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  1. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "I-I'm fine, really! Let me help!" It wasn't that bad... She could still swing her sword just fine. Mike smash puny mage~ (87% 2%) (67,24) 11 away~ Whoops fire ball. (85% 0%) (56,57) Toasty. Another swing! (34,53) Down he goes, bonk. Mike gets 37 exp, 3 wexp
  2. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Astrid scoots. Glendwr shoots. (100% 10%) (62,90) Das 10 damage. Glen gets 11 exp and 2 WEXP Sephtis is unhappy. (100% 7%) (73,50) Wan more. (67,12) Down 'e goes. Sephyboy gets 61 EXP, and 3 WEXP The guard fell, Almira clutching her arm, trying to hold the wound shut. "Th-Thanks..." She would've been able to handle things... Probably. But it was nice to have people looking out for her. "I'll be okay. Let's, just... Get out of here."
  3. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Split Up "I would be surprised if you all still trusted me as much as you did before today. I'll have Central perform whatever scans they want on me. I don't want to leave anything to chance either." The comments about petri dish... She really must've hated Tarquin. What was her issue? Calling her out here would do the meeting no good, but ever since Jessica had managed to access the Riese's everything, there was a lingering issue that she was going to have to address regarding Elaine. Someone else didn't think so. "Sergeant Hedrick, I'd like it if you didn't refer to Specialist Herrington as a suicidal squirt from a petri dish. He's a person, and your squad mate. Don't want to play at being your mother, but I figure we're in too shit a situation to not be trying to play nicely with each other." Vance wasn't having that. Whew. Nice. And before she could try to address why she thought things had gone so wrong for Apotheosis today, the aliens, Sasha, and Astin made the connection for them. "This is a good thing," she immediately commented. "That means their leadership is split, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to attack them head on, with full force. If they won't work together, they will fall one by one." Especially if there was turmoil within the ranks... Helena had mentioned this not being the right time, what did that mean? Whatever it meant, things had gone wrong, a massive miscommunication between leaders. "That's what I'm here to address... You're quite right, Roxanna. Jessica was meant to interface with the ship, and I'll leave her to get acquainted with her ride. As for Apotheosis... The data we've gathered from that monster of a machine points us to Canada. Above Canada, actually." Vance stepped just enough aside for the image that popped up behind him to be viewed. It was a small map of the Arctic, with a red circle just around the north pole... "We don't have an exact location yet, but Apotheosis base is within that area. Now, were this a more practical climate, we'd organize search parties, but... Even the most advanced ANF machine will succumb to such frigid temperatures if stuck in it too long. The Riese will manage because of its E-Field, but its... A unique case. So we're going to ask all of you to take it easy for the next several days. Stay on base, on standby, until we can find where they are, with what we have, and what we can track by satellite." "So we can't do anything, yet?" Jess was surprised, she figured they'd have something to take care of, but... "Nothing that wouldn't put Central in jeopardy... While we were fighting today, our branch in Australia was totaled. The Luna, again." "What?" So that's why Vera hadn't been here... Dammit. "What were we working on there?" "Another line of mobile suits... Aquatic... Perfect for," he sighed, "colder climates... They were covering their tracks on that one, unfortunately... So you're all we have left, if we're going to get to this before they can recuperate. While I doubt we'll be able to send much with you to charge this front, we might be able to outfit a few Kraken models, and miss Alkaev's Avalon, with E-Fields, to resist the climate better. It'll be a small battalion... Not something up to the task, but..." He sighed harder, there was no one else to ask. "If any of you want to step away now, you're free to. This is going to be the most dangerous thing any of you have encountered yet, and you may not come back from it. I realize we can't exactly afford you that freedom right now, but... Consider it a special privilege from high command. You've been saving our lives at every turn. If you want to save your own, now... No one will hold it against you." "Commander..." Jess was rather shocked. Surely the rest of Central hadn't agreed to anything like that... If Vance was just going to let people cut and run, he was going to get in a lot of trouble for it. Maybe even removed from his post. Still... At least he cared, if the rest of the suits didn't. What a man. "I'm staying. I have to see this through to the end. Apotheosis has to be stopped." "I... I am too," Christina's timid voice piped up, shaking her head. "I don't want them to keep using me as a tool for their ambitions. I can't stand it... And what they're doing to every other version they make." Nina spoke volumes of how awful Apotheosis was willing to be to win this. "Didn't even have to ask," Chris said after. Cheryl, though, she was quite worried. As a noncombatant, could she afford to risk her life on everyone else? They'd done well so far, but... Oh, but... Having Sasha and Alriana and Tarquin run off like this... Ugh, what a mess. She stayed quiet, but she was going to go. Too many people she'd grown to care about were at stake to be a coward.
