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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Rule Travel after being stuck in that cave for so long was more welcome than Cass had expected, especially with it being so smooth. Despite the rains, they didn't run into much trouble, their wagon running along without issue. They'd begun using Hiero's wyvern to pull it, it seemed to have quite the odd attachment to Cass, despite not having ever seen her before this, and listened with little issue. Unnerving, but useful, as it meant Astaroth's horse didn't need to be untangled for any battle they could chance upon... Such as this one. Getting this far without issue was lucky enough, they had to get into a fight at some point. Cass was rather amused by Aurelio's comments, unsure of where he'd gotten that impression. "A sword is only as good as the person wielding it. The bandits of Magonsaete lack coordination, but they are by no means weak. Wyke was simply lucky that no one tried to rally them thus far. You'll see how effective they are once rallied under the same cause. Strategy and tactics combined with a hefty instrument make for a rather fearsome effect." She hoped, at least. If there was one thing she regretted leaving Owen for, it was that he'd not had the time to teach her proper tactics and strategy. Some of it came naturally from experience, some motions in a fight made perfect sense, but on the grander scheme of things... Cass would need a rather cunning tactician to make the most of all these men. Thought aside, some of them were approaching, and providing good information. "Chief Hera, is it? We've our own chief, I'd like to see how well yours handles themselves." Graham seemed convinced they'd be fighting it all out here, perhaps he was right. Perhaps... "We should see if we can dismantle their leadership. We've simply been running through every group we clash with without a second thought... If this Chief Hera is promising them so much, and we take her out of the picture, maybe we'll have made a few more friends... Or at least some lackeys. To arms, everyone!" Cass deploys at 4,3~
  2. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Staying Quiet "We'll see how much I get into the movie. If it turns out to be a real emotional one, I might get too invested and start crying. Bit different than talking, but probably not as loud. Here's hoping for you, hmmm?" She could probably manage to keep her words down just this once, anyway. It was a good time to make positive first stage impressions. The theater was pretty empty, which wasn't all too surprising to Cheryl, and it would make for a pretty cozy experience. "Want anything with your popcorn, then?" Fundraising Firmia handled the situation as well as Hannah could have hoped, the extra question from the android providing fruitful answers. Roxanna felt it would be best to quell Apotheosis if she invested in Firmia's company, did she? She wouldn't be disappointed, both during and after the war. Hannah made a mental note of the XO's reasoning and Firmia's answers, not sure if she could add much to the conversation. She felt a bit like a secretary... It wasn't at all a bad feeling, a small smile perking up on her face. It did bother her a bit that Roxanna was so hellbent on this, though... To come to Firmia instead of considering all her options first. It had only been a few days, surely there were other things to mull over... Then again, since it was family that died, could she really be blamed? Hannah didn't really know. Too much was unknown with these sorts of situations and her... Thinking about it, though, if Firmia or Brant were to ever be killed... "I can sympathize with you, Roxanna." That was a necessary comment. Keeping Eyes On "Wait, what? Really? ... Wh-What did he say?" This was Tonya, saying this... Did she really want Chris looking after the idiot? Could she even help him? What had she done that was so great at the mall? He seemed alright by the end of things, but wasn't that just because he was happy to help her, not the other way around? "That's fuckin' confusing..." She really did want an answer from Tonya, if it was possible, but with the sudden spike of anger from Brant, her attention was elsewhere. He didn't look at all pissed, but there was no mistaking that... Did Elaine do something? No... It wasn't directed at her, it was just... There. Yikes. "... I'll do that, then. I dunno what happened, but he just got really angry. I know he's getting tugged about, but... if you're willing to hang around and play instead, then, sure." Chris waved back over at Christina, catching the girl's attention, the other blonde cocking her head to the side a bit. "Gonna take Brant and do something else! Have fun playing!" "W-Wait, what!? Chris? What's going on!?" "Nothing important!" not for you, anyway, "just changed my mind! You're all here, go have fun. Tonya said she'd take my spot, so you should still have a good five versus five with those two showing up. Teach Makoto and Tarquin what's up, they seem eager." With that, leaving the bewildered Christina staring between her and the rest of the people there, Chris turned towards Brant and his emotional turmoil. It was as uncomfortable as it probably felt for him, but that wasn't about to deter her. "Hey, taking