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  1. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 8 is done in 2 turns (77 total), with 1 Rescue use. New units: Cain is in the same boat as Navarre, useful during his joining chapter but not afterwards. Jeorge is very good because he is promoted and has high bow rank. With Parthia, he OHKOes all fliers in the game and has a very solid 32 Atk to chip other enemies with. He can also use Silver and Steel Bows if I don't want him to use up my high-end weapons, still dealing above-average damage with them. Roger was killed because he's useless. I also killed Astram, who is recruitable in a later chapter unless, of course, killed before. No RPs used (71 left) Sold Bullion and Firestone (+6500G) Bought Seraph Robe (-2500G) Promoted Shiida Used 2 Seraph Robes on Palla Money remaining: 4119G. The original 2-turn involved killing Jeorge, but in this run, Jeorge is too good to kill off, so I made use of Gordin's promotion to let him fly to Jeorge. I had to use some starshard shenanigans to do this chapter without using RPs. Palla needed Scorpio, Leo, Gemini and Taurus to ORKO Paladins with an Iron Axe, which I wanted her to use to gain axe rank. Shiida needed Scorpio to get a second hit against the General, making the critkill a more reliable, and Gordin and Jeorge needed the Str shards to kill the Sniper for his droppable Silver Bow, so Palla gave Gordin the Str shards and Scorpio so the Scorpio can be convoy-dropped after killing the Sniper and traded to Shiida. In this chapter, I'm using Wendell as a Swordmaster to kill the Leo!Thief and Astram. I'm not sure if I need the Mercurius during the midgame, but this is actually the last chance to obtain it at all because Astram doesn't show up in time in C9 and costs a turn to recruit or kill in C16. Stats: Palla: Promoted, 4 Seraph Robes, 3 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 3 Dracoshields, A lances, D axes + 18 wexp Malicia: 8.66, B staves + 4 wexp Shiida: Promoted, C lances + 39 wexp Gordin: Promoted, B bows + 8 wexp
  2. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 7 is done in 4 turns (75 total), with 1 Rescue use. New units: Radd and Caesar are both terrible, Radd is slightly worse yet. Navarre is important in this chapter, but a benchwarmer afterwards since an unpromoted unit with C swords isn't very useful. Feena is a Dancer, so she's essential for the entire playthrough. No RPs used (71 remaining) Sold 70 Steel Sword, 25 Fire, 23 Blizzard, 1 Secret Book (+2619G) Bought Seraph Robe (-2500G) Used Seraph Robe on Palla Money remaining: 119G. A tricky map. There are 6 Thieves with treasure, who are running towards the bridge to escape the map, and 4 aggressive Thieves. The Thief Navarre crits on turn 1 is aggressive, so he has to be killed immediately or Feena dies. I decided to rig a crit for that because it allows Navarre to attack the Master Seal!Thief and at the same time pull a Hunter, which allows me to kill the Master Seal!Thief and the Seraph Robe!Thief on turn 2, as they would force a major detour later. That leaves 5 Thieves, a Hunter and the boss to be dealt with on turns 3 and 4. Palla and combinations of 2 units can kill a generic enemy each, while the boss also takes 2 units to kill (Navarre to use the map save and Sirius to killer crit him), so my team of Palla and 4 units is just strong enough to rout the 7 enemies with a dance from Feena. Shiida also got a Thief kill, hitting level 10 since promoting her helps a lot next chapter. There's also an important side objective on this map: killing the Dragon and visiting the cave to get a Firestone and a Physic, respectively, so Wendell's 18 Spd as a Sniper comes in handy since the Dragon has 34 Atk and 20 Spd. He's also very bulky, so even with strong weapons like Silver Soy and Devil Sword plus the boosts from Taurus and Gemini, I could only 4HKO him, sacrificing Frey so Marth can finish off. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille, Frey Palla: Promoted, 2 Seraph Robes, 3 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 3 Dracoshields, A lances, D axes + 10 wexp Malicia: 8.32, B staves Shiida: 10.39, C lances + 7 wexp Gordin: Promoted, B bows + 8 wexp
