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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I'm not a fan of Siegbert or Reinhardt, so blue it is. 3* Fir: Of course there's no blues and only one red. SP fodder then.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Aiming for Tana this time. Morgan and Nino need a red flier companion. 3* Olivia: Guess not. That's it for this banner. I need to save orbs again.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, Tap Battle, Oliver, and a few other quests brought me up to 37 orbs. 4% pity rate, let's see if I can kill you. 3* Rebecca: Wrong FE7 character. 4* Sophia: Meh. 3* Fir: SP fodder. 3* Raigh: Worthless. Why so many 3* units?! I can't even get good fodder. 20 orbs left. 5* Sonya: Hello again! That makes my current copy of you +2, since you're +Def/-Res. Now for the rest. 3* Camilla: Useless. 3* Camilla: Ridiculous... 4* Est: Feathers. 4* Shigure: Shame you're not 5*, but welcome to the team. Unfortunately +Res/-HP is pretty lousy. Well, that could have gone worse. I got a Peg!Nino (with bad IVs), a Sonya for merge fodder, and a 4* Shigure for collection purposes. Not much good skill fodder though.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Back up to 25 orbs, so Scattered Fangs it is. 4% pity rate. 3* Beruka: Useless. 3* Gaius: Even more useless. 3* Chrom: SP fodder. 3* Arthur: Screw this game. That was BS. Down to 8 orbs, so either I grind the TT or throw away an investment I shouldn't have made.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Back up to 26 orbs thanks to the new Garden map, so here we go again on Scattered Fangs. 3* Camilla: Bleh. 4* Camilla: Really? 4* Draug: Worthless. Up to a 4% pity rate now. I shouldn't have come back to this banner.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Scraped together 21 orbs, so here's another shot on Scattered Fangs. 3* Jeorge: Meh. 3* Sheena: Finally! I haven't gotten you since the game first came out. Unfortunately you're +Res/-HP, so meh IVs. 4* Henry: Bleh. 4* Seth: More bleh. 4* Hinata: Fury fodder. That was garbage, but I finally have Sheena. Took long enough.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Time for the free pull from the TT banner. 4* Seth: Worthless. And even though I've only got 34 orbs right now, I feel like pulling again on Scatted Fangs. A -Spd Giga!Nino is just too irritating. 3* Boey: Useless. 4* Rebecca: Wrong FE7 character. 3* Saizo: Hello darkness, my old friend... And with 21 orbs I have just enough left for a full pull. 4* Kaze: Well, first time pulling you. Unfortunately you're +HP/-Spd, so Iceberg fodder it is. 4* Arthur: Meh. 3* Gunter: Meh. 4* Raven: No thanks. 3* Arthur: Really? Well, that was disappointing. Hopefully the Tempest Trial gives me enough orbs to pull another 5*.
  8. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    That was surprisingly easy even on Infernal. Cleared it with Dorcas, B!Lucina, Lucina, and F!Morgan, who made her GHB debut by wrecking the swordsman, mage, and dragoon. Dorcas one-shot the ninja with a special, Lucina ORKOed Linus, and the red manakete got ganged up on.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got Merric and Y!Tiki at +1, so let's see if I can add Linde to that club. 4* Oboro: Nope. There are 3 other blue orbs, so what the heck, why not? 3* Abel: Meh. 3* Femui: Bleh. 5* Linde: I'm giggling right now about my luck...And she's +Def/-Atk, literally exactly the same as my current copy. Goddamnit. Still, for 12 orbs this is amazing. So on the one hand I got a terrible Linde (again), but on the other hand I got Linde (again). Shame I didn't start with her orb. Now back to the FE7 banner with 23 orbs. 5* Giga!Nino: Today is a good day! Unfortunately she's also got terrible IVs: +Res/-Spd. Of course she's obnoxiously fast even then, but that bane sucks. Anyway, she'll do very nicely as a mage flier instead of Spring!Camilla. 4* Boey: Oh well. 3* Caeda: SP fodder. 