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  1. Bayonetta 3, 1 & 2 coming to Switch

    I'm glad that a new game is being made though I wonder why it's exclusive to Switch. Did Sega not feel like funding this one either?
  2. 4k Medievil Remastering for PS4

    Man, 2017 seems to be the year of franchise revivals. Medievil caught my interest a long time ago but I never got around to playing it. I guess I'll wait for this remaster.
  3. I disagree with this. I don't think that a game needs to push the hardwares to their limits or anything but I would say that graphics do matter to some extent. I'm more for art direction though. I'm surprised that Capcom actually started caring about Mega Man again. I've only played X1 along with Zero 1 and 2, so I guess I'll check out the others sometime after they've been re-released. As for the new game, I'm not a big Mega Man fan exactly but I am still pretty sceptical.
  4. Kingdom Hearts is unecessarily convuluted, yes, but it's not really as hard to understand what's going on as a lot of people make it out to be if you play the games in the release order which is Kingdom Hearts 1 > Chain of Memories > Kingdom Hearts 2 > 358/2 Days > re:Coded > Birth By Sleep > Dream Drop Distance > Birth By Sleep 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage. I recommend playing or watching 358/2 Days before Kingdom Hearts 2 because the former ends where the latter starts. You'll also know why the the three hour prologue in 2 is even in there if you play 358/2 Days before it. Playing them in that order used to be a pain because Square Enix, for some dumb reason, thought it'd be a good idea to make some installments in a story heavy franchise be exclusive to certain platforms. That's not a problem anymore now that the PS4 collections are out. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the same shit again. Kingdom Hearts 2 is probably my favorite installment. The three hour prologue is important to the story, yes, but I still wish it was skippable because it isn't nearly as good as the rest of the game. It feels to me that 2 is the high point of the franchise and that later installments haven't been able to get there. The series gets a bad rep because of the story. I'm more of a gameplay over story person and the gamplay (along with the music) is where the series excels, so while Kingdom Hearts has a couple of dumb moments, *cough* most of Dream Drop Distance*cough* I can see myself replaying the games...except for Dream Drop Distance because of its stupid forced pet simulator. The music composed by Yoko Shimomura (along with guest composers for Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance) is amazing. I look forward to playing Kingdom Hears 3 next year if it does actually end up coming out next year.
  5. Nope. Haven't felt any need to. I tried coffee once and I thought it was disgusting.
  6. Stupid Things You Did As a New Player

    I tried to beat a Shadow Dragon map with only Marth. It wasn't just my first Fire Emblem game, it was my very first strategy game, so I didn't really know what I was doing.
  7. Ignore it. There will always be people who hate on things. Some have decent reasons for it and some do not. I don't let the opinions of others bother me. If someone tries to change your opinion then don't bother giving them any attention. By that point, talking to them is probably just a waste of time. Well, there can be cases where the other person is being completely reasonable and civil but that doesn't seem to happen often. The idea of hating a character always seemed odd to me. I understand disliking but hating? That's a bit extreme and getting worked up over a fictional character is in my opinion pretty silly.
  8. The Phantom Thieves are fine characters but the fact that the palaces focus on the bad guys this time as opposed to how Persona 4 had party members with dungeons leads to the Phantom Thieves being underdeveloped. Well, except for one of them. You'll know who. I also thought that Persona 5's social were weaker overall. I can elaborate on this when you're done with the game because, you know, spoilers. The randomly generated hallways in 3 and 4 were my biggest problems with those games. 5's are a lot more fun since they have actual designs. Two of them drag on but the rest are pretty good! But yeah. Despite its flaws, 5 is easily the best installment in the series. Also dat UI.

    Yeah, what the hell? This is such a random inclusion. I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised.
  10. Yeah, I do agree that having so many characters in there was excessive. You comparing that to a card game anime gives me the mental image of Edgeworth settling the the conflict with a duel, haha.
  11. Good to hear that The Great Ace Attorney is good. I'll check it out eventually.
  12. Atrocious? Don't you think that's a little extreme? Since you prefer Takumi's writing, did you like those Great Ace Attorney spin-offs? Just answer in a yes or no please because I haven't played them and don't want spoilers, haha. I feel that Dual Destinies and especially Investigations are weak installments but I enjoyed Spirit of Justice (Well I have problems with case 1 and 3) and Gyakuten Kenji 2 is easily my favorite game in the series so I'm not against Yamazaki writing another game. I would like to see Takumi handle another main installment though because it's been so long since he did that. Guess I'll have to get a Switch now.
  13. Uh....maybe this: I'm actually not sure. I haven't really thought of which final boss theme I like the most before.
  14. I already have that option if I'm not mistaken and I would like to change my real name but I just can't be bothered to do it.
  15. "Now's not the time to be dead" I'm not sure about other games but I got a loooooooot of game overs when I was playing Catherine last week. I was playing on easy and the later levels made me think "How is this supposed to be easy?!" Final boss was easy tho