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  1. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "I'll get right on that, then. And be less harsh on the me out there. She's trying." Galatea leaned back on her screen, starting to sort through names in the ANF's database for anyone that would be skilled in this area. Then it's a matter of sorting them further... What a mess... "[Affirmative, captain.]" And the others were off on the analysis Firmia wanted. "I know, Captain. I'm trying... Their reactions are faster than I was expecting for close combat. I'll make sure not to get hit again." Did they get the wrong idea about these cats? Hannah had assumed that Gaal'Bathy was just some melee specialist, but they seemed incredibly agile up close. If they're not just flying laser shows, then we could be in serious trouble... "Galatea, prepare for evasive measures." "Already on them." In the meantime, the Avalon moves out! Firmia lights up with some funnels! (100!,13) (46,2) Hit Crit! 176 damage! Firmia gains +200 EXP, +4 will, +15 PP!
  2. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "Thank you for the assistance!" Hannah +100 HP and boy howdy did she need it. The Sagittae swims just fine? (71,10) (19,67) Hit! 103 damage! The cat can't underwater! Aliza gains +50 EXP, +1 will!
  3. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Gaal'Bathy was down... And Soor'Kan's men were starting to fall as well. "You aren't as tough as you act!" They could definitely take these aliens down, things were going to work out! Eyes scanning for a target, they were finally in range of the assault on the Riese. "You're next!" Hannah charges to 12,19, after Sacarian 7! (75,24) (33,9) Hit Crit! 160 damage, -25 EN! The cat swings back! (42,21) (6,20) Hit Crit! 186! "Die, human scum!" "M-Major damage, making corrections!" Hannah gains +30 EXP, +3 will!
  4. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "Kill me! Kill me and prove your superiority! Kill me and show me, THAT YOUR PUNY RACE HAS WORTH!" "Gladly." The Riese's cannons were already trained on the damaged machine, Jess didn't hesitate a moment in hammering the trigger. The spiraling beams of the Riese's energy cannons enveloped the Praxis in mere seconds, the machine's absorption tech not standing up at this point. Jess fires! (100!,25) (22,91) Hit! 174 damage! "Glory to the Sacarian race--" The Praxis exploded mid stream, shattered debris and particles falling out of the air and into the ocean below. Jess sighed, sinking into the captain's chair. "Looks like I'm out of energy, Firmia... Sorry. I'll do my best to keep the Riese afloat, but I don't, think the guns are gonna be doing much else..." Jess gains +1000 EXP, +30 PP, +6 will! Jess levels twice! Shooting/Defense/Avoid Skill/Accuracy/Defense! Soor'Kan glanced back at the debris, sighing. "A pity. Still, I can't help but share in some of her excitement! So you humans do have some fight in you, after all? Good. Good! Show me more!"
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    A hail of fire and energy! (100!,N/A) (50,47) Hit! Valor! 460 damage! Insane! Gaal'Bathy fires back, fruitlessly! Kim gains +40 exp, +4 will! The barrage had left her machine barely functioning, Gaal'Bathy gasping and coughing from the battering she'd been put through. "Do we feel fear?" A laugh came through Kim's communications, it grew into a howled guffaw, Gaal'Bathy seeming not to run out of air. "This is my life! This is my pride, my joy, my reason to be! TO DIE ON THE BATTLEFIELD AGAINST A WORTHY OPPONENT!" The one armed, beaten machine, raised its sword against Kim's Artemis, the Sacarian still cackling over the radio. "Kill me! Kill me and prove your superiority! Kill me and show me, THAT YOUR PUNY RACE HAS WORTH!" Blood Vialed Olivia quietly thanked Nina and made her way back over to the Christina situation, setting what Megumi needed on the table next to her. "Got her blood for you... Things are going fine, right?" Information locked "That's not happening, FIrmia." The Galatea on board the Avalon had contacted the captain, before Stephanie could begin looking into what she'd asked for. "I've tried poking around the ANF's database, just on the Riese, looking for things like this before. And there were some things that not even Jessica had access to. I couldn't crack them. Similar to the black box on the Regina, they definitely need passwords, or an AI that's far more advanced than I am... I'm looking at the report right now, and it has the same sort of locking mechanism attached to it. There's someone in the ANF that's a master of encrypting important documents. Suppose I should look into that, instead?"
