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  1. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Something in your size? ... Hmhmhm, no, no I can't say that either of us do, haha~" It was rather amusing that Astrid was stuck in this predicament because of her bust, Misea trying to hide their chuckle, unable to mask it fully. "You'll have to delight in the blood of your enemies for a bit longer. If my studying of the country's maps has proven useful, there should be a river running alongside the path north. We should make some distance before stopping at it, but you won't have to dwell in that for longer than an hour, I promise. Afterwards... I suppose we'll have to deal with you in your unmentionables, until your clothes dry." Misea shrugged, heading back towards the wagon. "We've lost one of the horses, so we'll have to stop at the next village and see if we can acquire another. I simply hope that tomorrow's sun isn't too harsh..." They could make it far enough with one horse, but it would slow them down considerably, eventually. And traveling with humans already made things slow enough. While Misea went about getting their travel ready again, Almira smiled wide, glad that Seph wasn't repulsed by her. His apprehension was understandable, at least to her. Having just been attacked by them, one being all cutesy near you... It would still be alarming, wouldn't it? Still... "I-I'm... I'm really glad to hear that. I... Uhm. Yeah. You're, r-really cool. So I'm glad, we can be... Oh, screw it." Almira went from standing next to him to hugging him in the blink of an eye, squeezing him tight. "I'm just so glad you don't hate me...!" Misea could only watch with a sigh, setting themselves up onto the driver's seat. "You sure don't act forty seven... Heh."
  2. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Astrid, you aren't leaving a very good impression on our guests... At least the look tells me you got him. Yes, Alex, though for more, selfish reasons. Astrid is rather fond of humans... And would rather you all not be wiped out." Looking over the countess, the group could do with a proper break, and a river. Clean this blood off of themselves, and let the humans get some real sleep. The humans did seem on their side, so that was good. They'd make more than meatshields, if they could fight this well, and weren't planning to off Almira. Misea wouldn't hesitate to strike any of them down if the situation changed, though... Speaking of, they did tense a bit as Mina brought herself over, but nothing in her actions suggested hostility. Instead, she seemed rather taken with Almira. For the best... The odd vampire seemed interested in all of these humans, so if they cared back, all the better. "Th-That... Might be for the best, Mina..." Almira tried to speak up, struggling to hide tears. She'd been so nervous to let any of them know what she was, to see the reception as positive was so pleasant and heartwarming, figuratively. Though... "The plan, once we reach Hrolt, is to continue past it into the mountains. There's an old archive there... One older than Castle Dranglei's, and it might contain more information on this, or how to stop it. Might... The other option would be... To let Almira drink the blood of one of you, and ruin her as a catalyst for this, but I... That is something I would prefer to wait on, or to use as a last resort. She's had a very... Selective feeding process, growing up. Astrid and I are going to attempt to change things up, but going all at once, I fear any negative reactions." Speaking of Almira, she'd slipped out from behind Misea, and snuck over to Sephtis, curious about why they were being so quiet... And worried over it, as well. "Hi... So I'm... Uh, not, nineteen. I'm... F-Forty seven, in your human years. Is... is that, fine? I don't weird you out or anything, right? I... If I do that's, that's fine... Just..." Oh, dear... She likes that one, doesn't she? Misea couldn't help a sigh, watching the girl fluster.
