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  1. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    As Astrid pressed her hand against the magical container, a small ripple waved out from the area she pressed, as the magical energies around it began to dissipate. The light disappeared, and the crystal slowly dissolved, the-- now quite clearly --girl inside collapsing against the dungeon's floor. "Uhnnn... Who, what's..." "What... How'd you do that?" Sharena was quite shocked, staring wide eyed at the situation... Before realizing that they had a living person on their hands. "Whoa, uhm, w-we should help her, right?"
  2. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Thank you, Mina... You're a blessing I don't rightly deserve~" Misea played back ever so faintly, glancing towards the tiles beside the other unopened chests. "Paying attention now, instead of tossing caution to another gust of wind, it would be in our best interests to avoid approaching these from the front... Whatever's inside must have been worth protecting, I suppose. Be careful opening them, would you, Mina? If these are the traps on the outside, I'd rather not think about what's inside." Surely the woman knew what she was doing, if she was able to handle cracking them open... Player Phase, Turn 5! "Uh, wha? Me... Well--" That was Mikaela, had they found something? "I, guess we should go and check out what's been found... Is that alright?" Sharena bounds into the room without a care in the world~ to 3,17! "Goodness! Just what is this? This is amazing! All I can tell... Its magic, but I've never heard of, or felt this sort of magic before. How interesting... Anyone wanna touch it?" Misea stays put, for now.
  3. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Melanie went about unzipping her hoodie, the cafe was much warmer than outside simply because of all the people. Leaning back in her chair, she glanced back over at the line to see... Some small child, cut in line, and spew out something? Before hopping away again... What the heck? What was that about? Weird... And I am already weird. Just 'ow many kinds of people play zis game, eh? Probably nothing to worry about, still seemed Monika was next... Karina had poofed off to somewhere. "Hahhh..." Another sigh, the waiting was going to get to her... ... And who was this supposed to be? Some shaky boy had walked his way over, staring at her... Had one of her fans finally found her? Why else would he be having trouble saying anything? Hopefully, if that was the case, he wasn't one of the creepy ones... She sat up and tried her best to smile, waving lightly. "Bonjour... Can I 'elp you?"
  4. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Things were fine, then? Melanie flinched a moment as a hand hit her head, paying too much attention to Hitomi to realize her interview partner had gotten up. He was rather conservative about the stolen pat, though... Didn't even go for the ears. How nice. And he took quick control of the situation with the lines, and recruitment... "'E seems reliable." A smile had found its way onto Melanie's face, and she seemed to have done well enough with her offers and promises. Breathing a sigh of relief, Melanie didn't hesitate to shake Hitomi's hand. "Merci beaucoup, 'Itomi. No reason to be nervous, oui?" She was good at the game. Likely better at most of the people here. Would that carry over into team play? She'd worked with random players in specific game modes before, but not an on mic team, trying to coordinate against another. It would certainly be an eye opening experience. "I will, er, wait around 'ere until one of you are ready for ze tryouts, zen. Again, merci. I 'ope to be playing wis you bose, soon." She made sure to say both, glancing at Linus, and completely ignoring this other guy... Linus had been rather clear that he and Hitomi were the only people here for this, and whoever this guy was, he was obviously bothering Hitomi as well. "Leave ze girl alone, oui? We will all 'ave our turns... Eef you are good enough, eet will show." With her bravery spent on that comment, towards unknown meathead, Melanie gave Monika a smile, as she got up. Hmmm... "Oh, by ze way. Zis ees Keizerin. Eef you know anysing of solo queue, ze name should ring bells. I 'ope she can make eet onto ze team, as well~" Content with that moment of mischief, and feeling more and more confident as people hadn't continued calling out her offer, Melanie turned her sights on an empty table away from the mess, sitting down with a sigh and pulling out her phone. 'Looks like Mewlanie ees going professional, mes amis~ Team Odyssey ees looking quite promising!' Send, and flop. "Ayoi... Why do people 'ave to be so 'ard to speak to een public... Hahhhh..."
  5. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Now she was definitely in the spotlight... And who was this guy supposed to be? Was he a team member? Hitomi seemed bothered by his presence, but... She didn't want to make any assumptions. Monika's little touch of assurance was appreciated, and it did help, but the crowd getting upset over her offer shrunk the gesture considerably. Her ears folded down just a tad more, nice as it was to see Hitomi clearing things up. "Ahh... O-Oui, any, of one zem. I 'ave no reason to buy one as a solo player, mais, eef I 'ave a team, zen, I would not want to miss out on ze best I can afford. And I can. Afford eet, zat ees... So, er... Uhm, sh-should I discuss ze, extra? Or, uh... Talk, after zese arcade tryouts? I 'ave no problème going srough a test to show zat I know what I am doing." She was confident enough to play, as long as no one poked at her ears, or anything. "To be, ehh, brief. Ma sponsors are software and accessories, Vicware and Xenowear... So eet would be sings like, ehm, wearing zeir 'eadphones, 'elmets, or 'eadgear, while playing... And I would 'ave to stream every official match we 'ave. Zere ees ozzer contract sings, ben... Nossing you would 'ave to deal wis directly, just, srough moi. I... I 'ope zat ees not a problème, I... I am very must interested in your team. I mean... 'Ow often can you meet ze daughter of someone who works for ze game, non? Not to mention 'ow much fun you seem to talk to, wis 'ow you were going on, on stage... And, ben lâ, you 'ave ze Silver Bullet, right 'ere... Eet ees all, very impressive." Melanie managed a smile, Hitomi's setup was definitely enticing. How they even had free spots for recruitment, Melanie had no idea... Still, here they were. "I 'ope zis ees not a bad impression... I am, juste... V-Very nervous. Normally I 'ave a screen to talk srough, so... Ahah..."