  4. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Enemy Phase, Turn 1! Boot Buckle is too scared to attack, but the other villagers don't share his sentiments! "Die, you monster!" Villager #5 takes a swing at Astrid! (50% 0%) (84,84) A miss! What a mistake! Astrid counters! (96% 6%) (68,5) Ouch! 36 damage fells him in one swing! Astrid gains +4 EXP, +2 WEXP! Guard #5 moves to 15,15 Villager #6 moves to 15,14 Villager #4 moves to 9,7 Butcher Bradley moves to 10,8 Villager #3 moves to 13,7 and tosses fire! (64% 0%) (61,84) Burn baby burn~ 9 damage to the poor lad! Dark magic back in this guy's face! (100% 5%) (98,79) Blasted! 6 damage back~ Sephtis gains +17 EXP, +1 WEXP! Sephtis levels! 73 78 45 75 45 30 2 35 Magic, speed, luck, defense! Guard #3 moves to 8,5! "Run along, little girl, you shouldn't be... Wait, you're one of them! Die monster!" (43% 0%) (31,14) 12 damage! Ow! Almira, frightened as she may be, stabs back at him! (100% 14%) (30,16) 9 damage! Again! (83,70) 9 more damage! Almira gains +12 EXP, +2 WEXP! NPC Phase, Turn 1! Sharena tries to keep calm, and scurries to 20,12 Player Phase, Turn 2! Stats!
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    A Few Answers "I'll field those, Sergeant," Vance began, stepping forward after the aliens spoke. "Now--" "One moment!" Cheryl interrupted him, catching his glance immediately. "Uh, yes, Vvi was it? I just want to clarify, Alriana is far from unintelligent, she's probably smarter than the humans in this room. She just doesn't have a good grasp on English. Just felt I should clarify that, before a fight breaks out for silly reasons." "... Right..." Vance was, caught off guard, not expecting the sudden clarification from the doc. The wink already had him worried, and now the aliens were at each other. At least they had some information on the Sacarians, but... "To the both of our new guests, I extend a welcome. What happened today has already happened, and if you're both willing to work with us going forward, then none of us are going to look a gift horse in the mouth. No matter how well you speak English." If Kim could manage, so could this alien. "As I was saying," he cleared his throat, "we didn't know about any sort of alien contact until Lieutenant Kim's run-in on your way to Central. And these other races... Not a clue. I'm not quite, uh... Not quite sure what they even are. This isn't my element." "Then I'll take over," Jess began, standing up. "The Sacarians have been working with Apotheosis since this war started... And I've been a camera for them since I got on the ship." Vance put a hand over his mouth, sighing heavily. The crew wouldn't take that well, no doubt. "I've since removed the program, and there hasn't been any resurgence from what I've been able to observe... I'm going to have Central run a few more in-depth scans on me before any more battles, but I believe it's safe to say that, the threat of me being used as a tool for Apotheosis has since passed. As for me, being a machine... I didn't know until today. Vance?" "... We've known for a few months now," he admitted, gruffly, not really wanting to get into it, but Jess was owed this much. "Sent in from a doctor Tabitha Gaertner... We designed the Riese to interface with your programming, but... Alphonse thought it important that you learn to be a human, instead of just be a machine for war. I agreed, and... Well, you already had a personality upon arrival. And some setup memories... We didn't have to do much to integrate you into the crew." "Even though you knew there was the chance I was bugged?" "It was a risk worth taking, and considering the success of the Riese so far, I'm glad we did. I won't attribute the entirety of its success to you alone, that would be foolish... But your battle data speaks for itself. Now that you have a, seemingly more calm head on your shoulders, and you can tap into your programming proper--" "I should be exactly what the ANF needs to crush Apotheosis once and for all." "... Yes. But... You aren't property, I want to make that incredibly clear. Some of the big wigs wanted to try and pass that through the meeting, but I wasn't having it. Machine or not, you're clearly a person... So when this all comes to an end, if you wish to separate yourself from the ANF--" "I understand... I have to think hard about it. But, thank you." It was nice to know Vance was in her court... He seemed like a rather capable leader. "As for the clones... We didn't know, until we picked up Chris. It seems that they're using Christina as a template because she's an effective TK... That's the only logical explanation for more of her showing up. Any... Other questions?" Hopefully, considering the bomb she'd just lobbed out there. A camera the whole time... Hopefully not the entire time... If they were watching what I was doing with Abby... Jess felt her fist clench, this was just...
