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  1. Time to Fight "Bow forward, a-all engines, on! Charge!" Jess was mad, furious. To be taunted so plainly like they could waltz in and take whatever they wished, they really didn't know what they were up against! "Aye, ma'am! All engine, engage!" The Riese began a slow motion, before speeding over to the intended area, guns aimed at the approaching Apotheosis forces. "M-Main gunners, engage enemies! F... Fire!" Jess to 17,11, autocannons to Velite #1! The Riese attacks! Target: Velite #1 Weapon: Autocannons Final Hit: 64 Final Crit: 15 Roll: 51,40 Hit! No crit Velite #1 takes 27 damage! Velite #1 counters! Weapon: Energy Chakram Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 15 Roll: 85,47 Hit! No crit The Riese takes 39 damage Jessica gains +2 will! Jessica gains +40 exp!
  2. "Thank you... Er, oh, yes, please don't hurt each other! ...T-Too much." While she would never strike back in this sort of practice, she knew that humans weren't quite the same. Hopefully there wouldn't be any blood... Amalia nodded at Erion, taking a step back to he could start. I just hope this is worth something, for me. Well, something she did pick up on, was how quick Erion was. She didn't expect him to take such a fast advance, jumping back a bit as he sprung for Leo's arm. "M-My..."
  3. Enemy Phase / Turn 1 The enemy formation sorties forward, some choosing to avoid attacking! Velite #1 attacks! Target: Velite Mk.III (Kim) Weapon: Beam Sword Final Hit: 18 Final Crit: 15 Roll: 42, 10 Miss! Kim counters! Weapon: Pulse Palm Cannon Final Hit: 96 Final Crit: 45 Roll: 27,9 Hit! Crit! Crit Damage: 108 Kim gains 30 Exp! Kim gains +4 Will! Cressida #1 attacks! Target: Ceres (Astin) Weapon: Plasma Sword Thorvald support defends! Final Hit: 84 Final Crit: 16 Roll: 40, 75 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 24 Astin counters! Weapon: Thruster Club Final Hit: 77 Final Crit: 35 Roll: 93, 94 Miss! Cressida #2 attacks! Target: Legionary (Thorvald) Weapon: LB Beam Rifle Final Hit: 76 Final Crit: 0 Roll: 47, 65 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 32 Thorvald counters! Weapon: Wrist Gatlings Final Hit: 66 Final Crit: 15 Roll: 75, 96 Miss! Thorvald gains +4 will from EP! DOA Jess was more than surprised to see such a quick force emerging from seemingly nowhere, but that was only the tip of the iceberg, quickly crashing into their titanic. As the first wave engaged the Riese's advancing troops, scanners started blaring emergency. "C-Captain, we... Th-This is a big problem!" Jess focused her eyes out of the bridge, shivering at the sight. "Th-They... How?" Across the plains and river, a massive brick of steel was floating through the air towards them. Th-They have active battleships. H-How-- I... And it looks... So powerful, too... Wh-What's going on... Wherever Apotheosis was being supplied from, it was certainly far more than the ANF was expecting. Jess' confusion at how quickly the east had folded was slowly dissipating, being replaced with sickening fear. "Captain, we..." Tristan spoke again, also having trouble containing his worries. "W-We're receiving hails from the unknown ship. Should we accept?" In The Thick of It Chrissy pulled her knees up into the seat again as Kim blasted forwards, trying to contain any excess noises. The bot swerved and shook, all she could do was try to pretend there wasn't a battle swirling around her. Another hard swerve from the bot made her finally squeak, slapping a hand over her mouth to try and stay quiet. Just f-focus, on Kim... N-No, fighting, no... Worries... You can make it... Put Them Through Jess had hesitated for long enough, shivering some, before nodding and pressing the button to receive. "Well. I didn't think the Captain of the crew that beat us on Colony One would be so young. I'm Apotheosis Lieutenant Vera Maxwell, and this! This, is the Chaldene. A pleasure, Captain Gefalscht." And now she was stuck, staring at the woman who could have destroyed their whole team, seemingly calm and confident about this whole engagement. Jess didn't have the words. Did anyone? "I..." "Apologies for following you all so quickly after our last engagement, but my Commander-- Helena, I'm sure you saw her --wants us to keep tabs on your ship, and you, as green as you look. I wasn't informed of the details, but--" "Why me!?" Jess finally snapped, grit teeth in her seat. "Damn you all! I