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  1. Cat's Out Firmia was going to be Firmia, it seemed... But Sasha had taken her attention, or the wind out of her sails, in some form. At least it had just been her quip, and not a lengthy addition or some other lecture from her way of doing things. Jess didn't want any of that right now, Tarquin needed the stage... And stage he got. It was a slow explanation, he seemed rather terrified by the prospect of letting whatever it was he had to say out. He didn't get the chance to, in the end. "Weren't born?" Jess didn't understand right away, but further clarification from this Talia made things make sense. Mostly. "So... You and Tarquin were grown, then? And you had orders to return to the doctor, is it..." Jess didn't quite know what to make of that. Mostly, she was frustrated that she'd never been informed. The captain of the ship not knowing something this important about one of their most unique pilots? It made her feel ignored. What came next wasn't going to help that feeling. "To simplify," Cheryl began, speaking up, watching Tarquin and hoping he'd be alright. "The both of them were grown in a lab. Doctor Amparo and I were tasked with this knowledge in case something were to go wrong with Tarquin, either mentally or physically. Sorry that it wasn't public for you, Captain..." Jess huffed, and folded her arms. "Well that's just dandy... Was that all, then?" If that's all that it was, there wasn't much else for Tarquin to explain. "People above me in the chain of command gave you secret orders to follow. You followed them... And now, from what Talia is saying, your professor left for Apoth. So I guess you don't have any more silly orders to follow, huh?" Hannah had been watching people rather than thinking about what to comment, and Tarquin looked incredibly frightened. Did the prospect of this secret coming out truly frighten him so? She slipped through the crowd gently, and placed her hand on his shoulder, giving him a warm smile. "Tarquin, there is no need to be afraid. I was not born, either, and the crew seems ready to accept me. You are still you, at the end of things." She entirely understood him in this aspect, or, she understood as well as she could without reading his mind. Hopefully the logic behind her advice would sink in easily enough. Focus Pocus Christina nodded, trying to focus on Kim's concern. Remember how it felt in the T-Link... That was easier said than done, she'd been away from the contraption for years before these last few sorties. It was only a few hours ago, though. Surely there was some inkling there. It took more concentration than she wanted to admit, and it wasn't exactly helping the mild headache growing in her head, but she'd managed to get only one emotion flowing in there... The rest in the room quieting down considerably. It was a bit uncomfortable to have just the one in there, but it was better than... Well, six, now. Makoto came in, asking if he could help. What did Megumi want to do with all of this?
  2. Feeling Unfine Christina tried to take deep breaths and calm down, but it wasn't working very well. She couldn't stop everyone's feelings from coming in and out of her head. It wasn't as if they were especially intense, but the feeling of having four people float in through there all at once was... It was difficult. Especially with the concussion, this wasn't helping matters in the slightest. "P-Please, make... Make it stop... Huh?" The doctor... She looked up, letting her eyes get looked at, the light not helping her new headache, but it was likely necessary. With a hefty effort, she tried to focus solely on Kim's concern and worry, slowly letting her hands down as the other ones began to fade into the background, still there but unimposing. "I... My head hurts. Tired... and the T, TK thing..." She gently touched at the back of her head just to make sure, and of course, there was no harness surrounding her brain. This was... "I guess so, Kim..." Either the shock or the blunt trauma had caused this... Or maybe it was the feedback from the system trying to project its field when the Luna was attacking the Artemis. Or... Or something... Either way, she closed her eyes, trying to calm down, hands shaking slightly. Olivia finally looked over at what was going on, taking a second to close the book she's pilfered this time. "Is there a problem, Doc? Do you need our help?"