  6. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Elaine is out for glory and cat blood! (100!,9) (54,1) Hit Crit! 160 damage! The Sacarian can't counter! Makoto wants to finish! (64,24) (3,58) Hit! 77 damage! Down they go! Elaine gains +250 EXP, +15 PP, +3 will! Elaine levels! Stats to come. Makoto gains +175, +15 PP, +5 will! Tarquin's sights couldn't be more lined up! (100!,24) (88,84) Hit! 223 damage! Gaal'Bathy turned the GBR prototype on him, blasting violet rays! But he swiftly dodges! Tarquin gains +80 EXP, +4 will!
  7. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Eye beams devastate! (100!,38) (23,82) Hit! 96 damage! The sacarians fires back, but Vvi is too swift! Miss (Alert)! Vvi gains +40 EXP, +4 will! Brig it Vera was unceremoniously hoisted up the elevators and towards the holding cells, quietly pulled into the center one and sit against the included bed. "[Thank you for cooperating,]" Tiffany asserted, turning to leave the cell, and pressing maximum security once she was outside. The standard plexiglass paneling between the onlookers and their prisoner was quickly covered in sheets of titanium coating, the interior walls reinforced behind the padding. Would titanium be enough to hold Vera? Debatable, but this was the best holding cell the Riese had to offer. Kazue breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever was stopping Vera from moving had worked in their favor. She could do her best to get back into the battle, and-- "Alright, what do you want, then?" Buck spoke up, on his toes to see into the viewing window and actually address Vera. "Uhm, B-Buck, we should not... She is a prisoner, so..." "So? I'm here. Get this over with..." Kazue sighed. That wasn't very protocol... Not that she had the courage to stop him. Not even a child, huh? I should really see someone about this... "Ah?" Vera raised her head, glancing back at Buck. "Right... Send one of your androids back in. Take my arms off. Then build me a standard set of prosthetic limbs. You can do that, right?" "Wh-- What!?" She just, wanted normal prosthetics? "But those, aren't those...!" "Yeah. They're incredibly powerful, right? But I can't move them anymore... Something I'll explain to your captain once this fight is over... For now, feel free to take them, melt them, use them, take them apart, I don't care. I just don't want to be unable to move again. I know I don't deserve that, you could just come in here and lead me without limbs, but--" "Alright... I'll go fabricate some." "Wha? Buck?" Kazue was rather surprised, why was he...? "... I share your ally's surprise. Why are you agreeing so readily?" "Cuz... I dunno. Guess I feel bad. I thought I'd... After... After what Avery, whoever did... I figured I'd be scared of or hate all of you Apoth freaks. But..." Buck's shoulders sunk, looking down, his face disappearing out of few as he fell off his toes. "It's just sad... This whole stupid war. And I don't want to hurt anyone. Tired of seeing pilots come back into the Riese hurt, tired of seeing robots damaged. So whatever, right? They're just prosthetic limbs. I can make that in a few minutes, at worst, just 3D print the whole lot." Buck stuffed his hands into his jumpsuit, sniffling a bit. "It's fine..." Kazue sighed just a bit, gently patting his head. "You should get back to the hangar, Buck." "Yeah... I'll, go do that. Bring your stuff back after the fight, Vera. See ya..." He turned to walk off, a hand slipping out to rub at his eyes. "That boy is too kind to be here. The ANF is willing to use all sorts, aren't they?" Vera was still surprised, and a little disappointed in the army she'd lost to. "Justice will be done. I do not agree with the costs... Buck's innocence, the lives, the damage... But you will all be stopped. I will make sure of that. Tiffany, follow her instructions, disengage her, attachments." "[Affirmative.]" Once more, back into the holding cell... Hoisted Goods "[Captain. Stephanie reporting. I have found one Bismarck facility that has been raided in the past weeks. There was a news report claiming that the rebel faction that attacked it had been defeated by the guards and turrets onsite, and that nothing was stolen. This seems to be the only report, anything else has either been marked lost or still held by the ANF. I believe the news report to be 'fake news', in an attempt to keep the masses calm, that there is only one threat facing the ANF.]" A moderate assessment, the proof it was false was fighting against Soor'Kan. "[My apologies for being unable to find more information. Anything else is marked as classified in the ANF's servers.]"