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "Another skeleton? Isn't this taxing, Alain? And you aren't looking quite as healthy, Sebastian. No snarky quips for your own injuries?" Cass moves to (10,6) sends jeeve's staff to convoy? ; trade-equips Alain's thunder ; heals Sebastian
  4. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "N-No, no I'd never--!" "Shhh... Shh, shh. It's alright, Almira. Just try to calm down. I'll explain everything, please." Misea gently placed a finger against Almira's lips before she could work herself up again, helping her to stand, and letting her hide behind them. "Right... My name is Misea Heide. I'm one of King Aamon's hands. Aamon, being the king of Gorletsia... This is his daughter, princess Almira Dranglei. No, there is no arranged marriage scheme. It's... It's much more dire than that. First, to address your worries, Mina, Almira hadn't left the castle until yesterday. If she told you anything about a lost friend, it was simply an assumption, matching information she was given. If anything, she was likely trying to help... But the girl has yet to bite a human, let alone charm one. I'm afraid if you've had a friend taken, it was someone else." Hopefully that was enough. Looking at everyone else, Misea began again. "We're here because the king has devised a rather terrible plan. A buried wing of the castle's archives has been recently unearthed... And with it, some old magic, that I wish had stayed buried. The king, he... He wishes to end all human life on the continent. Usher in a never ending night. I told Almira of this, and as I expected, she wanted nothing to do with it. Which, is good... Because he requires her as a sacrifice to perform it." Misea quickly took Almira's hand and squeezed it tight, the girl's surprise coming right after. "Wh-What!? Father wouldn't... He... B, But... No, that, that can't be why I've been... Ohhh..." Almost fainting from the realization, Misea caught her, helping her stay standing. "As the princess' guardian, I would never let anything happen to her, even if this meant betraying the king. I didn't think I could trust any other vampire for help either... Until we ran into Astrid. Yes, she's a vampire, if that wasn't obvious, by now. I suspect she'll be back in a moment... She never did like leaving stragglers behind. Back to the point at hand, I... I went about hiring you all because I thought, if we were lucky, we could make it to the capital without issue. I was wrong... But you all proved yourselves more than capable. So... I would like to extend the offer I made previously. No, Alex, this will not be the last time. If they gave up after just that, they wouldn't be able to call themselves the king's guard." Misea took pause to pet Almira's hair, trying to keep her calm. "Nothing's going to happen to you, I promise. To the lot of you, are there any questions, before I continue? There is a... I hope there is a solution to this ritual, and we mean to head beyond the capital to find it, but I will address that in a moment."
  5. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Who's got 100% hit? Mina does! And that with 8 damage is more than enough to bowl over the last vampire. Sizzle. EXP: 34 WEXP: 2 "Th-They can't be just human. The captain, Luciel... No!" The last vampire, seeing his allies dealt with so easily, turned tail and ran. Map Over! BEXP: +50 for defeating bosses! +25 for no downed allies! Misea watched the remaining soldier flee with a grimace, sighing and swinging the blood off of their lance. "I should've expected them to catch up to us when night fell... This is my fault." A sigh and an attempt to calm themselves, Misea headed over towards Almira. The girl in question had tripped over, dropping her sword, trying to hold herself to stop her sudden trembling. "Almira! Almira, it's fine. It's alright... None of us were hurt, I'm right here. I'm so sorry..." Misea reached the girl within seconds, gently cradling her and trying to give her some form of comfort, quiet sobs ringing out into the silence they'd all won themselves. Misea took a moment to glance over at Alex and Glendwr, their faint smile not lending much happiness. "I suppose we owe you all some answers. Ask away. At this point... Secrets are not something we can afford to keep." Almira was starting to quiet down and cling onto Misea's uniform, another small cooing and shushing offered to try and calm her further.
  6. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Glen decides to make one of them feel it! Ouch! Final Stats:100,12 Roll: 55,2 Crit! Damage: 39! One less vampire with one less head! EXP: 34 WEXP: 4 Seph tries the same! Final Stats: 81,20 Roll: 71,20 Crit! Damage: 27 Boom! Headshot! EXP: 51 WEXP: 2
  7. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "... You're not to lay a finger on her, understand? I'm trusting you." Misea let Astrid run off, the ensuing screams meaning she was doing her job, at least. With a hefty sigh, Misea turned towards the others. "Astrid-- Gahhk!" Astrid brings that axe down hard, no playing around! Final Stats: 100,5 Roll: 84,55 Damage: 19 WEXP: 2 "I-I won't...!" Final Stats: 25,0 Roll: 6,5 Damage: 9 Whoops Astrid doubles Roll: ded EXP: 66 WEXP: 4 "Glory to... The king, A-Aamon..." Luciel breathed her last as an axe replaced most of her vital organs, collapsing hard to the ground. "Stand ready, humans! Looks like we'll live to see another night!" Misea charged in beside Mina, laying into the vampire who seemed quite flabbergasted at Mina's ability to stay alive. Final Stats: 99,4 Roll: 44,50 Damage: 15 EXP: 8 WEXP: 2 Misea levels up! 66 55 46 82 44 99 42 40 HP, Speed! Final Stats: 66,0 Roll: 87,97 Miss! "Good show, now you die!" Misea simply hoped the humans would follow through well enough.
