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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Unfortunately the Festival banner still isn't cooperating, so our new Brave Heroes will have to wait until that's done with. But first, the BHB banner. Hoping for Micaiah. 4* Sothe: So close, yet so far... Now back to the festival. 48 orbs for now. 4* Cherche: Feathers. 4* Sakura: More feathers. 4* Rebecca: Meh. 4* Clarine: Worthless. 3* Mamui: SP fodder. Come on, Feh. 28 orbs left. 3* Hawkeye: Bleh. 3* Merric: SP fodder. 4* Oscar: Lancebreaker fodder. 3* Felicia: Meh. 3* Wrys: Worthless. 4.75% pity rate on a banner I don't even care that much about. Unbelievable...
  2. Official Pull Topic

    35 orbs on hand, so might as well shoot for Elincia a few more times. 4* Lon'qu: Or not...Damn green orbs won't show up. This is getting ridiculous. 30 orbs left. 3* Fae: Draw Back fodder. Every time there's never more than 1 green...25 orbs left. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder! That was useful for once. Nephenee's been waiting for a while. 20 orbs left. 4* Merric: Screw it, at this point I'll take anyone. Rest of the set... 3* Henry: Feathers. 4* A!Tiki: Meh. 4* Nowi: Another useless dragon... 4* Nanna: Meh. Might as well feed you to your mother for Heavenly Light. This banner clearly doesn't like me. At least I still have tons of time and orbs before it's over.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Two new banners today? Might as well start with the daily. I've already got Minerva and Eldigan, so Jaffar it is. 4* Lachesis: Guess she was looking for her brother. And now for the Draconic Aura banner. Don't care about Kana, so red then. 4* Lon'qu: Bleh. I really haven't been lucky with the 5*s lately. Well, 24 orbs on hand, so another shot at Elincia. 3* Camilla: Worthless. What's with the lack of greens? That was the only one in 3 sets. Up to a 4% rate now on the Festival banner.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Cutting it close on today's daily banner. Hoping for Ephraim again. 4* Cain: Or I can just get no blues... And another shot at Summer!Elincia. Only 20 orbs this time. 4* Caeda: And no greens... That went terribly. Maybe I'll grind the TT "tomorrow".
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Ooh, a chance for a second free Nephenee or Sonya+3. 4* Cordelia: mampfoid, I found your Cordelia. Shame I can't trade her over. And back to the Festival banner for a quick pull. 26 orbs thanks to the TT. 4* Titania: Meh. I'm finally up to a 3.75% pity rate. 21 orbs left. 3* Raven: Worthless. Welp, two more failed attempts at Elincia.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Ooh, a chance for double Elincia. DB banner first since I already have her regular version with +Atk. 4* Subaki: Not a single red. Anyway, Swap fodder is useful. And back to the seasonal. Thanks to Corrin and Azura's BHB I've got 29 orbs on hand. 4* Frederick: Luna fodder. 4* Arthur: More Swap fodder. 3* Titania: Feathers. Since I've gotten so much of the set, might as well take the other two. Anyone from this banner would really be fine. 3* Stahl: Even more Swap fodder. 3* Oboro: Garbage. Figures. Well, 7 orbs wasted right there.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Already have Minerva, just promoted a Caeda, so Hinoka it is. 4* Femui: Meh. And back to the Festival banner. 26 orbs. 4* Athena: Feathers. Still no green orbs...21 orbs left. 3* Gunter: Worthless. Can't even get good skill fodder. A couple of Barsts or Selenas for Reposition would have been great.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Aiming for Shanna on the daily banner since Wynaut. 4* Hinata: Of course there aren't any blues or greys. Still, Fury fodder is useful. And with 26 orbs thanks to Tap Battle, another dive for Elincia. 4* Libra: Again? I'm looking for a woman, Libra. Are you sure you haven't gotten yourself confused now? 21 orbs left. 3* Lon'qu: Feathers. Naturally the set with no green focus unit gets 3 green orbs, while the 2 sets that do have one get a single green orb between them.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    First, the DB banner. Aiming for another Klein. 4* Azama: No thanks. And now to look for Elincia. I'll take the whole first set just in case of a luck 5*, then snipe greens with red as a fallback. Starting with 41 orbs. 3* Draug: Garbage. 4* Lukas: Meh. 3* Peri: Feathers. 4* Azama: Really? 4* Clarine: Meh. That was extremely disappointing. 26 orbs left. 4* Libra: Hello hello. A new unit's always nice to have, and especially when they're an axe infantry. Of course Libra was the only green. 21 orbs left. 3* Gunter: Worthless. Ugh. At least there's tons more orbs on the way and I got Libra right off the bat.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Once again, Ephraim taunts me with his smug face. I already have his legendary version, let's see if I can get his normal version. 3* Peri: Couldn't you at least have been 5*? Oh well. Unfortunately I only have 19 orbs ATM, but I really want to get Yukata!Elincia.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Already have a +1 Nino, so might as well try for +1 Tharja. 3* Hana: Feathers.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    For LoD, I already have Minerva, so might as well aim for Jaffar. 4* Lissa: Bleh. And for Fighter skills let's see if Hardin'll show up. 4* Oboro: Nope. Guess I burned through my luck getting L!Lucina when I did.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Only 27 orbs and 11 minutes left...At the least I don't want to end with a pity rate. 3* Effie: Worthless. 4* Gunter: Bleh. 4* Gaius: Garbage. 4* Kagerou: No. 3* Eliwood: Trash. Figures...One last unit, then. 5* L!Lucina: Praise Feh, the RNG, Anna, Naga, and every other FE-deity there is! The very last unit on this banner, after so many terrible 3* blues, was the girl I've been looking for the whole time! Her IVs are bad, +Res/-Atk, but whatever. Regular and Brave Lucina have skills to fix that. Now I have all four version of Lucina in game, and I am happy. Just slightly annoyed I have to leave the rest of the set.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Here's hoping for Leo. 4* Gaius: Or not... And with only 25 orbs left, a few final shots at Lucina. 4* Gordin: Nope. And since there were no blues in that whole set, dropping out early. 4* L'Arachel: Meh. 4* Effie: Throw me a bone here, Feh... Alright, going to grind whatever quests I can and wait for Arena orbs before trying one last time.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Well, this is an uninteresting banner. Might as well try for an Eldigan merge. 3* Raigh: Feathers. EDIT: And now it's time for the next banner. Aiming for Sanaki because Wynaut. 4* Hana: More feathers. Quests have brought me back up to 21 orbs, so another set on the legendary banner it is. 3* Donnel: Garbage. 4* Setsuna: Meh. 4* Merric: Eh. Starting to get kind of frustrated here.