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  1. They should totally place a unit o each tile to fill the map! Seriously speaking, you have a point, but I think it wouldn't hurt if they add 1 or 2 NPCs max, it'd be fun. Idk, depending on the chapter they can be design to either flee from the enemy, defend a spot or route the enemy.
  2. Speaking of various subjects, Heroes hasn't introduced neutral army (green units). We need it to give the game a plus at content and strategizing. I think the next TT will be SS themed, I hope. Can Saleh have Excalibur? Can we even have 2 Excaliburs? Or maybe they will give him an exclusive Excalibur like Sonya. Inb4 light excalibur, or better, they make Saleh a light mage. I think regalia goes Joshua/Audhulma, Duessel/Garm, Tana/Vidofnir, Innes/Nidhogg, Saleh/Excalibur, Artur/Ivaldi, Knoll/Gleipnir and L'Arachel/Latona. I want Natasha
  3. I'll do standard cav sweeping. This time I might bring Olwen and Reinhardt to pulverize them Oh right Cecilia too.
  4. This is so fucking nuts. I'm training Gray on TT from normal to hard and his SP is increasing like exponentially /0\. Also fucking hell my Genny has base 52atk at tempest. Defiant Atk and Delthea's drive can bump her to 61 lulz. Sadly I sacrificed DA fodder rip
  5. What skills would work for my Gray? He's +HP -Spd and so far the skills I have available are Ignis/G Tomebreaker 3, Vantage 3 and Hone Atk 3. Would it be worth it by running a Brave Sword+ build?
  6. Soooo I finally broke my rate by getting a +HP -Spd Gray. Definitely wanted it to be +Atk but oh well. I have a Brave Sword+ available, I wonder if it'll make him better? Also, in the process I got a 4☆ +spd -def Lilina aaaaand I have a Rauđrblade+ ready to be inherited. I also have a 4☆ Leon +spd -res ready to promote and get merged. Damnit decisions decisions!
  7. He meant Caeda what r u smokin Hardn?
  8. Imo save the blade tome for a better stat spread. You can make Linde a support unit by keeping Aura and giving her Breath of Life, so she can heal up to 12HP to adjacent allies. Give her Glacies for a stronger special and probably Fury and Desperation or Renewal plus her standard Ardent Sacrifice assist.
  9. There's no hint of Tethys being skilled with magic despite Ewan being talented at it and determined to be a full-fledged mage. Reading through her supports I hope Marisa gets her Shamshir and animated to fight with her left hand.
  10. So there's no indication of Tethys having a talent apart from dancing and captivating/inspiring people. My guess is either being a sword unit or a tome unit.
  11. I derped the "axe peg" But actually the thought process behind making him an axe flier is because most wyverns introduced have been axe users, like Narcian's case. The rest have been made originally to what they are in their versions but I think it'd be nice and unique instead of making him another standard lance flier. I think it'd be pretty nice as Glen felt like an actual ally instead of an enemy. I felt sorry for his death :( Is there any indicative on Tethys's talents on her supports? There might be a hint on what weapon she might use.
  12. STOP DA CAPS I'm really excited with all the new stuff that can come with SS, specially fliers and cavaliers, a good variety of them. We still have lance pegs with Vanessa but we have potential sword peg with Syrene <3, and axe peg with Cormag. We have Valter but I can't wait for a sword wyvern like Glen! Cavaliers also have good stuff with Forde and Kyle (sword and lance, respectively) but we also have DIESSELTANK (axe knight YES) and Orson (either Runesword or Spear please, with DC built in). We have new colorless with Colm and Rennac as thieves, Neimi as archer and possibly Gerik as Bow knight PLZ. He can also be a Saber clone tho. A big mystery to me is how will they add Tethys? My guess is a sword dancer like Olivia. Iirc she's from Jehanna and Marissa and Joshua are from there, being sword users, plus she's related to Gerik.
  13. Wow finally SS banner. I totally wasn't expecting it but did called a SS Paralogue. I hope the next addition is a Story chapter of Sacred Stones ala SoV to expand their world and characters. The banner has expected people but I'm surprised Amelia came her so fast, I'd rather add Saleh or Duessel instead of her. I also would like Orson as the next GHB. All skills looks pretty nice and interesting to play around. FINALLY AN AXE ARMOR TO CHANGE SHEENA
  14. luna canas procs luna Double luna meta
  15. They can make it a signature weapon to Canas, for example, with average stats.