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  1. The primary advantage, outside of instances of potentially easier encounters, is movesets. Some gens have tutors or TMs to teach moves to pokemon that other gens don't have. But unless it's a move you really like, that's not worth too much unless you play competitively or are going for some absolutely ruthless postgame tower thing run and wanna use your favorites.
  2. Actually I'd have to double check that. I feel like the Body Ring doesn't actually make it harder to rescue someone, since it's counted as a buff not a hard stat? Even if it does ehhh it'd make sense if it did something like that. Counterbalance. No hard physical change, but enough to offset the strength increase to prevent this object from freaking breaking your flimsy little arms. The Energy Ring on the other hand just, uh, puts more force behind what you do? I mean that'd explain to a degree why it works on magic too.
  3. basically the same thing as LoZ's goron bracelets. It increases the capacity of things you can lift, without actually altering your body itself. Same with Energy Rings. This is especially obvious in the Body Ring's case as the increase in con is displayed as a permanent green "buff" stat, rather than adding +2 to the old one.
  4. that's called using a jeigan as originally intended. congrats on figuring it out on your own in the game that makes no prompt of it lol
  5. I have a stronger feeling it'll be trying to "rebirth" the identity, for lack of a better word? I always did feel bubsy was just a case of "terribly misguided" mixed with "devs that don't know what they're doing/had way too much they had to do" and "just a bunch of bad timing and circumstances" and could have under better cases been the looney toons parallel in the gaming world, or something. Dunno, prolly giving it too much credit. But it'll be interesting to see where the actual fuck something like this goes.
  6. dual falchion wielding protagonist when tho It's most likely lost. As in, something happened to it, most likely during the catastrophe that ended Alm's legacy, and nobody knows where it is. Could well be at the bottom of the ocean for all we know.
  7. where did you learn this engrish from
  8. You had me interested until "Java" why in fuck's name would you code in that atrocious language do you have any idea how much that's going to make you hate yourself in the future anyway this looks like just another "GUYS I HAVE A COOL IDEA LOOK AT ALL THIS IDEA" thread, and then nothing will actually get done. But whatever, I'll take it with a grain of salt, for whatever reason. You're better off waiting for FEXNA, which no, I still cannot give you a forecast release date for, but literally everything you've suggested could be done in FEXNA in a far better coding language in far less time and without the need to tear your hair out over every little thing. Seriously the only thing you'd need to actually go out of your way to make edits for is reclassing and holy blood. All the rest of that can effortlessly be done in FEXNA even at its current stage. In the mean time you should try lowering your aim a little and trying to actually make a project and complete it. Trying to make something ambitious like this without experience is a nightmare. Trust me on this one, I speak from experience, after having tried to cut down my ambitions at least ten times and still struggling with it. You'll be doing a lot alone and the last thing you want to do for yourself is to give yourself more work than you're going to want to do. Ability isn't the concern, it's motivation, drive, the will to keep doing it. Do not overestimate this about yourself. A passion project should be something you enjoy, and something you'll enjoy making, not something you'll power through out of obligation. Try to make some chapters in FEGBA. There's loads of really good hacking tutorials and FE8 hacking has made great strides in recent time, even so far as to have a whole skill system thanks to Circleseverywhere. Learn Fire Emblem level design. Seriously, this is really important. I don't mean making maps, I mean knowing how to make interesting chapters and make them work. You have good ideas, that's good. But ideas mean nothing if you don't know how to execute them. Go make a one-chapter hack or something. Just for fun. Don't get in over your head, just make a chapter that's fun to play and conveys the elements you want. If you can't art, just use some of the free-to-use assets floating around on various threads here, or heck, wherever. No need to restrict yourself to FE style if you can pull it off, after all. Restrict yourself to a small map. For the love of all that is holy restrict yourself to a small map. Just learn how to do things. Game design is a very, very organic process. Things will just come as they come, and it's best to embrace that. Don't plan every little detail out, as tempting as it is. That just gives you a lot of obligations to fulfill and an ever-increasing to-do list. Don't do that. You'll feel like you're making no progress and get discouraged. Just do what you want to do. Have an idea that sounds cool? Do it! Have a mechanic you wanna test out? Do it! Have a narrative you think you can pull off within your scope? Hell, do it! Did something you didn't even plan work out to be really cool? That's great! Let it stay, build on the idea if you feel it necessary. That's how game design works. You just roll with how things go, work within your abilities. At least, that's how I've found it best to do it. It's the least stressful that way and usually yields just as good if not better results than the over-planned model. What you decide to do is up to you, but from someone who's worked on a project for over two years or so, take my word for it and don't try to overkill it until you're actually ready and have more than just yourself on your team. Seriously, save yourself the stress and just do it for fun until you have an actual goddamn team together and a strong grasp of what you're doing.
  9. "alienate" fans huh I see what you did there
  10. It probably also has to do with the leaked version of the game as well.
  11. There's also a flower pattern on the brooch, too. How come? Eh, no particular reason, probably. prolly just thought giving her a tiny little flower motif would be cute Though, I'm no expert when it comes to flowers, there's probably some "language of flowers" symbolism going on here I'm not picking up on.
  12. ngl the weapon icon changing color like that is pretty cool and it'd be super neat to incorperate that as just a feature anyway uh I don't hack I just wanted to say that I'll let somebody else explain stuff
  13. here ya go
  14. This is something I'd considered, but on a more broad scale. Like, make it so Luck causes you to have a chance to get an RNG reroll, for like, everything. So lucky characters actually get lucky more.
  15. I'd fucking celebrate because it would mean the end of this franchise being progressively more and more disgraced and it would also make way more hacks, quality hacks at that, become a thing because people wouldn't be able to be held over by the new games coming out all in all I think it'd be a good thing