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  1. Fates Birthday Thread!

    Indeed. Happy Birthday, Caeldori.
  2. What class should I make Rhajat for Endgame

    Basically all the S-rank weapon classes ALSO have an inherent passive bonus to some combination of Hit, Dodge, Critical, or Avoid. Sorcerer: +5 Hit, +10 Critical, +5 Dodge Witch and Swordmaster: +10 Critical, +10 Avoid Sniper: +10 Critical and +10 Hit Spear Master: +10 Critical and +10 Dodge Berserker: +20 Critical, but a drawback of -5 Dodge. etc.
  3. Already - Chrom + Sumia - also legitimately excellent from a gameplay perspective. Sully + Stahl. - you don't care about optimizing the child units, so the normal advice (Donnel or Gaius) does not apply. Character wise its fine. No real opinion on Gregor and Panne. Ricken + Maribelle is cute. Planned - Libra/Nowi - Never thought of that pairing before. Don't know enough about it. (Libra has a higher support growth [more accurately, requires less points to rank up] with Cordelia than any other character, but Libra DOES bring up Chrom during the S support which goes against the spirit of the criteria) Henry/Tharja - well, Henry does make a good father from story standpoints, so sure. Virion/Cherche and Olivia/Lon'qu are fine. I still recommend marrying Cordelia yourself with your male Avatar.
  4. The TC has already paired off Gregor and Stahl with other people, however, so unfortunately this does not help them for this file, as those options are no longer open.
  5. Male Robin? Chrom isn't even mentioned in the support, and we have a pretty thorough exploration of one of the parts of her character that the other supports don't cover.
  6. I finally got the game! (Conquest)

    I don't really remember how my Camilla!Kana turned out.... I think she was often used in conjunction with her Mom [late game Corrin was more likely to get supported by Gunter for Forceful Partner).
  7. Favorite Characters from Fates

    Ah, you share my taste.
  8. Pairing all 3 Protagonists.

    Robin x Cordelia
  9. Pairing your Avatar.

    Caeldori (BR/REV, all playthroughs in those routes) Selena and Camilla (Conquest, once each) Caeldori is the main.
  10. I finally got the game! (Conquest)

    Well, you're magic screwed. You start with 7 magic, and you should have around a 55% or 60% magic growth depending on you bane, so that you have less than 15 magic (which would be 50% growth) indicates a magic stat-screwed occurrence by random chance.
  11. Kana's Mother poll

    If you marry any first generation non-Corrin only female to Corrin, you'll miss out one of the other kids. If you don't care about this, I'd suggest Camilla [for Trample]. If you do care about this, the choice is reduced, among the options you gave us, to Velouria or Selkie.
  12. I finally got the game! (Conquest)

    Camilla IS how I did it too.
  13. I finally got the game! (Conquest)

    Yeah, Lunatic Ch. 10 is kind of nuts.
  14. Cordelia still in first and Cherche in second... I approve wholeheartedly of the collective opinion here.
  15. Jedah help

    Things like Celica's Ragnarok spell [level 20] or Alm's Double Lion in the rematch help deal huge chunks of damage. Because of lower HP cost, Double Lion is more idea for this.