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  1. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "The thrill of adventure, is it?" Misea's eyes almost lit up, Jackson sighed. "Don't." "I'm going to~" "If the bar turns on you, I ain't savin' yer arse." "That's fine. You see, Mikaela, I'm a vampire~" The statement garnered a glance or two from nearby patrons, but with a shrug of disinterest from Jackon, they turned away, some with a chuckle. 'Vampires don't go out in the day, you moron,' was heard from one of them. Misea chuckled quietly to themselves, flashing Mikaela an obviously fanged grin. "Well, believe what you will. I'm currently traveling with a group towards the capital... And we're going to be beset at almost every turn. Despite that, there's gold to be made, even if it isn't your main interest, and plenty of action to be had. What do you say? And, I'm Misea. Misea Heide. A pleasure." "I-I think I'll stay away from riding... But, if you say so." She snuck herself out a bit from behind him again, slipping her hands behind her backs and giving it a rather heavy squint of scrutiny. The horse didn't seem bothered. "Yeah, two hundred's fine. These horses is only good fer when trade comes through anyway. Ain't gonna be seein' much use till the winter." He nodded firmly, awaiting payment. "They's all saddled up, and if ye need reins, just holler." "So... That's it for today, then?" Almira looked between Alex and Sephtis expectantly.
  2. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Not Flirting "Hah," was Avery's mocking reply, unable to take Kim's deference at face value. Wasn't flirting, sure. And Avery wasn't head mechanic. "Long as yer clothes stay, I ain't cleanin' out a new robot. Take yer time, then." Avery hopped on out onto the lift, latching onto it with her harness once again, and repelling down it to the floor below. "Wew... These ones bein' taller's makin' that harder. Oh well, ain't gonna hafta do it... Often." Avery shrugged and looked towards the analyzation stations. "Tima ta get a few more machines looked at..."
  3. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Hello... Name's Jackson. The wagon outside? No, that belongs to--" "To me~" Misea had walked in behind their new, curious friend, taking a seat at the bar and gesturing for him to sit next to them. "My apologies for not being the trade you may have been looking for," they started, letting their hood down, and adjusting the hair out of their eyes, "but I do have business going on here, if you're interested. Not exactly trade and merchandise, but it could make you a fair share of gold." With Lua gone, they certainly did need a few new arms. Especially depending on the next force sent by the king... Hopefully the new face wouldn't shy away from the offer. "And Jackson, two drinks, please." "You're drinkin'? Bad day?" "You could say that." "Astrid? Uh... N-No... Just wanted, to talk about something..." Almira didn't want to get into having actually bit Mina, telling Sephtis that right now... Better to focus on what they were doing. The horse was more than receptive to Alex's gesture, it seemed like they were used to being around people. It lowered its head a bit, to give her better reach to pet with. Almira stared at the creature with a bit of wonder, and mostly fear. "They're so big... I never really thought about it on the wagon. It's kinda scary..." She gave a moment to the thought of getting kicked by one... And then stopped thinking about it. "Spooky..."
  4. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Quick on the Draw Kim was faster than Avery in informing Aliza about the ship's simulation situation, but she didn't seem to know if the new models were in. "Since yer the pilot, Aliza, ye can import th'data over t'the simulators. Should be an easy load, th'ship's meant fer takin' new data." And now Kim was asking to see her notebook? Avery stole a quick glance into it, there seemed to be a bit more than just her piloting notes. "Least Chrissy ain't 'round t'see you flirtin' with other girls." Avery shook her head some, almost sighing. "Iffin y'don't got more questions, my ass gotta get t'the other machines."
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Socially Adapted "I should have a few... But you can only have them if you call me Cheryl. Stop by my office to pick them up, and we'll see if you can manage it." She smirked, this was going to be a fun game to play with him. What wasn't fun was the near immediate drop in Barnes' mood... What had she said? 'None of the soldiers I've ever worked with...' She might've reminded herself of her squad. That's no good... This is going to be a very serious case. I don't know if sticking around and talking to Tarquin like this is going to dampen her mood further, or perk her back up. Hmm... "Tarquin, you can leave my share in the fridge. I'll come and get it later, coffee should be good for now. Jess, whenever you're ready, you can come see me in my office, alright? Take your time." This one was definitely not to be rushed. Fragile, handle with care... Not too much care, though. Get too far into special treatment and she'll feel it's unnecessary. Most people do. With a smile and a small wave, Cheryl headed off with her coffee.
  6. Misspent Youth

    I really hate how bullies get a bad rep. It's not their fault you can't hold onto your lunch money!