him. Have fun playing. Spike a few for me too, Elaine." And much like the ball, Brant was getting taken by another person, dragged away from the group of gathered people. "Sorry about this, but Tonya wants me to look after you... And with whatever fuel you just put into yourself, yeah, gonna do that. Just... Focus on me, okay? She said... Sh-She said I did something right yesterday, and I dunno what it was, but if I did, then I can keep doing it, right? Anything to keep you feeling okay." It was especially painful to feel this anger resonating from him given the context of where they were, really. At the beach, trying to play a game, otherwise just trying to relax? And here he was, feeling like this. "Won't force you to talk or anything... Only if you want to. Just wanted to give you something better to focus on that how you're feeling." And there was poor Christina, looking confused, stuck in the headlights. "Uhm... Um! Well! We can all still play! We still have ten people, the ball, uh... I-Is everyone still interested? Tonya?" Avery snickered. "Still here, Chrissy. Ain't goin' nowhere cuz yer sister's temperamental." Christina sighed. "Sorry... Dunno what's going on there, but... Y-Yeah. We've still got ten. We'll be fine."
  3. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Ka, ze, mi, Da, i, chi. Kazemi Daichi. Kazemi-san. Even I can get it right, come on." Eva rolled her eyes, but couldn't help smiling at Jam's shenanigans. "And it's not about you or who caught you the first time, it's about sending anyone alone. I wouldn't want to send Malik off tailing this person any more than I'd want to send you. We can't afford anyone getting into trouble like that... Not when things are so fragile for us moving around." There was also Canaan... They really couldn't afford to get into any sort of trouble around here. Kazemi could only keep them safe from so much.
  4. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Graining "If you think it's best to have that all up front, then sure, I'll keep bringing things up. Whenever I can think of any others~" The only serious thing in her mind past marriage was kids... She was far from too old to have them, but the real question was if she wanted them. The actual kids on the ship were already enough of a handful to keep an eye on when she had the time to actually catch up to them. She really did have to check up on Tarquin, and probably Makoto, after they got their day off. See how they were coping with the fighting. And Nikolai... "Should I be a fly on the wall too, then? Else I'm gonna spend a bunch of time talking, first viewing or not." Hopefully Sasha didn't mind... That whole thing of picking at problems in a film was something she did on viewing number one. Messyball Chris cocked an eyebrow at Elaine, pulling Brant off. Did she know about any of this? Maybe, maybe not... Whatever the case, he still felt pretty defeated. She'd been about to head on over there, but another voice calling out stopped her from approaching the two. Thorvald and... That new girl, right? Seems he was calling after Avery, she could handle that. Hmm... Chris went after Tonya instead, tapping her shoulder and turning away from everyone else. "This mess with Brant is still over the Jess stuff, right? Just... Want to make sure you didn't put him through a serious wringer. We seem to have gathered two more people, so if the both of you would rather sit out, you can... I'm..." She looked over at Brant again, folding her arms and sighing. "Brooding over things is just going to make him feel worse. I wanted to get his mind off of them for a bit, but... He doesn't seem very excited, at all. Probably isn't looking forward to playing against you either, but you two on the same team? That'd be way unfair for all the newer players. Anyway, I'll let you two choose if you want to sit out or not, okay? Just don't let him do nothing but think. Force him to go talk to Jess if he has to. Thinking is the last thing he needs right now..." New Players! "Astin... C'mon, get'chur head outta th'clouds." Avery wasn't about to let them stay up there, sliding a hand around their waste and leaning up to plant a kiss on their cheek. "Front an' center, darlin'. Seems we got more people. Thorvald, over here!" Avery waved back, letting Astin go free, knowing that'd be embarrassed in front of people so close like that. That was fine, for now, but Avery was probably gonna get some quality time after the game. "Sure, ain't seein' no issue with two more people." Bill didn't seem to find one either, after spiking the ball in an almost professional manner. Avery nearly whistled. "Guess some people already got th'game down pat. This'll be fun~" Lovely? "Mmmm?" Jess had almost passed out when Abby came over with her comments, slowly sitting up and pushing her back up some against the chair. "My swimsuit? It's just the same as last time... Nothing special. I didn't pick out anything new while we were shopping, and swimming is such a rare occasion... I don't think I need more than one. Doesn't really surprise me that Kim has extra, though. What're you two up to, then? I was just trying to take it easy... Get my mind off of things." The last bit, that was the real kicker for her. Getting her mind off of Apotheosis and onto the beach was difficult.
