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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got SM!Eirika and Myrrh, so even though Ephraim's totally outclassed by Nephenee and his legendary alt, I'm shooting for him. 4* Robin: Nope. I do need Bonfire for H!Dorcas though, so welcome...and goodbye.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Well, beat Infernal first try. The team was the usual 3 regulars of L!Ike, B!Lucina, Julia + Eirika as spare of the week. Julia vaporized Ephraim, Ike wrecked the mage and horse archer, Julia finished off Myrrh after Ike hurt her, Eirika killed the axe cavalier, and Lucina took out the pegasus. All in all, a very simple BHB.
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Haven't updated my list here in a while.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got Tana, but I don't need Lon'qu at all and I'm iffy on Innes, so might as well try for a +1. 3* Felicia: Or not. 4 greys, one green.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Let's go for grey. Neko!sSakura is nice, and Jakob would finally give me a ranged armor. 3* Kaze: Meh.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got everyone on this banner, so I'll go for Mia since I like her the most. 4* Athena: A myrmidon, but not the right one.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, I've got 106 orbs. Let's go for Mia. 4* Lissa: Nope. 4* Matthew: Also nope. No easy 5*, I guess. 102 orbs left. 4* Seliph: And no greys... Let's just hope that's not a pattern. 97 orbs left. 4* Felicia: Wrong maid. 3* Lachesis: Useless. Just gotta keep going. 88 orbs left. 4* Saizo: Nope. There were three red orbs that might have held Myrrh. But I have my priorities. 83 orbs left. 4* Leon: SP fodder. 78 orbs left. 4* Saizo: Again? I really hope recurring Saizos doesn't become a problem for me again. 73 orbs left. 4* Virion: Nope. 5* H!Mia: There she is! Her IVs really could be better, +Res/-Spd, but she's a healer so I'm not all that annoyed. Better on her than a real glass cannon unit. 3* Reinhardt: Meh. 3* Hinata: Finally some more Fury fodder. 5* H!Myrrh: I had a feeling! Her IVs are +Res/-HP, which is kind of on the bad side but not much of a concern at all. An awesome way to end the banner. Both of the units I wanted showed up, plus some sorely-needed Fury fodder. And all for only 53 orbs, exactly half of my stock!
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Another seasonal banner, more armors chock full of insanely good skills. Myrrh looks adorable trying to rawr, Niles looks quite nice but kind of lets me down with that weapon, Kagerou is meh, and Mia is a FLYING HEALER?! I'd have preferred Elincia be the first one, but I like Mia, so she's fine too. I'm really not a fan of armors either, so I can focus on trying to get her. For once I'd like to see a seasonal that doesn't have 3DS characters though. Nothing against them personally, but represent the other games more, IS.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I've already got Sonya+2 and Julia does Deirdre's job, so let's try for Lute. 3* Sully: Draw Back fodder.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: The Goddess and Her Right Hand

    Blew this one up quickly with my 3 regulars plus the spare of the week. L!Ike+1: Reposition, Axebreaker, DD3 seal B!Lucina+2: Reposition, Vantage, Hone Spd 3 seal Julia+1: Divine Naga, Swap, Glacies, Fury 3, QR2, Drive Spd 2, Atk/Def 2 seal Saias: Draw Back, Fury 3, Renewal 3, Atk Ploy 2 seal Started off by drawing the manakete and archer to the left with Ike, then smacked Reinhardt with Julia and Saias. Julia finished off the green cav then nuked Ishtar with a 29-damage Glacies while Saias took out the red mage. Lucina sat happy with her ridiculous +10-Spd buff and never touched an enemy.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Two Reinhardts on the same banner? Eugh. Well, let's see if I can get a second free Ishtar. 4* Oscar: Lancebreaker's okay too.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, somehow I have 84 orbs. Not sure where they all came from, but I'm not going to complain. Back to the Daughters banner. 4* Mathilda: Meh. 4* Femui: More meh. 4* Mathilda: What is going on? 4* Lukas: Bleh. 3* Chrom: SP fodder. That was bizarre. 64 orbs left. 5* Julia: YES!! Finally, the girl who has achieved so much for me gets a merge! She's +Spd/-Atk, so an easy sacrifice for my +Spd/-HP original. Now for the rest of the set. 3* Reinhardt: Ugh. 3* Laslow: Meh. 3* A!Tiki: Bleh. 4* Saizo: Oh well. Those 15 wasted orbs are kind of a bummer, but I got another Julia! This banner has been far too kind to me.