d-don't care about anything you have t-to say! I, If you think you can show your f-face here, destroy us all k... K-Kill everyone!" Jess pointed an angry finger at Vera, the lieutenant even seeming startled by the girl's sudden vigor. "If you think we're going to let you-- a-any of you, get away with this... You're dead wrong." Jess finally sat back in her seat, shaking, trying to contain herself, and all Vera could do was smile and chuckle. "Now that we have the cliché rhetoric out of the way, let's see how well you back up your words. We'd like your base, so if you think you have what it takes... Then stop us. Best of luck, captain." The video cut out before Jess could spit any more drivel at her, causing the captain to bite her lip. "Who... Does she think... Wh-Who do any of them, think they are... E-Ensign!" "Y-Yes, captain!" Tristan was visibly put off from seeing Jess to distraught, not in her normal fashion. This anger was unlike her, in every way. "Cancel all further plans to refill, we're moving the ship. Engines on, t-take off!" "...Aye aye, ma'am." Confusing Conclusion Some of the members of the Chaldene's bridge were confused as to why Vera had stirred up the enemy captain so much, but she just kept her smile. "It wouldn't be a fair fight if they didn't have any drive. Let's see what they've got... Bridge to Intermediate Fatima, your team is ready, correct? There was radio static for a moment, before a giggling response came back to Vera. "Of course~ Ready and willing for take off... Hee~" Vera tried not to snort at how silly her pilot sounded. "Then take off. Your target is the Riese. Do as much damage to it as you can." "Aye aye, ma'am~!" Player Phase / Turn 2 Victory Conditions: Defeat All Enemies Defeat Conditions: Riese is destroyed / Any enemy makes it into the base Battle Mastery: Within 6 turns, defeat all 5 hunters, then defeat Fatima's Deimos Enemy Stats
  4. "Ugh, great..." It looked like they were fighting, neither Amon or Haythem having any ideas to the contrary. With Mavis having brute forced herself against another of the crew, declaring... Whatever she had, like any of them cared, that left little choice. Eva sighed, taking out her sword. "Alright, cool, let's just... Fight the whole Dandelion crew. No problems there, no... Alright, you salty dogs!" Eva ran up and past Amon and Mavis, planting her boot squarely in the chest of one of the sailors getting ready to fight, sending him sprawling to the deck. "Let's get this show on the road, yeah!? And you, show off," she barked back at Mavis, "no killing! Unless you're seriously gonna bite it, just try to knock 'em out!" Her fat slab of a sword at the ready, to block incoming swings, Eva tried to stop her growing smile. "<Who's next?>"
  5. As Eva waited for some direction from Amon, ready to play self defense... She found herself gawking at the sight of what Mavis was doing, eye twitching in confusion and mild anger. "What... Wh-What are you doing? What are you-- Oh, my Gods, why..." It was... Impressive. She'd thought herself pretty stupid, impulsive, rather aggressive... But there was always a bigger fish, wasn't there? ---------- "<Alright... That sounds better.>" The shock of having to be taught so soon wore off, as Hoshi suggested seeing what was happening. She... She was curious, but at the same time, sort of tired of everything that had happened today. But... "<A-Alright. I guess so, and I am curious... Just a bit spooked because there's been... A lot, today.>"
  6. "One wench-- listen you stupid sea dogs, we're all supposed to be on the same side, the 'Skotians are leaving, and there's nothing to be fighting over! Get your heads out of your asses!" Eva couldn't help but get more upset at this senseless escalation of things-- ironically, probably getting upset for similar reasons. Both sides were barking back at each other, and with this Mavis girl speaking up, things were just going to get worse. Some of them were drawing weapons, making Eva take a step back. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY? <You two bit, idiotic, brainless, sacks of flees! You're honestly going to do this when there's no reason for us to keep-->" A familiar voice calling for them to get down made Eva flinch, glancing up quickly before dropping to the deck. She only heard one gun go off, and no sudden sharp pain ailed her. All here. All good. Okay! Quickly getting back onto her feet, what was left of people standing were still well armed, but visibly shaken, and without unfortunate gunners in the back. "<This is really not the time for this, fucking Ursians... I see where Bert gets it now!