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  1. Free pull from Ninian+Hawkeye banner was a 3* Draug. Other orbs were 1 red and 3 grey, so I'm not going to bother. Still no Ninian...
  2. Tempest Trials banner is up. Let's see what it has to offer. 4* Hawkeye: Couldn't you at least have DB3? 4* Barst: Can always use more Reposition fodder. 3* Lissa: Rehabilitate fodder. 4* Subaki: QR2 fodder. 4* Lukas: New unit! +Def/-Atk, so he'd be an insane blue tank with Fortress Def 3. Of course he's horrendously slow, so I doubt I'm going to use him. Plenty of fodder and a new unit, but not really worth it.
  3. Anna (promoted) Alfonse (promoted) Sharena (promoted) Lucina Merric Femui+1 (both promoted) Lyn Julia Mamui Eirika+2 (2 natural 5*, one promoted) Hawkeye Michalis (promoted) Lilina Xander+1 (both promoted) Chrom Linde Camus (promoted) Masked Marth+3 (2 TT, 2 promoted) Summer Gaius+1 Alm Tobin (TT) Sanaki Roderick Gray Reinhardt (promoted) Leon Summer Xander Cecilia Sonya Maria Roy Tana Titania+1 Clive (TT) Ike Valter (promoted) Nowi Celica Tharja Brave Lyn Brave Lucina+2 (one free, two pulled) Genny Mae Oscar Elincia Klein Young Tiki 58 5* units, all while remaining FTP. All still present at least through merges, none sacrificed for skills/weapons. 20 swords, 6 axes, 10 lances, 4 dragonstones (3 blue, 1 red), 5 bows, 4 red tomes, 4 green tomes, 3 blue tomes, 2 staves 39 pulled, 14 promoted, 4 from TT, one free from CYL
  4. Ooh, Death Blow heroes. Let's see what luck has in store for me. 4* Wendy: Wrong armor. 3* Niles: Meh. 5* Klein: Very nice. +Res/-HP, so his Glacies will be a bit better than normal. 5* Y!Tiki: Well, this is a pleasant surprise (especially dat British accent :3). +Spd/-Res, which means she'll do much better as a general-purpose frontliner. 4* Caeda: Another new unit, even though I still haven't gotten Marth yet. She's +Atk/-Res, which would be good if I didn't have a +Atk Elincia. Shame about that. So two 5* units with decent IVs plus another new 4*. All in all, definitely worth 15 orbs.
  5. It's time to go! I've got 63 orbs saved up, with more coming from the new maps and daily bonuses. 4* Shanna: Desperation'll be useful for Elincia. 4* Shanna: Um...okay? The other 3 orbs are grey, so I'm going to break my usual habit and snipe blues and reds. 4* Athena: The first time I pulled you, your IVs were crap. Now you're +Atk/-Res, which is damn good. Keeper. 4* Reinhardt: Meh, already have you at 5*. 4* Donnel: Useless. 5* Oscar: Hello there! You're the unit I don't really care about from this banner, but another 5* is fine any day. +HP/-Def, so meh IVs. Well, there's one of them. Let's keep going. 4* Seth: Hey, new unit! +Hp/-Spd, which is pretty mediocre. 3* Eliwood: Bleh. 3* Raigh: Ugh, this is annoying. 29 orbs left. Let's continue on. 4* Roy: More TA3 fodder. 4* Chrom: Meh. 3* Sully: I have Abel for SI. Pass. 16 orbs left, 4 more scraped up. One more time. 3* Raigh: No, stop! 4* Eirika: Hey, nice. 3* Sophia: No thanks. 5* Elincia: Hallelujah! The rightful queen of Crimea has arrived! She's +Atk/-Hp, so her IVs are great as well. 3* Femui: Not Nephenee, but I can always use more Draconic Aura. And that concludes my adventures here for now. Got some useful SI fodder, a nice Athena, Oscar with okay IVs, and Elincia with great ones for 67 orbs. I'm satisfied.
  6. I highly doubt it, but IS might have a second 3-character banner prepared for simultaneous release like with Alm and Celica's Armies. Or would have the video for that been released along with this one? I don't remember what they did with the Armies.
  7. Yes! Elincia has arrived, and with Amiti to boot. If her Attack is even half-decent she's going to be a monster on the offensive. I'm not a fan of her art (I prefer her RD design), and her voice just sounds too...subdued, I suppose. A little higher pitch and especially more energy put into the lines would make her near perfect IMO. Definitely going to work towards getting her. Nephenee looks like an absolute terror of a unit. 1-charge Moonbow combined with Wrath means she can easily proc it twice in one battle. Combine with Vantage 3 and she'd be a pain to kill without ranged units (Julia waves hello). Her voice isn't as rural as I thought it'd be, not that I really know what a rural accent sounds like. Oscar looks soundly mediocre. He's probably going to be cav-Subaki, right down to being good for SI.
