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  1. Assume you were in charge of selecting characters for a hypothetical DLC wave focused on a combination of Fire Emblem (GBA) and Fire Emblem Echoes. You have been told that the wave would consist of only a single character from each of the two games, one from Fire Emblem (GBA) and one from Fire Emblem Echoes. You have also been given an additional stipulation that you cannot choose Alm, Eliwood, or Hector. Which characters would you choose, and why?
  2. Nils in "Valorous Roland"

    Unfortunately, that's a common mistaken assumption. Many a source makes the "Nils rejoins at 30E/32H" claim, apparently because they didn't try to deploy him in 28E or 30H, and couldn't deploy him in 29E/31H and 29xE/31xH. And yes, Nils can indeed be deployed in 30H--but that's three units maximum...
  3. Eyepokes. Gotta have the eyepokes... Whacks in the head. Gotta have the whacks in the head... "Soitenly" spoken a lot. Gotta have those "soitenly"s... "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk" also spoken a lot. Gotta have those "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk"s... "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard". Gotta have those PA announcements... ...Yeah, the topic's title was pretty much begging for something like this...
  4. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    And to think I caught wind of this while on reveal trailer watch...At least I took this opportunity to nab links to both the Japanese and English versions for the wiki... Anyway, what do I think Feh would predict? Maybe...she, he, it, whatever?!...might peg Hector for a sword, Ephraim for an axe, Celica for a blue tome, and Veronica for a colorless dagger...
  5. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 ...Ideally, shouldn't this page be titled "Eleonora Yumizuru (Cipher)"? For starters, all of the other ''Tokyo Mirage Sessions'' Mirage Masters have their surnames in their titles, and her cards reflect her full name including surname on them... EDIT 8/11/18: Looks like it's been taken care of...
  6. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Better than the gold leaf the Chrom/Sumia shippers use...
  7. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    ...Yeah, from what I can tell, this new Lucina variation, especially the new assist skill, is clearly a "take that" to those who insist Chrom/Sumia to be undeniable canon based on flimsy evidence (for one, if the "Lovebirds" cutscene was intended to be taken as strong evidence, the European version wouldn't have renamed it "The Rescue"). This new assist skill is basically screaming "I'm an Olivia!Lucina" into a megaphone into a stadium microphone and makes pretty much no attempt to hide it (and Chrom/Olivia's the pairing in my main Awakening file)...
  8. Sharena is female Link from BoTW

    Yeah, I think the concept of stripping a female character down to underwear and be let out into action that way might have been too much to fit an E10+ rating. Did that with Fiora in Xenoblade Chronicles and sent her to her supposed death that way, but that game's T-rated and thus wasn't considered to be as worrisome to that game's older target audience. Anna, Anna, Kooloo-Limpah! ...Oh, great, now people aren't going to be able to get that disturbing image out of their head...
  9. Mistakes or errors on the site 2 A few errors on this page I've found: Set Contents section states that there's only 8 R+ and SR+ cards, but there's actually 14 like in all other sets (this was brought up previously, but that report focused on B08) (This one's been taken care of) Card 35: Listed as an N, but it's actually an HN Card 36: Listed as being from B06, but it's actually (and quite obviously!) from B10 Card 39: Listed as an HN, but its actually an N Card 99: Listed as colorless, but it's actually Hoshido/Nohr dual (This one's been taken care of in the same swoop as the first stricken point) (You might also want to check out this series of edit differences on a page on my user space on the wiki, which catches a few other errors in a few other sets based on a comparison between the set pages here and the equivalent pages on the official Japanese Cipher website; this is based on B01-B11 and S01-S09, with B12-B13 and S10 there being sourced directly from the Japanese Cipher website to begin with...)
  10. Wanted Bound Hero Battle Pairs

    <sarcasm>Shizas and Berkut. At the Border. Have Fernand be the third entry in the banner.</sarcasm> Personally I'd like to see Sumia and Cordelia in a pairing with the map based on Breakneck Pass, but the ideal third entry in the banner would be Phila, and I don't think she's got a good shot of getting into the summoning pool. (Yeah, I know Sumia's not currently in Heroes...) And if we ever get those laguz in the game, maybe Lethe/Lyre would be an excellent pairing, maybe on the 3-6 map from Radiant Dawn. Of course, the ideal third for the banner (Kyza) would be stirring the pot a bit...
  11. What games are you playing on your various devices?

    3DS: Fire Emblem Fates (digital Birthright base; currently preparing for chapter 22 of Birthright and Conquest), Pokémon Ultra Sun (physical; backburner, currently GTS trading for Unova Pokémon, sometimes grind for Pokédex entries), Pokémon Shuffle (try to keep my hearts flowing when awake; currently training to start Blau Salon) Switch: Sonic Forces (physical; beaten core vanilla story; currently registering times using Hard difficulty setting after initally playing on Normal and trying to earn remainder of avatar rewards; plan to play Episode Shadow after that task, and switch to Sonic Mania afterward), various Switch demos (try to knock out one per evening, although sometimes forced to defer based on tasks for Fire Emblem Wiki). Super Mario Odyssey (physical) was recently rotated out after 100% completion including 50-star Balloon World (the Wii U entry below was what was rotated in), but I occasionally check in to check on my still-extant balloons. Wii U: Xenoblade Chroncles (digital eShop copy of Wii game; just gotten Sharla on Bionis's Leg)
  12. New Heroes: Scattered Fangs

    ...Wonder if Canas might end up alluding to his ultimate fate in his lines? Since he's likely to be slow and physically squishy, I'm sure he'll be seen more as a magic tank, especially if given the right boon and bane assigned when summoned from the banner that gave him the Ayra treatment. (Last I checked, he's got no confirmed distrbution method--and since Ayra herself as well as Rhajat, the second one to get the Ayra treatment, got mis-pegged for other distribution methods before being shoved into ordinary focus banners, there's no guarantee he'll be a Grand Conquests or Tempest Trials reward...)
  13. Do you think we could see the Warriors weapons in Heroes?

    Slight snag in that, though--as far as the original Japanese depictions go, the Spellbane Yumi is already in Heroes, as a seasonal bow skill associated with New Year's Corrin. Localization opted to keep it in its untranslated Japanese name, Hama Ya, based on the seasonal event's theme. They'd have to come up with a different Japanese name if they wanted to get the Warriors incarnation of the Spellbane Yumi into Heroes...
  14. In my initial and main playthrough, in most cases, I keep my characters in the same class tree they started in, but the female Morgan I've got in it is one of my exceptions; I chose to end Morgan as a Grandmaster despite her starting as a Cleric (my male avatar married Lissa in that playthrough, a relic from when I initially thought I'd like Lissa better than I actually did). (My other exceptions: Vaike ended as Berserker, Nowi ended as Bride, Basilio ended as Dread Fighter, Say'ri ended as Griffon Rider.) The other two full playthroughs I'd undertaken for support purposes (one male avatar, one female avatar), I didn't actually train any Morgan even when I finalized my avatar pairing (once with Aversa, once with Priam)...
  15. If you were to pick an existing Fire Emblem series character to appear to join a Warriors-entry (be it a season 2 DLC for Warriors 1, a Warriors 2, Warriors 3, or so on and so forth) roster out of left field, which one would it be? My pick would be Moulder (from The Sacred Stones), perhaps as a surprisingly physically-tanky tome-wielding healer type (something that would be more expected of someone like Kliff from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)...