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  1. Guess I need some more Fury to boost that up.
  2. ...need new quests stat. Done everything, now it's just grinding skill inherit stuff. Also have decent teams setup, needing some more incentive to raise up the scrub units. :\
  3. I'm legit disappointed in this latest set... Even with the paralogues and quest rewards combined, not even enough orbs to make a full pull. Come on IS!
  4. It's green tome... well ok, glad I checked here... stupid game clearly saying red tome >.< (Also bugs me how Hit and Run says advance, when it should say retreat.)
  5. bbss

    Well, looks like we have till Sunday at 11:59pm PST with the extension... *coughs awkwardly*
  6. Just PMed in my votes too. Some great stuff here, definitely nice to see the variety and creativity as Toa said. :) Cheers again to Lenh for putting this on!
  7. bbss

    Well we're past the deadline with no entries. 2 more weeks to put something together sound good?
  8. Got a pretty good pull. Finally have a Takumi counter.
  9. Once again its time for... the BIWEEKLY BATTLE SPRITE SHOWDOWN! Last round: Our winner was Lenh! ---- THEME/TOPIC: Chimera Project: -Make a sprite utilizing multiple vanilla sprite parts. Rules Voting and Winners --- Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host! (Errant) or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself. DEADLINE: Thursday, March 30th at 11:59pm PST. Hope you all enjoy and have some fun! Lets get spriting! :D --- PS: new to these? Check out the BBSS tag to see some cool sprites. :D PPS: ...wanting to sprite but don't know where to start, or just want some advice on how to improve? Check out the Spriters Resource thread and/or check some of these out. Helpful Tutorials
  10. Blah first pull Made up for it with the second one though!
  11. Another Dancer is always welcome. Kinda wish I had gotten Karel too though.
  12. That would be kinda awesome. Actually I would be seriously annoyed if they didn't include Ephraim. Lucina is just killing it... again! Each time she does this I go... well, guess they must be outta flags... but noooooooooooooooooo. :p
  13. Well that would be Ephraim. ;) ...sadly seems like no matter who wins, Lucina is going to steamroll them. :\
  14. bbss

    Our winner this round is Lenh, with 12 total votes! Second and third place go to Blaze and Blue Druid respectively. Congrats to the winners and big thanks to all who entered and voted! See you next Showdown! :D
  15. Reinhardt definitely seems the crux of a successful Cav team... as I can tell you from trying to level an all Cav team in Tower, the lower stats of your own team and map obstacles make it a challenge to run. It's kinda fun though. :D