  8. Cleared Infernal on my second try. 5* Julia: S-rank summoner support; Fury 3, QR2, Swap, Glacies inherited; +1 Atk Seal 5* Sanaki: Swordbreaker 3, Draw Back, Iceberg inherited; +1 Res Seal 5* Brave Lucina: Vantage 3, Reposition inherited; Squad Ace A 1 Seal 3* Olivia: Nothing inherited Strategy: PP 1: Chip the bottom axeman with Sanaki, then dance and Draw Back. Julia sits one space above the intersection. EP 1: The enemies move in. The red mage takes the top route to get at Julia. PP 2: Finish the bottom axeman with Sanaki. B!Lucina waits right below her. Through Dance and Swap Julia keeps her place while Olivia waits right above her. EP 2: Robin commits Iceberg-suicide against Sanaki. The red mage attacks Julia, while the remaining axeman moves into range of her and Sanaki. PP 3: Destroy the axeman with Sanaki and Julia. The latter gets danced and uses Glacies to nuke the red mage. B!Lucina moves into the intersection. EP 3: The blue mage attacks Julia, the lancer attacks B!Lucina. PP 4: Cleanup.
  9. Sucks to be you, Yugi. Reinhardt does not concern me any longer*. *Has Julia, uses her to do basically everything under the sun
  10. My impulse control for this game has been shot to shit. I used to be able to stock up over a hundred orbs, but now I have trouble saving over 30. Anyway, I've already gotten plenty from Brave Heroes, but the odds of me ever getting one of them again outside of this banner are too low. Let's go! 4* Boey: Earth Boost fodder. 3* A!Tiki: Eh. 3* Felicia: Bleh. 4* Jagen: I might have need of your Fortify Cavalry. 5* Brave Lucina: ......I have no idea what to say. I really did not expect to actually get one of the focus units. +HP/-Atk, so she's getting merged into my free one like the other one I pulled. Now I'm kind of regretting that I picked Lucina as my free Brave Hero. Sure, my first +2 merge is nice, but I could have had Brave Ike. Well, both of the ones I pulled had crap IVs, so I suppose it's alright. I've gotten 3 focus 5* and one off-focus 5* from this banner for only 95 orbs, so I should definitely sit down and stop complaining.
  11. Got some more orbs from the Tempest Trials, so let's go back to its banner. Ooh, 4 blue orbs. And one grey, but... 5* Mae: Nice! Another blue mage to join Linde. She's not Ninian, but with +Def/-Res as IVs she's certainly worth using. 3* Subaki: At least he's good fodder. 4* Abel: Yay, more Swordbreaker 3. 4* Wendy: Screw you, RNG. 3* Saizo: Go away, damnit! So once again I get 4 blue orbs, once again I have no Ninian. Mae is nice, but after the number of orbs I've spent here I was really hoping for Eliwood's waifu.
  12. The temptation of the Mini Tempest banner is too strong. Let's get dangerous. 4* Est: Bleh. She is +Atk/-Res, so she could be really nasty if I promoted her to 5*, but then I have Tana, so... 3* Corrin: Yay, Hone Atk 3 or Draconic Aura. 3* Donnel: Meh. 3* Florina: An FE7 character, but not one I want. 3* Hinata: I've been getting a lot of you recently... That was not worth it. Two good SI fodder units, but with four blues I was really hoping for Ninian.
  13. Might as well make my free pull from Ephraim and Eirika's banner. 3* Wendy: Ugh. Might as well get the one red orb. 3* Hinata: Yay, Fury fodder. Meh. More Fury is nice, but that blue orb really could have been better.
  14. Huh, I really like FE7, so let's do a pull. 3 grey orbs...Damnit. 3* Robin: Again?! 4* Cecilia: Meh. Well, that was useless. Let's try again. 4* Hinata: More Fury fodder. 4* Effie: Eh, already have 2 of you. 4* Est: Haven't seen you in a while. Pass. 3* Cherche: Bleh. 3* Frederick: Luna fodder if I care to use the feathers. That was a waste except for the skill fodder. Maybe I'll pull more later.
  15. Since I'm low on orbs, I'm not going to bother with a full pull here. 3* Subaki: Yay, QR2 fodder. 3* Robin: Ignis fodder. No Ephraim...