to dance her to the throne. Had to use the Parthia on turn 1 to kill the Snipers and Mages because I used up a lot of Silver Bow uses in the Drill Grounds. I'll be fine though since it still has 8 uses remaining and isn't needed a lot in the future. Also, there are some inconsistencies in the screenshots because they were made during old attempts, mainly in terms of weapon uses. C20x 3/90 turns 1 warp. Used Dracoknights!Caesar and Roger, Sedgar, Elice and Frost in their standard classes, Feena and SM!Thwomp!. Roger and Sedgar got a Luck Bond each and Feena a Def Bond so the Snipers don't OHKO her. Forged a +2 mt Armorslayer named GENERALS?. Roger revealed the first 3 Berserkers. Thwomp! and Elice killed the lower one, the former using Levin Sword. Sedgar ORKOed the second one and got danced to kill the 3rd one with Devil Sword. Frost used Fortify and Caesar fullmoved. EP, Sedgar got targeted by the 4th Berserker (Silver Axe) due to lower Luck than Roger and counterkilled him. Turn 2, Elice revealed the first General and Thwomp! ORKOed him with GENERALS?. Caesar revealed the second one and Roger Gradivus'd him down since they only have 19 spd on H2. Feena danced Elice ahead, who then moved 1R1U of the Pillar!Berserker within Eremiah's range, which is 10 tiles away from the throne. Sedgar fullmoved and used a Vulnerary if needed, Frost used Fortify. EP, Caesar ate up a Meteor and a Longbow and died. Elice tanked two Longbows and Sedgar counterkilled the Berserker from the pillar, who also uses a Silver Axe. Feena tanked another Longbow. Turn 3, the droppable Longbow!Sniper was in the way to the throne, so Frost warped Thwomp! above Elice to make him visible for Sedgar to kill. Roger was then danced to make Eremiah visible and Thwomp! ORKOed her with Brave Sword. Elice seized.
  12. [FE12] RR H2: Choose Your Fighter Edition

    C12 5/65 turns Entered the land above the forts on turn 1 to aggro the enemies immediately, letting me recruit Wendell safely on turn 2. Entered the boss area on turn 4, blocking most forts. Everyone contributed in the middle or upper parts of the map, aside from Sedgar, who self-improved against the lower reinforcements. Est and Thwomp! ganged up on the boss, while Roger, SM!Midia and Darros fought their way to the Pisces!Dragon (who had moved closer because I triggered all enemies to aggro on turn 4) with Feena's help. C13 4/69 turns Peanuts, fed a lot of Dragons to Roger, who doubled with Scorpio. Got both anti-Dragon weapons. C13x 1/70 turns Drilled Roger thrice, for two +Str/Spd/Def levels. Barst ORKOed the nearby Ballista. Elice killed or almost killed the Fighter next to it, made visible by Barst, with Levin Sword (if he doesn't die, Barst counterkills on EP because Feena isn't OHKOed). Feena then danced her and she moved as far left as possible, revealing the Fighter and Ballista in the boss area. Thwomp! killed the Fighter and Roger the Ballista, having to tradechain the +3 str shards due to Thwomp!'s middling Str. Est revealed the two left-hand side ballistae and Darros killed the upper one, Sedgar the lower one. EP, Roger counterkilled Clarisse with a JavCavJav crit at 14%. Elice counterkilled the Myrmidon and Est the two Fighters, counterkilling them with ArmorBOOM (instead of Lady Sword) so they don't attack Darros, who is too slow to ORKO, instead due to low accuracy. Est also counterkilled the other Myrmidon, surviving thanks to Cancer. Promoted Barst after the chapter. