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  1. Well, sure, but by now, Pokémon has reached a point where it can sell on brand name alone. Obviously it wouldn't sell as well without all the stuff you mentioned, but I still doubt that it would sell poorly.
  2. Dude. That's Pokémon, so of course it's going to sell. Nintendo could release a Pokémon game with barely any advertising and it would still sell well. Comparing Pokémon to Fire Emblem is a bit silly because the former is so much more popular.
  3. Why can't I reposition the lords?! It's not a huge deal but it something that has bothered me.
  4. No, I don't. The good thing about social media is that it can easily spread awareness about problems and stuff but I still don't use it because I think that it's pretty dumb in the long run.
  5. Nintendo didn't push this game as much as Awakening and Fates and it's the remake of what I think is an unpopular game, so the low sales don't really surprise me. The 3DS is also a dying platform while smart phones are all the rage. I'd like to believe that the lack of a few features from New Mystery/Awakening aren't the main reason but they could have played a part in this. I am looking forward to playing the game and I hope that this doesn't stop Intelligent Systems from possibly remaking the Jugdral games.
  6. What I really want is to go home and continue playing Persona 5 but I unfortunately have to wait one more hour before I can do so because school. : /
  7. It can be good if the protagonist is relatable but I don't think it's necessary.
  8. I try to finish the games I start playing but I sometimes feel like switching to another game in my backlog instead, so it can take a long time for me to finish anything. I've only finished 5 games this year. Impulse purchases have also been a thing. Backloggery:
  9. So I got to the episode 20 boss yesterday and I'm on the final chapter at the moment.
  10. Check out Koyorin's other art sometime. He's a great artist.
  11. Good to see Vanessa So that leaked twitter image from last week was real after all. I thought she looked really off in it which is why I was sceptical.
  12. @fanart
  13. Oh, woops, I'm an idiot. I didn't quote the thread creator. I quoted Extrasolar. My mistake. I for some reason misremembered who the thread creator is.
  14. I was quoting one of the thread creator's posts