  5. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Matching Set "Wouldn't it be nice to go against the grain for once? Not that I'm super fussed, as you seem to be... We must be crazy talking about marriage so soon. Well, it's fun thoughts for the future, at least." Cheryl thought about her own family, but she'd only have a sister to tell things about, her parents not exactly pleased with her career decisions. Their loss, her life was great now. The theater was coming into view, which made Cheryl smile just a bit. "I'm having too much fun talking to you... I can't believe I have to stay quiet for almost two hours... Can I even manage that? What about you, are you a talker during movies? I can get pretty annoying if I end up getting involved in what's going on on screen." Investment This was surprising... Hannah hadn't expected Roxanna to be interested in much of anyone on the crew, less so Firmia... Maybe it was their shared dislike of the captain. Still, a founder for the company, one right on their doorstep, that was more worth than they could ever hope for. Firmia was excited, for obvious reasons, but Hannah did have an important question... They did have to worry about spies on the Riese, after all. "What's your interest in Firmia's company, Roxanna?" It would be good to get her reasoning. "It's wonderful that we have an interested investor so close to us, and easily reachable, but the company is still quite small, and aside from engaging in battle with the Riese, hasn't exactly proven its worth yet. Why would you want to invest money so readily?" It would probably hurt Firmia a bit to hear all of that, but it was necessary. Setup Good, Makoto and Tarquin were talking about how to play... Christina came on over, waving at Chris as she got closer, getting a tiny wave of acknowledgement in return. Chris was still thinking about how to balance teams, and was coming to an unfortunate head on the situation. She sighed, stepping over to Brant and Tonya, Avery catching them moving, and nudging for Astin to follow. "Looks like they're gonna get t'talkin' 'bout teams. We should hop on over t'pitch in." Chris had a hand on her chin, thinking rather intensely about this. With all the people they had, it would be easy to form two decent teams, the only problem was... With a sigh, she started throwing out her opinions. "I think the teams should be as follows: Elaine, Bill, Tonya, Christina, and Makoto, versus myself, Brant, Tarquin, Avery and Astin." The sigh was because she'd been planning on showing Brant what for... But, with how much he knew Tonya... "Any questions? If people want reasons why, I can get into it, but it should be fairly obvious at a glance. Trying to balance out the people who know less with the people who know more... And keeping Brant away from his obvious advantage of a team mate." She smirked just a bit, while Christina nodded. "I don't really have a problem with the setup... I'm not really the most fit, so while I know the rules, I don't think I'll be managing much." "I ain't got no problem either... What 'bout y'all? An', Astin? Y'wanted t'be on the same team, right?" Avery couldn't help giving them a bit of an elbow poke. Chris was mostly focused on Brant. He'd probably be bothered about not being on the same team as Tonya, but... With how long they'd known each other, and how well they got along, it would be an unfair synergy. Astin and Avery were a couple, but they hadn't know each other before getting onto the Riese. Much as they probably liked each other, developing a deep sense of comfortableness with each other would take more than a week. Soak in the Sun Jess flopped herself down on one of the beach chairs sighing and lowering her sun hat some. This was the life... When they weren't firing beams of plasma at unknown terrorists... Clones... Whatever. Apotheosis was such an imposing enemy, what were they even going to do to win this war? How were they going to track down the base and destroy whoever was leading this? Could they? They'd been surviving attacks so far, but when were they to go on the assault? Jess sighed. "Leave that to HQ... Not my spot." Whatever the Commander and the Admirals chose, that's what she'd go with. Until then... Be a good soldier. That was enough, right?