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Morgan AND Julia on the SAME banner?! Well, I know where my 173 orbs are going. But first, the father's banner. 3* Cecilia: Bleh. Now on to the banner I really care about. Blues and greens only. Lilina's nice, but I already have her at 5* and I don't need more. 4* Bartre: You're not Julia! 2 reds and 2 greys otherwise. Back we go! 3* Fae: Draw Back fodder. 4* Lukas: Meh. 4* Florina: More meh. Oh well. I've still got 160 orbs. 3* Est: Garbage. Damn summoning circles aren't cooperating. 155 orbs left. 3* Catria: Meh. 4* Tailtiu: Drive Spd fodder is nice. Just need to keep going...146 orbs left. 4* Shigure: Somebody could probably use Ward Fliers. 5* Lewyn: You're not Julia, but another awesome Jugdrali green mage is fine by me! And he's +Spd/-Res, an absolute murder machine! 3* Hawkeye: Bleh. 4* Cherche: Meh. 3* Maria: Feathers. Well, not the 5* I was expecting, but I can see Lewyn is going to annihilate my enemies very soon. Going to push my luck and keep trying. 126 orbs left. 4* Catria: Maybe I'll feed you to your summer counterpart... 5* Olwen: Hello there! Unfortunately for you I don't even use your brother, and with +HP/-Atk you're not even remotely comparable to him. 4* Tailtiu: Another one? Jugdral certainly likes me today. 3* Clarine: Garbage. 3* Wrys: Also garbage. That was a cheap 5*. Of course she's totally pointless with those IVs, but I'll still take her. And since Olwen came so readily, back to the banner. 106 orbs left. 3* Nowi: Feathers. 4* Tailtiu: Okay? I'm not going to be short of SI fodder any time soon then. A lot of Jugdralians (5 out of 20) are showing up today for some reason. Anyway, 97 orbs left. 3* Barst: Finally some Reposition fodder. 4* Effie: Meh. Barst's a sorely needed pull, but I'm starting to seriously drain my orb stocks. 88 left. 3* Sheena: Eh. 4* Oboro: Haven't seen you in a while. 4* Oscar: More Lancebreaker fodder. I need to stop after the next 5*. 75 orbs left. 3* Fae: More Draw Back fodder. 3* Abel: Finally some Swordbreaker fodder. 4* Catria: Again? Can I please get some non-3* greens? 62 orbs left. 4* Wendy: Bleh. 5* F!Morgan: My daughter has come home for a second time! +Res/-HP, so she's fodder for my +Atk/-HP original. Still, I'm very happy now! 4* Silvia: Another new unit! She's +Spd/-Def too, excellent IVs like Lewyn. I'm not a fan of dancers, but I'll keep an eye on her. 4* Ogma: Meh. 4* Matthew: Feathers. 42 orbs left after that word vomit. For 131 spent, an awesome Lewyn, a terrible Olwen, a Morgan merge, a great 4* Silvia, and some good SI fodder. I'd call that a success, although the lack of Julia disappoints me greatly. I'm still peeved that Julia and Lucina, mainstays of my team since the beginning, are stuck at +0 when nobodies I barely use like Shiro and Celica are at +2.
  14. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    Managed to OHKO Infernal!Tiki with Julia's holy Naga-Bomb. First Julius, now Tiki, truly Naga is the one true god. Shamefully it took a boost from Peshkatz, but whatever. Team was more or less my standard outfit. The only change I had to make was to put a seal on Sothe since I forgot I had it. Actually pushed me over a threshold or two. Neutral L!Ike: Reposition, Axebreaker 3, DD3 seal Neutral B!Lucina+2: Reposition, Vantage, Hone Spd 3 seal +Spd/-HP Julia: Divine Naga, Swap, Glacies, Fury 3, QR2, Drive Spd 2, +Atk/Def 2 seal +Spd/-HP Sothe: Draw Back, Desperation 3, Drive Spd 1 seal The main problem was that red horse mage. Damn Raourblade did too much damage to Ike; not enough to kill, but enough that someone else could. In the end I lured him down the right passage by having Julia lure the bow cav there, letting him follow for his (useless) rally. Ike once again did the majority of the work, Lucina mostly helped with buffs, Julia mainly put Tiki back to sleep, and Sothe used Desperation to its fullest effect, wiping out a lot of the mages and contributing that sweet Peshkatz effect.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Tiki time. I've got 180 orbs, so let's see who my first 5* is. 5* Spring!Catria: That was quick! Her IVs are meh, +Res/-HP, but I've had a string of bad-IV 5*s lately, so meh is fine by me. 3* Frederick: Eh. 5* Karla: Today is my lucky day, I suppose. Or maybe not. She's +Atk/-Spd, just like my Lucina. Figures a great boon would have literally the worst bane to go with it. 4* Subaki: Meh. 3* Matthew: More meh. I was expecting that to be a lot worse than it ended up being. I'm going to stop now before I deplete my orb stockpile for units I either already have or don't really want.