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  1. Much to Say Hannah took a quick double take between the captain and the Russian, before heading out the door after her. Jess didn't have anything else to add, just wondering how awful Firmia's life must've been if friends were this hard for her. Jess wasn't exactly an expert, but at least she knew how to talk to people... As soon as they got out of the room, Hannah was already on Firmia's heels. "Please, reconsider this!" She didn't know how else to word it, the distress visible on her face. "I believe you are reacting very poorly to the situation that is currently happening, and suggesting leaving after these revelations will likely only hurt the ship more. So why? I do not understand. You say that you wish to defeat Apotheosis but you harm your chances by leaving the ship. You do not have a proper company, you have three people that are willing to work with you, and you believe that you will be able to find a solution to your issues anywhere else but here?" Hannah's speech was slowly becoming more smooth and less robotic as she stressed, looking over at Brant for a moment too, wondering if there was anything anyone could say. "You are being reckless! And too headstrong! And... Just... Stupid!" Looking rather hurt, the android folded her arms, staring Firmia down with the most confused expression. "I will hug you until you reconsider if you do not have a good plan backing this decision." Hannah didn't miss a beat, quickly jumping the TK with one of what were likely to be many hugs. Taking Leave Christina tried to smile at Makoto, but it just wasn't coming. This had been a lot-- too much, being honest, but what was worrying her more than the meeting was Kim. She'd been crushing that hand, squeezing so hard, and Christina had been trying not to wince, but... "Kim, should we go to the infirmary? I... I don't know if the doctor can do anything, since this is TK stuff, but... Still..." She didn't try to take her hand away, as long as Kim was getting good use out of it, and nothing broke... "If that's all, then..." Jess spoke up, looking at everyone left, including Elaine who had, thankfully, gone silent since her first outburst. "I'm going to go compile a report for Central... And see if my girlfriend is alright." She flushed a pale shade of pink again, before taking a deep breath, and stepping her way out of the meeting room... Really, she had to check on the machine parts they'd pulled in first. Abigail could come after. Playing Catch Up Oh... It was that kid from the meeting. Who was he again? Makoto, right? What did he want, a thank you for her? She sighed. "Look, don't... D-Don't get all buddy buddy with me just because it ends up helping you guys. I saw your little moment before you left the meeting room... And just because I look like her, doesn't mean I am her. So... If you're looking for a replacement because the lieutenant worked too fast for you, I'm not the person for it." She almost said sorry, but caught herself before it slipped out. Why should I apologize? I don't care about him... "So... Don't, bow, or anything. Just... Whatever." Prickly, this one was.
  2. Final Words Jess hadn't quite expected Abby to be so forward about things in the middle of a meeting, so she did end up tensing up a bit, and turning red. The woman didn't do anything distressing past the hug, so that faded quickly, and entirely, once Firmia got to talking. It was the same old song and dance that she always had, with some extra doubt peppered in, the only thing surprising Jess being the ultimatum that she'd be leaving if Jess was going to be this way... She'd have been upset, had it not for being so utterly shocked enough by everything else that had come to light, and if she hadn't been getting tired of Firmia for a while now. "You're right," she started, "that I can't prove I'm not a mole. I can deny it, of course, like I assume everyone else here will, and if they're well covered up, we wouldn't be able to tell who really is spying on us... So I don't care." She stood her ground on that one, not wanting to bite into the insults spread in alongside that. "There's nothing we can do to solve it, so tip toeing around it isn't going to do anything but give the entire ship anxiety. If it wasn't obvious, that's pretty much what Apoth wants. If we panic over a mole, we trust each other less, and then everyone gets it like Nikolai did. One after the other." Trusting me, hah. "I don't think you could trust anyone if your life depended on it, Firmia. I'm also pretty confident you weren't trying to trust me, and never would, unless I bent over backwards for your wishes. This ship's going to make it. I'm going to make it happen as its captain. If you think you'll be better off somewhere else, then leave." There wasn't going to be any begging or trying to make her feel better, if she wanted to be immature about this, by all means. "The only danger to this ship is us getting at each others' throats, so to that end, while I know I'm not going to get anyone to stop thinking about it, try not to worry about it. If there really is a mole here, they'll get what's coming to them. No matter who it is..." Maybe Firmia had been expecting Jess to crack over what had happened to Nikolai, but seeing the inevitable had only steeled her harder, past her initial moment of weakness. "I'll see to it that Central does what it can to help set you up. Good luck with the Kremlin. If you aren't buried in a Russian prison by the time those weeks are up, Brant can join you when his contract with the Riese is finished. Hope you find what you're looking for, Firmia... Whatever that is." Jess sighed. It was disappointing, yes, but this girl was too paranoid and too self absorbed to deal with anymore. Jess had heavy doubts that Firmia would survive on her own, especially with the Russian government bearing down on her, but if she didn't want to play compromise, that was her business. Hannah stood relatively shocked, trying not to look at either Russian, wondering what was going to happen. She didn't want Firmia to close up like this, but she had no easy solution to make the girl open up. She was so convinced that Jess was a liability, it would take a miracle to prove otherwise. "If that's all, then, you're all dismissed. We should be at central by midnight. We're almost home, so... Do what you want today, get your rest, and be ready to ship out again once we have our orders."