  6. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Wah... Hey, Jam. You, play messenger? ...No thanks. I already got you into enough trouble before. I don't think I want to go through a round two of that." Remembering their lovely encounter with commander Kozel, and then thinking about Jam stuck in that sort of situation again... It was a terrible thought. "If we're not pressed for time, you could ask Angelica to do so once she's back... I don't know where she went off to, but it's been an hour or so. She can't be away that long, right? And she's good at that whole acting like a spy thing..." Eva wouldn't be able to manage it if her life depended on it. Not only did she stick out like the sorest thumb, she'd probably lose whoever this woman was.
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "Slugs?" Cass felt her stomach lurch, having considered taking another bite, and now deciding against it. Beggars couldn't be choosers, but she could wait at least one more day to choose. As for the matters at hand, Astaroth had somehow turned his worries around, but the fact he was so ready to break was alarming. What could he possibly have read? It can't have been that disturbing. Couldn't have been worse than this sludge of a soup... "I think I will excuse myself, if we're all content, then... I have more practice to get in, and no time to waste." Pushing herself up from the table, Cass couldn't help eyeing one of those oranges... "Er... Sylvia, if you could bring one of those by later... I'd very much appreciate it. Anyway, if anyone needs me." The winding tunnels weren't any less confusing, but Cass at least know which one she'd taken to get from the resting quarters here. She had to have that fire spell ready for combat, at the least...
  8. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    The Drive Back "I might just put the seat down and lay across you for the drive back. You sounds pretty comfy, on a long drive like that. As long as having my head on your legs isn't going to cause any distractions..." Movie popcorn it was. It had such a great taste, but always felt terrible later... The worst and best of junk foods. Hmm. "As for your name... What would you think about taking mine, instead?" Cheryl wanted to see his reaction to something like that. "I know it's unheard of, but whatever... And doesn't Sasha Hart sound nice? Much better than Pasternak... No offense." Setup The Teams "Maybe... S'pose it's what everyone wants when they all get over here. Y'really want us on th'same team, though? 'Fraid I'll spike circles round ya?" They did have a fairly large group now, looks like the blondes had done great work in getting people up for playing a game. Chris ran ahead of everyone, spinning around on the sand and surveying the players. "Avery, Astin, Elaine, Brant, Christina, Bill, Tonya, Tarquin, Makoto... And me. Wow, ten? Guess people really are up for a game today." Well, no point in sorting teams, not yet, at least in her mind. "Christina! Toss me the ball!" Lagging a bit behind with Tarquin and Makoto, Christina didn't expect the shout, flinching a bit, before realizing it was Chris. "R-Right! One sec... Heave... Ho!" A fairly sad looking overhead toss, but the ball did make it, Chris catching it with no effort expended, trying not to laugh at her sister's amazing lack of technique. "A-Alright... How many of you guys know how to play volleyball?" She tried to get her voice loud enough for all of them to hear, hoping that some had the idea of the game down. "If I need to run through the rules once, I will... And if people need to toss this around for a bit to get the feel for where to hit it, that's fine, too. Any stretching or otherwise... We can decide teams once everyone's ready." She had an idea in her mind, but it would require splitting Brant and Tonya up... And that probably wouldn't sit great with either of them, having already been roped into this against their will. She shrugged it off. "Gonna work on stretches, myself... Let's see... Makoto, catch!" Throwing the ball back Christina's way, with more better aim and a lot more force, she hoped the poor guy was paying attention. Him and Tarquin, they seemed like they'd need the most practice.
