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  1. Right, so . . . I'm probably being very silly and missing something obvious here, but I've beat the game and regular Hector mode still doesn't seem to be unlocked. When I start a new game, it just jumps right into Prologue, gives no options. What am I missing? Is it not enough to complete the final chapter "Light"? Am playing on an emulator (VBA).
  2. I'm on an emulator (using VBA)
  3. Hi! Er. I used a GameShark code to freeze the turn counter on 'Last Turn' during CH 29x: Battle Preparations so I could have some extra time to buy stuff, do support convos and whatnot. I turned the code off when I was done but now it's stuck on Final Turn. Any way to unstick it? The code I used is 3202BC08 00## (the '##' lets you set the turn number. I tried '00' but that doesn't work.) Thanks! -Jay