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  1. Uh....maybe this: I'm actually not sure. I haven't really thought of which final boss theme I like the most before.
  2. I already have that option if I'm not mistaken and I would like to change my real name but I just can't be bothered to do it.
  3. "Now's not the time to be dead" I'm not sure about other games but I got a loooooooot of game overs when I was playing Catherine last week. I was playing on easy and the later levels made me think "How is this supposed to be easy?!" Final boss was easy tho
  4. Save data for what exactly? Anything? I deleted my save data when I started playing Persona 4 again recently because I hadn't played the game in forever, so I thought that I might as well start over. I accidently deleted my Virue's Last Reward save data like a dumbass last year when I was only 30 minutes away from finishing it.
  5. Do you think 8-4 will do localization?

    You do know that the voice acting doesn't really have much to do with Treehouse? The voice acting for Fates was recorded at Formosa Interactive and Kris Zimmerman-Salter who is well known for voice directing the (mostly) realistic Metal Gear Solid games is also the voice director for Fates. I guess she doesn't do as well with anime-esque games like Fates? Patrick Seitz is the voice director for Awakening which was recorded at Cup ofTea and he's very familiar with anime and anime-esque games, so I guess that might be why the voice acting in Awakening is better. There's also the fact that Fates used a couple of VAs who don't do anime at all. What I'm saying is that the quality of the voice acting doesn't usually have anything to do with who is localizing the game unless it's being recorded in-house. I have heard some complaints about Radiant Dawn's localization in the past but that was nowhere close to Fates' complaints. I can undertand not wanting Treehouse to touch it again but a recent blunder doesn't guarantee another.
  6. No, I don't think that having every question be about the same thing is good. Also Persona > SMT
  7. Persona 5, The World Ends With You and Xenoblade Chronicles are the best I've played.
  8. Pokémon Moon, if I recall correctly. I don't usually pre-order games because I'm too stingy to pay full price. I made an exception that time.
  9. The only 2017 games I've played are Gravity Rush 2 and Persona 5. Persona 5 is like the best game ever made, so I don't see anything topping it.
  10. Three SMT/Persona questions in a row? =/ I guess my favorite female Persona 5 character in the story is Makoto. It's just too bad that she has the worst social link out of the party members. I wish it focused more on her instead of being about her friend dating that scummy host.
  11. I could go either way really. A remake could happen since it's guaranteed to sell a lot, but like you said, GameFreak have been trying to do the unexpected, so maybe they'll never remake Diamond & Pearl. If gen 4 remakes actually happen then I would rather they remake Platinum with all its improvements over Diamond & Pearl. I also don't want them to remove the battle frontier for the second time. It still feels like it's a little too soon though.
  12. "Rock n' Roll Chainsaw" by Maximum The Hormone.
  13. Last Surprise. It never gets old. What are you talking about? The Persona series start with 3.
  14. New Nintendo 2DS trailer revealed

    This actually doesn't look bad at all. It has hinges unlike the first 2DS, it's cheaper and I don't consider the lack of 3D effect as a negative, so I would get it if I ever need a replacement. I would prefer a smaller size over an XL thought but I guess Nintendo is under the impression that people only want XLs.
  15. Hello

    Wait, Kynim? I remember reading your nuzlocke comics a few years ago! Been meaning to read the White nuzlocke again because it's been a long time but I haven't gotten to it yet. Welcome to the forum!