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    Welcome to MCProductions' SF page on which you are reading my interests. (obviously)

    I have a youtube channel by the same name that I intend to start uploading videos up to again soon.

    I'm a big fan of Metal Gear and FE(No duh on the latter right), and I will flat out say that my biggest wish for an FE game is one to be directed by Hideo Kojima.

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    Lyn x Eliwood(come at me ElixNinian fans)
    Hector x Florina(come at me Lyn x Hector fans)
    Ike x Lethe
    MRobin x Tiki
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    Roy x Sue(Apparently I have a thing for pairing Pheraens with Sacaens)

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  1. Where is the gun tho Ngl, as someone who considers Shadow's game a guilty pleasure, I'm more looking forward to this than the base game
  2. Project: Elibean Chronicle 1002 Platform: FE6 Showing: LP
  3. FE3 Book 1 has neater mechanics and looks nicer than FE11, but has less content overall and a worse translation. FE11 is more in line with modern day FE titles than Book 1, but comes across as more generic because of it. I personally prefer Book 1 myself fwiw for its FE3isms, but I can see why people prefer FE11
  4. Least Favorite is FE12 so I guess here's 5 things I do enjoy about it Wrys It's fan translation Tho I don't hold the support convos themselves in high regard, I appreciate them being there BSFE maps I do appreciate having the ability to play a harder version of my favorite FE Which brings me to... FE3 is my favorite, so here we go The map design, in particular 3 and THAT DESERT CHAPTER Its really slow. This can be fixed by messing around in the options menu, but the default settings are so slow Its fan translation is garbage It's way too easy And BY FAR, my least favorite thing about the game that for some unGodly reason, was NOT fixed in the remakes, ONLY Marth can visit villages
  5. I always hard patch so...
  6. I got both of them from here. These patches go on Headered Roms
  7. This happened
  8. Let's not forgot Berwick's Apostle Sanacia who cannot hear the Goddess's voice. There's also a certain something hidden inside TRS1 I will always find curious, Elincia. This isn't a fanmade portrait in TRS's style, this was found in the first game's files. On topic, having played the Japanese version, I can say I'm pretty damned hyped for this
  9. The save should work, seeing that it does when switching to untranslated
  10. The man, the myth, the legend
  11. Dellhonne
  12. #hype
  13. But are you doing Vestaria tho? Good work on this tho, now I can much more easily understand one of my 3 favorite FEs
  14. Having played all the TRS games, as well as being knowledgeable about the plots of those games as well as some of the hidden shit inside their guts, I can say with confidence the Tellius games wouldn't be much different at all. This portrait is left unused in TRS's files. Does she look familiar? Yeah, it's Elincia. And thanks to various translations from the Berwick Saga fan translation team, Sanaki appears to have been a Kaga concept too, going off the fact that game has a character in it's backstory named the "Apostle Sanacia", so Tellius at the very least wouldn't be much different, at least from what I've seen regarding both the TRS games as a series and Tellius. Elibe prolly wouldn't have changed much either, but that's more due to how FE6 and TRS 1 grew up together and shared development cycles for some time. 3DS FE, I have no clue how that would've turned out, prolly not that different cause hey, Awakening had to sell out for a reason, tho Fates, given Kaga's habit of changing the formula between games as well as him actually giving a shit about the story would have been very different in the end.
  15. >Not translating the dialouge. >Celice What is this piece of crap? Come back when you have a translation of actual quality mmm'kay.