>" Grumbling to herself, Eva pulled her sword off of her back, still in the sheath. She wasn't going to start anything, and definitely didn't want to kill anyone, but she had to have the thing ready in case someone took a swing. The leather could catch it, or help her knock them away, and if she had to, she could try to slam the pommel into them. "Alright, Amon... Haythem. Any bright ideas so we don't have to kill the crew we wanted to help? Because, uh... I know I'm not helping much, but after that blast from Angelica, they probably aren't up for any talking!" ---------- "<That sounds like even more work...>" Haruhi buried her face against the table, groaning. The last thing she wanted to think about was learning. She wanted to think about dry land, food, a bath, and-- She jumped up, hearing a screech, looking around and then back at Hoshi. It hadn't seemed like the woman had heard... W-Was it just her imagination? "<E-Er, wait, we're gonna start right now? Uh... I-I haven't really looked past the basics... Flux and stuff. I guess... That, Nosferatu thing? Is that the next step? I don't really...>" Put off by the noise and pushed out of her element, the stammering came easily.
  7. Some of the crowd started to move, as they took swings at Haythem and Amon, but luckily, Isis quieted the whole show. It stopped Eva in her tracks too, covering her ears at the piercing cry, but she managed to shove her way to the center of the cowering crowd. "Hey! What the fuck!?" She'd hoped the momentary silence Isis had created would give her enough time to shout before the crowd got upset again. "What is your problem? You took a spill in some drink, I'm fucking sorry for you, but do you realize the situation we'd be stuck in if he hadn't done what he had!? Stuck between a Neviskotian fleet and the Ursians going at it in bloody murder until one side wasn't left standing! You're not in the middle of that right now, because of him! So stuff your anger and take it on the chin, things could be far worse!" She huffed, shaking her head, still tense. Some of them probably didn't care, and some of them would probably still take swings. Need some backup... "And if you're not satisfied with that, you can take it up with the wyvern! Got another one down below deck. Any takers!?" ---------- "<Learn tomes? Uh... It took me a few years to pick this one up.>" She reached into her robes and pulled the torn up book out, laying it on the table. It had certainly seen use, and plenty of it. "<I got lucky, my... My Dad could afford to teach me how to read, before his accident. I'm sure he thinks it was a waste now, but... I can read Kigenese, just fine. Common will be... Another challenge.>" Speaking it was one thing. Reading was a whole 'nother.
  8. That wasn't what I was saying either. Good luck.
  9. Er, yes, I realize, but that's not why I linked my thread. My points on your RP lacking much depth still stand, it would do for the RPers to have more of a world to want to jump into! Especially with statless, you need a bigger story to work with, you can't wait for it to work itself out.
  10. I think people aren't joining from a lack of information. You've got a very basic story and plot outline, no stats, no maps (and while these things aren't necessary to make an RP good, a lot of people here prefer them) If you want some inspiration, you're free to look at my RP, which is SF's first working robot RP. It might help you include some things that you're missing. here's the link (it got pushed to the 2nd page). Unfortunately all the spoilers broke when the site upgraded itself, but everything should still be readable.
  11. With Sasha taken care of, Eva headed back onto the deck to... See a growing mob? What? It was pretty thick, there was no way she was getting to the center easily, and these people seemed pretty upset. "Ooooooi! The fuck's going on? The fight's over, we're safe, why are you all mad?" She didn't get it... Wait, was it because the boat disappeared? Seriously? They were going to get angry Amon when he stopped the fleets fighting? Did they even know? Screw this. How stupid. "<Alright, get outta my way, this is so... Dumb...>" Eva muttered to herself as she started to muscle through the tight crowd.
