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  1. "Th-Thank you Kaya... Huh? T-Talk? About what? ...D-Did I do something?" She was kind of confused by the comment, but this was Kaya, so maybe there was something different than she was expecting... Either way, they had enemies left, despite their numbers dwindling. She had to keep dealing with them. Telmara to N9, fwoosh that fucko!
  2. Game Over Of course Thorvald was disappointed, Jess was disparaging the crew again-- but it was the truth! How could Astin act like this was just some well oiled machine? Megumi had opened her eyes, she needed to get to know the crew more-- they all needed to get to know each other more, and acting like they were working perfectly was just going to get people big heads. Big heads like your own, her thoughts shot back, causing her to sit back in her chair as Thorvald went on. She'd preached her own successes well enough, hadn't she... While spewing out how badly the crew had done. Her temper calming down and things settling in, she started to feel sick to her stomach. She still meant most of what she'd said, but the way she said it, it, it was just... "Just make a damn killswitch." "Wh-What?" Abigail had broken her silence and spoken up, going with the first option Jess had discarded. "N-No, this... W-We're supposed to get to t-trust you, that..." Megumi luckily spoke up in agreeing that a killswitch was a bad idea. "If you w-were to go still in combat, o-or... Ugh, a bomb, there's no telling if anyone w-wouldn't just use you as a meatshield, o-or leave you as a target... That's... Th-That's out of the question." What wasn't was the conversations dissolving so steadily. Was Astin really acting this childish? She'd told them to stand down for insulting Megumi like she wasn't working as hard as the rest of them, was that not appropriate? Her comments towards Roxanna weren't exactly right to be said, but the woman was still, despite everything, trying to take shots at literally everything Jess did. At least there was always Kim. She was quick to hop in and try to play mediator for arguments, but she still respected things. "Go ahead, lieutenant..." Her English was as broken as usual, but Jess was happy she was trying. As happy as she could get. Despite one person's attempt to get things started with talking, Roxanna was still Roxanna... It seemed that no matter what, as soon as Jess did something outside the norm, there she was. She had half a mind to strip her of her rank as long as she was on the Riese, and the way she was acting was just making it worse. "I didn't s-say half of that. Take your s-sorry self and get out. Maybe I'll just p-promote Tristan..." There was no need for Jess to think Roxanna was rotten, she knew she was. From her constant attempts, to inciting violence, to even now, instead of trying to find a solution for Abigail, spending her time picking at Jess' reasoning. She wasn't backup, she wasn't helpful, she wasn't helping at all. She was trying to make Jess look as bad as she could so that Alphonse would give her the top spot. You'll never get this chair, so long as I still breathe, you leech. Jess felt nothing as Roxanna left, shaking her head. "I guess that's it, then..." She didn't know what else needed to be said. "I-If the rest of you still won't a-accept things, then a k-killswitch is as far as I'm willing t-to go... No bombs, no g-guns against her head. And if she does s-something, the switch is flipped, a-and I see anyone using her as a shield, or l-leaving her to get shot... I'm t-tired of this. Tired of, m-me, this stutter, how no one respects my authority, b-but I'm supposed to be captain? I say the truth, n-none of you know each other, and I get the most, venomous, d-disgustingly ego filled woman trying to t-tell me that I think this crew is garbage. Well I d-don't!" Jess sat up and looked at everyone, even Astin. "We d-don't know each other! And that's a problem. S-Sorry if no one wants to hear it, but w-we're all separated on this issue because we don't have at all an i-idea of what the person standing right next to us is th-thinking. I know more about Abigail than I d-do half of you! I'm pretty awful for it, t-too... But that's... That's why this meeting is important. I-I want you to trust her. And, I-I want this to be a wakeup call. To all of us. That if, i-if we're not going to get to know each other, we're never going to be able to trust anyone e-else... At least, that's wh-what it feels like..." Despite her calm as the XO has left, Roxanna's parting words had really taken the wind out of her sails. She was slowly sinking back into the chair, sinking back into her meek tone. Stupid... I hate this. Why can't I be anywhere near as confident in myself as the higher ups are? Why!?
