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  1. I am pretty positive they dont have the same growths, Deen had 0 stats maxed and I had 15 blank level ups as a yasha.
  2. Well we dont know if thats all of the DLC. Fates put more DLC out after the fact as did Awakening if I remember correctly. I personally would love to play as Berkut
  3. Found out that the overclasses only raise the stat cap by about 1 or 2 points while removing class growth rates so essentially youre not even getting any stronger by using them unless youre a character who doesnt have the chance to go back to villager like 20% of the cast does. And also 90% of your level ups as an overclass wont give you a stat at all because of the removed growth rates. Honestly theyre pure aesthetic, the stats you have before and after the overclass will look nearly identical.
  4. Yeah Im surprised they still havent mentioned how the game is doing in the west.
  5. spoilers

    That could not be less true. I have seen zero ships for Halo besides the obvious Cortana and Chief bs. And just because people do it doesnt mean its any less cringey. And I came to this thread for the same reason you stop and stare at larpers, its just so horrifyingly entertaining. So many weebs have infected this franchise after Awakening and now we have shipping threads? Oh dear God, yes Im going to say something because this is my favorite franchise and this is not how its supposed to be.
  6. spoilers

    Cause shipping is stupid, its a war strategy game not a dating simulator.
  7. Just started my battle against Dum and as a level 7 dread fighter he has 32 attack, 27 speed, 24 skill, 20 defense and 7 resistance....Atlas is a broken beast, he is soloing most of Dumas forces and killed Jedah in his first attack
  8. I lucked out with his growths and got a ton of defense and speed for him as well so give him a wepaon like the blessed swrd and he is nearly unstoppable. He has been my goto boss slayer and his health is superb as well. Hes easily in the top 5 units along with Celica, Alm, Tobin, and Kliff. @Satsuma: Yes you can train him linearly, I know because I did it. After getting him I went towards grieth and encountered a run in with a summoner and so I gave Atlas a blessed blade and had him kill 50+ Entombed until he had caught up with everybody else.
  9. YES, the invoke spell is so broken! I have genny use it every turn and have celica reheal her afterward so I always have 8 illusions on the map at all times. It makes every chapter so easy
  10. Ngl Atlas is my best unit. I keep seeing people say hes the worst merc but they could not be more wrong. He got 50 kills one match against a summoner with the blessed sword.
  11. One of the best FE titles Ive ever played, Ive never been so engaged in the story and characters and the game on hard mode feels so much like a real strategy game unlike Awakening and Fates which were embarassingly easy. Id give it a 9.5/10 better than Fates and Awakening but not quite as good as Path of Radiance or Rekka no Ken
  12. These all seem like pretty nit picky gripes to me. Not grouping oranges and having to re order your units to train a low level unit really isnt a "flaw" of the game just a mild inconvenience if youre an impatient person. The annoying map fights are in my opinion a flaw of the game. The enemies are always spawning and I JUST WANT TO VISIT A SHRINE but that means I have to battle 5 groups of annoying enemies like cantors to get to it. Witches are also obnoxious and on hard mode make you restart a chapter upwards of 5 times before completing it. Also the enemy placement is piss poor, all the enemies spawn in one huge clump in the middle of an open field and just charge at you. Believe it or not my units cant fight 10 cantors in a row with the awful resistance growths in this game. Some maps are phenomenal like the sand stronghold fight but in general the maps are just a blank field with a clump of enemies in the middle. In my opinion the game just needs more enemy variety (more classes, enemy weapons, etc), better maps and optional map fights. I still give the game a solid 9.5/10 though for being such a superb strategy game with a great story, voice acting, characters, and fan fare. Not to mention its just fun as hell, but it could have been a smidge better with the maps and enemy variety.
  13. Thats a shame dude, Atlas is no joke my best unit that I have. Hes a life saver on hard mode. He comes in with a huge attack stat at a really low level so youll get the opportunity to train him a lot and by the time hes caught up with everyone else's level he'll be far exceeding them. His growths are also impressive, I constantly get 4 or 5 stats a level up and pairing him with the Blessed Sword turns him into a killing machine.