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  1. Merge armies at the start?

    If somebody ever makes this work I wanna know because I've wanted to do something like this for a while too. Screw RD's stupid multiple battalion nonsense, ugh.
  2. I saw something in FE8 that I've never seen before recently in Eirika's route on the chapter where you get Gerik's gang, there was one cavalier who got knocked down to low health, and then he just... decided to run away. That's fairly normal, still silly when it happens, because he wanted to heal on a fort. But what was weird was when he went around the bottom half of the map and, after approaching the mountains, just... stopped. He started moving less than his full movement per turn, something I've actually never seen the AI do other than to move onto a tile they want, and then when presented with a unit to block one path to the fort he just stopped moving entirely, rather than even bothering to attack. Even when approaching closer he didn't attack until the unit in question was like almost on top of him, then he attacked and got himself killed. But seriously he probably would have just sat around doing nothing if I left him be, I've never seen the AI act like that before. In retrospect I should have just spared him, haha. this is actually pretty normal, it's an example of how fucking spiteful FE AI is. If it will die no matter what by attacking someone, and the damage figures and/or hitrates are equivalent, it will attack the person who will gain the least exp from killing them. It's amazing.
  3. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    If you're really dedicated, since a late entrant like yourself gets all of December if you need it, I believe it's fully possible. It's just a matter of how much can you will yourself to do it?
  4. Why do you like Serenes Forest?

    good question
  5. literally just a moment ago with the free summon on the new banner "oh hey delthea might be nice" free summon pulls 5 star delthea well alrighty then
  6. Team SALVAGED Cavalier Release

    my god, the axe criticals though that pose, he's like "Ready to die, bitch?" and the handaxe critical is like brilliantly over the top and yet so clean now it's time to make paladins on the same level of awesome
  7. that's uh... probably deliberate by the "leaker" I'm sure Alfred is flattered though lol
  8. then play with savestates, who really cares? you do you, man. there's no shame in that lol
  9. Check damage on enemy phase

    Though this is why FE has always worked with small numbers, at least until the arbitrary power creep that started happening in the 3DS games. It's still leagues better than typical RPGs though where you're dealing with numbers in the hundreds thousands or even more, for no real good reason.
  10. Check damage on enemy phase

    Some function like this would be nice to have in more FEs than just FEH honestly. The more easily accessible information there is the better.
  11. but I loved you.....

    I never really made any friends in particular that I can recall who frequent here and only here anyway
  12. more reason to stay the fuck away from the west coast
  13. How would you improve the story of Fates?

    if I had a dime for every time I've seen this subject...
  14. Do You Support Anyone on Patreon?

    I have no form of income whatsoever so unfortunately it's not feasible for me...
  15. The Radiant Stones FE8 Hack, Based on FE10

    come back when you have something to show