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  1. by the way, is free will a lie? (philoso-poll)

    Most of the time free will is based on what you believe to. If you believe in God and God grant you free will, then you don't really have free will.
  2. Anyone else miss the European names?

    Let's call the dragon Forced.
  3. by the way, is free will a lie? (philoso-poll)

    Russian and Chinese cannot be compared to the level of an all knowing god.
  4. Well, as the way I see it, your logic is simply that you're bad at playing game. You should know that sometime for some people, playing against some annoying thing is the fun part.
  5. Azel is the only sibling that love Arvis enough to not hate him.
  6. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    It freezes sometime with Dancer in the original game too. https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/secret-events/ You should give the droppable sword to some boss if you want a workaround
  7. If the fans want to translate the game, they are welcomed, but "who will do it" is the question, and "when" is the next question. As you can see the FE4, 5, 6, and 12 fan translation, none of them has ever reach to the goal of 100% completeness after decades of working.
  8. Grima on retrospect

    Where did you get the idea that Loptous ended up in Jugdral?
  9. My problem with most legendary weapons

    I like breakable and repairable legendary weapons. It's kind of like Superman and Green Lantern need recharge after a decisive battle.
  10. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    There is a rumor about Galzus
  11. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    So you're saying a major loptous vessel is not a requirement, minor is enough.
  12. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    But you can't reproduce the next avatar that fast.
  13. About a Jugdral remake...

    I want Ovo to have a bigger role there in the remake. He's supposed to be even more powerful than Reinhardt.
  14. Areone/Arion's motivation

    Yes, Leif can die without game over, but in the early stage of the game development, he's supposed to be the 2nd lord, like Holmes in Tearring Saga or the twins in Sacred Stone. The idea was scrapped in the end.
  15. We're there swords that had ranges?

    Isn't it the same with the real like javelin or throwing axe, you still need to throw them away.