  8. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Glendwr takes aim, he's probably done this before! Final Stats: 81,11 Roll: 53,74 Hit, no crit Damage: 14 Right in the kisser! That's a dead vampire~ Exp: 34 WEXP: 4 "Hyah!" Almira yelped as the vampire recoiled backwards, collapsing into the grass, death illuminated by the pale light of the moon. "O-One down?" She gulped, turning towards her would be allies, hoping she wouldn't be next. Sephtis tries to follow suit, but comes up a bit short! (93,22) Mina fairs a bit better, for much less impact! Final Stats: 90,10 Roll: 2,22 Hit, no crit Damage: 7 EXP: 11 WEXP: 1 Enemy Phase / Turn 1 "Heathcliff!? Damn you humans!" Glen got smacked and missed, happy days! Mina decided to be the ultimate warrior and dodge twice, tossing out magic twice De Vumpirez are rather bothered by this state of affairs Player Phase / Turn 2 Stats! Victory Conditions: Defeat/drive back the vampires! Defeat conditions: Misea and Astrid are defeated, Almira is captured!
  9. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Save your flirting for when this is over, Astrid. Much as I appreciate it, we'll have time when they're all dead... Most s-stunning, you said?" Misea tried not to get distracted, shaking their head, focusing back on the battle in front of them. The humans hadn't run off, so they were either going to turn on them, or fight with them... And as that Alex girl ran off to strike, it seemed they could rely on at least some of them. Alex charges right into the fray! What a brave soul! Final Stats: 91,1 Roll: 54,40 Hit, no crit Damage: 6 EXP: 11 Final Stats: 42,0 Roll: 55,25 Miss! "A-Alex! Let, let me help!" Almira followed her, scared, but still willing to fight! Almira moves to 5,11 to help! Iron sword out! Final Stats: 92,0 Roll: 31,4 Hit, no crit Damage: 8 EXP: 11 Final Stats: 53,0 Roll: 65,32 Miss! "Hahh, hahh, j-just have, t, to dodge...M, Misea taught me, hhhow to fight!"
  10. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Call me overconfident when you win, you half-naked harlot!" Astrid lunges forward, striking for the kill-- But Heathcliff strikes first!? Final Stats: 31,0 Roll: 38,11 Miss Final Stats: 100,5 Roll: 76,12 Hit, no crit Damage: 12 EXP: 10 "Hhgh, d-damn you!" Misea retrieved their own lance; confident as the captain was, he was underequipped for this fight. "I'll do no such thing! We take him together, then turn on the rest!" Misea moves to 12,6, steel lance out, striking as well, but not before the captain of the guard! Final stats: 65,2 Roll: 87,24 Miss! Final Stats: 78,2 Roll: 76,2 Hit, Crit! Damage: 36 EXP: 94 "Hrahhghgkhl!" Struck in the neck, Heathcliff writhed for a moment, before Misea tossed him off of their lance, taking a heavy breath. "Now... Now, we help them." Gods, I've done it now... I just killed the captain of the guard. There's no turning back, even if I wanted to.
