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    Welcome to MCProductions' SF page on which you are reading my interests. (obviously)

    I have a youtube channel by the same name that I intend to start uploading videos up to again soon.

    I'm a big fan of Metal Gear and FE(No duh on the latter right), and I will flat out say that my biggest wish for an FE game is one to be directed by Hideo Kojima.

    My OTPs(apparently those are important here)
    Lyn x Eliwood(come at me ElixNinian fans)
    Hector x Florina(come at me Lyn x Hector fans)
    Ike x Lethe
    MRobin x Tiki
    FRobin x Chrom
    Roy x Sue(Apparently I have a thing for pairing Pheraens with Sacaens)

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  1. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Overhaul

    I don't recall anyone liking him for doing it either, so your point eludes me
  2. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Overhaul

    If they know what the changes actually ARE in a rebalance hack and they happen to like the changes, sure people will play it. You did not do that despite double posting so people have more than a right to call you out on it since they have no incentive to try this product you just randomly left here.
  3. Is it any good?

    Tearring Saga is one of my 3 favorite FE games, so I think so at least Berwick is kinda a mess, but still quite fun. Vestaria hates the player with a burning passion but is very rewarding despite this imo.
  4. Heroes Team Poster Requests

    ATiki, MRobin, OG Lyn, and Eliwood
  5. Things you don't like about your favorite games.

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Time Relics, when I'd rather exploit a glitch to get 106% completion than do it the right way, you screwed something up MGS2: This is not a game, it's a movie, and this fact kills the 20% that tries to be a game Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem: No Fast Foward button for enemy phase, Chapter 3
  6. Did you like My Castle?

    Berwick Saga did it first and better I liked it in terms of gameplay, tho I'm really not a fan of the pocket demension explanation. That was just dumb, especially since Corrin, regardless of route takes a fortress that would be perfect for the job before the split even begins.
  7. Syphon Filter 3, I loved the game to death when I was younger, and as a GAME, I still do but... Holy ASS what happened to the story? I never thought I'd see a game story where literally nothing happens but they STILL resort to asspulls to save the main character, including reviving a character who died in Syphon Filter 2 with the excuse "She was just wounded". Bullshit, she was shot in the head, and Syphon Filter is VERY CLEAR that headshots equal death in this series
  8. Radiant Dawn Remake

    Make it actually good. Honestly, there's so much that needs fixing in FE10 that they'd be better off making a new game, or making an actually good remake of FE3 that actually gives a shit about the game it's remaking
  9. Warriors JP Cartridge in English

  10. So, why didn't anyone buy this game?

    Game met expectations in terms of sales. Stop trolling, you're not good at it.
  11. Did Nada Kuya have (a) Falchion?

    Calling it now, FE8 Tempest in Heroes will establish Masked Marth as Nada Kuya
  12. what causes this to be a glitch? Literally 2 bytes were messed up when FE7 was developed, seriously. That's the technical why, as the game returns unexpected values when you reset when a mine goes off, so the game doesn't really know what to do with it so it lets you control the enemy
  13. Way to hack elysian whips in?

    If you were playing on the Wii U's Virtual Console, the Online Shop functions offline, but in regards to cheats for emulation, I know they exist, but the only one I have adds EVERY item to your inventory so...
  14. Duma is Loptyr? (MAJOR SPOILERS for FE4 and Echoes!)

    Anri slayed Medeus 100 years before Echoes, not 1000 498– Anri, a youth of Altea, a developing town in a remote region, obtains the divine Falchion sword and slays Medeus. 605– Medeus is defeated by Prince Marth, and the Dolunian Empire collapses.– End of the War of Shadows (600-605). Echoes occurs in the year 605 in the Archenean calender, further evidenced by people who fought in the War of Shadows in FE1 appearing alive and well in Echoes and referenceing that very same war The full timeline is right here, Duma =/= Loptyr
  15. Duma is Loptyr? (MAJOR SPOILERS for FE4 and Echoes!)

    Duma is a Divine Dragon, Loptyr was an Earth Dragon before he became a Book Spirit thing. Ergo, they are not the same dragon because they are both different species of dragon