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  1. New Event Calendar (March-April 2019)

    ...Well, now that we're in North American daylight savings time, we're back to "start date synchs with UTC but end date is one early" and the confusion that comes with that line of thinking...Still gotta flip between the English and Japanese or Chinese editions to make sure I get my date ranges straight. I'm sure I'm not the only American who would love for Nintendo of Europe to take over the English event calendars--this whole usage of Pacific Time causes nothing but confusion for the vast majority of the English-speaking playerbase. If the reasoning for the usage of Pacific Time is to get the English-speaking fanbase to correlate to it, they've failed miserably--it's far easier to correlate to UTC than to a time zone that straddles the game's daily reset. I'd take a few British spellings over having to convert between date formats constantly... One advantage to it being daylight savings time: No more fudging the opening date of Grand Conquests in relation to Pacific Time for the time being. Of the four Grand Conquests that took place between the last fall back and the most recent spring forward, they only got the opening date in relation to Pacific Time correct once--in the December/January edition, meaning they went back to the flawed method of calculation after they'd gotten it right for once!
  2. Binding Blade Banner Speculation Thread

    Just so long as that atrocious name they gave Deke in the poll does not hold, I'll be happy. ("Dieck" is not a real name apart from a very rare surname; it's clearly along the same lines as "Raian" and "Ruke", and only those elitists who do not easily let badly-translated Japanese names go are hoping it holds; and it's bound to be used very heavy insultively enough to make him a memetic loser if it does hold.) I'm sure I'll be far from the only one boycotting the banner if he gets into the banner holding on to that atrocious name he had in the poll, pretty much anything's better than "Dieck"--Deke, Dirk, Duke, Vergil, I could go on forever! ****, if insult potential isn't fazing them, just straight-out Dick would be a far better choice...
  3. Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

    ...Go ahead and ravage my strategy. If I wind up with negative double-digits, so be it...
  4. Choose Your Legends 3

    Let's see... Day 1: Hopefully he doesn't need my help escaping the absolute bottom (given Glade's performance in 2018 as opposed to 2017), but since he was dead last last year, Bloom got my vote here. Day 2: ...What was the tiebreaker criteria that gave Garth second-from-bottom in 2018? Garth got my vote this day... Day 3: Now for the lowest-ranked female of 2018...gotta go to 805th overall..."Creidne"? Strange spelling they gave Radney. Of course, there's far worse in the pool (I'm looking at you, "Dieck"--that one has absolutely no business holding into the game proper, lest Nintendo get accused of pandering to the elitists that refuse to let badly-translated Japanese names go; I'm sure he would have placed significantly higher than 209th in 2017 and 239th in 2018 had a more sensible name been used)... Day 4: Planning on throwing Femina this bone, as the second-worst female from 2018 (802nd overall). Poll's using "Hermina", but this one's a bit clearer as to who this is (seriously, using "Muirne" is just looking to ruin a correlation, especially since "Lana" made the poll as is--at least with Clarisse they went on to not hold "Eine")... Day 5: Now to start the next-three overall worst...planning on giving Hicks this bone... Day 6: Planning on giving New Mystery Beck this bone. Probably not ending up bottom-five this year given the new combination process (although that My Little Pony reference in the fan translation didn't help NM Beck in the past, sixth-from-bottom in 2017)... Day 7: Planning on giving Amid my final bone... By the way, this is the same strategy I used last year (last year, my ballot went: Glade, Bloom, Hilda, Femina, Danan, NM Macellan, NM Roger)...
  5. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 The depicted card is actually P04-002PR, a depiction of Micaiah. The actual P04-001PR is a depiction of Roy, and a file for that card is actually available, as is a correctly-hinted card file for the P04-002PR Micaiah depiction, meaning the best course of action is to delete the file that's incorrectly used on Roy's page...
  6. Something's telling me that whomever's in charge of the English-language calendar is actually trying to piss off the English-speaking fanbase. For starters, daylight saving time is not in effect during this timeframe (the "screw you, vast majority of the English speaking fanbase" text reads "Pacific Daylight Time"). Not only that, but they reintroduced the "miscalculation of the Grand Conquests starting date in relation to PST" mechanic from the November/December calendar! (Grand Conquests begins at 11:00 AM UTC; this translates to 3:00 AM PST on the same calendar date. This is something they actually got right in the December/January calendar.) You can compare the events with the Japanese calendar's (or Chinese calendar's) dates to easily extrapolate when the dates are for the vast majority of the fanbase...
  7. "Dieck" holds from the poll. This would make it clear that the localizers are pandering to the elitists that won't let badly-translated Japanese names go; "Dieck" is clearly not the intended meaning of the character's raw Japanese name, and it's not like we've had terrible official romanizations before (i.e. "Ruke", "Raian"; neither of those were in the Choose Your Legends polls, and "Dieck" is at best on par with those). The general fanbase would revolt and start making offensive jokes, and said offensive jokes would never stop. Not to mention that the character is one of six characters that already had an official English name going into the start of the first Choose Your Legends poll that did not use said official English name in the Choose Your Legends polls--his existing official English name is Deke, which came from his SSBB sticker. Pretty much anything would be better than "Dieck"--Deke, Dirk, Duke, Vergil, I could go on forever!
  8. New Event Calendar (Dec-Jan)