  3. Tensions Lowered "Calm down, Elaine!" Jess was tired of this girl's nonsense during meetings. Did she not understand the atmosphere? This was not a place to act like a child and lose your cool, no matter how shocking a revelation. "That's not going to help things. If you can't handle what's going on, then leave... As shocked as I am, I'm not about to start freaking out over who it could be." Tarquin had a rather good point on things, before he excused himself. If there was a mole, or several here, and the Riese was still succeeding in its missions, then their presence didn't matter, did it? Well, it mattered, but not in a dangerous sense. Unless information was suddenly about to overthrow the Riese, they could cautiously continue as they were. Firmia's advice was expected, but Jess didn't hate it this time. Talking after the meeting, though... "No, Firmia. I'm not humoring you anymore. If it hits my ears, it hits everyone else's. Unless you'd rather I record conversations and send them to the crew after, which can also be arranged." She was tired of this girl dictating how things would go, and was going to put her foot down from now on. Roxanna weighing in was nice, and despite the obviously cruel intentions, Chris' information was very useful. "Mechanic, take her down to one of the empty cabins, lock her in and give it her name. I don't suppose your last name is also Troy?" "I guess it is..." The family name seemed to bother her far less than the first one, maybe because it wasn't immediate connection to Christina by herself. Jess sighed, leaving that to them, but Chris wasn't entirely finished-- not that she knew that. She hadn't expected someone to call her out so innocently like that. This was Makoto, right? "Poor kid." He might've been helping the Riese, but he wasn't an ANF soldier, and what had happened at the colony was still terrible. He didn't deserve to get mixed up in all of this... Even if her almost constant scowl may have made the remark come across as sarcasm. "F... Fine..." Chris was... Blushing? It seemed that giving up more was making her uncomfortable. Maybe it was just Makoto's genuine approach. "I... They were talking about moles before your ship hit the colony. So... One of them is at least from before then. I don't know anything else... Sorry." Whatever she'd mumbled at the end was lost. The other revelation of that sentence did upset someone else, though. "You've been around for that long? I was still with them back then... What the hell..." Christina wondered just how deep this clone rabbithole went...
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    At least things were going well enough now for Alain to let out some jabs of his own, but their boss had shown himself up, leaving them little room for error. Error then, of course, came swiftly. Alain's spell was unfortunately dodged, but Cass had a plan, as painful as it likely would be. "Surround him!" Cass to 11,8, equip GREEN sword, libro at the ol' pirate as she moves Staring down this man brought a sense of nostalgia too her, unsure as to why... No, he reminded her of a certain bandit they'd had to kill before, on their way through Magonsaete. One that had left a memorable mark in her mind, even if he'd ended up insignificant on the whole. Damn that Esclabor... Whatever. Time to see if clout works. Cass unwrapped her turban and let her hair down, leveling her sword at the man. "I am Cassandra Meredith Gaffney, royal Princess of Wyke! Your men lay dead and devastated by myself and my own! I will give you one chance to surrender, and only one. If you at all value the lives of those who remain, you will choose wisely. Else I will cut you down like the cur you are!"