  3. Thinking With Your Heart "Watch me," Jess scoffed back, as Astin tried to lecture her on why she was wrong. "I'll use that logic all I want. Nikolai was r-ready to kill us, coming out of that craft! And now he's willing t-to stand here and have a m-meeting with us like it's not a b-big deal!" Jess huffed. This was ridiculous! This line in particular, Astin even acting like Christina would have been an issue at any point. The girl was less harmful than a fly, it didn't take a genius, a psychiatrist, or anyone at all smart to see that! Yeah, just because she was with Kim. She was on the ship for a day and had free reign for that, and you didn't speak a word. If I let Abigail out on her own, will you cry foul, or will you stay quiet like you did for her? Hypocrite... "And I'll k-keep trusting them even after I do! What's wrong with that? In t-times like this, other people are all we have to rely on! You can all c-call me some, bleeding heart, or some, some naive idiot, but if I g-give into any fear, then I lose. Don't you kn-know how terrorism works? Don't y-you understand what Apotheosis wants? G-Give me one good reason why I should t-trust any of you over Abigail-- and this is not some, dumb hypothetical. I-I barely know any of you! I don't kn-know who picked you, I don't know your motivations; I have a f-file and a gut feeling. And if that's good enough for you all, that's good enough for her." And working perfectly fine? Even Jess scoffed. "Elaine broke o-orders to shoot at the dangerous unknown during the colony fight, T-Tarquin nearly blew himself up," she reminded, "and I f-freeze half of the time when faced with something new. What w-workinng perfectly fine are you talking about? W-We're a ragtag group, we barely fit together, th-the only reason we even managed to defend the base t-today is because we got lucky; the Apotheosis mechs w-weren't fighting at full force, and we h-had a new machine on the field! Destroying everything we've built-- what HAVE we built? How well do you know anyone in this room, Astin?" She'd cut into them a lot, but they were being the most selfish out of everyone there. At least Tarquin wasn't only thinking of himself with his question. Jess took a few deep breaths and tried to answer. "There is no mission b-briefing yet, Tarquin... We're h-headed to Great Lake Base, to see if w-we can stem the assault by Apotheosis f-forces, and get a proper restock. The officer in charge here managed to get our energy up and running, but we're starting to dip i-into our own supply of missiles and ammo. We need extras stocked up if the Riese is going to be at full fighting strength for every battle." She hoped it was going to be as simple as that. "If you d-don't trust her then talk to her, for God's sake... You like Nikolai. I s-see no reason why you can't at l-least try to get used to someone new." Megumi tried to have her back, in a similar fashion to which she'd responded to Astin. But it was more trust rhetoric, and Astin wasn't buying it. She would've tried to ignore it but she couldn't stand what Astin tried to casually add into their response. "You shut your mouth, Doyle!" Jess had to grit her teeth to avoid saying anything further vitriolic. "Megumi is doing her part to keep everyone r-running safe and sound just as much as the rest of us-- and sh-she watches from the Bridge, she's in as much danger as the rest of us were the R-Riese to take a direct hit! And that is not everyone's solution! Th-That is yours... I agree with Megumi. I-If you have all this t-time and effort, to spend trying t-to argue why she shouldn't be a p-part of things, then work towards how she c-can fit in and how you can watch out f-for yourselves should you n-not trust her. Maybe she did f-feed us a sob story, so what? With how little you v-value trust, I imagine you have your own y-you're hiding behind..." Jess was getting pretty tired of dealing with this, but there was still the biggest problem in the room. I should've hit you harder, was Jess' first invasive thought. "There's no t-time because we didn't know how bad things w-were, down here. Unless there's s-something you aren't telling me, our return trip to Earth was our first stop into gaining any i-insight and knowledge on how much we would need to deal with Apotheosis. I'll bring up your dated pilot scores all I want if you're going to be so brazen as t-to suggest yourself as a pilot, like how you tried to sh-shove yourself in as the captain as s-soon as I had a moment of