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  1. A majority of my favorites are in, although certainly not most of them. I probably forgot about a few though...
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Yay, last laguz ticket. 4* Roy: Bleh. And now for the sword banner of swordness. If there's no reds I'm going to be pissed. 3* Oscar: I'm pissed. My luck really has been awful lately.
  3. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    That was laughably easy. I would have done it first try if I hadn't forgotten that laguz transform when alone, but I guess I have to settle for second try. Team was the typical Julia+L!Ike+B!Lucina trio, with L!Lucina as the spare of the week. Julia wrecked the blue manakete and lance cavalier, Ike the green flier and sword cavalier, L!Lucina Naesala and the fafnir. B!Lucina sat and buffed as usual.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, 3 tickets for the laguz banner. 3* Lon'qu: Feathers. 4* Hinata: More Fury fodder. 4* Florina: Meh. No surprises there.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Wow, and I thought I just had some bad luck. Well, at least you got something in the end. Anyway, laguz are here at long last! Of course the legendary banner ate 150-ish of my orbs for nothing but Reposition fodder (which I admittedly burn through like candy), but I wasn't very interested in this banner anyway. Let's see if Tibarn shows up on the free pull. 4* Hana: Nope. Oh well. There are apparently tickets for this banner, so maybe I'll spend a few orbs later.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, last gasp on the legendary banner with 25 orbs. 4* Selena: So much Reposition fodder from this banner. 3* Roy: Worthless. 4* Laslow: Of course...Might as well take the other two orbs so I have enough for a final pull. 4* Libra: Meh. 3* Boey: Ugh... 5 orbs left, one more unit... 4* Palla: F**k this game. Knowing my luck the other red orb had Marth in it. An 11.5% pity rate. At least 150 orbs spent for nothing more than some SI fodder.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Well, Arena brought me up to 35 orbs, so here's hoping (again) for Marth or Flora. 3* Clair: SP fodder. Not what I asked for. 30 orbs left. 3* Hinata: More Fury fodder. Okay. 25 orbs left. 4* Henry: Nope. 4* Eliwood: Also nope. What the f**k, Feh? I've still got 7 TT orbs to get, so might finish off those and a few more Chain Challenges to build up for one final attempt.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    More Chain Challenges, 30 orbs...Marth, please just show up. 4* Chrom: Wrong Falchion. 4* Roy: Wrong again. 21 orbs and not much sanity left. 3* A!Tiki: Now is really not the time for the gacha to be giving me 3*s. 4* Draug: This is ridiculous... A 10.5% pity rate and over 100 orbs wasted just sniping reds. Maybe Marth is just doing what L!Lucina did and waiting for the very last moment to show himself...
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Tactic banner time. I've got both L'Arachel and Shiro, so I might as well aim for Siegbert. 4* Olivia: Meh. More Chain Challenges and quests have me at 49 orbs. Marth better show up soon or I'm going to be very upset. 4* Olivia: Again? 4* Seth: Useless. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. Come on, Feh. At this point I'd gladly take Flora if Marth really doesn't want to stop by. 36 orbs left. 3* Gordin: Feathers. 31 orbs left. 3* Tharja: Meh. Figures my luck would go south like this. 26 orbs left. 3* Hinata: Well, Fury fodder at long last is handy. Finally something useful, with a 10% pity rate to boot. 21 orbs left. 4* Gordin: Unbelievable... This banner clearly hates me. I've spent something around 100 orbs to try to get literally any red 5* and the game keeps throwing total crap at me.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Last ticket... 4* Eliwood: Damn. And since I did some Lunatic Chain Challenges for the first time in a while, I've got 43 orbs. Marth? 3* Athena: Is she my new 3* Saizo? Feh, if you're going to keep sending me 3* reds, could they at least be Selenas? 38 orbs left. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. Marginally useful. 33 orbs left. 4* Fir: Bleh. 28 orbs left... *sob* 4* Azama: Feathers. Not even any reds this time. 23 orbs left. 4* Klein: Wrong banner. Okay, clearly this banner doesn't want me to get Marth. Going to keep trying though.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    With a new BHB comes 9 orbs and a new banner. I've got everyone at 5*, so might as well aim for Clarine since she's technically at the top of my roster as my first unit to become 5* (Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna aside). 4* Matthew: Nope. There's 3 other grey orbs, which makes me apprehensive about who could be inside them, but Marth still eludes me. Another New Year's ticket... 4* Sakura: 4 greys and a blue, exactly like last set. The BHB gave me a total of 30 orbs, so more red sniping. 3* Athena: Please go away. 4* Mamui: No... 21 orbs left. 4* Olivia: What do you want from me, Feh?!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Two more New Year's tickets... 3* Athena: Nope. 4* Eliwood: Meh. And with 25 orbs, back to the legendary banner. 4* Lilina: SP fodder. So much for the flood of reds I was getting earlier. 20 orbs left. 3* A!Tiki: Grr... Marth really doesn't want to show up, does he?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, welcome to the New Year, Serenes! My first pull's going to be from the old NY banner. Might as well aim for Takumi to get all of his versions. 4* Cecilia: Or not. 4 blues and 1 green... Now on to the new NY banner. One free pull, one ticket. Probably going to go red. 4* Soleil: Meh. And now for the ticket. 3* Draug: Feathers. Finally, back to the legendary banner. Various quests and such brought me back to 46 orbs and I can't be bothered to grind more right now. Marth? 3* Chrom: SP fodder. 3* Roy: No thanks. 4* Selena: More Reposition fodder? This banner's certainly been generous with them. I think that makes Reposition #5. That's almost making up for the relative dearth of 5*s. 33 orbs left. 4* Henry: Nope. 3* Stahl: Nope. 3* Chrom: Again? Why are there so many red 3*s showing up? The game's giving me tons of red orbs and putting total garbage in them. 20 orbs and a 10.5% pity rate. 5* Eir: Of course the one set with no reds ruins my pity rate...She's +Spd/-Atk, which would normally be meh, but with the upcoming merge update she'll be a fantastic master copy. Now for the rest of the set. 4* Lissa: And here I was hoping for Veronica... 4* Sheena: Meh. 4* Cecilia: More meh. 4* Oboro: Trash. Reposition fodder aside this banner's been pretty lousy so far. Hopefully I can gather enough orbs to find Marth in the end.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, back up to 21 orbs. Time to take a small dip in the legendary banner again. 4* Laslow: Meh. 4* Seliph: Bleh. Then again, you're getting a refine soon. Maybe I'll keep you. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder 4 from this banner. 4* Caeda: Nope. That was immensely disappointing. Selena's nice, but now I'm up to a 10% pity rate. At least this banner's longer than normal.
  15. A refine for Divine Naga and bane removal for merges? Julia just got so much better... *evil laugh* From the notifications I'm really going to enjoy this new update. My insistence on always merging and never using a 5* for SI is going to pay off so much. I've got 158 individual 5*s right now, and 62 of them (39.2%) have at least one merge. Bye bye banes.