  9. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "That's a grade A idea, Malik. It probably isn't a good thing to keep Daichi waiting, but we have to wait anyway, don't we? Besides, I don't think we're gonna be able to run away from them if they're already caught up to us. Better to deal with them at some point. Maybe we can end things all civil like?" If it was the Neviskotians, no. If it was the Ursians... Also probably no, but less no than the people they'd stolen a boat from. Not just any boat, too... "Well?" For the record, Eva was also against using Kazemi as a shield.
  10. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Full Teams! "Really? Great! Come on, then, you two." That went well! Christina wasn't expecting them to both be so agreeable, but it sure felt good that they were. "It doesn't really matter how good either of you are to me... I'm sure even Chris is just here to have a good time, not treat it like a serious competition." Hopefully. "We can sort out teams once we have everyone. I hope we all end up having a good time." They were meant to relax, so if they managed that, or at least managed some fun, then mission accomplished, right? Mr. Perfect... Pasternak Cheryl narrowed her gaze some, but her raised eyebrows showed her amusement. "I guess no one's perfect, in the end. At least it's something that small. I was... Pretty worried we'd end up arguing on smoking or anything like that." The change of scenery had definitely been a good idea... Cheryl couldn't help but wonder about this, though. Was it just karma, for her terrible life, up to this point? Other people definitely had it far worse, but still... Maybe. Not that I'm one to believe in that sort of spiritual nonsense. The air conditioning of the mall hit like a truck, a very cool, comfortable truck, though it did make Cheryl shiver and cling onto Sasha's arm just a bit more. "They sure do like to crank it up in here, don't they? Glad I wore jeans... Might have to do up my shirt, though. Guess it's to combat the desert, but wow, that change was drastic..." The theater was down at the far end, so they had a small walk ahead of them. "Should we snag food court food for the movie, or go with popcorn?" Names Continued "It's probably the best one we could assign with the current naming scheme. I'll make a mental note of it as well." Hannah made sure to take down everyone in their current crew, marking their assigned names, and... "Oh. I'll need a new callsign as well, then..." Hannah looked at Firmia, wondering if she had any ideas brewing in her mind to fit in with the current Arthurian setup they had going. "I'll really have to download and look over some articles when we return." Onto the next piece of information... "We could just refer to it as the Garden, to be less on the nose with references. I think a certain amount of subtlety in places can help with ideas like this. What do you think? Oh... Should we have Galatea installed there?" It would help to have a proper AI that didn't need to be moving about helping organize things. "If I ask her, she'd be more than willing." Hannah was thinking about how into the idea Galatea would be when Roxanna showed up. Firmia wasn't busy at all... What did the XO have to share? Rough "What, don't want to be friends? 'Think' nothing... I know what you're hung up on, I said I'd help... So I am. The more you think about it, especially today... The more it's gonna hurt. Don't think about it. Just treat this like a beach! Play volleyball, go swimming, soak in the sun... Even if it's artificial. This isn't Russia anymore." A part of it had followed him though, looking back at Tonya. "Was she really that rough? I thought you were tougher than that." Chris cracked a smile and let go of his arm, heading over to the court. "Don't dally, Brant! I'm opposite whatever team you're on! You're not gonna beat me!" Callout "No way, I can't swim. I just sink. I don't want to spend all day learning how to manage a doggy paddle... Huh? What was..." Jess looked back towards the changing rooms, did she just hear someone say Kim? "Think someone might be looking for you back in the changing rooms, Lieutenant... Might've missed us leaving. Wanna go see who it is, while