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  1. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Across the Pond "I know, but..." Hannah sighed, very quietly, Firmia was still going to be like this. She understood the issue with Jessica, but the rest of the crew... They didn't deserve this, that ship didn't deserve this, just because of the person at the helm. That's why when Firmia said she'd be coming too, Hannah had to pause and stare at the girl. "What?" Really? Not wanting any surprises was fine, but... Going over there in person, when it was clearly making her upset enough to get Sasha to put locks on the funnels... "Is that really a good idea? I don't want you getting into a shouting match with the captain if she's done something special again." Things did tend to go somewhat sideways when it came to Jessica and prisoners, and considering who they had just picked up, would Vera be walking around the Riese like it was no big deal in a matter of hours? Then there was Sasha, looking almost troubled... Right, right. "You want to come and see the good doctor, Sasha?" If they were going to go over, might as well. Green is The New Yuck "What's the rush? I have a ship to get back to, and information to give to my captain. So either drop the walls or sit tight while I bust them down. I will go Galatea Mk.II on this firewall--" And now Rex was yelling. Ugh. What a mess. "Hold please." Galatea went still, another avatar of her popping up in Rex's face. "What do you want!? I'm busy!" She huffed, glaring him down, his temper tantrum wouldn't intimidate her. Unless the Athena got hit by an EMP out of nowhere, there was nothing they could do to her. "I will forget nothing, but if you must know... Nothing. Brant is raising his kids as he sees fit, and when we meet with you, you can have Vasiliy. No strings attached. What kind of monster do you think she is? Honestly, did you REALLY think she was going to try and bargain with you over your own child? How rude can you be? First you try to kill her, now this. Idiot. Pathetic." Galatea was done with Rex, popping back up in front of May with a huff. "Right. Where were we? Oh, yes. Drop the wall or get the maul." Galatea flashed a moment, suddenly equipped with what looked like a mobile suit, carrying a rather impressive hammer, and a tiny glower gathered on her face. "You get one warning!" Things You Can't Afford "Kim, you can't keep going on with this. If the captain says you can't pilot, you can't pilot." Chris was getting pretty frustrated with Kim's continued stubbornness on this, she didn't know how to get through to the girl. Did the words, 'this could actually kill you', mean nothing? Sure, fighting with Vera and the Sacarians could as well, but that was different. This... State of being, is what could kill Kim. She didn't seem to get it. "It... It's fine, Chris. Really... I trust Kim. Megumi, it'll be okay. Kim is..." Christina smiled a moment, hugging the bed's blanket closer to her. "She's really stubborn. She'd probably just break herself out of whatever confinement she got put in to help the fight, if we tried to hold her down. And I'll be there, so--" "You're going back into that machine? After what happened to you?" Chris was surprised that she even wanted to try this again, she'd been betrayed, shot, left for dead, but... "I am. Kim's okay. I'm alive... I want to help her as best as I can. If I can anchor any of this by being there, even if that's all I'm doing, then I really want to." "Geez..." Chris sighed and ruffled Christina's hair some, taking some steps away from her over to Brant. "Fine, be my guest. Both of you are crazy..." Yes on Call "I am happy... Your fault for saying anything." Calina huffed, blaming her for that, she didn't have to say anything to Sena. Anyone would get awkward after hearing something like that. "Just wanted you to talk to her for a minute. She's... Not going to be okay. I dunno if I'm gonna be able to give her what she needs right now, since..." Calina didn't want to say it, Abby already knew, anyway. With Robert gone, Sena was all alone, again. The girl's world was already so small, she'd only really let him in. No one could take his place, could they even talk to her like they used to? Maybe... But... "I'm no good with that sort of thing," she sighed, finishing the straps off of Abby's shoulders. "If you can think of anything to say or do for her, please do. That's why you're Captain, after all. You were better with words than me." Just a bra in her way... Why did Abby have to wear so much? Sliding hands across her skin nice and slow to get her riled up, fingers began to fiddle with the clasps. "We'll make things work. Always have. People come and go," she managed, biting her lip and forcing a smile. "This one's just gonna leave a mark for a while longer than normal. That's all. That's..." Crap... She was crying again, retreating a hand to wipe away at her eyes. "Sorry. Should just be happy right, but I can't... Can't get it out of my head." Calina went in for another greedy hug, holding Abby tight. "I can't let, something like that happen again. I have to be better." Maybe this teaming up with Jess wasn't so bad, after all... It was bad for her, but it would keep her people safe in this war. This ship had gone down, and still survived, after all. If it could take that much punishment, then... "We can do this... All of us." Her hands went back to what they wanted, glancing up at Abby from her hug. "We've only got a few minutes. We should make the most of this... Know I said I'd destroy you, but I might have to take a rain check on that. How's ruin sound for now?" New Game+ "You'd better be able to handle it... You'll also be sharing Kim's room. I need eyes on you at all times. You aren't some rebel, or clone of Christina that we've picked up out of nowhere. You were an Apotheosis soldier, and given the argument you were having with Vera and Louise, I can't fully trust you. I can still keep tabs on you, at least... And if you realize what a mess you were all causing, for the whole world? Maybe we can get you to do something about it." Jess was just being hopeful, beliefs didn't change on a whim like that. Esther's were rather strong too, she'd went so far as to bark as Louise over them, not listening to Vera's wishes to calm down between the both of them. She couldn't pilot for them, not yet. Maybe not before this was over... Still. "We'll figure something out for you, if you can be trusted. I'll let the lieutenant decide, depending on what she sees while watching over you. Now, come on." The infirmary was only a few steps away, Jess heading in to see the crowd... That sure was a lot of people. Snatching Esther's arm and dragging her inside, she looked over at Kim getting scanned, Christina waking up... Thankfully. "Is this a bad time, Megumi?" Hopefully not, but... "Kim, you've got a new best friend. I hope you're alright enough to watch over Esther." "Huh?" came three voices, all of the blondes confused by this sudden arrival and declaration. Cooking Mama "Yeah, sure. You can get the meat ready, right? Just give it a light crust, heat it up. I know a reuben's typically cured meat, but we work with what we have. And Aly... Sure. You're good with a knife, right?" He set the bread aside and fished out a knife, it would be interesting to see how Alriana prepared this. "Try to make the slices a bit less than one inch thick. That should be more than enough for this. He paused a moment, an example would likely be better for her. Loaf in hand, knife in the other, he cut out what would work best for this. "Five more of those. You got this." Pan was at about the right temperature, so he turned the heat down a moment, letting it sit. Aliza could handle herself, he just had to make sure Alriana didn't make any mistakes. She could handle a knife in combat, the kitchen was a bit different. But they weren't done yet. Someone else had joined them... "Talia?" The meek girl from their encounters at the Corona facility. "By all means. The more the merrier, right? Alriana, this is Talia. She's Tarquin's sister, one of the people staying on the ship." Hopefully a brief introduction would let the alien take the reins from there. Wonder what she's doing here? Not that it's a problem, but I haven't seen her around the ship much...
