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  1. Insult the user above you.

    What even is a hom? You talking about that furniture company?
  2. This isn't a glitch, He's speaking the language of the mamkutes
  3. Insult the user above you.

    Boy have you seen your twitch channel? Like who even enjoys streams without commentary
  4. Fire Emblem: The Queen's Lament Demo

    added to the list of LPs since this I've actually wanted a reason to play this anyways
  5. Press Ctrl+V

    Dota,Dota 2,The International 2017,TI,The International,TI7,International 7,The International 7,Dota 7,Dota 7.0,Alpha,Alpha Clan,NaVi,EG,The International Tournament,Dota Gameplay,Dota Ranked,Ranked Dota,The Hotshot,Hotshot
  6. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Last Time I prepare early. TBH wasn't expecting anymore older games to update. Honorable mention for rushing
  7. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Adding to my LP List Dammit Prime, why'd you wait until after I started the vote to release this?
  8. Fire Emblem: Shadows Of Magvel. V1.0

    Working on a Rom Hack isn't all that difficult if you keep it basic and don't try to change too much ASM wise. It's more of a story and the knowledge of what exactly you're doing/keeping balance. This was little more than opening Nightmare for 20 minutes, feditor for 5, then NUPs for 30 seconds
  9. Looking for a PME hacker for FE6

    I'll pm you; I should have your discord
  10. Water Crest: Morps's Quest For Pants

    Let's Playing this immediately
  11. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    I was just about to comment on how this needed to be done. Thanks mate
  12. Tutorial Request Thread

    1. It's pinned, so no need for apologies. 2. Referring to your actual problem, the insertion method for FE8 is the same as in FE7. Are you inserting OVER the fighter and soldier animations? Because if so, it may be an error with saving. If not, did you repoint the data correctly?
  13. [FE8]Moulder and vanessa editor nightmare module

    If you edit chapter 2's nightmare module it does just that
  14. Resource Directory

    Can you add my tutorial list (Most are graphical ATM) to the resources page for those who prefer video tutorials?
  15. FE 6 Sword Kiiler?

    Read the Ultimate tutorial for the basics, and if that doesn't work, watch some visual tutorials (Tutorials with screenshots or videos). Remember (since most videos are centered around FE7) that free space values are different by game. (