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  1. My First Hack - FE8 Reskin

    I found it easier to just change the rapier into the item that you want to give her unless you plan on changing the event completely.
  2. What are you working on?

    I'm doing the usual starter hack of re balancing the GBA game I played the most of, AKA FE8. Largely just learning the tools. I'm using the new FEbuilder because it's just super easy to do stuff with it. I'm adding new classes and weapons, a few op weapons for bosses that are unbreakable so you can't cheese the boss by spamming summons to break their weapons.
  3. FEBuilderGBA

    Little warning if you start playing around with the patches. If you apply both Skill Expansion and Status Aliment Swords the game breaks.
  4. [FE8]Moulder and vanessa editor nightmare module

    No, no it does not, I even just tried to myself to make sure. I changed Moulder to a monk and when I got to chapter two Vanessa had no class and crashed the game.
  5. FEBuilderGBA

    GOD DA-! I knew it was going to be something obvious I just over looked, thanks.
  6. Having difficulty with NUPS and Nightmare

    Whelp, I know number one reason that the thing would say “ROM is not compatible with the module” is because you're in the wrong module list, IE using FE6 modules on FE7. I believe number two would be that you're using a modified base rom, I'd say if you're sure you're using the correct roms to try a new base rom as the uploader might have messed with the base rom.
  7. FEBuilderGBA

    Great tool over all but I'm having an issue trying to change promotion items in Fire Emblem 8, I can not figure out how to link the Knight's Crest to the Soldier class.
  8. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    I downloaded the Axe Armor Knight animation and applied it to Seth in FE 8 using FE builder and it seems to be fine, which game are you using? Are you overwriting an existing class? If you extended the class list on FE8 did you apply the class limit extension patch first?
  9. How to implement new classes?

    I think with the new FE Builder you can expand the class limit up to the 0X70 range, should give you a max of I think over 100 total classes. I know it works for FE8 but I haven't messed with FE6 using it yet so I'm not 100% sure it'll work. Edit: Okay it appears to work with a small amount of basic testing but I should warn that I am not completely sure how well it works.
  10. I have an idea...

    I agree with Armaada, FE Builder GBA from what I've seen is the easiest tool to start with, if for no other reason than how quickly you see the results of what you're doing. I've been using it for FE8 and so far I've had very few issues.
  11. FE Builder Help, FE 8

    After searching all over web for this patch I found out there's a bunch of patches built into The Fire Emblem Builder, the patch you need is already in the builder you just have to apply it. Just go into advanced editors, it's on the bottom of the first row of options. From there just use the search term Class to find it.
  12. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  13. Map animations

    I hate to start yet another thread asking for help but... ya I need help. I'm looking for map animations, both moving and standing for FE6's king class, Bonestorm's halberdier 2.0, (Admitting I do not have high hopes for these two.) The Black Knight by Cipher Lee and CanasNiimeHugh, and Ike by oracle_of_fire and Khrene Cleaver Of course any thing you guys are willing to take the time to share would be appreciated, I'm sure I'll find a use for them sooner or later. And yes I've tried looking in google and searching these very forums and have found little to nothing.
  14. Help needed with Fire Emblem 8 module editing.

    I've read it on the tutorial about ten times and to be frank, I still don't get it.
  15. Help needed with Fire Emblem 8 module editing.

    Whelp this didn't work anyway, the entry is there but it doesn't work the way it's meant to. Anyone know if expanding and repointing works yet?