  3. Rude Awakening "Mmmnn..." A small groan slipped out of Christina's mouth, as her arms slowly began to stretch. Then she yawned, as if everything was fine, took a few moments, and started to open her eyes. "Izzit.. Morning, already?" She wasn't in the mech anymore... The infirmary? That's what it seemed like. She must've passed out from the shock and the impact... Wait... Something felt weird? Off... Wrong... Kim? C-Concern? "Kim...?" Christina took a moment to look around... Her head still hurt, as her cognition came to. Must've been from the cockpit... She groaned, blinking a few times, trying to get her bearings. That was until she was suddenly hit with a small wave of worry and stress, trying to tune it out, without any luck. "Wh-What's going on?" A sense of longing came next, then more worry, then back to the concern... Christina put her hands to her head and shut her eyes, trying to focus, nothing was working! "K-Kim! Wh... Why, am I still plugged in?" But that was impossible! She couldn't still be plugged into the T-Link all the way into the infirmary... And if she was, she'd be able to filter all of this. "What's... Ahhh...!"
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "It will be him. And the both of you can try to make amends... I don't not think him entirely without fault. He tried to kill you without talking to you first, after all... Still. We're family. We have to try." She hoped that Owen would try, at the least. Whether or not Gewaint would remained to be seen... She could talk to him. The loud bang that ruined their talk had Cass riled a lot more than Owen, though her sword didn't come out as fast. She still managed to draw it while they dashed over, but she didn't quite know what to do with the sight of things. "What's this nonsense?" Wasn't the battle over? Who were these... These clowns? What were they?
  5. Patience "I spoke to Corporal Silvavolke," she said, gesturing at Aliza, "and she's agreed to stay with us going forward. I don't know about her friend, or Miss Haley, over here... I'll let them speak for themselves. As for you, Firmia, I just said, I was going to discuss the battle first and then let Tarquin explain things. If you have any questions regarding the fight, feel free to ask. Otherwise, you can wait." Jess almost sighed. It was like the Russian hadn't even heard her. Was she even paying attention?
  6. An Android "Yes! I am Hannah. It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Corona Ten guard. You can give me your name whenever you feel it is necessary. As for the captain, I believe that is her speaking with Tarquin and Nikolai." Hannah took a moment to adjust Hicks, pointing out the orange haired gal down a ways in the hangar. "It would likely be best for you to speak with her once she has finished her dealings here. I would suggest coming with us first, to ensure that your friend is alright, and then making your way to her afterwards." Hicks properly carried after that, Hannah simply had to wait for Brant to lower the Regalia's hand, and she could make her way off to the infirmary. Attempted Explanations "You won't attempt, Tarquin. I'm getting an answer to all of this before the day's over." Jess mulled over her attitude a moment after saying that, before saluting and starting off to see a few more people. I'm probably just tired... That's all. Tarquin'll explain his actions and things will be resolved nice and comfortably. Then I can go see Abby, make sure she's alright, and get some real sleep. Hopefully... Can't keep banking on Apoth leaving us alone every night. Even if the ship never turns off... Once More With Feeling, 1200 CST, August 1st Another mildly cramped collection of pilots met Jess in the debrief this time. She'd taken time to prepare, so hopefully it would go better... This was going to be her first proper meeting without that damn stutter, wasn't it? She couldn't hide a bit of a smile at that, definitely trying to stop it before speaking. "Alright... I'm going to cover a few things that happened during the battle before I turn things over to our youngest pilot." She was happy that Tarquin hadn't tried to avoid the meeting. It was a bit surprising to see that Talia girl there, though. She'd seemed at the end of her rope during the battle... Maybe it was just the battlefield that threw her off so badly. It wasn't a bad idea to have more people with information there for the meeting... Huh... They look pretty alike, don't they? She mentioned some things about T2s and T4s... Are they siblings? Maybe... "The first thing I want to discuss is the Luna. As dangerous a machine as it is, and as much as things nearly went south, they didn't. In fact, going up against this monster and coming out on top is more than I ever could've asked for. It means we can fight against Apotheosis' most dangerous machines... And that means more than I think you all understand. We've got the salvage crews and our mechanics working on analyzing the material its made out of, from what we could take off of it. To that end, I really want you thank you, Sergeant Doyle. It was... Not a maneuver I would suggest again, to get so dangerously close to a machine specialized in close combat, but you succeeded, not only in damaging