faltering i-in front of your uncle. Your ego disgusts me..." That was too personal, was her next thought, but she'd said it anyway, and she couldn't take it back. "Then I-I'll poke holes at it, Roxanna. I'll ask you the same question I gave t-to Doyle, how well do you know anyone in th-this room? Tell me? How w-well do you know the people that picked them? As good a p-pilot as Brant is, he's on loan from Russia, they have no stake in the ANF, o-or the EU. Again, we regarded Nikolai a-as an enemy, and now he's here. If Abigail isn't good enough for you o-on the same merit, then rethink your merits-- you're being a hypocrite!" And her final question-- really!? "Because we just got back, you moron!" Jess slammed another hand against the desk. "This is not difficult to understand! W-We have not had time to assess anything, we are sh-short on able bodies, we, don't have the time to put you, a mechanic, anyone else on th-this ship through a crash course that will make them more effective th-than an actual pilot! Stuff your reservations! That is wh-why her! I've half a mind t-to make this a damned order, with how foolish the two of you are being," she bit out, looking between Astin and Roxanna. "Start thinking of s-solutions to this that include her, or I WILL make it one. I am the C-Captain!" If there was one thing that Jess cursed more than her subordinates right now, it was this damned stutter.
  4. Overwhelmed There was Roxanna, immediately, cutting remarks into the room. Jess could almost feel them hitting her as she went along. She wasn't even wrong, that was what hurt the most. Well, mostly wasn't wrong. "W-We don't have time, to--" but she couldn't get this one at a time, that was also expected. Elaine, right on cue, was nearly barking out her disapproval. "I, I know you can't, but, j-just one at a time..." And Nikolai... Of course, as soon as he was mentioned, he'd get defensive about things, wouldn't he? Wait, was he standing up for her? Really? After everything he'd said, Jess figured he'd be standing there quiet the entire time... Things didn't get much better when Kim jumped in and Tarquin put more questions on the pile. She still hadn't had time to answer Roxanna! To make matters worse, Brant left, leaving Jess without another support to look for. Astin threw in what Jess had been fearing the worst, a 'me or her' ultimatum. She didn't have an answer for that, trying to speak up, bubble caught in her throat. Thorvald was trying to play mediator, without a gun, telling her to keep calm and go at this one at a time but with Nikolai speaking back up again and escalating thing further she couldn't-- "S-Stand down!" Jess slammed a fist onto the table, trembling. "Elaine, shut up! Kim, get your hand away from your gun! Nikolai, quit making things worse!" Jess had to take a moment to calm herself down, first... After some deep breaths, a shudder, and a shaking of her head, she looked up at everyone with the most focus she could have. "I understand y-your reservations, but I asked for questions! Not for you all to a-act like a pack of untaught school children!" She was pretty much done with meetings always going like this. And she was the captain, wasn't she? Did she have no authority at all? Had everyone not told her how well she was doing? Or was that just the people on her side... "W-We don't have time to train one of the mechanics or you. H-Have you seen your pilot scores? You will not be deploying in anything, Roxanna. And you, Elaine, i-if you can work alongside Nikolai and Christina, then you can do this too! The s-same goes for you, Astin! I don't care i-if either of you think the scope isn't the same, we, we pulled Christina from an Apotheosis fighter and now you all smile and laugh with h-her like nothing's wrong! Do you even know who Abigail is? And N-Nikolai, should we lock him back up too? He was f-fighting there just the same!" What was with everyone's double standards? "If not knowing who she is, i-is all you're worried about, then talk to her! God... If you c-can't trust her, then you can't trust me! When have I done anything wrong!? Tell me, r-right now!" Jess was growing a bit of an ego as she got more and more upset, but was she even wrong? "E-Ever since the test mission, none o-of my choices have put the crew in danger! In fact, a-all of them have not only h-helped us, but some of them have saved us! How would a-all of you have dealt with Tarquin's episode on the C-Colony if I hadn't stepped in? I don't care if I b-broke