    Yeah, why do the ones responsible for the English event calendar believe the entire English-speaking fanbase would coordinate on a time zone that a vast majority live to the east of? Lately, whenever I do work based on the event calendars for Fire Emblem Wiki, I'll need to flip between the English and Japanese or Chinese versions of the event calendar (Dec/Jan editions: Japanese, Chinese) just to be sure I get the correct UTC dates (ex. somebody installing a date based on a PDT English event calendar, me correcting it to the date based on the fandom's correlation to UTC previously checked against the JPN/CHN event calendar), lest I end up slipping into making a mistake based on interpreting the event calendar wrongly. In fact, this is how I discovered that the English calendar's flawed logic made an error in the November calendar, and that whomever wrote our front-page article about the December calendar applied the same flawed logic only to get burned in the error reports based on a proper comparison of the event calendars...
  9. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 The Grand Conquests 10 starting date was translated incorrectly in the article text. Unlike with the November calendar, in which the English release only did date shifting to correspond to their misguided use of PST and got the PST opening rundate for Grand Conquests 9 wrong (compare the English Nov/Dec calendar to the Japanese or Chinese counterpart, the latter two of which keep the correct dates as used by the vast majority of the fandom)--keep in mind that Grand Conquest begins four hours after the daily reset (which would translate to 11:00 AM UTC, 3:00 AM PST on the same calendar date)--the December English calendar itself actually correctly translates the Grand Conquests 10 start date (compare the English Dec/Jan calendar to the Japanese or Chinese counterpart)--but as the article text assumes the date-shift-only practice was carried out on the English calendar like it was in November, the article text got the Grand Conquests 10 start date wrong. A quick comparison between the English and Japanese/Chinese Dec/Jan calendars will show that Grand Conquests 10 should be listed as beginning on December 26--and thus occupy the currently non-existent fourth line under "20th-26th December" by itself... (And yes, I agree that the English calendars sticking to Pacific Time is clearly a misguided move based on the time differences. Especially given that Pacific Time plays second-fiddle to UTC in the English reveal trailers...)
  10. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    ...This translates to 5:00 PM CST on my end. Too bad my sessions on the Chromebook don't typically start that early in the evening; guess I'm not going to be able to watch this one live either. (I'd watched every one live from the Book II reveal, the first one I actually watched, through the CYL2 variant revelation, but was unable to watch the Aether Raids edition live because I didn't have a working Chromebook that night...)
  11. Ys and Xenoblade Warriors being considered

    <sarcasm>Screw Ys and Xenoblade, I want my Ace Attorney Warriors!</sarcasm> Seriously, Xenoblade would clearly be a good fit, given the weaponry's already there. I could easily see the first game's playable cast's styles (Shulk, Dunban, and Fiora could use different types of sword-based styles, Reyn is dead-ringer for a lance-based style, Sharla's rifles wouldn't look too much out of place in comparison to bows, Melia's summons could be dead-ringer for magic, and I'm sure Riki's biters would give him a unique style that wouldn't look too far out of place), but then again I've only played the first game (and I'm currently working on Agniratha)...
  12. Assume you were in charge of selecting characters for a hypothetical DLC wave focused on a combination of Fire Emblem (GBA) and Fire Emblem Echoes. You have been told that the wave would consist of only a single character from each of the two games, one from Fire Emblem (GBA) and one from Fire Emblem Echoes. You have also been given an additional stipulation that you cannot choose Alm, Eliwood, or Hector. Which characters would you choose, and why?
  13. Nils in "Valorous Roland"

    Unfortunately, that's a common mistaken assumption. Many a source makes the "Nils rejoins at 30E/32H" claim, apparently because they didn't try to deploy him in 28E or 30H, and couldn't deploy him in 29E/31H and 29xE/31xH. And yes, Nils can indeed be deployed in 30H--but that's three units maximum...
  14. Eyepokes. Gotta have the eyepokes... Whacks in the head. Gotta have the whacks in the head... "Soitenly" spoken a lot. Gotta have those "soitenly"s... "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk" also spoken a lot. Gotta have those "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk"s... "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard". Gotta have those PA announcements... ...Yeah, the topic's title was pretty much begging for something like this...
  15. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    And to think I caught wind of this while on reveal trailer watch...At least I took this opportunity to nab links to both the Japanese and English versions for the wiki... Anyway, what do I think Feh would predict? Maybe...she, he, it, whatever?!...might peg Hector for a sword, Ephraim for an axe, Celica for a blue tome, and Veronica for a colorless dagger...