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  1. Check damage on enemy phase

    Though this is why FE has always worked with small numbers, at least until the arbitrary power creep that started happening in the 3DS games. It's still leagues better than typical RPGs though where you're dealing with numbers in the hundreds thousands or even more, for no real good reason.
  2. Check damage on enemy phase

    Some function like this would be nice to have in more FEs than just FEH honestly. The more easily accessible information there is the better.
  3. but I loved you.....

    I never really made any friends in particular that I can recall who frequent here and only here anyway
  4. more reason to stay the fuck away from the west coast
  5. How would you improve the story of Fates?

    if I had a dime for every time I've seen this subject...
  6. Do You Support Anyone on Patreon?

    I have no form of income whatsoever so unfortunately it's not feasible for me...
  7. The Radiant Stones FE8 Hack, Based on FE10

    come back when you have something to show
  8. I would personally just like to see magic expanded further Maybe even a game where magic is the core focus of the game rather than physical weapons as it usually stands. And rather than Fire/Lightning/Wind, these being replaced with categories of magic on their own instead of being some interchangeable idea. As-is though, the concept needs expanded on dramatically to separate the types, rather than being division of anima, which was always loosely interchangeable to begin with. Each type should fill a niche and serve a defining purpose, else it's redundant and pointless.
  9. First word comes to mind

  10. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    There's plenty of people who're total beginners entering. It's fine! There's folks in our discord who can help you learn how to hack if you hit any bumps, and the tutorials out there plus the new tools should make it plenty easy to learn. Just buckle down and try. That's what this contest is for!
  11. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    No, no it's not. I aim for collaboration above anything else here. It is more than fine if somebody has all the other skills (asset-making and hacking) but doesn't write and asks a proper writer for help. Or if another writer just seeks another, experienced person to give their writing a look-over. That's called an editor. They are usually kind of important. The former will not likely be the norm, and I do not encourage it to be the norm. I would rather see people step out of their comfort zone and try to do the game making thing themselves, because it's really not that hard. The latter is fine, provided they come to you. I would still like to see you enter yourself, though. I explicitly state it is more than okay to assist fellow contestants, and you'll be marked and credited for it. The only thing to be won is notoriety, after all.
  12. Preferred. Either it's a person's preferred weapon, or the weapon prefers a wielder. It's a strange word choice. Japan actually just uses a star, which makes a little more sense.
  13. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    The exposure is appreciated. Maybe the folks who didn't participate in RF will find this more up their alley?
  14. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    No, disqualification is only if it is literally unplayable. I don't want people to make their games too easy, but I'd rather them be too easy than too hard. You might lose points if it's really bad, though. It has, yes indeedy. I... don't know how I feel about that. I think it, in truth, should be fine, so long as they admit so. I may need to make yet another set of rankings of we get a bunch of them. Yes, of course! Please do. I need this thread active for visibility anyway, haha.
  15. A contest focused on narrative delivery and integration, as opposed to the other similar contests, which focus only on level design. it's a play on my name. A common problem I've noticed in our community is the tendency to simply overlook or in the worst cases stomp on would-be developers who pour their effort into writing up big walls for their game, trying to sell its concept on some ambitious plan that's likely beyond their ability. Sure, maybe it is out of their league, but this also encompasses people who really may in truth be good writers, maybe in truth could make their game, if they had support and exposure, neither of which our community is exactly willing to provide. And it just doesn't help that it's all-around extremely hard to sell a game on story. The goal of this contest is not to have groundbreaking gameplay or a gorgeous set of assets, it's to deliver a cohesive, enticing narrative over the course of three chapters. Yes, three. A beginning, middle, and end. It simply makes more sense that way, and allows people to practice actual proper Fire Emblem design, too. FE isn't played in a vacuum, after all, your decisions have consequences. Single-chapter games take away from this factor. The absolute goal of this contest is just to give people a chance to make a name for themselves doing something closer to their forte, and it is my hope that it will serve as, as Circles puts it, an "incubation chamber" for fledgeling games that have otherwise struggled to get off the ground. Contestants will be judged primarily on narrative delivery, with auxiliary components such as graphics and gameplay regarded as a clearly-noted bonus. The use of "narrative" over "story" here is important: Narrative is the more inclusive term, it refers to things like lore, the world, and any part of the general idea of "story" that is told not through words. Games have a crucial leaning on overall narrative over just storytelling, because so much of the game will speak without saying anything at all. Thus, narrative integration with gameplay is judged most critically among a submission's components. Please read the rules carefully and feel free to ask for clarification if something is not clear. I will gladly answer any questions. Best of luck to all involved! Stay confident and know that renown is not out of your reach! Remember, the deadline is December 12th! You have 3 months, one for each chapter. Make them count! A Discord Server is available for all interested to communicate, discuss ideas, and/or seek help. ...also please, SF, please for the love of god do something about your posting thing. I had to rewrite this thing three times because it kept getting entirely deleted when I tried to undo, and there is no redo. please don't ever make me have to do that again. ;;