ANF code-- this is war! This is... This is not s-some time to be sitting on our thumbs arguing over who we c-can or can't trust when we have a r-real threat breathing down on us!" She hoped she was being clear enough with this. She expected Elaine and Roxanna to still argue back against her, but maybe it would get through to Tarquin and Astin, at least somewhat. "I trust her. I, I let her out of her cell, I walked her through the Riese. She had, e-every moment she could have had, t-to grab me, restrain me, use me a-as a tool to get a sh-ship and leave. But she didn't. She had nothing to lose, either! H-Her men are gone, she has no chance of escape, a-and... And she didn't take it. If that's not enough, then I-I don't know what is. But this... This prattling on like, l-like children, is stupid. We're adults. A-Act like it." Jess sank back into her chair, tirade finished. She'd take some serious heat for it, surely... But she was learning how to be frustrated. How to be angry. No, she didn't deserve this back talk... Everyone kept telling her how good of a job she was doing; Alphonse, Thorvald, Brant, Megumi, they all had faith in her. What was wrong with having a bit of faith in herself?
  5. Heading off Christina nodded and gave a small smile to Thorvald as she was taken out of the cafeteria. Looks like she'd have to finish cooking those eggs another day. At least things were a bit easier to think about, having put them all out in front of her. And the biggest thing she was thinking about was how not to be useless. Breaking down like that... That's not going to help me. I don't have to be strong, b-but, I have to be all here. If I can help her, then I can help myself... Right? Afraid Olivia only pulled her eyes away from the book to say one thing to Val. "You're scared." She didn't feel there was anything more that needed saying. The girl was terrified of sinking back into old patterns... And as long as she was, Olivia wasn't going to make any progress. Not that pushing her harder than this would help things, if she did, Val would just end up listening to her without a word... And that wasn't going to make either of them happy. Swimming Deeper "Doesn't s-sound like a very pleasant old man t-to me..." He sounded like an awful devil, from the way Brant was telling things. Live fire, to a ridiculous degree... It was insane. Definitely insane. For once, Jess felt the need to keep Brant safe, despite how well he'd been doing that for himself. Even when this was all over, she didn't want to give him back to such an awful place. He's a person, not a toy to test... Disgusting. He did her a favor and gave her a different venue to think about, one that wouldn't upset her... ---------- Scenario 5: Left Behind Quiet The meeting room was the same as always. A bit dim, projectors waiting to be lit up, the captain sitting at the other end of the table... Abigail standing next to her. Jess had thought she'd experienced awkward before. She'd thought her interactions with Roxanna were awkward, she'd thought her talks with the crew before had been awkward... This deafening silence hanging about the room was the most awkward she'd ever had to sit in. She didn't expect people to be sunshine and rainbows about Abigail being present, but this was... This was new. "So... Uhm..." She dared to break it, hoping no one shouted her down immediately. At the least, Kim hadn't pulled her gun and taken shots in instinct, so maybe there was hope. "This... Th-This is Abigail. And... And she's going to be f-fighting with us, from today on. We... Don't have th-the luxury of pulling any other p-pilots, so... She's, going to bolster the numbers. Uhhh... A-Any, questions?" The most terrifying part. And even before anyone could answer, Jess felt her eyes pulling themselves closer to Elaine, waiting for an outburst. If it's going to be anyone, it's going to be her... This is awful. Aside from Elaine, Jess could only hope that Abigail would keep her calm. She was about to be under a lot of fire... //All the PCs, Roxanna and Abigail can post! Any NPCs you feel should be present can be asked about!
  6. "Of all the... No! I will not be denied this by angry peasants! Enough of this foolishness! And you've brought children into this mess!? Have you no shame!?" Cass was furious, bellowing her anger through the hall, before turning to the man that has walked up beside her. "I WILL have my wedding and I WILL have my wife! Out of my way!" She decks the guy on 10,18 with BOTH FISTS!
