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    Welcome to MCProductions' SF page on which you are reading my interests. (obviously)

    I have a youtube channel by the same name that I intend to start uploading videos up to again soon.

    I'm a big fan of Metal Gear and FE(No duh on the latter right), and I will flat out say that my biggest wish for an FE game is one to be directed by Hideo Kojima.

    My OTPs(apparently those are important here)
    Lyn x Eliwood(come at me ElixNinian fans)
    Hector x Florina(come at me Lyn x Hector fans)
    Ike x Lethe
    MRobin x Tiki
    FRobin x Chrom
    Roy x Sue(Apparently I have a thing for pairing Pheraens with Sacaens)

    I apparently write Fanfiction now, so if you want to see the crap I write, see this link:
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  1. Vestaria Saga Main Site Section Can't get much more official than a post from Kaga himself
  2. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    1000th post hype. Congrats Yeti
  3. Vestaria Saga Main Site Section

    With Syozo Kaga's indie title Vestaria Saga getting an official localization that is reportedly getting more info this year, I feel it's time for the game to get a section on the Main Site, and if possible a front page link. Vestaria has desperately needed one since its release and while I understand why it didn't get one initially due to being a very niche SRPG studio game, it being the first localized Tearring Saga title makes it the most relevant game in the Tearring Saga series of games, and I feel it deserves a section on the mainsite, even if most of it is Wiki based. If it's Wiki based I can even help contribute to the section.
  4. Which Weapon Triangle should comeback?

    Echoes Style, down with the Triangle, it's pointless
  5. FE7 EHM: Pick My Unit

  6. Feditor Adv Issues

    The first issue is using FEditor
  7. And to think, I was concerned about how Elibe Chronicle would go over, then Blazing Stones happened.
  8. Should there be an emnity/resentment penalty?

    Mug User can steal an item from the enemy. However it reduces the Accuracy and Avoid of all allies within a 3 square radius Guess I should mention, Tearring Saga has a skill for one unit in particular that debuffs your units. Technically not a Support, but it is activated thru the same means as supports in that game
  9. Should there be an emnity/resentment penalty? Only support in the game with negative effects, tho she is buffed for the most part
  10. Should there be an emnity/resentment penalty?

    Echoes kinda does this, build Faye's supports with Alm and she'll actually suffer an avoid debuff.
  11. Sonic General - Much ado about design

    SomecallmeJohnny summed Forces up best, the game's not good, it's not bad, it just IS.
  12. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  13. Remove Weapon Triangle FE8 If you don't like the Weapon Triangle for whatever reason, this patch removes it from FE8 completely
  14. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Overhaul

    I don't recall anyone liking him for doing it either, so your point eludes me