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  1. General "mass killings" thread

    USA cannot be USA without mass shooting, it is what makes the country great.
  2. FE4 3rd Tier possibility

    I believe she didn't, but you could ask @Lamia the question yourself
  3. FE4 3rd Tier possibility

    Well, then in that case, good luck, you might be the first person to figure that out. I can only tell you the fake method, not the real one. Please inform us if you do find a way to implement it.
  4. FE4 3rd Tier possibility

    Why you need to reset level? The way promotion works in FE4 does not allow 3rd tier promotion, but you can make it looks like one. Take Fin for example. 1st Fin and 2nd Fin are 2 separate characters, you can make 1st Fin promote to Duke Knight, transfer all stats to the 2nd Fin and then 2nd Fin promote to Master Knight.
  5. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    pretty much the people from Islam 1000 years ago could say the same about one religion that is dominated the whole Europe in the modern time
  6. About Arvis.....

    Well, FE4 happened long before FE3, as we can see there are so many dragons/mamkutes still running around at the time of FE3, please don't be so sure that Holsety the dragon had died at the time of FE4. It's not difficult for him to take the form of a human and travels around the world.
  7. Opinions on Finn

    Why this is pinned?
  8. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    It is not true.
  9. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Yeah, the Dead Lords could be nerfed a little bit, and add the feature of spawning out of castle like the Marpha's troops
  10. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I don't think the casual mode would work well with the * Rank Staff
  11. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Priest with Light magic, I think they have done it with the Binary patch and you can copy from there
  12. Thracia 776 Menu Patch Troubles

    It is a WIP patch, why don't you post in that topic to ask the author directly, i'm not sure if he will pay a visit to this topic thread.
  13. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    Because only the untranslated version has this information. You know, in English, they tend to ignore who is the younger or older sibling.
  14. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    They do say it
  15. http://castlevania.wikia.com/wiki/Bhuj