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  1. Got Genny and some good SI fodder for 32 orbs. Statwise she's not really much different from her original form (who I have at +2), but her horse and superior skills make her a really nice addition to the team. The Paralogue itself also tickled me a bit with Sharena's Dictatorship of Happiness (it'll make sense when you see it) and Lukas's reaction to Felicia's cooking.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, time for a picnic. Going to take everything except blues, since Lukas is depressingly mediocre. Starting with 189 orbs. 4* Priscilla: Not the right cavalry healer. 3* Ogma: Bleh. 3* Ares: Good SI fodder. 3* Palla: More good SI fodder. Not unexpected. At least some of the units are good for SI. 177 orbs left. 4* Nanna: Another cavalry healer, more good SI fodder. 5* Picnic!Genny: And there's the right cavalry healer! +Res/-HP, so decent asset and flaw. Now for the rest of the set. 4* Raigh: Meh. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. 4* Silas: Reposition fodder. That went very well. 32 orbs for Genny and quite a bit of good SI fodder. Depending on what the banners over the next few weeks are like I may come back for Flora and Felicia.
  3. Right there with you two. Seriously IS, you show us the deer and don't do anything with it? All in all, I'm actually really surprised how much I like this banner. Aside from the usual Seasonal armor-bloat and Flora being a red dagger again, I'm ranging from neutral to very happy about everything. I love the artwork, especially since it's casual outdoors wear instead of silly costumes. The character choice is nice; it's a bit Fates-heavy, but the twins haven't gotten any attention yet and I like them anyway. Genny and Lukas are good to see even if I didn't buy Echoes since that game has been severely lacking in special characters. There are two random things that are kind of bugging me: Anyone else find it weird just how huge those marshmallows that Genny's holding are? I can't help but think that the squirrel in Felicia's art is Lilith in disguise. Anyway, breaking from my usual seasonal policy I think I'll pull until I get someone who isn't Lukas. Sorry sir, but you're definitely the dud unit on this banner.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Nobody on this New Power banner is particularly interesting, so might as well just go for red since I already have a 5* Cain who could use an easy merge. 4* A!Tiki: Nothing special.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, picked up the 4 tickets. Let's see if these free pulls will give me anything worthwhile. 4* Hawkeye: Meh. 4* Camilla: More meh. 3* Nino: Bleh. 3* Tharja: Worthless. So much for that. Not that I was very interested in this banner, but I would have appreciated at least one decently interesting unit.
  6. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Just going to echo everyone else in saying that this was stupendously easy. First-try clear using my usual Julia-B!Lucina-L!Ike trio, with L!Lucina as the spare of the week. Julia ate most of the enemies, and Ike blocked Haar so easily. Why they didn't give him an actual damaging special I don't understand.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, new beast units! Don't know when I'm going to be able to do Forging Bonds, so just the free pull for now. Aiming for Ranulf. 3* Boey: Bleh. Well, I'm not very interested in this banner, but we'll see what happens with the tickets. Good luck to those who plan to spend orbs here.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Odd Wave skills this time. Going to try to get Ishtar a merge. 4* Tailtiu: Close, but not quite right. Might as well try the other blue orb. 3* L'Arachel: Demotion. So much for that.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I changed my mind about coming back to this banner. I just beat Yune's battles, so maybe I'll be lucky. 77 orbs to start. 3* Camilla: Not what I wanted. 3* Barst: Reposition fodder. 4* Legault: Meh. Finally some more Reposition. 64 orbs left. 3* Leon: Feathers. 3* Sakura: More feathers. 4* Felicia: Been a while since I've seen you. Still a bunch of garbage. 51 orbs left. 3* Nino: Bleh. 5* Yune: Yessss. Okay, I forgive this banner for its past transgressions. She's +Atk/-Res, so a good asset and bad flaw, although I'm not short of Res-boosting seals to mend the latter. Now for the rest of the set. 4* Azama: Feathers again. 4* Lachesis: Bleh. 3* Jagen: Worthless. Cost me 46 more orbs to get Yune and one Reposition fodder. Not bad, but I've spent much more here than I intended. Well, I've got the star of the banner so there's nothing left to really tempt me.