  6. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Kirara? Melanie rolled her eyes, if they were just going to get that idol up on stage, she didn't need to be up here, anymore. "Alright, Karina, you can let me down, now. Sank you again for letting me borrow your shoulders." Her Ticks followers had appreciated the proper coverage, and it was good for her publicity. And at least so far, no one had bothered her, despite the tail... Hopefully things stayed that way. What an unruly crowd... Melanie had dragged Monika along to see this team Odyssey, letting Karina head off to handle recruitment her own way. That said, there were a lot of people trying to crowd the small little table. She'd managed to wrangle the tail back into her sweater... But... I'm going to 'ave to show off ma ears for zis, aren't I? Eet ees not like ma face ees enough to be recognized... Eef any of zem know moi. Franchement... Time to, find some bravery... Not really noticing, she'd begun to squeeze Monika's hand in line, trying to get some courage from the shy girl, whatever courage she had to spare. At least they'd gotten there early, and were next to speak to them. Melanie took another deep breath and waved lightly at both Hitomia and Linus, sitting across them at their little table. "Bonjour... I... Ahem, uhm... Zis ees razzer 'ard for me, I 'ave never... I don't, really, go to conventions. Ahah..." Nerves were strong... And there was a line, so she couldn't really spend forever. Monika would be next, too. "Aweille! I can do zis... Bonjour! Je m'appelle Melanie de la Croix, ma username een Frame Ops ees Mewlanie. I am a platinum player een solo queue, and, a streamer on AesserSync... One of ma sponsors wanted me to join a team, and so, 'ere I am. Yours looks razzer promising... Ehm." Easy part out of the way. Hard part... Melanie reached a nervous hand up to her hat and slowly slipped it off, letting her ears twitch freely, and ending up looking at the table. "Donc, ehh... Zere are, zese, I 'ope zey are not a problem for joining ze team, and... E-Eef you are willing to 'ave me, I will... One moment..." She flipped through her phone to the buy screen again, gently turning it to face them. "I will pay for ze special edition of whichever ship you want for ze team. Zere are a few ozzer bells and whistles, mais... Well, 'ere ees my application. I 'ope eet ees enough to get moi past ze first meeting." Small sigh... Breathe, breathe, breathe... Her ears folded down just a bit, matching the mild distress she was going through. Monika had fallen in the face of her persona, and she'd known Karina already... Having to sell herself like this to strangers in a public place, this was hard. No monitor to hide behind and keep her safe.
  7. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "You were no more bristly than I deserved, Mina. Later, as you wish it. Now, let's see about these chests, shall we? I just so happen to find myself an expert on them." With a wink that Mina may or may not have caught, Misea approached the display, carefully. It seemed quite the trove to have simply been left behind... Had people been here, or not? Misea moves to 57,18-- And as they approached the metal protectors, their hand shot out to their side... Not quickly enough, it would seem, as a spear had founds its way into their side. At least a quick grasp had made the implement go no further than its head's length into them, but... "Wasn't really expecting to get impaled today... Huughh..." With a moment's effort, Misea removed themselves from the spear, and took a step away from it, allowing it to finish its trajectory out of the wall and onto the floor. "Well! I suppose that might be a moment's karma... That rightly smarts. Should've been watching my feet better." Their right foot lifted, a pressure plate followed. "Suppose you... Wouldn't mind using your staff, Mina?" Misea takes 10 damage! Alex gave the door a hefty little push, the iron moving at her command... And as the area opened up, the light illuminated the woman, perhaps blinding her a moment. Once done escaping into the area outside, Alex could see clearly, the room contained a bright, glowing crystal... With... A person, inside of it? Map updated!
  8. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Melanie cocked an eyebrow, her hat twitched a moment. "I get over ten sousand viewers on ma streams. I am not small time... Zis will be a large bit of ma savings, but I am committed to zis game... And eet ees ze easiest een to a team zat I can possibly bring to ze table. I 'ave no reason to buy somesing like zis wissout a team, donc... Ze solution, eet ees simple."
  9. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Melanie looked over at Monika, it wasn't a matter of bravery? Why would someone so adorable want to stay out of the eye of the public? She didn't have to say a word in response though, Melanie simply flicked her phone back over to the Frame Ops store, scrolled to the buy section on the special edition battleship package, and held it down for Monika to look at. "Oui."