  5. Secrets Chris stared blankly at Abigail before her eyes lit up, realizing why she was asking."... Wait, you... You don't already know?" Chris almost smiled. How sad for this poor crew... It wasn't like she knew who, but she did know what, at the least... "Well... For most things, turns out memory transfers pretty well during cloning. So I get ditz's memories, get to see all her happy times before getting picked up, all while I lay on a table and get stabbed by needles. Cheery, don't you think?" Her mood had turned around some, and it was all because she got the joy of revealing this to them all without any reservations. "But you're right. That doesn't cover everything else. Christina might've met you at some point in her memories, Abby, but she didn't know Kim until you all picked her up. How am I supposed to know, then?" She scoffed, unable to stop the smile from happening. "I could lie and say that, 'oh, I was just told because, she's such a prominent pilot on the Riese, of course all Apotheosis members would know her'... But that's no fun, is it?" Chris let her legs down from the chair, folded them, then folded her arms under her chest. Should've asked the doc for a change of clothes along with these glasses... But who cares. Time for the show. "You've got moles, Captain Gefalscht." Hopefully the intended meaning sunk in readily, and didn't require extra explanation, but just in case, "several spies on board the ship, relaying us all the information we need... There's one in this room right now. Not that I know who they are, or I'd point them out in a heartbeat to fuck over Helena, but at least that narrows it down some for you, doesn't it? Wonder which pilot's gonna betray your trust when the time comes..." Chris' smile faded after that, her fun had, glancing back over at Kim as if almost welcoming an advance. She could radiate her own anger, she wasn't a broken machine like Christina. If the lieutenant thought she could try anything in that state, she'd be receiving a rude awakening. "M... No. There's-- you're lying!" Jess stood up at that, staring at her, then around the room. "There's no way... Everyone's been screened, background checks, all gone over multiple times-- there can't be!" "Wow, it's like the ANF is corrupt, and someone wants the Riese to fail. Big fucking shock. How naive are you, Captain? I'm gonna make this sink in just a bit harder for you. There are three." Jess froze, and swallowed hard. "Three lovely little spies relaying everything back to home base... Now, if I'm done, lock me up or store me away in a room... At this point... I think I'd be okay with either." Jess' despair was rather delicious, wasn't it?
  6. Alien "I'm not like yours. I'm better. Go on off to the infirmary before you collapse. You look about as intimidating as she does..." Chris couldn't let this mess of a lieutenant bark at her without any bite behind it. Whatever had happened to the girl was still taking its toll, and she looked about ready to keel over. I'd teach her a less or two if I could... Nothing like yours. I'd never want to be. Instead of go further, at least Kimmy had something useful to bring up to the class. "They're called the Sacarians," she mumbled, scowling at the table instead of continuing to do so at Christina. "I'm not supposed to know that, but when the aliens themselves bust into the hangar demanding to see Apotheosis' leader, you can't exactly keep it a secret anymore... They're, like, cat people. Like... Just, that. I don't know how else to put it. They've got cat faces, they're insanely strong, they have telekinetic powers straight out of a comic book. Jean Grey, Professor Xavier. Not just this normal T-Link shit, either, they were doing that stuff without a machine... It was pretty terrifying, to be honest." "So... Let me get this straight. You're a clone, and Apotheosis are working with real, honest to goodness Aliens." Jess was too skeptical of what she was hearing to stutter or be worried anymore, this was beyond what should've been real. "Guess that explains all the tech..." "That's all I know... No, Abby, you're fine. They need direct skin samples or something like that... Probably cut a chunk out of blondie while she was passed out from her little crash." She sighed. "Can... I can I not, get put in the brig? I'm... I'm being as helpful as I can. Just..." Jess wasn't quite expecting that, but maybe there was more Christina in her than she'd thought. That aside... "I don't know if that's a good idea. This isn't exactly the same situation as her's... Or Nikolai's." Or Abby's... "You're a direct soldier working for them-- were, working for them. So..." "You can lock me in a room, I don't care, I just... Don't want to get jailed for something I had no say in. I didn't even get to shoot at any of you before Kimmy turned off my robot, anyway." Now Jess sighed. She wasn't exactly in a charitable mood after this Chris' former allies blew up one of their own, obnoxious as he was. A careful glance around the room landed on the XO. She'd been competent again today, once back on the side... Maybe she'd have some useful input on this. Christina, meanwhile, remained silent. She didn't really know what to say under these circumstances. Really, she just wanted to leave, all this talk about her and this clone was incredibly awkward, and even if the spotlight wasn't on her, it felt like it. Chris seemed too familiar with her, did this cloning process keep old memories or something? She grabbed Kim's hand and gave it a squeeze, hoping the meeting wouldn't last much longer. "If I may, Captain," Hannah spoke up, raising a hand and smiling, "I believe it wouldn't be harmful to keep her in a standard room with guards, if we are extra worried... I realize that it is not exactly military protocol, but neither is bringing rebels onto a ship and having them fight alongside your soldiers. She has been quiet enlightening on subjects we would have otherwise not known..." "I suppose... Still, I want to hear others first. And, this... Alien nonsense. Ugh... You've told us a lot, Chris, but it's just another tangent we don't have enough information on." Chris shrugged, growing a bit somber. "Better anything than nothing..."
