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  1. While in the process of putting on the early parts of enhancements to male Morgan's support page on the wiki (which tonight consisted of adding an infoxbox to the conversations that already have conversations, as well as adding Frederick's conversation since Frederick's the main focus of tonight's session), I ran into something on the this site's Awakening support growths page. On this site's Awakening support growths page, under Morgan (M), Morgan (F) is listed as one of the 4-8-13-18 supports; as anyone familiar with Awakening's mechanics knows, there is no instance where a player can have both Morgan (M) and Morgan (F) on the same team...
  2. The quiz told me Nohr. Strange, since I've preferred Birthright over Conquest through how much I've played... (For the record, my answers: Katana, Giant golems, Grow at your own pace, Strict moral code, Steak, Find a clever solution, Peace, Night owl, Bond.)
  3. I wouldn't trust our competitors over at the Fire Emblem Wikia as far as I could throw a Pebble over the lake where we first meet Azura (and I'm not that good at rock-skipping). Wikis as a whole are subject to fallacies, but quite a bit I've seen over at the Wikia takes the cake. Last time anyone there addressed the Mariza issue on the Wikia wiki's Camilla article, back in August, it got reverted within 47 minutes on the basis of "it's in the Japanese script", without providing hard proof to back up that view, and nobody's argued it since, a kind of shoddy service you'd never see on the NIWA wiki's article ("Mariza"'s never been tried there yet, but we'd ask for hard proof if it were to get tried). Not to mention that the Wikia once tried to fool people into thinking there was a cut Ike-Mia support in Path of Radiance (it took someone on the NIWA wiki calling it out for anyone to notice). Or that they're still fooling people into thinking Mirages in Awakening paralogue 22 are capable of wielding Rexcalibur. Or that they're tricking people into thinking Awakening and most of Fates have opening chapter narrations much like their predecessors. Not to mention the difficulty one would have finding some stuff starting from the search bar, given that they rarely hatnote and don't use disambig pages in every situation they could (good luck on finding information on any of the shards of the Starsphere, especially the Leo and the Libra, on the Wikia by typing the shard's name into the search bar)...
  4. Last I checked, Rutoga/Rutger is in the exact same boat Deke/Dieck is: neither had had the names from the stickers either reaffirmed or contradicted from any later source until this poll, and both of the characters in question are among the six whose only known official English names are met with a contradiction in the poll. The main reason I'm not as sore over Rutoga's contradiction is because far more sense can be made out of "Rutger" than "Dieck"...
  5. Pretty much anything that contradicts an existing official English name bugs me, but what takes the cake for me is Deke vs. Dieck (the former is the official English name, thanks to the SSBB sticker). This one had better not hold, or there will be no end to the offensive jokes that surround the name. One could pretty much play the same type of "error romanization" card here as with Ryan/Raian and Luke/Ruke. Pretty much anything would be an improvement over "Dieck"--Deke, Dirk, Duke, Vergil, etc., etc....
  6. Well, given the names Eine and Kleine used in the duties as Eremiya's assassins form a Mozart reference together, I'd have to think either the poll has some dirt about the latter's real name (i.e. like Katarina is to Eine), or the poll overlooked the Mozart reference.... Anyway, I really hope the name "Dieck" listed in the poll doesn't hold. For one, the character in question already has a localized name, Deke, by way of an SSBB sticker. For two, if "Dieck" were to hold, the offensive jokes would never stop. That and it doesn't make much sense--one could easily play the "official romanization made a mistake" card with this name like with Ryan/Raian and Luke/Ruke. Pretty much anything would be an improvement over "Dieck"--Deke, Dirk, Duke, Vergil, I could go on and on...
  7. ...How about making Corrin a Bow Knight? It's got sword access...
  8. Sorry to slightly derail the topic, but the castle the topic creator presented as an example does not actually have all resources. If you think it does, I'll give you one guess off the top of your head as to what level their Quartz Spring is...
  9. Primarily because the S-rank weapons aren't on the game's internal no-forge list.
  10. I was referring to the first chapter of the Heirs of Fate arc.
  11. Calling cards don't automatically add entries to the Avatar Logbook. You can view calling card options at the Bulletin Board in your Travelers' Plaza (this is where you can lock cards), or visit the castles associated with those calling cards by using the crystal ball -> View Castles -> Calling Cards -> the calling card you want. If you want to add entries to the Avatar Logbook, you gotta beat the castle's team in battle.
  12. ...As I figured for parts two through six, but that still doesn't answer the prices for part one...
  13. Yeah, please do...
  14. Well, considering how said doors are on the other end of the map, I'm not sure it would be much different. Even considering the fact he'd be the one closer to an entryway (yes, there's a way to easily counterpart Camilla's and Leo's retainers within each other [the other six retainer pairs give the rally item to the male and the healing item to the female], Niles would be Oboro's counterpart, while Beruka would be Azama's counterpart), the nearest door is still almost all the way on the other side, and Corrin's probably closer. It's probably the tougher task to determine if it's still Zola that (in this case) Takumi would be hunting, or if Zola would have a reasonable Hoshidan equivalent (I'm wagering the former since Zola appears all three ways normally)...
  15. I want to know a few things about the pricing schemes of the Heirs of Fate chapters in three particular countries, so I can put accurate information into the wiki articles I'm about to scratchpad (and, in the case of the last one, improve an already-existing page). The price example will go into an included template (example). In Japan: I've seen conflicting information about whether the Heirs of Fate maps are even available for separate purchase. The wiki's page about the Fates DLC model as a whole implies they are buyable separately at 300 yen apiece, but the Serenes page on the Japanese release schedule implies they are not buyable separately and only buyable as a 1500 yen six-map bundle. I want to know which is correct, so as not to include any inaccurate information about whether or not they can be bought separately (an example of how it'll be handled in case the "they're not buyable separately" outcome is true). In Australia and New Zealand: Just what are the prices for the Heirs of Fate maps and for Map Pack 2 as a whole? Normally I'd just plug the numbers as I'd see them on the Australian official website...but if the Australian official website had this information, I wouldn't be making this part of the query (and the pages on Serenes concerning DLC schedules for both Awakening and Fates have never included Australia and New Zealand info). Of particular interest is the price for the first map, I: In Endless Dreams; as there's no precedent to guess the price based on any other price trend (the other five Heirs of Fate maps could be guessed to be AUS$2.60 and NZ$3.40 based on pricing schemes in other regions, since the other five Heirs of Fate maps have prices in other regions matching that of the Japanese second series; meanwhile, Another Gift from Anna has its wiki page list question marks for the Map Pack 2 price in the AUS and NZ regions due to this missing information, but one can easily assume that chapter is free in those regions since it was free everywhere else). If anyone can help me fill in these prices, I would gladly appreciate it...