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  1. Editing is pretty easy once you learn how to do it. If you want to remove tutorials, download Arch's Tutorial Killer Patch
  2. Enragement is incorrectly named. In Fire Emblem, it only takes three conversations to bond for life. You should've already had an A support with Ragefest
  3. (Written as I kinda read through and give my thoughts) 1) I feel as though the training camp, as opposed to two chapters, should take a single chapter: The final test. With this, you would have to put a little more effort into giving the characters backgrounds, but it would progress the story a little faster. Just as well, I would put a little less effort into explaining the continent immediately; I remember when I replayed the first chapter, I was given information about the whole country. All that would be required is something like "This is country A" (Can't remember the country names off of the top of my head, I apologize) "and this is country B. Country A and Country B are at war. Country C is neutral and has the training district, which is where we are now." I'd also work to convey a little less of the full story: Show a little less of the units that will not be used. I'm interested in seeing the other characters in the story, though I believe that in the beginning of the chapter they're played in, enough backstory to inform you of who the characters are, and what they're doing where they are. I'm going to use the mercenary and the pegasus knight as examples. In version 1.1, you don't get to use either, so they should be less relevant. I believe they were used on Chapter 4 of 1.0 (Don't quote me). On chapter four, you should kinda have, rather than a three chapter buildup, the mercenary say something along the lines of "Alright, now that we're armed, let us embark towards helping that royal who was captured a few days ago, then hunt for your sister again; we can't get much more behind on our rent before we're evicted." This kinda gives us the information (this was a basic explanation of how it COULD go, not how I believe it should, exactly) that we need to know about the Mercenary and the pegasus knight. This across, you have more time to focus on the units you're seeing in that point in time 2) One thing that I loved about TGA was its unique chapter designs, specifically the Final Test's. I hope that you can find a way to advance the game in a manner such as this, say the mercenary (I've stated in the past, Mercenaries are my favorite Fire Emblem Class, and as such, I use them as examples more often than not) travels forward for a given reason (an example would be he's hunting the required food for the night) and gets ambushed, then has to make it to the camp (EG a "visit" event that leads to the ending event) before the bulk of the force (EG the stronger units) arrive. That said, you do have to find a way to kind of polish any ideas into your story, which I do not know, so I cannot give any advice for. I would highly suggest, however, focusing on the story in full with one given story, but have each arc tell a fraction of the main story; the first version was amazing at this as it started the general story. You don't have to tell the full story in the first chapter. Remember, though they are hated, bandit chapters are there to progress the story in a meaningful way rather than just throwing you at the bulk of the story immediately. That's really all I have to say, good luck, and I can't wait to see the next patch of TGA
  4. The only thing I can think of to resolve any issues is opening the ROM in FEditor and saving it. This is an issue that a lot of people have, though for different reasons.
  5. What patcher are the two of you using? NUPS? If so, hit ignore, and it should do something
  6. Remind me to record this after the RH I do after TFK, I actually wanna get this one done I remember playing this fully when it was TactHack, and I'm gonna start following this again when I have more time out of school (Literally next week)
  7. Literally has a Hack Tutorial Series on my channel I remember playing like half of the prologue to this back when it was Spreading Flames. I kinda wanna play through it when I finish The Fallen King
  8. 1 is more efficient to most users
  9. First off, I would highly suggest switching to Arch's tutorial killer. Second, Try re-opening the rom in FEditor and saving. That helps sometimes
  10. I think arch said 15x10 was the minimum for FE7, but it was different for FE8 (Don't quote me, it's been over a year since I even looked into actual Rom Hacking) Look at Primefusion's Map gallery, and probably some other galleries. Compare those maps to yours. I'm not saying that you should copy their maps exactly, but take inspiration on the layout of them: Tile placement, and layout of the map in general. Same with the portraits. Zim commented on this, and I agree with him. Cameos aren't that good, at least for the concept threads. 20 concepts may have the same character, but the chance of all 20 Rom Hacks making it out of concepts, with actual work being put into them is slim at best. I say it's always best to work alone until you have significant progress. No units created by others. No units used in other Rom Hacks. Just your units until you can actually get a release going. And if you don't take the advice from Zim, take it from me. Back when I had plans of Rom Hacking, I was to lazy to get anything done by myself. 90% of my mugs were recolors of Nickt's collection (as far as I know, recoloring was allowed, I can't remember). I made I wanna say a dime of custom portraits. I didn't make one map (Palette switches of Vanilla maps are good for PLACEHOLDERS, but not official maps, OR important maps), and the events were shoddy at best. If you start taking from others before putting any work in, you'll start to do it more and more until you take too much, and have no motivation to bring this out of concepts without forcing others to do the dirty work.
  11. Uploaded a tutorial on Map Sprite Insertion that explains some things a lot of other tutorials didn't mention. Will probably redo soon enough. I was lucky I figured it out at all
  12. If you PM me, I can give you some help with getting your project up: Essentials, tutorials and whatnot that you're expected to find out on your own lmao
  13. Would there be a way to get the portrait of you that's been in multiple submissions so far?
  14. I didn't know you could do it in that way. I thought you needed chapter offsets to disassemble the events
  15. Brave is renamed to Hero The "Emblem" Weapons (I think they have a different name in this) lose effectiveness to monsters and become indestructable, but cannot critical and have one less mt than Iron