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    Ike x Lethe
    MRobin x Tiki
    FRobin x Chrom
    Roy x Sue(Apparently I have a thing for pairing Pheraens with Sacaens)

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  1. Why do you keep playing Fire Emblem?

    Because I'm a masochist I keep playing Fire Emblem because it is a game series that is fun to play
  2. Camus vs. Quan

    Quan: HP: 80 Str: 27 Mag: 15 Skl:22 Spd:22 Luck:30 Def:23 Res: 18 Holy Weapon boosts: Str+ 10, Skl +10, Def + 10 Camus: HP: 60 Str:25 Mag:21 Skl:28 Spd:25 Luck:25 Def/30 Res/25 This is both of their absolute maximum stats, Camus' feats may be more notable, but Quan has the benefit of a FE4 Holy weapon which is superior to Gradivus even without 1-2. Quan's doing 37 damage per hit, one Adept proc and Camus is dead.
  3. FE1 had very little space to work with, they literally did not have the rom space to give many characters , i.e. anyone of than Gotoh or you use the Res Boosting items on, a res stat
  4. Why is Grima so large?

    Hate to burst your bubble, but those aren't both the same type of dragon, the fire dragons in FE6 are War Dragons made by Idoun, and are smaller because they are artificially made while FE7's Final Boss is a true dragon and would be full size because he's a true dragon.
  5. Why is Grima so large?

    12 retconned it to be this way, but in vanilla 3, Dragon's Table only had Earth Dragons
  6. Is Mage!Kliff really that bad?

    It's not that he's bad as a mage, Excalibur alone makes you a fine mage, he's just laughably inferior to his original FE2 self.
  7. Anyone who doesn't vote pantsless Marth has shit taste
  8. I like the new FEs because they are games that are fun to play
  9. Why does so many people hate this character???

    Kris is my most hated character in the entire franchise for 4 reasons. One, he outright steals lines from Marth, 2. he's a second grader's self insert in a fan fiction, 3. FE3's themes get undermined outright by some of the scenes he steals, and most importantly 4. his existence in a game that is a remake of a Kaga FE is basically a giant fuck you from IS to him when he has openly stated he doesn't want self inserts in his games, basically by including him, IS pulled the equivalent of taking the first Super Mario Bros game, taking something Shigeru Miyamoto stated he absolutely hates in games, and remaking the entire game to fit that specific addition. Reason 4 alone was enough to make me hate his guts, but let's go deeper shall we. FE3 was a story how history is not black and white and that understanding the actual truth of history is important, and FE12, to justify why Kris wasn't in FE3 , has Marth and co completely leave Kris out of the History Books. This is because Marth didn't learn the world's actual history in 12, with it instead being relegated to optional Base Convos between Kris and Jagen, completely shooting the theme of FE3 in the ass, and to further emphasize Marth not growing in 12, a moment in 3 that was meant to show how Marth had grown as a leader by coming up with a brillant war strategy that prevented the War of Heroes from lasting significantly longer. That plan is made by Kris in 12, meaning Marth not only doesn't learn in 12, he doesn't grow either. Kris simply by existing actively takes away from an already bad remake's quality even further, to the point where I can't play 12 anymore without missing 3.
  10. Unique Class Caps or Uniform Caps?

    Fyi, FE3 had universal caps as well, FE4 was the only SNES game without them. That said, I personally prefer universal low caps, easy to keep track of and I tend to have alotta fun with FE3 and 5 in part due to these caps.
  11. Why was Mila degenerating?

    Even if she had taken Manakete form, her and Duma's fates were kind of sealed. The Dragonstone solution only works in addition to the Seal of Seals being complete, and when it's not like it was at the time of Echoes, all a Dragonstone does is delay the degeneration, not serve as a means to prevent it. TLDR, had FE3 happened when FE1 did, FE15 never would have happened. Of note, this degeneration still being a threat without the sheild being complete carries over to FE13, however it is not a crucial plot point there unlike 3, just shown to still be a thing from Tiki still basically comatosing herself and draining her power, only to use it in emergencies, and Nah is implied to be actively degenerating by Anankos in Fates' Hidden Truths
  12. Do Alm, Celica, Robin, and Chrom all have Major Holy Blood?

    Alm, Celica, and Chrom all definitely do. The First Exalt is stated to have blood bonded with Naga which is the same rite the Crusaders went thru, and Alm and Celica are stated to have Mila and Duma's blood in the Amiibo Dungeons, which are considered canon. Robin however is a gray area, because while he does have a Dragon's Blood, thus in theory meeting the requisites, Grima being a lab experiment makes him an artificial dragon, which by extension means Robin has imitation holy blood, which is probably why brands appearing are so much rarer in his bloodline than say Chrom's
  13. FE8 QoL patch

    This is hax of Fire Emblem, play hax of Fire Emblem DOWNLOAD: This is vanilla FE8 with all of the QoL updates made by the community as well as Circleseverywhere's skill system, created with 7743's awesome FEBuilder program. As I made this in like literally 5 minutes, there may be bugs, but if you want to play FE8 with all of the new QoL features made by the community, you now have an option.
  14. What FE game should be Reworked?

    I'd dig an actually good FE3 remake.