  11. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "The king figured one of his best would do their job. I see you're just as much of a bleeding heart as Misea is. Your loss! Men, leave these two to me! I'll teach them what it means to betray their country." Heathcliff was confident, and no slouch. It wouldn't be an easy fight. "Thank you...!" Almira followed Alex immediately, hiding behind her as best as she could, which only angered Luciel further. "She's a vampire! We kill your people for sport, she'll do the same; hand her over!" "No! You're wrong, I, I wouldn't, a-all of these people, they're--" "Screw it, attack! Leave that girl to me. Get in my way, will you!?" Player Phase / Turn 1 Stats! Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies, or force their retreat! Defeat Conditions: Misea and Astrid are defeated, Almira is captured!
  12. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "You were too young, and by the time you weren't, I'd been tasked with taking care of the princess. I'm probably too old to fit into your interests now, so I decided to let sleeping dogs lie... But you're back again, so I'll stay on my toes. I will say, I didn't quite expect you to be so... Strong." Misea smirked and chuckled, watching Almira set down a pile of rocks to start setting up the fire's pit. "We'll see how they fair. I expect tonight's going to get a bit noisy, so--" "I'm not sure if noisy is the right word for it. I was hoping we could deal with this quietly." Misea tensed up and took a large step away from the voice, sword out in the same motion, ready to strike. Her eyes narrowed at the source, of course... "Heathcliff. Didn't take you that long to catch up to us. I suppose you hope we'll give up, do you?" "It would save us quite the bloodshed, yes, but knowing you Misea... You'd give your life for that girl. Good to see you as well, Astrid, I'm surprised you managed to find them so quickly. Judging by your lack of a report, though, you aren't here to help us capture them. Unfortunate, we could've extended your control; even the king knows how unorthodox you are when it comes to your... 'Protection', of the border. Not that it'll matter for long, since--" Heathcliff barely managed to bring his own sword up in time to stop Misea's strike, scowling right back at them, with a hefty, fang bearing smile. "Then it's like that! Surround them, men!" "It's too dark? Huh? I can see everything just fine. Especially with the moon out, the whole forest is nice and bright. There's a deer, just down that way," Almira pointed out, as she set out her rocks, before turning to see if she could see anything... Else... "U-Uhm, M, Mmm-Misea-- Oh!" Turning to try and get the attention of her handler, Almira realized the situation they'd suddenly gotten themselves into. Quivering hands drew her sword, backing up towards Alex. "Uh, w-we, we sh-should get, ready... The... Th-The guards caught up, to us...!" "Then it's like that! Surround them, men!" Almira backed right up against Alex as several armed guards approached through the trees, coming just into the light of the fire, weapons drawn. Heathcliff broke his lock with Misea, jumping back a bit, poised to strike if necessary. "Kill the humans, capture the princess! I'll deal with the Countess and our traitorous knight!" "Cat's out of the bag and run down the street, Astrid! Prepare yourself!" Misea wasn't quite sure they could take Heathcliff alone; the Countess' aid was incredibly necessary. While they were one of the king's knights, Heathcliff was captain of the guard. And much younger than they were... "Princess, we'll spare your new friends if you just come along with us. You don't want to see them hurt, right?" Another vampire stepped forward, spear in hand, smirk on her face. "Besides, traveling with humans? You know they'll all turn on you as soon as they find out you're not one of them... Oops~" "N-No! I'm not going back, Luciel! Dad's crazy, what he wants to do is--" "For the good of us all! Now stand back, else you'll get hurt while I deal with your unfortunate allies..." "Alex, p-please help!" Almira's eyes turned towards the girl and begged, her mouth agape showing the unfortunate truth, two tiny fangs all but unmissable.