  2. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    You And Kim "What?" Christina managed to sit up, despite some worried flailing from Chris, who took a step back and sighed to let her get a good look at the rest of the room. "What did you say, Elaine...?" Rubbing her eyes a moment, she blinked the room into view, getting a good look at... Wow, there were a lot of people here... And Kim was getting scanned? "What's wrong with her?" Did something happen during the fight? Not only had she been shot, Kim was in trouble somehow? "It's... You don't have to worry about it, Chrissy." Chris tried to hand wave it, but Nina glanced at her with a worried look, making the former sigh and shake her head. "Fine, it's... There's, something going wrong with her abilities. Extra sensitivity, to the point of worrying. I've got no idea what's going on, the doctor doesn't seem to have a solution, and while Kim doesn't seem to be in any trouble right now... It's, just..." "But, sh-she'll be okay, right?" Christina had just woken up from her ordeal, and she was already dealing with this. "Right? Megumi?" Chris and Nina also looked over at the doctor, no one else could really answer this... Almost Perfect "Almost perfect isn't... Ahhh, fine..." Hannah sighed, Sasha was right. "I'll just have to keep him on a short leash if he doesn't listen to orders, then... You put so much work on me, Firmia." Hannah smiled, shaking her head, before glancing at the Reign. "Would you mind if I took a quick trip over to the Riese? I want to see what the situation is with the Chrissies. Make sure everything's alright, and that Brant and Chris aren't having any trouble." Dima Dima Dima "That frustration's a good look for you, Rex." Galatea was loving this, just a bit. Karmic retribution, as it were. "Little Vasiliy Alkaev's waiting for you, so keep it together, hmm? You'll be seeing him in a few days. And-- good, thank you Stan." Galatea hopped that line of communication, popping onto May's monitor-- "Good lord, why are you so green-- Anyway, let me into the Merrygate, before I bash my way in, yes? I'd rather figure out what your machine does without leaving its firewall in tatters. We're supposed to be allies, now, after all." Vanguarded "Yeah, you go for it. I'll bring the ship around, make sure to maintain safe distance until things are cleared up." At least Sena was still in go-getter mode. Back on the Riese, Calina was quite enjoying the noises coming out of Abby. The yelp, the giggles, it finally felt like some sense of normal had come back into their lives. Unfortunately, just past her commentary, and right as Caling had begun to fiddle with that pilot suit, her communicator started beeping, leaving her sighing and leaning into Abby. "Just... Gimme a moment, baby." With the woman hanging off her neck at this point, Calina brought the tiny device up between them... Sena? "Sena says they're bringing the ship, wants an explanation... Guess... I'll let the fireworks fly, and deal with them when they get here." Quickly pressing call, Calina leaned into Abby again, giving her neck a kiss just to know she was still paying attention. "Sena? The captain wants to work with us... So we're gonna bring the ship over, and talk about it. You and Terry can be there, of course. Abby's fine, and right here, if you have anything you wanna say. You too, Abs, feel free." Chef Tristan "Let's get to it, then." No time was wasted as the group went straight for the cafeteria, and once there, it was time to engage. Tristan snatched an apron, several slices of beef from the fridge, cheese, bread, and one of the counter tops, smiling the whole time. Heat on, take a pan, set it down... "Right, almost forgot." It wasn't grilled cheese without butter. If he was feeling more up to it, he had a personal recipe for mayonnaise instead, but if he wasn't paying direct attention, that would burn a lot faster. "Alright. Aliza, do you wanna take another pan, and split the work? I don't mind doing it all if you two would rather chat. And Aly, the stove top's hot, so make sure you don't touch it... That should be a given, but, just making sure." She hadn't known what cheese was, after all...
  3. Aeon - The Odyssey

    No issues so far with everyone keeping up together. And no enemies opening fire, just yet... Distance? Probably. But that was where she excelled! So long as the enemy soldaats were kept at range, she didn't need to worry. No one was getting the upper hand on her in a gunfight. Speaking of... It seemed Linus was first to engage! A hefty hit on one of them, but he just couldn't put it down... To be expected, their shields were nasty, weren't they? But it was far too damaged to waste her fire on... The one next to it wasn't~ "Mes amis, allow moi~!" Taking aim, her heavy MAC tore through it first, an easy target to hit. It tried its best to bring a shield up, but the Karasawa tore through that next, leaving just one more to put the soldaat down... Oof, and down it went, that was a wreckage. "Whoops! Ehehh... Per'aps, too much power een zat one."
  4. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Nothing Making Sense At least she could find some amusement through Brant... The doctor not having answers was alarming though. If Megumi didn't know what to do, was this just something they were going to have to monitor and wait on? Chris hated that thought, especially with Kim still wanting to fight. If she was feeling things that closely, her own weaponry, and they took a hit, or her field did and couldn't hold against something... "If you can't manage to get this under control Kim, it's gonna kill you." Chris started biting her thumb, what a problem they had on their hands. "Nothing's ever easy with the Sacarians, huh... And you not being able to feel Nina is weird, honestly. We're all the same genes, so what's up with that?" Nina didn't have an answer either, but she did have an idea as to why. "Maybe it's because I don't have any of Christina's memories?" "That might be-- Wait, you don't? What?" Chris was taken aback by that, gawking over at her sister. "No... I have all of yours, from when you were awake, until they made me... Maybe that's how the cloning process works? I'm not sure if that would be why, but that is all I can think of that is majorly different between us all..." Chris sighed, it was something, at least, but Nina was right, it made no sense as to why that was the trigger. Was it just because Kim was so close to Christina? Memories, brain patterns... "Ahhhh, this is making my head hurt! Why can't things just make sense?" "... Kim...?" Chris and Nina both turned towards the voice, as Christina cracked an eye open, trying and failing to sit up. "Chrissy!" Chris was first, but both girls wasted no time in rushing over to her, the bewildered and incredibly tired blonde blinking in confusion at them both. "Wh-Where am I...?" "You're in the infirmary, Christina... Buck found you, and Megumi managed to stop the bleeding." Nina held a tiny smile, while Chris was clinging to Christina's hand just a bit too tightly. "Thank God you're alright... We were so scared." Chris was on the verge of tears, but she was just so happy that Christina was alright. "I... I'm sorry... I..." "You don't have to apologize. Not one bit... None of this was your fault. Just... Just so happy you're okay." One Ship "I know that much, just... I don't know if this is the right second ship. That's all... The machines look impressive, but the captain? I could do without some bloodhound. I know the J word makes mistakes, but at least she's not... That." Hannah sighed, but the deal was already struck, if only verbally for now. The Athena was definitely impressive, way more firepower than the Avalon at a glance, and more than sturdier. Equipped with a proper E-Field, as well... Like a miniature Riese. Between that and this Armadura, they'd signed on some significant damage. "As long as you're sure, then I trust your decisions, Captain. And if he tries to do anything stupid, then, I'll deal with him." There's One Way "I understand plenty! And it's hilarious!" Troy was still cackling over their comms link, but someone wasn't having any of it, a loud 'AHEM' coming out of Stan's console. "Let me dispel the myth for you, Rex. Hello again, Stan. Troy, please, for once, stop being creepy." "Can't do, little AI~" "Ugh. Fine! Rex, they are your child and nieces. Dima put Rosa under and transplanted things into an artificial womb... Only three of them survived the operations. They are those three. So don't try and convince yourself it's some trick from Firmia, she doesn't need to resort to underhanded methods to get under peoples' skin, unlike someone I know." Galatea had read up on what Rex had tried when she'd had a moment, sneering at him and scoffing. "Get it into your head, big guy. You're the father of an Alkaev. I hope you enjoy it... Before anyone asks why I'm still here, I'm gathering the data on all of your machines. Having trouble with this green one, though... Merrygate? Strong firewall. I'm managing, but, still, if you know who's keeping it up, can you tell them to stop for a bit? I don't have all day." "That's be May... Ahhh, Rex, or Stan, be a dear and call her over that, would you? Whew, I haven't had a laugh like that in quite a while! Going to need my meds before I literally have a heart attack over it, hahaha~" Last Level "You're so upset~ It's cute. Let's see what all that anger accomplishes." "And you egging her on is going to accomplish anything else? Louise, just give it a rest alread--" "Someone wanted to talk to me?" Jess came around the corner, arms folded. She faced down their new android friend, the re-armed Vera, and then glanced over at the now distraught Esther, cocking an eyebrow. "Already tormenting your cellmates, Louise?" "Nothing better to do than to crush some dreams while I'm stuck in here~ So--" "Thanks, that's all I need right