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  1. Even though you mention a Sophie with a lot of DLC skills, she can be pretty decent without. I do believe she is much better in BR. That game much less horses, thus making her more useful. In CQ she is just another unit. Not too sure about REV, as I still need to tackle that. But I believe Silas is top tier in that game, so most likely Sophie will be.
  2. Thinking of doing Birthright Lunatic

    You should use your first Heart Seal on him. Paladin Jakob is amazing. Also the early E-ranks aren't a problem, but might be less amazing if staying in Butler for too long.
  3. Thinking of doing Birthright Lunatic

    Bronze weapons won't let you activate skills. You can also not crit. with them. They also cost money, better spend elsewhere. From top of my head, a +2 Bronze is a bit weaker then a +1 Iron. Which is twice(?) as cheap, as you only need two copies, instead of four. Last, you cannot forge unlimited. Early game its only +1, early mid +2 etc. Can't really recall chapters though.
  4. Thinking of doing Birthright Lunatic

    Paladin Jakob will carry you far, without any fear of dying. Just keep gaining skills and use tonics. Enemies will attack anything in range, they don't care if the do zero damage and get killed in a counter, unlike CQ. There is also the Guard Katana for units like Silas and Hinoka. You can even marry those two for a great Sophie. Maybe it's just me, but I also found that Kaze paired with Rinkah is much more useful than he ever was in CQ. Super fast, magic resistant and enough strength for those squishy enemy mages. Did you give Subaki x Hanna a go? It actually works for a decent while. Hanna giving the speed he needs. He gets a beastlance early IIRC, so he can ORKO most cavs. Later on he keeps his flight, to move around other units. The only real mage I ever considered was Rhajat. I just glued Hyata onto Sakura. He gives her more MAG and can sometimes grab a kill. Other units to consider outside Ryoma, Takumi and Scarlett are Oborro, Reina and Saizo. Last one actually never has been as good in any of my playthroughs as he could be. Have fun playing, keep up with meals and tonics and you'll be fine. If not, use Ryoma paired with Kagero more XD
  5. So, you will play on H1, to find out which units work similar? Then why hack Frey in? Really confuses me. Hardin works pretty well, if not better the base cavs. All because of base stats and A rank in lances. Cord can become a second Barst, Castor could be a similar bow knight as Cord/Bord/Barst. Main problem with this FE is, most units are rubbish, while others are much stronger. There is also little to no reason to replace units / fill in gaps late game. When I think off end-game units, only Nagi is strong. Tiki requires you to keep Bantu alive too long and you even need to deploy him... Also, how will you be playing? Warp through chapters? Kill each and every enemy(max out the reinforcements)? Use ALL units? Kill off units? You should set some more rules. Then get to the point where you pick THE best units in the game. Then you analyse what makes them good, the try to replicate that. FE12 (the sequel) would give you a better time. This one never merges the two class routes. So no Hero Navarre for you, while he rocks. One thing to keep in mind, horseslaying makes a unit more usable. So high axe, or lance is in demand. Should be higher valued then any sword user ever will. Last, but not least... dodging is rubbish. So don't expect it to happen, when you really need too. Making fragile units very fragile, while they had a better time dodging in GBA games. This game also has ballistics, so keeping out of range might be tricky.
  6. Who's The First Gen Favorite?

    Either Frederick for his extremely usefulness early/mid-game, or mobile tank Cherche. I also do like wyvern knight Panne alot. Never been a fan of the early cavaliers, both never appealed to me. Even though normally I am a big fan of the early cavs. Maybe it's just Fred blowing them out of the water? Heroes didn't help either XD
  7. Who to use Lyn mode stat boosters on?

    I would also give both to Florina. The extra power and durability is great on her. Erk would also appreciate a bit more magic power, if you plan on using him. Don't waste the robe on a spellcaster or Lyn.
  8. Lunatic Revelations Pick My Units

    Silas as a Wyvern Knight sounds fun. Marry Beruka or Camilla if you like. You can grind for S-rank, right?
  9. Favorite fates/awakening child

    Cynthia for sure. Love her super hero tune, makes me smile all of the time, every time. Also great unit with Chrom or Henry as her dad. In Fates I do like Dwyer. Use him as my second Jacob, or replacement of Elise. Who always turns out bad for and is way too slow to promote.
  10. Best 3DS Game

    I think I had most fun while playing Echoes. Short maps along with dungeons seems the way to go for me. I tend to play for a short(er) amount of time since I got children, so playing a map that takes more then 20mins is mostly a "no" for me. Awakening being the second best. I played that for hours before being a dad. But I don't like it as much without modifying my units like crazy. Sure, you can play it traditionally, but I (for some reason) never feel like it. CQ is just great. Much more fun then the other Fates episodes. Too bad they really rush the story at some point, making the story worthless too follow past that point, while it should've been more interesting near the end. Never been a fan of Hosido and actually till date didn't try Revelations, even though I bought the special edition just because of it...
  11. Even then, Frey will join in an very early prologue chapter. Meaning he will be able to gain more EXP, closing the gab between him and the other possible units. I do believe he had better lance rank then Cain by that point. Anyway, we are sacrificing Gordin, in order to move on in the final prologue chapter I guess. This means no Gordin in the main game. Norne can easily replace him and has better growths IIRC. Also more base speed means more doubling. Depending on difficulty, she might be able to double right of the bat. On higher difficulties you will most likely want the higher base strength of Gordin, as both be doubling any time soon. Also not sure whether or not both get easily be replaced by Castor, whom "only" needs 7 levels to get an horse. Ymir joins too late with subpar stats. Barst, Cord and maybe even an trained Bord will blow him out of the water. He can use a Poleaxe right away though. Biggest advantage that Athena has over Narbarl is wings. She can/should insta promote to Falcon Knight. I bet your patch has access to the secret shop? Etzel has good RES/MAG but horrible speed. A trained Merric, Linde and/or Wendell will do the job better. Great healing utility though.
  12. 1. Barst. Always liked fighter units. Even better now that he can finally promote into hero. 2. Lena. Free Warp right off the bat. Never promotes, but who cares when you can warp. 3. Hardin. Silver Lance / Ridersbane without any effort. Great unit, almost RNG proof.
  13. Frey only exists in Normal. Offcourse he is top tier. Any cav with good growths will roll through the game on Normal.
  14. w00t ! Possible to play JPN games on a EUR Switch ? OR will it be region locked again :( I loved playing SRW games on the DS, who didn't care about regions. Same goes for USA games.
  15. Who was your first S support?

    Jakob -x- Corrin. I just wanted a Wyvern for Jakob as fast as possible, didn't care about Paladin at first (no clue why). Pair up bonuses were also nice to have. In the end I didn't use Jakob nearly as effective as I am using him now. Jakob and Azama really made me expect them to use magic at first...