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  1. "alienate" fans huh I see what you did there
  2. It probably also has to do with the leaked version of the game as well.
  3. There's also a flower pattern on the brooch, too. How come? Eh, no particular reason, probably. prolly just thought giving her a tiny little flower motif would be cute Though, I'm no expert when it comes to flowers, there's probably some "language of flowers" symbolism going on here I'm not picking up on.
  4. ngl the weapon icon changing color like that is pretty cool and it'd be super neat to incorperate that as just a feature anyway uh I don't hack I just wanted to say that I'll let somebody else explain stuff
  5. here ya go
  6. This is something I'd considered, but on a more broad scale. Like, make it so Luck causes you to have a chance to get an RNG reroll, for like, everything. So lucky characters actually get lucky more.
  7. I'd fucking celebrate because it would mean the end of this franchise being progressively more and more disgraced and it would also make way more hacks, quality hacks at that, become a thing because people wouldn't be able to be held over by the new games coming out all in all I think it'd be a good thing
  8. But yeah, I concur on this idea. One of the problems in this day and age is that nobody makes freaking demos anymore. And narrative-heavy games benefit the least from demos anyway... I for one would not have bought a copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon if it weren't for the leaked version, as I had no hope for the game, but playing through it proved me wrong, proved to me that it was worth actually supporting. Echoes may end up being no different, especially for someone like me, who is without a shadow of a doubt going to do this same process for Echoes NA before deciding to buy it, being incredibly jaded after the disaster that was Fates. I'm not getting my hopes up for this one though...
  9. bang bang motherfucker
  10. Well Did you see the whole fiasco with how net privacy is now dead Moreover though >Not religiously using adblock you literally asked for it, sorry to say
  11. ...Good lord this story will be... interesting, to say the least... I never realized just how bonkers Gaiden actually is lol
  12. Interestingly, the idea you postulated is something I had planned for a project of mine, and it was indeed inspired by Xenoblade haha. The idea was one of the characters is the "Oracle of Death", and she can see when people will die, so you can use her turn to use this power and see if any player or ally units will die. Basically I figured it'd do something like run the odds of any unit who could kill someone and then if they did in this simulation, it'd show you that, and then lock in that RNG. So that means, if you used that ability and, say, an enemy would crit you with a RNG result of 10, if you brought that crit down to 9, they wouldn't crit, but if someone else attacked them with a crit risk of 10 or higher they'd be crit'd instead, and "use up" that RNG. However such an ability is so wildly variable that I don't know how easy it would be to implement in the first place. The idea is quite daunting to me on the code level. Your idea could work far easier though, since it's a Chrono Anchor. Use it before an action and it's basically a 1-use savestate that expires if you do something else afterwards. I think it just makes more sense than the current unclear "Rewind time" ability, but I guess that means it can apply to Enemy Phase too, so... hm... Enemy Phase is really the hard thing to tackle here, you know?
  13. my mental image of people is immensely influenced by their avatar, although not usually to the extent of "this person is this character" so much as "oh this person has a cute catgirl avatar I bet they're a cute person" also lol fftf...
  14. well...there's the super fucked up shit in FE3's ending where if you don't rescue the priests, Medeus will eat them if he were to die and gain full health back Though I prefer to imagine that dragons have surpassed the need for consumption and just use it as a threat at most. and therefore the only time they actually eat people is in shitty vore fanfics that our resident weirdo Markyjoe exposes us to, which we do not speak of
  15. It's actually not very likely that modelers are actually needed for the Pokemon unless they're going to go superscale and go pokken with everything, which I suppose is in fact a possibility. The 3DS models were future-proofed, made at far, far higher scale than they needed to be for the 3DS' specifications, intended to last for a very long time because making models for the absurd number of Pokemon is an unfathomably large workload they did not want to do again for a long while haha.