now. Tiffany, let Esther out of her cell." The android came right back around the corner and saluted. "[Yes, Captain.]" She stepped over and opened the door for Esther to leave, standing aside. "You're just letting her out? Just like that?" Louise almost looked annoyed, but her confusion was masking it fairly well. "I... Thank you, Captain Gefalscht, but..." Vera was just as confused. "I'm going to assign someone to watch her, don't think this is free reign about the ship. She's simply been a good prisoner, and it's very clear that leaving her here will do nothing good between the three of you... I hope you get along with naturals, Esther, because Kim's going to become your new best friend." Vera sighed at Jess' declaration, only sparks would come of that... She had mentioned the Lieutenant coming to talk to her, but still. "And what about us?" If Esther had been addressed, then it was their turn, right? Louise folded her arms and started tapping, looking quite expectantly at Jess. "You, either start selling me all the information you know about Apotheosis at the upcoming meeting, or we have nothing to discuss. That's what... And while I expect something out of you, Louise, I don't expect Vera to utter a word." The woman bit her lip, and clenched her fists. "You'd... You'd be right, about that." Vera let her sigh out, sitting back down again. "While I have no interest in what these aliens have turned Apotheosis into, as long as Helena is alive, I can't sell her out to you. I'm sorry. If that is the cost of my freedom, then I will remain here." "And I have zero qualms with doing what Vera can't~! Feel free to ask me whatever you want at this little meeting of yours, captain, I'll give you everything I have." Louise almost started laughing, was it that easy? It would probably come with some caveat, but if that was all... "Good. We'll see about other measures, Vera. If you can't do that, then maybe something else, but leaving someone of your caliber locked up in this cell serves nothing. If you hate these aliens so much, we should be putting you in a suit to do something about them." Jess knew it was a risk, especially with someone like Vera, but they had ways to lessen the risk, and make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Not completely ethical ways, but ethical left the building after what Apotheosis had done. "I... I understand. If it's against the Sacarians... I have no problems. But I won't... I can't, fight my former allies. My apologies, in advance." "As long as you aren't going to turn on us in a fight, I don't care if you leave them alone. We'll talk about that later, then. Esther! Any questions? If not, get ready to come with me. Cameras tell me..." Jess froze a moment, staring off into nothing, before coming back. "Kim's in the infirmary, that's good timing. Hop to it!"
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Sensational Chris noticed that thick grin on Brant's face, getting a little smirk of her own. "Sweaty dough, huh?" That would likely be the only reason Brant was smiling in a situation like this, and admittedly, it was a funny thought. If it wasn't about that... Then bringing it up herself let her try and calm down, as Kim explained her brain's situation. It was still... Scary. If this was the next step, then Chris wanted little to do with it. Feeling what you were controlling and mind reading... She already had a hard enough time dealing with her own emotions and thoughts, having to parse not only the feelings of others, but their mental to-do lists whenever she passed them by, yikes. "I'm just glad the Artemis didn't take a hit, or lose one of its funnels, after this started happening. If you were feeling the sensations that closely... I don't... That's so dangerous..." Elaine had a point, as Nina stepped forward, considering it. "Would you like to test on me, Kim?" She was wondering if this extended to all of Christina's genes, or if there was something in particular about the girl and her first copy. That's Messed Up Troy's sinister side snuck out as his lips curled into a truly devilish grin, a low cackle leaving him. "Don't hide a gem like that on me, Captain Alkaev. And I don't mean the information." What a wonderful smile~ Ah, but what fun, Rex had a child, did he? Rosa... Rosa Alkaev? A storied history, then. "I believe, Rex, that she said your love. Child. With. Rosa. As well as your two nieces, are safe and sound on her ship... And that they can't wait to meet you, hahahah~" Far too much fun, what had started as an AI invasion had swiftly turned into a magnificent job opportunity and the juiciest information. "Well, if that's all, then, we have each other's locations, and I shall see the lot of you in a few more days. If we survive the forces in Canada, of course, but I'm sure with what we have on board, we'll manage." "Oh, wow... He's not kidding. Firmia, look." Galatea propped up the plans on board for Rex's machine, titled the 'Rebellion', and a monster of a mobile armor, titled the 'Armadura'. Both were insanely customized, the Armadura itself looking like an entirely new prototype weapon. "The EU always did prefer the heavier machines. You'll have to ask Sergeant Aiza as to how it functions completely, she's the TK we have running it. It's definitely deadly, though. Perhaps you can make use of its data... That said, over and out, Captain Alkaev." Troy cut the feed and started guffawing hard in his seat, making sure Stan and Rex could still hear him through their channel. "Rex, you playboy, hahaha~!" Transmission success? Hannah was rather beside herself, hand on her face, worried, staring at Firmia. "Was... Was that really the best course of action?" They'd gotten themselves another ship to work with, a hopefully capable crew, but everything with Rex and... And all that, and this Troy character. "If you're sure, you're the captain, but, still..." Just Wanna Play Video Games "Esther..." "Then? Do that. What's stopping you? A jail cell? Bring it up when one of those people comes to check on you. I'm willing to bet my second life you haven't. 'Excuse me, I'd like to help with the aliens, can I speak to the captain', you curled up with a game and pitied yourself." "Louise, there's no reason to be that harsh." "Of course there is," she huffed, shaking her head. "She's just upset because her perfect world didn't work out, not because the organization failed. Apotheosis wasn't about who you liked, it was about trying to change the world. Then Helena had to conspire with extraterrestrials, and we know how that went. Hhhh. I know I came here to give myself up, but do you honestly think I'm not upset about it? Do you take me for a fool? I might've been crazy, but I still managed to respect Helena, at the least... Now, this..." Vera sighed, was there no winning here? "Er... Bad time?" Buck turned the corner with his hat tucked down over his face some, not really sure if he should be making eye contact. He'd snagged one of the androids on his way over, Tiffany, and she wasted no time hoisting up the new prosthetics and bringing them into Vera's holding cell. "It's fine, Buck. I'm still surprised you did this, and I definitely appreciate it." Though, it was a bit awkward having the android fit them onto her... And the cold sensation of these limbs was a far cry from the near real comfort the previous ones gave. Still... Being able to move at all, who would complain? It only took a moment to reattach those, Vera gently flexing the hands and stretching the legs, before standing. "A bit chilly, but, that's to be expected... Thank you. Really..." "No problem... Captain's probably on her way up to talk to, er, Louise, droid, so... S-See you all later. Er. Bye? Uh. Yeah..." Buck beat a hasty and awkward retreat, as Tiffany locked the cell once again, turning to leave to her post. "Vera, re-armed, once again." Louise snickered and sighed, at least the woman was fun again. I Could Go For A-- "I'm sure you'll enjoy it... The question about cheese is certainly important, though. I'll ring Megumi and see, before we have anything." Elevator two, going up. "Me? I wouldn't mind a reuben, if we're grilling cheese, so I'll check to see if the fridge has all I'd need for that. I'm sure Aly wouldn't mind a half dozen slices of meat on hers." With teeth like that, she had to be near completely carnivorous, right? Probably... Maybe that Megumi call had to happen first... Vagued "Then I'm going in with talking in mind. We didn't come this far just to get blasted out of the sky by some downed whale. There's a reason we left the ship so far out!" Worried wasn't quite enough to describe how Terry sounded, but Calina was the boss right now, and if that was how things were gonna be... "Can't you call her back and get details? I... Well, if, you're up for it... Sorry." He hadn't quite considered how Sena was feeling right now, with Hilling just... Going up in smoke like that. It was a part of the job, wasn't like this was the first time they'd lost someone, but Robert, he'd been here for so long... Felt like a permanent fixture. Now that he was gone... It would be near impossible for that space to be filled, for everyone. Could Have Been "Just because I could have been..." Abby really was content with all this, wasn't she... Enough to try and stop this getting to her. The little kisses, holding her, making things just a little bit closer. Even going as far as to pay attention to her scars, offer a thank you, in her own special way. Calina finally laughed, Abby's attempt at correcting herself too amusing to not giggle over, she, was really back. "You're welcome, then... You'd better hope that door stays closed..." All those little kisses and prods had done a lot more than give Calina confidence again. She didn't hesitate another moment, leaning in to plant a bite on Abby's neck and hold her tightly, hands snaking lower down her back. "... Because I am going to destroy you."