I see about getting myself a good place to lay down?" Relax first, action later. Jess wanted a big destresser, just for today... And those beach chairs looked really comfy with the head beating down on her. It was an artificial light, so she wouldn't burn, right...? "Come find me if you need me, Kim." Jess gave her a tiny wave and headed towards the closest one, flopping onto it with a hefty sigh. "Just wanna be lazy for a bit..." Chicken!? "My apologies for being boring. I prefer to think of myself as... Normal. Not everyone can be special, especially in a ship as big as the Riese. You're all so unique... Someone has to be bog standard." He didn't really consider it an insult, he was perfectly fine with how average he seemed. Maybe in the captain's chair he'd be able to stand out more, but he didn't think he was up to doing a better job than Jessica was. "Stop thinking about work? Hahaha, impossible. I'm even worried about the ship's repairs as we speak. I don't want anything to go wrong with them refueling... It would be the worst surprise to have a tank fill improperly, and only notice hours out from base." Kicking or screaming, was it... Wait, chicken fight? A good bottom!? "Uh," was the first reaction that came to mind, Tristan taking a quick survey of those around the beach... And realizing just how much of the crew was female. "I, uh, am not quite sure I'm the best fit for a game like that, Abb-- Hey, wait!" And she was gone... Tristan putting his slightly red face in his hand. At least his darker skin helped to hide his embarrassment, but it was definitely apparent in his speech. "I'm... Not cut out for this sort of stuff." The Winner! Buck gasped for air as he nearly swam face first into the rock, slowly climbing his way on top. He'd gotten there first, but he was way more out of breath than Thorvald. The power of youth... And the power of an adult. So different... "Gahhhhhhhhhhh... I woooooon..." He absently played one of his favorite opening themes in his head, managing to sit up. "I-I'm working on machines all day. Of course I'm tough! That stuff's heavy, and we gotta climb all over 'em... S-Swimming's nothing... Whew, that was a workout. You're, definitely stronger than me though... Haha..." Buck couldn't keep his balance, as he flopped backwards... But his body hit something. The air? Oh, the end of the area. The rock must've been used as a marker to show where the beach's waters ended, and the opposite wall of the facility began. "Ahhh... Gonna take a break out here, if that's fine with you. That took everything outta me." Looming "They look like they're having a lot of fun... What do you think, Louise? Should we step in yet?" "No, of course not. Ruin the day that quickly? None of them will be happy to see us, not a soul~ A few of them might even open fire. Are you so interested in getting shot by that Lieutenant again, Vera?" The purple haired woman grunted, folding her arms. They appeared as normal skin, the prosthetic coverings doing a great deal to keep her enhancements concealed on the beach... Louise, meanwhile, had her hair over her mechanical eye, and was... Sitting in a wheel chair. "You'll get shot at first. They know I can stop any of that nonsense. You're just a cripple without your attachments, you know that, right?" "That's fine. I'll get to test out the good doctor's new toy, and laugh any gunfire off. Besides, you know what to do if they actually manage to kill me, don't you? We're not here to start anything, after all..." "Yeah, got it covered. Don't worry... I wouldn't mind playing some volleyball too, though..."
  11. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Eva frowned. "I'm not that weak. We could take 'em, if we had to..." No action, then. She sighed, standing up straight, hands back behind her head. "Are we really just going to keep standing around, then? I don't think looking for a fight is the best idea, but... Doing anything would probably be a good idea, no?" She was just being impatient, even she could recognize that... But there was only so many times she could go over the same thoughts in her head before she needed something else to do. "You're the boss, I guess... Well, you and Hoshi, but you know what I mean."
