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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Hm, who to aim for as my free pull? Probably either Raven or Felicia, since I'm lacking daggers and melee greens. 4* Beruka: Useless. So much for that. I kind of want to keep at this banner, but I want to save for the future more.
  2. I first found FE by watching a friend play (badly) through Blazing Blade. In fourth grade, having just got a GBA SP, I was at the mall with my parents for something or another when I saw Sacred Stones in a bargain bin (~$10). Being an idiot I saw "Fire Emblem" and assumed it was the same game my friend had. Convincing my parents to buy it was easy thanks to the price, and when I got home I started it up only to be very confused when I saw Eirika and Seth instead of Lyn and Kent like I was expecting. Still have the cartridge sitting around at home. Later on, having become more familiar with FE via the Internet, I got Radiant Dawn and spent quite a while playing it. Unfortunately I have no idea where the disc is anymore. After I got bored of RD I played Blazing Blade via emulator for a while before drifting away from the series. I got back into it via Awakening in my freshman year of college. Fates-wise I bought Conquest for 2016 spring break, with Birthright and Revelations following later that year. Binding Blade and Shadow Dragon got emulated around the same time. Didn't bother with Echoes, and now I'm waiting for FE:Switch, although given my schedule actually buying it on release would be a bad idea.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull from the BHB banner, go! 4* Marth: SP fodder. Don't care about Azura and I already have Mamui+1, so back to Love Abounds. 4* Oboro: Worthless. 4* Stahl: Meh. 3* Est: Also worthless. 4* Catria: I've pulled you at least 8 times by now. 5* V!Hector: Excellent! I was really hoping for Lyn, but he'll do very nicely. IVs are +Atk/-HP, so he's an absolute killing machine. Now to pair him up with my +Atk Zelgius... I've got two of the focus units. I don't care about V!Roy and I want to save orbs for the future, so it seems like V!Lyn will have to wait.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, I never pull unless I've got 20 orbs. You never know what you might get. Of course the way things have been going recently for me "what" usually means nothing...Anyway, the beginning of the Tempest Trials has been bountiful as usual, so I've got 21 orbs. I picked up V!Lilina on a 3.5% pity rate, exactly what I have now. Let's see what lies in store. 4* M!Robin: Amelia does need Bonfire... 3* Nino: No thanks. 4* Lilina: Meh. She's +Atk/-HP, but I've already got a 5* copy. 3* Cherche: Worthless. 3* Henry: Also worthless. I guess I need to put more damn orbs into this banner. The game won't even give me useful SI fodder anymore.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got V!Lilina, but I think I'll try my luck at Love Abounds again. 4* Jakob: Meh. 4* Mathilda: More Hone Atk 3 fodder. 4* Felicia: Meh. IVs are +HP/-Res, so not really worth training. 4* Saizo: Useless. 4* Fir: Too many of you already. Bleh. So many chances for a 5*, nothing. Well, I've got 20 more orbs. Again. 3* Bartre: At least Barth has Reposition... 4* Jagen: No need. 4* Mae: SP fodder. 3* Shanna: More Desperation fodder. 4* Catria: Way too many of you. That sucked. Well, more orbs are coming.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull for the TT banner. Time to see if Ninian will finally show up. 3* Serra: And of course there's no blue orb... Whatever. I avoid dancers as much as possible, so this isn't a great loss. Still annoying though.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Since we've been gifted the opportunity for a ton of orbs, I've got 21 again. Here we go. 4* Seliph: Meh. 4* Athena: Nice, but unneeded. 3* Felicia: Bleh. 4* Nowi: Already have a 5* copy. 5* V!Lilina: Yes! Finally some luck after a string of disasters. She was the unit I wanted most from this banner too. +Atk/-Def, so she's got great IVs as the cherry on the sundae. That went well. I'm debating whether to keep pulling at this banner. I kind of want V!Roy to pair with V!Lilina, but his Speed is just too damn awful. V!Lyn and V!Hector would be very handy for the various armor quests, but I really don't like armors.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Goddamn Hero Fest ate 75 of my orbs for nothing. Here's hoping the Valentines banner will be kinder. 4* Roderick: Meh. 3* Gaius: Worthless. 4* Odin: Bleh. Moonbow's not much use anymore. 4* Cordelia: Shame Galeforce isn't available at 4*. 4* Olivia: Eh. Well, couldn't really expect much better from the first pull. 4* Catria: I've got enough Luna fodder. 3* Gordin: Useless. 3* Nino: Also useless. 4* Sakura: Haven't seen you in a while. 4* A!Tiki: Enough is enough. If this turns into another debacle...