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    They'd thinned the herd, and not many of the thieves remained. To top it off, their supposed leader had headed towards those riders, If they were able to clean the rest of these thugs, by all rights, they could cut and run. The two girls here, they'd chosen to get involved in that, but taking damage all around and having an escape route... "Would anyone else be opposed if we used those riders to cover our exit? I know we could help them, but we're hurting enough as it is... Thoughts, everyone?" Cass' musings had taken her a small but, enough time for something to be missing when she reached for it. "Wha--" One of the thieves roaming about the axemen had nabbed her staff! "Oh no you don't!" With one of their allies pelting him with an arrow, Cass swung hard, hoping to catch him off guard. "Sebastian! Patch up Alain while I clean this trash!" Cass stands still and Iron stabs the thief! Sebastian to 11,3, heal Alain!
  8. Contest "Hey, I won, so I get t'say what happens, don't I? An' I think y'did good enough. I'll make sure stuff's all fixed up before eight PM hits us, an' let you have me fer the night. No sleepin' in a machine... An' no sleepin' here fer you, either! Prolly gonna be a meetin' soon. So... Yeah. Prolly gonna be real important. Hope Nikolai's alright..." Avery tipped her hat some, and silently wished their belligerent ally the best... And if the worst had happened, Avery could only hope it wasn't his legs. It's always the legs, Avery... Always. Crash Course Olivia had been right to check the bottom floor, at least. The doors opened and Valeria crashed into her without missing a beat, making her giggle a bit. "If you wanted to get close to me, you just had to..." Ask... Shit. She was still just as cute and useless as she'd been before, wasn't she? Why was she playing hard to get? Olivia hated giving into these things, it was so painfully obvious by her drunken messages that she still wanted to be together. She's scared... I don't blame her. I don't know if I've changed enough to make this work, but for fuck's sake I want to try. "...Kiss me." It was just a whisper, and they had better things to do right now, but Olivia wanted this much. She gently pressed the button to go up while she waited, knowing that the doctor would be incredibly upset if they stalled on this because of some silly emotions. Collected "Of course~ Please stay calm. I will say, though, that your file says you worked with Thorvald Eriksson. He is currently stationed on the Riese, so I believe he will be pleased that you are alright... Unless the two of you did not get along? Only your working with him was stated in your file, Miss Barnes." Hopefully this would be a positive thing to relay to the damaged pilot. It would likely be very painful to remove that shard from her eye, even if Hannah could do so surgically enough... The doctor would be better off putting her under or numbing her before doing so. "Up we go," Hannah mumbled, sweeping arms under Jezebel's back and legs, and slowly cradling her out of her seat. "Firmia and Brant, I have the pilot. Bringing her back to the Mantle now, we should have a straight shot at returning to the Riese. I would ask Brant to switch to MS mode and carry her capsule back with us. Perhaps there is useful flight data that we can use to ascertain what happened to her past what she can tell us." Hannah hurried back over to the Mantle as best as she could, settling Jezebel into the copilot seat and setting her seat belt. "Please remain calm. You will be back to good health soon." "Good, Gods, what happened to her?" Hannah turned and scowled back at her screen, the tiny AI shutting up quick. "She has been through enough today than to need your observations, Galatea. Please refrain." "Yes, ma'am..." 0945, August 2nd, Skies Above Southern Utah Quiet Meeting Jess didn't look at all happy about their victory, despite them successfully bringing in the S.O.S. pilot, and stopping Apotheosis forces. Nikolai was alive, but he'd been more damaged than she'd been ready to see. Both of his legs had been severed below the knee, his entirely upper body was charred and burnt. The fact that he was still breathing was likely some testament to the horrific experiments that he'd been through before they'd rescued him, and now this had happened to him. Was fate just angry at this child for something? She shuddered to think if something else could happen to him. He'd been through far more than enough... "We've recovered Nikolai, a-and the Umbra's wreckage... He's alive, for now. Doctor Amparo is attending to him and seeing to it that she keeps things that way. We've brought in the distress signal pilot as well, a Jezebel Barnes. She's in the infirmary, I'm sure the doctor will get to her once she's done attending to Niko... And..." Jess looked over at the elephant in the room. The real Christina had made it to the meeting, having woken up Kim when the announcement came through the ship's speakers, bringing her up the short way... And sitting next to Jess, was their new one. One of the ship's mechanics was there, making sure they had their tazer at the ready, but the girl looked incredibly harmless... Well, to Jess, at least. Christina felt rather awkward about this, and she was feeling Chris' eyes on her through that new set of glasses. "I've been informed that this is Chris. She was piloting the machine that we managed to bring in. I... I have not been given all the details of why there's another Christina, but--" "My name's Chris!" she bit out suddenly, Jess jumping at the surprise outrage. "I... I'm sorry?" "It's Chris. Don't... Don't call me her name." She shuffled a bit in her chair, pulling her knees up, still keeping a glare going at Christina, who felt even more awkward now. "...A-Anyway... Chris. Can you explain to us... What's going on?" The blonde