it and keeping yourself safe, you managed to remove its hand and weapon. That's going to give us volumes of information both on how their machines are constructed, and of what. Be proud of yourself." Was that the right way to go about compliments? Probably. None of it was false, it was an insane victory for them in terms of technology. "Aside from that, we weren't able to glean much else from their standard troops... But." Jess turned on her projector, getting nice use of it now. "The Riese traded blows with their battleship, and we recovered this from the field." The screen consisted entirely of the slab of midnight blue metal that made up the Chaldene. "An entire armor plate from their battleship, either blown off or ejected during the volleys. We're going to try to see if we can get anything out of it past their armor make up. Anything involving that warping they do... Which is the last thing I'd like to speak about, on my end." "I want to see if we can take one of their warp capable units with the pilot alive. We've all seen that the larger models and the... I wanted to refrain from referring to it as such, but the 'boss' models, we've seen that they both activate thick barriers and immolate themselves upon taking too much damage, likely to prevent us from getting anything huge in regards to data and tech. So... If we could take one with the pilot still alive, we could try to reverse engineer that mechanism of theirs. Now, I know that this comes with incredible risks. A few to name being, that the self destruct could be manual, they could warp with our units holding one of their machines down, or we might not even be able to get inside... I'm not worried about one of those, for one reason." Jess took a moment, that would likely be a difficult convincing. "The warping. We've seen a few times now that they aren't using it for combat means. Either that means it's too dangerous to do so in the middle of a firefight, or their machines don't have the energy to perform them rapidly, or repeatedly. That doesn't cover the other worries, but... It does mean we won't have to worry about any of you suddenly getting spirited off to who knows where. To that end, I'm not making capture an order, but... If there ever comes a circumstance where it's possible, please take steps towards it." With that all said and done... "Questions, then." War is Heck
  7. Make Your Mark "I'm sure I got it all figured out nice'n easy, darlin'. Don't go losin' yerself in thoughts, there... An', iffin yer not busy when we're all done repairs... Ye can come see me inside the Ceres. We'll give it a, special touch~ Heh. Have a nice day, Astin." Avery grinned and chuckled to herself as she walked down the hall towards the elevators. As much as she was enjoying joking around, the Artemis was her main concern. That thing had nearly been torn apart. Missing an arm, paint worn off everywhere, leg mangled. It was a surprise it could even move, with the shock the system had received. That was either testament to how good a machine it was, or if that electricity was just for show. Did manage t'shock the Lieutenant an' Christina... Can't be that showy. With repair plans forming in her head, she took the lift back down. It was gonna be a long morning. Major Malaise "Doesn't seem to be anything else..." Her SKIN suit had come off without extra hassle, and luckily, the girl and the lieutenant had remembered undergarments. Probably less embarrassing for them when they came too, medical gowns or not. "If all she's got to deal with is the concussion and the burn, she's incredibly lucky. I don't know what sort of weapon they got hit with, but anything strong enough to shock the pilot through the MS is pretty intense..." Olivia sighed, trying to gently move Christina's hair away from her lovely little gash. It would be a pretty easy fix with some stitches and time, but it was still an unfortunate sight. "How bad is the Lieutenant, Doctor?" Going Up! "At all times, Lieutenant!" With another mock salute, Hannah paused to analyze the new girl's language. "Italian. Installing... Calculating trajectory... Carry the one... Alright." Giving her knees a small bend, Hannah pushed off with enough force to make it up to the Legionary's cockpit, gently landing right on the edge in front of Aliza and Brant. "It is quite easy to traverse still objects. Scaling the Heracles on Colony One during the attack was much more difficult at the time. I nearly fell at three different junctures. Now, I am to carry this Hicks, yes?" Hannah carefully lifted up the man with easy, cradling his unconscious form in her arms, and resting his head against her shoulder as to not let it hang. "I believe I should take the lift down. Any unnecessary motion to his body could cause further damage... Or would moving the Regalia's hand down be easier? As well, yes, it would be good to see if Private Christina and Lieutenant Kim are doing well. Did you get to see them before they were wheeled off, Brant? I am afraid that I was running a quick errand for Firmia and did not return immediately." Hannah gently stepped over to the Regalia's hand as she spoke, wondering how bad of an assault the two girls had suffered. Electricity was dangerous, not just for androids...