  7. Not at all. FEE3 is just here to share things. If they're released by the creators right after or a few weeks after, that's up to them. It helps to release near the event to gain more attention, but it's not at all required.
  8. Myself and MK404 will only share what parts of your project you wish to show off. If you only want one chapter done, that's all we'll do.
  9. Wonderful~ I've recently played a randomizer for FE8 so these sorts of little change patches are always pretty nice.
  10. Nope, as long as it's FE related, it can be whatever you'd like to show off. Whether that be animations, a reskin of sorts, balance changes, an original project; anything like that.
  11. FEE3 is a fan expo that was started back around 2012. Every year we host the projects by people in the fan community, either by playing demos, showing trailers, or talking to creators. It's here as a sort of pusher for creators to work more on their projects, and to get them more attention, as well as show off what we're capable of. And it's all in good fun, just to get everyone involved in something together.
  12. Yyyyyyes as long as no actual roms are involved, but you guys know that.
  13. Anyone can PM me any patch files whenever they're finished. UPS makes my life easier~
  14. Old Trials Jess turned around as Brant got himself into the hot tub, sinking down to her shoulders again. No confidence was striking, despite his thumbs ups. "New, huh... And worse? That's..." She had no scars. All of the ANF's pilot training was done in simulators, live fire wasn't the standard, not for captains at least. Thinking about it, she didn't know if live fire was standard for the regular pilots, she only knew about her own training... And you couldn't just get into a battleship willy-nilly for fire testing. Even the most decorated students didn't get that privilege. She sure hadn't... That made this whole Riese thing even weirder, but no use thinking about it right now. She wouldn't be able to think about it with Brant diving into what was perhaps the most ridiculous training regiment she'd heard of. "Wh... Live fire, too? That's... That's absurd! Why? You... You could've died." Jess didn't want to think of that, she'd never heard of that sort of ridiculous training, ever... It might've been the reason that Brant was such a good pilot, but at what cost? "...Who's the ornery old b-bastard?" she managed to ask. His father, or, someone related to the Alkaevs? Someone, probably... "Sorry, i-if this is getting personal, ahaha... Y-You can ask me stuff, too! O-Only fair... Not that I have anything interesting to say." New Trials "I... I guess, so." But if it was that simple, why should she believe her? Christina wished she could tear out her brain and give it a talking to before putting it back in... Everything was just too confusing. Kim seemed to sincere to ignore, though... Glad it was Thorvald... You wouldn't have ever known who you shot down if you did, you know. But I guess... Hindsight. Twenty twenty. Like they say... "I'm sorry, Kim..." "Y-You say I haven't done anything wrong, but look at what I'm doing to you. You're shaking... I can smell what you're keeping down on your breath. I'm so sorry... I..." She shook her head, trying to push the awful back. It wasn't working very well, but if she could really pin everything on Kim... "If you don't think I'm worthless... O-Or, a burden. I can start there. It won't be right away... Not t-today, maybe not for weeks. Is that okay? If I collapse, l-like this, again? If you're there to help, me back up, I... you, o-or Brant... Even... H-Hey, Thorvald. Sorry, to you too..." It would be best not to ignore him further, he was already being kind enough, not trying to butt into things. "I have a lot of, baggage. Even b-before all of this... So it's... It's catching up. Getting sh-shot, down... Almost dying, t-taking up all this space on the ship, while not... Not doing anything of worth. Bad memories like to spring up everywhere, don't they?" Another wry smile accompanied that, as the tears finally started to form. She didn't let them get further than that, wiping her face on her sleeve. "I'll be okay, today... Kim. Thank you. Sorry, again... I... Can you take me to my room? I need to think. A lot..." What to do, now. How to face her fears... And how to deal with them as they came. I just hope I don't break something in the Mk.III... Wouldn't that just be the worst, huh?