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  1. Troll topic? Those pairings are really weird to say it nicely...
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Next voting gaunlet is most likely the eighth bunny units, hopefully we get a 8% banner for the spring units from 2017... I was really hoping to finally get that flying mage Camilla.
  3. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    Your units will start gaining like 1 EXP when the go to far ahead of the curve. So that's the main reason to use a team of like 10~12 units. I also think you should go for female Corrin, as I value Jakob higher then Felicia. Felicia will do fine when joining later on, she comes with a nice staff rank and isn't the best Hero. There isn't an exact list to go by. But if you take the time to write down, what is stated by above posts: 1. Corrin 2. Ryoma 3. Takumi 4. Hinoka 5. Azura 6. Saizo 7. Kaze 8. Scarlett 9. Oboro 10. Silas 11. Jakob (reclass early to Paladin) 12. Sakura You can fill the additional team slots with the likes of Flora, Felicia with status staffs. Also Reina is a good filler unit. I don't like to train up Mozu, most likely not because I would spend that first Heart Seal on Jakob, second on Corrin. Mozu as a Dreadfighter right off the bat might be worthwhile though. Also spam tonics if you need the extra stats. Don't forget, have fun playing the game.
  4. Rev PMU.

    I'll be nice, you can use Fuga if you want :)
  5. FE15 Echoes LTC

    Still going strong? How many coins will you aim for? Going for maxed weapons straight on? Or will you take a "break" just to stay sane?
  6. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    Finally getting Nyx w00t! Hopefully we'll get another "free" unit.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but piracy seems to be a thing for a younger audience. I used to play only ROMs when I was young. I had little to no money, but I did want to play all those GBC/GBA games. Also some weren't available for my region(EU). A problem I still have. But now that I actually earn enough and have a family, I prefer the "real" thing. Also playing wherever you want, rather than on a laptop/computer is also a big plus to me. I do like Citra for recording videos, but that's it. Its still too slow for my liking, and again, needed to sit behind a pc is a big no to me. I am pretty sure more people feel like this. ROMs also have been a good "demo" to me, to find out if I liked a game or not. Resulting in buying a game, or pass out. In the end I think they only did lose out on some money. The problem was probably bigger with Shadow Dragon, as that was a pretty bad game after the great GBA ones. If anyone tried that on a ROM, they most likely didn't buy the cartridge.
  8. Favorite characters for each class?

    Villager: Atlas. Cavalier: Mathilda. Mercenary: Saber. Mage: Kliff. Archer: Python. Soldier: Valbar. Cleric: Faye. Pegasus Knight: Palla.
  9. FE15 Echoes LTC

    Maybe a bit unrelated to the previous posts, but would it help, or at least make it easier to switch Gray and Kliff around? Kliff can reach lv3 in 1-2, if he gets two kills in 1-1. Gray already has the needed 4 speed, and Kliff wouldn't matter his level ups, seeing he will fly to 10 speed. Last focus should be on Faye, whom will not likely kill much or easy in Act3. Did your Silque reach lv7 "easily"? Or did she require (much) more then random boss EXP?
  10. FE15 Echoes LTC

    Well done Espinoza! What units made it through promotion? Only Clive and Gray? Or found a way to increase the level of Kliff dramatically? How about Physic on Faye? I think you should go for minimal coin farming. Single boost to Ridersbane will get you far, but you eventually want to max it out. I think C2 will be a breeze. Early Thunder for Boey? Super rigged Mae and offcourse Seraphim Cecila. Going to tackle zombie dragons with a nasty pp crit? Looking forward to your videos!
  11. 1. Shiida, her W1n Spear is just laughable overpowered. Pair this with the fact that most enemies are weak to it, that you can buy multiple copies AND can forge it is just broken. Her weak defensive stats mean nothing, when she kills everything with a single hit. 2. Lena, first real useful healer. Blows Wrys out of the water right from the start. Can use Warp right off the bat and is your Hammerne resource. Could promote pretty easily, but doesn't require so to be useful until end game. She did like the Falcon promoting item, as she could turn into a Bishop right after. She never had much competition for those, as Shiida and Catria like Dragon Knight better. 3. Hardin, evil ruler that was pretty strong early on. Early Silver Lance access is incredibly useful. That also means additional hit when used the Ridersbane, which he pretty much claims. Because of this he gets a lot of EXP early on, which helps him getting closer to Abel and/or Cain. Would be hilarious if he could turn General in SD, Warp him in and see him rule XD
  12. Ricken!Owain is a -S- rank unit. High magic strength, paired with Luna and Galeforce. Henry!Noire is just -B- rank to me. Main reason would be the wasted potential of both Henry AND Noire. Sure, the makes a good Sorcerer, but won't she always? Donnel!Kjelle is a -A- rank, but still her best option, if you ask me. Getting Galeforce is really nice, to bad it takes so long to gain. If she had an "easier" start, I think she could go higher. Knight is just meh in this game.
  13. Henry -x- Nowi, Valkyrie Nah rules.
  14. Jesse is decent enough, but still I don't like to use him really. I don't really get what they where thinking, when they made up his base stats. A level 6 Merc, who doesn't care about his next level up, because promotion will undo it anyway. They could at least give him a decent weapon or something like that, but instead Deen gets that. His res is superb, but a Dreadfighter has that covered anyway. Without Deen he would've been so much more useful... Not really sure if he can beat out Kamui, but he should be at least a Myrmidon by now. Atlas is pretty much my Est/Nino of this game. Hard to train, but CAN be worth it. Will be horrible slow if he doesn't become a Dreadfighter. But I like his Rescue skill best. He would've been a most wanted unit, if he could learn Warp over Rescue. Makes a great Bow Knight ad well, but only because of Hunters Volley. That is, if you're willing to grind him. Has no real value in a efficiency run.