  8. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "... ... ... Phew..." Eva sighed, scratching at her hair. What a tense mess that had been. She was glad that Daichi hadn't picked up on her, maybe he'd thought her disgruntled face was about Bert? In any case, that was a load of stress off her shoulders. She looked at Amon, then Shadrak, and felt herself chuckling quietly. "Guess we're under the lovingly watchful eye of the Kigenese for a while now, huh?" She didn't want to talk about Canaan yet, just in case someone was close by the door. She'd already made that mistake today. "What's the plan now, then? We stock up here and start searching for gates? I'd say I could get a head start on Sasha, but I don't think I'd want to be alone if I came across one, huh..." "<Too busy to go shopping... And now you want me to go with you?>" Haruhi sighed. She hadn't wanted to go before, that hadn't changed... Why did he want her to go with him so badly? She hated shopping, and if he had any plans to get her to try clothes on... "<Of course I can read, Thales. I read most of the tome I learned dark magic from... Some of the more advanced phrases I don't get, but I doubt you're going to run into any of that doing basic shopping. So... I'll go with you, okay? Just... Just, no clothes. Please. Not on me, at least...>" He'd probably push it anyway.
  9. Making me Wait Abby really was having a hard time with this, huh? Between the pauses and breaks in her speech, it seemed like talking about it at all was so tough for her... Jess bit her lip, sighing quietly. Breaching the topic so early was definitely a bad idea... At least Juria had come around. Good timing, probably. It'd give Abby something else to think about, and let Jess get away from the subject. "You don't have to make me wait, Abby. I'll come by later this evening, okay? Let you get settled into your room first. I figure it'll be easier for you to feel relaxed if you're away from all the machines... Hopefully we don't have to deal with any surprises in the meantime." Checking on her later was likely for the best, yes. She could ask what that radio silence was all about, if it really was just about concentration... In any case, "I need to see about Tarquin, so I'll see you later, Abby. Again, you don't have to come to the debrief, if you're not able." With a small wave and a smile, Jess put her cap back on, fixing it over her orange locks. It was a good thing she'd left Abby to her devices when she did, Nikolai looked about ready to tear the boy apart! "Oh, crap-- Nikolai!" Jess rushed over and put herself between the two of them, looking at them one after the other. "Look, I'm... I'm sure Tarquin had his reasons for what he did! And if he was going to betray us, they wouldn't have been shooting at him. This was the best time to collect, so to speak... Right? So..." She hoped that would satiate the angry teenager, enough to stay put, just for for a bit. "Tarquin," she began, looking at him with worried eyes, "I really do hope you have an explanation for things. This isn't something I can wave a hand at and overlook... You abused your position and trust of the mechanics to take off without orders, to follow someone else's? You're going to have to tell us all what this was about if you want us to trust you." Settle the Metal Not a special order... In the context of the colony, that made sense. She didn't quite have an ego about her existence to be upset by a comment like that. She knew that, scientifically, she was the forefront of mechanics and engineering. Still, knowing that, she didn't think it mattered all that much. Firmia's comment hadn't been anything other than in regards to the colony, so nothing had to be said about it. "<I do not know if we would be able to shoot down a ship of that magnitude. The Riese, as advanced as it is, was unable to do more than damage it through continued volleys of its main battery. Do you believe that even with concentrated fire, we would be able to down something that heavily armored? I feel that it would simply warp away before we were able to fully dismantle it.>" Those were her thoughts on the matter, anyway. If it was doable, then she would assist, but if it was too much of a stretch to accomplish, their ammo was better spent elsewhere. Taking the Mantle into the hangar, and being careful not to land on anyone, she settled it down gently next to the Regalia, placing the arm and armor where Firmia had wanted them: right in between the machines. It only took a few more moments for the android to open up the cockpit, leaving the machine in the fashion she seemed to prefer-- without the lift. Maybe it was simply how fast it got her from inside the robot to out that she appreciated it, but waiting for a lift like that was an unneeded step in disembarking. This new skin she'd received appeared incredibly malleable as well, not a single tear or stretch from that level of exertion. Giving a quick look around the place to get a read on how things were progressing, Hannah spotted her next priority helping their new arrivals. Approaching the impressive looking machine, she gave a small salute, waving up at them. "Hello, Brant! Is there anything that I can do to assist with our new friends? I am currently without a task, and do not mind being ordered around by you."