  3. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 6x is done in 1 turn (71 total), with 1 rescue use. New units: Wendell is a pretty good unit, having decent magic, staff rank and sky-high speed. Much like in FE11, he'll be used mainly in other promoted classes to make use of his speed. No RPs used (71 remaining) No sellings or expenditures Money remaining: 0G. This chapter is pretty easy. Sirius critkilled Legion, freeing up 5 units to do other things, which allowed me to get a droppable Vulnerary and field Malicia for staff wexp. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: Promoted, 1 Seraph Robe, 3 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 3 Dracoshields, A lances, D axes + 10 wexp Malicia: 7.61, C staves + 54 wexp Shiida: 9.55, C lances + 3 wexp Gordin: Promoted, B bows + 8 wexp
  4. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 6 is done in 5 turns (70 total), with 1 Hammerne and 1 Rescue use. New units: Frey and Norne have nonzero personal base stats, but they're more or less in the same situation as Barst where there isn't much use for an unpromoted unit with around 20 Atk (even less for Norne). Frey's 11 str will come in handy once. Samto is just bad, his stats are on par with Luke's and C swords doesn't help since he barely 3HKOes knights with Armorslayer and gets OHKOed back. Used RP on Shiida and Sirius (71 left) No sellings or expenditures Money remaining: 0G. Palla trivializes the enemies left of the start with a Steel Axe, leaving only two more to be killed next turn since the chokepoint forces a lot of 1-2 range enemies to attack at 1-range. The RP on Sirius makes the chapter easier in many ways - he ORKOes Mages and Bishops and it gives him 6 luck, ensuring he isn't targeted by enemies due to critrates. This allows Barst to bait the first mage while the other one can only attack Sirius at 2-range, getting ORKOed in return. It's important that none of the Mages Sirius fights in this chapter have 14 Spd since he has to ORKO them. Gordin was promoted to provide some much-needed help. Although his stats are worse than Arran's, being promoted in itself is pretty useful since his Speed is high enough to not be doubled by Mages as a Sniper, letting him chip a Mage for Barst to kill. Otherwise, I would've had to sacrifice a unit and put Draug to the sidelines to use the map save on turn 3, preventing him from killing the Bishop on turn 5 for the droppable Heal staff. The promoted enemies behind the doors are very nasty, so fortunately I only had to fight the Sniper, who was simply critkilled by Palla. The purpose behind Shiida's RP was killing the Knight in the throne room. Without RP, he could ruin the strategy by having 31 Atk to OHKO Taurus!Shiida, or 11 Spd to avoid getting doubled. Combined with two Mages needing 13 Spd (although it's much more likely than 14), Steel Axe accuracy not being perfect and the fact that I don't see the Knight's and the other Mage's stats until turn 3, this would be way too much rigging. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: Promoted, 1 Seraph Robe, 3 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 3 Dracoshields, A lances, D axes + 8 wexp Malicia: 7.45, C staves + 52 wexp Shiida: 9.05, C lances + 3 wexp Gordin: Promoted, B bows + 8 wexp
  5. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    I already edited Shiida into the post and posted Malicia in C2, you can read about them there. Julian would be nice since he gets 10k gold in C6 and saves a Thief use in C9, which means getting another 10k gold later, he just obviously takes too long to recruit. Castor also costs turns and has filler combat at best, the killer bow would be more valuable than him but as far as I know it won't be missed anywhere.
  6. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Wow, big fail on my part. Edited the post to account for her, she's a really important unit. With Castor, I already forgot to discuss 4 units (him, Shiida, Malicia and Julian), hopefully I won't continue like that lol.
