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  1. Check out Koyorin's other art sometime. He's a great artist.
  2. Good to see Vanessa So that leaked twitter image from last week was real after all. I thought she looked really off in it which is why I was sceptical.
  3. @fanart
  4. Oh, woops, I'm an idiot. I didn't quote the thread creator. I quoted Extrasolar. My mistake. I for some reason misremembered who the thread creator is.
  5. I was quoting one of the thread creator's posts
  6. I'm surprised that this thread hasn't been locked after the places it went. "No FE story would change by having a nonwhite protagonist, since FE is not about race. Would making Ike black suddenly make the game not about him defeating Ashnard and saving Crimea, or defeating Ashera and saving all of Tellius? Would the game have to stop and say "hold on, Ike, you're not white. We have to make the story about this now!"" Ike is already an established character with an established appearance and an established story. There is no point to changing him like that. Same thing with all the other characters. They already have their established appearances so why change them? Just to please some people who want diversity? That's dumb. The character designers and/or art directors of the previous games decided on how they wanted the older characters to look so just keep them as is. If you want diversity in a new title then fine but don't ask for what is already done to be changed unless the characters, like in Gaiden, weren't really defined in the first place.
  7. I stopped watching traditional TV in 2012 because there was nothing worth watching. I don't know if that still is the case but even if it isn't, there's really no reason to watch things that only air at a specific time of the day when I can just watch shows on Netflix and other sites whenever I want. My TV is almost exclusively used for video games these days.
  8. I am currently playing Radiant Dawn Ike: I don't stand a chance. Punching him would hurt me a lot more than it would hurt him. Micaiah: I'm not evil enough to pull her hair so I guess I would try a sweep kick and then run away before Sothe kills me.
  9. If I saw this thread 2-3 years ago which is when I played games online pretty often then I would have said that i really hate the idea of having to pay for online. I still don't like the thought of paying but nowadays, I don't really feel like playing a game online often enough to be that bothered by the pay wall. I've only had one subscription on my PS4 despite owning it for 10 months and I don't really plan on getting another subscription. If I get a Switch then I won't complain about the pay wall since I won't be interested in playing online on that plaform anyway.
  10. I played the remastered version of the first game last year. I had a lot of fun with it but one thing that bothered me a little is how the game kept introducing a new plot thread only to leave it hanging. I'm glad to hear that the second game resolves them. Been holding off on playing the second game even though I really want it because I bought a bunch games last year and I want to finish some of those first. I'll probably end up buying the second game in a month or two. Yeah, that descent sequence was really awesome but super long, haha. Also that music! I've been listening to some of the songs like Pleasure Quarter and Douse Shinundakara to name a few pretty often since I played the game
  11. You can still play that Japanese game on your 3DS, ya know. The 3DS itself is region locked but DS games are not. EDIT: I forgot that DSi enhanched games like Pokémon Black and White are locked.
  12. Well considering how many new fans Awakening and Fates brought in, I do think that newer fans will play this game. I've seen that plenty of people who started with Awakening are excited for Shadow of Valentia. While it's a remake for older fans it might as well be a brand new title for newer fans. I don't think it will sell as well as Awakening and Fates because it is appealing to older fans but it will most likely sell well enough for Intelligent Systems.
  13. I didn't think I'd ever see a recent console with an AC adapter that huge. Can't say I like that. It's just going to take up space :/
  14. And so have I Sorry couldn't resist :P I'm looking forward to playing this. He speaks as if a console port was already confirmed so I guess I must have missed something.
  15. One day in 2010, I was a little curious about Fire Emblem since I knew Marth, Roy and Ike from Smash Bros. I saw some gameplay of Path of Radiance and Shadow Dragon and they got my interest. I couldn't play the former at the time since it was and still is expensive, so I played Shadow Dragon. I thought it was ok at first but I then later felt that it was bland so I stopped playing. It wasn't until early 2014 when I gave Blazing Sword a try that I really got into the franchise.