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Owen didn't seem as pleased... She couldn't entirely blame him, but-- "Don't you think the two of you should try to make up? Owen, father's gone. I don't know what's happened to our mother, but... We're all we have left, for family. Even if he's just a half brother, he's still our half brother. And I know you two fought, but... Even if you can't entirely forgive each other, you could try to get along..." While Cass was thinking about Owen's feelings, she was still focused on her own. It felt really nice, having two brothers to rely on. And maybe he'd even be able to help her with her training, even more... An emerald sword... Does he have another like this one? Or is that just because he's using the family technique? Either way, it'd be wonderful to see him again... "I'll be there with you. I can help. He likes me, I think... I can help you two smooth things over." As for over near the village hall... "I'm not exactly sure. Should we check? I spent most of my time elsewhere this battle... I saw the enemy commander-- or at least, he was regal enough to be one --running away, so perhaps the rest of the group caught him?"
  11. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "Koerm... Right." Raz was there... With Mikhaila? "Huh... Ah, yes, I suppose I can... I wanted you to teach me about staves. You're the only healer in our group, and I have a wealth of knowledge about magic. As long as it isn't incredibly difficult, I should be able to l-lessen some of that burden, for you..." As much as she took pleasure in setting those that deserved it on fire, taking care of these people was probably more important. She'd grown to like the company of some of them, anyway... Kaya, Raz, Mikhaila, Joviana... She hadn't spoken much to the last one, but she was at least enjoyable to be around. Aaron was... Interesting, for the wrong reasons. But still interesting... "That, and... I... Wouldn't mind some more private time with you..." Having Raz rest against her was new. She didn't exactly mind, but, hurt or not, Raz was being far too vulnerable, no? "You're a far different person than that last evening," she muttered, keeping the amusement quiet and to herself. There was a rather pressing matter to attend to, anyway... How much Raz knew about the ways of the world. Maybe the impression she'd given on day one had just been a disguise. She'd get told eventually if it was important. Probably...
  12. Set Her Up Olivia got things setup for Val, looking at her for a second, before the doctor gave orders. "Right... Hope you remembered your underwear, Christina." She reached over to the girl's wrist, pressing a small button just below her hand. Instantly, the suit lost it's cling, starting to puff up around Christina, until it was just loose material. "Val, help me hold her head while we slide this off. And... Well, that's unfortunate." A spot of the suit was still clinging to her stomach, despite the rest hanging loosely. "She might have a burn on her stomach, Val. Okay... I'll hold her head, and work on getting this down her shoulders. You take over after that, and see about getting that bit taken off of her-- carefully. Especially if you actually have to cut it off... Don't want to give her a fresh scar along with the burns." Olivia couldn't imagine that getting a cut on a burn would be anything pleasant feeling. At least she was still passed out... Gently cradling her head with one hand, Olivia started sliding her suit down, glad that there were no other resisting bits on her shoulders. Designed Without Accuracy in Mind Firmia's reaction wasn't at all shocking. Most people were bothered in some form when they found out... Was it such a bad thing? Even if she'd never developed a personality, it wasn't like people didn't use objects for their own needs... Technically, she'd been just an object. It was different now, but... Wouldn't it be more acceptable now? She supposed that it was simply the shock of it, but, maybe Firmia wasn't quite getting something about her creation. "Firmia, perhaps you are confused about my installations. Should I continue in Russian? <I was assigned to the Colony, yes. They did order us, but we had already been created at the time. So rather, we were not created for the Colony's defenses, simply tasked to that once we were fully functional. I do not know what my... I suppose 'parents' is a rather apt term, had in mind for us when we were initially designed, but you should not be that shocked. They are not detailed, anyway... I was designed for function, not accuracy.