  7. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 5 is done in 7 turns (65 total), with 2 Rescue uses. New units: Barst is a foot unit with mediocre combat. His accuracy is pretty poor, but he's deployed for free here so he'll be useful before hitting the bench. Rickard got killed here, he's a second Thief that can only be recruited with Julian, so he's superfluous no matter what. Shiida is a great unit due to the Wing Spear. On top of being effective against cavalry and armor knights, it also has 10 crit, so she can use it to critkill some Generals in the lategame. It also helps against Knights and Cavaliers in this and the next chapter, letting her gain exp more easily since she needs to promote. No RPs used (73 left) Sold 39 Iron Sword, 34 Steel Sword, 25 Rapier, 32 Iron Lance, 35 Steel Axe, 67 Steel Bow, Bullion (+7399G) Bought 1 Energy Drop and 2 Dracoshields (-7500G) Used Energy Drop and 2 Dracoshields on Palla Money remaining: 0G. Credit to Reploids for the trick used on turn 3, where Draug baits a Cavalier to a specific tile on turn 2, allowing Marth to be rescued into the Snipers' range, leaving it immediately so they don't start attacking. On turn 2, Palla entered the Dracoknights' range to make sure Marth isn't harassed since he would be in range on turn 3. I wanted to save an RP on her, so I simply rigged two of the Dracoknights to roll down on Def, letting her ORKO two and bring the other two down to very few HP. The Bishop can only Physic one of them in the process, leaving the other so low that Catria can finish off, while the other is picked off by Palla. I also had to rig the Cavaliers' stat rolls. The first Cavalier had to roll down on Def or HP, while the second one had to roll down on Def so my units can 2RKO them. I pulled the Snipers on turn 5 to save an RP on Sirius since he barely fails to double the Bishop without it, so Catria had to help, and she can't get close enough to the Bishop if the Snipers are present. Hammerne comes just in time since Rescue is down to 1 use. It's only usable by Malicia in this game, which doesn't hurt since she has to be fielded pretty often to gain exp and wexp anyway. Palla hit D axes, putting her just 23 rounds away from C axes, the main goal of the axe rank training. It also gives her some new options as she can use Steel and Hand Axes now. In the stats, I'm subtracting 60 exp from Shiida because she gained roughly that much unintentional exp from critting enemies that other units would've killed. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: Promoted, 1 Seraph Robe, 3 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 3 Dracoshields, A lances, D axes Gordin: 10.12, D bows + 36 wexp Malicia: 6.32, C staves + 42 wexp Shiida: 8.52, D lance + 44 wexp
  8. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 4 is completed in 3 turns (58 total), with 2 Rescue uses. New units: Ogma is okay for a few chapters, then becomes useless. Yumina is a copy of Malicia, but she joins later so she's lower on exp and wexp, preventing ideas like promoting her and getting her to A staves. She will still be useful though, as she can use Physic and Barrier at base. Yubello is a mage with negative base Mag, bench. Sirius is very good for the next few chapters, then still remains useful because of his passable Str and good weapon ranks, even though the midgame enemies are quite a test to him without growths. B swords is also pretty good, allowing him to use the potent Master and Brave Swords while having 10 mov, a pretty rare ability. He can also use Mercurius as a Swordmaster if needed. Used RP on Palla (73 left) Sold 136 Iron Sword, 119 Steel Sword, 70 Iron Lance (+2586) Bought 1 Speedwing (-2500) Used the Speedwing on Palla Money remaining: 101G. A version of the standard strategy. Palla's speedwing allowed her to double Hunters reliably and ORKO the boss with a Silver Lance. Much like Valkama, I avoided any child sacrifices and rescued Marth on turn 3 so he can get the Shaver, which will be pretty important. Recruiting Sirius from below means Ogma walls off the remaining Pirate on his own, allowing Sirius to finish off an enemy if Palla missed a Javelin on turn 1. I also killed a Hunter near the start to get his droppable Vulnerary and Gordin hit level 10. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: Promoted, 1 Seraph Robe, 2 Energy Drops, 1 Speedwing, 1 Dracoshield, A lances, E axes + 12 wexp Gordin: 10.12, D bows + 36 wexp Malicia: 5.32, C staves + 30 wexp
