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  1. Personally, I prefer Nightmare for simple changes like effectiveness repointing (because I'm semi-old fashioned and use hex editors for that kind of thing). From what I seem, doing it manually/with Nightmare is easier than FEbuilder though From what I've noticed, GBAGE is more efficient towards changing icons (weapon icons, map sprites, title screens, etc) than FEBuilder. Granted, I've only used builder twice for changing sprites, and in an older update. It may now be better at doing that. Aside from that though, builder is a lot better of a hacking tool, especially for a beginner. My issues may be from those being the methods I've done for years (I've been into hacking since TLP, and started working towards my own soon after). Personal preference beats efficiency in some things I guess haha
  2. Put [solved] in the title, as far as I know. I don't ask many questions on SF
  3. FE7 convenience patch

    Most of the stuff in this was already publicly released (as far as I remember). The new Stat screen you're talking about is still locked to FE8. He also mentioned that it was made for personal reasons. He may not have wanted it in the Rom Base
  4. That, and to fix your issue, I'd look into the address for the item table (Which you should be able to find using nightmare)
  5. [Solved]Level up Graphics Error

    I swear this is not the last time I try to help someone half asleep It's good that you found a fix for it. Apologize for not being able to help
  6. [Solved]Level up Graphics Error

    It's a graphical error that happens when Feditor is used with FE6, if I remember. It may also be an error with the translation patch. Regardless, drop feditor for FEBuilder
  7. No he meant make an FE8 Rom by hand and use it
  8. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Alright, so I finished Chapter 11 today (Video will be up tomorrow, along with the demonstration as to what I'm referring to), but the mercenary towards the right with the Light Brand doesn't turn grey after his action. He'll move/attack, and his sprite will turn red. I have a feeling that this is not intentional, and I haven't seen anybody else mention it, so I thought I would. Using VBA with the "1235 - Fire Emblem (U)(Venom)" rom as a base. Latest patch. Edit: Sorry it took 5 hours, I forgot about Hitfilm for a bit. Here's a video of the bug in action Didn't look like he could move after the fact, so it's safe to say it's only graphical, but I figured I'd report it
  9. Added to list of streams I can't wait to see more from the Great KirbLeet
  10. I don't think there is at the moment.
  11. There was a chapter 3 in a previous patch Actually the previous patch went to chapter 5. There is a playthrough on my old channel of the old patch, and a playthrough of the current patch on my current channel
  12. FE8 : Master Version

    It's a Good Rom Hack, but towards the end, it's only beatable with RNG Abuse and using stat boosting items to cap every unit. I spent hours attempting Chapter 20 before deciding fuck it and Warp skipping it. Quite a shame, too, because 18 and 19 were easy enough to beat. Also, the Demon king is INSANE stat wise. He needs to be nerfed if you come back and work on this. I believe Venno made a patch for it. Check FEU for "Passive Stat Boosts" If it wasn't Venno, it was Tequila
  13. .

    It would be a good thing to do, but don't release it unless it has/does something groundbreaking, such as completely changes the FE8 game as it was known (FE8 Master Version somewhat comes to mind). Nobody wants to be excited for a rom hack that's had nothing mentioned previously, only to find out it was a reskin of FE8
  14. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Mangs' FE8 PME should be on his discord server. Personally, I don't think many PMEs should be on this list, and especially more/less PMEs that are little more than reskins Obviously no offense to Mangs is intended etc
  15. Insult the user above you.

    What even is a hom? You talking about that furniture company?