  12. Suddenly Jess was about to radio back into the base's Officer, as an alarm went off, sensors showing enemies seemingly warping in. "Wh-Wha-- A-All units! Confirm report!" She didn't really need it, she just couldn't believe they'd gotten that close without tripping any long range scanning. Five drones, looking like a new model, flying straight for the base. The next ping showed a land squadron as well, admittedly small, but still featuring models they haven't seen before. There were two re-purposed black Velites, and three... There was no information on them, at all. Jess paled. "B-Battle formation!" The Riese was still restocking, so it would be a few minutes before they could take off and assist. They'd just have to fire cannons from long range... Player Phase / Turn 1 Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemy units Defeat Conditions: Any enemy unit crosses into the base Battle Mastery: ??? Enemy Stats
  13. "Maybe... Still gotta talk about a lot once we're off these boats. And-- hey, quit that!" Eva snapped quietly, slapping his arm. "If you're healthy enough to make quips like that, maybe you don't need to see the healer. Geez... Take care of him, Lumi." Eva gave a small wave and walked off, back towards the top deck. That is, not before stopping to see her favorite lizard ever! "<Sashaaaaa. How are you feeling?>" The big lug had curled himself up comfortably below deck, having finished his snack, and was trying to rest the day off, being woken by Eva's call. He snorted, not bothering to move, as she stepped up to gently pet him. He didn't mind the gesture. "<Things are starting to wind down, so you'll be able to keep relaxing. Thank you for everything you did today, you wonderful guy~ Keep it up, okay? And don't ever scare me like that again.>" She gently bobbed his snout, eliciting a confused grunt, as he opened an eye at her. He didn't quite get all of what she meant, but she seemed happy, which meant he'd some well. Good enough. ---------- Haruhi sighed and furrowed her brow, grumbling quietly a moment. "My, common... Bad. No, good... Slow. Not... Work. Talk, but... No, talk, back. <Ugh, it such a dumb sounding language... I can't follow conversations, or respond well to people, if I'm forced to... So I tend to stand there saying yes or no and hoping that all works out. Luckily for me it doesn't happen often.>" She slid her hands out and flopped onto the table, sighing. "<Six years... That sounds like a lot of time for something like this. But I guess if I want to live somewhere that isn't Kigen, I'll need to, won't I... Hhhh...>"
  14. "No regrets... Not sure, yet. We'll have to see." She was still worried about a few things, mostly things to do with her... Well, as Thales put it, cute brunette. Eva stammered to try and find the right way to rebuke him, ending up sighing, with a wry smile hanging on her face. "I'm pretty sure she has me for herself... I know I'm the strong, tall one, but she's a bit of a cheater, always has some magic up her sleeve. I don't really know how to deal with that, so... I end up on the bottom. Not... N-Not that I mind that. Being a thrill seeker turned me into a bit of a masochist. Whoops..." "A-Anyway! We're here, so... You seem like you can walk fine, take a load off and get those hands fixed up. Don't want anything permanent on accident, alright?" Eva let Thales down in front of the infirmary, shaking her head. "And here I thought I was going to hate you. Hah."
  15. "Thank you, Leo." She hoped it wasn't too much of something to worry about, or be confused about. "That avian in the fight, the one who shot me... He was one of your friends, I take it? So you probably knew a fair amount about our kind. I didn't mean to cause trouble, but... I'm glad it's settled. And Erion," she started, turning to face him, "It's quite alright. I shouldn't have been doing this; I understand your worries. I'll try to rest for today. I'll practice on what I did learn, though, so I don't lose it all. And... Hmm." She took a small step back from the both of them, looking between them, with a hand on her chin. "What do you think of practicing with each other? I could watch, at least... And that way, Leo's trip to find a weapon doesn't have to be as much of a waste. Do you think you're up for showing me how you fight, Erion?"