sighed, lifting her chin onto her knee and fumbling with her glasses for a second. "Apotheosis is making clones of all pilots that get shot down. That's why they have so many low ranking machines to throw around. They aren't expensive to produce, and whenever one explodes, they can just... Make a new version of the same person. Not hard to get material with how many people they're killing, anyway..." "That... What!?" Jess knew clones had to have been involved, Christina didn't have family past her parents, but that was... Horrifying. "Yeah, gawk at the freak of nature, thanks... You asked. That's what they're doing. They got your doctor, Liebenwalde or whatever. He's making them even better, so I guess they threw me out like trash for a better version. Have fun shooting her down, Kimmy~" The venom was palpable. "I... Uhm... A-Any, questions...?" This wasn't exactly the revelation Jess had been expecting... While she knew Christina didn't have anymore family, she was hoping for something like long lost twins, not... Not clones, readily available. How many times had they shot down the same person? //All PCs may post during the meeting! If you wish to have NPCs attend, please ask me first! Nikolai no longer counts as a PC!
  9. Niceties Extended "Not a threat, huh..." The mechanics pointing out her suit caused Chris to curl up some, hugging her legs. It really was a stupid suit, why did she have to wear it again? Something about enhancing the T-Link... The damn machine didn't even have any TK weapons installed. What a farce. She'd been about to snap at the other woman, but the doctor came in... With some still less than pleasant words. "I'm the clone," she bit out, scowling holes into the bed sheets. "That brain dead idiot attached to your lieutenant is the original... She's the only one with disrupting abilities. They couldn't breed that out of her DNA, I guess..." Shuffling her feet a bit against the mattress, Chris sighed, but couldn't beat back her scowl... She was only upset at herself though. "They're gonna make more of her... Of us, I guess," she mumbled, looking over at Mai again, her scowl fading away a bit, the woman hadn't known any better. "Once one of us gets shot down, they make a clone to replace them... The tech hasn't been great, though. Like how they managed to get an angry mess like me out of someone that wouldn't know how to fire a gun if her life depended on it." It may have seemed weird to Megumi, Chris talking about Christina like they'd known each other for a long time, yet they hadn't met before their stare down in the hangar. "They're going to get better, though... That doctor we took from you. Liebenwalde, or whatever-- well, 'took'. He wanted on board. No restrictions for terrorists... They're going to get better. Figured out how to breed emotion out of the cloning process... Guess that's why they sent me along in a pretty target. Get rid of the old one and bring in the new model. Mother fuckers..." A balled fist punched the mattress, much better a target than the wall. "Since I'm chop liver, you can ask whatever else you want. Wasn't told much, but I probably know enough to help you all... Don't mistake this as me caring. Just want to get back at the screwed up cunts who wanted to play with life and then threw it away when they got something better." For humanity's advancement, yeah, sure... For your own improvement, no matter the cost, you backwards assholes. Checkup With the ARES system at least powered down for now, the Artemis shutting its chest compartment, Avery hopped out in time to see the Ceres land, smiling and heading on over... Hmmm... Ain't clean, but that ain't more'n one hit. I'll give it to 'em. "Heyyy, darlin'. Ain't fallin' asleep on me, are ya? I know yer Ceres took somethin' of a beatin', but, looks like you tried yer best t'keep 'er outta danger. Even iffin it's a nasty hit, it ain't a huge mess. Y'can have me t'night. How'zzat sound?" Opening Up Hannah waited for the rest of the exchange to pass by, before nodding. "Affirmative, Firmia. I will be retrieving the pilot now. Please wait one moment." Hannah was aware that the screeching of metal could possible scare the pilot inside, but there was no easy way to get in there, especially if any mechanisms had been damaged in the crash. Stepping towards the orb containing things, Hannah jammed her fingers in between one of the gaps, and with some intense creaking, managed to get the door open all the way. Scanning the pilot while she gave them a moment to calm down, she noticed their injuries. A broken wrist, tree branch jammed in the eye. One look up would explain that, an unlucky piece of wood had managed to jam itself through a part of the ejection pod while it was crash landing. Running name, Jess Barnes... No match. Running serial number, C-44689. Match. Jezebel Barnes. Hmm. "It appears Jess is a nickname," Hannah delivered up to the Regalia. "Her name is Jezebal Barnes. Records show relation to Specialist Eriksson through work." All of that hadn't been spoken, simply radioed in to the Regalia. Hannah wanted her first words to be more calming, though she kept transmitting it all to the Regalia. "Hello. My name is Hannah Abrams. Please do not be alarmed by the noise. I opened your cockpit for the convenience of time. I am an android assigned to the Heion Riese, along with Lieutenant Abrams. All enemies have retreated from the area. You are safe, now. As for moving you, are you hurt elsewhere? My optics can only pickup the injuries to your wrist and eye. If those are your only injuries, I will assist you into my machine, and we will return you to the ship for intensive care. Would that be alright? I am gentle in moving injured people, so you do not have to worry about being jostled improperly." Hopefully that covered enough... It was a bit awkward, somehow, to be referring to herself as an android... But, that was the truth.
