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  1. Unlocking other Modes Not Working?

    Right, so . . . I'm probably being very silly and missing something obvious here, but I've beat the game and regular Hector mode still doesn't seem to be unlocked. When I start a new game, it just jumps right into Prologue, gives no options. What am I missing? Is it not enough to complete the final chapter "Light"? Am playing on an emulator (VBA).
  2. Turn Counter is Stuck

    I'm on an emulator (using VBA)
  3. Turn Counter is Stuck

    Hi! Er. I used a GameShark code to freeze the turn counter on 'Last Turn' during CH 29x: Battle Preparations so I could have some extra time to buy stuff, do support convos and whatnot. I turned the code off when I was done but now it's stuck on Final Turn. Any way to unstick it? The code I used is 3202BC08 00## (the '##' lets you set the turn number. I tried '00' but that doesn't work.) Thanks! -Jay