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  1. Official Pull Topic

    More orbs have come in, so here's another shot at the TT banner. 3* Nino: No thank you. 4* Hawkeye: At least he's not a pity breaker. 5* Brave Roy: Very nice. +HP/-Res, so his IVs are decent enough. Time to Galeforce the crap out of this TT. 4* Tharja: Meh. Darting Blow 3 is nice. 3* Hana: I was hoping for 2 5* units, but I guess not. A decent Brave Roy for 75 orbs. Not as much as I was hoping to get from this banner, but I'm satisfied. Now to save up again.
  2. Commonly Used Heroes You Enjoy Facing

    Reinhardt: The power of Naga compels you! So much free SP for Julia... Ninian: I've literally managed to break the game attacking TA3 Ninian with Julia (99 damage shown, over 100 damage inflicted) Fae: Chicken dragon, meet Lucina. She'll be taking care of you today.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Well, this is an interesting TT banner. I've got a +2 B!Lucina and a B!Lyn, but more super-powered units is always a good thing. I've decided that I don't actually need to pull from the 8% banner that much, so I'll spend some orbs here until I get at least one 5*. 4* A!Tiki: Good, Bonfire fodder. 4* Serra: Useless. 4* Oscar: Lancebreaker 3, nice. 3* Jagen: No thanks. 3* Femui: Eh. Let's try again. 4* Est: Bleh. 4* Fir: Maybe someone needs Spd+3. 3* Raigh: Go away. 3* Draug: Don't need Ward Armor enough to spend 2,000 feathers. 4* Palla: Moonbow fodder. This is annoying, but let's keep going. 3* Matthew: Some more Hone Spd fodder after a long time of none. 4* Titania: At least she wasn't a pity breaker. 4* Laslow: I've gotten enough of you. 3* Arthur: Ugh. 4* Seliph: Almost thought he was a pity breaker, but thankfully not. That was disappointing. 60 of my 68 saved orbs down the drain. But then again, saving is for banners you like, and I really like the CYL units.
  4. Took me quite a few tries, but I managed to smash through Infernal without using Reinhardt, dancers, Horse/Flier Emblem, or map-specific SI. Julia with Summoner support (ever so useful): (Naga, Swap, Glacies) + (Fury 3, QR2, BoL 3) + Atk+2 seal Eirika+2: (Sieglinde, Rally Def/Res, Luna) + (Fury 3, Renewal 3, Hone Spd 3) + Squad Ace D-2 seal Arvis+1: (Valflame, Ardent Sacrifice, Iceberg) +(Fury 3, Recover Ring, Def Ploy 3) + Squad Ace c-2 seal S!Gaius+1: (Refreshing Bolt+, Iceberg) + (Fury 2, Vantage 3, Def Ploy 3) + Brash Assault 3 seal PP-1: Julia starts in the left-most spot, Eirika next to her, and stands on the left bridge before getting Rallied. Gaius stands on the right bridge with Arvis behind him. EP-1: Takumi and Blue Mage commit suicide, Axe Cav and Sword Flier move clockwise around the wall, Hinoka moves straight up, and Red Mage Pivots in front of Gaius. PP-2: Gaius and Arvis pull back to the two middle starting positions. Eirika gets placed on the left bridge via Swap. EP-2: Axe Cav suicides on Eirika, Sword Flier moves towards her. Red Mage attacks Gaius while Hinoka moves into his range across the river. PP-3: Julia pulls back into the top-left corner, Eirika gets healed by Renewal and stands next to her (not really necessary). Gaius snipes Hinoka, Arvis does nothing. EP-3: Sword Flier attacks Eirika, Red Mage attacks Arvis. PP-4: Eirika finishes off Sword Flier, Gaius finishes off Red Mage. Looking back on this I didn't need Arvis at all. I replaced him with a level 40 4* Athena and still cleared the map. Arvis's replacement just needs to not get ORKO-d by Red Mage and do at least 18 damage to him in one round of melee combat. Some adjusted shuffling of units does the rest.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Only going to bother with the free pull this time. I'd like to keep my orb supply reasonably high for the end-of-year banners. 5* Roderick: Well, this is a nice surprise. Thought he'd be 4*, but then those golden stars appeared. +Spd/-HP, which is better than the +HP/-Def version I currently have. Looks like my next training target just arrived. Not Hinoka, but making Roderick +1 is pretty damn good for a free pull.
  6. I just picked up a +Spd Mia, which gives her a whopping 43 speed. I'm looking for suggestions on how to build her. Her A skill is going to stay as Flashing Blade, C skill is probably going to be Hone Atk 3. She comes with Vantage by default, but with her monstrous speed Desperation seems more useful. Yes? No? I'm also thinking of pairing it with the Brash Assault seal so once she gets to 50% health she can Desperation-double literally any melee unit. In connection with Desperation, her 38 HP means that Ardent Sacrifice lowers her HP just enough to trigger it. Good idea? Or should I stick with Reposition? Her special is what I'm most conflicted on. Should I go with a 2-charge or 3-charge? A 2-charge would synergize well with Flashing Blade and Desperation, but a 3-charge would activate on her doubling hit from a normal round and pretty much guarantee a kill.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    New banner time. I'll be happy with any of the focus units, so let's go! 3* Raigh: Darn. 4* Hawkeye: Wrong FE7 axe user. He can't even give Death Blow 3... 4* Mae: Already have you at 5*. Guess you're Draw Back fodder. 3* Subaki: Meh. 4* Est: No thanks. Let's go again. I like these characters and they're very powerful, so I can ignore the obvious powercreep for now. 3* Olivia: Maybe Hone Atk 3 fodder. 3* Lon'qu: I've been short of Vantage fodder. 5* Mia: Boom! There we go! She's honestly the character I wanted least from this banner since I have a glut of swords, not to mention I can't stand her voice, but her IVs are freaking outstanding, so that doesn't matter. +Spd/-Def makes her a little bit too vulnerable to lances for my liking, but that 43 Speed is absolutely godly. I can already see her being a monster with Desperation and Moonbow. The other 2 orbs were grey, so no point there. 28 orbs for a fantastic unit, even if Mia is a swordie, is well worth it in my book, especially after the Geneaology and TT banners were miserable failures. Not to mention Lute and Dorcas don't seem all that good stat-wise, even if their skills are great.
  8. *sees Naga on legendary weapon upgrade list* YES! All will bow before Julia, chosen daughter of Naga! It'll be a shame to lose the +2 Def/Res when attacked, but nullifying all enemy bonuses? She's going to be unstoppable. I'm liking the look of the weapon upgrade system, although gathering those resources is going to be a pain. New story content and that 8% banner also look fantastic.
  9. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    This is an interesting banner to be sure. Three characters that really don't go together, all coming with a series of extremely powerful skills. I'm torn. On one hand, they're really good units and I like them as characters. On the other hand, I'm kind of pissed that IS made minor characters CYL and I also really want to save for that 8% super banner coming up in two weeks. I'll probably pull until I get one of them, then stop and resume saving orbs.
  10. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Here's Best Daughter in CYL form.
  11. Bound Hero Battle: The Reunion (Lilina + Cecilia)