  6. Jyoudan High School - An April Fools Day Joke RP

    Time to revive it adam! Lets make it happen!
  7. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    No Time to Gown "Brant's seen me naked, I don't think Christina in her underwear is gonna cause him problems. Get over here, slugger. 'Nother blonde to carry." Chris laid it out plainly, stepping back to get out of the way of everything. She did have to glance back at Kim, though, the girl had barked something when they'd walked in. "And you, headcase. I dunno if you can control that shit or what, but don't just hop into my thoughts whenever it's convenient for you. If you can't, zip your lips. Don't need everyone knowing what's going on in my mind just because you're emotional right now..." A huff, how annoying, 'of course i know', yeah, sure. Chris sighed and propped herself up against the nearby wall, depressurizing her SKIN suit just a little bit, enough to let her body breathe some. "What a huge mess..." Nina had turned into a bit of a wallflower with all the people coming in, and Chris' comments made her shrink even further. So she had that sort of relationship with someone? Did that mean that those things were allowed for clones? Would it be fine? What were the issues? Nina sat back down on the vacant bed and started to think, wondering what the answer to everything was... "Yeah, sure boss, got it." Olivia set the scanners down and headed back over, taking over Megumi's towel duty. "And..." She quickly set a towel out on the pillow of an empty bed, her hair could soak it once they'd laid her down. Terms And Conditions "Good! It's been so long since I've gotten to kill someone with my bare hands, lasers just don't do it for me." Troy laid everything out plainly once Firmia had agreed, smiling calmly, before cocking an eyebrow at Stan's comment. "Shall we go together, then? I'm more than willing to explain things to anyone that doesn't understand. You as well, Rex, I hope to hear all about this relationship you have with Firmia. More excuses to talk to you~" Galatea huffed, slinking her way back into the Athena's systems. "I guess I'll go look at machines... Frankly, you're disgusting, Mr. Lanzer." "And you're adorable. We can't help how we are, you know? I just happen to be a mess, capable of putting on airs. You should be happy I'm not some rabid animal, really~" A little laugh, and a gentle salute to Firmia. "Anything left to discuss then, boss~? If not, I'll bid you adieu until we hit ANF air space... Oh, almost forgot. Too excited. Here." A small ping, the Athena's location popped up for Firmia to inspect at her leisure. "Mind sharing where you are as well? The best I have is... The Arctic, but nothing else." Jesus, Your Arm Jess smiled as things seemed to be calming down, nodding. "Right. I trust the both of you aren't going to leave immediately, then... I have to see to some other things, but, I'll be on the ship. If you need me, Abby, Calina, don't hesitate to call. Alright?" Jess blushed a moment, but blew Abby a kiss anyway, not wanting to get in the middle of their little reunion for some PDA. "See you later~" And out the door the captain went, immediately losing her smile and sighing. She hadn't been secretly upset, really, she was super pleased with how things were going... It was just, stressful. Calina was so... Explosive. She had barely been ready for all of that, mentally having panicked when the woman threw a fist. Things are going well, so just, make it, Jess! It'll all work out! "Right! Gonna check on... Oh. He's gone... A message?" From Ignatius. Buck was... "Oh... Alright. Brig it is, then." Jess didn't know why or how this had transpired, but it was certainly a good thing. They couldn't hold Vera in that cell, even with maximum settings, if her strength on file was to be believed. This way, they could. Now Jess just had to sort things out with her, and their new android friend... Calina felt herself bristle at the blown kiss, but finally, Jess was gone. Laying a tired head against Abby as she sat down, Calina closed her eyes and breathed her own sigh of relief. "Thank God..." Just the two of them, again... And... "Ah, crap." Abby had already found her scar. "Gimme a... Gimme a second." She took her arm away, unzipping her flight suit, and slinking both out of it. A T-Shirt clung gently to her, just a bit stressed with sweat from the fight, as she gave Abby a bigger view of the mess that her arm had acquired. "Doesn't hurt anymore... Kind of cool, I guess. Tried to solo two Velites on guard at the Bismarck facility. I won... Just... One of them got a nice stab in. Beam saber right into the cockpit, real terrifying, you know?" She brushed her hair back, a few small scars lined her neck and chin, having been hidden behind the locks. "Guess a helmet isn't perfect against intense heat and shrapnel, is it? Probably the most intense pain I've ever felt, but... Had to do something. Get something. A way to help get you back. And I lived, so... Try not to worry about it. What's more important..." She slid over a bit, before picking herself up, straddling Abby now that they were alone. "Everything's sorted for now, right? And I finally have you all to myself, no distractions, nothing to get in the way... You have, no idea how much I've missed being next to you like this." She'd almost leaned in for a kiss, but bit her lip, pausing herself. "If I'm... I know that, I was being a huge bitch. It's hard. If you're not in the mood for anything, just... Let me know, okay? I'll get offa ya, sit here, we can just talk, but, just..." Another almost, the hesitation was strong. "Tell me, Abby." Not The Suits "Huh? We're bringing the ship over? Uh..." Terry had just gotten out of his suit himself, trying to calm down after having nearly died to some unknown. Hilling still had, so... Things were a bit tense, on board the Deliverance. "Sure, I can get it over there... Not setting up the guns, though. We're still a bit shaky from re-entry, I don't care if that big ass boat is a sitting duck, one plaster from it's beam cannons and we're as good as melted metal." They didn't have any proper shields on this things, just a re-entry system that had been cobbled together by Calina. It worked, but they needed repairs every time. "I'll get it moving anyway... Just... Yeah. Is Calina fine? Did she find Abigail? What's the situation?" Just Get Rid of Them "If we could, we would have. They're stronger than us, Esther... Even Vera would lose trying to play hero and taking them out. She's still human, after all~" Vera sighed, it was true. "Esther, you need to give this up. I really don't understand this fascination with the organization, I thought you were just trying so hard because of me. Can you explain where all of this is coming from? I'd... I'd hoped you would want a normal life, if it became possible. It's not like your treatment is impossible to come by." Grilled "You can learn a bit, if you want, today." It wasn't exactly difficult, and she seemed good with her hands. It was just employing them for a different skillset... Still... She's really clinging to me. I guess I was right in assuming what happened today was terrible for her. Hopefully they could talk about it later, or Aly would even bring it up, herself. "Grilled cheese? ... Why don't you go ahead and answer, Aliza? We have to wait for the elevator, anyway." Tristan hit the button, wondering if he'd have his right arm back within the next hour or so.