  13. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Misea could only sigh. "You're... You're right. I hate it, but you're right. Why must you do this to me, Astrid? Come back into my life and make things frustrating all over again? Oh dear..." Finally back to a calm smile, Misea closed their eyes, leaning back against the tree they'd chosen to escape to. "I'll see if this group pans out. See if they panic when the truth reveals itself, and we're forced to run... Or see if they wish to stay for the ride. I've lived long enough to know that not all humans are afraid of us, nor willing to work with us... And many of them here seem quite enamored with Almira." It was rather cute, watching her walk about with that Alex woman, collecting rocks to keep a fire contained. "If I didn't know, I could swear she looks just like them." Almira definitely was an odd one, no way around that. "You know that the sun barely hurts her? She even got freckles from it, she doesn't burn. It's no wonder that starting a fire doesn't bother her in the slightest... For a 'pure' vampire, she certainly shies away from so many of our issues. No trouble with sun, blood, or humans... What an odd girl." Another sigh, and Misea corrected their posture, standing up straight again. "My apologies for letting you see me so weak. That's no way for a knight to be, is it? Even one as ragged as I... I'll let her have a taste of my blood, warm, on the morrow. Maybe while all the humans are asleep, I'll be able to find time to talk her into it. Does that sound alright? As a start."
  14. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Yes... Well. The king has had her on cold vampire blood her whole life. I hadn't thought it anything but weird, until I found out about this ritual... He needs a pure blooded vampire, so that's likely why he's kept her away from human blood of any kind. I... I agree, that it's incredibly weird, it's not natural for her to be so secluded from what she is, but at the same time..." Misea sighed, placing a hand on their forehead, venting frustrations, finally. "You know how, if a human doesn't eat meat for so long, and then tries to, their body rejects it? I'm incredibly worried over Almira. If she drinks human blood for the first time, and her body rebels... She's forty seven. Forty seven years drinking the same sort of blood, at least twenty drinking just mine, and it's... I'm scared, Astrid. I'm like a mother to this girl, I don't... I don't want any harm to come to her. So as much as I want to defy the king's plans, and have her taste for the first time... As much as I want that, I don't... I can't stand the thought of her getting hurt. Please, you have to understand." Pleading wasn't an expression Misea was used to making, but here they were, all the same. "It's my first time outside the castle! Er, keep... I wanna do everything that I can. If I don't get away, they'll just stuff me back into my room, so. S-So a lot of this is really exciting for me." She'd already started picking up stones that looked big enough to surround the thing and make a tiny pit, wondering how quickly they could find enough. There weren't too many around here... "And, well... I've been reading all my life. I've had a lot of time to do so, so I've learned a lot... I-In theory. Just, not in practice. I wanna get to the practice part! And I just started my first fire! I didn't think it would be so easy~ Flint is really useful, huh?"
  15. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Uhm... S-Sure. If you don't mind sitting at the front... And next to Misea. She wants to keep me in sight at all times. Just in case..." "I trust that won't be an issue~" Misea smiled, as the group finally collected a Mina, and the wagon went on its way. Chapter 1: What Can go Wrong, Will As the wagon pulled off the road, and through a small opening in the forest, Misea sighed. It was definitely time to make camp, the humans among them had to sleep, and Almira was getting a bit shaky. She needed something new to drink, she was too young and still growing, and Misea's own blood could only provide so much. "Well... I hope everyone is comfortable with sleeping under the trees. This looks like a good enough area to stop and setup a fire... Not that Misea would have anything to do with it, the brightness of the fire was enough of a bother during the day. Having it hit them at night would simply ruin their night. Someone didn't quite share their sentiments, though... "H'okay!" Almira hopped off the wagon as they parked it in the small clearing, going about gathering whatever sticks where nearby, finding a tree branch fallen from one of the nearby ones and bringing it all into a pile. "Gods, what a weird little girl... Astrid, come along with me for a moment." She'd wanted to hear all the of the details, didn't she? Misea headed off towards a pair of trees, far enough away that the fire wouldn't be a bother, but close enough to see Almira, if something were to happen. Speaking of Almira... "Bwah! W-Wow, that's bright... And warm." With the spark of some flint and a small rock, she'd set one of the smaller twigs on fire, starting something going. They could get more wood if they needed it, but for now-- "Ah, r-right! Alex, can you help me find some stones? We don't want the fire to spread so we should put some rocks around it. I'm surprised it started so easily, though... I've only read about this sort of stuff." Almira had left the small pyre alone a moment, turning to the other girl, smile radiant in the night.