  6. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Slip "On the contrary," Kazue began, not wanting Kim to tear down her work so quickly, "were we to combat each other in machines, I feel you could certainly come out on top. I have an appreciation for melee combat, and mobile suits that are, faster on their feet help me considerably... But, I... It's, a b-bit of a shame to say, my scores with ranged combat are... I have not passed a single, exam, for ranged weaponry. On foot, o-or in machine..." She smiled wryly, Tristan a bit shocked. "Then... Wait, they still let you..." "My scores at melee combat were far beyond expectations, and I could handle any machine presented to me. I am... Still a sergeant, because I have not been able to pass my range tests. It is a bit shameful to say... But everyone is good at different things, lieutenant. Do not be disappointed that you can do so much so well." Hopefully that would help her. If she were to seriously focus on any one subject, Kazue was sure she would destroy it. "Well I'll be..." Tristan was shocked that the ANF had let someone through that couldn't handle a gun. But, her skills with melee weaponry were nothing to scoff at. Imagining if she had something better to work with than a repurposed Cressida model... It was like they had their own Vera, minus the augments. If Kazue and Astin were ever to team up, nothing would be able to touch them. Frightening. Someone Like Me "Making your own decisions is a good thing... Okay. I will try to do that. Am I... I am allowed. You have all told me I am allowed..." It was apparently difficult to overwrite what had been drilled into her that quickly, but Nina was going to try. People wanted her to try... And even if that was still, in a sense, telling her what to do, it opened up into her own choices. What she did from here on out would matter a lot. "Should we go, then?" Believe This "I know, who would? That's why I've offered you come up. The whole ship's going to need to meet her eventually, might as well get a few stray cases out of the way first." 2100 hours, Riese Meeting Room, August 5th, Galactic Century 0251 Jess sat at the head of the table, Roxanna to her right, Vance to her left... And to the left of him, both of their aliens. Cheryl was waving at Alriana from the back of the room, giving her a thumbs up. Hopefully nothing would go wrong there... This was Jess' first time seeing either up close, as well. The one that had attacked her was... More physically impressive, and it made sense that it had been sent to kill her. If she was as human as she'd likely been assumed to be, it would've been a resounding success. The other looked... Odd? Horns, multiple eyes, some sort of, robed getup... Had there even been another alien? She must have missed it in her panic, but, better now than never. Now there was, the rest of the crew to address... Oh, there was... Wait, another Christina clone? Sure enough, there was a third blonde head of hair between Christina and Chris, though she looked... Like she wasn't even there. Apotheosis' work was progressing a lot faster than she'd expected. Well... Either way, it was time for her immediate crew. She'd sent a notice to the rest a few hours before this... A good twenty percent had applied for transfers, everything happening with the Riese was too much for them. Then again, only that many leaving, it was rather impressive. So finally she sighed, smiling somewhat, and waving at everyone. "Hi. So. As all of you know, now... I'm an android. These are... These are aliens. If you have any questions, please, voice them now. Or later, I'll take whatever needs said in private. Just... The floor is yours, for whatever needs said. Commander Vance has something to address after, but there's no rush." "None at all, Captain. And, er... If our new friends want to speak to the rest of the crew, by all means." Vance was staring at the aliens more than he'd wanted to, it was just so... So much to try and handle. Christina and Chris were more focused on Nina, but they were still rather shocked by the visitors from other planets. It was the next step to this real life sci-fi they were living in... Hannah was mentally taking notes, Firmia would want to hear all of this, as she'd been too busy to attend. And Kazue... Well, she was just trying to stay in her corner, and hoped no one would say anything to her. Not Up To The Task What do Your Snake Eyes See
  7. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Sephtis isn't a big fan of murder, but knockouts are fair! (96% 8%) (46% 40%) One hit, 6 damage! Doubling is cool. (96% 8%) (92% 86%) Wew close, but 6 more is one guard down~ Seph gains +66 EXP, +3 WEXP!
