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  1. Portraits that change throughout the story and class choice

    So you can pick different classes each playthrough...duh
  2. You remember how Jesse started his own country of mercenaries? I'm fairly certain that becomes the Chonsin
  3. Portraits that change throughout the story and class choice

    Considering how quickly theyve been able to pump out artwork for heroes and the TCG I think they could do it. Especially since this is a huge FE project thats been in the works for a long time now and still has over a year before release. At the very least varying portraits for the main class tree of a character would be nice.
  4. This is a feature I've been wanting for an eternity now and it adds so much emersion to the game when its used. I think the new title should have portraits that change as the story progresses and as your classes progress. For example the portrait of an archer character would look different than one of a sniper. I always hated that portraits remained exactly the same. Alm, Celica, Sothe, Volke, Micaiah and Ike are great examples of what Im referring to. It always felt wrong having a character like Rolf as a marksman yet his portrait showed him in basic clothing and looking like a child. Or Lukas as a Baron or Spartan yet still looking like a common soldier in his portrait. It could allow for characters to age in appearance as the story progresses and years go by and could offer some awesome new replay ability if there are branching promotions. What do you guys think?
  5. I was mostly referring to the 3D models being bad not the stats. The stats and skills are pretty cool but I would have liked for them to make all new weapons entirely instead of just slapping a characters name on an iron weapon and tweaking the stats. And I guess as a life long fire emblem fan and someone whos already beaten the game on hard classic the DLC was extremely easy. Just leave the soldier, javelin using cavalier and fernand at the first healing spot to hold off the first wave of enemies from the left and send one cavalier and Clive to help slayde. Then after every enemy is dead talk to slayde and have clive take his healing tile and take out the other reinforcements. With all the healing tiles and Arts that Clive and Fernand have no enemy should be difficult especially since you can one turn most mages with Clive. This DLC is especially easy when compared to the DLC and bonus chapters in New Mystery of the emblem. Now THAT was challenging
  6. Yep! 6 times, it goes up to 13 MT on par with Gradivus. Its actually pretty impressive and the Clairs lance has a -1 weight value which to my knowledge is also a first. And Im keeping my fingers crossed for some new weapons with the cipher DLC! And Ill go ahead and try using the Milas turnwheel to fix the audio, thanks for the tip! I will say this about the DLC though Vincent, it should have been part of the prologue! The missions are short and easy and really flesh out Fernand. You get to see him before his family is killed and he does so much good. He saves Slayde, talks to Clair about wanting to settle down, you can tell he likes Mathilda and he even tells Mathilda that he and Clive are likes brothers. It really makes his death at the end meaningful and at the same time makes his betrayal seem infinitely more stupid since he has such deep ties with the Deliverance. But all in all it should have been in the prologue to flesh out Fernand and his tragic crush on Mathilda and brotherly love for Clive.
  7. Agreed, at least Clives lance has really high MT. I also just realized that the supports arent voiced. This DLC has really let me down. The backstory isn't very interesting nor are the memory prisms, the support conversations arent voiced and the weapons are just copies with different stats. I was expecting a lot more from this.
  8. Any advice for the endgame?

    Its pretty easy. Just bring a good mix of units and bait the enemies, dont let the enemies strike forst because 99% of them have a magic based backup weapon. Keep alm and celica back so you can use turnwheel and dont forget to check the enemy ranges and make. Use of the pillars and healing tiles
  9. So last night I completed all 4 maps and got the bonus weapons for not losing any units. I was really looking forward to seeing Python's Bow and Fernand's Lance then I got them and realized that they're just renamed Iron and steel weapons with slightly better stats. Anyone else disappointed by this? I was expecting some cool looking weapons that could maybe even forge into better ones. I really hope that the Cipher weapons like the whimsical lance aren't just renamed weapons that are already in the game. Side note: In what order do the deliverance maps happen in? I can tell the first one happens first because Slayda is a cavalier and the last one happens last as its set right before Lukas goes to get Alm but what about the other two? Where do they fit in? I thought the southern outpost was lost after the castle?
  10. Echoes - Awakening Connections

    Wow, I never even thought about this. Thats a really good point however it does state that Morgan isnt from Lucinas world and that theyre from a world where peace prospered. In other words Grima doesnt exist in Morgans world. So I think what its getting at is that Morgan is from the future of the world where Robin succesfully kills Grima aka the reality that the player sets in motion. But then that begs the question, why come back in time if Grima is dead? I personally love pairing Tiki and Robin together because then Morgan is a manakete and using the ruins of time/dragons gate makes a lot more sense.
  11. Is it possible to get more gold marks?

    Choose "convert" in the blacksmith menu. Every 500 silver merks you get can convert into 1 gold mark
  12. Who did you bring to Thabes Labyrinth?

    I just used: Alm, Celica, Gray, Atlas, Deen, Python, Forsyth, Silque, Mae, and Zeke all max level 20 overclasses and I used Gradivus, Mercurius, Parthia, Ilwoon, Brave sword, lady blade, Falchion, Beloved Zofia, Rhomphaia, and the Grimoire Ring for weapons all max forged. Beat the whole thing on my first try without even coming close to losing a unit. Im also playing on Hard mode Classic
  13. Who did you bring to Thabes Labyrinth?

    Why are none of you using the Ilwoon!? Give that puppy to a maxed Yasha Deen or Atlas and you'll fly through the Tower faster than you can blink. That sword is wicked OP
  14. Echoes - Awakening Connections

    The tree wasnt named after Mila, the tree grew from her corpse. Celica at one point in the game makes the remark that great trees of unparalleled size grow from the dead bodies of divine dragons. So the Mila Tree is quite literally just Mila dying and reincarnating as a massive tree. Also aside from Sages Hamlet and the Dumas Gate there is also the Tower of Thabes which is located in the ruined city of Thabes next to the temple where Gharnef teleports you in your battle to retrieve Falchion in Shadow Dragon, also the risen are explained in the Tower and the ruins of time where you recruit Morgan is also in the ruined city of Thabes. Not only that but its believed that the Dragons Gate in Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken leads to the ruins of time where you recruit Morgan in Awakening. And if you want to get into crazy territory theres a theory that Robin is the Avatar from Rekka no Ken and after defeating Grima he ends up on the other side of the Dragons Gate in the field where Lyn finds him before somehow returning to Ylisse.
  15. I bet we'll get to play as a lot of these characters in the future through spotpass or DLC. I still remember Awakening had you get Aversa, Emmeryn, Yenfay, Gangrel, and Walhart through spotpass quite a while after release. I bet you all $100 they'll release spotpass or DLC for these guys similar to Awakening. My guess is for Fernand, Berkut, Rudolf, Sonya/Deen (based on who you recruited), the sage from the Sage's Hamlet, and maybe another Archanea character such as Merric since we know he had a run in with Luthier before New Mystery. Im also pretty positive there will be more DLC after #5