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  1. Do you ever want to be a hero?

    Having super powers would be neat but I would not really be likely to use those powers for good unless something happened right in front of me. I'd just use them for personal gain. Being a hero sounds like a pain.
  2. I think that being completely honest about wanting to be left alone is the best thing to do assuming you're not very concerned about the possibility of that upsetting him. He might think you're a douche, but hey, at least you'll be left alone.
  3. These questions are coming from someone who hasn't played a Warriors game. The Warriors game looked pretty samey to me, so I was wondering, How does this particular Warriors game differentiate itself from the others and does it do a good job with being Fire Emblem-esque? Is there anything you thought was lacking besides not representing the non-Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates games? Is this a good introduction to Warriors?
  4. I'm not sure about the most difficult but the Roxas fight from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix sure took me a while. It was a pretty big difficulty spike. I didn't feel like grinding so I kept retrying until I finally won.
  5. Small Things That Have Gotten on Your Nerves

    - People that never shut up. - Loud people. - People that blast their shitty music out loud. - People who chew with their mouths open. - People who walk at a snails pace but still take up the entire sidewalk. - People unnecessarily taking up my time - People asking me to help them with something again because they're lazy even though I already showed them how to do it after helping before. - People who treat children like lesser beings and get mad when said kid rightfully questions them. - People that keep saying "If god wills it" or something similar to avoid answering a question. If you don't want to answer then just say so. - People invading my personal space. - People that send death threats. Sending death threats is never justified. - People who insult others for not agreeing with their pairing. - People who refuse to admit that they are wrong even when all the evidence points to them being wrong. - People in general.
  6. Ike is is not good as a lead character in Radiant Dawn since he's such a static character due to having gotten his character development in the previous game.
  7. Games you are waiting for.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently the only 2018 game that I will definitely play this year. I am also intersted in the new No More Heroes but I won't be able to play that since I don't own a Nintendo Switch. I want to hold off on buying the console since I recently spent a lot of money on a new laptop. I also want to wait until more Switch games I care about have been released because I don't think that the Switch is worth the investment at present. The new Fire Emblem is probably a game that I will play at some point. I don't doubt that it will interest me when Nintendo actually shows it but I'm meh about it for now since I don't know anything about it. That's pretty much it.
  8. Man, I knew that you finished the game pretty quickly but only 3 days? Woah. Have fun with the other games. I'd like to see how you react to a certain thing in V3 : P Are you planning on watching the Danganronpa 3 anime? It has an original story with the characters from the first two games, if I recall correctly. I haven't seen it myself.
  9. How Into Avatars/Silent Protags Do You Get?

    I can deal with having a silent protagonist but I always prefer a character with an actual personality. There has never been a time where I thought that a silent protagonist was better than what a protagonist who talks and has a personality would be unless I'm forgetting something. I don't think of Robin as a silent protagonist either. The weird thing about Robin and Corrin is that, I guess, they're supposed to be you, the player, but they also have a backstory and they talk. They talk a lot. I think that this is worse. You can't immerse yourself as the protagonist but the devs also don't want any of the other characters to dislike and criticize the avatar unless they're the villains because that would mean disliking and criticizing you, the player, and as a result of this, all the characters kiss up to the protagonist. The next Fire Emblem protagonist will probably be like this.
  10. It is too bad that the game didn't do well. I'll admit that when I first saw the trailer for it, I was turned off by the super anime idol aesthetics and I was pretty negative about it, but when I finally got around to giving the game a try, I found out that it's actually a really good game. Although one with a meh story and super bland main character. I don't really see Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a Fire Emblem game at all considering how there's little Fire Emblem content and what is there could easily be replaced with anything else and it wouldn't make a difference. It''s like Persona but with idols. They should have just advertised it as such. Not much of a crossover. I would like to see the game ported to the Switch so that people that don't own the dead Wii U console can give it a try but I don't think that'll happen due to how poorly the game sold. Seriously, what were they thinking releasing it one day after christmas in Japan?
  11. No. I have a lot more fun spending time by myself. Spending time with my family is extremely boring.
  12. What art/image software could I use at this point?

    Have you tried FireAlpaca?
  13. 20 years before I was born.
  14. Off the top of my head. This wil probably change if I think about it more.
  15. Bayonetta 3, 1 & 2 coming to Switch

    I'm glad that a new game is being made though I wonder why it's exclusive to Switch. Did Sega not feel like funding this one either?