  9. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 3x is done in 6 turns (55 total). New units: Wrys is as good as a physical unit reclassed to Curate. He is close to D staves, but that doesn't really help since you can easily replace that with a promoted unit reclassed to Bishop or Yumina/Malicia. No RPs used (74 left) Bought 1 Seraph Robe, 2 Energy Drops and 1 Dracoshield (-10000G) Promoted Palla, used Seraph Robe, 2 Energy Drops and Dracoshield on her Money remaining: 15G A pretty straightforward map. Palla was promoted and got her first load of statboosters. She started building axe rank here, which is needed for some strategies in the future. Malicia was fielded as a Mage since I needed some chip damage and preferred to use her instead of Linde since she needs exp to promote. Gordin is also pretty close to promotion now. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: Promoted, 1 Seraph Robe, 2 Energy Drops, 1 Dracoshield, B lance + 42 wexp, E axe + 12 wexp Gordin: 9.86, D bows + 32 wexp Malicia: 4.52, C staves + 30 wexp
  10. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 3 is completed in 6 turns (49 total). New units: Palla is a goddess. She starts out with 16 Speed as a Pegasus Knight, which is spectacular, along with B lances, good Str and Def and level 10, allowing her to promote immediately once this chapter's Master Seal is obtained. She will be a key player in this run, featuring better stats than almost all prepromotes in the game. Linde has 22 Atk with Aura, which is pretty helpful in the earlygame. Bord and Matthis are skipped, Matthis being a slightly better Rody and Bord being a worse Bors that brings a Hammer. Used Rainbow Potion on Arran (74 left) No sellings or expenditures Money remaining: 10015G. This strategy is pretty similar to Valkama's, although I have a bit more leeway to save RP uses since I'm on H3. Thus, I found a strategy that only uses 1 RP. The next couple of chapters will generally be similar to Valkama's clears since the H3/H4 difference doesn't change the general approach to these maps. I'm taking the bridge route. General!Arran has three important tasks here: tanking Dracoknights on turn 2, tanking Cavaliers on turn 4 and contributing to the bosskill. Warren, Ryan and Gordin pull and kill the left one of the right-hand side Dracoknight trios, with Draug chipping one of them on EP1 and finishing off another one on PP2 because Warren and Ryan don't OHKO the Dracoknights with the Silver Soy. These 3 Dracoknights being pulled causes the three non-Master Seal ones in the mountain range to move, so Catria moved as far as possible to the left on turn 1 to make them move down and not towards Palla. When tackling the boss area, I had Catria bait the Master Seal!Dracoknight down on turn 5 to kill him with Gordin afterwards. If you watched Valkama's run, you also saw this strategy there, although the reason it was used here is a bit different. On H4, it was more or less necessary because the Vantage+ mechanic bars Palla from killing the Dracoknight on PP after pulling him on turn 5. Here, the Catria pull was simply to feed Gordin the Dracoknight for exp and improve the bosskill, as it would require an RP on Catria or a crit if Palla baited the Dracoknight. Another difference to the traditional approach is that I didn't kill the ballista with Arran on turn 5, he had to use a Vulnerary instead to survive a hit from the boss. Ballistae typically attack first in this game, so the ballista was distracted by Draug due to his low Lck, making sure frailer units like Linde and Gordin don't get killed by Matthis + the ballista. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Palla: B lances + 6 wexp Gordin: 9.50, D bows + 24 wexp Malicia: 3.55, C staves + 30 wexp
  11. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    I already found a way to do C5 without sacrifices. Valk's sacrifice was a H4 thing as Palla had to help out on turn 2, the Mages and Cavs are much harder to deal with there. In my version, Palla mops up the Dracoes a turn earlier so there is no threat to Marth on turn 3.