  10. Quickly Nikolai was carted back onto the skimmer, some of the crew staying behind to take care of the Umbra's wreck. They'd be spending a while picking those pieces up. The mechanic in charge tried to smile at Tarquin, not really sure what to say. They must've been friends. "Far as I'm concerned," he started, trying to make this the least condescending he could, "kids like you should be hangin' out playin' games. Doesn't matter how smart you are, or what you were trained for. War just... Ain't the place for people your age, or his." He sighed, but the situation wasn't as bad as it could've been. "He'll live. Long as he's still breathin' when he gets to the infirmary, he'll live. Don't think he's gonna wanna pilot any time soon, though... Don't spend too much time out here, alright?" He tipped his hat, turning back to the skimmer. "But, you can be sad. Ain't gonna tell you to get over it. Just take it easy, little guy." The skimmer headed off, boosting itself up towards the top of the ship. They could've carted Nikolai through the hangar and up an elevator, but the quickest way to the infirmary would be through the bridge connection ramp... Which was luckily not destroyed in the fight. Daze Jess looked around the bridge, things seemed so slow. Was Nikolai dead? Did he survive the crash? Would it matter...? Him going down like that at all was enough of the truth she'd needed. They'd been getting lucky. Apotheosis had always been able to kill them. It should've clicked when Kim was nearly murdered by the Luna, it wasn't that they were too strong to be beaten entirely, it was that Apotheosis had simply just... Been missing. Their pilots were good enough to dodge, dip, block things with some implement, but... As soon as someone took a direct hit, this was going to be the result. "We're just lucky..." It was too sobering, Jess suddenly felt rather nauseated. The bridge was focused on fixing up the Riese with the boat staff they had on hand. That Hyperion and the enemy machine had done a swell number to their front section, one of the beam cannons had been entirely mangled by that last blast. They'd be out some firepower until that could get fixed... At least Central was close, but... "I... I need to, I..." What do you need to do? You're not even here, right now. What could you possibly get done? "D-Debrief. Setup... Set, that up..." Jess slowly got out of the chair and made for the elevator, looking at nothing. She didn't clue back in until she'd ran her head into the closed elevator doors, squeaking and realizing she was even walking. "Uh... S-Sorry..." Doors opened properly, the dazed captain started to head down. Popular "Whuh, oh, Astin, hey... Seriously!? Shit, that's th'best news I've gotten today. An'... No. Ain't got no word on boy wonder. Sent a crew out t'get 'im, but they ain't come back yet. Carver's pro'ly goin' up t'the top deck directly. Faster'n gettin' 'im t'the infirmary iffin he's still alive..." Avery sighed, what a big, bad mess. It would've happened eventually, but with how long it took to happen, maybe some of the crew had thought it wouldn't. "Get'churself back t'the boat, Astin. Let's see how our little bet went, huh? Get somethin' positive outta this." A message from Ignatius came in next, asking for some medical hands, not that Avery could think of many... 'The crew I sent out to collect Nikolai should have enough people to help the doctor.' She sent that back and stared in frustration at the Artemis' screen. She'd been able to make sense of what this system did, but that it was installed at all, or the things it did to the machine on the outside... Just what was this prototype? "The hell'd you give me, dad?" Search Quest "Right away," Olivia said, not missing a beat and heading out of the infirmary. She had a pretty good idea where Valerie was, right now... That just left Chris, the doctor, some lady, and two mechanics. It seemed the calm atmosphere was eating at the blonde, who looked over at the doctor, trying to form a question. "Why... Are you people so nice? Isn't this war? I'm an enemy pilot. I should be in your brig, or, on a firing line... But no one's yelling at me. No one's trying to shoot me. Even the old man didn't taze me when I pushed the envelope... What's wrong with you people?" It felt so off. This didn't feel like a military vessel, just felt like a bunch of friends hanging out, playing hero. It wasn't what she'd been shown since waking up for the first time... Collection With no respond from the pilot, Hannah brought the Mantle in close, the inner cockpit of a Velite finally coming into view. Considering that was all that was left, the machine must've been hit with something terrifying. Hannah let Brant continue his communications as she opened up the Mantle and hopped out, making her way over to the orb. "Firmia," she radioed up to the Regalia, "should I open it up myself? I would be able to force the door, if the pilot cannot respond..."