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "Stow it," was the only response Cass could manage for their axe wielding accomplice. To be fair to him, this time, it wasn't his fault. She was incredibly on edge, trusting in Sebastian's magic and care only got her so far. As she dipped her head into the tent, she had to catch herself. Naiman was... Awake? Already? But with her wounds still being dressed, collapsing into a hug would be a horrible idea. Frozen a moment, Cass managed to collect herself enough to stoop in and sit on her knees at the warrior's side. "How are you feeling? Er... I-If it's hard to talk, don't force it. Sebastian, is she going to be alright?" Cassandra's concern couldn't be more clear, shaky hands shying away from taking hold of Naiman's for fear that it would jostle her in a way that could disturb something of Sebastian's applications. "I won't get into the blame game, much as I feel awful about this happening... Just... Be okay. Please."
  8. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "O-Oh... Did she?" Almira felt a bit more guilty after learning that. Mina could've up and bolted back to her village if she'd taken this extra poorly. And yet... Never again... That's... Unfortunate. It was really nice. "Huh? Wha... Anything else?" Not that thought, for sure. "Uhm... I feel fine? I think? I don't feel anything different, or weird, uh... Just, feel me. It was... Really good blood, though. You tasted good, Astrid, but... Well... Uh, h-how do I give you a compliment without this sounding even weirder than it probably does to you...?" Almira felt there was really no way to do so, meekly smiling at Mina. "S-Sorry this is probably making you uncomfortable, uhm! Okay! G-Good talk, thanks bye...!" Almira scuttled out of there faster than their new horse could likely run, slipping back behind Sephtis with a small wave, and without really thinking, taking hold of his hand to give herself a bit more comfort. "Ahh, sure. Last three on the end there, should do ya fer two hundred. Strong enough t'pull a wagon, carriage, what have ye. An' good health, good as health gets around here. Yer free to check 'em for whatever ye could be worried about." He didn't really get up to show them, just gestured towards the three on the end. One white, one black, one brown, they seemed unbothered by the sudden company.
  9. Vampire nonsense interest check

    spoooooooooooooooooooode hop along in
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Cass could only raise an eyebrow, was this a part of the country's culture as well? "If we're the victors, if we decide what happens to you, then I choose to treat you as an equal. I'm the foreigner, here... If Naiman survives her injuries, then we will once again have a proper leader, but until then." Sebastian had better of been working quickly. It was beginning to rain again, as well... "With us, then. Alain, can your minions aid Hera's man towards a camp? We should be getting ourselves out of this rain. Hera, I don't know about Magonsaete absorbing Wyke into itself, but if my plans come to a head, then the nations will be allied together. It's just a matter of making those plans work... I've not an easy road ahead of myself." Where to go, though? Heading to that church across the way seemed too ironic... "Actually, how secure is that fort of yours, Hera?" It would be the best place to get themselves out of the rain. "If it means we'll be dry, there's no place better. I've something to address, so... Everyone! Make for the fort, help those wounded. We can light some torches inside, get some heat away from the coming storm." And some proper rest. "I'll be right back." Her own wounds could wait. Cass headed off the bridge, towards where Sebastian had scurried.
  11. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Long Shot "'S'long's yer takin' notes, you'll be fine, Aliza. It's like pilotin' a Legionary, just, uh... Few more buttons, an' a super weapon. Ain't a big deal, right?" Avery shrugged, smirking, and it seemed Kim would be joining them. "Guess yer gettin' t'see another one, Kimmy? Don't be gettin' jealous on me now, yers is still special. Thinkin' 'bout it, y'all all got special bots now, don'cha? More work fer me an' Buck, geez." It was a task to keep these things working, but it was her job... Leading Avery and Kim into it the same she had Thorvald, this one opened in the chest area, instead of above it, walking into the also spacious cockpit and gesturing to everything. "Alright, y'said y'went ahead an' got yerself acquainted with some'a th'machine. Jus' gonna give ya an overview, then. Regular movement's th'same's yer Legionary, only difference ye might 'ave t'get use'ta is th'flight mode... And, well, th'whole damn thing flies. So get'chur self some flight practice in. Otherwise, fairly standard long range armaments, an' that bow. It's a railgun, in reality. Real big, real strong, pop some armor somethin' fierce, an' the ammo's special. You'll see once ya shoot somethin'." Avery nodded, wondering what... "Oh, right, it's got a special coatin', magnet coatin'. Now, Central set that up, they didn't give me no instructions on how it works, so I'll be figurin' that out later... As fer now, the lowdown's yer gonna be a bit safer from physical ammo, an' beams ain't goin' through yer armor as quickly. Some basic stuff, but it's effective." Hoof. Big robot, big explanation. "Any more questions?" Muddy Waters "As long as you're getting along well enough, Tarquin," Cheryl replied, knowing how was lying, but he was far too young to try and force answers out of. He'd just close up and continue to refuse anything was wrong, and getting him to a breaking point would be more hurtful than helpful. "Ahaha, not to worry, I was mostly joking. Just needed a pick me up, I don't think it'll get as bad as my smoking was. Cigars were way too nice." Just Jess it was, then. The woman seemed rather