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  1. Interestingly, the idea you postulated is something I had planned for a project of mine, and it was indeed inspired by Xenoblade haha. The idea was one of the characters is the "Oracle of Death", and she can see when people will die, so you can use her turn to use this power and see if any player or ally units will die. Basically I figured it'd do something like run the odds of any unit who could kill someone and then if they did in this simulation, it'd show you that, and then lock in that RNG. So that means, if you used that ability and, say, an enemy would crit you with a RNG result of 10, if you brought that crit down to 9, they wouldn't crit, but if someone else attacked them with a crit risk of 10 or higher they'd be crit'd instead, and "use up" that RNG. However such an ability is so wildly variable that I don't know how easy it would be to implement in the first place. The idea is quite daunting to me on the code level. Your idea could work far easier though, since it's a Chrono Anchor. Use it before an action and it's basically a 1-use savestate that expires if you do something else afterwards. I think it just makes more sense than the current unclear "Rewind time" ability, but I guess that means it can apply to Enemy Phase too, so... hm... Enemy Phase is really the hard thing to tackle here, you know?
  2. my mental image of people is immensely influenced by their avatar, although not usually to the extent of "this person is this character" so much as "oh this person has a cute catgirl avatar I bet they're a cute person" also lol fftf...
  3. well...there's the super fucked up shit in FE3's ending where if you don't rescue the priests, Medeus will eat them if he were to die and gain full health back Though I prefer to imagine that dragons have surpassed the need for consumption and just use it as a threat at most. and therefore the only time they actually eat people is in shitty vore fanfics that our resident weirdo Markyjoe exposes us to, which we do not speak of
  4. It's actually not very likely that modelers are actually needed for the Pokemon unless they're going to go superscale and go pokken with everything, which I suppose is in fact a possibility. The 3DS models were future-proofed, made at far, far higher scale than they needed to be for the 3DS' specifications, intended to last for a very long time because making models for the absurd number of Pokemon is an unfathomably large workload they did not want to do again for a long while haha.
  5. Unity has a ton of documentation and tutorials, and if memory serves me correctly does have *some* extent of shortcuts akin to game maker. But I far recommend Unity over Game Maker as GM is really hard to make something proper-feeling with. Unity has said tutorials easily findable on their site, so there's no real need for me to link them haha. If you're the type who learns better by reverse-engineering there's lots of sample projects or open engines out on the net for people to look at, too, in addition to their comprehensive tutorial list. Plus, if you're working in an engine like Unity, you're not limited by any real constraints other than what you put on yourself, which can lead to a project much closer to your vision. But... I'll tell you first and foremost that if this is your "dream project", don't make it your first project, because you're sure to learn a ton along the way and then want to fix up old parts and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, you'll likely end up getting hung up on perfecting it and never actually finish anything, then you'll end up discouraged with yourself and likely lose all motivation to continue working on games. A ton of stuff gets decided during the development process, not during concept phase, so let it take its course and don't cling onto your idea too hard, at least not for your first project. You should use this opportunity to accustom yourself to the engine, and it's likely your first project will be more akin to a tech demo than a full game. That's fine! It secures your working foundation in the future. Just don't be afraid of trying something new, you'll feel lost for a little, probably, but nobody goes into something knowing everything. That's just not how people learn. It's one thing to know the theory, but putting it into practice is a whole different thing, you know? Best of luck to you with your endeavors!
  6. Oh wow, these are super pretty. High-scale halfbodies aren't something you see often around here, let alone high-scale overworld sprites. Though... I do think you'd benefit from trying really hard to move away from the RTP maps and their general style... It's always really glaring and looks woefully unprofessional. I do like the scenic panorama effect you did in the last screenshot, though; that's the sort of thing you'd expect as a title screen haha. But generally, you'd get better mileage if you made your maps or tilesets yourself or had somebody else do them for you. Since you're probably working in RPG Maker as a result, I'm... just gonna say from personal experience as tempting as it is you'd be better off in the long run learning a more open-ended general engine, like Unity or something. General level design knowledge and loose workflow logic aside, which, while those are valuable, almost nothing will translate out of RPG Maker to other engines. You may or may not think it's not an issue right now but trust me when I say you will sorely regret it if you latch onto RPG Maker's format.
  7. They sit around gathering dust, usually. On rare occasions I might get out an old system for something niche, but consoles may as well resign themselves to never seeing the light of day again. Why do I keep them? Because it's worth more just keeping it than it is to try and sell it, haha...
  8. I do not like this change and feel it was completely and entirely unnecessary. What was wrong with the old one? What stopped you from just adding new stuff onto it? My biggest personal gripe is the fact the main page is so stretched out with absolutely nothing to break up the view like the old one. ...I also used to stalk new threads using the new thread tracker, which was literally half my reason for coming here. And also that a ton of graphics are presently missing, but I assume that'll be worked out over time...? The theme doesn't bother me, I don't care about that, though I miss my purple. What bothers me is the fact the layout is completely different and in my opinion entirely inferior to the old one. I assume the reasoning was something like "upgrading forum to use new, less outdated framework for security and stability reasons" but why did you have to nuke all the things that made the layout nice in the process? Now it just feels clunky and obtuse, like some default IPboard website which looks awful. also spoilers and a handful of other things are completely broken by the looks of things
  9. I hadn't seen any posts about it here, but, yeah. Title. It's described a little more here, which is the url officially linked on the steam pages of both games' news feeds. It's proposed to have full workshop modding compatibility, and also multiplayer, both of which get me really excited. It's described as "Fire Emblem meets Advance Wars" so we can expect to see a blend of mechanics from both in the basegame. But assuming its modding capacity is robust enough we could very well expect to see big things. It may end up becoming a new framework for fangame creation for all I know. The game also looks very pretty, but I'd expect no less from a dev team composed largely of artistic folks haha... The main thing I'm excited for is what mods will be developed for this thing and that has me *hyped*. I'm hopeful that this game may turn into the outlet people have long needed for mechanical ideas regarding the series that were just too small (or even too ambitious!) to implement in a real and proper romhack. And, well, there's the fact it's proposed to be a multiplayer game, which means you can dick around with your friends using the mods you've made, too, which will probably motivate people even more to work with it... And so on and so forth and I'm just sounding like a broken record here.
  10. well in a RP group I'm in I RP'd as someone's doppelganger and was sort of frighteningly good at it considering every bystander who didn't know what was going on couldn't tell which one was the real one I even almost got the original killed
  11. Dammit now I can't fight for the secret unknown land of ??? anymore! Curses! ...Can we keep it as a SF in-joke? I do really like the neat little badge tags we've got here though. I liked the badges to begin with (It's a bit reminiscent of Reddit Flairs, but you get an avvy too.) and I like the "allegiance" overlay too. I'm just waiting for more. Like Magvel. Or the Dawn Brigade to counterpart the Greil Mercs.
  12. ...Well that doesn't bode well...
  13. Worth noting that you shouldn't waste another dread scroll on him since using a special promo item adds that class to your heart seal options.