  8. Aeon - The Odyssey

    It seemed everyone was finally getting ready. Good~ All launching. Monika had gone back to serious, though... Boo, that was no fun. Was there any way that Melanie could mess with... Huh, she couldn't see her machine, but... A name marker? "Hwah! Votre machine ees eenvisible! Sacre bleu. No wonder you are always doing ze melee, no one can see you coming~" If she thought acting serious was gonna get the cat off her back, hah! Time to think twice~ And then a slightly familiar voice hit... That guy she'd spoken to at the cafe? Was he here to try out for the team? Neat! Someone else she'd managed to talk to in person. Time to check 'is profile... W... Wait, wh-what? Quoi? Pourquoi!? [ Code of Conduct ]? Why was he here? Had he still kept watching-- of course he had, even after being banned from her stream several times for overwhelming comments, he kept donating, all while she had to put on a smile and pretend that it was fine. He hadn't tried to do anything in person, but... The thought was just, creepy! It almost threw her off her game, trying to compose herself again. Do not sink about eet, you are not alone 'ere, juste... Augh, why did ze worst person 'ave to manage to meet me 'ere? Focus! Focus. Shoot down the enemies, get praise, put on a smile, cry about it at home.
  9. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    In What Machine "I don't know!" Barking at her wasn't going to solve anything, but Chris was beyond her ability to withhold anger at this point, grumbling loudly and gritting her teeth. Brant was handling things well enough, and the elevator was done moving. A ding, and they were out, Chris nearly dragging Kim across the hall and into the infirmary. She couldn't take this kind of attitude anymore, didn't she realize how important she was to Christina? That, and Brant was right. If Kim was having this sort of reaction, she was all they had. There was no way that they could use her so aggressively... "Megumi, 'nother patient for you!" Chris burst into the infirmary, startling Olivia, who nearly dropped one of the scanners she was setting up. "Geez, a warning. Give me a heart attack... Megumi doesn't need another patient." "Yeah, whatever. Kim, find a bed. And... Oh. Shut your eyes, too." That was mostly a joke, now noticing Nina helping Megumi to dry Christina off... It was a bit weird to see her in her underwear, but, things had gone well, then? Chris let Kim go next to an empty bed, heading over without pause. "She's fine, right?" "Megumi operated successfully, Chris... She should be fine. We just have to wait a small bit for her to wake up." "Thank God..." No Shots Fired "Good. Like I said, he's my favorite pilot, and I don't think you need more enemies. I'm not as nice as I'm pretending to be." He smiled a bit wider, eyes nearly slits, as he listened to what else Firmia had to offer... And it was an offer he liked, chuckling openly. "You would, would you? I suppose working for an Alkaev could be quite fun. I've heard all the stories, of course, everyone in the EU Sphere has. Dima is quite popular... Of course, that's all rumor, but I'm sure there's some truth behind everything. Now, I've got several experimental machines on board, the likes of which you've definitely not seen, so your AI can take a peek at them, if she wishes. You'll be able to inspect them first hand... I'll have to do some convincing, it was already troublesome to get these pilots on board with helping the ANF, but... I'll definitely accept your offer-- Just, one condition, though." He leaned back, idly swinging his cane, smiling even wider, chuckling just a bit louder. "Are you planning on doing anything in person? Perhaps, ground work? Infiltration, dealing with... People of interest? If so, I'd like to request you allow me to participate. I need to work the dust off these bones, it's been so long since I've had the chance to deal with people in person." Trying to hide his smile, just a tad, Troy nodded again. "That would be all. If you're fine with that, the Athena is all yours. Feel free to write up a contract, I'll sign it. And a moment... Stan? Tell the crew we're working for Firmia. I'll deal with any complaints in person." "I really don't like him... I'll look at the machines later." Galatea was not at all impressed. No Fight in Sight "And why should I?" "Esther, calm down... Louise is right. It's not the same group we've spent years fighting with. The... The Sacarians are running the show now. I for one, do not want to fight for them. If there's any way to save Helena and get her out of there, then--" "Oh, shut up already~ Gods, that woman doesn't care about us either. You know why I'm 'alive', Vera?" She stressed the word and scoffed, this couldn't truly be called fully living. "Because she let Watanabe play around with my memories until he got an android to work with them. And! And, she even had him erase parts! I'm sure I'll 'live' easier now, but really, I was just a science experiment. Meanwhile, you, Vera? She lets the cats send you off to be a decoy in a fight for them. What does she care?" "Khh..." So that's why Louise was an android... It didn't sound like something Helena would do, but she was here, telling them, she couldn't have just come to exist from thin air. "What a mess..." "A mess indeed. So I'm throwing my lot in with these people, and seeing where it leads. Hopefully it's the right choice." "Hopefully indeed." Kazue shrunk even further against the wall. It felt like she was hearing things a sergeant shouldn't be hearing... Limbs Limbs Limbs "Sure thing, Iggy. Call you later!" Buck had managed to get things loaded up and moving, almost running into Tristan's little group as he passed them for the elevator. "Whoa! Sorry about that! Heavy load coming through." Button pressed, it was time to wait. Tristan hadn't noticed Buck because Aly had latched onto his arm and shoved herself right up next to him. What a confusing girl... It did make him blush a bit, offering an apologetic look to Aliza. "Uh, we, were going to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, so I can fix you something too, alright?" He looked up to Aliza and mouthed a 'sorry', starting off, hoping Aly would be fine walking. "I'd still like to chat, Aliza, so let's make those sandwiches and have a good time of it. We can even use the grill press, I've been feeling some melted cheese." I sound really cheesy myself, don't I? Ahahah... Maybe I've spent too much time on the bridge. Bluff Notes "Of course I can. I wasn't hoping to become a new captain, or anything... Honestly I kinda wanna try my hand at MS piloting. Sitting in the bridge, and not being able to do anything to actually help in real time, it's kind of painful. Especially when someone you love is, out there fighting their hardest." Calina sighed, slipping down to the floor and hiding her face in her hands. This was probably the best deal for her, it would keep her family safe, and... If the toaster was at all good at piloting, they'd get another hand to help them. She just had to... Put up with Abby kissing another woman... That just made her feel sad, but... They couldn't take on the entire ANF. They'd die, for real this time. "Fine... Fine. Lemme, just..." Calina popped open a communicator, pulling up Sena's number, she probably wasn't back yet. "Sena? Come in... Tell Terry and the others to, start bringing the ship over. We've... We've got talks to have." "Sorry for putting you through this so suddenly, I just don't want to see you all get into that deep of trouble." "Yeah, your care is appreciated, thanks toaster." "Captain Titanium Can." "Mrrgh."