>" Bring it back... And Firmia seemed quite pleased. Storing the other chunk of the Cressida away under the Mantle's arm, Hannah went about scanning the slab for an appropriate piece of tech to bring back... Most all of it was simply metal, though the origin of which was not available through her machine's database. Interesting. Perhaps the superior models are also constructed of this material. That would explain why they are so difficult to damage, compared to the Cressidas... And why they immolate upon defeat. "<I am going to bring back the thicker section of this hull fragment. It appears to be made of an unknown metal, or alloy. We should scan it as soon as possible, once it's brought in...>" Continuing in Russian as to not throw Firmia off, swinging languages, Hannah went about chopping a section of the hull off. The Mantle's beam sabers had been installed, though she hadn't needed them with the lance she'd brought with her. Now, they were the perfect tool for removing the hefty wedge. Carry capacity reaching peak with this new item, Hannah took one last zoomed look over the battlefield... The Luna's sword was still there-- what was left of it, anyway, after the metal has melted. She almost thought about taking it... But the mechanics had likely already been informed of it. If there was anything to be gotten from the Luna's armor and armaments, they could settle it after. "<I'm returning now, then.>" The Mantle had to push a bit harder to fly back to the ship in MS mode, with all this weight, but no matter. It was a short trip. Do More "Them bein' a live 's'all I care about. Coulda been way worse, facin' down that monster of a machine. An' I don't wanna think about worse. A concussion, maybe, an' some burns? Coulda been way worse..." Avery shook her head as they walked out of the infirmary, yawning. She'd slept, but it hadn't been the most restful... Because of someone. "Maybe we are. So you keep doin' what yer doin', Astin. Even iffin ye can't keep everyone from gettin' hurt, ye kept more people from gettin' hurt. That matters a tonne... So thanks." Avery leaned over and planted a kiss on their cheek, sticking her tongue out after and adjusting her hat. "Alright. I got a buncha machines t'fix up. An', all them cool metals t'look over. What're you gonna do, hot stuff?"
  13. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    "Oh." That was no fun. He wasn't supposed to just get it when she mentioned that... Telmara sighed to herself and let the man have have fantasies back. It did feel a bit unfair that he'd get his wish just like that... And she was stuck like this. Best not to dwell on it... You'll just make yourself upset. He probably can't even use that thing properly, anyway. Kaya was talking to her that would be better than... This... "An evil invading the world? Really?" From one fate nut to another, she supposed. "I'd like to avoid assumptions for now... All this talk of greater purpose is giving me a headache. Let's just... Just keep looking for what we're looking for. Where were we going, again? Between nearly dying and all of this... Talk, I'm afraid I forgot. Oh, and... I need to talk to you, when you have a moment. If that's alright..." "Oh... My apologies. I didn't know if you were able to stand properly, yet." Mikhaila let her down onto the ground, none the wiser, but she did take notice of Raz's embarrassment. How interesting... For now, she could be a wallflower in the girl's talks. It was easier to glean information from things when someone else was prying for it. She didn't have the most... Eloquent way, with words. Or much else.
  14. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Terra Incognita

    "Oh... I see. What a strange little gift to be given, especially by the Emblem... I wonder why it gave you that? Hmm... A-Ah, of... Of course..." Oh Mercy he was winking now, and Uriel was right there. There was no way she was getting out of explaining things now... Or getting lectured at. What a mess... Maybe something good from the kitchen would take her mind off of things. A nice fluffy pancake or... Or something. It was difficult to ignore how bright her cheeks were getting.
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "If you say so... I'll make sure you're covered, just in case." She began to casually tend to the small scuffs and scraped he said he had, while listening in to what was going on... "Wait, another you? That... Oh!" Ding ding ding! "Gewaint!" Cass smiled wide, her mood restored in an instant. "It must be! There's no way anyone else could look like you, the hair's too much to copy. It has to be him! Oh, I can't wait~" She did pick up that Nelon was there, but... If he didn't know about Gewaint being released by now, he'd find out when we got there. "We're going to see him, right? Right, Owen?"