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "They can require aid all they wish, we're not that well off ourselves! Sebastian, with me!" The adrenaline was familiar, but not at all pleasant. "Die!" Cass brought her sword through the bandit after Sebastian softened him up with a flurry of knives, his corpse falling to the ground in a bloody heap. Cass wasn't doing all that great herself, her footwork had been sloppy, and these axes cut just as deeply as her own had before. With a hefty breath, she tried to shake it off. Adrenaline, focus on that. Survive, and deal with the damage later. "If we can make it past this alive, we can think about helping more people! Apologies if you're unhappy about that, Graham. And don't miss next time!" There were some more bandits on their way, approaching from the call of their boss, who seemed like he'd be joining them soon. "Belial forsake me, I didn't ask for all of this. This is why I left! Gods be damned..." Sebastian to 11,6, knife the killer axe guy, Cass to 11,5, finish him off with the ol' Emerald stab
  12. Stroke of Luck "Hey! Get away from there, kid!" The mechanic team that Avery had sent out touched down near the Aria, the small hover platform carrying several well armed men heading over to the wreck. The one who'd called out for Tarquin placed a hand on his shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze, but not out of any reprimand. "If he's still alive in there, we'll do our best to save him, ya hear? Ain't nothin' your gonna do with a small extinguisher like that, so let us take care of it... Fire 'er up, boys!" Two of them ran forward with hoses, spraying the burning wreck down, trying to stifle the fire. In the mean time, the man leading the operation let go o f Tarquin's shoulder, bringing out a small scanner. The look on his face wasn't a good one. "Not picking up anything... I don't think he... Wait." There was a reading, but it wasn't coming from the machine. It was coming from-- "Boys, stretcher!" A good ten meters away from the wreck was the twitching, charred corpse of its pilot. Not a corpse yet, though. Close, but still breathing. "Hurry, but be careful with him! He looks halfway to a stack of ribs. If that breathin' stops, I'm sickin' Avery on every one'a you, and not in the fun way!" It seemed like Nikolai was going to survive... Or what was left of him. The explosion and compaction of the Umbra had relieved him of his legs, and a crisp of human skin had formed all over his back and face. What was left of his clothing had nearly fused to him. This was going to be more than just a few hours of Megumi's time... Clinic Panic "Sir yes sir... Alright, 'Chris'," Olivia said with almost a half smirk, "tell me where it hurts." If they were going to be keeping their lookalike on board the ship, they might as well keep her alive. Chris sighed. "My head. A bit... Probably smacked it against the cockpit chair when I was being shot at. Your pilots aren't very careful." "Well, I wouldn't know the first thing about that. I've only met two. Cute girls..." Gloves on again, Olivia started to check Chris' head, the girl flinching at the touch, making the nurse snicker. "I can't check where you're hurt if you move away, you know." "... Sorry." The lioness seemed rather defanged from her brazen entrance, but this was better than some angry version of Christina. Going back over her head once again, Olivia poked through her hair gently, and sure enough... "Looks like she's got some unfortunate bruising along the back of her head. Nothing some rest and an ice pack won't help. No need to setup two SIEG tubs, at least." "Guess I wait here, then..." "Guess you do~ I'm off for Valerie now, right Doc?" Lap Nap As Kim fall onto her lap, Christina squeaked, not expecting the sudden flop, but she seemed to be falling asleep, finally. There wasn't any moving her now... Oh, but the pilots were coming back, weren't they? Ahhh... This was going to be embarrassing, but... Kim was too upset to disturb, and she'd just fallen asleep. "I'll just... Have to explain." Tugging the coat over Kim further, and sighing back against the wall, she tried to keep her nerves calm. It was nice, having her like this, anyway. She was almost like a regular girl, like this... "Maybe one day we can put this fighting behind us." Landing Zone It seemed that a small crew had been sent near the Umbra's wreckage, so as much as Hannah wished to help, Firmia was calling for her. What a mess... "Yes, Firmia. I'm coming... Although I cannot say that I am not worried about Nikolai. And, this distress signal, do you believe the pilot could be still alive? We have not been hailed since we have arrived, unless their radio functions are not working. They could perhaps be knocked out... This mission does not feel like much of a success... I suppose that none of our missions have felt like much success." "Hey, at least you managed to defeat one of those insane robots. You even took some of it with you! Isn't that a good thing?" "...I suppose. Thank you, Galatea." The Mantle turned and sped off after Firmia, switching to MS mode to coast along the ground instead.