  10. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Did she like pink? Ayoi, non, I 'ate zis stupide color. 'Ooever sought zat zis was ze right color for a girl was a moron, esti ben caliss. "Oui! I love eet~! Ze perfect color pour moi, non?" It was a painful act, but one she had to put on if she was live like this. She could complain about it later, and would! But, standing out? Their team leader had it all wrong, even if it made her giggle. "Ben lâ, non, non, I do not want to stand out at all~ My machine ees made to fire, not be fired at! S'il vous plait, keep me safe, meow~" And act setup, hopefully her viewers were loving it. She did feel a bit more stiff, but hopefully actually getting into the thick of it all would diminish that feeling. She was itching to put a bullet into a soldaat's head, hopefully it wouldn't take long to manage.
  11. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    A Deal You'll Hate "Really? That's... Everyone will be happy to see you." And then I can... Calina took another chance to try and snatch her hand from Jess, once again, to no avail. "You can let go of me whenever you want, tin can--" "If you're going to keep up with the jokes, it's Captain Titanium Can, to you." Jess stuck her tongue out and gently let go of Calina's hand, the woman still unsure of how to deal with Jess. A jealous or worried lover would have been simple, and this was so far from that. "Right... Just... Jessica." Calina gave in, sighing. "Yay, you can cooperate~ I'm so proud." "I'm gonna go right back to Can if you wanna poke fun." "I'm just trying to be cordial, let me have a bit of teasing." Jess pouted, Calina recoiled, and decided focusing on Abby would be easier. "The Deliverance is fine... No issues with re-entry. Always was better with coming back into atmosphere, rather than leaving it. Anyway, if you're gonna come see everyone, then we should--" "And you're going to have to wait right there, Calina." Jess had taken a few steps away, standing in front of the door to the locker room. Calina's stare turned into a scowl, biting her lip. "Time for true colors, tin can?" What was she planning now? Had the niceties been a front? Probably, she had her hands on a bunch of fugitives, now, so she was just going to-- "I'd like for you to work with us in turning Apotheosis to dust. And I have a few good reasons for this, so please, hear me out. I'm only blocking the door so you don't brush me off, and rush out." "Smart move, because I'm pretty much already gone on that suggestion. But you know what? You've helped Abby, and you've been alarmingly kind so far. I'll humor you, laugh, and then say no. Go ahead." Fight with them? Versus those crazy terrorists? They just lost Hilling, the difference in power was staggering, how were they supposed to help fight anything? "I'll lay it all out, then. You're in possession of several stolen suits from Bismarck's facilities, and the ANF isn't going to let you walk away from just doing that. You understand, right?" Calina grimaced... Was she going to report them? Would they ANF really care? They... They were prototype suits, so... I was so focused on saving Abby that I didn't... Why didn't I think this far ahead? An idiotic mistake, and an important one. "I've already offered Abigail a pardon for her help in defeating Apotheosis. If you assist us, then I'm sure I can make one work for your entire group, as well... We're on our way to their headquarters right now, and it's going to take all we have to win. Plus... I don't really care about the ANF anymore. They made me to use me, and didn't think of the consequences when I realized what I am, and what my purpose here was to be. So..." Jess looked down, this part was the hardest of all of it. "Can... When this is all over, c-can I join your crew...?" "... Hah?" The rest had made sense, help beat up some terrorists to make sure the ANF wouldn't be dogging them in whatever they did after this. But, what? Join her crew? "Are... What? Are you fucking with me?" "No? Abby's not going to stick around here when things are all over, and I don't want to work for them anymore. So, it only makes sense to follow after her, with what she's planning to do. So... Think you could make use of one more pilot?" "You... Ahah, what the fuck..." Jess was ready to throw away the life she had over this, what a woman. "And what do you think, Abby, hun?" Calina was still fighting that ball of anger, but this had quickly become ridiculous, and she was managing some amusement over it. "About all of this? Working with them, and then bringing... Jessica, onto our ship when all's said and done?" World at Stake "Then pilot something else! Goddammit Kim!" Chris bit her lip, trying to focus on Brant, not let the anger win, but it was so easy to let it in. "Ugh..." Brant was in, the elevator was moving, they needed to get this sorted. "If it's you, that worries me, for reasons Brant just brought up. Those Sacarians are... They're way stronger, mentally, than the rest of us. If this is going to start happening to Brant, Firmia, me, just... How are we gonna beat them, huh? Ugh!" Frustration was welling, this was too much to think about. Dry That Girl! "Of course, doctor. I'll handle her hair, then." No one knew that mess of locks like Nina did, after all. She had the same. She Who Is "I'm talking, I'm breathing... I could stop breathing. That's a weird thought. Anyway, I'm here, I'm queer, what else would you like, Esther, hun?" Louise scoffed, having her existence doubted wasn't any fun. Esther was free to do as she pleased, but that wouldn't be met with pleasantries. "I didn't come here to fight. I came here to surrender to the Captain." "What." Now Vera was just as confused as Esther was. "I'm done fighting, darlings. I've no longer any wishes to kill Alphonse, or destroy the ANF... I just want to see where life takes me, at this point. And this rabble, they're all I really know. So! Here I am, hoping they play nicely~" "You... You're, still insane. Still Louise, then..." "I'm perfectly sane, thank you. Sane now, at least." Alloys Aplenty "Oh, sweet! And nah, I should be fine. Thanks, though! Oh, right, the Captain... Thanks again. I'm just gonna cart these up, and then I'll come back down and help with the engine, or whatever else you need." Luckily prosthetic limbs weren't... Painfully heavy, much heavier than he wanted, but he had the strength to load them onto a cart. "Phew... Hope she appreciated this. Hope they work... They should work." Changed Her Mind "I'm used to people calling me by name, rather than rank. Around here, at least... The whole ship is rather casual. I'm not sure if all major operations are supposed to be like this, but I can't really complain." It was definitely odd... Maybe planned? The whole cast of the ship was strange, thinking about it, even from the onset. "Alright. Sandwich it is. Let's hit the elevator, and--" Aly was back. Had something happened? That was a quick change of mind, maybe she'd thought of something? Or... Gotten lonely? Tristan shook his head a bit, rather than try to figure out why, he was just going to be happy that she wanted to be around. "That's fine, Aly. We don't mind you coming with us. Here." With a soft smile, Tristan held his hand out for her to take. Hoping that she understood the gesture, of course. A Proposition Rex and Stan were shut up before Galatea could get in a reply to the man's comments. "I'm definitely cute, but not in a million years, Stan-- wait, why am I even considering that? What... Gaertner, you programmed me for romance!? Out of all the useless additions you could've put in me, ohhhhh! You, you... Urrrgh!" Galatea punched the side of Sasha's tablet, shaking the digital screen some. "Fiddlesticks." "Funny little program you have there... Captain Troy Lanzer, aboard the EUSF Athena. Hopefully soon to be just, the Athena. I've no issue with your little AI taking information from us, I have nothing to hide. I see you're already familiar with Rex... I hope it's positive familiarity, he's my favorite pilot~" Troy smiled, leaning forward just a bit. "Go ahead and tell me your proposition, little Alkaev, and please don't disappoint me. We're already on the run, here, just about crossed the Atlantic... We'll hit Canada soon. What comes next will depend entirely on if we can work together, so make it fruitful." Galatea felt her code shiver, leaning back a bit. "I don't like him." "Most people don't, but I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to save myself, and the pilots I've grown to like. Care about would be, rather strong terminology... But I definitely do like them. So, enough dawdling, tell me."