  10. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    Eugh, I feel dirty. To beat Infernal I had to completely drop my usual trio and take B!Roy of all people. I didn't even really expect him to work, but I decided to see if adding someone with Galeforce might help keep my units from getting bogged down. Just like with Hrid the damn Gravity troubadour kept making things extra complicated and with everyone rushing at you on turn 2 I couldn't spare anyone to kill her otherwise. That starting axe armor also made things tricky since I hate applying SI specifically for these battles and consequently didn't have a red mage able to get past Wary Fighter. He ended up being the very last unit I took out after doing some luring with the thief. +HP B!Roy+1: Swap, Hone Cavalry, Brash Assault 3 seal (he ended the battle on 1 HP, so his asset saved me here) +HP L!Lucina+2: Luna, Spd/Def 2 seal (Future Vision + WoM = OP) +Spd Lewyn+2: Draw Back, Atk+1 seal (Forseti is just too good) Marth!Lucina+8: Reposition, Luna, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Spd 3, HP/Spd 2 seal, Wind Blessing (all of those merges certainly made themselves useful here).
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Another month, another Mythic banner. Not going to go all out this time, but I still plan to spend. 190 orbs to start. 4* Sheena: Meh. 3* Hana: Feathers. I have no interest in the three blues, so on to the next set. Greens and greys now. 186 orbs left. 4* Raven: Eh. 4* Titania: Still eh. 3* Saizo: And he makes his infuriating return... Not a hope-inducing start. 173 orbs left. 4* Kaze: Iceberg fodder. 3* Serra: Feathers. Still nothing. 164 orbs left. 4* Sakura: More feathers. Of course when I want greens and greys they're nowhere to be found. 159 orbs left. 5* Lewyn: Another merge for this insanely good mage. 3* Bartre: Wrong banner, sir. 4* Saizo: Grrr... 4* Rebecca: Haven't seen you in a while. 4* Morgan: Another merge for my boy when I gather more feathers. That was disappointing. Going to try for one more 5* before I call it quits. 139 orbs left. 3* Lachesis: Even more feathers. 4* Wrys: Useful SI fodder. Let's keep going. 130 orbs left. 4* Cherche: Pivot fodder. 4* Virion: How fitting. Those funny coincidences. 121 orbs left. 4* Camilla: Meh. 3* Raven: Worthless. 3* Rebecca: Also worthless. I'm starting to think these extra pulls were a mistake. 108 orbs left. 4* Fae: Similar looks, but not at all similar units. 3* Wrys: No. 3* Azama: Also no. 4* Sothe: Someone might use L&D. 5* Eir: And now she's +2 as well. Two merges for units that honestly didn't need them. I still want one really good 5*. 88 orbs left. 4* Boey: Meh. 4* Jeorge: More meh. 5* Eir: Again? Well, +3 is certainly awesome. 4* Kaze: Meh. 4* Florina: Garbage. Alright, that's enough of that. 122 orbs spent for 3 merges and very little decent SI fodder. Not coming back here again.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Well, this is an interesting Voting Gauntlet. For the banner, I've already got Hardin+1, so might as well try for green. 4* Fae: Meh. Renewal fodder.
  13. Alright, another Tellius unit. Not particularly surprised at Yune (although IS making her flying is interesting), but I am curious what future Mythics that aren't related to the current ones will be like. As for the units... Red: No great interest. I've got both Ryoma and H!Myrrh, although they could use a merge, and B!Celica is cool but I've got enough sword infantry. Blue: No great interest. I've got L!Lucina+2, and I don't care for either Ophelia or L!Azura. Green: I'm tentative. I really want Yune, but I don't need another Lewyn merge and I don't like Kagerou. Probably going to pull here. Grey: Definitely pulling here. B!Lyn and H!Mia need a merge, and since I use Eir very extensively she needs as many merges as I can give her. I'm kind of interested in this banner. Definitely not going to spend to exhaustion, but I've got 183 orbs right now plus whatever we get from the log-in bonuses and the Voting Gauntlet. I should be able to spare a few score orbs.
  14. What would your dream banner be?

    First, a banner of units already in the game. Julia: Got to get her to +10 somehow. F!Morgan: Best daughter deserves more merges. Lucina: She's been a stalwart member of the team since the very beginning, she needs at least one merge. Second, a banner of characters I want in the game. Rath Farina Norne Miledy
  15. Bound Hero Battle: Batre and Fir

    Simple enough with my usual trio of Julia, L!Lucina, and B!Ike. This time I picked Fir as the spare of the week. She was one of the first units I really relied on, so how better to thank her for her service than having her beat up her father and herself. Trying to maneuver her for both kills made this slightly harder than it had to be, but it was still easy.