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  1. Ok, my bad, didn't know that. Thanks for the info. ^^
  2. The two notifications seem to be inconsistent... In the English one, Ike and Ephraim are planned for March. In the French one, it's Gunnthra and Ike. I'd say the english one is correct because we got : - Fjorm in Gunnthra's banner - Fjorm and Gunnthra in Ike's banner - Gunnthra and Ike in Ephraim's. So the English notification means : - Ike and Ephraim in March LH's banner - Ephraim and March LH for April LH's. which follows the pattern of last LH banners.
  3. I kinda wish it now too. XD Grey, Clair, Berkut, Mae, Ephraim, M!Robin, L'Arachel. Gotta go with my favs. I would have voted Marisa, Rinea, Stahl, Leo, Oboro, Shiro and Lute too if it the poll lasted 2 weeks, but shame... :( Good thing last poll's winners aren't in this one.
  4. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    I was planning to make my Alm viable in my team. But he's -SPD +RES... which doesn't go well with his Windsweep skill... I could just wait for another one to pop but who knows how long it'd take... Yet, I think I made a mistake when I gave him this current set: so I intended to give him this one: Any thoughts?
  5. Opinions on Invoke and Conjure?

    So far Invoke has been useful, but that's all, I don't especially like it. It is broken, while also being a curse for the summoner. I mean, I was surrounded by Gargoyles in the Temple of Mila's map, and Genny summoned Illusions that surrounded her. So I couldn't heal her with Celica, and she was shot by a passing Archer that I haven't paid attention to.... Screw my carelessness... Else it saved my skin quite some times. Yet, I tend to forget this mechanic is here unless I'm in a pinch. Also I wonder why the number of invocations is random. When I saw the "up to eight units summoned max" in the description, I had thought that you could summon as many illusions as you wish up to 8 Illusion but the more you summon, the more HP you sacrifice. Then I tested it, and I was disappointed to see it was random. Sometimes, I hoped that I had summoned 8 Illusions and I only summoned 4 and it wasn't enough to protect all my units (or I could also try less risky tactics, but it isn't really my playstyle...). My other complaint is how the level of the invocations don't scale with the summoner's. the Illusions are so weak it hurts... They are just meat shield...minus the meat part. Well, I don't want them to steal my units' exp either but 1 damage is pretty lame. On the other hand, Conjure is extremely annoying. Sending raids of Gargoyles was the worst thing they could have done... And I haven't come across Dolth yet, but I'm sure the Necrodragons will be a pleasure to deal with... Not to mention they put Cantors on Supplies tile, which makes the fight even more tedious that it already was. Not to mention the Creatures are too weak to bring enough EXP. In the end, I think Invoke was OK, but I think it can be much better. And they need to tone down with Conjure, I had enough with Cantors already, and the game hasn't ended yet
  6. What Continent Should FE Switch Be On?

    Somewhere else sounds good. As much as I believe that Magvel needs more recognition, I really want to see a new continent with a proper name (*cough*Fateslandia*cough*), a proper world building and possibly no parallel dimension as Deeprealm shenanigans. They can keep an Outrealm Gate or whatever they want to call it for DLC purposes only, and cross over with other worlds if it pleases them, as long as it doesn't impact the main story. Time-traveling in Awakening and the nonsensical Deeprealms in Fates are more than enough parallel worlds.
  7. Official Website up

    Same! I rarely play outside anyway, almost only at home. Back to the topic, E3 is in a bit more than a week right? So maybe the wait isn't too long before we get a Nintendo Direct with an actual new trailer, with a supposedly English dub directly in the trailer, rather than on the site (and maybe one trailer for Fire Emblem Switch too hopefully). And, well, they could re-use the English VAs they already hired for Awakening and Fates characters, and the Heroes VAs for SD characters, so I would find it weird for them not to, as they did for Heroes.
  8. Official Website up

    Just kidding, alright :p
  9. Official Website up

    Inb4 Shion and Marth duet as FE:W opening!
  10. Official Website up

    Darios sounds like the Darius, a Persan King who attacked Athens. I wouldn't be surprised he becomes turns his coat. Twins who are betrayed by close friend. Sounds like deja vu, I suspect he becomes possessed somewhere... So far I like what has been shown. But Shion recalls me of TMS and "Super Saiyan Marth". I can't stop seeing this now...
  11. Wedding Banner Revealed

    Got a good laugh as they went full brides, no Eirika, Charlotte being released as a bride first (as they did for Xander), and Cordelia being in this banner. XD I like this banner, and the fact that poor Cordelia finally has a decent art. Those skills look pretty useful too. Maybe I'll spend some orbs to pull them... when I will get some.
  12. Wedding Banner Speculation

    Yeah, I see what you mean. Well, I wasn't really hoping for anything actually, don't worry. Whoever it is going to be, the revelation will be nice all the same, or at least, it's the way I see it. But again, I appreciate your advice. I tend to throw wild guesses based on so very little information, so I think you brought me back down to earth, or so to speak.
  13. Wedding Banner Speculation

    Yes, this is very true, thanks for the advice. ^^ Then, we'll just have to wait until Tuesday and see who it could actually be. Can't say I'm not curious, though.
  14. Wedding Banner Speculation

    True, but I went by last event's logic, with Chrom&Lucina, Camilla&Xander. I suppose you can call it a mere guess, because, as you said, it could as well not be the case.
  15. Wedding Banner Speculation

    Lyn is pretty much confirmed at this point. The other might be Eirika. No idea, but it'd mean the other too would most probably be Eliwood and Ephraim. Or maybe is it Ninian so we have Lyn, Ninian, Hector, Eliwood... Now I'm curious.