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I've got just enough orbs to make one more pull from the Hero Fest. Time to pray to Feh and the RNG. 3* Est: Worthless. 4* Marth: I do need SP for my 5* Marth... 3* Cecilia: Escape Route 3 fodder if ever needed. 3* Wendy: Useless. 3* Draug: Even more useless. Unbelievable. 4 full pulls from this banner, nothing more than SI fodder and garbage. Not even a 4* worth training. Depending on my mood I might scrape together a few more orbs from quests to do desperation pulls later, but I doubt it.
  10. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Well, this banner is surprisingly tasteful. Roy, Lilina, and Hector look great. Eliwood looks decent (but still leagues better than his original "art"). Lyn, though...Something about her eyes bugs me. Unit-wise I'm not thrilled by Roy or Lilina, while Lyn and Hector look awesome. Shame I don't use armors. I'm conflicted. I blew way too many orbs on Sacred Memories and Legendary Ike's banner, but this is the first seasonal I'm actually excited about.
  11. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    That Felicia clear is absolutely bonkers. Loved the sound effects too. As for me, I finally managed Infernal after maybe 10 tries. Absolutely brutal thanks to all of the fliers and the terrain messing up my usual infantry-Reposition shenanigans. Michalis+2: Hauteclere w. special upgrade, Reposition, Bonfire; Iote's Shield, Lancebreaker 3, Goad Fliers; Close Def 3 seal +Atk/-HP Elincia: Amiti, Reposition, Draconic Aura; Death Blow 3, Flier Formation 3, Goad Fliers; Atk+3 seal +HP/-Def B!Lyn: Mulagir, Swap, Draconic Aura; Swift Sparrow 3, Sacae's Blessing, Atk Smoke 3; Distant Def 2 seal B!Lucina+2: Geirskogul, Reposition, Aether; Sturdy Blow 3, Vantage 3, Drive Spd 2; Hone Spd 3 seal Unfortunately I had to sacrifice my traditions of always using Julia and not using Brave Lyn, but at least I didn't need any dancers. Elincia really saved my bacon here. Quad-strikes with 64 base Attack? Yes please.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got everyone on this new banner, so I'll shoot for Tana on the free pull to get one with better IVs. 5* Cain: Or not...Thanks, 4 colorless orbs. He's not Elincia, never mind Tana, but I'm not going to complain about a free 5*. That went very well. I can't say I have a niche for Cain what with Xander and B!Roy, but whatever, a 5* is a 5*.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Time for another try at the Hero Fest. 4* Lachesis: Meh. 4* Niles: More Iceberg fodder. 4* Oboro: No thanks. 3* Donnel: Worthless. 4* Mamui: Bleh. Come on, FEH, what did I do to upset you? Hopefully I can scrape up enough for one more try here.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Beat the developer maps for more orbs. Time for another Hero Fest attempt. 4* Nino: Eh. Maybe I'll promote you for the merge. 4* Lukas: Wrong Soldier. 4* Serra: Useless. 3* Bartre: Also useless. 4* Azama: Also useless unless I want to do some stupid Pain+ novelty build. I've been having a bad run of luck lately. 199 orbs on Sacred Memories for 3 good/okay 5*, 115 orbs on the Legendary Banner for 1 pretty crap 5*, and the Hero Fest is shaping up to be just as wasteful.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Scraped together 21 orbs. 10.5% pity rate on the Legendary banner, here goes nothing. 3* Henry: I'm getting really tired of this guy's stupid face. 4* Sully: Ugh. 5* Fjorm: Finally! She's +Spd/-Atk, which I'm very unsure about compared to neutral. Any thoughts, guys and gals of Serenes? 4* Lukas: Bleh. Not even good skill fodder. 4* Bartre: Seriously? That was ridiculous. 115 orbs, only one 5*, no useful 4* training targets, and a dearth of good SI fodder.