    Managed to beat Infernal after half a dozen experimental runs. Had to upgrade the Distant Def seal to level 2 and give Ike Draconic Aura, but doing it without Reinhardt or a dancer is satisfying. Ike: (Ragnell, Reposition, Draconic Aura) + (Heavy Blade 3, Vantage 3, Hone Spd 3) + Distant Defense 2 Julia (as always): (Naga, Swap, Glacies) + (Fury 3, Quick Riposte 2, Breath of Life 3) + Atk+2 B!Lucina+2: (Geirskogul, Reposition, Bonfire) + (Sturdy Blow 2, Vantage 3, Drive Spd 2) + Squad Ace 1 Eirika+2: (Sieglinde, Rally Def/Res, Luna) + (Fury 3, Renewal 3, Hone Spd 3) + Fortify Res 1 On Turn 2 B!Lucina Repositions Julia into range to ORKO the cavalier, followed by a Rallied Ike moving to bait Lilina and Cecilia. They suicide against him, with Cecilia falling to a Vantage Draconic Aura. Julia also gets taken down to 1 HP by the red mage. On Turn 3 Julia destroys the red mage with Glacies. B!Lucina blocks the right-side hole in the wall and tanks the peg knight on EP. On Turn 4 everyone pulls back to avoid the archer. The peg knight suicides on EP, Vantage leaving B!Lucina with a charged Bonfire. On Turn 5 B!Lucina wrecks the archer with Bonfire for the win.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Another Death Blow banner? Haven't we just had one of these? I already have Klein and Elincia with good IVs, so I'll try for a blue free pull. 4* Est: No thanks, RNG. There were three red orbs, any of which could have been Elincia, but saving for future banners is more important than making my current Elincia +1.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, the TT's almost over, still don't have Ayra. Let's see if a few YOLO pulls get me anything. 4* Selena: More Reposition fodder is always handy. 4* Palla: As are Moonbow and Goad Fliers. That's not promising...One last time...Three red orbs. Good. 4* Eliwood: No thanks. 3* Laslow: Crap... 3* Laslow: FFS, this is ridiculous. Another banner I have to leave with a pity rate. 61 orbs down the drain, 14 red units pulled for nothing.
  14. For the Arabian setting you could expand it to Mesopotamia and the Holy Land, allowing for plenty of cities, non-desert terrain (i.e. rivers, mountains, barren plains), and the room to have multiple cultures. My personal favorite would be something along the lines of Republican Rome or Greece in the time of city-states. That would give room for actual moral ambiguity and greater focus on international relations. The geography would also allow for more moving via water, giving an easy out for branching paths. Imagine mounting an island-hopping campaign through the Aegean.