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  1. I'm back with this after tempest torture! Act 2 Priory: Gave +3 Spd to Boey because his base spd sucks. Novis Cemetery - 4/48 Boey went left and Celica followed while dealing with the northern zombies. Had to chip everyone and heal to survive and clear this faster. Zofia Seaway 1 - 5/53 I don't remember the tc correctly because I did this a lof of days ago but I'll confirm tc once I finish. Boey had enough spd to double pirates, too bad both Celica and Boey need like 11 or 12 str to orko them. Zofia Seaway 2 - 5/58 Originally got like 7 or 8 turns here but restarted it to improve tc, and in the next try Boey crtkilled both the pirate boss and the merc so I went forward with it. Boey has gotten some pretty good levels that he's looking better than Celica. Good thing he orkos archer with thundah. The Pirate Throne - 8/66 Fuck I thought everything was route so I cleared every enemy before dealing with the boss. Anyways. Saved Leon and Boey got the kill. Zofia Seaway 3 - 10/76 Screw cantor summons. Leon got a lot of exp to promote next chapter. Killing the cantor was chip and Celica dealt the final blow with Seraphim. Zofia Seaway 4 - 4/80 Celica with Steel Sword one rounds pirates while Boey and Leon snipe the archers from afar. The merc was left with half hp enough for Boey to one shot him at enemy phase instead of healing hp. Went back to the Priory to promote Leon. Undrafteds dealt with the Novis Cemetery Zombies. Seabound Shrine - 3/83 Boey swaps (Leather Shield) Leon so he can reach the forest and deal "safely" against Necrodragons. The rest was Boey and Celica crtkilling them. Seabound Shrine Interior Trained Boey and lv up Leon. Leon got +2 res and Golden Apple for extra lv while Boey got 2 lv ups from spring to promote to Sage. Zofia Seaway 5 - 4/87 Leon deals exactly 8x2 dmg to boss so he stays at half hp and suicides at Leon at enemy phase. I think this can be cleared with 3 turns but meh. Saggitae is awesome. Zofia Gate - 4/91 Celica crt sunders Cantor boss while Masked Paladin deals with the arcanists on the middle. Stats CELICA | PRIESTESS | LV. 11.71 | HP 26 | ATK 17 | SKL 14 | SPD 12 | LCK 12 | DEF 11 | RES 8 BOEY | SAGE | LV. 12/1.86 | HP 32 | ATK 14 | SKL 10 | SPD 11 | LCK 15 | DEF 12 | RES 7 LEON | SNIPER | LV. 7/7.1 | HP 35 | ATK 14 | SKL 12 | SPD 9 | LCK 11 | DEF 9 | RES 4 Leon is going to promote pretty soon whoo!
  2. @JSND lol my calcs are the best. Whoops @shadowofchaos I haven't cleared the june quests completely due to Tempest Trials and Mobius FF/SoV catching my attention I'm currently training my new Hinoka to finish the flier quests, then I'll head to horse team and finally armor emblem. Regarding the Gauntlet I wanted to support either Clarine or Priscilla but I'll stick to Clarine because she's Pent and Louise's daughter :D
  3. If my calcs aren't terrible a +10 Rein with Death Blow 3, Hone buff and +12 from spur/goad would orko even +Res Julias (neutral HP) at default level with no Res buffs/spurs. If she's +10, Rein would double her and kill her unless she equips Fury 3 and/or Tomebreaker B 3.
  4. @JSND @Vaximillian Yup, I've gotten a bunch of reins. First it was 2 4☆ reins on some of his banners and both were -atk. Afterwards I got his first 5☆ version with -atk as well and I merged the lot of them. Finally on this banner I got another 4☆ version +Atk -HP and broke the vantage banner rate by getting another 5☆ version of him +Res -HP, so I decided to invest 20K on the +Atk one. Not regretting it although I don't have neither of Xander nor Camus at 5☆. Speaking of augments, my past 20k were for Tharja who roflstomped tempest. WORTH IT My first promotion was Alfonse as well *high five*
  5. So after getting 20K feathers I managed to augment the 4☆ Rein I got a few days ago. Look at this little monster, omg Rein is so awesome.
  6. Worst sleep schedule ever, not even in college/mid term stuff. Only 5 hrs of sleep on the past 2-3 days.
  7. @Soul~! @MrSmokestack
  8. @Soul~! @MrSmokestack Last night I hit 20k and got Breath of Life Seal. Watch me get Quickened Pulse by tomorrow! HOPE WILL NEVER DIE! Also Julia has 2k hm lol and tharja like 1.6k sp so pro
  9. F Yes. Stahl is there and I'll throw him at the arena this season. Cecilia, Rein, Abel and Stahl will wreck shit! HORSE WAR IS REAL
  10. Yup! I haven't touched tempest pretty much because Mobius have had more cool stuff and the grinding is real! I'm confident I can do it as I safely get 705 with this team. Hone Atk 3 Tharja one rounds Vero with Desperation which is amazing. Actually, Tharja alone swipes vero and her companion with Olivia. The mage cav is either dealt with Sharena (she can orko some leos) and Julia (rip rein and olwen). The other cav is dealt by either the mages or sharena and the armor is stomped by the mages. @Soul~! Watch me break 100K by the end of tempest!
  11. Oh god I'm pretty late for this. I'm at 7k score, I hope I can reach 100k with the 3 days left! Team is Sharena, Julia, Olivia and Tharja. Pretty consistent so far even in recovery thanks to Julia's breath of life and Tharja's Ardent Sacrifice. Sharena and Olivia buff the shit if them.
  12. Cool congratz! I still need to break the 5☆ focus rate on Vantage banner until I get a +Atk Rein. Funny because I got one but 4☆! the 5☆ version I have is -atk raeg
  13. Rip score. Though honestly it makes little difference as my best score has been around 4806 and 4810 at tier 19 so ~ Speaking of mage sets for arena, I encountered a team of 4 red mages: Henry (raudhraven), Lilina (raudhraven and ta), Celica and Sanaki. Worst part was that I only had Sharena for blue lol. I still managed to beat them without deaths
  14. So today I changed my arena team for Tharja, Sharena, Reinhardt and Cecilia and while it has been pretty good at checking color threats it reduced my arena score. However, I think I'll settle it and stay between Tiers 18 and 19. The only changes I plan to do are giving Lancebreaker 3 to Rein, give a breaker to Cecilia instead of Escape Route and a better proc (or even Astra) and give Tharja a different proc (although Vengeance, Ardent Sacrifice and Desperation blend well).
  15. Did GHB until now! Even infernal. Team was horse team with Rein, Cecilia, Priscilla and Stahl. Stahl is 4☆, while the rest are 5☆. First it was honing all of them with Stahl and Cecilia. Cecilia goes up facing the brave bow archer and the blue cav, Stahl stood below Cecilia, Rein went to def tile below archer range but on red mage range, and Priscy went below Rein. Blue cav and archer died to gronnraven cecilia. Both legions break wall and reinforcements appear. Next turn, Rein and Cecilia kill southern legion, Priscilla regroups and Stahl swaps with Cecilia. Red mage fights Rein again and the other two legions approach (one of them attacks stahl). On turn 3, (ok I forgot) priscilla finishes off red mage, Rein and Cecilia team up to deal with the blue mage (?) And stahl defends the other two legions. The rest was rein and priscy dealing with the sword cav, while Cecilia and Stahl team up against the rest of the legions, retreating for hone and baiting enemies according to triangle advantage.