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  1. Holy war banner

    I waited so long for this banner. Now if only Arvis would come as a GHB too.
  2. Genealogy Characters in Heroes

    The Genealogy character I want the most is Arvis tbch
  3. Limited Edition (Europe)

    Preordered my copy at Nedgame yesterday, I'm so hype for this game
  4. FE Warriors roster predictions

    I just want the Grillmaster Arvis in

    Whats the chance of Sigurd and Arvis making it in?
  6. [New 3DS] FE4 just hit the Japanese New 3DS Virtual Console!

    Yea and other JP games that got released here now like The Mysterious Murasame Castle were left untranslated, but dont have much text. mainly only menus have text
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Likes Squall
  8. Can I play the carts on an American SNES?

    like another anon said, the only thing preventing JP games from playing on NA consoles are the little tabs Also just in case. If there are Europeans wondering if the games work on an PAL SNES with a converter, I have FE4 and can confirm that it work just fine on my PAL SNES with my game converter.
  9. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has a good taste in FE games, (in my opinion)
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Likes the game that has Our Boi
  11. Super Famicom FE on a SNES (via converter)

    Yea, it would be safer to just go with a retail cart, if i ever find one for the right price
  12. Super Famicom FE on a SNES (via converter)

    Well, im not sure wether a NP cart would work on a converter, it seems to have some special chips if i look at the carts closely, I know the retail one does work mainly due to having no special chips, though it is also more expensive, it does look nicer in a FE collection tho.
  13. Super Famicom FE on a SNES (via converter)

    I guess its time for an update Recently managed to get my hands on a copy of Seisen no Keifu complete with Box and Manual (Found it at an anime convention of all places) And I can confirm that it works really well on my converter. It's great to finally own a physical copy of this game