  12. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Eva yawned, pacing about Weyland's building without a thing to do. Hoshi was busy, Angelica had run off, she didn't have the knowledge or anyone around to take her through the town, the locals would probably throw a fit if she took off on Sasha, their pursuers might see her-- "Hahhhhh..." Her sigh met no one, pacing back and forth through the empty halls. At least it gave her time to think... She hated thinking, it always left her with more questions than answers, since she was too simple minded to answer her own questions fully. Where did Angelica go? What's she up to? Is this Ra nonsense going to be fine? Eva had no answers for these, and as she'd assumed, they just brought more worried questions to mind. She was even worrying about Norbert! Of all people... His father had certainly left an impression on her, if she was wondering where he'd run off to. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind on how he'd treated his apparent dad, but... "If I did that, he'd probably just yell at me, I'd yell at him... And the cycle continues." His temper was something special, but her defensiveness was almost up to par. At least thinking let her have that... Introspection on her actions. She hadn't been with a group for this long before... And she'd never had someone like Angelica around. Getting yelled at over her recklessness, threatened even, having someone so frustrated with her lack of self care... It was shocking. It was great that Angie cared, of course, but it made her think about herself a lot, especially during that boat trip. Do I really not care about myself that much? I guess I don't really pay attention to a lot of what I do... And going up against the Fallen, acting like that would just get her killed. Was changing easy, though? "I can address it, but can I do anything about it? Well... Angelica'll kick my ass some if I don't. She might even kill me herself, heh. Guess... I gotta start somewhere--" "Oh, hey, Malik, what's..." He was certainly in a hurry, heading off towards the meeting room. It was something to do... Probably. Following after him and listening in to his conversation with whoever was in the meeting room, she tried to poke her head in over his. Man, he was tall, wasn't he? She'd never noticed, but on her toes, barely getting her eyes into the room... "Oh, Amon!" Of course, who else would Malik be reporting to? Taking it upon herself to open up some space to step in, she slid the door further, leaning in next to Malik. "So... You two need a bodyguard for whatever's going to happen during this talk? I can provide translations if it's the Neviskotians~ Oh oh, and Sasha makes a mean guard dog!" In truth, Eva was just desperate for something to do.
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Cass' eyes would've rolled right out of her head if the action wasn't completely detrimental. Astaroth had definitely been the wrong choice, Cass was feeling incredibly vindicated now. She made to speak, but Alain did before she could manage, and he laid things out brilliantly. What a powerful man to have as an ally... And a bit scary, given her history with silver tongued traitors, but, she could trust Alain. He'd nearly thrown his life away to give her this chance. "All that I can add to Alain's speech, is that I have no intentions of giving up halfway. I will bleed, I will sweat, I will cry, and I will not stop until I can go no longer. Malaphar is terrifying, but he is no God, he is a man. He can bleed-- I have seen him do so, battered, near death. I don't know what made him as such, but the man as is mortal as the rest of us. He can hide behind his magic for only so long. So while I am scared, it will not deter me." Hopefully knowing the force they were up against wasn't impenetrable made this a bit easier to swallow. "Our prospects are far from grim, and they're far better than wandering about the plains, or retreating to the comforts of home. I will second Alain, if anyone has complaints to make, make them now. Once the rains let up, we leave... And if some of you wish to walk the other way, make this plain." Cass wasn't about to try and convince anyone to come along with them. She'd made her case, they'd all heard the facts of the situation. If Sylvia, Naiman, Astaroth, or any of the other plains dwellers wished to leave, then it would be their decision.
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    What was his issue? Cass watched Astaroth leave the table with mild contempt, wondering if something had happened to him in the caves. Yes, the food didn't look much like food at all, but it was all they had, wasn't it? Until they could get moving again, score some game out in the wilds, this would have to do. Cass stared at the slop, about to try and brave the first bite, but Alain beat her to it. He didn't seem pleased... But the lack of gagging and expelling the material told her that it was something manageable, at least... Hopefully. "It's better than nothing... Though, I do agree that it would do to have Sebastian supervising the ordeal, if we're to remain here for long." Now or never... "If Alain can manage..." Cass brought the spoon to her mouth, taking it in with a single gulp... Regretting her decision. The taste was... Incredibly unique, in a word, and the texture was... Bad. Nothing else but bad could describe it. She felt her gag reflex kick in near immediately, but clenching her fist, she forced the stuff down. She set the spoon down and leaned back a bit, trying to smile, knowing that would be impossible to entirely play off. "Well... My, palette might be too refined for this. My fault, really... Should have tried to expand horizons when I was younger... Ahaha..." There was little likelihood that she would be finishing this dish. Whatever else was planned for tonight's dinner, hopefully it was superior to... This.
