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  1. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    You actually have to be one space before the chest to open it, it was odd and messed me up at first, but I was able to open it standing the tile below the chest.
  2. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    That would definitely be cool! I don't think anything is wrong with it, cause most games are kind of like that with throwing a lot at you. Odd, I guess so. Yeah I think Dougall could use a little bit of help or have him start at a higher level. Ciceria and Mitch and Bill are all a little lacking as well. Ah I may have missed that.. That would help. That's probably it, I wasn't support farming lol. I think I got a couple through the base, but talking on the map just seemed to be hints. Very cool, I'm glad Derrick isn't a useless unit! Awesome! Can't wait
  3. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Hey Von, I've finished through chapter 7 and wow it is fun! I'm really liking the characters, story and gameplay. Here are my thoughts: The intro and scenes with the world map are a little hard to follow, there's a lot of countries and names. Save files are bugged and stopped being able to be saved over. Hit rates seem a tad high. I definitely see how some of the characters are differentiated in growths and stats, but some of them feel a bit too similar. Now this could be because they need relatively similar decent bases (for the early game and so no one drops off) and as their levels progress they'll be clearer roles develop. I'm in favor of more generalized units than a unit who has one purpose (hard counter), but it'll be interesting to see how they all turn out with more levels. If possible, I think it would be nice to have some sort of terrain indicator or piece to show where the goal of the map is (when it's not obvious or seize). For example, in chapter 7 was unclear which exact spot was the seize and considering what happens towards the end of the chapter, knowing you'll be in range of the seize is important. It'd be nice if in the base screen you can add more character development for some of the units that didn't get much attention. I liked being able to buy those stat boosters. Is Derrick promoted? He still gets lots of exp, which is nice. Overall great stuff, looking forward to the rest of it!
  4. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Hey OP, Could you please create an SRPG section or at least add Sanctaea Chronicles by Von Ithipathachai and Gate of Shadows by escotanner to the miscellaneous. It'd be great to promote and support more of games using this!
  5. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Looks awesome just watching it! Can't wait to try it!
  6. Transforming units?

    Must have more hawks!!
  7. FE: Switch Asks?

    Good supports (no S) and not everybody talks to everybody. Also Echoes, GBA, or RD character designs not animated awakening/fates style.
  8. SoV Gameplay Analyses

    These are very informative and helpful, thank you!
  9. Class Changing

    Oh I see, so the class changing stems from the villager -> tier 1 classes. That item sounds very good indeed. Thanks for the info!
  10. So what you're saying is you hope they remake the games that weren't released outside of Japan (1-6) and not remake (7+) because the only things they would be remaking is updated graphics. I agree entirely! However, in 10 years from now or so, I would be okay with them remaking (7+) because people might not have had the chance to play them and they would be on pretty "old systems."
  11. Oh God I hope so. It would be especially perfect to remake ones that we're never released outside of Japan. I've been holding off playing Thracia and Geneology of the Holy War for this reason. Given the recent, and hopefully continued, sucess of the series they will see the need to do this.
  12. Hello, I haven't played Gaiden, so I'd like to know how class changing works in better detail. I'm assuming you can only class change once? I'm assuming you can only class change the same tiers, I.e Paladin->Hero, not Paladin->mage. I read somewhere that your level resets to 1 when you class change.. So a level 7 mage would go to a level 1 archer? When class changing, if any stats are below the class bases, your stats increase to the base levels. Otherwise, no added bonus, stats higher than the bases remain the same. What exactly are these Mila statues, for example, how often do you find them, how many times can you use them? If anyone would like to add questions/points, please do. Thanks!
  13. Game stop limited edition pre-orders back up! Edit: Wow gone again..
  14. Waiting to pre-order that limited edition.. :/