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  1. Having played all the TRS games, as well as being knowledgeable about the plots of those games as well as some of the hidden shit inside their guts, I can say with confidence the Tellius games wouldn't be much different at all. This portrait is left unused in TRS's files. Does she look familiar? Yeah, it's Elincia. And thanks to various translations from the Berwick Saga fan translation team, Sanaki appears to have been a Kaga concept too, going off the fact that game has a character in it's backstory named the "Apostle Sanacia", so Tellius at the very least wouldn't be much different, at least from what I've seen regarding both the TRS games as a series and Tellius. Elibe prolly wouldn't have changed much either, but that's more due to how FE6 and TRS 1 grew up together and shared development cycles for some time. 3DS FE, I have no clue how that would've turned out, prolly not that different cause hey, Awakening had to sell out for a reason, tho Fates, given Kaga's habit of changing the formula between games as well as him actually giving a shit about the story would have been very different in the end.
  2. >Not translating the dialouge. >Celice What is this piece of crap? Come back when you have a translation of actual quality mmm'kay.
  3. Are Marth and Roy in this game
  4. Technically speaking, there is no official explanation for why Dragons degenerated in Archanea, Jugdral, Valentia, and Nolore Fatesland, but as Vincent pointed out, the Scouring could have very easily had much further reaching effects than FE6 and 7 would led us to believe. Something I always found interesting that could relate to that is that Earth Dragons are the only tribe to appear in Archenea but not appear in Elibe, and by the same token, Archanean Earth Dragons were the only tribe to be very vocally opposed to using dragonstones to attempt to combat degeneration. Why are the Earth Dragons the only tribe to be so highly against becoming manketes, could they be only ones without real knowledge that it works, because they weren't around to witness the scouring, and because of this lack of knowledge, their pride was able to overtake their better judgement?
  5. Fun fact, a craftsman is not only as good as his tools, people have completed projects using FE editor, hell, people have made projects without it. If you're truly able to do something amazing, you do not need FEXNA to do the job, FE8 and its build files are capable of doing almost as much now, it's just the matter of actually doing something with them.
  6. Here ya go
  7. Actual Game Quality
  8. This here makes FE8 an actually good game. Patch it to clean FE8 rom. Enhanced
  9. I fail to see this "wait" bug everyone is reporting here. Again, I used the latest patch.
  10. Weird, I checked using this same download, and none of the tales have this bug, are you people using clean roms lel, cause that's what I did.
  11. 7th and 8th FE reps when?
  12. She can solo Hard Mode. I did it once for an FE7 lord solo run I did, she doesn't need Nils or Serra for support, tho Nils is needed if you give a shit about turncounts, which I didn't so lol Fun fact, she won't hit level 20 naturally if she solos LHM, she'll hit level 19 tho
  13. I mean, shooting a gun is much more impactful than a crossbow so yeah
  14. They'd actually be fun to use unlike Crossbows which I legit forgot existed in my FE10 run
  15. Dragonstone mechanics, Dismount, Anri's Way being more tolerable in 3 because magic pokemoned on dragons. All of these things are NOT present in 12, and these are off the top of my head.