  15. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Too Good "You sure you're real, Sasha?" Cheryl was feeling suddenly melancholic, trying to smile, but finding it a bit difficult. "You show up out of nowhere, we find each other so utterly desirable... You're smooth, kind, funny, and you're willing to change on almost the drop of a hat, just for us. Sometimes I wonder, maybe this is some long dream. Maybe a coma. I don't really see why I deserve someone so fantastic. If you've got problems, I haven't run into any of them yet. You'd think something would spring up after a few days, maybe a scuffle or a small argument, but..." She sighed, smiling for real, looking up at him. "Here you are, still making everything work. What did I do to deserve you...?" Garden of Avalon "Eheh... Admittedly, Arthurian Lore is not something I have looked into yet. I told myself to do so when you started tossing around those call signs, but... Well, a lot has been happening, and the wifi is too weak here to properly educate myself on things. I'll have to do so back on the ship." The other names were... Well, yes, not that great. Avalon was likely the best. "Why don't we go with that? Keep up the theme with us, and the rest of our machines and pilots. It will create a good brand. Vivian and her Knights of Avalon. Heh." Maybe Firmia would appreciate the mental image. It could work very well for their image, especially if they went with branding or other options on the machines. Tagging Along "Bill? You're... The janitor, right?" He was probably fit enough to jump around on the beach. "Yeah, sure. Go ahead... At least someone's interested in playing. Hopefully high school wasn't too long ago, and you still remember how to hit the ball." That left these three... Chris narrowed her eyes, mostly at Brant. "You'll pass? Uh huh... Well, I guess since you're so tired and beat, you won't be able to stop me dragging your ass along anyway, will you? It's fine if you don't play, Tonya, Elaine, but this sad sack? He's doing something other than moping. Come on, Brant!" With a firm grip and perhaps more strength than Brant was expecting, Chris linked her arm around his and started pulling him across the sand. "Do you even know how conflicted you feel right now? You're like a dormant volcano trying to decide on whether it erupts or not. And you think I'm just gonna stand around and give you the old 'oh, of course Brant, relax and take it easy'-- no fuck you! Stewing in your mess, what kind of idiot are you?" She sighed, grumbling towards the court, slowing down a bit to hopefully let him catch his pace. "Wh-What kind of friend am I if I let you hurt yourself? At least try to do something of a distraction... You'll have fun. Promise." Lone Wolf "Not really spending a lot of time around other, huh... I guess we're both just as bad at that? Still, you should talk to other people than just Christina... She seems alright, now. At least, alright enough. Talking to people wearing something like that, with how she was before... Takes a bit leap. Good work on helping her at least, Kim." Jess had skimmed over the thoughts on mind reading, the more she didn't think about that, the better. "Well, now that we're out here," she said with a small sigh, adjusting her hat some, "what do you think we should do? Could relax in the 'sun', go for a swim, trying that talking to people thing... A-And as long as it's the shallows, for water. I'm not a great swimmer..." Always sank like a stone, this one. Maybe one day she could get properly taught how to swim. Today, probably not the best to spend her whole time doing that. "Ideas, O' lieutenant, my lieutenant?" Teams "O' course I'm happy, ye crazy? Ye put up with so much o' my nonsense, Astin. It's great. An' y'seem t'have fun with the rest of it." Sneaking out a snicker, Avery looked at the group of people coming over... Chris was coming back, followed by-- "Well, that's one way to get someone to play. Haha! You go girl." Avery gave a thumbs up in the direction of the angry blonde and her unfortunate TK target. "Figure we don't want all them TKs on the same team. Sounds like cheating. As much as it pains me, we might have to split up... Alas~ At least you can show me iffin yer worth as much as ye said ye were." Invitation "Uhm... Excuse me?" Christina slipped up next to Makoto and Tarquin, giving them a small wave, trying her best to smile. "You two, wouldn't be busy, would you? Er... Chris is trying to organize a volleyball game. Wanna, play? Eheheh..." This was a lot harder than she'd thought, having to do this by herself. "Just... Since this is such a limited opportunity and all, figure we should get to try out some of the, more unique stuff at the beach." She ended up twiddling her thumbs, staring at the sand... "If you're busy, that's fine too, just... Thought I should ask. A bigger game is more fun, after all. Right?"