  8. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Cass flinched, shutting her eyes, as the sting of arrows shrieking through the air approached... And hit the ground in front of them all. Her heart had almost leapt out of her chest, what a tense situation. Ulfure was impressed with her? If this was what it took, she didn't know she had it in her to do it several other times... It was good that this time, it worked out. But... "... Your praise is appreciated, Ulfure," she managed, then sighing, trying to regain some modicum of composure. Things were always going to be tough here, weren't they? "If Emmet is already in talks with your father, then we should hurry, before his ears are poisoned by lies. Hopefully he's willing to listen to his son, and then us." Emmet... They couldn't afford to charge in and begin a battle right there, surely Lobos would turn on them without explanation. Just... Take your anger out elsewhere. Where it's deserved. Cass turned towards the rest of her group, legs wobbling a moment, before she could walk normally again. With grit teeth and a heavy fist, she clenched it around Astaroth's clothing, pulling him close. "You, foolish, useless, waste of a chief. If you ever speak up, if you ever try to play at negotiations in my presence again, I'll kill you first. You nearly ended all our lives because you have no idea what you're doing here-- less so than I, and I've been stuck in a fucking castle my entire life." Cass kept her voice low, she didn't want to invite the curiosity of Ulfure's men, and so quickly let go of the Asarain leader. "That was your last mistake. I am certain in what I said before... Let us be off, everyone. We've talks to make, and a clan to try and help." With that stress off of her chest, Cass spun back around to follow after Ulfure.
  9. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Alex plays yoink "Come on, Almira. Look sharp. This shouldn't be too hard," they said, almost through clenched teeth. The sun was certainly... Overbearing, right now. Misea to (10,5), wait "R-RIght!" And while mildly annoying for Almira, nowhere near as troublesome. Almira to (7,5) equip rapier
  10. Vampire nonsense interest check

    My apologies, while your signup has no issues, the last spot is currently on hold for another RPer. If you're still around if/when I decide to increase the RP's size, I'll @ you and let you know.
  11. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Mine calls upon the power of the sun! (100% 13%) (63% 78%) One strike! 5 damage! And another! (100% 13%) (60% 89%) Another 5! Mina gains +11 exp, +2 wexp!
  12. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    World's Strongest "She's a world martial arts champion... Multiple, world martial arts champion." Tristan had hopped off and walked over, shaking his head some. "How you ended up here is beyond me, but, welcome aboard, Sergeant." It wasn't much of a surprise that Kim had lost, but... It was, pretty ridiculous. Kazue wasted no time picking herself up, taking hold of Kim's hand to help her back up. "Er... I, didn't realize I was that, famous. But, I, I suppose so. And... I'm heavier than you, so I just, used my weight against you. Had I tried that against the ensign, I would've fallen onto my back. It would have been... Rather embarrassing. Thank you for the match, Lieutenant. It was a very good warm up." She hadn't started her workout properly, when Kim had come in, swinging at the punching bag. "And, you were very strong. I realize that may seem condescending, I... Er, hadn't expected Tristan to bring up my achievements, but, truly, you were very impressive. I held nothing back, your sweep caught me off guard quite effectively." Kazue bowed again, shrinking back to shy rather quickly. It seemed she was only confident when she was fighting...
  13. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    It's Burning Grip Tells me to Defeat you! "遅い!" Likely unexpected by the Lieutenant, Kazue had been hoping she'd catch her leg. With a quickness Kim may not have been able to follow, Kazue swung her other leg up against Kim's head, using the momentum of her upper body falling to drag the girl off of her balance, while quickly catching herself on her arms and throwing Kim over onto her back. With a shove of her hands, pulling off a rather crazy flip to end up on top of Kim's recently chucked body, Kazue held a fist out at her, taking a hefty breath. "You are, very good." "What, just... Did you... How, strong are her legs!?" Those were some serious muscles... Kim wasn't large by any definition of the word, but to move her whole frame like that... Whatever was hiding under Kazue's toned form had been seriously chiselled over the years she'd been training. Either way, Tristan was taken aback.
  14. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    This Hand of Mine Glows With an Awesome Power The sudden sweep was a good change, very nice, unexpected. What followed was, but it was good to see that Kim was able to change her approach on the fly. Kazue's foot was caught, but an open palm caught her knee, her arm blocking the incoming elbow. Kazue smiled. Swiftly, her right foot shifted behind her further, shoving against the mat, to give Kim a quick shoulder check. Taking that foot of space she'd gained, a fist came the girl's way-- a feint, Kazue pivoting on her left foot and swinging her leg around in a sudden roundhouse. The lieutenant was a TK, it wasn't a fast move, surely she would dodge, but that was fine. Tristan withheld a whistle, for the both of them. The lieutenant truly was impressive, the sergeant far from a slouch.
  15. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    It's Loud Roar Tells me to Grasp Victory Simple, but effective, Kazue recited in her mind, taking a smooth motion to her left, and sliding Kim's fist behind her, while at the same time giving her back a hefty shove with an open palm, turning to face the lieutenant. "Good form. Again." It looked like Kim was more for frontal assaults and the like, rather than attempts to break guards, or whittle them down. An effective move, piloting a machine, but it would simply tire her out, here. Would she see that? Tristan smiled a bit, it would be nice to see how long Kim lasted against someone like Sergeant Fujiwara.