  13. With Jess out of comission, Tristan takes over! Good thing he's actually competent! Boat strikes, dual cannon Carlos 96 H&A to (12-13,17-18) "Roger, Merlin! Heading in!" Hannah move to 12,16 twinbird cress #5 Goblin Down Avery was still trying to figure out what this ARES system even was, frustrated grumblings coming out of her as she fiddled with the OS settings inside the Artemis, but her priorities shifted when the doctor radioed to her, explaining Nikolai's situation. She got a bit pale, and felt a hefty swallow slide down her throat, but she tried to shake it of and nodded. "R, Right. I'll get a small crew t'gether. Send 'em out. Should be safe, ain't no way they're gonna target somethin' that small when they got th'whole force bearin' down on 'em... Thanks fer the heads up, Doc." Frustrations with the Artemis put on hold, Avery stuck her head out and pointed a swift finger at one of the larger gatherings of mechanics before spouting, "boys! Emergency stretcher and collection! Th'Umbra got shot down! Ain't no readin's from the pilot, but th'doc wants t'make sure iffin he's alright er not! Get out there, pronto!" In other situations, Avery would likely have been leading the charge herself, but with that recent attack over Hannah's injury, and the Artemis doing what it was doing, she didn't want to risk putting herself out of commission over another hefty injury. The machine needed her to sort it out. Heading back inside after getting some nervous nods from the mechanics, she cracked her knuckles and tried to put all her focus back into this. "Ain't no program's gonna beat me one. You fuckin' ARES system, what th'fuck you are, think you can hurt my girls an' act like a normal feature. Let's see what you got..." Nature Chris followed the doctor into the infirmary, putting on less of a rush now that she was there. An empty bed was nearby, so she took it, of course, squinting as she felt out the mattress. Familiar, probably of similar make to the tables she'd been laid out on before. What a terrible memory. At least the room seemed nicer. Sterile... But, inviting. Like a regular doctor's office, or something you'd see in an Earth hospital. "Hmm..." It almost made her calm down, before remembering it'd be off to a brig after this. An uncomfortable sigh followed, not sure of what to do. "Mmm? Oh, right, Valerie. Uh... I've been trying to for a bit, actually, doctor. She hasn't picked up. I think she might be asleep... Should I head down and try to pick her up?" Olivia gave a curious glance over at the Christina that had showed up, that wasn't theirs, was it? Unless she'd taken the time to get changed and had a rather angry meltdown. "So do we call you Christina?" The name got an angry twitch out of the blonde, who glanced over and narrowed her eyes at the doctor's little assistant. "Chris." "Right..."
  14. Soft, huh... This whole situation felt rather out of place, but Christina was happy for it. "We'll go up to the infirmary after. Shhh... Just relax." With Kim starting to nod off and head into snooze land, Christina tugged her closer and gave her a proper hug, letting Kim relax against her. She sighed quietly, glad that no one else was really around here at the moment. She was getting small pangs of others from far and away on the ship, but Kim was a good anchor for her wandering powers, as much as Kim was using her as one right now. "Comfy..." Maybe she could take a small nap, too? No, no, better to stay awake, just in case. A Reigny Day
  15. Fighting Over "You've done your fighting, Kim. If you go out like you are right now, you'll just get hurt... So please." She wasn't about to explain her selfish comment, she knew how silly it was based on the circumstances. Fumbling about for a moment to slip her coat off and wrap it around Kim instead, Christina sighed. "Focus on me. That's all you have to do right now." Christina snuck an arm around the girl and gave her a small hug, hoping it was working at all. Kim's mind seemed to be calming down, but it was just going from max spin to gentle stir. It was still in the blender...