  8. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    "Grrrghh... GRAAARGH! STUPID LIZARD!" Alriana is having none of it today! (100!,47) (10,11) Hit Crit! 94 damage! Gaal'Bathy loses 25 armor! She responds with another blast of her GBR, but Alriana dodges! Tarquin supports! (100!,24) (55,98) Hit! 142 damage! Damn! Alriana gains +90 EXP, +4 will! Tarquin gains +40 EXP, +3 will! "You... You, humans, you worthless, inferior, species!" Gaal'Bathy was raging, this lizard and these humans were taking her for a fool! Then she'd show them all, just how ruthless she could be! "You'll all die here! ALL OF YOU! BY MY, HAND!" Speakers were at maximum, her psychic abilities were flaring! Gaal'Bathy casts Drive, Focus! "GRAHHHHHHHH!!"
  9. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Vera was down, Hannah breathed a sigh of relief... And mild disappointment, she'd wanted to have dealt the final blow. Kim still had a connection to the woman, but even so... "Forwarding to all units, it's time to take the fight back to the aliens. Here's what information I've been able to analyze from the lead machine." Soor'Kan was currently disposed, at least... As long as he was busy fighting those newcomers. Only a few of them seemed to stand any chance of damaging him, but they wouldn't last in a drawn out fight... Hannalyze Gaal'Bathy! Jess was starting to run on empty... Keeping this much focus on everything was incredibly difficult, a warning had popped up that she was overheating, and she'd dismissed it to keep trying. What kind of android can't even run all its assets? Come on, stupid metal body... I have you, now keep up! Still, things weren't looking good for her. The overheating warning had sprung up again, and it wasn't going away this time. "Ensign, XO? I... Might, shut down. Keep an eye on the bridge, in the next minute." As for the squad, fighting everything right now... "Come in, Papa Bear. Thorvald? Hey. It's Jess... Sending your machine a barrier. I'm gonna be out of the game in another minute, so try to keep everyone out there together. You're still the team leader... And you do a damn good job at it." Hopefully he could keep managing, Jess was starting to feel consciousness fading. Jess Trusts Thorvald! "Captain? ... Yes, Captain. Roxanna, you're at the helm in a moment. I'll take over the main guns." He could do that much, Hopefully Roxanna, while not a great pilot, could at least takeover making sure the ship didn't sink. "Puppet, Idol, I'm sending your units supplemental data on the enemies, please keep them from sinking the ship." Tarquin had squared himself up for shooting at the bow of the ship, as long as he could hold things there, he'd be able to pick the Sacarians out of the sky... And Kim had just taken out Vera. Anything to help their ace keep moving at this point, would hopefully go a long way. Tristan Devote Tarquin, and Kim x2!
  10. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Spamming The Inbox
  11. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Messaging "Ugh, they're still fighting? At least my destination isn't sunk... Better send a message so they don't shoot this dinky little thing out of the sky." Metallic fingers tapped the controls of the Prioxis, the plane quietly speeding along the skyline. "And better steer clear until the cats are gone. They'd probably shoot me down just as soon as the Riese crew would~ Hmm... Now, what was... There we are." Typing away with her other hand, a message was quickly laid out and sent to Jessica, still trying to concentrate, on the Riese's situation. "A message, now? From who-- Another unknown, ugh, getting real tired of unknown contacts..." Jess sighed to herself and tried to get the message parsed alongside-- "what?" What is this? Hello my dear Captain Gefalscht. I'll be surrendering as soon as I enter airspace, so please try to avoid blowing my Prioxis out of the air. I've plenty of information that I'm sure you'd enjoy, and I can't quite give it to you if I'm in pieces~ Thank you very much. See you soon <3 "Who the, fuck..." Who is this? Jess didn't have time to send much else, the soldiers Soor'Kan had brought with him were bearing down hard on the Riese. It didn't take much else. Louise. Remember not to shoot me down! "What!?" "Captain?" Tristan had spun around, concern on his face. Jess had been quietly dealing with the ship mostly by herself, so a sudden outburst... "N-Nothing, Ensign, just... Trying to divert things, hitting roadblocks." "Alright... Let us known if there's anything more we can do for the Riese." "Maybe if we were in the air..." Louise? What the fuck? No, no no no, that's not... And her surrender? I'm too busy for this right now!