  12. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 2 is done in 6 turns (43 total). New units: I'll cover Malicia here too since I forgot about her in C1. She comes with C staves as a Cleric, giving her A staves after just 45 staff uses and a promotion. Combined with her early join time, this makes her by far the best candidate for the Fortify staff, which is quite important despite her low Mag. She can also use other useful staves such as Physic and Again very easily. Catria has above-average bases and will be useful for a while, although without growths she's pretty fast to fall off since she isn't worth promoting. The same is true of Warren, although his use is still a bit more short-lived than Catria's, as his main quality is using the Silver Soy to snipe Dracoknights. Cord is a pretty mediocre unit, he is useful in this chapter thanks to his free deployment, but doesn't contribute anything later on. No RPs used, no sellings or expenditures. (75 RPs remaining) Money remaining: 10015G. I will make simplified statboxes again, much like during my FE11 warpless playthrough, and I'll edit one into the C1 post for completion's sake. In this chapter, my units go into many different directions. Arran, now a General to boost his durability to great levels, and Bors just go up the forest to deal with a generic Hunter after Catria recruits Warren, while Cord baits the other generic Hunter to the right so other units can deal with him. The position where Catria waited on turn 1 made sure the Hunters move such that Warren can chip the Thief on turn 2, allowing Draug to kill him next turn. Marth, Luke, Ryan, Malicia and Gordin just move up the right alongside Cord, comfortably reaching the Soldiers on turn 3 to kill them in 2 rounds each, while Arran softens up the third one. The unit placement on turn 2 is very important, as the two Silver Sword!Cavs tend to move towards the centre normally, which means my core team has to deal with two extra Cavs on turns 3 and 4. Thus, I put Cord and Draug as close to them as possible on turn 2, making them move towards the sides. Draug outheals the damage from his Cav with a Vulnerary, while Luke is sacrificed. This isn't strictly necessary and he would survive reliably if I invested a Vulnerary and an RP, but he simply isn't worth those resources. The same goes for Cecille, who went up the left to distract the left-most Dracoknight so he doesn't harass me on turn 5. RP uses are pretty important, so I found it's worth killing off two useless units to save one or two RP uses. Stats: DEAD: Luke, Cecille Gordin: 7.56, D bows + 16 wexp Malicia: 2.70, C staves + 20 wexp
  13. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Chapter 1 is done in 6 turns (37 total). New units: Most of the Prologue units left to be recruited later in the game. Only Marth, Bors, Luke, Rody, Cecille and Ryan are remaining. All of those except Marth are pretty weak by now because they get OHKOed by the enemies' Silver weapons. Fortunately, I also get Draug, Arran and Gordin to compensate for that. Arran is extremely good and carries the team for the first 3 chapters. He has access to all promoted classes thanks to the merged class sets, mostly he's used as a General or Dracoknight, but there are many other options aswell. What sticks out about Draug is his personal base speed of 5, giving him 11 Spd as a Cavalier, plus he survives most early Silver weapons. Gordin is also pretty solid for the first 3 chapters since he has 10 Str as a Hunter, can use Steel Bows and survives a round of combat against the enemies, having just enough HP and Def to not be OHKOed by C1 Bandits. He will also be promoted at some point, so I'll be feeding him kills whenever possible. Used Rainbow Potion on Arran and Draug (75 left) Forged +4 mt Steel Bow named Silver Soy (-4235G) Bought 1 Javelin (-750G) Sold Bullion (S) (+5000G) Money remaining: 10015G I forged a +4 mt Steel Bow with an because it's critical against the next two chapters' Dracoknights and makes this strategy possible, allowing Gordin + Marth to kill Bandits and giving Arran enough damage to kill Lorenz with a Silver Soy crit and some help. Arran used his Sniper class to ORKO generic enemies with an RP, giving my team enough punch to survive a turn 1 strategy where Marth