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    So he was going to agree to it... "If power is not in the strength of individuals, I do not think he is going to pit us to foolish one on ones... It will be a group of ours versus a group of his, else his point has no hold. So be it. I will fight along my men..." And if Astaroth was going to be singing of how loyal he was... "Then I will take Astaroth as my first choice. Whoever else feels they are up to the task, step forward... I trust all of you to fight as well here, as you have been on the plains."
  11. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Well, I 'ave juste applied, and I will be dragging you around today, Monika, donc... You should try to muster up some bravery to match your good looks~" Maybe some small compliments here and there would give the girl the push she seemed she needed. And Karina... Had just done the same thing. "Zen, when I go up to meet wis 'er, we can all go togezzer, non? Sree good players for ze price of one Melanie? Zat sounds great for any team, I would say~ On top of zat... I sink I 'ave a deal zat zey will not be able to say no to~"
  12. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Karina had been right to keep her up there. Matsuo had sent everyone out the standard terms and agreements, as well as the data on the upcoming models. Melanie had almost pressed pre-order on the special edition set for an Independence II, considering today's showing, but it wouldn't really do to own one of these without a team... Well... Xenowear in specific had been pushing her to try and find a team to join. Something about, it would help spread their brand to existing teams if someone moderately popular was wearing it, and getting their team to wear it as well. Sync up with your team mates for the match, some corporate nonsense like that. Vicware wasn't against the idea, it would definitely be a good sell to have more than just Melanie using their products on a stream, but they weren't that adamant. Still, one company pushing for it and the other being fine with it, definitely meant she couldn't keep putting it off... There were just so many, where was a good place to start-- "Eh? 'Oo ees zis?" Some girl had been pulled on stage... Melanie zoomed in with her camera and did a quick photo search... Hitomi... Moto? Wait, Moto? The guy doing the presentation was Matsuo Moto, right-- "Franchement!?" That meant this girl was his daughter, right? She didn't look old enough to be a sister... And right on queue, they were doing a setup to advertise her team. "Eef zis ees not parfait timing..." Would Karina and Monika be interested? The latter Melanie could likely drag along to at least go and see, but Karina? The girl was extremely competitive, Melanie was no exception. Would she want to be on the same team? Zere ees no use een sinking and waiting, I must address zis maintenant! Opening up Hitomi's profile in Frame Ops, Melanie got to constructing a message. Whether or not the girl would see it immediately was fine, but she had to strike before the crowd did. Who wouldn't try to apply to the team of the daughter of THE Matsuo Moto, given such a perfect opportunity? 'Bonjour! You may or may not know 'oo I am, Miss 'Itomi Moto, but zat ees fine. Before zis crowd overwhelms you, I wish to juste say, zat I am interested een joining your team. My name ees Melanie de la Croix, you can find ze rest of ma account info srough Frame Ops. Eef zere ees somewhere I can meet wis you, zen zat would be even better. Please let moi know, once you get a moment, from your lovely little stage play. Merci~' A bit unfortunate that her automatic accent autocorrecting cut the H out of the girl's name, but it was accurate, at least... And send! She didn't expect an immediate reply, but anything to get it out there. "Donc, Karina, Monika, 'ow do ze two of you feel about joining a team?"
  13. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Almira moves to 18,18 "Uhm... S-Seph, my, uh... You're, uhm, m-my hand..." Sephtis inspects the chest and finds... 50g leftover inside Alex inspects the door and finds it quite old, and without a lock. A simple push would open it without issue. "Oh, Astrid, don't be so worried. If we were going to run into something, we would have. There's no one left here~" Sharena waved her hand at Astrid's concern of leading, things were going just fine.
  14. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Oh... Ees, zere? I, geez... Eh, désolé, I will, stay up, zen." She'd forgotten about the rest of the show with how overwhelming and immersing the presentation had been, blushing a bit and hiding her face behind her phone. "Sorry... Ah, m-merci for keeping me up." Franchement, Melanie, wake up! She ees right! Get an 'old of yourself...
  15. Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Whoa, ayoi... I-I am not going to fall again! Now, juste... Let me..." Phone out, Karina seemed to be holding on tight... A bit too tight, but Melanie had expected that, and she'd deal with it. The girl was too afraid to admit anything anyway, it didn't bother her. She had a show to focus on, anyway! And with things starting on the main screen, Melanie switched her camera over to video mode. "Bonjour, mes amis! I am 'ere live for ze main show of Batcon, and... Well, 'ere we go!" She wasn't going to say much else as things began, the presentation swiftly taking her, and everyone else around, off of their feet. Between the slow start up of equipping the frames, and the set up of charging the enemy ship... A few 'mon dieu!'s escaped her as things escalated, as far as the ship knocking the the last guy off of it. Weapons trained on him... "Non! Survivre!" She'd almost forgotten she was watching a video, as things finally came to a close, her little heart beating like crazy. "Franchement... Eh, m-merci, everyone." She turned off her video, sighing heavily. "Zat was... Ben lâ. zis ees why I love zis game. Coming out 'ere today was worsewhile." And upload to Ticks... Her phone could deal with that, while she talked. "Ehh, y-you can let me down now, Karina. Merci for your 'elp."