  12. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Enemy Phase/Turn 2! "It seems you're a step above your allies. Show me how far you can go then! Hahaha~!" Soor'Kan, enjoying himself with a moderate challenge, rushes Calina, claws out! (100,50) (58,85) Hit! 102 damage! "Ghhh... Shut your fucking mouth, before I slice it off!" "Good, good! I've been waiting for someone to provide entertainment!" Calina swings back! (100!,20) (63,98) Hit! Beam Absorb activates! "Wh-What!?" Soor'Kan's machine is healed for 148 damage! "B-But that's... What did you...!?" "It seems my systems have acclimated to your overuse of energy. Now then, shall we continue this dance?" Gaal'Bathy continues to target Alriana! "Cease your skittering and die!" (14,13) (47,9) Miss! Alriana fires back, continuing to dodge! (77,27) (10,24) Hit Crit! 148 damage! Alriana gains +90 EXP, +4 will! Predict, Foresight, and Attacker activate!
  13. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Prepare the laser beam! (100,38) (2,25) Hit Crit! 141 damage! The Sacarian fires back! (2,2) (37,15) Miss! Vvi gains +40 EXP, +4 will!
  14. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    With fury in mind! Abby shoots! (38,12) (57,83) Miss! The cat doesn't return fire, water OP! Dad tries his best as well! (78,9) (71,12) Hit! 54 damage! Abby gains +50 EXP, -2 will! Thorvald gains +25 exp, +2 will! Aliza goes for the finishing blow! (82,10) (78,83) Hit! 94 damage! "M-My liege, the humans--!" One cat down! Aliza gains +300 EXP, +15 PP, +6 will! Landing Zone "Clear a space!" Kazue had stationed the Crescent in its holding dock immediately, jumped out, and then rushed over to where the Luna had been set. Buck and a few other mechanics were nearby, apprehensive, as most would be. This was the devil of Apoth's forces, a machine that hadn't known equal, and likely still didn't. They'd had to gang up on it to win, and it was still in such good condition... Whatever made it short out must have been internal, the outer plating was scarred and damaged, but nothing had been blown off or gone through it. Buck was the first one to take a cautious step forward, Kazue rushing up ahead of him. "Do not take this lightly, young Matthews. Vera could still be alive... And I do not know if I can--" "[Sergeant Fujiwara]," a regulated voice spoke out, appearing behind them with a salute. Kazue breathed a sigh of relief, the Riese's three androids had managed to make it in time. "[We are here to assist in the apprehension of the criminal known as Vera Maxwell. Please give us your orders.]" Being in charge... Feels weird. "Just... Uhm, be, on your guard. If she tries to make any sudden movements, then assist me in holding her down." "[Affirmative.]" Tiffany, in the lead, saluted again, standing at the ready. "We got 'er open!" One of the mechanics had started using a nearby repair crane to try and pry the Luna open... Finally managing, Kazue steeling herself and slowly approaching the cockpit. " ... Don't worry," a tired voice spoke from inside the dark cavity, almost chuckling. "They've already deemed me useless. I can't move, let alone try to escape all of you. If you think your androids can carry me, by all means... And little mechanic. Buck, right?" Buck tensed up, as they shined a light in there, the face of Apotheosis' most powerful lieutenant staring right at him. "Wh-What? How do you know my-- what do you want?" "I have a favor to ask. I'll tell you about it, once you're all comfortable with me in a cell." "A... Favor? What?" Buck didn't... What could she possibly want from him? "Let's get you there, then. If you could, girls." Kazue stepped aside, Vera hadn't made any sudden movements, or any movements at all, really... "[Affirmative. Vera Maxwell, you are to come with us.]" As she was being compliant, Tiffany climbed into the cockpit and retrieved her alone, hoisting the rather limp woman out and down onto the hangar floor. "... You really can't move, can you?" Kazue was confused, what was going on? She wasn't tied to her machine, was she? Deemed useless? By who? The Sacarians? But why... This is confusing. Can they do something like this? I read the reports on her, she has fantastical cybernetic limb enhancements... So why would they... "Bring her along, please. I am sure we can figure out explanations for this, later." "I-I'm coming too," Buck spouted, following after the android. "Brave, are we?" Vera scoffed, though she was impressed by Buck's willingness to follow along. "I just wanna know what some crazy from Apoth wants with me... Before I start taking your machine apart."
  15. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Bang bang bang! (100,24) (56,23) Hit Crit! 179 damage! The cat fires back! (9,6) (73,91) Miss! Aly gains +40 exp, +4 will!