4* A!Tiki: Meh. 4* Mathilda: I was hoping, but whatever. So another amazing speedy 5* mage, but with another bad boon and terrible bane. Can't beat the RNG every time, I guess. That's enough pulls for a while. I burned way too much luck on the New Power banner.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I'm kind of disappointed Farina and Rath aren't here, but Legault and Karla aren't bad themselves. I'm aiming for one 5*. I've got 65 orbs before quests and such, so that should be achievable. 3* Athena: Meh. 4* Draug: No thanks. 3* Seth: Useless. 3* Mae: Draw Back fodder. 3* Catria: SP fodder. Draw Back fodder is handy. 50 orbs left. 4* Niles: Iceberg fodder. 3* Inigo: Meh. 3* Merric: More SP fodder. 4* Bartre: You're not your wife. 3* Raigh: Useless. What's with all of the 3* units? 30 orbs left. 4* Kagerou: Meh. Don't really need Daggerbreaker. 4* Priscilla: Wrong FE7 character. The other 3 orbs are blue, so I'm going to bail and save 21 orbs for a full pull. 4* Raigh: Useless. 4* Cherche: No thanks. And 3 more blue orbs. Ridiculous. Anyway, time to gather some more orbs.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Well, Julia and Deidre on a banner? shame I spent most of my orbs already. With 57 on hand I need to save for the new FE7 banner. I'll take whatever greens there are. 4* Selena: And of course there are 4 reds and 1 blue. But Reposition fodder is always handy. Not having to spend any orbs isn't so bad either.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Ugh, I've been mostly away from the game for several days. Got 60 orbs stockpiled for the legendary banner. 10.5% pity rate going in. 4* Catria: Meh. 5* Fjorm: Another one! +HP/-Atk, so I guess the original neutral copy is becoming +2. 4* M!Morgan: +HP/-Spd, so you're SP fodder. 4* Sophia: Bleh. 3* Fae: Ugh. That was not worth it at all. 115 orbs for a crappy Fjorm and a +Spd/-Def 4* M!Morgan.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I'm not particularly excited about this banner, but I could use several units here so my goal is one 5*. I've got 113 orbs with plenty more on the way, so that shouldn't be hard. 4* Sakura: Meh. 4* Fae: Not really needed since L'Arachel dropped in rarity. 3* Mathilda: No thanks. 4* Florina: Bleh. 3* Hawkeye: SP fodder for the 5* copy I never use. Well, I still have 98 orbs, so back I go. 4* Saizo: Useless. 3* Niles: Iceberg fodder. 4* Mae: Draw Back fodder. 4* Fir: Meh. 4* M!Morgan: Hello. You're +Spd/-Def, which is better than my current +Def/-Res copy. Maybe I'll promote you later. Good fodder, but not much else. 78 orbs left. 4* Nino: Meh. 4* Seliph: If only you were your father. 4* Merric: Okay. 4* Camilla: Whatever. 3* Henry: Feathers. The last legendary banner gave me 8 5* units for just over 200 orbs, and this one won't give me one for 55. Well, can't win them all. 58 orbs left. 4* Tailtiu: Finally you show up again. Someone could use Drive Speed. 4* Sothe: Meh. I don't use Life and Death, so you're of no use to me. 3* Lachesis: Useless. 4* Rebecca: No thanks. 3* Matthew: Bleh. Come on Feh. You brought my daughter home, but now you're being stingy. 38 orbs left. 3* Florina: Feathers. 3* Ogma: More feathers. 4* Eirika: Okay? 3* Soren: SP fodder. 3* Beruka: Even more feathers. And now I'm down to 18 orbs. I should have just taken the free Sakura and bailed. Unless the next ring gives me at least 2 5* units for my troubles, this won't be worth it. Freaking 10.5% pity rate now.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    My daughter has finally returned on a banner! I've already got an +Atk/-Res Zelgius and a +Atk/-HP Shiro, so more of them would be nice but not necessary. 217 orbs stocked, so let's see if the odds are in my favor today. Massive pull dump incoming.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got Caeda and Cordelia, but the latter has bad IVs, so grey free pull it is. 3* Priscilla: Nope. And the other four orbs were red, so nothing else to do here.