  12. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Pffft, nyahahaha~!" Oh so worth it, Monika was back to that shaky little mess. She was much better off that way, so much cuter. "Nossing, nossing, I am juste 'aving a little bit of fun, you know? Keep you on your toes! Zis ees juste a normal exercise, nossing to take so seriously. Now..." The colony setup was rather simple, charge the city, take out the goons hiding in it, don't get shot. Melanie had range on her side, and hopefully some shields to stop her from getting shot back at. Her pink suit had loaded completely... What an awful look, it provided no camouflage at all, was entirely impractical, and she even hated the color! ... But contracts, they were powerful, and she got a bonus for being extra 'girly' on stream. With a sigh, she shook her head. No time to complain! "Bien, Le Triomphant, launching! Allons-y, mes amis! Aweille~!" Smug grin, check. Tail wagging, check! Stream on, check~! A small webcam popped up on her display, as she winked at the camera. Wow, she could hear the cheers this time, so many people stuck outside of her sim. It was a bit embarrassing, but no way was she losing face now. This would be her first public debut. She couldn't afford to make a mess of things.
  13. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    The Guilty Ones Abby was trying, in her own way. When she asked if she would have done different having known, Jess just smiled. Of course she would have, but that didn't change how she felt now. Circumstance was what it was, and Jess was fine with that. "It's okay, Abby," was all she could really say, the girl seemed to be losing it a bit trying to piece this together. And wow was she trying, Jess ended up blushing just a bit seeing how violently she was going about doing this. "Wow," what else was she to say? It was quite odd to see your lover kiss someone else, Jess had wondered if it would bother her, but... Nothing yet. Hopefully a good sign. Calina was still trying to take everything in, the continued pushes from Abby quelling her frustrations, but that just made her feel worse, want to lash out more. If I'm the only person feeling this way, then I'm the problem, aren't I? "You can't just kiss away all your problems... Of course, I still..." Calina felt herself slump against the locker room wall, what a mess, what a huge mess, she kept repeating the phrase in her head like it would lead somewhere. "I'm not trying to push you away! I'm just, angry! And it's not even at anyone anymore, it's just, there. How am I supposed to be mad at the robot when she's all smiles, she's not fighting back, she's fucking hugging me and just being glad that I'm here? How am I supposed to be mad at you when this is already tearing you apart enough? And if I get mad at myself, I'll just... Blame myself until I run away, and do exactly what I don't want. So I'm just, fucking mad at nothing." "Isn't that fine?" Jess walked up to the two of them and shoved Abby a bit closer, snatching Calina's hand and then gently taking Abby's. Calina tried to tug herself away, of course, but to no avail. "Calina, it's fine to be upset. I'm sort of, intruding on the perfect image you had of yourself and Abby, and if you want to lash out at me, that's fine. I can take it, physically and mentally. I managed to steel myself for this when Abby was writing that email off to Sena, I'm ready for whatever comes next. Honestly? I just want you two to be happy. That would make me happy. We've all been through a lot, you've both been through some terrible nonsense with the wrong sort of people. So Calina, if anything, please, don't hate Abigail over all of this." Calina lost her will again, that ball of angry sitting there, unable to go anywhere. It was starting to make her sick to her stomach, but she couldn't let it go. She was even trying, to indulge this fembot, but it wasn't working. "I can't love you--" "Who asked you to? Heh, but it's nice to know your mind was going there. Look, I just want you to love Abby. I love her too. If one day I we can love each other, that'd be wonderful. I'd want nothing more than to have this work out in a way where all of us are smiling at the end of it... But I know, right now, that isn't possible. So I'm not going to force it, okay? Abby is alive. You're alive. Be happy with each other. Please." "Just..." What am I supposed to do? Is it really that easy? Words she wanted to say, but couldn't bring herself to. Maybe some odd trick of her ego, like listening to Jessica would mean giving up, losing, giving in, something. It was stupid, she knew it was stupid, but emotions were never simple. "What do you want to do, Abby? Are you going to stay here, or come back to my ship?" Oh, I don't think Calina is going to be happy about what I have to say next. Jess was still all smiles, not letting go of either of their hands. Abby could answer this however she wanted.
  14. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Out of Mind "Ah... Alright..." Tristan was rather surprised by Alriana's sudden need to be alone... You'd think you'd want to be around people you trusted when you were upset, but... She had a lot of problems if Soor'Kan was anything to go by, and they wouldn't be fixed within a day. "Alright, Aly. Take care of yourself. We're here to talk if you need to." He'd said we, hoping Aliza was fine with helping the alien, if they were already watching shows together. Speaking of Aliza... "It's alright. That... Their leader, I suppose, came back to get his 'favorite', and send his underling after Alriana. I don't want to think about what favorite means, but I'm not going to let him get his hands on her again. As for being close, we can give it time. Aly's only been here for about a week, after all. Not that you've been around much longer, right, Aliza? Aliza is fine, right? I know I should be addressing you as Sergeant, but... I'm, pretty stuck up. Being more casual with the crew can't hurt. I hope..." A bit awkward for Tristan, he tried to smile, clearing his throat and pausing. "So... Er... Right... Would you, like to get something to eat? A friend of Alriana's is a friend of mine, and... Well, I still wouldn't mind chatting a bit with a new crew member." Dryer Solution "Oh, let me help." Nina nabbed one of the nearby towels and hopped up to help the doctor, waiting until things were disconnected before trying to help with her hair. It made Nina wonder, why had they kept her hair this long? Wouldn't it be an issue in combat? Curious... "Would a hair dryer be better for this situation? I guess that wouldn't be something that would be sitting around in an infirmary..." Detected "Too late," Galatea replied to Firmia, hopping in further until-- "And you aren't being infiltrated, Stan. You already are. Hello. Can you ask your captain to turn off this antivirus? It's annoying. And not in a 'oh no, I'm in trouble' way, more like, 'wow, I wish I had some bug spray', way. Firmia's fine, thanks for asking." Galatea waved nonchalantly at the man from his console inside the Athena, sending a few copies of herself off to explore the rest of the ship. It didn't take long for an angry captain to contact Stan. "Stan. I'm going to give you one chance to explain to me why there's a program called Galatea inside of my ship, and why it's taking copies of our data. If your explanation isn't good enough, you get to be my stress relief for the evening. Sound good?" Troy wasn't expecting this program to talk to him, so when he finished and the tiny AI popped up on his command console, he nearly jumped out of his seat. "Are you the captain?" "What... Yes, what are, you?" "My name's Galatea, pardon the intrusion. I work with Firmia Alkaev, Stan's been trying to call her, something about joining forces? I never did pick up, so all I have to go off of is Stan's short conversation with Sasha a moment ago, so--" "Stop. Stop talking. Oh, my God." That was way too much, way too fast for Troy, sinking back into his chair with a sigh. "So why are you in here copying the data on my Athena?" "Well because, why would we bother agreeing if you're just some backwater EU hick with a dilapidated boat trying to get a free ride?" Galatea scoffed as if it was obvious, going about her business. "And, can I speak with this Alkaev you work for? Seems they're everywhere, nowadays..." The antivirus was doing nothing to halt this little AI, so no point in making a fuss. How frustrating... "Oh, right." Galatea popped her main consciousness back to Sasha, waving. "Can you get Firmia over here? Their captain would like to speak with her. Also!" Galatea presented several files, titled one through seven, 'The Athena is Alright'. "It appears to be about as capable as a Krakan class, maybe a bit slower and bulkier. Definitely stronger than the Avalon! So I would say, working with them would be worthwhile~" Oh and-- Galatea connected Troy to her conversation with Sasha, the EU captain having sat up to prod the idle AI on his screen. "Nothing happening at all-- ... Hello. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" With that said and done, Galatea turned off her copies for the moment, and flopped in the corner of Sasha's screen. "What a workout..." Get a Move on "Oh, boy." It appeared that Galatea was having one of her moments. "Pardon me, Firmia." Probably best to get Firmia involved sooner than later, Hannah scooped the captain up into her arms and started making a quick job towards the hangar. It took her a little less than a minute, setting Firmia down in front of the door instead of carrying her in. "My apologies, but, with Galatea taking things into her own hands..." Psychic "Jesus..." Well this was a mess, Chris hoisting Kim back up and starting towards the elevator again. The android group had already gotten into the other one and disappeared, hopefully making it to the brig before Louise could cause anymore stress for Elaine. "Look, if the doctor can't sort this out, you might not be able to pilot the Artemis again. That ARES system whatever, and what's happening to you now, like... This is serious, Kim. I've seen a lot of artificials literally lose their minds because of TK issues, and now you're reading my mind, you're saying that things are going haywire, your head can't keep up... Just..." Not only had Christina nearly been killed, now Kim was on the verge of having a seizure. At least, Chris assumed that's what this was, just, what was going on? The elevator door opened, nearly dragging the Korean inside, Chris waited for Brant with an impatient foot tapping the floor. "Fucking cats are making all of this harder on us, God dammit... Just, focus on me for now, okay Kim? I don't know what's going on, but, ground yourself. I know I'm not Christina, but I'm probably the second best, where your mind is concerned." How Things Are Going "Uh, pretty good, I guess. Looks like that situation handled itself... I'm printing some limbs for the woman we captured. She offered up her own... The aliens had some remote control over her, turned them off, so she couldn't move. Least I can do is provide some standard replacements, and we can study these and use them for whatever. I figure they'd be great for melting own and applying to joints! Or maybe a weapon to make it more stable. When you have a minute, come look at 'em and give me your thoughts." Buck was almost done, finishing the right leg, based on what Vera had given him. Then it'd just be hauling them upstairs. "Gonna need a cart for that..." Livelier "Why not both?" Vera smirked, it was cute having Esther try and circumvent things, but getting to know a natural would only help her control what she had going on in her head. "Still, thank you for telling me, and--" "Wooooooow, they did a number on you. How disappointing... I figured if it was you, you'd have been able to win." Vera locked her eyes on the new voice approaching, shock filling her expression, unable to find words. "Y... You. How. You... But you, ah..." "You, you, but, how, hmhmhm, I suppose this was worth it if I get to see you this flustered." Louise smiled and shrugged, giving a small wave to Esther and Kazue as well, before she was ushered into Vera's cell by the androids. "Maximum security, hmmmm... And you, all to myself, completely defenseless... That's no fun at all." Louise sighed and sat down across the lieutenant folding her legs and arms. "H-How? How!?" Vera was completely beside herself, how was this happening? That personality was too spot on to be anyone but Louise, but she'd died! She had one hundred percent been killed... So how... "To make a long story short... Helena has a very soft side." Letting Go Jess smiled and let Calina go, the taller woman jumping back with a newfound worry, trying to regain her composure. "What the fuck was that?" Jess couldn't help a small laugh. "I'll bet you weren't expecting to get hugged, but, I'm just so happy you're okay. Abby was beside herself with worry that you were all dead, and seeing her smile when she found out you weren't... I'd like to see her keep smiling like that. So thank you, for being okay." A lot more than what was on the surface indeed. Calina was completely taken aback, she'd come in here ready for a fight, and the genuine sincerity was throwing her entirely off balance. "Y... Yeah... But..." Shit, she got me fuckin' good. Can't even snap back or I'll look like the asshole. Dammit... "The Riese is holding together fine... Are you?" Jess turned to Abby, her attempts rather unlike her. This must've been awkward... And having her start tugging on the both of them confirmed that, Jess nodding in response. "Sure. You're coming too, right Calina?" "You think I'm gonna let you be alone with her? Right after I get her back? Don't be stupid." Jess only smiled in response again, shaking Calina again, what was with her? "Then I won't be stupid. We can talk about this as much as is needed." Luckily the hangar was rather clear now, save for a few small groups, so they were unimpeded, heading towards the changing rooms. And once inside, Calina had steeled herself for another confrontation. "Alright, you little shit. I dunno what lies you fed Abby to get her into bed, but I'm gonna make things clear. She's my woman, and this whole nonsense of everything working out because of a few smiles? A pipe dream. Give me one good reason not to kick your ass and drag her out of here?" Jess had been expecting something like this, though not quite as violent. It was almost funny, she smiled, trying not to laugh. "Well, for one, I don't think you'd be able to kick my ass. And I don't want to hurt you, so--" "Don't get smart with me, pipsqueak!" Calina swung a fist at Jess, the comeback setting off her short fuse, and-- "Wh, What?" Jess caught her hand, moving it down, and out of the way. "Right... So, like I was saying, I'd rather not hurt you. Can we talk about this, please?" Calina pulled her hand back, stared at Jess, looked over at Abby, and couldn't quite make heads or tails of what was going on, but... Between this, and that death grip of a hug... "What, are you?" "I'm an android. A rather advanced one, at that." Well, that made sense. What didn't make sense was Abby. Calina looked over at her, eyes wide, her face reading 'what the fuck?' "You slept with a tin can!?"
  15. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Oh, there was Monika on comms... No Karina yet, but Melanie couldn't help her line of thought, as 'Keizerin' named her suit and got ready for launch. "Hee... Bonjour, Keizerin." Taking zis so seriously... "Your machine, eet's name ees... Quite amusing. Zabaniyya... You know, like niyyah~?" It was such a dumb pun, but Melanie was all for dumb puns at the start of a battle. No need to take the game too seriously, after all... "I must say zat, your naming scheme, ees... Meowvelous. Nnh, nahahaha~" Leaning back into her seat, she was having too much fun, these definitely weren't even funny...