awkward, maybe she wasn't expecting to be pushed up against such outgoing conversation so soon? After what had reportedly happened to her squad, there was likely some survivors guilt buried in her mess. It would more than likely be affecting her conversational skills... Well, she'd wanted to speak with Cheryl, so it was definitely something. "I'm not sure it's supposed to be solid, but a lot of people would agree it tastes like mud," Cheryl half agreed, taking a step forward to give Tarquin's pasta a necessary stir. He was focused on cutting things, it wouldn't do to have it burning on him. Her water clicked a moment after that, Cheryl turning back to the other counter to fill up her cup. "Ahh, wonderful, instant caffeine." The taste wasn't exactly impressive, not next to properly brewed coffee, but it was good enough. Transform and Roll Out "Antarctica? What the heck? That's one hell of a request, Vance... I'm surprised they agreed, honestly. But, I'm not going to complain... Maybe we're being used as a testbed for them? If these work out, they could produce more in the future..." It was definitely worth thinking about, why Antarctica would get involved with the war. The research colony down there had always been neutral to either side, but maybe with the world at stake, they'd given in... Or Vance had promised them more than he could. Jess got a quick reply from Jezebel, typing back an easy response of: Not to worry, Sergeant. We're going to be free for most of the day. Take care of your needs and let us know when you're free. No need to reschedule anything. The therapist, huh? She'd been through a lot... It was probably weighing on her. "I guess we don't have much to do until the Sergeant wraps up her business... Shall we see to the prisoner, then?" Firmia's Reward Part II
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Not taking my hand, are we? "Up with you, the ground is no place for such a powerful warrior." Cass hoisted Hera up to her feet after her small tale of a man with an emerald blade... Twenty years ago, was it? "I've no idea what my father was doing here... But he's dead, now. He would definitely have been a much better swordsman than I. I... The sword is not my weapon. Taking it up is a rather recent affair. With how much grace you hold in your blade, it must've been a bit of an eyesore to match blades with someone like me." Cass shook her head a moment. Just how much had her father gotten up to in his lifetime? How much more could he have done were his health better? Would he have lived a bit longer had they stayed with him...? Or would they have died with them, under the conspiracies of Edmond... Too chilling a thought at the moment, there were things that needed to be done. "Hera, I'd like you to come with us. You're a better sword arm than anyone else around here, and I need to learn-- the blade, and your culture. I need someone to teach me everything they can of Magonsaete... Someone who's been around long enough to know. It might be greedy of me, but Naiman cannot show me everything of your world. I cannot stake any claims here if I do not know."
  13. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Almira could only gulp, following after Mina with a small, worried glance up at Sephtis. "Uh, g-gimme a moment," she muttered, disappearing around the corner, after Astrid and Mina. She was definitely surprised to hear the countess admit she wasn't angry, wasn't this something she should never have done? Mina hadn't fled or lost her mind over things, but... "I-I'm sorry," she blurted out to begin, holding herself and shrinking in embarrassment. "We... We were, trying on clothes, and... I-In the small space, so close to her, I, just... I lost hold of myself. She smelled so nice, something... Something in me reached out and I couldn't stop it. I'm sorry, Mina..." Hopefully Astrid wouldn't be too upset with how things had actually went... Or Misea.
  14. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Whazzat?" The 'farmer' asked, turning his head towards the odd group. He gave them a quizzical look over, chewing on his grass for a moment, before nodding. "Yeah, horses 're fer sale. No storm yet, but I'm feelin' somethin' brewin'. Dunno what else t'call it. Fer movin' a carriage, ya say? Some odd two hundred gold should do ya... G'day, miss," he offered to Astrid as she approached, unsure of the cloak, but, some people did prefer their privacy. "Oh, Astrid? You're... H-Here..." Almira had glanced over at her, but the countess had only returned a stern glare, one that told Almira all she needed, hiding further behind Seph. I didn't mean to! Oh no. Oh please don't be mad...
  15. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Almira blushed faintly and puffed up her cheeks at Mina's comment. "That's not the same. You're a girl! Gosh." Almira shook her head just a bit and folded her arms, almost huffing, but decided to mellow it out. "If Seph is carrying stuff, I can too. I'm a lot stronger than I look!" She didn't want him doing all the work, and it wasn't like she was picking anything out, her sense of fashion was 'white dress that fits'. She was already carrying her dress, but with a quick snatch, she nabbed one of the parasols Mina had walked out with. "There~ Now I'm helping more!" Success! "Now we just gotta find a horse, right?" Almira headed off after Mina, waving the parasol for Alex and Sephtis to follow them. The stables were rather close to the inn, meaning they would be able to secure a horse and then drop things off around the same time. A lazy looking farmer... He certainly fit the guise of a farmer, strawhat, a weed poking out of his mouth, overalls and some large boots. How quaint... He sat on a stool near the horses proper, arms folded, watching the sky. He was watching it rather intently, was he looking for something? "He looks kinda scary," Almira added, slipping a bit behind Seph for cover.