fullmoves, which is required in order to visit the village on turn 2. Another key player was Draug, who used his 13 Spd with RP to kill a pesky Hunter on turn 1. Luke, Rody, Ryan and Bors just teamed up to kill some enemies and Cecille has the unique ability to reclass to Pegasus Knight because she's female, allowing her to visit the cave quickly for a hidden bullion worth 5000G and bait the enemies in the boss area down to reduce the tension while the other units march towards the castle. Killing Lorenz is a pretty significant obstacle to LTCing this chapter that doesn't matter in regular playthroughs because you can talk to him with Marth, in which case he commits suicide (but not the dynamite way like in FE3) and you get a Mend staff. However, that costs a turn, so Arran and Gordin kill him with a crit. Stats: Gordin: 6.42, D bows + 8 wexp Malicia: 2.70, C staves + 10 wexp
  14. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    Prologue 8 is done in 8 turns (31 total). New units: Cain is another great Prologue unit. He has very good bulk, with 28 HP and 11 Def and an impressive 11 Str, allowing for easy Thief kills in combination with any other unit using Steel weapons. Marth deals decent damage to enemies in Prologue 8, which is always helpful, although most units fielded there are better than him since he doesn't double, making him a much weaker version of Ogma. A very tough to LTC, featuring many strong enemies from the start and adding 3 waves of reinforcements to the mix. The first challenge is already pulling and killing the two Hunter and Bandit packs. To make sure my team isn't overwhelmed, I only baited the right one on turn 1 and the left one on turn 2 so I can kill them separately. I had to leave the left Hunter alive on turn 3 since killing him at 1-range would pull the Silver Axe!Bandit's group too early (he's one tile further south than the right Hunter). The Hand Axe!Bandits coming as reinforcements show how weak Hand Axes are in this game, having only 4 mt. This allowed Merric to tank both of them. Hand Axes also have poor hitrate, which is why I relied on Athena to dodge a Hand Axe on the Pillar on turn 5, although in this attempt it was unnecessary since Merric crit that Bandit. The dodge would have been necessary because Athena needs enough HP to survive a Silver Axe hit. In this case, the Silver Axe!Bandit decided not to attack Athena, whose Def is lower, but Ogma, because Athena standing on a Pillar reduced the hitrate enough that it overruled the difference in damage. This doesn't happen particularly often in this game because enemies tend to have very high hitrates, but it came in handy here. The second Silver Axe!Bandit additionally has a Hand Axe, which makes it much easier for melee units to tackle him than a Silver Axe. Thus, I put Cain within range of him on turn 5 so he has a Hand Axe equipped on the next player phase. Fighting against the two Mages and all the other enemies throughout the chapter took quite a toll to my units' HP, so I used turn 7 to have them eat a lot of Vulneraries and get healed by Wrys, giving them more or less barely enough HP to fight Katarina and her very strong Thief squad. I needed Marth to land a 15% Rapier crit because Athena, who would ORKO reliably, cannot be healed to the full 25 HP needed since Wrys must heal Shiida on turn 7. Killing the Thieves and Katarina was an extremely close call, I even had to use the map save for the crit and axe hit at the end of the previous turn.
  15. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    The first two are pretty obvious! Gordin and Draug are bad units, Athena and Ogma are great ones. I think Prologue 5 makes it clear how important she is, Gordin is no replacement. There isn't even one enemy type Draug is better against than Ogma, and against all of them except Myrmidon and Thief he is much worse since Ogma doubles, while Draug gets ORKOed. Cain/Est was less simple but it's an easier map and I found I need Cain's bulk more in P8 than Est's Speed. Est's map is harder since the bosskill more or less requires Ryan to reach her, which takes major precautions because the enemy archers on her maps ORKO him. I'm not sure if P7-E would be doable in 3 turns, but I'm sure she doesn't save more turns in P8 than Cain.