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Elice Swordmaster 10/6.91 33 6 8 22 24 12 12 5 C Swd Thwomp! Dracoknight 20/13.11 53 19 5 26 23 20 24 5 A Lnc E Axe Roger Dracoknight xx/12.73 37 20 1 15 22 13 20 4 B Lnc E Axe Est Paladin xx/10.41 35 19 1 17 25 19 15 7 D Swd A Lnc Sedgar Swordmaster 16/5.14 44 17 1 25 24 9 16 3 B Swd Barst Berserker 14/1.00 37 20 0 16 18 13 13 0 A Axe Darros Dracoknight xx/12.24 44 20 0 15 16 13 19 3 D Lnc B Axe Midia Paladin xx/8.55 31 12 1 19 17 7 12 6 C Swd B Lnc Wendell Sage xx/4.22 26 3 9 6 13 4 5 6 B Mgc C Stf Frost Curate 15.35 25 2 5 9 13 6 7 11 B Stf Feena Dancer 14.11 24 11 0 12 25 18 8 1 D Swd Navarre Myrmidon 10.00 25 10 0 17 17 8 8 0 C Swd Abel Cavalier 6.37 26 9 0 8 13 6 12 1 D Swd C Lnc Xane Chameleon 10.28 24 doesnt matter C14 4/74 turns 1 warp. Used Barst and Darros as Swordmasters, ORKOing Ice Dragons while the shards are still there. Sedgar was used as a Sniper to double Ice Dragons and kill them with Killer Bow (drill grounded him once and relied on a good level once the scorpio's away). Navarre got sacked to get the Warp. Elice visited Gotoh on turn 2 and walked to the throne with help from Feena on turns 3 and 4 thanks to a warp. Mostly winged the chapter after turn 1. C15 1/75 turns 1 rescue. Xanestrats, lol C16 2/77 turns Critrate on the JavCavJav came in handy, Est only needed one crit, ORKOing the first Thief normally thanks to Falcoknight speed. Didn't get Wrys since he doesn't move, so I passed up on the Mercurius and Recover. C16x 1/78 turns Drilled Sedgar 4 times in a row to get 3 speed levels, as a Master Sword!Swordmaster. This is surprisingly easy to win on H2. He needed the Speed to double enemy Snipers as a Sniper without Starsphere because with Starsphere, he has too much Def to be targeted by them. He also got an Arms Scroll to use Parthia, allowing him to kill them reliably. Turn 1, Starsphere!Swordmaster!Thwomp! ORKOed the first Swordmaster and got danced by Feena, who carried the Geosphere. Elice shaver crit a Berserker and Est Devil Axe ORKOed another one. SM!Roger and Levin Sword!Thwomp attacked a Berserker each, the latter from the tile next to Failtthis. Neither of them ORKOed, so one had to crit and the other Berserker can be finished off by Barst. Sedgar then swapped Thwomp to Lady Sword and ORKOed Failtthis with Parthia. EP, the remaining Swordmaster suicided on Thwomp! and the two Snipers on Sedgar. C17 2/80 turns 1 warp, 1 rescue, 1 again. Turn 1, Elice was danced ahead and Sedgar was rescued, with a Door Key in his inventory. Elice got two Angelic Robes and a Dracoshield to survive pretty reliably due to SM avoid and for future strats. Turn 2, Est killed the Warrior in the way if Elice didn't double crit him with KE and Darros hits the map save on the right half of the map. Sedgar (Geosphere) opened the door and Elice Levin Sword crit the Warrior in the way. She was then danced by warped Feena, recruited Bord and Palla and got Again'd to the throne. C18 2/82 turns 1 rescue. Gave Roger a 3-streak in the drill grounds to get 2 str levels. He soloed the Generals with Silver Lance and Starsphere as a General, ORKOing them. Sedgar and Est made a formation so exactly 2 Paladins can attack Elice, who killed them back with a Devil Sword hit+crit each. Thwomp! and Darros killed a bow!General Roger couldn't counterkill and Barst a Bishop. Roger killed the boss and Elice got rescued and danced to victory after visiting the village. Midia got the Arms Scroll.
  13. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    There's actually a H4 deathless run in the works right now, Ziggy McDougal uploaded a C19 clear for it. Here you go: Bord, Julian, Matthis, Castor, Rickard, Roger, Bantu, Beck, Tiki, Astram, Tomas, Sheema, Samson, Roshea, Vyland, Sedgar, Wolf, Michalis, Maria, Lena, Elice