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  1. The responses lol. I voted: 1. Merric because he's iconic, Marth's friend and Linde's coming soon so why not? 2. Vaike because I think we need a proper infantry axe user and he comes from Awakening. 3. Kaze, the introduction of Shurikens would be pretty cool and innovative.
  2. What character is your main?

    Yeah the idea if main is kinda out of place since basically you need to use most units. Anyways, my favorite per weapons are: Sword: it's a tie between Lianna and Chrom, but most sword users are awesome. I love Marth's strong attacks as well. Axe: Frederick, early game mobility and hitting hard save my days and helped me grab some S ranks at History Map. I also hate Lissa's Strong III where she falls to the floor, I said wtf. Lance: Hinoka, good fucking lord she hits hard with her Warrior Special. And Hinokopter is tons fun, besides Hectorcopter. Bow: Takumi, I guess I find him the best since Sakura struggles a bit at killing non flying enemies, plus his special is cool. I haven't used Niles though. Tomes/Stones: Elise/Leo, I love Ginnungagap, and Tiki doesn't appeal to me quite enough to like her. This is without using DLC units and Lyn/Celica because I'm still on my 1st run :)
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The WoM swd fighter tho! Those days, where Takumi, Cordelia and Linde were my most feared enemies on the arena.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Wrys helped me clear Robin's GHB and that's something! My story team was Alfonse, Sharena, Lyn and Robin. It was pretty good but I failed horribly against Bruno. That chapter was a nightmare, and Veronica's!
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Wow one year ago:
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I hadn't had the chance to use Firesweep weapons because Faye and Rody never bothered to meet me, but fortunately Soleil appeared. And fucking goodness they're beast. I currently run LnD 3 +spd Soleil with Heavy Blade 3 seal that basically deletes most stuff with Moonbow. No wonders why people fear Firesweep Lyn so much. Also, I've had this idea and I think it would be cool. Why doesn't Heroes manage content about a specific game per month? Like, take February to expand content on Archanean units, specifically from Shadow Dragon, and feature a full chapter/paralogue, a squad assault, a GHB, a BHB, a Tempest Trial and some special quest/map? I'd love it if they do so, personally. Also also Rowan, Lianna when? I'd also love to see some of these Heroes in their promoted Warriors outfit. For instance, the OCs can be 2 reds and 1 colorless (Lianna/staff), Marth can come with Exalted Falchion, Caeda with Wing Spear, Tiki with Divine Breath (green?), Chrom with Falchion, Lucina with Parallel Falchion, Robin with... what? Levin Sword or Book of Naga? Corrins as Nohr and Hoshido Nobles (with their respectives Yato), Ryoma and Xander with some Divine version of their swords? = EDIT = @Anacybele some users previously noted the same, and I thought the same as well, but @Vaximillian said 6 orbs go to your gift list and the other 6 are summed up to your inventory.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    It'd be nice if they included a good batch of RD units, be it by making a chapter including parts 1 and 2 and another one including parts 3 and 4, leaving enough room for a good bunch of new units to be included. In fact, I'd like if they add a set of 20-30 new characters to expand the 3-5☆ pool. Imagine, the new characters would include: - Elincia (Absorb, staff Physic flier, Heavenly Light, Renewal, Ward Fliers) - Lucia (Storm Sword with built-in DC, Parity (B) negates enemy buffs and bonuses during combat and negates any enemy skill that manipulate attack order) - Geoffrey (Brave Lance/Bow, Sol, Cavalry formation: goad and ward cavalry skills' range is increased by 1, Goad cavalry) - Bastian (wind mage with Gronnowl?, Blazing Wind, Swift Strike, Corrosion (B) Unit can't make follow up attacks. Negates enemy counterattack if unit's Spd >1 of enemy's spd) And they would be in a single banner. The other banner would be DBers: - Edward (Caladbolg (+3 str, -1 CD), Astra, Wrath) - Leonardo (Lughnasadh (+3 spd), Windsweep/Watersweep) - Nolan (Tarvos (+3 def, negates enemy buffs during combat), some stance skill buffing str/spd and def, Vantage) - Laura (probably Nosferatu if blue mage or a new staff with BrideLyn's staff or Dazzling Staff, and Res Ploy). Also, a Holy Guard banner with Sigrun, Tanith, Marcia and Haar. Sigrun <3
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    It'd be cool if GHBs included the villain's theme or battle track. I thought Oliver would have his glorious theme :(
  9. Still people debating who stole Micaiah's spotlight? Nobody stole nothing, the writers just decided Micaiah was used as a vessel for Yune and a means to save Tellius. Period. My votes will go to Micaiah, but if Askr OCs are included then I'd vote for Bruno, Veronica and Alfonse.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ooh is Bruno going to be on the CYL poll as well? Damnit RALLY BRUNO we need Bruno before they do whatever they do to him on story mode. Come on people, vote Bruno for BRAVE BRUNO Also, bought the starter kit for the merges, it's a good deal ~ They should provide montly gifts as well or special packs like these.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Wow Feb 2nd is almost there, and a FEH stream is definitely coming in a week and a few days. I hope they gift us with a free full summon session :D = EDIT = Plus some "CYL" banner of some sort.
  12. Nintendo Labo

    It probably will serve as base for future concepts/projects, who knows. But Nintendo is definitely investing on quite a lot of stuff with the Switch's profits. After all, it's been its best console so far.
  13. Did you play/like TMS?

    I had quite a few issues with bosses, as they were challenging, but in the end I always managed to beat them with whatever characters I used. I usually rotated them and ended using pretty bad matchups but resetted and faced them again. The only fixed party I used against Medeus was Itsuki, Tsubasa and Kiria/Touma.
  14. Nintendo Labo

    Idk if most of the people reacting over the internet (not only the forum) are aware that this game is intended for kids. Personally I'm impressed (or shocked) at Nintendo's creativity. I love the concept and it is coherent with Nintendo's objective, but don't know if it will be successful with nowadays kids. The idea of making figures out of cardboard and playing mini games with parents seem like a cool and familiar plan to me, but I think $70 is too much.
  15. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    Idk who he is but that's up to each one, honestly. I did the same with Summoners War and Phantom of the Kill and uninstalled them, despite having invested periodically on both games, and don't regret it. Different it is with Heroes because I'm an FE fan and will always supported. The game itself has done overall a pretty decent job considering this is one of Nintendo's first mobile apps. The game has its good and lame moments but all in all it's been good and consistent, and I appreciate it.